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We sleep safely at night because rough men and women stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm.


“Chaos is the law of nature, and order is the dream of man”



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What ISIS Really Wants


James Burnham on Militant Islam and the Clash of Civilizations - The price of failing to acknowledge the spiritual inspiration of one's enemies


Bill Warner, PhD: Jihad vs. Crusades --  Good one.  Note the battle map - relentless jihad.


“Moderate” Muslim Leader says all Muslims are “Radical” and “Extremists”

VICE News: The Islamic State


It’s in the Quran


Dualism in the Koran: Calling Islam a Religion of Peace is an Outright LIE


Radical Islam: The Most Dangerous Ideology -  - Get all the facts in under 5-minutes.


Lying about Islam's Doctrine of Deception


Obama finally tells the truth!


The Battle Against ISIS: A Battle of Life vs. Death


Historic Foreign Intelligence Provider Recounts What Muslims Do & what They are Really After


Robert Spencer – 2015 NALC Convocation Keynote Speaker    -    Robert Spencer, jihad expert, to speak at NALC Convocation


Robert Spencer on the theological aspects of Islam that lead to jihad


Muslim Student Challenged A Christian Speaker, Her EPIC Response Will Restore Your Faith In America


The American Jahiliyyah in a Period of Elections and National Danger


Why Islam Is a Religion of War


Stop Appeasing Iran’s Ayatollahs As They Crackdown On Dissidents


Spikes In Violence Lead Israeli Government to Loosen Restrictions on Firearm Permit Process


Australia: Reporters covering jihadi attack in Sydney receive death threats


Erdoğan Leads Turkey to the Precipice


UN Workers Fuel the Palestinian Rampage


With a Pro-Terrorist Gov in Canada, Border Security is a Big Problem - Canada's asylum policy has led to Muslim terrorist attacks on America before.




Palestinian Muslims Eagerly Kneel to Smell Dead Terrorist's Blood - Not only do you get 72 virgins, but great-smelling blood.


Three Observations on Israel and the Palestinian Terror Wave


Cheyenne Tribe Member Not Crazy About Syrians Invading America - "I feel bombarded, because they're going to come from all over. Not just Syria, but all over."


The Americans Obama Left Languishing In Iran's Jails - The human toll of Obama's appeasement of the mullahs.


If Guns Don’t Stop Violence, Why Are Israelis Suddenly Buying So Many Guns?


Israelis lining up for firearm permits amid increasing violence


Le Pen goes on trial for Muslim prayers rant


America Looks A Lot Like Nazi Germany Did Just Prior To World War II


“Avoid Islamic Halal Products”


Jihadi Arming Hillary Clinton: Repeal Second Amendment & Nationwide Gun Ban “Worth Considering”


VIDEO: Germans lose their jobs at four star Hotel Maritim…it will now house Muslim migrants


VIDEO: Working-Class Germans forced from their homes to make way for Muslim migrants who are unsatisfied with the accommodations


40% of Muslims in Denmark want Quran-based laws


VIDEO: Thousands of migrants on the march in Slovenia to Austria


SHOCKING PHOTOS: Infamous Migrant ‘Jungle Camp’ Swells Out of Control, France Begged to Bring in Army


VIDEO: Next Wave of Muslim Migrants: It’s All Men


Clock boy Ahmed Mohamed meets Obama, decides to move to Qatar


Clock-bomb hoaxer Ahmed Mohamed and his family will move to Qatar


‘Clock Kid’ family moving to Qatar


Alarm bell: Texas' 'Clock Boy' may not enjoy time in Qatar

VIDEO: 'Clock kid', family moving from Texas to Qatar 


Cambridge Public Library hosts “Stand With Ahmed and Build Your Own Clock” day


Clock Boy met with terrorists


Farewell to Ahmed the Clock Boy


Protesters in Malmo chant ‘slaughter the Jews’


VIDEO: Preschool Muslim Girl Holds Knife, Says: ‘I Want To Stab A Jew’


Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei: “Negotiation with America is Forbidden,” Still Obama Signs Iran Nuclear Deal


Former chairman accuses BBC of anti-Israel bias


Nigeria’s VP says he has seen rich people become jihad terrorists - Like our _____?


Turkey: Opposition leader accuses government of “protecting” Islamic State


New York: Muslim punched flight attendant, threatened to blow up plane - Alija Kucuk


Putin: 20 jihad terror plots foiled in Russia this year


A Death Cult’s Terror Against Israelis


Bangladesh: Muslims threaten journalists whose “freedom of expression breaks the limit”


Refugee pushback growing in multiple states - Minnesota governor: Unhappy residents 'should find another state'


Who are the REAL Palestinians?


It's Simple, Really


Sweden: Haven for Mass-Murderers - One Month of Multiculturalism in Sweden: September 2015


Faced with migrant crisis, Europe sends in the clowns


U.S. reaches deal with Russia on Syrian airspace as Assad visits Moscow


Justin Trudeau: Canada’s Obama


Germany "Turbocharges" Economy by Spending Billions on Muslim Migrants


Refugees will boost German economy: EU


Supervisor Who Opened Town Hall to Anti-Israel Hate Group has Troubling Record


New York Times' "Diverse" Muslim Stonethrowers Kill 2nd Jewish Man


Farfour's Curse


ISIS Posts Military Personnel Data Online and Calls for Attacks on Soldiers at Home!


ISIS Shows Support For Palestinian Knife Attacks on Israeli Civilians


GOP Challenges Obama: Are You Really Going to Veto Our Bipartisan Defense Bill?  


Mufti Advised Hitler on Holocaust, Says Middle East Forum Scholar


Netanyahu Under Fire for Telling Truth About Mufti’s Role in Holocaust


The Mufti, Hitler and the Palestinians: The Facts


Israel Must Deport the PLO


VIDEO: Muslim Migrants Burn Down Refugee Camp, Take Selfies


Watch CCTV VIDEO showing Muslim migrants storming Channel Tunnel


VIDEO: Muslim Prayers Take Over Streets of Downtown Los Angeles


“La il laha il Allah” Hacker: “Contents of CIA Chief John Brennan’s Email Account Will Be Released Shortly”


Converts to Christianity In Migrant Camp Beaten Unconscious With Baton By Muslim


Muslims Steal from German Churches to Fund the Islamic State


Muslim gangs plunder German churches - Proceeds bound for the Islamic State


Jihad Watch Hate Mail Bag: “People will rise up and make sure that your kids are raped”


California Muslim wanted to blow up daycare center because it was “Zionist”


Trump: If elected, I would shut down certain U.S. mosques


Muslim from UK murders and wounds 80 in jihad suicide attack for Islamic State


Citizens Trained to Use Weapons Are a Growing Force in Our Battle Against Terrorism


Cutthroats of the Holy Land


Muslim Invasion of Europe


Turkey vs. Free Press


A Kingdom for a Niqab


Kerry: Those Israelis should show restraint ‘from any kind of self-help’ regarding defending themselves


Five crucial facts about attack at Swedish school


Three dead, two hurt in Swedish school attack


Teacher Killed in Sword Attack at Swedish School


Lone wolf attack on school leaves one dead, but MSM won’t touch it *UPDATE*


Europe, Pope Francis Roll Out Red Carpet for Iran


France’s War Against the Jews


American Jewish World Service Boss "Influenced" by Anti-Israel Communist Terrorist - "Do you know how it feels to see crippled loved ones lying and burning?


Germans Plan "New Aleppo" Muslim City Built Around a Mosque - 567 million dollars. For 30,000 Muslim migrants.


CAIR’s 2015 Orlando Intifada - Orlando, Florida: Home to Disney World AND RADICAL ISLAM.


Netanyahu, Husseini, and the Historians


The Peaceful Palestinians Soon to Poison Knives to Inflict More Death and Suffering


Obama Plans to HELP Iran Modernize their Nuclear Reactor!


ISIS Posts Military Personnel Data Online and Calls for Attacks on Soldiers at Home!


ISIS Invasion: VIDEO of Facebook pics of jihadis entering as “refugees”


VIDEO: Drone footage shows thousands of Muslim migrants crossing into Europe, 12,000 migrants arrive in Slovenia


Prime Minister Orban: “We are in a deep trouble”


Democrat Senator Durbin Calls on the Administration to Accept 100,000 Muslim Migrants


Honor Killing: Syrian Gang Rape Victim Murdered in Germany by Her Family


Islamic State attacks dramatically increase after over a year of US airstrikes


Hamas-linked CAIR’s Hooper: As Clock Boy departs, Muslims “under siege”


Germany: Asylum Seekers Make Demands


DHS Jeh Johnson testimony on homeland security and governmental affairs hearing titled "Threats to the Homeland"


The Islamic State Digs In


Tailored Online Interventions: The Islamic State's Recruitment Strategy


US special ops forces rescue Kurds from ISIS. Casualties reported


Obama Vetoes Defense Bill to Protect Al Qaeda Terrorists - National defense comes last. Terrorists come first.


Crazy Like a Fox


Christians Persecuted by Muslims Even in the West


Turkish Smoke and Mirrors


U.S., Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey Meet to Solve the Syrian Puzzle


Who's Oppressing Palestinian Christians? Georgetown Lecture Blames Israel


Obama SPIED on Israel, Considered AIRSTRIKES Against the Jewish State to Protect IRAN


Watch New ISIS VIDEO in Hebrew: “Not One Jew Will Be Left …..” Threatens to kill Jews Across the World


Hamas Muslim Cleric Vows: We Won’t Leave a Single Jew, Dead or Alive


Führer Merkel to Impose Pan-European Asylum, Quota Demands, More Migrants, New EU Taxes, No Borders


Church of England to hand mansion over to Muslim migrants


VIDEO: Thermo-vision migrant footage


UK telecommunications corporation hacked: “Jihad From Us Is Coming”


Uganda: Muslims murder Christian mother of eight because her husband left Islam


Hate-filled anti-American Islamic supremacist Linda Sarsour receives $164,050 in taxpayer money


“He was a normal little boy…warm and caring” — then he converted to Islam and became a jihad murderer


Donald Trump’s Sharia Compliance


“Palestinian” Muslim cleric: “We will not leave a single Jew on our Islamic land”


The Palestinian Jihad: Lies, Lies and More Lies - This is Not an "Intifada"


Obama Standing Guard … NOT


Ted Cruz - A Fresh Approach to American Foreign Policy and US-Israel Relations


Greece overwhelmed by 48,000 new migrants in FIVE DAYS


King Salman, 79 – with Alzheimer’s – facing Saudi-style palace coup?


The Real History Behind Netanyahu's Holocaust Comments - An interview with Dr. Wolfgang G. Schwanitz


Former Connecticut Resident Sentenced to Over Eight Years in Prison for Attempting to Send U.S. Military Technology to Iran - Mozaffar Khazaee


Muslim engineer at U.S. defense contractor gets 8 years for giving details on U.S. jets to Iran - Mozaffar Khazaee


John Kerry Urges Israel to Refrain from any “Self-Help” Against Muslim Violence


Christian Woman Survives Muslim Stabbing by Calling on Jesus Christ


VIDEO: ISIS March in Germany as Thousands More Migrants Pour Across the Border


Islamic Gangs Plundering German Churches, Schools and Raping Women & Children – German Media Attempts Coverup


100 Hotel Employees In Germany Lose Jobs - Government Turns Luxury Hotel Into Housing For Muslim Illegals


VIDEO: Muslim Migrant CHAOS, Break Off on their Own, Austria Calls in Army, Minister Calls for “a FORTRESS EUROPE”


VIDEO: Dissatisfied with Their Accommodations, Muslim Migrants in Germany go on Hunger Strike


“Welcome to New Aleppo,” City planners to create whole cities for migrants around mosques


The Death of Property Rights in Europe


UK: Muslim child rapist jailed for life after caught snatching girl, 6, off the street just days after finishing sex offenders’ rehab course


Putin Vs. Obama: Shall We Compare The Two Leaders Or Will That Be Too Embarrassing For America?


FBI top dog Comey: Feds have 900 active investigations of Islamic State operatives in U.S.


FBI: No way to screen ‘refugees’ coming to U.S.


Islamic State sending trained assassins into UN refugee camps to murder Christians


EEOC wins $240,000 damages for Muslim truckers fired for not delivering beer


Nigeria: Accused jihad murderer says his imam initiated him into the Islamic State in West Africa


Islamic State video vows to murder Jews worldwide and “eradicate this disease from the world”


Obama and “Random Violence” Against the Jews


The Shi'ite Leopard: Iran's Religious Persecution


The Holocaust is OVER


Awful: Israeli Family Hurt In West Bank Firebomb Attack


BREAKING: ISIS-linked group claims capture of Israeli pilot near Golan


Germany: 4-star hotel abruptly seized, turned into migrant housing; employees stunned


David Cameron, Saudis’ UN Human Rights Commission bid, and Western dependence on Saudi intel


'Inextricable Connection' between Islamists and Hitler


Cheap Oil Puts the House of Saud at Risk


VIDEO: Imam Incites, Exhorts to Murder Waving Suicide Vest


France: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” & “Kill the Jews” stabs Jew, punches rabbi


VIDEO: Village of 60 must accept 1,500 Muslim migrants


VIDEO: Tens of Thousands More Muslims Storm Slovenia Border, Calls for “End of EU”




Army Takes Over Tempelhof Airport to Build Migrant Village


Benjamin Netanyahu Under Fire for Telling Truth About Mufti’s Role in Holocaust


125 Danish citizens have joined ISIS, returnees pose terror threat: Official


US still wants Pakistan to expand counter-terrorism efforts


Convert to Islam arrested for fundraising for the Islamic State


Denmark: Muslims march for jihad in Copenhagen


FBI top dog Comey: It will be “challenging” to identify jihad terrorists among the refugees


Sharia Toronto: Cabbies turning away passengers with seeing-eye dogs


Hate Comes to Westchester - A local Democrat provides a platform for left-wing anti-Jewish hate.


