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Inviting criminals across the border

Obama’s toothless immigration enforcement

The Revolving Door

Deportations of Criminal Illegal Immigrants

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Migrants found in drophouses sharply down

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2 ranchers illustrate border-plan split

Faced with gun-toting drug smugglers, Arizona ranchers demand security at the border

U.S. cedes border to drug cartels, Border Patrol moves inland

ATF: Most Guns Used in Mexican Crimes Come From the US

Nogales, Sonora, hit man is paid $54

Mexico wants US court to keep Arizona from punishing harborers of illegal immigrants

Mexico urges US court to block part of Arizona law


Study: Arizona border checkpoint hurts property values



Mexico's Kidnapping Cases Rise Dramatically in 2012: NGO

Nine Dead in Sinaloa Christmas Eve Massacre



Mexico's Geographic Challenge

"<a href="">Mexico&#039;s Geographic Challenge</a> is republished with permission of Stratfor."

Mexico's Strategy

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Arizona AG Proposes Allowing One Staffer per School to Carry Gun

Horne calls for armed principals


Gallup Poll: 54% Have Favorable Opinion of the NRA

Poll: Majority Supports More Gun Control, but Opposes Assault-Weapons Ban

Chicago: 446 school age children shot so far this year with strongest gun laws in country – media silent

States, cities mulling own assault-weapon bans, amid doubt over federal action

Stopping the spread of deadly assault weapons

Wounded Warrior Project CEO Confirms Organization Is Anti-Gun and Anti-Knife

NRA President: Don't Prosecute Gregory for 'Silly Felony'

A look at military-style semiautomatic rifles


Report: $91 million spent on secret NSA tests probing domestic computer systems


Analysis / Nobody left to build the next Iron Dome




The Benghazi Report and the Diplomatic Security Funding Cycle


CIA’s Global Response Staff emerging from shadows after incidents in Libya and Pakistan


"If gun laws in fact worked, the sponsors of this type of legislation should have no difficulty drawing upon long lists of examples of crime rates reduced by such legislation. That they cannot do so after a century and a half of trying -- that they must sweep under the rug the southern attempts at gun control in the 1870-1910 period, the northeastern attempts in the 1920-1939 period, the attempts at both Federal and State levels in 1965-1976 -- establishes the repeated, complete and inevitable failure of gun laws to control serious crime." - Senator Orrin Hatch

"The problem is not the availability of guns, it is the availability of morons."
- Antonio Meloni

"Those who deny me the freedom to carry a firearm with which to protect my family and myself, are as complicit and guilty as the perpetrator should we be harmed or murdered by an act of violence." - Charles F. "Chuck" Bearden


"The ruling class doesn't care about public safety. Having made it very difficult for States and localities to police themselves, having left ordinary citizens with no choice but to protect themselves as best they can, they now try to take our guns away. In fact they blame us and our guns for crime. This is so wrong that it cannot be an honest mistake." - Sen. Malcolm Wallop


"Americans have the right and advantage of being armed, unlike the people of other countries, whose leaders are afraid to trust them with arms." - James Madison

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News links from www.Need2No.US:

This issue has a special focus on the life and death matters of self-defense and Second Amendment rights. 

Sent: Wednesday, December 26, 2012 16:57

Subject: News of Import 12-26-2012


A Few thoughts to start off this News of Import after much thought over the holidays. Mayor Bloomberg said just before Christmas that President Obama should bypass Congress and by executive order, take action on gun control or thousands of people will die. Let’s look at what he has said: “Bypass Congress.” In other words, by “Executive Order” Bloomberg’s view of America is more like a communist dictatorship rather than President of a Republic. Bloomberg knows the only way dictators can rule lives is to take away their ability to rise up and fight back against tyranny. The Constitution, namely the Bill of rights says Article [II] A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Shall not be infringed is a very important statement to consider, it means your right to own or not own by your choice a firearm shall never be diminished, but gun control is one step away from confiscation. James Madison said; “Americans have the right and advantage of being armed, unlike the people of other countries, whose leaders are afraid to trust them with arms." The colonies were formed by people wanting to get away from totalitarian dictatorships where they could choose their own paths in life, when the colonies were economically of use, the crown then wanted complete control which then lead to the Revolution. Let us not forget the words of Thomas Jefferson; "No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms."  Or "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." Our founding fathers knew that the only thing to keep a government in check was the fact that the citizenry could rise up with their arms and replace it. Tyranny of government happens in many forms but let us take NYC as an example and the Sullivan Act which disarmed the populace.


