We sleep safely at night because rough men and women stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm.


“Chaos is the law of nature, and order is the dream of man”


For a better understanding of Islamic State, please

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Judge Jeanine: The tenacity of Obama's lawlessness


Just Don't Call It Islamic


Wall Street Journal Highlights the Narcissism of Islamic State


Watch Gaza Celebrate the Slaughter of Americans in Israel


Hagel Doesn’t Get It: Planning to Have a Plan to Ensure Military Readiness Doesn't Cut It


The Islamic State May Have Gotten Its Hands on an Iranian Drone


Turkey's "Foreign" Citizens


UK Salafist Group Linked to British ISIS Fighters


Sheer size of US-Canada border stokes terrorism fears


Heartbreaking: Obama passed on opportunity to use Syrian army defectors to topple Assad


4 Sunni Muslim Groups Responsible for 66% of All 17,958 Terror Killings in 2013


DISGUSTING: CNN host defends Palestinian argument that ALL Israelis can be targeted!


Divided Jerusalem: Attacks Put Holy City on Edge...

Police remain vigilant as Hamas calls for 'day of rage'...


US announces release of 5 Gitmo prisoners


Gaza militants test-fire rockets into sea, Israel says

Israel to demolish homes of synagogue attackers

VIDEO: Jerusalem mourns amid revenge


Hagel: ISIS presents new challenge to US


The Top US Military Commander Just Gave This Prediction For How Long ISIS War Will Last


Seven schools in latest Islamic takeover plot scandal


Nigeria: Devout Muslim Group Slaughters 45 in Deadly Boko Haram Attack


Days Before UAE Terror Designation, CAIR Awards Sami Al-Arian Convicted of Jihad-Terror Related Crimes its “Promoting Justice” award


Egypt’s first female genital mutilation trial ends in not guilty verdict


Oklahoma Muslim stabs Christian after heated beheading argument: “He was trying to kill my son”


UK Police Concerned for Welfare of Convicted Muslim Child Gang-Rapists


Watch VIDEO: Muslims in Gaza and Lebanon Celebrating Jerusalem Synagogue Massacre #savages


Official PA daily incited against rabbis before murder of rabbis in Jerusalem synagogue


Watch VIDEO: French Jihadis Ask ‘Brethren’ to ‘Kill’ Westerners, ‘Poison’ Their Food and ‘Crush’ Them Under Cars


Republican House Condemns Iranian Human Rights Violations


Iran nuclear talks stuck, Obama will extend deadline


Obama State Dept slams Israeli construction in E. Jerusalem, renewed home demolitions


UN Security Council adds Libya jihadists to terror list


Canadian Suffering ‘Enormous Brain Damage’ After He Was Struck by Jihadist with Meat Cleaver in Jerusalem Synagogue Massacre


Watch VIDEO : Which is more offensive at UC-Berkeley — the flag of the Islamic State or the flag of Israel?


CBS Anchorwoman @NorahODonnell's Antisemitism: Synagogue Attack Took Place at “Contested Religious Site”


.@CNN Apologizes for Anti-Jewish Bias After Fictional Headlines Go Viral, But Offers No Solutions to Their Hatred


UAE: Diplomat dumps burqa-clad fiancée due to crossed-eyes, beard


Female Genital Mutilation in the West: A Creeping Crime Against Humanity - The object of this mutilation: to make sure that a woman will be less likely to have pre-marital or extra-marital sex; to ensure that a father need not worry about his daughter's "promiscuity" and a husband need not worry about whether her pregnancies belong to him, and not to another man.


Obama releases more Gitmo detainees after GOP says don't...


Iran secretly continues nuke work...

MAG: Kerry desperate for deal...