Islam and 9/11 Not Connected, 12-Year-Olds Taught in America - How stealth Jihad gets at our kids.


Direct Experience: The One Benefit of Accepting Muslim Migrants - If the West cannot learn about Islam from doctrine, history, and current events, then let it learn from up close and personal contact.


UK Rapist Escapes Deportation by Posing as Syrian Refugee


Israel: "It's Such a Nightmare, to See Your Child Burning." (VIDEO)


Obama Tells Falsehoods About Israel, Retracts, Then Repeats Falsehoods - The top propaganda tactics the administration is using to demonize the Jewish State.


The Palestinian Terror Wave and Moral Equivalency - The United Nations and the Obama administration's dual attack on Israel


Israel: "It's Such a Nightmare, to See Your Child Burning." (VIDEO) - "All we wanted to do is to put out the fire."


Escalation of Child Execution in Iran - How the nuclear deal has signaled to the Mullahs that there's nothing to stop their human rights abuses.


Lapland Ski Resort and 4-Star Ramada Hotel to Become Permanent Migrant Housing


Ongoing jihad siege: Muslim armed with meat cleaver holding up cafe in Australia


*GRAPHIC* Islamic State STONES ‘Gay Men’ to Death


Latest VIDEO from Austrian Border: CHAOS


MIGRANT VIDEO: “They are sitting in our backyards”


Al-Shabaab Pledges Loyalty to Islamic State After Killing 150 Christian Students


Obama’s peace partners in the “Palestinian” Authority name street after jihad murderer who stabbed 2 Israeli civilians to death


Australia: Muslim children walk out when national anthem is sung


U.S., Saudis to bolster support for “moderate Syrian opposition”


Saudi Arabia: Islamic State jihad suicide bomber murders one at Shi’ite mosque


Pakistan: Muslims abduct Christian woman, forcibly convert her to Islam, threaten life of her Christian fiancé


Syria: Islamic jihadis hit Roman Catholic church with mortar shell during Mass


Catholic bishops call for “complete decarbonization” by 2050, remain silent on global jihad against Christians


Graphic video: Islamic State executes man by running him over with tank, justifies act by quoting Qur’an


Jerusalem Mufti denies Temple Mount ever housed the Jewish Temple


‘Lambs among Wolves’: Documentary about the Muslim Brotherhood’s burning of Coptic churches


The Death of Europe


Turkey's Thugocracy


Turkey's Thugocracy Prepares for Elections


The End of Arms Control in the Second Nuclear Age?


Tapper to PLO Official: If I Charge A Cop With A Knife, He’ll Shot Me. 'That's How It Works'


Feds go to bat for Muslim truckers fired for refusing to do their jobs


Leaders: EU could fall apart over refugee crisis




ISIS in Retreat of Russian Attacks in Syria – US Accuses Russia of Targeting Civilians


Merkel’s Muslim Madness


705,200 Migrants Invaded Europe in 2015


UN Officials Mock National Sovereignty - Browbeating European countries to serve a globalist agenda.


Europe now scrambles for guns: Shotguns have ‘virtually sold out’ in Austria


VIDEO: Muslim Migrants warn Germans their days are numbered


Muslims and Their Lapdogs Wage Jihad on Wal-Mart for Israeli Costume


Jerusalem Mufti denies Temple Mount ever housed the Jewish Temple


SHOCKING VIDEO: Swedish state TV airs children’s program glorifying ISIS


New York Times SUPPORTS AFDI Free Speech Rights #PigFlyingMoment


As Jihad Advances, Huffington Post Still Pushing Muslim Victimhood Myth


WATCH the videos that made 20,000 Israelis SUE Facebook over “Palestinian” incitement


Denmark denies citizenship to Muslim who wants to replace democracy with Islamic law


Yemen: Jihadists storm supermarket, take hostages to give “final warning” against mingling of men and women


“Palestinian” Muslim cleric brandishes explosives belt during sermon: “Oh people of the West Bank, kill them!”


Islamic State ties foes to ancient Palmyra columns and blows them up


South Korea: Five Muslims, “Islamic State sympathizers,” arrested with bomb-making material


Muslim preschool girl holds knife, says “I want to stab a Jew”


Stealth Jihad vs. America


Rapist to 15-Year-Old: ‘Islam Allows It and We Will Do It’


INVASION: Situation at Austria’s borders out of control


Invasion: FIVE MILLION MUSLIMS march on Europe: “We cannot guarantee the public safety anymore”


“Shoot the infidels’ heads off with the Kalashnikov”


UK Muslim cleric: “Don’t become a Apostate from Islam by wearing the poppy”


One Out of Two Migrants Go Rogue, “Unaccounted For,” “On the Run”


Saudi-funded academic John Esposito laments influence of Jihad Watch


Muslim preacher: “Oh Allah, annihilate the Jews…let us kill them”


Sweden: Journalist stoned while trying to film in no-go zone


Slain jihadi’s mom pulls out knife in interview, threatens her own jihad


UK: Muslim sex attacker dodges deportation by claiming to be a Syrian refugee


UK Muslim convicted of terrorism offense for jihadi training notes, says he just wanted to lose weight


Israel: Islamic Movement leader gets 11-month sentence for inciting violence - Sheikh Muhammad Sallah “Abu Rajab” and Abu Hamza ‘Ashur


UK imam gets six years in jail for $28.7 million Libyan arms plot


VIDEO: New questions about Iran and its nuclear program 


VIDEO: Obama is making Iran a bigger player on world stage 


Sweden: It Is Considered Racism Only If the Victims Are Not White


Islamic invasion pulls trigger: Europe now scrambles for guns - Many 'now wish they had a 2nd Amendment'

Afghanistan asks Russia to supply arms




Back off! Navy threatens China in the Pacific


Saudi royals dealing drugs to ISIS


The worst terrorist attack the United States will ever face


Migrants Refuse Swedish Accommodations


Tony Blair Apologizes for Bad Intelligence on Iraq War but not for Toppling Saddam Hussein


Israeli Mothers, Children Enroll In Self-Defense Classes, Arm Themselves With Whatever They Can Find  


Netanyahu: ‘Absurd to Ignore the Role Played’ by Palestinian Mufti in Holocaust



Turkey Is on the Path to Rogue Dictatorship


Ayatollah Khamenei’s Sucker Punch


Austria Stops Criticizing Hungary's Border Fence, Builds Own Border Fence


Philippines Doesn't Want to Take Muslim "Refugee" Migrants - The Philippines already has a major problem with Muslim terror.


AIPAC’s Devastating Decision - The pro-Israel advocacy group's disturbing turn promoting anti-Israel politicians.


Islamist Group’s Gay Staffer Does Event with Anti-Gay Imam - Emerge USA’s Saad Khan parties with those who would wish him harm.


AWOL: Thousands More Muslim “Migrants” “Mysteriously Disappear”


John Kerry: ‘We Place Our Faith’ in ‘Forward-Looking’ Middle East


Kerry: Middle East “home of populations that are energetic, youthful, forward-looking. It is in them that we place our faith.”


10/28/15 PANDEMONIUM VIDEO Austrian Border CHAOS


Muslim migrants moved into German churches — pews, altars, crosses removed


Muslim Nuclear Power Plant Employee Caught Reading Bomb Making Manual At Work


“Cosmo Goes Sharia”


UK universities to ban feminists, conservatives to “seem fair to Muslims”


Yale raises eyebrows with new Sharia center funded by gift from Saudi banker


Al-Qaeda Video Shows Fighters Using US Weapons Supplied to 'Vetted Moderates' Under Train & Equip Program


Putin's Middle Eastern Moves


Austrians Arm Themselves Against Muslim Invaders


German Pastor: Muslim Migrants are Predatory Hordes


Saudi Prince Detained for Drug Smuggling - 2 Tons of ISIS “Drug of Choice” Seized on Private Jet


The Mohammed Retirement Plan Won’t Save European Socialism. It Will Bury It


ISIS in Retreat of Russian Attacks in Syria – US Accuses Russia of Targeting Civilians


Iran's New Palestinian Terror Group: Al-Sabireen


Obama in secret pact with world's largest Muslim country - 'I have a very personal interest in Indonesia' - Obama attended elementary school in the country.

The Media Line: Giving Americans a Crucial Understanding of News From Israel and The Middle East


The Islamic Incitement to Murder Jews


A Raid on ISIS by the U.S. and Kurds Portends Great Events


Three Defendants Convicted of Conspiring to Illegally Export Controlled Technology to the Russian Military - Alexander Posobilov, Shavkat Abdullaev and Anastasia Diatlova


Migrants: Swedish resort, converted to house them, not up to their standards


Muslim migrants attacking Christians


ISIS releases 'revenge' video, beheads four hostages


UK Commander: World's Weak Response to 'Human Shields' Encourages Terrorists to Use Them


Germans Panic As Muslims March Through City ‘THIS IS OUR FUTURE’ (VIDEO)


Migrants Refuse Swedish Accommodations


Iran to Execute Thousands For Crimes Like Poetry, Practicing Journalism and Other "Offenses"


Germany May Soon Have 8 Million Muslims, Islamic Political Party




Terrible Advice for Muslim Women Panicking about ISIS


NJ Muslim pleads guilty to trying to raise “small army” of Islamic State fighters - Alaa Saadeh


Chicago Muslim teen pleads guilty to trying to join the Islamic State – Mohammed Hamzah Khan


Bernie Sanders denounces “Islamophobia,” Hamas-linked terror org CAIR thrilled


Islamic State on recruitment spree in Russia, “moderate” imams can’t counter the jihadis’ appeal


Video: Raymond Ibrahim on Russia’s “Holy War” on the Islamic State


Islamic State schools ban math, music, philosophy, history, French and geography as incompatible with Islam


Coptic blasphemy case sheds light on Muslim views of Islamic State


Muslim Refugee Mudar Zahran vs Former Islamic Imam Mark Christian


Round #2: Muslim Refugee Mudar Zahran vs Former Islamic Imam Mark Christian


Muslim model hanged herself fearing she would be forced into an arranged marriage by her parents – who she discovered were actually her aunt and uncle


VIDEO German Muslim: “Islam is coming to take over Germany whether you want it or not!” “Your daughters will wear hijab”


Lesbos Lifejacket Mountain


Swedish politician says country ‘facing collapse’ due to mass invasion


SHOCKING VIDEO: Muslim Migrants storm/BREAK DOWN BORDER FENCE Austria-Slovenia border


Bernie Sanders Vows to Lead Fight Not Against Jihad Terror, but Against ‘Islamophobia’ - Once again, the party of treason is leading the fight not against those who are waging a holy war to destroy us, but against those who oppose jihad terror.


Norway: Muslim cleric jailed for praising the jihad murder of Muhammad cartoonists


UK: Muslim group boycotts, threatens police over investigation of Muslim rape gangs that destroyed lives of 1,400 girls


Donald Trump defends burqas and niqabs


Germany: Altar, pulpit, baptismal font removed as church used as shelter for migrants


UK universities to ban feminists and conservatives to avoid offending Muslims


Egypt: Arabic language schoolteacher whips 10-year-old Coptic Christian boy 40 times


VIDEO: Austrians Mass Protest Against Islamic Invasion


Thousands of Muslims line up at the bus station in KABUL…waiting to travel to Germany - See more at:


Watch: Islamic State Released this VIDEO of Shooting Russian Passenger Plane Out of the Sky


Islamic State responsible for Russian passenger plane crash in Egypt


World Famous Site of Christ’s Passion Play Turned Over to Muslim Migrants


Facebook, Sky Pay Jizya to Migrants for Every “Hate” Post, BILD Publishes Lists of “Hate” Posters


Former Hamas minister praises al-Jazeera, calls on Muslims to “plunge their knives in the chests and bellies of the enemies”


Australia: Muslims complain that singing anthem is “forced assimilation”


Egyptian TV host and historian agree: Burning is “the only solution for the Jews”


Islamic State supporters celebrate Trudeau’s election in Canada


US to allocate $100 million more to “moderate” Syrian opposition


UK: Judge says Muslim’s Islamic State execution videos “bear no relation whatsoever to the true practices and principles” of Islam


Video: Islamic State threatens Obama, beheads four Kurdish fighters


Israeli Blood on Obama’s Hands - How Obama and Kerry caused the stabbing terror spree in Israel


The Right to Bear Arms was How American Jews Got Their Civil Rights


Syrian Refugees Not Happy With All the Cold and the Trees in Sweden


Syrian Immigrant Pleads Guilty to Membership in ISIS Sharia Court - There are plenty of more Syrian Sharia immigrants where he came from.


