We sleep safely at night because rough men and women stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm.


“Chaos is the law of nature, and order is the dream of man”


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WILD BILL FOR AMERICA on Leathernecks and Muslims


Iraqi forces retake most of strategic oil town


Hiding Unilateral Disarmament Objectives


Encircling Baghdad: The Country that Became a City-State


Two Weeks From Nuclear Deadline, Iran Still Hasn’t Answered Key Military Questions


Former Counterterror Adviser: Attack on Grid Could Leave Part of U.S. in Dark for Months


State Dep’t: We Don’t Encourage Iranian Involvement in Fight Against ISIS in Iraq


Leader Of ISIS May Be Dead After United States Airstrike – 11/11


U.S. Company Hiring Mercenaries To Kill ISIS; Starting Pay $500K/yr – Only Requirement Is To Kill Members Of ISIS


Egyptian terrorists are linked to ISIS, YouTube message says


CBS Accompanies Infamous UK Islamists on Sharia Patrol


Middle Eastern Christian Committee asks Archbishop of Jerusalem to remove Hamas-linked CAIR’s Nihad Awad from coalition


Over 20k Soldiers Wounded in Afghan War Theater, 90% Under Obama


UK: ‘I Want To See Every Single Woman In This Country Covered From Head To Toe’


Ebola Scare: Jihadist Group Sends “Suspicious Liquid” to New Zealand Newspaper and Parliament Building


Intel Report: Ax-Wielding Muslim Who Attacked NYPD Al Qaeda and Islamic State Supporter


Palestinian song glorifies terror trend of driving into crowds


US delays delivery of eight F-16 fighter planes to Iraq, re-routes them to Arizona

Report: ISIS driven from parts of Iraq refinery town

VIDEO: Obama avoiding accountability in Iraq?


Pope Francis calls for “structured training” on engaging Muslims: “…we must work together to outlaw all forms of discrimination, intolerance and sectarian fundamentalism.”


Friday Sermon In Nazareth — Israeli Muslim Leader Raed Salah: Jerusalem Will Be The Capital Of The Global Caliphate


The True Face of “Feminism”


National Cathedral to host Muslim prayer co-sponsored by Hamas-linked CAIR and ISNA


Jihadists blow up Armenian church dedicated to millions slaughtered by Muslims in 1915 genocide


Qatar warns Washington to support Muslim Brotherhood, likens group to “Christian democratic parties”


Pope calls for seminary training for “constructive dialogue with Muslims…to live a peaceful coexistence with them”


Senior Saudi Salafi cleric: The Islamic State is “a true product of Salafism


UK “security chiefs”: Jihad terror attack “almost inevitable,” three foiled in recent months


UK: Muslim gang rips medals from 70-year-old army veteran on his way to Remembrance Sunday service


Turkish journalist: Charge of “racism” and “Islamophobia” are “accusations bullies always use to silence people who disagree with them”


Afghanistan Government Struggles to Keep Taliban Under Control


Why Abbas Will Not Condemn Terror Attacks


Palestinian president accuses Israel of igniting 'religious war' in Jerusalem...

Tight security after knife attacks...



VIDEO: What was accomplished in Fallujah


US Navy sailors harassed, assaulted by radical nationalists in Turkey


US sailors hit by 'hood attack' in Turkey...


Russia's bombers to conduct regular patrols, ranging from the Arctic to the Gulf of Mexico


Worry grips Jerusalem residents awaiting next attack...


Scarborough to Obama: Get out of your bubble on ISIS – Good video.  Please watch.


Proposal to Freeze Syrian Conflict Focuses on Threat of Terrorism


Exposing Terrorist Networks Focus of New NGO Led by Francis Townsend


Jihadists Have Infested World's Second Biggest Streaming Music Service


CBS2 Investigates: Potential Risk At Airport Security Checks?


Dempsey: US troops could fight alongside Iraqi forces against ISIS

VIDEO: 'Counter-ISIL forces': Did Secretary Hagel coin new term?

US officials say ISIS leader survived airstrike, audio tape emerges


UPDATE: Turkish nationalist group defiant after attack on US Navy sailors


ISIS Leader Releases New Recording After Death Rumors...