Chuck Hagel: Syria Strategy Remains Unchanged


Media struggles to find successes in war against ISIS


Reverend Tries To Compare Radical Islam to Christianity


Republicans Respond to Obama's Executive Amnesty Speech


Pentagon Doesn’t Negotiate with Terrorists or Pay Ransoms … Except for When it Does


ISIS Is Getting Smarter About Avoiding U.S. Surveillance


Oklahoma: Christian shows Hospitality to Muslim – Muslim Stabs him in the Neck


Obama Releases More Gitmo Terrorists


Obama Administration Defiantly Releases More Gitmo Detainees


Beheading averted? Muslim repays kindness with a knife over religious differences (Video)


McCain: Obama repeating Vietnam mistakes


Islamic Cleric Who Cheered Killing US Soldiers to Pray at Funeral of Hostage Beheaded by ISIS


Italy: Muslima Teen Deemed ‘too Western’ teenager beaten by family


Reporters Mock State Dept for Downplaying Benghazi Terrorists Link to Al Qaeda


“Mosque raids in Kenya could radicalize country’s [moderate] Muslims”


“Palestinian” Muslims vandalize Sheikh’s car with acid following interfaith meeting


Swedish Ambulance Workers Want Body Armor Against Muslim Machete Attacks


Elliot Abrams: When presidents say Islam is a religion of peace, “the average American thinks this is crap”


UK: Ten police officers investigated for cover-up of Muslim rape gang activity in Rotherham


More AFDI Islamophobia Ads: Trains, Buses


Lawsuit Accuses Banks of Financing Terror Attacks


Who Let CAIR Off the Hook in the First Place?


WEST BANK BATTLE - Rift grows between Hamas, Palestinian Authority


ISIS drive for Kobani blunted as Kurds gain momentum

Service set to honor Indiana aid worker killed by ISIS

Yemen's Al Qaeda branch denounces ISIS militants


Official: Obama approves guidelines to broaden operation in Afghanistan


In Secret, Obama Extends U.S. Role in Afghan Combat...


VIDEO: Obama orders review of policy for US hostages


Police: Al-Shabab militants hijack bus in Kenya, kill 28 non-Muslims on board


ISIS Taunts USA in New Video...


HOMELAND: Ex-Diplomat Under Scrutiny After Hint of Leak to Pakistan...


Robert Spencer in FrontPage: Hamas-linked CAIR: A terror organization


Islamic State jihadi tells Muslims in France to attack non-Muslims: “Kill them and spit in their faces and run over them with your cars”


Islamic State accumulating gold, silver and copper to mint its own currency


Ghazavatu’l-Hind: A matter of Faith


Qatar and Terror


‘One by One They Were Shot in the Head’: Islamist Hijackers Use a Simple Test to Find — and Kill — Non-Muslims


Trying to Shut Down Guantanamo Bay, Pentagon Releases Saudi Citizen…Who May Have Been a ‘High Risk’ Threat Who Swore Personal Allegiance to Osama Bin Laden


Praise for Hitler rises in Turkey


Obama Calls Lindsey Graham’s ‘Impeachment’ Bluff on Gitmo


UN That Supported NATO Removing Gadhafi Admits ISIS Taking Over Libya


Brinkmanship Heightens as Deadline for Deal Looms...


China is a threat to the American way of life


Palestinian Authority accuses Hamas of plotting against it from Turkish headquarters


Turkey's Bark and Bite


Deterioration of Human Rights in Iran


Leader of new U.S. Muslim party once jailed by Chris Christie


Jihadists Have Infested World's Second Biggest Streaming Music Service


Muslim Imam Insulted Christians and Jews at National Cathedral

Benghazi SOLVED: U.S. Attacked By ISIS


What is driving French nationals to join Islamic State?


Watch VIDEO : Which is more offensive at UC-Berkeley — the flag of the Islamic State or the flag of Israel?


CBS Anchorwoman @NorahODonnell’s Antisemitism: Synagogue Attack Took Place at “Contested Religious Site”


.@CNN Apologizes for Anti-Jewish Bias After Fictional Headlines Go Viral, But Offers No Solutions to Their Hatred


UAE: Diplomat dumps burqa-clad fiancée due to crossed-eyes, beard


Watch VIDEO: Pamela Geller on Newsmax TV Discussing Israel and the Jihad Against the Jews


US Troops Warned Not To Wear Uniform In Europe


Incited to “act from mosque loudspeakers,” a frenzied Muslim mob tore the clothes off a Christian couple, beat them, broke their legs, and threw them into the burning furnace of a brick kiln


Friend of murdered hostage Alan Henning defends Islamic State


French Interior Minister: 82% Rise in French jihadists leaving for Iraq and Syria in 2014


Jihad Holiday: Website offers how-to travel tips for Muslims from Western Countires


In wake of Jerusalem massacre, Spain's Parliament votes nearly unanimously to recognize Islamic terror state in Gaza