Jewish Professor Hounded at California Riverside Campus For Holding Pro-Israel Views




Turkey: Kurds Threatened Before Election


Ending a Century of Palestinian Rejectionism


US Intelligence Is No Match for Iranian Deception


The Decline of Modern Germany


AIPAC's Devastating Decision


Jobless and Desperate Palestinians


What Turkey's Elections Will NOT Change


The refugee crisis in real time via one amazing animated graphic


Czech Republic Using "Worse than Prison" Approach to Keep Refugees Out


What Turkey's Elections Will NOT Change


President Grover Cleveland on Islamic Terrorism: "The bloody butchery of men, women, and children, made martyrs to their profession of Christian faith...”


Muslim Cleric: "Muslims have the Right to Kill anyone who does Not Respect Islam"


Putin’s Military Intervention in Syria Exposing Obama Treason


Invasion: FIVE MILLION MUSLIMS March on Europe: “We Cannot Guarantee the Public Safety Anymore”


Judges: Cops can't boot Christians because Muslims violent

Academic Freedom Opposed by "Who"?


The Obama Administration: Religious Freedoms for American Muslims, Not American Christians


Nations agree on new Syria talks, but say little about Assad


Saint Martin’s Christian festival abolished out of “consideration for the Muslim refugees”


Obama’s “Most Trusted” “Favorite” Foreign Leader Erdogan: “Can’t Condemn” ISIS Downing of Passenger Plane


Facebook, Sky News Pay Jizya to Migrants for Every ‘Hate’ Post; Bild Publishes Lists of ‘Hate’ Posters


NYPD undercover officer foiled jihad bomb plot in NYC


German town of 100 forced to take 750 migrants


Jihadis trained in Islamic schools of Pakistan and Afghanistan


Germany’s Muslim population to quadruple in the next five years: 20 million Muslims by 2020


Germany: "20 Million Muslims by 2020" – WE ARE NEXT


Islamic State school in Afghanistan: “We must implement God’s religion over all people”


Christian leader invites Islamic State leaders to dinner, they respond, “We’ll chop your head off”


UK’s four largest prisons: Muslim prisoners demand jizya from non-Muslim prisoners


We Love You, Asia Bibi




Backgrounder: Hajj Amin al-Husseini


Swedish Female Journalist STONED by Muslims In Stockholm


US Soldiers Back in Iraq under Obama – Unconstitutionally!


Thousands of Muslim migrants 'disappear' from camps - But U.N. Agenda 2030 has a fix: Step right up for your 'universal ID'

Obama Beats ISIS at Word Games - Lying to Americans is much more important to Obama than winning wars.


Installing Jew-Hatred on America’s Campuses


Heroic Muslim Terrorist Stabs 80-Year-Old Israeli Woman


UN Top Official for Iraq Meets w/Al Qaeda Funder


Netanyahu’s Mufti Firestorm




Abbas’ Religious Incitement


Covering Terrorism Against Israelis: An Idiot’s Guide


Citizens attempt block the arrival of “migrant” trains and bus transfers


Watch VIDEO: Muslim makes throat-cutting gesture on Swedish news segment


Halloween Horror: Muslim Converts Unsuspecting Trick or Treating Children to Islam


Muslim Migrants Now Being Housed in FIVE-STAR Spree Hotel in Germany


Muslim Migrants with Multiple Wives Will Get MULTIPLE BENEFIT$ in Germany


Muslim Blood and Al-Aqsa


VETS APPALLED AT 'MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD FLOAT' - City allows CAIR entry in Veterans Day parade

Terror-tied Hamas-CAIR will have float in Tulsa Veterans Day parade


Germany: 4-year-old stoned, beaten for kicking ball in migrant center gym


Hungarian prime minister charges Soros is behind migrant influx


Muslim Pop Star Goes on Arabic TV and Destroys the Hypocrisy of the Arab Nations


Um. So Apparently our Soldiers are back in Combat in Iraq?


The First American Troops Enter Syria


Martin Luther Warned Christians About Appeasing Islam 500 Years Ago!


Our Divisive Enemy: CAIR and Pearson


Israel is Avoiding the Abyss, For Now


STUNNING WARNING: WAR COMING TO EUROPE - 'Unavoidable' that Muslim uprising, European reaction will clash 'outside accepted political channels'

New Jersey Man Admits Conspiring to Provide Material Support to ISIL - Alaa Saadeh


Illinois Man Pleads Guilty to Attempting to Provide Material Support to ISIL - Mohammed Hamzah Khan


Will Iran Walk Away from Nuclear Deal?


Israeli Air Force attacked Hezbollah targets in Syria


Russian Intervention in Syria Isn't a 'Game Changer'


Soros: National Borders Are The Enemy


Undersecretary of State: Iran Nuke Deal Higher Priority Than Freeing American Hostages - Obama didn't trade arms for hostages. He traded nuclear arms for nothing.


More Migrants Crossed Med in October Than All of 2014 - More than 600,000 people crossed the Mediterranean this year.


780 Muslim Attacks on Israelis in October - 30 firearm attacks, 40 knife attacks


Khamenei Plays Obama


BERNIE SANDERS REASSURES MUSLIMWHO SAID "ISLAM AND CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUES ARE MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE" - Why is Bernie Sanders exploiting the Holocaust to support someone who supports the murder of Jews?


34-year-old Jewish man STABBED in Brooklyn by “masked man”


Muslim attempts to murder Jew on flight to Ethiopia while shouting “Death to the Jews!”


German official says Merkel’s open door migrant policy will lead to ‘civil war’ after thousands march against invaders


VIDEO: Muslim migrant threatens reporter on LIVE TV, “what the f**k are you doing, shut the f**k up”


VIDEO: Migrant Boat or Party Boat?


Latest ‘migrant’ crisis: Muslims set fire to UK military base in Cyprus


VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Supporters Endorse SHARIA LAW in AMERICA


Spain Terror Alert: Three Muslims “set to commit Charlie Hebdo attack” captured in dawn raids


Libya threatens to flood Europe with migrants if EU does not recognize new Islamic government


Europe: 'Islam is coming to take over' - 'full-blown invasion' - Islam is coming to take over Germany whether you want it or not … not through war but by the fact that Germans don’t reproduce and Muslims have seven to eight children each … but not only that, your daughters will marry bearded Muslims and wear the hijab; their sons will wear a beard! The Muslims will have four wives and 27 children, and what does the German man have? One child and maybe a little pet dog! The German has taken advantage of the Muslim for too long, just so he can drive his Mercedes. … Now Islam is coming and your daughters will wear the hijab! Ha! I can see the look of hate in your eyes!

How Much Does the U.S. Government Still Deal with CAIR?


Obama's rage fueling Iran deal, forensic profiler says - 'Staggering image reveals plans to threaten world by changing nuclear bomb climate' - Andrew G. Hodges, M.D., a board-certified psychiatrist in private practice, in a response to WND, cited Obama’s recent description of himself as an “uncaged bear” and his statement there’s “no telling what I might do.” “He warns us he’s slipping mentally – his judgment impaired,” Hodges said.


Obama on a lonely island when it comes to Russia and Syria


Three Palestinians Launch Knife Attacks Near Tel Aviv, West Bank


German Schoolgirls Told to ‘Cover up…’ Because of Horn-Dog Syrian refugees

100 U.S. cities beg Obama for more Muslim refugees

Europe: 'Islam Is Coming to Take Over’


Major Islamic Organization Bribes Members of U.S. Congress to Revive Islamic Empire


UN: Iran’s human rights record worse under Rouhani than Ahmadinejad


Kerry urges Tajikistan not to go overboard in its crackdown on Islam


Muslims in Australia give $35 million to fund jihad terror


As jihadis attack Kurds, so do the Turks


Philippines: Muslims demand $60 million for 3 non-Muslim hostages


Swedish editor wants to “fill land with ISIS” to get rid of anti-immigrant Swedes


Egypt: Christian tortured for refusing Islam


Stephen Coughlin on ‘Catastrophic Failure’


Spain: Three Muslims “set to commit Charlie Hebdo attack” arrested in dawn raids


Al-Qaida top dog Al-Zawahiri calls for lone wolf jihad attacks in U.S. and other Western countries


Al-Qaida: Islamic State divides Muslims instead of targeting Jews and Christians


Sharia punishment: Islamic State in West Africa amputates hands of two thieves


Iran’s Parliament Says ‘Death to America’ Chant Is the ‘Symbol of the Islamic Republic’


UK’s Independent: Muhammad had British values, so fight “extremism” by teaching more Islam in schools


Video: Thousands march against Muslim migrant invasion in Dresden


Somalia: Muslim group ambushes military trainees, says it murdered 30


The US Didn’t Create ISIS -- Assad and Saddam Did


Obama Amps Up Spying On Israel to Stop Iran Strike


Hamtramck, Michigan is 1st American city to elect MUSLIM MAJORITY CITY COUNCIL


Shariahville, USA: Cities 'surrender' to Islam - Controversy flares over America's 1st Muslim-majority city council


Tourists HACKED WITH KNIVES in gory attack at popular holiday destination in “moderate” Morocco


U.S. official: Islamic State (ISIS) bomb brought down Russian passenger plane


Cameron Suspends Flights from Egypt to UK Over “Concern” Explosives Downed Russian Metrojet Flight in Sinai


GERMANY: 19-Year-Old Girl Becomes 4th Migrant Gang Rape Victim in Magdeburg This Month


Iranians burn flags, Obama effigies to mark anniversary of Tehran’s U.S. embassy takeover


Merkel threatens WAR if countries oppose Muslim invasion and close borders


Congress Moves to Label Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Group


Cruz spearheads congressional move to label Muslim Brotherhood a ‘terrorist’ group


Why Palestinians Do Not Want Cameras on the Temple Mount


Security Precautions for Jews & Christians, Pay Attention, Go Armed - “An advisory has recently gone out to synagogues in Jerusalem, given the last several weeks of increased personal attacks on Israeli citizens (not to mention the ‘usual’ bombs, rockets, etc)


Spiritual Suicide: When European Churches Sell Their Souls to Islam


Soros: US should pay $12 billion for Muslim migrants headed for Europe


Stockholm worst Nordic capital for gun crime


Debating Against BDS—and Winning


Connecticut Principal Promoted Coexistence - Murdered by Islamic Terrorists - There are still those in the united States who follow the dangerous path that Mr. Lakin followed, believing that Muhammad and his followers are those that seek peace with everyone and are not engaged in Islamic domination of the world.


U.S. officials believe the Islamic State planted bomb on Russian plane


Reports: Bomb Destroyed Russian Airliner - Intelligence agencies say Islamic State may be telling the truth by claiming responsibility for the attack.


Obama's Favorite Muslim Dictatorships


Showdown at the OK Corral




Knife Jihad at UC Merced: Faisal Mohammad identified as Muslim who went on ‘smiling’ stabbing spree at California University


UC Merced jihadi’s manifesto PRAISED ALLAH, cops say motive NOT TERRORISM


FBI: Four Ohio Muslims Charged with Plotting to Aid Al Qaeda - Yahya Farooq Mohammad, Ibrahim Zubair Mohammad, Asif Ahmed Salim and Sultane Room Salim


VIDEO: Hotel Owner Cancels Reservations to House Migrants, 31 Lose Their Jobs


UK flights shutdown triggered when British spies uncovered ISIS bomb plot after Russian air crash


VIDEO: Islamic State Hands Out Candy to Celebrate Downing of Passenger Plane, Threaten Putin with Attacks in Russia


Hero of freedom Narain Kataria, RIP


Britain's New Racism


Wavering Democracy in Turkey


Will Turks Accept the Election Results?


Petro-States Aren't Panicking Over Oil Price Crash


An Interview with Carly Fiorina on National Defense and Islam


UN report highlights worsening refugee crisis in the Americas


Iran: Ya know, that whole “death to America” thing doesn’t mean death death


Our Iranian "allies" celebrate the killing of Americans


US-led NATO forces send a message to Putin -- BACK OFF!


Sweden steps up push for EU refugee sharing


Polish Football Fans Vow to 'Defend Christianity' Against Muslim Migrants


Iran: 'Death to America' Chants Are Aimed at Policies






Berkeley's Hatem Bazian: No Sharing the Temple Mount with Jews


The High Cost of Resettling Middle Eastern Refugees - The choice: Bring 1 here or help 12 there


Sharia Law in Calif School District: Bans Middle Schoolers from Drawing Muhammed




UC Merced stabber “devout Muslim,” manifesto included “praise Allah,” beheading plan


“Jihad” is “misunderstood” spiritual struggle, Muslim scholar tells Oprah


Iran calls U.S. world’s top terrorism supporter, drug trafficker


Canada: Teen Muslim convert charged with encouraging violence for Islamic State


France: Muslim plotted to attack MP “to serve Islam”


Islamic State praises Muslim who stabbed four at UC Merced


Islamic State plotting to infiltrate, destabilize Balkans


Pentagon: Taliban “important partner” in Afghan “reconciliation process”


UK: Judge frees Muslim honor attackers, says honor violence “against your religion”


The Islamic State Attacks Russia - Taking the jihad against the non-Muslim world to a new level.