Jihad in Austria is active and growing

WIRE: Islamic State, Al-Qaida Join Forces...


Islam handled with kid gloves in Hollywood?


IRAN: USA Must Bow to Our 'Inalienable Nuclear Rights'...


Germany warns anti-semitism rising...


ISIS, Al Qaeda affiliate reportedly unite to fight US-backed rebels in Syria


Dempsey says that US troops could fight alongside Iraqis against ISIS


VIDEO: Did Hagel coin new term?


Report says $420M in US weapons, 'sensitive items' go missing in Afghanistan


IS, al-Qaida reach accord in Syria


Report: $420M in US weapons, ‘sensitive items’ go missing in Afghanistan


Russia pokes West with news outlet launch, flights


Congressman: 'Very dangerous to be an American ally'


Watch: Muslim Outrage Just Caused An Awful Thing To Happen To Christmas


Lame-Duck Congress Must Renew Its Commitment to Missile Defense


Islam Instruction - an Opportunity for Conservatives


'RULE OF TERROR' UN report details ISIS atrocities in Syria


ISIS leader orders group to start minting coins for its own currency


ISIS denying food, medicine to hundreds of thousands


Woman proclaiming Christ ejected from Muslim prayers at National Cathedral


Bosnia police arrest 11 Muslims for involvement in jihad in Syria and Iraq


Morocco arrests four Muslims from France with jihad terror links


UK: Cameron will ban jihadis returning from Islamic State for two years


UK Prime Minister Cameron Bans Jihadis for Two Years: ‘We MUST Celebrate Islam as a Great Religion of Peace’


Somalia: Islamic jihadists kidnap 20 civilians, behead two women


Navy Deploys First Laser Weapon in Persian Gulf...


Obama weighs expanded CIA training, arming of Syrian 'rebels'...


After Obama’s Nuclear Olive Branch to Islamic Iran, Supreme Leader Calls for Israel’s Destruction


Yahoo “News”: 10 “Misconceptions” About Islam


German Muslims Are Robbing Churches To Support ISIS


Turkey Frees 12 After Vicious Attack on US Sailors, No Questioning, No Charges


ISIS-linked Libya Jihadists Post First Beheading Video, Fourth Beheading This Week


US military considers sending combat troops to battle Islamic State in Iraq


Children of the Caliphate


Bloody Money: Islamic State Reportedly Planning to Mint Caliphate-Inspired Gold and Silver Coins


Islamic Axis of Evil: ISIS (Islamic State) and Al Qaeda Reach Accord in Syria


Administration wants to exempt Islamic State effort from bans on aid to torturers, rapists


In Farewell Speech, Karzai Calls American Mission in Afghanistan a Betrayal


Study: Iraq, Afghan war costs to top $4 trillion


Australia: Preschoolers to receive Mandatory Arabic lessons


Islamic State richest jihad terror group, Hamas second


Iranian Negotiator: U.S. Must Bow to Our ‘Inalienable Nuclear Rights’


Islamic State Beheads Two Human Rights Activists in Libya


80% of young Turks in Netherlands see nothing wrong with jihad against unbelievers


Islamic State teen jihadi: “This is jihad that all of us must do”


Jihad on its way to India


What does it take for a liberal hostage to lose his illusions about Islam?


Pakistan’s Hindus: Muslims “want us to give up the faith or leave the country”


Islamophobia outbreak in Germany: Islamic State supporters arrested


A Turkish Quest to "Liberate" Jerusalem


Mom outraged at son’s HS propaganda: ‘Most Muslims faith is stronger’ than Christians?


While Obama pursues climate deal with China, ISIS expands into Egypt, Libya


U.S. Tells U.N. on Torture: 'Obama Has Acknowledged We Crossed The Line'


Islamic State and al-Qaeda agree “to end fighting and join against their opponents”


UAE designates Hamas-linked CAIR a terrorist organization


Finally! CAIR, Muslim American Society branded ‘terrorist’ by an American Arab ally


The flag of Palestine, 1939


UK: Jihadist skips bail, flees to Islamic State


US discussing training Free Syrian Army members with Turkey


Pakistan: Religious minorities 4% of population, 50% of blasphemy cases


UK: Muslim buys trendy hotel, abruptly bans pork and alcohol


Islamic State says it’ll mint its own coins


Smuggler says he sends Islamic State jihadis to Europe via Turkey


Turkish President Erdogan says Muslims discovered America


Visits to Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs web site


Muslim Gangs Continue To Terrorize 55 Neighborhoods, Police Powerless


Young Rabbi Stabbed in the Neck in Belgium


North Carolina: Shocked Mom Calls TV News Station After Reading Answers on Her Son’s Islam Worksheet





CLAIM: German neo-Nazi party asks for list of city's Jews...