In 1903, a Jewish gang, the Eastman’s, fought against the Italian Five Pointers. When the cops showed up, the two underworld armies joined forces and blasted away, resulting in three deaths and scores of injuries. The public was clamoring for action against the gangs. The problem was the gangs worked for Tammany hall. The Democratic machine used the gangs as shtarkers (sluggers), enforcing discipline at the polls and intimidating the opposition, we see this today in deep blue states today as well as unions and other locations. Gang leaders like Monk Eastman were even employed as informal “sheriffs,” keeping their turf under Tammany control. Sullivan an Irish mobster turned politician knew the gangs would flout the proposed law, but appearances were more important than results as today there are over 20,000 gun laws on the books and gun laws only affect the law-abiding not the criminal. Ordinary citizens were disarmed, which solved another problem the democratic machine had, gangsters had been complaining to Tammany that their victims sometimes shot back at them. One only has to look at the history of the liberal machine to see that it 1) Supported slavery in 6 platforms from 1840-1860. 2) Opposed the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution that successively wiped out slavery and gave both legal rights and voting rights to black Americans. 3) Supported segregation actively or by silence in 20 platforms from 1868-1948. 4) Opposed anti-lynching laws, specifically supported by the GOP in four platforms between 1912 and 1928. 5) Opposed the GOP-sponsored Civil Rights Acts of 1866, which focused on legal equality for blacks. 6) Opposed the GOP on giving voting rights to blacks in the District of Columbia in 1867. The legislation was passed over the Democrats’ objection. 7) Nominated an 1868 presidential ticket of New York Governor Horatio Seymour and ex-Missouri Congressman Francis Blair. The Democrats pledged they would declare the Civil Rights laws passed by the GOP “null and void” and would refuse to enforce them. They lost to Ulysses Grant. 8) Opposed the Enforcement Acts, three laws passed by the GOP between 1870 and 1871 targeting the rise of the Ku Klux Klan which was created by a Democrat Confederate Civil War General and making it a federal crime to block the right of blacks to vote, hold office, serve on juries and have equal protection of the laws with whites. 9) Opposed the GOP Civil Rights Act of 1875, which prohibited discrimination of blacks in public accommodations. 10) Used the Ku Klux Klan as what Columbia University historian Eric Foner calls “a military force serving the interests of the Democratic Party.” Nor is there reference to University of North Carolina historian Allen Trelease’s description of the Klan as the “terrorist arm of the Democratic Party.” Nor is there mention of the infamous 1924 Democratic Convention the “Klanbake” as it is known to history because hundreds of the delegates were Klan members. The Klan-written platform mixed the traditional Democratic message of progressivism and racism in the Klan-written platform. 11) Repealed the Civil Rights laws enacted by GOP Congresses and presidents, already damaged by the Supreme Court. When Democrats gained control of Congress and the White House in 1892, the Democrats’ President Grover Cleveland signed the repeal on February 8, 1894. In the 1924 Democratic Convention the “Klanbake” in New York was heavily populated by the KKK. This history led to the Sullivan Act being quickly passed through the legislature then signed into law. Gang violence didn’t stop or even go down under the Sullivan Act and in reality violence took off after the passage of Prohibition in 1920. Take Chicago for example, like NYC they are very anti-gun even flaunting the fact that they violate citizens constitutional rights, yet 440 school-age children have been shot in Chicago in 2012 with approximately 60 killed of which more people are murdered in Chicago than the deaths of US military personnel in Afghanistan which is an active war zone against terrorists.


