August, 2012 News Page
8/5/2012 M3 Report - 8/5/12 M3 Report - Mexico Makes Biggest US Corn Buy in Decades;
Federal agents Take Aim at Fortune’s Fast and Furious Report
8/16/2012 M3 Report - Mexico Deploys 15,000 Federal Forces, Many to Zetas Territory; ICE
Director Morton Under Fire for Politicizing Rule of Law; Ship Carrying Over 3 Tons of Cocaine
Seized Off Spain
8/19/2012 M3 Report - Border Patrol Agents Catch Group of Romanians Illegally Entering U.S.;
Nippon Steel to Build Plant in Central Mexico; Homeland Security Aide Takes Temporary
Leave Amid New Claims, as Napolitano Ponders Stepping Down
8/21/2012 M3 Report - Mexican Soldiers Rescue 77 Kidnapped Migrants; Venezuela Oil Rises
to $102.19; US, Mexican Officials Brokering Deals with Drug Cartels
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8/28/2012 M3 Report - Fast and Furious IG Report Slams ATF Phoenix Personnel; Mexico
Keeps 12 Police Officers in Jail in Ambush of US Vehicle; Mother Talks of Losing Four Sons
8/30/2012 M3 Report - OIG Report on Fast and Furious ’10 Times Worse’ Than Expected;
Marines vs. Zetas: U.S. Hunts Drug Cartels in Guatemala; Mexico Makes Large Offshore Oil