Iran: U.S. must pay reparations to the Islamic Republic


Morocco: Muslims hack tourists with knives at holiday destination


EU teaching migrants that “religion cannot supersede state laws” – “Do they really expect Muslims who have indoctrinated since birth with the idea that nothing supersedes Islam to

accept this readily?”


Muslim cleric: “Jihad against the Jews, fighting them” is “mandatory”


Georgetown’s John Esposito Shills for Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood


Russian court reverses ruling recognizing parts of Qur’an as “extremist”


What Do the Caliph of ISIS, the Leader of Al Qaeda and Arafat Have in Common? - They were all at one point members of the Muslim Brotherhood.


Hillary Stopped Bill From Meeting Netanyahu - Taking money from foreign dictators is fine. Meeting with Netanyahu isn't.


Obama to Stop Pretending There's a Peace Process, Focus on Attacking Israel - You can get the news straight from his designated Hamas negotiator.


Hillary Clinton to Affirm "Unbreakable Bond" of Yelling at Netanyahu


$22,000 Funneled Through Ohio to Support Islamic Terrorism- In support of a senior-level al-Qaeda operative.


"We Did What We Learned: Attacking Christians" - Muslim Persecution of Christians, August 2015


Palestinians, not Israelis, Need the Gospel of Peace


Turkey: Where Ice Cream Can Be More Dangerous than Bombs


What Do Pirates, Thomas Jefferson & Radical Islam Have in Common?


EU predicts 3 million more migrants could arrive by end 2016




Iran launching attacks against America


Muslim Intimidation Pervasive in British Prisons


Engineered Migration and Demographic Suicide


Violating the Muslim Status Quo


What the Migrant Crisis Means for the Future of the West


Turkey Still Besieges Its Kurds


Obama throwing in the towel on Israeli-Palestinian conflict


AP poll: Obama blowing anti-ISIS fight


Washington Post Confirms: US Supplied ISIS Via Turkey




British Muslims behind jet bomb attack: London & Birmingham Muslims cheered disaster


Muslim inmates sue Michigan for not changing food rules for Ramadan… again


University’s Muslim Official Bans Alum Who Fought Islamic State, Claims ‘One Man’s Terrorist Is Another Man’s Freedom Fighter’


“Jihad” is “misunderstood” spiritual struggle, Muslim scholar tells Oprah


Save Christian World Heritage in Kosovo & Metohija #NoKosovoUnesco


Pakistan’s spy service engages jihadis to vandalize Hindu sites in India


Michigan: Majority Muslim city council elected, “Today we show the Polish and everybody else”


Hamtramck, MI, Becomes First U.S. City with Muslim-Majority Council, Hilarity Ensues


India’s VP: Western countries wrong to link Islam with terrorism


Islamic State frees 37 kidnapped Syrian Christians


“Palestinian” Muslims shoot Israelis worshiping at Hebron shrine


Palestinians: A World of Lies, Deception and Fabrications


Winning Afghanistan: Advice From a 21-Year-Old Soldier


Germany: Migration Crisis Becomes Public Health Crisis


Sweden struggles under migrant influx as Ikea runs out of beds


New Report: Muslim Refugee Crisis will Last 20 Years and Crush Europe's Economy!


Republican Congressman Supports Muslims Following Sharia Law – Then Claims He Doesn’t Support Sharia


Kurdish Muslims are “Just Sick of Islam” – Turning to Christianity


The Quaker War on Israel


Ron Paul on Syrian Proxy War: U.S. “Now Al-Qaeda’s Air Force”

Obama Pushing to Close Guantanamo Bay before the End of the Year


ISIS, Gitmo and Obama's failure to veterans


German teachers union warns girls to stay away from Muslim migrants


RAW, SAVAGE VIDEO: Muslim Woman Stabs Jewish Guard, Homicidal Islamic Attacks DAILY NOW in Israel


Germany’s new normal: “People can’t leave their homes” “Migrants go into churches to disrupt service. They walk in and start to riot.”


Thousands March Demanding Merkel’s Resignation


Muslim council calls to ban all Jews from Temple Mount


Islamic State hackers post phone numbers of heads of the CIA and FBI


Hizballah top dog praises “sublime jihad spirit” in murders of Israeli civilians


Survey: Alarming portion of Muslim migrants are Islamic State sympathizers


Italy: Police arrest convicted jihad terrorist arriving on migrant boat


Afghan mullah leading stoning inquiry condones practice


“Palestinian” Muslim rams car into Israeli civilians


Video: “Palestinian” Muslim woman stabs Israeli guard


The Golden Era Is Now Over


Muslims from UK linked to downing of Russian jet


Iran: Poets Face 99 Lashes and Prison


WATCH: Undercover IDF Soldiers Disperse Palestinian Rioters


Poll: More Than 60 Percent Oppose Obama’s Handling Of ISIS Situation


Oprah’s ‘Teachable Moment’ on Islamic Jihad: Submission ‘Creates Radical Sense of Equality’ - Equality? Equality between the beheader and his victim?


Obama Admin: Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps Not a Terror Group - Iran is foremost state sponsor of terror


Hillary Clinton, Arms Dealer - 


Prisons: Microcosms of Islamic Supremacy and Western Idiocy - Another example of Islam’s Rule of Numbers.


5% OF MUSLIM ASYLUM SEEKERS IN GERMANY CARRYDRUG-RESISTANT GERMS - A mere 2.1 billion dollars just for the TB quarantines.


Fake News Network Al Jazeera Employed Fake Lawyer as General Counsel


Turkey: Moving Toward a Dictatorship


Obama Promises to Vet Syrian Migrants, Can't Even Run Immigration Database




The Atlantic: Freedom of Speech Victimizes Muslims


Iran: 'Death to America' Is Still Our Slogan - The Islamic Republic declares it will never abandon its core mission.


Bill Maher on Syrian Refugee Crisis – “Where are All these Moderate Muslims I Always Hear About”?


Court Ruling Could Hinder U.S. Investigation of Islamists


Six More Attacks On Israelis In The Past Three Days


75 Percent of Palestinians Have 'No Trust' in Obama to Negotiate Peace Deal With Israel


Germany: PEGIDA make human-wall to 'stop migrants' at Czech border

Al-Qaida terror boss caught on migrant boat - Europe


ISIS in the Caribbean: Islamic State in alarming call to arms to jihadis on paradise isle


New Muslim Majority City Council in Michigan Warns, “Today we show the [non-Muslims] and everybody else….”


“Moderate” Jordan: Police captain KILLS TWO AMERICAN TRAINERS, wounding others


Obama’s Digital Team Exploits Humanity and Causes of Social Media to Sell Obama


Obama Administration: Iran’s Murderous Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Not a Terror Group


Senegal: Four imams arrested for jihad terror activities


Canadian mag puts jihad murderer on cover, portrays him as victim


Sharia in the Netherlands: police confiscate Muhammad cartoons at freedom rally


Pakistan: Christians build churches despite death threats


Sweden: On the Verge of Collapse


VIDEO: German Government weighs legislation to force children to service Muslim migrants


Imam Unmasked as Plane Bombing Mastermind


UK: Muslim teachers at state-funded school led students in anti-Christian chants


23-27 documented honor killings every year in the U.S., many more go unreported


Lunch between French and Iranian presidents canceled: France refused request to serve halal food and no wine


Knife-wielding “Palestinian” boys attack guard in Jerusalem


Tennessee: Muslim City of Oak Ridge employee kept wife virtual prisoner under Sharia law


“Muslim Brotherhood: Above the Law in America.”


Can Europe Survive This Invasion?


Why I Am in Israel -- and Why You Should Be


Dems Call Out Obama's Incomprehensive Syria Strategy


When Will Obama and the West Listen to Hamas?


Is It Iran's Middle East Now?


Officials Covered up Terrorist Caught among Migrants


EU flags burned as 50,000 join Warsaw nationalism, anti-islamization demo


Watch VIDEO: Terrified German Woman Describes What’s Happening in Her Town


New Muslim Majority City Council Member in Michigan Issues Warning


Muslim ‘Asylum Seekers’ Spit in the Face of Swedish Woman after Gang-Rape


Hundreds of Migrants Found on Luxury Yacht Off Greek Island of Lesbos


German nightclub refuses migrants to protect women from harassment


France: Police and migrants clash for third straight night in Calais ‘Jungle’


IMF chief: Islamic finance has “potential to promote financial stability”


Muslim plots jihad mass murder in France after being twice prevented from traveling to Syria


Carson on the Islamic State: “We have to destroy their caliphate…before they destroy us”


UK Muslims claim to be “negatively affected” by counter-terrorism policies


Egyptian TV host to atheist: “We don’t want any atheists or infidels here”


Islamic State bombs Christian convent in Iraq


ISIS defector describes how 'Jihadi John' ran execution


Guess who’s marching in Tulsa’s Veterans Day parade … and why Tulsans are outraged


New Muslim Majority City Council in Michigan Warns, “Today, we show the [non-Muslims] and everybody else….”


Netanyahu’s Communications Director Calls Out Obama


Oprah Winfrey says Muslim Jihadis are Getting Jihad All Wrong


Israeli Soldiers Disguised as Muslims Raid Hospital to Grab Hamas Terrorist


New York Senator Wants to Take in 1.5 Million Syrian Migrants


Educating 'Engineers of Jihad' at US Universities - How the legal immigration system allowed four al-Qaeda-linked terrorists to attend U.S. colleges and roam free among us.


Terror Group Leader Appointed to School Board - CAIR’s she-wolf, Ghazala Salam, is guarding the school house.


Why Americanized Muslim Reformers Are Failing - How Islam prohibits exactly what reformers are trying to do.


‘Behead them in their own homes’: Ohio ISIS Muslim plotted to kill US soldiers, bomb churches, schools - Terence Terrence McNeil


Obama approves of antisemitic EU labeling of Jewish products


Women sexually assaulted at “REFUGEES WELCOME” party


German nightclub branded racist “Nazi pigs” after protecting women from migrant harassment


New ISIS manual shows US in crosshairs; FBI has 900 ongoing ISIS-related investigations


FGM: Devout Muslim mother and retired nurse both found guilty of mutilating two sisters


Islamic State claims jihad suicide attacks in Beirut that murdered 43


Bald Islamic State jihadist nabbed getting hair transplant


Pakistani teachers launch “I Am Not Malala” to counter “anti-Islamic propaganda”


UK: Four arrested as part of pan-European jihad recruiting ring - Najmaddin Faraj Ahmad,


Al-Azhar Muslim cleric suspected in Russian plane crash


The Unknown: Islam and The Real Assault on Women


Texas Muslim linked to Afghan jihad car bombing

NYC Teacher/Arms Dealer: “Hamas Kicks Ass! Hezbollah Kicks Ass!” - The informants gave him a Koran and said they wanted to do "something big."


U of Missouri Protesters Protesting Racial Exclusion Create "Black Only" Safe Space - Segregation is fine as long as you call it a safe space


NY Times Whitewashes the Palestinian Child Death Cult - Moral equivalency and victim blaming.


Muslims shoot Jewish father and son dead in Israeli terror attack


Muslim Student Association REJECTS Moment of Recognition Resolution for 9/11, it’s “Islamophobic”


Citizens of German Town form their own militia for protection


Italy: Jewish man stabbed nine times by masked female Muslim


Islamic State to Russia: “We will make your wives concubines and make your children our slaves”


UK: Muslim gang raped 13-year-old non-Muslim girl at car park, church grounds


Iran threatens to end nuclear deal, demands that US apologize


The Indonesian Jihad on Christian Churches


Salon: “After Paris, let’s stop blaming Muslims and take a hard look at ourselves”


Air France flight grounded at Amsterdam airport after jihad threat to blow up the plane


Poland’s new government rejects migrant quotas after Paris jihad attacks


London: Gatwick Airport terminal evacuated, police arrest man with grenade in his bag


The Left’s “You Hate Muslims” Charade


Hungary's Migrant Crisis Ends, Europe's Has Just Begun


A Suggestion for the Islamic State Book Club


Obama's On-Going Iranian Delusion


Germany runs out of pepper spray as residents brace for immigrant crime wave


Backgrounder: Turkey's November 2015 Election


America launches offensive against Islamic State


Thousands in Afghanistan Protest ISIS Beheading of Civilians, Including a Girl


Video: Netanyahu prepares for post-Obama era at Center for American Progress


Pamela Geller, Breitbart News: THE WEST HAS LOST THE WILL TO LIVE


Muslim NYC cabbie attacks Jewish passenger: “I hate the Jews!”


MSNBC frets “tsunami of hatred” will meet Muslims in France


Belgian government lacks control over neighborhood linked to Paris jihad attacks


Plane evacuated in DC, two Middle Eastern men led away by police


Minnesota state representative candidate: “ISIS isn’t necessarily evil”


Bernie Sanders: “Climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism”


After Paris jihad massacre, Lindsey Graham wants to double funding for Syrian “refugees” and bring even more to U.S.


Obama On Widening ISIS Threat: 'We Have Contained Them'

Kurds and Coalition Forces Launch Offensive Against ISIS


Muslim Pedophiles Posing As Refugees Bringing Their Child Brides From Forced Marriages Into Europe


Muslims Refugee Jihad Targets Texas - FBI Confirms No Way to Screen Them


Netanyahu's Framing of Middle East Situation is Spot-On


EU flag burned as thousands protest migrants - Nationalist 'uprising' the primer for European civil war?