Jerusalem unrest propelled by Palestinian teens...


ISIS claims to have beheaded US hostage Peter Kassig in new video


OPINION: The Peter Kassig I know


ISIS stoning, beheading, crucifying Syrians, UN report says


Top US general makes unannounced visit to Iraq


VIDEO: Gen. Dempsey takes a firsthand look at the fight against ISIS


Iraqi forces drive ISIS out of remaining strongholds in refinery town


This Terrorist Group Just Pledged Allegiance To ISIS…


These Stories Perfectly Show How Civilized Israel Is In The Face Of Barbaric Terrorism


Muslim Outrage Just Caused An Awful Thing To Happen To Christmas


The Islamic State Has an Army of 200,0000 and Growing


Jihad in Israel: Multiple Muslim Attacks on Jews


Poll: “Palestinian” Muslims Greatest Supporters of ISIS in Middle East


“Moderate” British medical student the now devout ‘Jihadi John” in beheading video


Iran TV airs cleric’s threats to raze Tel Aviv, target US bases


UK Shadow Home Secretary: British failure to take Muslim refugees from Syria is ‘neglect of duty’


Muslim Mom of Four Receives Haunting Text From Her Devout Sons on Jihad “Holiday”


Georgia: Islamic group member charged with murder, rape and incest after 15-month-old girl dies of starvation while two children he fathered with his daughter, 23, are found malnourished in a motel room


Muslim Multi-Millionaire Buys Trendy London Hotel, Promptly Bans Bacon and Booze


Here’s why Somali Muslim Refugees are moving to Cheyenne, Wyoming, Prepare to be shocked


Massive Bombing Targets Female Politician in Assassination Attempt Kabul


Hagel says US ramping up training of Iraqi forces to fight ISIS


New ISIS video shows beheading of American hostage Peter Kassig


OPINION: Peter Kassig I know


ISIS beheading, stoning, crucifying Syrian residents, UN report says


VIDEO: Peter Kassig and ISIS


9/11 '20th hijacker' says Saudi prince paid for flying lessons...



Holds 26-Year-Old American Woman...

'We will slaughter your people in your streets'...

Family calls for restraint...


Israeli stabbed in Jerusalem...

Unrest propelled by Palestinian teens...

Israeli premier promotes Jewish nation-state bill...

EU considering 'sanctions'...


Media: White Widow Jihadist Killed -by a Russian Sniper


Obama Administration Condemns Israel’s Counter-Terror Demolition Directive


Dempsey: Open to using U.S. ground troops to retake Mosul


Armenian Genocide


Obama Wants To Oust Syrian Leader Assad


Obama: We Can’t Defeat ISIS Without Removing Assad


Egypt-Based Terrorist Group Pledges Allegiance To ISIS


Watch: US School Promotes Islam In An Infuriating Way That Insults Christians Everywhere


At least 9 hurt in attack at Jerusalem synagogue, Israeli military says


Laying the Groundwork for World War III (USA, Russia, China Circa 2016)


Free Speech v. Political Correctness


Kurds Battle ISIS for Possible Kurdish State


ISIS Meets Its Match at an Iraqi Town When Christian Militia Shows Up to Teach Them Who's Boss


Tenured University Professor Vows to Wage Jihad with ISIS


ISIS in Egypt: Sinai-based jihadist group rebranded as Islamic State’s official arm


Walmart bows to Sharia, introduces halal meat after 50 Muslims sign petition


Defense secretary directed 'nuclear-free' activist group


"Sheikh Google's" Radical Islam


"Zionist" Olive Trees in Turkey


New beheading video greets Obama’s return to DC; is it too cold to golf this time?