Let’s look at the facts, in 2011, 32,310 Americans lost their lives in auto accidents.  Of the vehicle deaths referenced above, almost a third occurred in drunken driving crashes. Each year, around 600,000 Americans lose their lives due to heart disease the leading cause of death for both men and women. Numerous studies show that the availability of free, over-the-counter contraception such as Philadelphia area high schools has free condom dispensers has corresponded with a rise in sexually transmitted disease among teens with no corresponding decrease in the rate of pregnancy or abortion. Do we as a people or the Congress empowered by the people ban cars or alcohol, sex?


In contrast, in 2011, the U.S. murder rate was 4.8 per 100,000, the lowest since 1963, when the rate was slightly lower at 4.6 per 100,000. There is ample evidence that shows more guns in lawful citizen hands lowers the crime statistics to which Washington DC after the Heller case which struck down the complete ban of pistols saw violent crime drop by 25% or so. It all goes back to the Sullivan act; most criminals do not want to get shot.


In the end, if you want to keep your freedom you must stand up for it, defend it and if need be do whatever has to be done to ensure that freedom is there for the next generation. Sen. Malcolm Wallop commented; "The ruling class doesn't care about public safety. Having made it very difficult for States and localities to police themselves, having left ordinary citizens with no choice but to protect themselves as best they can, they now try to take our guns away. In fact they blame us and our guns for crime. This is so wrong that it cannot be an honest mistake." Look at the news, the world around you; the ruling class has security details that carry guns to protect them.  It is up to use to protect ourselves and our freedoms.  Abraham Lincoln in a speech in Peoria in 1859 he argued: "Equal justice to the south, it is said, requires us to consent to the extending of slavery to new countries. That is to say, inasmuch as you do not object to my taking my hog to Nebraska, therefore I must not object to you taking your slave. Now, I admit this is perfectly logical, if there is no difference between hogs and negroes."


Think on what Lincoln said in comparison to the double standards so evident in life, politics and elsewhere.

The News of Import will be broken into two segments, the 2nd Amendment and Other News of Import


2nd Amendment

UN Arms Treaty resurrected

From the MSM:

U.S. gun support runs far deeper than politics

Four Words for Gun-Grabbers: 'Shall not Be Infringed'

NY Newspaper Publishes Names, Addresses of Gun Permit Holders IN NY

Gun control lessons from Prohibition Restriction won’t prevent killers

Gun Control Advocates' Loudest Voices Are Most Heavily Protected

The strange birth of NY’s gun laws (A piece on the Sullivan Act)

Obama, Holder Push to Loosen Gun Sale Restrictions—for Legal Immigrants

3 Chicago children shot in separate incidents

Two Firefighters Shot and Killed in NY While Responding to Christmas Eve Blaze, Appears to Have Been a ‘Trap’

The Democrats were behind Clinton, he is there man and yet when the NRA or conservatives propose similar ideas as cops in schools liberals become apoplectic.
A Great video to watch on school protection

Flashback: Clinton Requests $60 Million to Put Cops in Schools (Video)

To Attack NRA, USA Today Declares Two People 'Newtown'

USA Today article (is just wrong and downright journalistic malpractice in my opinion)

Media Mocks NRA Plan to Guard Defenseless Schoolchildren

Hot Mic: Reporters caught mocking NRA press conference but praising Code Pink demonstrations (Video)

Arianna Huffington: The NRA ‘plays on the idea of armed insurrection against the US government’

Political and celebrity ghouls gin up outrage over NRA press conference

NRA Responds: Blasts Media, Proposes Cop in Every School


NRA to Face Opposition from Teachers Unions over Armed Security at Schools

Parents back NRA call for school guards

The NRA Puts Its Money Where Its Mouth Is (he not only put forth a plan but said the NRA is willing to pay for the implementation of the plan for schools that want it)

NRA sees rise in membership after Connecticut school shooting 8,000 new members a day since the tragedy

‘I just joined the NRA’: Musket Morgan and other gun-grabbers inspire new memberships (A few bad words in some tweets)

Judiciary Chairman: Feds Should Stay Out of Way if States Want to Arm Teachers

Gov. Cuomo: 'Confiscation' Option For Upcoming New York Gun Laws (video)


Gun Control: A Response to a National Tragedy

Other News of Import

Entitlements and Interest Drive the Fiscal Crisis

MSM: Benghazi penalties are bogus

Lawmaker rips State after claim that official who 'resigned' over Libya remains on payroll

Coast wide port shutdown as union strike looms

Yet; Senate Dems Amend $60 billion Sandy Relief Package to try and buy votes.

