May, 2013 News Page
5-8-2013 M3 Report - Editor Note; Report: Legalizing Illegal Immigrants to Cost $6.3 Trillion; 69% Favor
Use of Military to Keep Drug Violence Out; Tracking the Sinaloa Federation’s International PresenceAQ
5-1-2013 M3 Report -- Mexico Ends Open Access for U.S. Security Agencies in Fight Against Cartels; Drug
Cartel Connection Not Ruled Out in (TX) Mail Bomb; Guatemala Turns Security Cameras on its Own Police;
Europol: Mexico Cartels Eyeing Major Market Presence in Europe
5-15-2013 M3 Report - Retired Border Patrol Agents: Immigration Bill Would Spark More Terrorism;
Unified Police Command Stalls Under Peña Nieto; Meet the Nuns With a Cocaine Smuggling Habit;
Terrorists Coming Thru Southern Border
5-23-2013 M3 Report - Prosecutor Retaliated Against Fast and Furious Whistle-Blower; Mexico Says U.S.
Economy a Worry for Growth; Weak Global Economy And Fear Of Crime Turning Travelers Off To Mexico
News_of_Import_5_25_2013 with lots of Second Amendment news links
5-29-2013 M3 Report - DHS Can’t Locate 266 Illegal Overstays that ‘Pose National Security’ Risks;
Arms Seized in Honduras Were Destined for Mexico’s Los Zetas; Brazil Frees Nearly 3,000 Slaves;
Venezuela Aims to End Toilet Paper Shortage