Military Helicopter Flying Over Iraq Finds Out ISIS Has a New Weapon in Its War Against Civilization


Watch: Muslim Outrage Just Caused An Awful Thing To Happen To Christmas


How Political Correctness Has Led To The Rise Of Anti-Semitism


United Arab Emirates Designates Two American Muslim Groups As Terrorist Orgs


Organizer of Muslim Prayer at National Cathedral: ‘Deliciously Appropriate’ Event on Anniversary of Call to Jihad


Christian Militia Teach ISIS who is Boss in Iraqi Town


The Dirty Details on the Muslim Imam who Praised Allah on the House Floor


NHS Doctor Skips Bail to Join Taliban


Iran TV airs Muslim cleric’s threats to raze Tel Aviv, target US bases


U.S. prison was ‘terrorist university’ for Islamic State


Nigeria: Female jihad-martyrdom suicide bomber murders 8 at market


Ibn Warraq speaks at Yale – Good reading


Mehdi Hasan goes full fascist, calls for sanctions for criticism of Muslims


Turkey’s top dog Erdogan: Muslims found Americas before Columbus


Dutch Officials Demonize Israelis


Homegrown Jihad- The Terrorist Camps Around The U.S.


America 'Brings Its Planes' & Send Special Delivery to ISIS Leader Baghdadi & Beheader 'Jihadi John'


Remember the Amazing Footage of Syrian Boy Rescuing Girl from Terrorists? The Truth Comes Out About It...


Former Secretaries of Defense Open Up a Can of Heat on Obama at National Security Forum


ISIS takes aim at America’s unsavory ally, Saudi Arabia


Dempsey: ISIS ‘A Bunch of Midgets’


Jihadist propaganda encouraging lone-wolf attacks against law enforcement officers, intel shows


Obama On Islamic State Beheading Peter Kassig: “ISIS Actions Represent No Faith, Least Of All The Muslim Faith”…


More US Media Deception and Lies about Islam


30 Years Later, America Truly Is Becoming A ‘1984’ Society


UK: Four Brits Jailed Sentenced 3 Years for Leaving a Bag in Mosque Parking Lot with a Pig’s Head


Two French Muslims Identified in Islamic State Execution Video


Islamic State Threatens Slaughter on Western Streets


The EU’s New Nuremberg Laws: Full document of EU-proposed sanctions against Israel


Professor Hacked to Death for Opposing Full-Face Veil


Muslims in France “far likelier to espouse anti-Semitic views than the general population”


Beheading the Religion of Pieces


Iraqi Government Hits Back at Islamic State


Virginia Muslima charged with attempting to support the Islamic State


Muslim cleric: “Islamic Republic of Iran has used and will use suicide operations to send its message to the world”


Saudi groom divorces bride during their wedding after seeing her face for the first time


Islamic Republic of Pakistan: Muslim murders his daughter, has no remorse, was “compelled to kill her as she wanted to marry for love”


Germany: Muslims rob churches to support the Islamic State


Israel's Arabs Need Better Leaders


Islamic State Killed Family That Wouldn’t Allow Daughter to Marry Fighter


The Latest Beheading Is a Reminder US Needs to Do More to Destroy Islamic State


'CRUEL MURDER': Bloody attack on Jerusalem synagogue raises tension


Furious Kerry condemns attack on synagogue


| Timeline of recent violence between Israelis, Palestinians


VIDEO: Kerry, Abbas discuss violence


Palestinian song glorifies terror trend of driving into crowds


Obama orders full review of US hostage policy


Va. woman charged with lying feds about supporting ISIS


OPINION: ISIS threat: It's time to fully back the Kurds


Sheer size of US-Canada border stokes terrorism fears


Peter Kassig's family says 'hearts are battered'


VIDEO: ISIS uses sophisticated media strategy to spread message


At least 4 dead in Afghanistan suicide attack


'Lone Wolf' Fears Heightened with Release of Latest ISIS Beheading Video


‘Caliph Ibrahim:’ The Man Responsible for ISIL's Headlines


How Effective is the Air Campaign against ISIS?