Sandy Relief Bill Full Of Pork (spending on items not even related to the hurricane)

From the liberals: Sandy Aid Package Includes Millions for Smithsonian, Space Center, Forests

What Will Be Consequences of 'Going Over the Cliff'?

Firsthand Account of Palestinian Attack on Tel Aviv, Israel

Syrian chemical weapons appearing in Hezbollah caches.

World’s Largest Gun Supplier Claims it Sold 3.5 Years’ Worth of AR-15 Magazines in 3 Days

Obama Hijacks 500 Million from National Health Research Budget to Promote Diversity

How 'Cliff' Talks Hit the Wall Behind Scenes, Boehner Failed to Sell Republicans on Taxes, While Obama's Spending Plans Rankled

Egypt constitutional vote: 'Things are definitely worse than under the old regime'

Morsi: Egyptian Constitution sets up a new republic IE Islamic state

Egypt’s draft charter gets ‘yes’ majority in vote with 30% voting



'Twas the night before Christmas & out on the ranch

The pond was froze over & so was the branch.

The snow was piled up belly-deep to a mule.

The kids were all home on vacation from school,

And happier young folks you never did see-

Just all sprawled around a-watchin' TV.

Then suddenly, some time around 8 o'clock,

There came a surprise that gave them a shock!

The power went off, the TV went dead!

When Grandpa came in from out in the shed

With an armload of wood, the house was all dark.

"Just what I expected," they heard him remark.

"Them power line wires must be down from the snow.

Seems sorter like times on the ranch long ago."

"I'll hunt up some candles," said Mom.  "With their light,

And the fireplace, I reckon we'll make out all right."

The teen-agers all seemed enveloped in gloom.

Then Grandpa came back from a trip to his room,

Uncased his old fiddle & started to play

That old Christmas song about bells on a sleigh.

Mom started to sing, & 1st thing they knew

Both Pop & the kids were all singing it, too.

They sang Christmas carols, they sang "Holy Night,"

Their eyes all a-shine in the ruddy firelight.

They played some charades Mom recalled from her youth,

And Pop read a passage from God's Book of Truth.

They stayed up till midnight-and, would you believe,

The youngsters agreed 'twas a fine Christmas Eve.

Grandpa rose early, some time before dawn;

And when the kids wakened, the power was on..

"The power company sure got the line repaired quick,"

Said Grandpa - & no one suspected his trick.

Last night, for the sake of some old-fashioned fun,

He had pulled the main switch - the old Son-of-a-Gun!


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Welcome To The Dark Side Of Illegal Immigration

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"By calling attention to 'a well regulated militia,' 'the security of the nation,' and the right of each citizen 'to keep and bear arms,' our founding fathers recognized the essentially civilian nature of our economy... The Second Amendment still remains an important declaration of our basic civilian-military relationships in which every citizen must be ready to participate in the defense of his country. For that reason I believe the Second Amendment will always be important." - John F. Kennedy


SUGGESTED READING - BORDER BOOK LIST (for your Christmas List ?):

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ONE IF BY LAND by William R. Daniel (2012)

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­10 YEARS ON THE LINE: MY WAR ON THE BORDER: 2nd EDITION by Mike Ligon

  by Terry Kirkpatrick


BOOK: Beneath the Same Sky: An Interview with Author David Ramirez


The Art of Intelligence: Lessons from a Life in the CIAs Clandestine Service by Henry A. Crumpton

Wolves At Our Door a novel by JPS Brown  (

Hard Measures: How Aggressive CIA Actions After 9/11 Saved American Lives by Jose A. Rodriguez

The Devil We Know: Dealing with the New Iranian Superpower by Robert Baer

"Courting Disaster", How the CIA Kept America Safe (Regnery) by Marc Thiessen

NEW BOOK: No Easy Day by Mark Owen

2010 BOOK: Migra!: A History of the U.S. Border Patrol