Ohio Man Arrested for Soliciting the Murder of Members of the U.S. Military


Sweden Descends into Anarchy


The Swedish Tragedy - One can only guess how bad it will get.


Moronic Western Jihadists Complain About Poor Internet, Lack Of Starbucks In Islamic State


Russian Chess Champion says Vladimir Putin must be Stopped


Tough Week for ISIS -- Sinjar, Threats to Russia, and Jihadi John


ISIS executes 200 kids, Obama melts down over climate


Geert Wilders: "We Should Not Have to Pay for the Stupidity of Angela Merkel"


Where Will American Refugees Go?


The Bitter, Crushing Poverty Of Appalachia Is A Preview Of What Is Coming To The Rest Of The Country


America, Is It a Foreign Enemy Attacking You?


Bankruptcy and Mud


David Horowitz Freedom Center Claims Credit for Posters Linking Campus Anti-Israel Groups to Hamas Terrorists - The Center's "Stop the Jihad on Campus" campaign exposes the propaganda agents for Jihad.


After Paris, Obama Sends ISIS Reinforcements by Freeing 5 Al Qaeda Terrorists


Ted Cruz, Rubio Reject Syrian Refugees, Jeb Bush Supports


What’s Next After ISIS’s Paris Massacre?


Latest Palestinian Innovations: The Grandmother-Terrorist, the Lone-Wolf Child - While Israelis stand firm as ever against the barbarity.


The West Has Lost the Will to Live


VIDEO: War Breaks Out in ‘NO-GO ZONE’ on Belgium #Molenbeek


Muslim Migrants RIOT in French ‘Refugee’ Camp


Washington D.C.: Knife-Wielding Muslim Slashed Woman at Union Station, Charged at Police Officer


Washington, DC: Muslim slashes woman with knife at Union Station


SHAMEFUL: Obama takes HARSHER Tone with GOP than ISIS, VOWS more Muslim Migrants to USA


No Commitment From Paul Ryan To Block Import of Muslim Refugees


In wake of Paris Attacks, Obama RELEASES Five GITMO Terrorists


WATCH: ISIS Threatens Washington D.C. Attack in New Video


Islamic State threatens jihad attacks in Washington and in other European countries


French Warplanes Strike Islamic State Jihadists in Syria


‘Rocket Launcher Found’ In French Police Raid


FBI chief refuses to release motive in Chattanooga jihad murders: “We don’t want to smear people”


Alabama governor will refuse Syrian refugees in light of Paris jihad attacks


13 governors now declaring they won’t take Syrian refugees


Now 24 governors have refused to take Syrian refugees


Obama on fighting Islamic State: “I’m not interested in…America winning


I In Mine Own House”


How “Rules of Engagement” Get U.S. Soldiers Killed


New York City: Muslim cabbie attacks Jewish passenger


Even reporters shocked by Obama's ISIS response - 'Insane' president 'thinks he's protected from ... Black Death of radical Islam'


The Terrorists Funded by the West


National Security Threats vs. Defense Cuts


Post-Paris, Obama Doubles Down: More Refugees Coming - The President seems intent on creating the circumstances for a Paris-style jihad attack on U.S. soil.


G20 Endorses Global Syrian Refugee Resettlement


UN: ISIS Expanding in Libya - "We came, we saw, he died."


Exceptional Measures Against Jihad - The real way to defeat the Jihadis.


What France Can Learn from Israel in Confronting Islamist Terror - Dire lessons for overcoming the specific challenges France now faces.


New Israel Fund Supports Labeling Of Israeli Products - Collaborators in European anti-Semitism.


Israel Ranked 38th in the Legatum Prosperity Index


Iran Breaks the World Executions Record - The true face of Obama's "good faith" negotiating partners.


BIG LIST: All these terror attacks in U.S. covered up by feds - Dozens committed by Muslim immigrants in last 2 years

Obama: Delusional or something worse


Fox News anchor: We're 'barbarians' if we stop 'refugees'- Viewers warned U.S. risks 'self-destruction' without wave of Syrians


U.K. Man Arraigned on Conspiracy to Illegally Export Restricted Chemical Laboratory Equipment to Syria - Ahmad Feras Diri


Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey creates state police border force


Paris, the Russian airliner, Lebanon: ISIS is enlarging the war


Obama says We Have ISIS “Contained”


France promises 'merciless' response to attacks - Obama administration moves to accelerate Syrian refugee admission, Merkel vows 'tolerance'

Our President Doesn't Know That a "Religious Test" for Refugees Seeking Asylum Is Required by Federal Law


Obama Continues to Cover for Islam following Paris Attack: I Don't Want to Speculate Who Was Responsible


German Chancellor Calls for Tolerance of Muslim Migrants Following Paris Attacks


German Gestapo Plans to Make It Compulsory for Young People to Take Care of Muslim Parasites Who Don’t Work


Guess Who the French Intelligence Director met with Just Prior to Paris Attacks?


Four American Presidents Conducted Deportations


Islamic State Video Claims Russia is Next!


Islam: A Treatable Malignancy


A dance of death in the West - Michael Savage: 'They're Nazis in head scarfs. This is a barbaric revolution'

We Need To Care Less


How Obama Contained ISIS


What France and Europe Might Learn


False Friends: The Global War Against Israel


The True Cost of Europe's Muslim "Enrichment"


Iran: Nuclear Deal Going, Going, Gone?


Obama Wants to Defeat America, Not ISIS - His real enemy isn’t the Caliph of ISIS, but the ordinary American.


Obama Inc: Refuses to Give Law Enforcement Info on Syrian Refugees - That's how extreme Obama is


8 ISIS Terrorists Arrested Plotting to Pose as Refugees


How Terrorists Entered Europe Posing as Refugees - Authorities were well aware of security lapses.


For $500 You Can Get a Military Weapon in Capital of European Union in 30 Min


ISIS Buried Older Non-Muslim Women It Didn't Want to Rape in Mass Grave - "The older ones were led behind away before gunfire was heard a short while later"


D.C. Refuses to Arm Persecuted Christians Fighting ISIS  - To still not know which “side” U.S. leadership is on is to be beyond naïve.


'Political Correctness' about Islam Causing Abandonment of ISIS Sex Slaves - Why a British filmmaker removed a heroine nun from his film about her work rescuing Yazidi and Christian girls.


Radical Islam: The Invisible Enemy - The deadly threat that the leftist political establishment refuses to acknowledge.


Mayor to Ignore ISIS Threat to New York, Take Syrian Refugees - It's not there if you pretend it isn't


Elizabeth Warren Lies Shamelessly About Syrian Migrants - Elizabeth Warren is the one who is sacrificing children to ISIS murderers


Obama Lends Support to the EU's Economic Warfare Against Israel - The latest champion of the discriminatory labeling of products from Jewish communities.


The Indonesian Jihad on Christian Churches - The most “moderate” Muslim country is looking more like ISIS by the day.


Before Welcoming Thousands of Syrian Refugees, We Should Consider What Somali Immigrants Have Brought the U.S.


Islamistphobes Unite!


Ten Ways To Avoid Being Killed During A Terrorist Attack


Erdogan's License to Strangle


U.S. should consider change on ISIS strategy, even if they won’t


UN anticipates 600,000 MORE migrants entering Europe over next 4 months


UK Islamists Hold Rally to 'Struggle' for Islamic State


Donald Trump: Would consider shutting down Mosques

Latest Trump Plan on ISIS – “Bomb the SH** Out of Them”!


Ted Cruz’s 3-Step Plan to Stop Illegal Immigration is Genius


Islam, Terrorism, and Denial


Obama: The Current [Failing] Strategy We're Putting Forward Against ISIS Is Ultimately The One That Will Work


Obama tells America that ISIS is "Contained" just Hours before Paris Attacks!


The Syrian Trojan Horse That Will Lead Us Right to the Gates of Hell


Homeland Security chairman: ‘Gaping holes’ on refugees


Limbaugh: Obama not interested in winning against ISIS


Dutch Parliament Member: We Must Close All Mosques & Ban Islam


Obama: I’m not Interested in “American Leadership, or America Winning”


Obama's Pathological Blindness


Is Putin Our Ally in Syria?


Islam, Terrorism, and Denial


European Politicians Were Told Of ISIS Refugee Jihad Threat


John Oliver Did Not Mince Words on ISIS


Even reporters shocked by Obama's ISIS response - 'Insane' president 'thinks he's protected from ... Black Death of radical Islam'


The Terrorists Funded by the West


National Security Threats vs. Defense Cuts


Arab Spring, French Autumn


Islam is a Cancer that We Can Actually CURE


The Enemy Within is Far More Dangerous than ISIS


Obama Tells World - "I'm not Interested in American Leadership or America Winning"


The Truth: “Barack Obama Does Not Wish to Defend this Country”


Barack Obama is an Enabler of Evil


Obama’s Jihad Against Americans


Dualism in the Koran: Calling Islam a Religion of Peace is an Outright LIE


The Traveling Terrorists of ISIS


18-year-old American Murdered as Islamic Attacks in Israel Spread, 5 DEAD


PEW Poll: Upwards of 287 million ISIS supporters in just 11 countries including 1/3 of Syria Refugees


2 murdered, 1 wounded by Muslim terrorism in Tel Aviv synagogue stabbing


Obama Administration Stopped Processing Iraq Refugee Requests For 6 Months In 2011


Al Qaeda jihadists entered U.S. through refugee program


Switzerland: Islamic State cell operating out of mosque


Belgium: Muslim gang beats Russian journalists looking for jihadi’s relatives


Tel Aviv: Muslim stabs two Jews to death, RT crew barricades in office

Robert Spencer on Hannity on Obama’s disastrous refugee policy


66 Muslims charged with Islamic State plots in U.S. over last 18 months


Bosnia: Muslim murders two soldiers


VIDEO: Muslim soccer fans BOO, shout ‘ALLAHU AKBAR’ during moment of silence for Paris


John Kerry: “Rationale” for Charlie Hebdo wholesale slaughter is understandable


Kerry: At Least With Charlie Hebdo, There Was a 'Legitimacy' -- Err, 'Rationale' -- Behind the Attack


MASSIVE Ambulance TRUCK BOMB Found at Football Stadium


Canada: Police Shoot Muslim “Suicide Bomber”


Germany-Netherlands soccer game canceled, stadium evacuated, Merkel was set to attend match UPDATE: Police found an ambulance car “FULL OF EXPLOSIVES”


Obama vs. America: 30 Governors Now Refuse to take Refugees, Paul Ryan Calls for a ‘Pause’ on Refugees




Belgian Prime Minister weighs CLOSING ‘certain radical mosques’


Obama’s Religious Test: 2,098 Syrian Muslim Refugees Allowed Into America, ONLY 53 Christians


Citing Paris Attack, CIA Director Criticizes Surveillance Reform Efforts


Pamela Geller, Breitbart News: Obama’s Version of America Is the ‘Shameful’ One


More than 10,000 Muslims on French list of potential terror suspects


UK Muslim couple planned jihad suicide bombing of subway or shopping center for the Islamic State


In response to Paris jihad attacks, Huffington Post calls for “elimination of all world religions”


Free speech victory: California school board allows students to draw Muhammad


Syrian ambassador to India says that over 20% of refugees to Europe may have links to the Islamic State


Video: Robert Spencer on Hannity on the Syrian refugee crisis


UK Home Secretary Theresa May: the Paris jihad attacks ‘have nothing to do with Islam’


Syrian passports found at Paris jihad attacks scene were fakes made in Turkey


‘You still dare to be called a Muslim?’ Video of Paris attacks mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud issuing a chilling call to jihad


REPORT: 8 Syrians caught at Texas Border and Honduras Arrests FIVE Syrians with STOLEN Greek passports headed for U.S.


ISIS Warns of Major NYC ATTACK in New VIDEO


Jewish teacher in Marseille stabbed by Muslim mob Group shouts anti-Semitic slurs


French President Hollande Announces: We Will Take 30,000 Refugees, ‘Life Must Go On’


Obama’s Conduct Unbecoming


Eight ISIS TERRORISTS Apprehended at Airport Posing as “Syrian Refugees”


LOOK: ISIS posts pic of bomb they used to bring down Russian jet


FBI admitted in 2013 that “dozens” of terrorists have already entered the U.S. through refugee program


Robert Spencer: Saint Anselm College – Most Unsafe Campus In the U.S.