Three Americans, one Brit, slaughtered in Jerusalem terror attack


Heartbreaking: Obama passed on opportunity to use Syrian army defectors to topple Assad


What Obama Just Admitted Could Reverse His Adamant ‘No Boots On The Ground’ Pledge


Murder in Jerusalem Synagogue-Terrorists Slaughter At Least Four During Morning Prayers


Death Toll Rises to 5 In Jihad Massacre of Jews in Jerusalem Synagogue Attack


IS Leader Al Baghdadi Vows ‘Volcanoes of Jihad Everywhere;’ Plans to Mint Currency


DHS Tightens Visa Restrictions Amid Terror Concerns


US, Canada, Australia Introduce New Legislation To Fight Terrorism


American Woman Responds to Muslim’s Death Threat: Wear Body Armor - I’ve Got New Ammo I want to try out


Armed With Axes, Palestineans Murder Three Americans in Terror Attack on Israeli Synagogue


3 Americans killed in attack on Jerusalem jihad synagogue massacre: “They kept screaming ‘Allahu akbar'”


Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” murder four Jews in synagogue; “Palestinians” celebrate the murders


Israel: Islamic jihadist murders at least four Jews in Jerusalem synagogue; Hamas calls murders “heroic”


French Interior Minister: 82% Rise in French jihadists leaving for Iraq and Syria in 2014


Jihad Holiday: Website offers how-to travel tips for Muslims from Western Countires


In wake of Jerusalem massacre, Spain’s Parliament votes nearly unanimously to recognize Islamic terror state in Gaza


Jewish man attacked while waiting for subway in Brooklyn; beaten, called a ‘f—ing Jew’ and a ‘dirty bloody Jew’


Meat Cleaver Terror in Jerusalem — American Citizens Killed — Obama: ‘Too many Palestinians have died’


Jerusalem Jihad Eyewitness accounts: “A gun, a knife and meat cleaver” “Two people came out with their faces half missing … attacked with knives” “The silence of prayer, shattered in a synagogue bloodbath”


NY Synagogues on High Alert: NYPD Steps Up Patrols At Synagogues


@CNN’s JIhad: CNN labels synagogue ‘mosque’ #FCC


“Palestinian” Elected Leadership: “Our War… Is A Religious War Against The ‘Descendants Of Apes And Pigs'”


Gaza Muslims celebrate Islamic terror attack at Jerusalem synagogue: Candy and Axes


Jihadists Open Fire on Jerusalem Synagogue, 5 Dead, 9 Injured


Devout Muslim charged in Manhattan assault of Orthodox couple


Hamas calls Jerusalem synagogue murders “heroic,” Netanyahu vows strong reaction


spen$er.i asked god to punish you.beleive me you will burn in hell.”


Islamic State to remaining Christians in Raqqa: Pay jizya or lose homes


Israel: Cops storm home of Islamic jihad terrorists who murdered 4 rabbis


US State Department asks UAE why it labeled Hamas-linked CAIR a terrorist organization


Robert Spencer in FrontPage: More Beheadings, More Denial


Kenya: Muslims rampage after mosque counterterror raids, stab four people to death at bus stops


Kenya: Police raid two Mombasa mosques, find grenades and ammunition – Hey isn’t that allegedly the birth place of Obama?


BBC refuses to allow Israeli minister to show victims of synagogue jihad attack — had no problem showing Gaza victims


Guardian deletes reference to “Palestinians” as perps of synagogue jihad murders, CNN labels synagogue “mosque”


Before synagogue jihad murders, Hamas released video calling for more attacks in Jerusalem


Second Frenchman seen in latest ISIS beheading video, country's president says


Worshippers return to Jerusalem synagogue day after massacre

Palestinians give out candy to celebrate attack

OPINION: The horror of the synagogue attack

Hamas-affiliated social media circulates violent cartoons





TERROR IN THE TEMPLE: 'This Is A Religious War'...

Residents fear worst still to come...

BIBI: We will 'respond harshly'...

Orders demolition of terrorists' homes...

Attacks pose new challenges for security forces...

Israeli tourist attacked in Brooklyn... 'Dirty bloody Jew'...

NYPD Steps Up Patrols...






















Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America – Largely for law enforcement at all levels.  Will open your eyes even more.


Agent Storm: My Life Inside Al Qaeda and the CIA - Morten Storm with Paul Cruickshank & Tim Lister