We sleep safely at night because rough men and women stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm.


“Chaos is the law of nature, and order is the dream of man”


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Al Qaeda affiliate threatens to kill US hostage

US keeping close eye on 'nascent' ISIS training camps in Libya, general says

Pentagon: Iran launches strikes against ISIS in Iraq

Official: Woman arrested not ISIS leader's wife


Jewish-Arab school attack scars Jerusalem's troubled co-existence...




Rand Paul introduces declaration of war against ISIS (Islamic State)


North (Islamic) Sudan: Police Attack, Beat Worshipping Congregation, Arrest 38 Christians


Congress to pass landmark Israel partnership bill


Jihad in Syria: Death Toll Hits Over 200,000


Pamela Geller, WND Weekly Column: The Islamization of the U.K. continues


Another AP Reporter Exposes Anti-Israel Bias at the AP


Congressman Brad Sherman: State Dep’t Should Hire Islamic Scholars to Combat IS Ideology


Germany: “moderate” Muslim preacher becomes face of intolerance and terror


UK: Two Muslims charged for helping 17-year-old boy join Islamic State


Egypt: Salafi plan to expel Christian Copts


Kenya teachers to stay home after jihadists murder 22 teachers


Raymond Ibrahim: The Koran and Eternal War


Jihad group quotes Qur’an to justify massacre of Christians


Pakistan running special trains for Mumbai jihad mass murder mastermind


Robert Spencer in PJ Media: 5 New Assaults on Freedom of Speech Around the World


Veiled Muslima stabs American teacher to death in Abu Dhabi mall


State Dept hasn’t canceled passports of any US-based Islamic State jihadis


Somalia: Islamic jihadists target UN convoy, murder four


Al Qaeda group threatens to kill US hostage

VIDEO: Al Qaeda threatens to kill hostage


House passes defense bill, OKs military campaign against islamic militants

Obama to announce Defense secretary pick Friday


Chinese government gaining a foothold on US campuses, scholars say


Obama Mulling Sanctions on Israel...



Pentagon Confirms Failed Effort to Rescue...


Will Germany Abolish Itself and France Commit Suicide?


How The US Created the Islamic State


ISIS Is Watching US Military Members and Their Families on Social Media


The Quandary of Shutting Down Jihadist Social Media Sites


CENTCOM: Jihadist Who Murdered Two-Star US Army General in Afghanistan Had No Clear Links to Taliban


Seven More Muslims Arrested in Fresh Jihad Raids in the UK


Despite Obama’s Refusal, Fort Hood victims set to receive Purple Hearts, combat status


State Dept. Has Not Cancelled Passports of Any ‘ISIS or Foreign Fighters’ Returning to U.S.


Jihad in Russia: At least 20 killed in Islamic Attack on Chechnya


Watch VIDEO: The Muslims of Switzerland Declare “The Beginning of the islamic Revolution”


Sweden: School leader urges parents to take children to school after Muslim attacks on children


Watch VIDEO: Another Islamic Group Threatens to Behead American Journalist Luke Somers


Two Jews Stabbed by Muslim Teen in Israel Terror Attack


Islamic jihadists attack Chechen capital; 20 dead


Islamic State: Qur’an-waving gunmen murder 39 Indian workers


Clinton says America should ‘empathize’ with its enemies

ISIS-linked terrorist vows revenge against Lebanon after wife kidnapped


Obama nominates Ashton Carter to be defense secretary

OPINION: Terrific choice, but will Obama listen?


King Abdullah: Battling ISIS 'Is Our Third World War'...

ISIS claims to have 'dirty bomb' from uranium...


Obama Mulling Sanctions on Israel...

Fearing violence, Jewish groups create security infrastructure...


Al-Qaeda-inspired rebels gain in Syria...


Birds to be trained to bring down drones?


Interpol Alert Seeks Arrest of Muslim Brotherhood’s Religious Leader Qaradawi


VIDEO Jordanian MP: “I Hate the Jews, I Hate the Jews, I Hate the Jews”


Paying the Jizya: Small New Jersey town forced to pay $7.75 million to Muslims in mega-mosque move


Muslima arrested for murder of American mother inside Abu Dhabi mall not a ‘lone wolf’


No terrorists at border? State official 'flat out wrong' - 'How would they ever know? They don't even know who's in the country'


Saudi-born US naval engineer allegedly gave undercover agent info on how to sink carrier


BOTCHED: At least 13 killed in failed U.S. bid to rescue hostages in Yemen...