Toronto Muslim charged with carrying concealed meat cleaver into Parliament


Hamas-linked CAIR complains of post-Paris anti-Muslim “backlash”


Turkey detains 8 Europe-bound Islamic State jihadis “posing as refugees”


Muslim cleric in Belgium incited Paris jihad murderer to kill unbelievers


Canada: Police shoot Muslim wearing apparent suicide vest and holding triggering device


Video: Muslims in Turkey celebrate Islamic State jihad massacre in Paris


Video: Robert Spencer on Obama’s response to the Paris jihad terror attacks


Assyrians of Paris: ‘There are now many jihadists in France. We have the impression of being invaded…’


The EU's Embarrassing Little Secret in Labeling Israeli Products


Islamic State threatens jihad mass murder in Times Square


ISIS warning: "The USA is next"


‘We’re Coming For The U.S.’ – ‘We’ll Shake Your Existence’


Not in my state! 26 governors refuse Syrian migrants


The Truth: “Barack Obama Does Not Wish to Defend this Country”


America’s Brave Soldiers: Lions Led by Donkeys

BIG LIST: All these terror attacks in U.S. covered up by feds


Muslim world reacts to Obama's latest speech


France Allies With Russia Against ISIS, EU Pledges Military Support to France


Under Attack: Israel Suffered 609 Attacks In October


On ISIS and the Syrian Refugee Crisis: Peace Takes Courage, So We Will Have War


Why is it Controversial to Tell the Truth About ISIS Operatives Embedded Among Refugees?


The Entire Delegation to Congress from Idaho says Stop Importing Muslim Refugees!


French Jews Call for World War against Islamic Jihadists!


Widespread Terrorism Is Just Part Of The Perfect Storm That Is Now Descending On The Western World


Campaign to Counter Terrorist Propaganda on Campus Derided as 'Islamophobic'


Muslim Terrorists Take 170 Hostages, Free Those Who Can Recite Koran


The Incredible Shrinking President


Three Media Lies About Syrian Refugees - They’re not refugees.


Fazliddin Kurbanov: Terrorist 'Refugee'  - A case study in Obama's refugee folly.


Inviting Catastrophe Through Our Ports of Entry - The deadly threats to the homeland posed by the legal immigration system.


Radical Islamists take 170 hostages at Mali luxury hotel


Terror in Mali and the Real Meaning of ‘Allahu Akbar’


American Citizen KILLED in Islamic Attack at Luxury Hotel in Mali; 3rd American This Week


UPDATE: All hostages freed; Al Qaeda Takes Credit For Hotel Siege in Mali


The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America


VIDEO: Kerry Insists Al-Qaida Leadership ‘NEUTRALIZED’ Hours Before Group’s Mass Slaughter at Luxury Hotel


Utah school homework assignment to make propaganda poster for jihadi groups: “JOIN ISIS!”


Former Muslim Terrorist Turned CIA-Double Agent says ISIS will Attack the USA within Weeks!


French Meet with Russians because they "Know" NATO Won't Help!


DHS: Tracking 'missing' refugee violates 'constitutional rights'


This Is a War We Must Wage and Win


Mr. President, This is Offensive


Obama blocks U.S. pilots from bombing ISIS; Iranian fighters escort Russian bombers


Turkey: Reports of vicious attacks by Erdogan government forces on Kurdish towns


The Bullies of ISIS: Incredible Sadism In Syria


Muslims Must Denounce Armed Jihad - What more Muslims need to do is openly denounce the Islamic doctrine of armed jihad, and renounce the application of Sharia in public law. But they won't.


CIA director Brennan admits ISIS was “decimated” under Bush, but has grown as much as 4,400% under Obama


Do You Live In The Radical Mosque Zone?


World Poverty, Immigration & Gumballs


With Blood Still in the Streets of Paris, New York Times Defends Islam


U.S. pilots: Obama blocks 75% of ISIS strikes - He is one of them. Muhammad in the White House.


France is trying to create a coalition to destroy ISIS, but President Obama is unwilling


Islamic State (ISIS) determined to produce chemical weapons


Satanists reach out to Muslims in U.S. who fear “backlash”


Satanists seek to ally with U.S. Muslims after Paris terror - 'Don't hesitate to reach out to us'


Hillary: Muslims “have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism”


UK: Muslims attack convert from Islam to Christianity with pickaxe


Muslim cleric: “The Islamic State is a byproduct of Al Azhar’s programs


Italian Police: Muslim Migrants Threw Christians Overboard


Daily Mail rejoices that female suicide bomber “never read the Qur’an”


More Palestinian and Western Mistakes


DHS: Tracking 'missing' refugee violates 'constitutional rights' - A Syrian refugee recently resettled in Louisiana has gone missing, and state officials were surprised to find out that federal Homeland Security agents do not track the whereabouts of foreign refugees out of respect for their “constitutional rights.”


Pamela Geller, WND: “I warned about demise of Europe 6 years ago”


Obama: “They’re just like our kids” — ISIS child executioners


UK: Three more jihadis arrested as armed police close London road


SIX British Jihadis Arrested in Ambulances in Brussels


Obama’s #WelcomeRefugees World Tour: Greece WARNS ‘Nearly impossible’ to track jihadists among migrants


VIDEO Germany’s New Carpetbaggers: Buying Up Guest Hotels in Small Towns All Over Germany, Big Profits with Taxpayer Funds


WATCH: *WARNING GRAPHIC*: Inside a Brutal Honor Killing STONING, “ALLAHU AKBAR!” Caught on Video


Shocker: NYC Avis Car Rental REFUSES to Rent to Israeli Executive


3rd ATTACK TODAY: Muslim cab driver attempts to run over Israeli, then gets out of cab and stabs him


Huckabee: “Democrats seem determined to defend Islam more than America”


Sharia UK: London police dive into canal to rescue Qur’ans


Five more Syrians stopped at Texas border — 13 in the past week


Germany: Muslims were 90 minutes away from carrying out “five bomb” jihad mass murder plot at soccer match


Whistleblowers accuse US military of cooking intel to exaggerate success against the Islamic State and Taliban


Douce France


FBI top dog: Islamic State “urging people not to travel but to stay and kill where you are. We’re not sure exactly what’s going on.”


Sweden: Rape Clinic for Men, Publicly Funded "Virginity Tests" - One Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Sweden: October 2015


Top U.S. general: 'We are not trying to destroy ISIS'


SJP Hate Group Fights for Right to Harass Jews at UCLA - … and the ACLU takes the side of anti-Semitism.


The Anatomy of Denial - Multiculturalist delusions in an age of terrorism.


Exposed: Obama’s Love for Jihadi Muslims and Hate for Persecuted Christians - On full display before an apathetic America.


CAIR Speaker Threatens Tony Blair with Wrath of God


Sweden Is No Friend of Israel - The Swedish foreign minister's shocking linkage of the Paris jihad attack to the Jewish State.


Email of the Day: “You Deserve to Be Raped by Hordes of Muslims….” – Tp Pam Geller 11/24/15


Nonie Darwish: Obama, Terror, and the Irrelevance of “Moderate Muslims”


Putin to Iran: Unlike others [Obama], we don’t stab our partners in the back


ISIS on US Campus: ‘We are coming’


Ahmed ‘Clockmed’ Mohamed’s Family Demands $15 Million From City of Irving, School District and written apologies from the city’s mayor and police chief


Schools And Metro To Remain Shut In Brussels Today: “Serious and Imminent” Jihad Terror Threat


Britain on RED ALERT: UK Muslims HELPED make suicide vests worn by jihadis


White men are biggest terrorist threat to U.S., not Muslims, says Senator Sherrod Brown


Six Muslim preachers from Britain arrested in Belgium, linked to Paris jihad mass murder mastermind


Hugh Fitzgerald: Those Muslim “Refugees”


UK: Muslim who condemned Paris jihad attacks gets death threats from UK-born Muslims who support the Islamic State


Wave of Governors Say Their States Will Refuse Syrian Refugees


Governors' Revolt Continues: No Syrian Refugees


Germans Opposed to Mass Migration are "Free to Leave"


The Russia-Turkey Mess is What Happens When the US Doesn't Lead


Syrians are a Nation of Terrorist Supporters


A Handy Guide for Progressives Choosing Between Russia and Turkey


Entry Without Inspection = Entry Without Vetting - The dire threat to our national security and public safety.


Why Prisons Are Cauldrons of Islamic Supremacy


'Obama has become dangerous'


MSNBC says Obama is "Disconnected" from Reality


Report: Attackers Proclaim Support for Islamic State Before Stabbing Jewish Teacher in France


Erdogan's License to Strangle


Obama’s astounding hypocrisy on full display

ADC & CAIR Chastise American Governors for Refusing Syrian Refugees – We Respond!


Government of Poland Defies European Union – Refuses to Take in Islamic Refugees


The War Has Begun Now That ISIS Has Sufficient Forces in Place


Obama: The Number of Refugees from Syria and Elsewhere Will be Increased ‘to 100,000 Per Year’


Can the States Reject Syrian Refugees?


ISIS Believed To Be Targeting America Next: “Paris Merely A Test”


Muslims Praise the Paris Jihadists as MARTYRS during Moment of Silence at Turkish and Greece Soccer Game


Former US Ambassador to UN: We Have No Obligation to Bring in Syrian Refugees


Honduras arrests five US-bound Syrians with stolen passports


Detienen a cinco sirios con pasaportes griegos robados


Reports: Syrians headed to the US border as southern border-crossings heat up again


When the Third World Attacks


Obama is Importing Muslims, Deporting Christians


Bad Ideas for Combating the Islamic State


ISIS or Islam


Leaders of G20 vow joint action against global terrorism


Former Interpol Leader says that the Best Way to Deal with Terrorism is an “Armed Citizenry”


Jewish school website defaced with pro-Islam messages


Lavrov to US: Drop demands for Assad ouster if you want us to take out ISIS for you


8 ways reality promptly bites Obama and his ‘religious test for refugees’ tirade


Sign featuring crusader-like knight removed


Liberals Should Knock Off the Mockery Over Calls to Limit Syrian Refugees


Afghan, Pakistanis caught illegally entering U.S. at Mexican border, say agents - Afghanistan and Pakistan are well known strongholds for terrorist groups. Border Patrol agents and F.B.I. agents have long expressed fear that potential terrorists are exploiting the porous U.S.-Mexican border and lax enforcement of U.S. immigration laws.


ANALYSIS - Syrian Refugees Are Impossible to Vet


Did Obama just say he's a Muslim (again)? - C-SPAN headline questions president's 'we' reference to Islam

NEW ISIS Thanksgiving VIDEO: “We will drown all of you in blood,” ISIS’ warning to the US


Massive Jihad Attack Thwarted, Bomb Lab Uncovered


12 Dead, Deadly jihad bomb blast hits bus carrying Tunisia presidential guards


ANALYSIS - Syrian Refugees Are Impossible To Vet - President Obama, for reasons known only to him, is allowing the implementation of a potentially seriously dangerous program. It is safe to say that 20 percent to 30 percent of the individuals currently being resettled in America, through Louisiana initially, are either open to or committed to some level of Islamist Jihad on American soil. It is also safe to say no one in the Obama administration has the slightest clue who these potentially violent extremists are. - The severe odds are that Americans will die from this action.


Obama rejects intel on known Islamic terrorists


Turkey Shoots Down Russian Fighter Jet On Syria Border


Video: Obama-backed Syrian “moderates” scream “Allahu akbar” over body of downed Russian pilot


Interviews Pamela Geller on Breitbart Sirius Radio: Clockmed and JIhad War


1 in 5 British Muslims sympathize with jihadists, 1 in 4 Young Muslims ISIS


Governor Mike Pence sued for blocking Syrian ‘refugees’


MTA Bigots Plaster Nazi Flag Ads on NYC Subway But BAN ALL AFDI Ads


Pentagon Confirms: Warning Pamphlets Dropped on Islamic State ‘to Minimize the Risks to Civilians’


Muslim feminist “diversity officer” in the UK sends rape threat to Pamela Geller


Video: Robert Spencer on the theological aspects of Islam that lead to jihad


Robert Spencer’s biography of Muhammad tops bestseller list, topping Karen Armstrong and Tariq Ramadan


Islamic State video threatens Georgians with beheadings, caliphate


Roman Catholic bishop Robert Barron advocates strategy of submission to the Islamic State


Who Is Jailing and Torturing Palestinian Journalists?


Al-Qaeda Operative Sentenced to 40 Years in Prison for Role in International Terrorism Plot that Targeted the United States and Europe - Abid Naseer


Teen who joined ISIS 'killed trying to escape' - Became 'poster girl' after arriving in Syria in 2014


Will Obama Go Away After the 2016 Elections?


Geller: Deeply grateful on Thanksgiving …. a note to readers


List of Refugee Jihadis Secretly Arrested in America


LISTEN: SHOCKING AUDIO of Mass Shooting in Bataclan Music Hall in Paris Jihad


ISIS Genocide Victims Do Not Include Christians, the State Department Is Poised to Rule


Marco Rubio Tells Hannity He’d ‘Hate To Use’ Funding Measure To Stop Obama Syrian Refugee Resettlement


SUBCOMMITTEE CHART: U.S. Issued 680,000 Green Cards To Migrants From Muslim Nations Over The Last Five Years


Obama is Unwilling to “Lead in a War on Terror”


Rand Paul Introduces Legislation to Stop Obama from Letting Terrorists Pretending to be Refugees into America


'Christian Kindness' Has Been Weaponized Against Those Wary of Syrian 'Refugees'


Domestic Racial Tension and Radical Islam Could Create a Perfect Storm in America


MSNBC says Obama is "Disconnected" from Reality


Thousands' of ISIS fighters now inside U.S. cities


ISIS: The Threat to the United States - Preview


ISIS: The Threat to the United States – Threat Knowledge Group Special Report


Since Nuclear Deal, Iran's Uranium Stockpile Has Grown


Report: ISIS Trying to Develop Chemical Weapons


Poll: As Obama Digs In, Americans Strongly Reject His Refugee Policy


House Easily Passes Syrian Refugee Bill With A Veto-Proof Majority


House defies Obama veto threat, overwhelmingly passes GOP’s bill on refugee vetting process

Hillary Changes Tone From Debate, Says America Must Lead Fight Against ISIS


Attkisson Source: Obama Is Flat Out Refusing to Hear Intel on Islamic Terror Groups


VIDEO: Obama Adviser: Military Won't Win the War Against ISIS




Secretary Jeh Johnson & ATTN: explain the process of screening Syrian refugees – Remember Julia?  Reema is the Syrian Muslim Julia!  This will make you want to scream!  There is nothing to “crosscheck” her “biographic and biometric” data with—there is no data available from Syria!


