We sleep safely at night because rough men and women stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm.


“Chaos is the law of nature, and order is the dream of man”


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Obama acknowledges setbacks in ISIS fight


Feds warn of possible ISIS-inspired attacks on police, gov't officials


Bloodlust is ISIS' biggest weapon


Report: Airstrikes hit ISIS positions


Obama to meet with allies on ISIS


VIDEO: ISIS outsmarting US


OPINION: Obama's airstrikes, lackluster leadership an embarrassment


Teenage vandals swarm Brooklyn deli while yelling 'anti-Semitic' slurs and destroy $700 worth of 'candies and cookies'

Swastikas drawn outside YALE dorm...

Swastika chemically burned on lawn in Ohio...


Turkey DENIES U.S. base deal in place to battle ISIS...


Obama’s ISIS strategy enters Chernobyl phase


Have Terrorists Crossed Our Southern Border?


How the Donors Saved Hamas


Turkey: Jihad-Lite


Ft. Hood Murderer's Attorney: "I Don't Know Where They Come Up With Workplace Violence"


Turkish Warplanes Strike PKK Targets as Tensions Over Kobani Increase


President Barack Obama and Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, are set to meet with 20 foreign ministers today to discuss the next phase in the war against the Islamic State.


Cheney: 'Very Dangerous Period … More Threatening Than the Period Before 9/11'


If ISIS takes Anbar, Iraq will be cut off from OPEC


ISIS declares Christians No. 1 enemy


O'Reilly: Obama Administration's 'BS Has to Stop' on Ebola and ISIS


Rushdie Condemns ‘Religious Rhetoric’ That Compels British Muslims to Join ‘Decapitating Barbarians’


Kissinger: ‘Iran Is a Natural Ally of the United States’


The Secret Casualties of Iraq’s Abandoned Chemical Weapons


Serious disagreements remain in US-led coalition battling the ISIS...


New Islamic State Training Video Emerges — Pay Very Close Attention to What Is Printed on the Tents Used by Terrorists


The top 10 Qur’an verses to understand the Islamic State — on The Glazov Gang


Robert Spencer on Fox News's America's New HQ, October 11, 2014


Video: Robert Spencer on Sun TV on West’s willful ignorance about jihad


Islamic State says sex slavery is justified under Islamic law


Slavery and Sex Slavery


Americans, Like the Founders, Must Gather the Courage that Forged a Nation


Obama Ambassador: Obama Should Stop Whining About Troops


Are We Advancing in the Social Media War on Terror?


Germany: Holy War Erupts in Hamburg


Support Allies, Not Terrorists


As the fight against IS rages on, President Barack Obama warned yesterday that the battle against the group would take time.


U.S.-Led Forces Intensify Strikes on Militants in Kobani


How Malala Can Help Defeat the Islamic State - Empowering Muslim women is the key to degrading and ultimately destroying medieval and reactionary fanaticism.


ISIS Teen Postergirls Get Much-Needed Reality Check: One Life-Altering Event That Changes Everything


Pentagon hid info on thousands of chemical weapons in Iraq for years


The Secret Casualties of Iraq’s Abandoned Chemical Weapons


Inspiring: General ‘somewhat’ certain Baghdad won’t fall to ISIS


Kurds make grisly discoveries after retaking ISIS-held territory


British Muslim Touts Benefits of Islamic State Rule: Tax Breaks, Slavegirls


Government Veterans to Take Fight to Extremists on Online Battleground


Poll: Weak Obama Foreign Policy Hurting Dems, Support For Ground Troops Rises


Jihadi Online Chatter Discusses Using Ebola As Weapon Against The West


Obama’s Disdain for the Military is not just a Disgrace, It’s Dangerous


Enough with the “ISIS” Already


ISIS: Sexual Enslavement of Yazidi Women Helps Muslims Avoid Sin


UK Votes Overwhelmingly for a Racist, Terrorist, Apartheid State


Turkey's Boomerang War in Syria


Voters say Obama waited too long to act against ISIS, approve of airstrikes


Dutch biker gang joins Kurds in fight against ISIS


Netherlands says OK for biker gangs to fight Islamic State


‘Ride or Die': ISIS Terrorists Have Motivated A Biker Gang to Take Action Against the Global Scourge


Military campaign against ISIS gets a name

VIDEO: Chemical weapons now in ISIS' hands


Pro-Heftar Forces Attack Islamist Militias in Benghazi


Finally, America’s new war in Iraq and Syria has a name: Operation Inherent Resolve


Chilling Reenactment Brings Horrors of ISIS Sex Trade to London


State Department warns US businesses in North Africa of ISIS retaliation


Old rivalries keeping Turkey on sidelines of Syria fight, analysts say


US airstrikes slow ISIS advance on Kobani as momentum shifts to Kurds


Admiral details ISIS fight


VIDEO: Admiral discusses how Navy is assisting in fight against ISIS


Exodus campaign to Berlin sparks outrage in Israel...


WASH POST LEAD FRIDAY: Islamic State gains lead to fears of an attack on Baghdad...

American drones flying out of Turkey...


Islamic State: “We will chop off the heads of the Americans”


ISIS and the mystery of the jihadi brides


Sarah Palin: Prophet


New Benghazi Indictments Reveal Terrorist Plot


‘OH HELL NO!’ Outrage meets Obama plan to send Natl. Guard to Liberia to fight Ebola


U.S.-Led Airstrikes Slow the Advance of Islamic State Militants on Kobani


ISIS mulling Ebola weaponization


Iron Dome: "Rigged Success"?


