August, 2013 News Page
7-24-2013 M3 Report - ‘Phony’ Scandal? Mother of Slain Border Agent Responds; Over 200 Mexico
Public Servants Killed in 2013; Potent Dengue Outbreak in Central America; 93 Yr.Old Woman
Beaten, Raped, Killed by Illegal
8-6-2013 M3 Report - Mexican Mafia And La Familia Indicted After Investigation Reveals Plot To
Expand Cartel’s Presence In U.S.; Anarchy Along Mexico’s Southern Border Crossings; Drug
Trafficking Ring Links Argentina to Serbia, Croatia
8-8-2013 M3 Report - Immigration Reform
8-13-2013 M3 Report - Mexico is No. 1 in the World in Emigration; Thousands of Prisoners Return to the
Streets; Guatemala Children Stolen for Illegal Adoption, Organ Trafficking; Chinese Women Join US
Army to Obtain Green Cards
8-20-2013 M3 Report - A Drug Lord Walks Free in Mexico’ Asylum Seekers at Southwest US border
Double; Mexico Detains Key Leader in Gulf Cartel; Dominican Government Steps In to Assist 10-
Year-Old Who Got Pregnant
8-23-2013 M3 Report - Fourth Man Pleads Guilty In 2009 Border Patrol Agent Shooting; More
Fast And Furious Guns Found At Deadly Crime Scenes; Over 100 Women Take Up Arms in
Mexico to Defend Community
8-29-2013 M3 Report - Agents Shocked as Cartel Boss Involved in Torture Death of DEA Colleague
Slips Away; Boat Dedicated to Fallen Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry Killed in the Line of Duty; Cartel
Car Bombings in Mexico