Obama launches PR campaign to change America's idea of refugees - Comparisons to pilgrims, other immigrants 'outrageous'


Why Islam Is a Religion of War


Obama to America: We Don’t Need No Stinking Vetting


Terrorist Detonates Suicide Vest in Massive Explosion as Paris Police Raid Hideout: Suicide Bombers Prepare For More Attacks


Coming soon: More immigrants from Muslim nations than population of D.C. (680,000)


Pakistan: Muslim mob sets Christian TV station on fire


Global Jihad? Never Heard of It: Berkeley’s Bazian Still Hyping ‘Islamophobia’


Dallas mayor ‘more fearful’ of white men than Syrian refugees


SDSU: Muslim Brotherhood-linked student group rallies not against jihad terror, but against “Islamophobia”


Washington Post: “Want to stop Islamic terrorism? Be nicer to Muslims.”


UN adopts 6 resolutions condemning Israel — no mention of “Palestinian” jihad incitement or knife attacks


Sweden's Muslim Christmas Show


Inside secret underground ISIS bomb-making lair found littered with US-made guns and qurans


FBI using elite surveillance teams to track at least 48 high risk ISIS suspects


NYC & Boston Run Nazi and Anti-Semitic Ads, Ban AFDI Pro-Israel Ads


Australia: Army chaplains to remove ‘conquer’ from 102-year-old motto because it is offensive to Muslims


Report: Israel provided key intelligence to Germany on imminent jihad terror attack at soccer stadium


IAEA top dog admits: cannot conclude that “all nuclear material in Iran is in peaceful activities”


Robert Spencer’s Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS now available as audiobook


Two weeks after calling Islamic State “contained,” Obama says it poses “serious threat to all of us”


Hagel breaks with Obama: “You can’t confuse your allies and your adversaries by saying Assad must go”


New Islamic State video taunts U.S.: “Islam’s enemies” will be destroyed by “the flames of war”


New report: “Thousands” of Islamic State supporters in the United States


Obama calls Syrian refugees “pilgrims,” promises “highest security checks” - The problem with his promise of security checks is that there is no way he can fulfill it.


On Thanksgiving 2015, Obama says Syrian refugees are just like the pilgrims


Massive PR push underway to change American minds on Syrian Muslim resettlement to US


Longtime Belgian Mayor: Godfather of Jihad?


Center for Security Policy/RRW Youtube passes the 2 million views mark


Egyptian Cleric: ISIS Grows out of Islamic Mainstream


7,900 ISIS jihadists now inside Germany - Police chief says many infiltrated as refugees


Obama Drove Sunnis Into ISIS' Arms


Strike Back At ISIS and All Forms of Islamic Extremism


The End of Obamaworld


We Are Already at War on the Ground


The Multiculturalism Crisis That Creates and Hides Terrorists


Refugee Problem is a National Security Problem


Where Is America’s ‘Force Protection’ from Refujihadis?


Sharia law ‘exists in Austria and Germany’


Refugee crisis tests Sweden's lofty aim of 'equality for all'


FBI warns NY police about anti-Islam Arizona man who may be headed to state to confront Muslim group


FBI issues alert about Arizona man, citing a "potential threat to law enforcement"


The Controversy over Syrian Refugees Misses the Question We Should Be Asking


Open Borders Policies Reveal Obama More Interested In Power Than Protecting Americans


Multiple Violent Tantrums


18-Year-Old in Coma After Muslim Attack Over “Religion” in Australia


VIDEO: Muslim Attacks Jew at Synagogue in Melbourne, Australia Screaming “Allah!” “Go back to Israel”


ISIS posing as refugees to plot attacks in Europe warns German official #refugeeswelcome


Federal Court Grants AFLC’s Motion to Dismiss CAIR Lawsuit against Florida Gun Store’s “Muslim Free Zone”


New “Study Quran” aims to convince you that the Muslim holy book doesn’t really mean what it says


Research: Islam really is the world’s most violent religion


Putin says Turkey’s leaders back ‘Islamization’ of Turkish society: agencies


Report: Turkey collaborating with the Islamic State


Italian police seize 800 shotguns bound for Belgium from Turkey


Turkey: Wrong Partner to Fight Terror


Germany: Two Muslims arrested, accused of plotting “significant criminal act against state security”


Yemen: Muslims murder two converts from Islam to Christianity


Syrian Soldiers Beheaded – Warning, extremely brutal


Ben Carson Visits Syrian Refugees in Jordan


Sharia in the UK: Girl not allowed extra math classes because she didn’t wear hijab


Huma Abedin’s Longing for Syrian Refugees


Sweden: Community torn apart as arrival of migrants prompts running battles in streets


Muslim Brotherhood-linked Congressman Keith Ellison falsely claims “not one” refugee engaged in jihad terror


Muslim cleric says gender equality “un-Islamic,” women “fit only to deliver children”


Sweden: 14,000 illegal immigrants disappear without trace


France: Arabic graffiti found daubed on easyJet planes’ fuel tanks


Dozens of Paris airport workers on terror watch list: report


Spain: Municipality removes Stations of the Cross, says they show “lack of respect” for Muslims


UN top dog Ban Ki-moon: Climate change linked to terrorism


Here’s Why Islam Wants Our Heads -- In THEIR Own Words


CIA: We Should Not Bomb Certain ISIS Targets Because it May Harm Environment


Saudi Arabia Threatens to Sue Anyone Who Compares Their Justice System to ISIS


Will Congress declare war on ISIS? - Media, Dems join hawks in call for total annihilation


Palestinians: The Real Goal of the Intifada


5000-year-old Assyrian Culture Facing Devastation


ISIS Releases Terrifying Statement - 'We Will Attack Texas'


Texas Patriots Posts Addresses of Muslims & Muslim Sympathizers – Exposes Media’s Hypocrisy


People who approve publishing lists of gun owners cry foul over published list of Muslims


German officials warn of homegrown Islamists trying to radicalize refugees


Prosecutors ban Soros Foundation as ‘threat to Russian national security’ - If the ban is violated, the personnel of the outlawed group and any Russian citizens who cooperate with them could face heavy fines, or even prison terms in the case of repeated or aggravated offences.


Former General and DIA Head: White House Should Be Investigated for Ignoring Intelligence on Terrorists


After Paris Attacks, Beauty Salon Owner Changes Business Policy toward Muslims – Gets Arrested


German Reports: Israeli Intelligence Prevented Bomb Attack on Soccer Stadium in Hanover


Video Shows Syrian “Rebels” Blowing up Russian Rescue Helicopter with U.S. Missile


Obama Knows Turkey Is Buying Oil From ISIS - Does Nothing To Stop It


Obama's Religious Test for Compassion - Muslims over Christians


Austrian Muslim fighter: “Hamburg and Berlin are our cities!”


Swedish village descends into open warfare as citizens fight back against Muslim invaders


Italy: Headmaster scraps Christmas carol concert following Paris attacks so as not to offend Muslims


University of Missouri professor beat teenage relative for not wearing hijab: cops #Mizzou


300 riot in the Berlin airport refugee center


Denmark: Syrian refugee breaks into house, tries to rape 8-year-old


VIDEO: Muslim ‘Refugees’ Attack Police in Macedonia


India: Wife gangraped, husband divorces her through SMS


Sharia Saudi Arabia sentences poet to death for apostasy and blasphemy


Obama: Unity on climate change will be “powerful rebuke” to terrorists


Spain arrests three Muslims for recruiting for the Islamic State


Dearborn Muslims protest: “We are victims twice — by Islamophobia and ISIS” - There are thousands of Muslims in Dearborn; why did only 100 show up for this?


Muslim from Australia “linked to Charlie Hebdo attacks”


Caliphate Accompli


Putin Places Sanctions On Turkey Over Jet Downing


Since Obama can’t handle ISIS, what say we outsource the job to the mafia? - “You need to beat the fuck out of them to the point where they stop coming back to life.”


ISIS creating army of zombie drug addicts


German Security Officials: Syrian Refugees Already Hooking Up w/Jihadists - "a sharp rise in the number of asylum-seekers attending mosques they believed attracted extremists"


Ex-Muslim: Sharia Law that Kills Women is Practiced in Germany


Did New Jersey Muslims Celebrate on 9/11? - The facts and the eyewitness


 No, Mr. President -- Values Are Not Universal


Why Did the Terrorist Cross the Border? - And what did he do after he entered?


Palestinian Terror During 'Peace' - The deadliest Jihad -- at the peak of the “peace process.”


3 biggest mistakes America ever made - Nothing has ever happened to the United States that is worse than the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.


Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe to share his secret for controlling CO2 emissions at Paris climate summit - nothing stops people from generating carbon dioxide quite like massacres.”


State Department: Iran Never Signed Nuclear Deal, Which Isn't 'Legally Binding'


Imagine, Muslim parody


A Call for Patriots to Stand with Governors against Islamic Invasion of Their States


Obama Demands Turkey Close Borders - Turkey Reminds Him Of Mexico


Treason, Cowardice, and the Islamic Invasion: Why States Must Revitalize The Militia


A Christian Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis


Retired Lt. Col: We Must Destroy Raqqa: “Kill Ten Thousand, Save a Million”


Top Democrat: ISIS Threat Has 'Gotten Worse' Under Obama's Policies


Clock Boy Is Back, And He Wants $15 Million From Irving City Hall And School District


Local refugees deported for violent crimes - at a skyrocketing rate


Sen. Sessions briefs more than a dozen refugees-turned-jihadi – from 2015 complaints alone


Australia: Beloved outdoor Hanukkah celebration canceled due to threat of Islamic terrorism


Rush Limbaugh says Obama’s “Number One Enemy” is Republicans, Not ISIS


Yes Turkey Shooting Down a Russian Jet is Obama's Fault and Here is Why


In Turkey, an Unnecessary Prosecution


Farage's speech to the European Parliament (Excellent)


Hillary Clinton’s Muslim Brotherhood-Tied Huma Abedin: I Want Muslim Refugees To Flood America


Watch What Happens when Armed Texas Patriots Surround this Mosque!


Looks Like We "Accidentally" Armed Al Qaeda with Anti-Tank Missiles... Again!


Media’s ‘Islamophobia’ Stooge Arrested for being tied to Islamic State


Importing Terrorism and Other American Values


MS Baptist Church Sign: ‘Jesus Is God; Allah is Satan’


List of Refugees Turned Jihadis Arrested in America


'Muslim-Free Zone': Gun-shop owner wins case


Syrian Rush-In Roulette


What happens when you’re weak and don’t insist immigrants adopt your cultural norms


Police: we can't protect Sweden from terrorists


German arms trader 'sold rifles for Paris attack'


The World Knows: Obama Making No Effort to Combat ISIS - More than 14,000 foreign nationals told to leave Sweden have instead gone underground, with police saying there is little they can do to enforce deportation orders.


UAE Hires Hundreds of Colombian Mercenaries to Fight in Yemen


Double dealing tyrant who's sabotaging the West's battle to crush ISIS: Turkey's Erdogan seems to be doing almost everything he can to cripple the forces actually fighting ISIS, writes MICHAEL BURLEIGH


Saudi-Born Singer Shams Bandar Drops Truth Bombs on Arab TV: “Why do we Pin all our Problems on the West? - For 1,400 years We have been Slaughtering one Another”


The Schengen Agreement, Syrian Invasion, and Refugee Resettlement


Video Shows Syrian “Rebels” Blowing up Russian Rescue Helicopter with U.S. Missile


Watch New Raw Footage of Russia Unleashing HELL from Land Air and Sea on the Muslim Terrorists Who Killed Their Pilot


Where is America’s Rear Base of Islamic Barbarity?


Is The Obama Administration Foreign Policy Giving Syria To ISIS?


Sweden Bans Burqas - Fearmongering or Smart?