"Boxed and Packaged Islam" Trying to Pass Itself Off as Mainstream Islam


Uncle Sucker to the Rescue


Londoners Get Shocking Demonstration of ISIS Brutality in a Way That is Not Easy to Forget


America’s ‘indigenous’ partners in Iraq are making things worse


'Dragon's Egg': Marines who guarded Saddam's mysterious bunker fear weapons unleashed


US sees opportunity as ISIS swarms Kobani


ISIS fighters trained to fly captured Syrian jets, group says


Iraq imposes curfew in western city, fearing ISIS advance


VIDEO: A look at the limits of US airstrikes against ISIS


VIDEO: ISIS now flying stolen fighter jets over Syria, report says


OPINION: Operation 'Inherent Resolve' is a flop. Time to arm the Kurds


Islamic State gains lead to fears of an attack on Baghdad...

Pentagon Readying for Long War in Iraq, Syria...

American Hostage 'Scared' But Hopeful...


US District Court Put on Notice of Obama’s Treason Following Bergdahl Trade


Obama Admin Refused Israeli Request For Help Locating Kidnapped IDF Soldier…


Kerry: Extremism Not Linked to Islam; Factors Include Deprivation, Climate Change


State Department warns: ISIS attacks outside of the Middle East may be coming


Law Enforcement Warned To Be On Alert For ISIS Attacks: Federal Authorities Said


A Rhode Island Police Chief Receives Planned School Beheading Threat!


State Department Endorses Book That Calls Jihad Noble


Raleigh Man Pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Provide Material Support for Terrorism


The Super-Creepy, Super-Dangerous Link Between Islam and Ebola


White House celebrates another Muslim holiday for the first time


Shocking: ISIS Just Almost Succeeded In Recruiting The Absolute Last Person You Would Expect


Nigeria Claims Agreement Over Abducted Girls Reached With Boko Haram


Iran Arms Palestinians for New War with Israel


Cautious optimism in hometown of Nigeria's kidnapped girls after cease-fire news


US sees opportunity as ISIS swarms Kobani

Airstrike kills 8 in ISIS-held Syria town


US Christian Marines & Families Aid Kurdish Fighters in Fight against Islamic State

Law vs Anti-Law


A Thousand Times More Dangerous Than ISIS


Are ISIS Fighters Learning to Fly Jets?


Turkey's Love Affair with Hamas


US drops arms, ammunition to Kurds fighting ISIS in Kobani


VIDEO: A look at the rise of ISIS


VIDEO: Are cracks showing in the anti-ISIS coalition?


White House says number of ISIS fighters in Kobani creating 'target-rich environment'

Obama will do everything in his power to avoid letting Congress vote on any Iran nuke treaty...


Denmark tries a soft-handed approach to returned Islamist fighters


Brutal female police enforce ISIS sharia vision on women of caliphate


Report: Obama wants to cut Congress out of Iran deal


US drops arms, ammunition to Kurds fighting ISIS


Militants suspected in explosions around Baghdad that killed 43


Debate over Kobani’s strategic value


Turkey helping Kurdish fighters cross into Kobani


VIDEO: ISIS militants launch about 15 near-simultaneous attacks


VIDEO: 'Should You Care' YouTube told to hand over ISIS data?


Paris Opera expels veiled woman during performance...

'Bad hijab' link to acid attacks on Iranians...


Saudi Arabia steps up beheadings...


CONFUSION: US Humanitarian Aid Going to ISIS...

American security guard joins ground war against Islamic State...

Militants launch 15 near-simultaneous attacks...

Turkey Says Will Aid Kurdish Forces...


The Secret Casualties of Iraq’s Abandoned Chemical Weapons


Bombshell: What The New York Times Just Revealed Could Totally Rewrite Debate On Bush’s Iraq War


Awesome: This Female Fighter Has A Unique Advantage That Has ISIS Scared Out Of Their Minds


Kurdish Female Soldier Gains Internet Fame for Allegedly Killing More than 100 ISIS Jihadis


U.S. Humanitarian Aid Going to ISIS


The Blood on Obama’s Hands


Only 15 Percent of Americans Believe We Are Winning the War Against ISIS


U.S. Military Airdrops Supplies to Kurdish Forces in Kobani


What The "Two State Solution" Has to Do with the Rise of Islamic Extremism: Zero


Al-Qaeda Urges Attacks on ‘Achilles Heel of Western Economies’


As Fighting Rages, Turkey’s Erdogan Rejects Any US Plan to Arm Syrian Kurds Battling ISIS


Despite Turkey's Objections, US Airdrops Weapons to Syrian Kurds Fighting ISIS


Denmark tries a soft-handed approach to returned Islamist fighters


VIDEO: Ben Shapiro: The Myth of the Tiny Radical Muslim Minority


The Rise of the Media Mujahedeen


Philadelphia Enforcing Shariah – Blacklists Ads telling the Truth about Islam


Bachmann under 24/7 guard after ISIS threat


Police say driver who hit two Canadian soldiers before being shot was 'radicalized’


Female police impose ISIS sharia vision on women


US drops arms, ammunition to Kurds fighting ISIS


















Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America – Largely for law enforcement at all levels.  Will open your eyes even more.


Agent Storm: My Life Inside Al Qaeda and the CIA - Morten Storm with Paul Cruickshank & Tim Lister