March, 2014 News Page
3-2-2014 M3 Report - Understanding the Risks of Travel To Mexico; Chikungunya Travel Health Warning
for Caribbean Expands; Mexican President ‘indignant’ at U.S. Deportations
3-11-2014 M3 Report - Spring Break 2014: Bahamas Travel Safety; 6 Somali Migrants Abandoned by
Traffickers in Mexico; Panama Seizes More Than 2.5 Tons of Cocaine
3-15-2014 M3 Report - Spring Break Terror: Student Kidnapped & Raped in Mexico; A Deal With The
Right Devil; Guatemalan Girls Rescued from Sex Traffickers
3-30-2014 M3 Report - Media Assault Against Border Patrol Endangers US; 78% Favor Proof of
Citizenship Before Being Allowed to Vote; Mexico Prepares for Holy Week Influx
3-24-2014 M3 Report - Spring Break; Chief: Agents Unfairly Criticized; Have the Knights Templar
Diversified into Organ Trafficking?; Honduras Detains 38 Cubans, 1 Ecuadorian Headed for U.S.