Nearly 50 Islamic State Suspects Warrant 24/7 FBI Surveillance


Putin: Turkey SHOT DOWN down Russian plane to DEFEND ISIS oil supplies


Obama: Talking About Climate Change ‘Act of Defiance’ Against Islamic State


Breitbart: Planned Parenthood & Pamela Geller: CNN Always Blames Conservatives for Terrorism


#Pathetic Dearborn rally protests ISIS, only handful of Muslims show up


Russia bans Soros Foundation as ‘threat to Russian national security’


Islamic Education: Savage How-to VIDEO for Muslims to Stab, Shoot and Murder Jews


WATCH Chaos: Muslim ‘refugees’ THROW HEAPS OF GARBAGE FROM WINDOWS (sofas too)


PA brags that only “Palestinian” women rejoice in death of their sons


Germany: Jihadis recruiting refugees in mosques


UK: Muslim rape gang member says 13-year-old victim seduced him


Obama administration gun-running scheme armed the Islamic State


Muslim former Obama adviser: “white male Christians” commit most terror attacks


Pope visits Central African Republic mosque: “Together, we say no to hatred, to vengeance and violence”


Muslim leader: ISIS “people from other religion wearing masks and defaming Islam”


Christian charities profit from $1 billion federal program to resettle refugees






Muslims Declare War on France: “It Was a Bloodbath”


2 Syrian refugees among Paris terrorists - 'Loss of life is horrific' – at least 129 confirmed dead, 352 injured


Pamela Geller, Breitbart News: Muslims Declare War on France: “It Was a Bloodbath”


Muslims slaughter 118 Inside Paris Concert Hall, Multiple Coordinated Attacks, Death Toll Climbs to 160


Muslims Declare War on France: 100 DEAD, hostages gunned down one by one at concert hall


President Obama stands firmly with jihadists as death toll climbs in Paris


President Obama stands firmly with jihadists as death toll climbs in Paris


Paris: Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” murder at least 60, take 100 hostages


France declares state of emergency, closes borders after attacks


Paris Terror Suspect: ‘I Was Recruited by ISIS and This Is an ISIS Operation’ UPDATE: ISIS Claims Responsibility


NO MERCY: Hollande vows to be 'merciless' toward ISIS 'barbarians' after group claims responsibility for worst attack in Paris since WWII


VIDEOS: French president confirms ISIS behind attacks | ISIS claims responsibility for Paris attacks


'IT WAS CARNAGE': Survivors describe horrific scene inside Paris concert hall


SCORES HURT: At least 200 reported injured, 80 seriously in attacks | VIDEO: Peggy Noonan on Paris attacks


REACTIONS: White House | 2016 Presidential Candidates | World Leaders


BOLTON: Four important lessons world must learn from French tragedy


VIDEO: World leaders reach out to French president, people


VIDEO: 'Do Paris attacks change war against radical Islam'?


VIDEO: Paris wakes to state of emergency, terror attack aftermath


VIDEOS: Eyewitness account of deadly Paris attacks | Witness: 'I don't want to die today'


VIDEOS: French president vows war without pity on terrorists | Why did French security efforts fail?


VIDEO: 1,500 extra soldiers to help guard French facilities


OFFER SUPPORT: Parisians harness #PorteOuverte hashtag to help people affected by terror attacks


VIDEOS: Explosion outside stadium heard during match | French crowd sings national anthem


SLIDESHOW: Paris terror attacks


Eagles of Death Metal members escape Paris terror attack


CONCERT CANCELED: U2 calls off Paris concert


TWITTER BACKLASH: Rob Lowe's tweet criticized


France declares state of emergency, closes borders after attacks


Le Kobayashi Maru


Paris Terror Suspect: 'I Was Recruited by ISIS and This Is an ISIS Operation' UPDATE: ISIS Claims Responsibility


Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Paris Terrorist Attacks


VIDEO: Police storm concert hall in Paris


VIDEO: Journalist describes 'chaotic situation'






Apocalyptic scenes...


First Curfew Since 1944...

Public demos banned...

Gunmen shout 'Allah Akbar'...

Witness relates 'bloodbath' at packed concert venue...





OBAMA Declared ISIS 'Contained' Hours Before...

FBI: 1,000 Active ISIS Probes Inside USA...


France promises 'merciless' response to attacks


Muslim relatives including father and brother of one of Paris attackers arrested in Paris jihad attacks


Belgium terror probe leads to arrests of ‘several’ jihadis linked to Paris attacks


New ISIS VIDEO urges French Muslims: “Terrorize them and do not allow them to sleep…Kill them and spit in their faces and run over them with your cars”


Watch VIDEO: Muslims around the world CELEBRATE the jihad victory in Paris


Police chasing a car containing ‘four heavily armed men’ who stormed thru toll heading to Paris


Islamic State (ISIS) Calls Attacks ‘First of the Storm’


Paris jihad mass murderer was a Syrian refugee who arrived in Greece last month


One of the Paris Jihadis is a French Citizen, Others from Germany, Syria, Egypt


Americans Among Victims in Paris Jihad Attacks


London: Airport terminal evacuated, police arrest man with grenade in his bag, ‘controlled explosion’


Devout Muslims CHEER Paris Slaughter on Social Media




Salon, Guardian blame “right-wing” for Paris jihad attacks


“THIS IS AN ACT OF WAR”: French President Hollande Confirms the Islamic State Behind Jihad Massacre


CTC Perspectives – The French Foreign Fighter Threat in Context


Iceland paper: “The Attack in Paris: Racists more dangerous than Islamists”


The Grand Lesson of the Paris Jihad


MSNBC frets “tsunami of hatred” will meet Muslims in France


Poland’s new government rejects migrant quotas after Paris jihad attacks


Robert Spencer in FrontPage: The Migrant Jihad Has Begun in Paris


Paris jihad murderer previously flagged by police for Islamic jihad links


Just released: full text of Islamic State statement on “Blessed Onslaught in Paris against the Crusader Nation of France”


Migrant jihad: Paris jihad attacker with Syrian passport passed through Greece in October

German interior minister: Don’t link Paris jihad attacks to migrant influx


Avenging the Defeated Caliphate: The Significance of November 13 in the Paris Attacks


German police arrest Muslim linked to Paris jihad attacks: had guns, explosives, hand grenades


Video: Graphic footage of Paris jihad attacks


‘You will not live in peace’ – Islamic State warns France in new video


Two Paris Jihad Attackers Lived in Supposedly Mythical ‘No-Go Zones’ in Brussels


Violent Paris Suspects Released: Worldwide Manhunt (and Woman) Underway as Investigation of Paris Attacks Widens


PANDEMONIUM VIDEO: FEAR STAMPEDE at Paris Memorial as screaming people flee in PANIC


Pamela Geller, WND Column: Jihad attacks in Paris: This is war


Paris bomber described as ‘friendly, polite neighbour’


Paris Suicide Bombers WERE RESCUED OFF Sinking Migrant Boat


MSNBC frets “tsunami of hatred” will meet Muslims in France


Eiffel Tower Peace Symbol: The Least Appropriate Thing Ever


Main target in Paris jihad attack: Jewish-owned Bataclan Theater, frequent target of Muslims and BDS groups


French Muslim Ismael Omar Mostefai and Abbdulakbak B. suicide bombers named in Paris terror attack


LA Times: Muslims in France fear reprisals after Paris jihad massacre


Two of the Paris jihad murderers came into Europe as refugees


Main target in Paris jihad attack: Jewish-owned Bataclan Theater, frequent target of Muslims and BDS groups


U.S. Embassy in Paris turned away Americans who sought shelter there during jihad attacks


NATO top dog on Paris jihad massacre: “This is not a fight between the Islamic world and the western world”


France’s President Lied, Frenchmen Died - It’s time to tell the truth about the migrant crisis.


French Leftists: Paris Killers are "Victims", "We Are All to Blame" - “They are victims of a system that excluded them from society"


Australia Grand Mufti Blames Paris Massacre on Islamophobia - But while blaming everyone else for Muslim terror is fine... don't you dare blame the Muslims.


After Paris, Obama Sends ISIS Reinforcements by Freeing 5 Al Qaeda Terrorists


VIDEO of Paris Jihad Bomber Dancing and Clapping at Serbia Refugee Camp


Video shows ISIS Paris attacker Abdelhamid Abaaoud drag Syrian victims’ corpses


VIDEO: French imam on day of Paris attacks: Muslims should rule France


Private school-educated mastermind of Paris rampage linked to train attacks thwarted by American heroes


Jihadi from Belgium identified as mastermind of Paris jihad attacks


23 in custody, 104 under house arrest in connection with Paris jihad attacks, rocket launcher seized


Paris jihad murderer was incited to wage jihad at mosque in Chartres


Video: Robert Spencer on Hannity: The Paris jihad attacks and Muslim refugees


Video: David Wood on the Qur’an and the Siege of Paris


Arab Spring, French Autumn


Paris and 'What Can Be Done?' - High time for speaking the truth and Muslim accountability.


Kerry Goes to France, Fails to Bring James Taylor - "A true friend of France and a person who has been fighting for freedom and liberty all his life."


Obama leaves 'Islam' out of Paris terror statement - President proclaimed 'ISIS is contained' just hours before attack

How Can Anyone Be Shocked?


France promises 'merciless' response to attacks - Obama administration moves to accelerate Syrian refugee admission, Merkel vows 'tolerance'

Why the Paris Massacre Will Have Limited Impact


Paris Attacks: Security Guard Turned Away One Bomber Who Had Ticket To Soccer Game


It’s Just The Beginning: Martial Law Declared in Paris; Borders Sealed; Weapons Caches Found In Camps


Obama Continues to Cover for Islam following Paris Attack: I Don't Want to Speculate Who Was Responsible


DEAR FRANCE: Your Trendy PC Stance With Islam Is Killing You... Literally (TAKE NOTE AMERICA)


Why the Paris Massacre Will Have Limited Impact


Dramatic Video Shows Shootout Between Police and Terrorists In Paris


France's Politically Correct War on Islamic Terror


What France Can Learn from Israel in Confronting Islamist Terror


More Paris attackers identified, some home grown, some from Syria


France levels ISIS in Raqqa after Paris attack


Obama On Paris Terrorist Attacks


Enraged Over Slaughter of French People, French Men Set Muslim Refugee Camp on Fire


Jihad Attacks in Paris: This Is War


Paris and What Should Be Done


Massacre in Paris


The Left and the Attack on Paris


Paris a 'Sickening Setback' for Obama


NINE More Muslims Arrested in Brussels Linked to Paris Jihad Terror


First PHOTOS of Female Muslim Suicide Bomber Who Blew Herself Up in Paris Raid


VIDEO: Found cell phone shows links between refugees and terrorists


Explosions and Heavy Gunfire in Paris Suburb of Saint-Denis


Paris attacker’s brother worked in immigration


Breitbart News Daily: Pamela Geller on Terror Attacks in Paris and Garland


Syrian passports found at Paris jihad attacks scene were fakes made in Turkey


Third ‘Refugee’ Potentially Linked To Paris Terror Attack


Eyewitnesses: The Islamic State (ISIS) “TORTURED, DISMEMBERED, SLIT THE THROATS” of Victims at Music Concert


France: Only 30 Muslims show up for rally against Paris jihad attacks


LIVE UPDATES: Three Dead including ONE FEMALE SUICIDE BOMBER in ongoing Paris Terror operation


Video of Paris jihad mastermind: “It is nice to see the blood of infidels”


Muslim cleric in Belgium incited Paris jihad murderer to kill unbelievers


Video: Gunfight as police raid Paris suburb searching for jihad attackers; Muslima blows herself up in jihad suicide bombing


Brother of Paris jihad murderer worked in Belgian immigration department


Video: Robert Spencer on Obama’s response to the Paris jihad terror attacks


Mark Durie: Paris attacks not ‘nihilism’ but ‘sacred strategy’


Italy: Muslim pupils refuse to observe minute of silence for Paris victims


Rome’s Prefect: Muslims “first victims” of Paris jihad attacks


The City of Light Goes Dark


Heart-wrenching stories of the Paris attack victims


US Whistleblower Warned French Intel About ISIS, West’s Financing of Terrorism 8 Months Ago


At Least 2 Paris Terrorists Came into Europe as ‘Refugees’


To France from a Post-9/11 America: Lessons We Learned Too Late


France’s Le Pen Calls for Re-Arming and Revocation of Muslim Passports


Political Correctness Killed Parisians - And the Left Is Repeating Their Mistake


Paris and What Should Be Done


Turkish Fans Boo Moment Of Silence For Paris Victims


Iran: France Deserved Paris Attack - Why the Islamic Republic is so gleeful over the latest ISIS carnage.


Death of Paris attacks ringleader confirmed, French officials announce


CONFIRMED: Paris Mastermind Posed As Refugee to Enter Europe, Two of the Paris Attackers were Refugees


First PHOTO Of Third Football Stadium (Stade De France) Muslim Bomber


CNN: Parisians shaken because this time not Jews, but “just people” targeted


France’s Le Pen Calls for Re-Arming and Revocation of Muslim Passports


Yes, The Paris Attacks Might Have Ended Differently If The French Had Concealed Carry


The Paris Attacks and the Rise of ISIS


The Dreadful Lessons of ISIS’s Paris Massacre


The Islamist Challenge to the Culture of Light


Lessons From Paris


The Real Lesson of the Paris Attacks


VIDEO: Eagles of Death Metal Discuss Paris Terror Attacks


France’s ambassador to US: Paris jihad terrorists first hit “Jews,” then “ordinary citizens”












ISIS Terror Storyline – NBC News


























Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America – Largely for law enforcement at all levels.  Will open your eyes even more.


Agent Storm: My Life Inside Al Qaeda and the CIA - Morten Storm with Paul Cruickshank & Tim Lister