4 Muslim groups responsible for 66% of all 17,958 terror killings in 2013


Virginia Muslima will stay in jail until trial on Islamic State-related charges


UK fascist Mehdi Hasan doubles down, rebuts charges that he’s against free speech by again calling for restrictions on free speech


UK: Birmingham City Council hid links between Muslim cabbies and child sex victims for 23 years


Sweden: Angry parents manage to stop halal in school


Sweden: Ambulance workers demand anti-riot helmets, body armor and gas masks


Pakistan: Family of Christian couple murdered by Muslim mob over blasphemy claims gets threats, pressure to withdraw case


Christian professor arrested for blasphemy in Pakistan


Beautifying Islam


Islamic State Making Millions, Has Enough Weapons to Keep Fighting for Up to Two Years


ISIS Has Invaded a New Country - Another One the Obama Administration Abandoned to Terrorists


FBI tracking 150 Americans who traveled to Syria


‘Caliph Ibrahim:’ The Man Responsible for ISIL's Headlines


Security Council Issues Mild Response to Jerusalem Synagogue Attack


Palestinian Leaders Call Slain Victims of Synagogue Attack ‘Terrorists’


Westerners fighting for jihadi groups in Syria and Iraq go there for many reasons, new report says


Jihadist propaganda encouraging lone-wolf attacks against law enforcement officers, intel shows


DHS expands screening for international travelers who don't need a visa to enter US


Johnson worried most about foreign fighters and the 'lone wolf'


Children, teens taking up 'variety of roles' in ISIS

Iraqi PM orders air support, weapons for ISIS fight


Israeli Cabinet approves nationality bill


Huckabee: I urge Republicans to do more than oppose

WIRE: ISIS recruits, exploits children...


Top Iranian Negotiator “Frequently Shouts,” Screams at Kerry, Western Officials


Category Archives: Jew Hatred: Myths and Lies, Modern Arguments to Age Old Hate


Muslim MP: 2,000 British Muslims fighting for Islamic State


Wellesley College Students Fear Rise in Anti-Semitism After Jewish Staffers’ Firings


Jihad Bomber at Volleyball Game Murders 45


UAE Designated Terror Group Hamas-tied #CAIR Urges Muslims Not to Cooperate with FBI


African Caliphate: Boko Haram murders 48 fish vendors in northeast Nigeria


Jew-Hatred Hits New High in Turkey


“Moderate” Jordan’s PM Sends Letter to Families of Jerusalem Jihad Murderers


Iraqi Doctors on Unspeakable Abuse of Non-Muslim (Yazidi) Women: 'It is a Public, Collective Act of Rape'


Canada jihad murderer: “There can’t be world peace until there’s only Muslims”


Up to 300 Swedish Muslims fighting with Islamic State (ISIS): official


CIA gathered intelligence on gun-running to Syria: Benghazi report


UN That Supported NATO Removing Gadhafi Admits ISIS Taking Over Libya


Obama's Legacy (and Europe's)


Morocco: Model for Islam


Islamic State group recruits, exploits children


Israeli Cabinet moves to define Israel as Jewish


How Many Lies Have Democrats Told To Sabotage The War on Terror?


Ex-FSA fighter: Islamic State “magnet that attracts large numbers of Muslims”


UK: Muslims laugh in court as they’re accused of beheading plot


Denmark: Muslim refugees persecute Christian refugees


Pakistan: Muslims vandalize Hindu temple


Hamas-linked terror org CAIR discourages Muslims from talking to FBI


Islamic State to Christians: Convert to Islam, pay jizya or be killed


Arab ban on Muslim Brotherhood death knell for CAIR?


Kurdish Militias Gain Ground Against Islamic State


Australian jihadis “too fat” for the Islamic State


UK: 6 Muslim schools “inadequate” for focus on Islam at expense of other subjects


Islamic State now in complete control of Libyan city of Derna


Ibn Warraq’s Christmas in the Koran: A new challenge to the standard account of Islam’s origins


Video: Robert Spencer on Is the Islamic State Islamic? And Why It Matters


Research on the Islamic State – 11/1-15/2014






















Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America – Largely for law enforcement at all levels.  Will open your eyes even more.


Agent Storm: My Life Inside Al Qaeda and the CIA - Morten Storm with Paul Cruickshank & Tim Lister