June, 2013 News Page
6-3-2013 M3 Report - Woman’s Stint in Mexican Jail a Warning to U.S. Tourists; Immigrants Force Rancher
out of Cattle Business; Argentine Prosecutor: Iran Infiltrating Continent
6-7-2013 M3 Report - Iran, Hezbollah Build Latin American Network; Treasury Adds MS-13 Leaders to
Economic Sanctions List; Ex-Mexico President Fox Backs Plans for ‘Big Marijuana’ Business
6-11-2013 M3 Report - DFW Now a ‘Command and Control’ Center for Mexican Cartels; Concerns
Grow Over Violence in Mexico City; Muslim Terrorists Caught Crossing US Border
6-13-2013 M3 Report - ICE Agent Rep: Immigration Bill Written to Handcuff Law Enforcement; Street
Dealers Fuel Spike In Violence In Tijuana; Guatemalan Officials Identify 54 Drug Trafficking Groups
6-18-2013 M3 Report - Senate Rejects Border Fence; Sinaloa Town Displaced by ‘Zetas’ Threats;
Middle Easterners Caught at Southern Border
Border News Watch, Second Amendment News, News of Import for 6/19/2013
AMNESTY SENATE BILL SPECIAL News of Import 6-22-2013
Special News of Import with LOTS on Immigration/Border Proposed Legislation and
Self-defense/Second Amendment Rights news links, with SCOTUS Rulings 6-26-2013
6-20-2013 M3 Report - Editor Message; 7-Eleven Stores Used Stolen Social Security Numbers to Pay
Illegal Immigrants; National Ballet of Cuba Dancers Defect in Mexico; Is Crime Rising In Mexico City?
6-25-2013 M3 Report - Ignorance plus blind, crass political lunacy or expediency at its worst
Obama Big Loser in Zimmerman Trial