UPDATE: USA to keep more troops in Afghanistan as violence spikes...


US strikes kill 13 militants in Afghanistan, Pakistan

US hands over senior Taliban commander to Pakistan


S. Africa hostage killed in US raid was to be freed

American hostage 'murdered' during failed rescue


UAE: Stabbing of American teacher a 'lone terrorist act'


WASH POST reporter in Tehran charged...


Young Jordanians returning from jihad pick up their lives, but dream of Islamic state...

Anti-Semitic incidents double in France...


Kerry 'disturbed' by Iran's charges against reporter

Kerry cites progress, urges patience in Iran talks


Israeli airstrikes reportedly hit near Damascus


Israel suspected in attack on Russian missile system in Syria...


YNET: Iran playing with fire...




BOTCHED: At least 13 killed in failed U.S. bid to rescue hostages in Yemen...


European Court of Human Rights orders France to pay damages to Somali pirates


Maher on likening of criticism of Islam to Nazi Jew-hatred: “Beyond stupid”


Mumbai jihad murder mastermind to India: Give us Kashmir or get jihad


Congress demands Obama explain rumored sanctions against Israel


Iran military chief is “leader of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen”


After years of being taught to hate Jews, Muslim discovers he is Jewish


American Muslims for Palestine lectured on how to skirt terror laws


Germany: Jihadist returning from Syria gets 3 years, 9 months juvenile detention


Denmark: Muslim bookseller gets four years for inciting jihad terror


Turkish Hospitality For Arab Terrorism


ISIS Has New Deadly Weapon According to New Photos – 23 mm bullets


'Martyrs' who butchered 5 in synagogue to be honored


Bridgewater NEW JERSEY agrees to pay Muslims $7.75 Million to keep them from building a mosque there


Muslim Leader: Muslim Scientists actually Discovered the Earth is Round


Top al-Qaida terrorist killed in Pakistan


Muslim preacher accused of blasphemy flees Pakistan, no plans to return


“Waging jihad against the West…is beyond a shadow of the doubt a religious obligation binding upon every Muslim”


Denmark: Muslim gangs enforcing Sharia in residential areas


Nigeria: Islamic jihadists abduct over 20 girls, kill elderly men and women


“Egypt and Syria have long ties to Nazi Germany”


Sweden: Firebombs thrown at police in Muslim area of Stockholm


House Intelligence chief: CIA report will spur 'violence and deaths' abroad


Pentagon says 6 Guantanamo Bay detainees transferred to Uruguay


ISIS Holds a Job Fair - Only Monsters Need Apply


New Pancake Recipe From ISIS!


British ISIS Fighter Boasts About Outsmarting British Intelligence; Moves To Syria With Family


ISIS Fighters, Supporters Continue To Use Ferguson Affair To Make Threats, Incite Against U.S.


Jihad Spy: American Muslim charged with espionage jailed in Virginia


UK Zionist Federation cancels Dr. Mordechai Kedar appearances because of his links to Pamela Geller


Paris suburb reels after anti-Semitic robbery, rape


Minneapolis: Taxpayers Fund Designated Terror Group CAIR and the Mayor Wants to Give them More


“Empathize With Our Enemies?"


Canada arrests 15-year-old Muslim on terrorism charges


Jordan: Despite government efforts, support for Islamic State grows


Jordanian MP: “I hate the Jews. I hate the Jews. I hate the Jews.”


India court: Sharia trumps ban on child marriage


Germany: Police close mosque for spreading Islamic State ideology


UK Muslims get 12 years for traveling to Syria to join the jihad


UK: Lord Mayor leaves Islamic charity lunch after his lady consort told she had to sit downstairs


Egypt: Ex-Muslim says Islamic State follows Qur’an, Muhammad


Britain Unveils World's "Toughest" Counter-Terrorism Law


Attack on police station in Iraq kills 9 people


Hillary: We Must 'Empathize' with Our Enemies, Because It Takes a Village of Terrorist Groups or Something


ISIS Claims To Have Built A Dirty Bomb As Officials Warn Of Airline Attack


What Was Just Revealed About The Oklahoma Beheading Victim Is Buried Beneath Ferguson Furor

FBI Issues Terrifying Warning About ISIS That Will Have US Military Members On Edge


Top Taliban Commander Released By U.S., Handed Over To Pakistan


Investigation finds 50,000 ‘ghost’ soldiers in Iraqi army, prime minister says


Boko Haram Slaughters More Christians as it Expands ‘Caliphate’ in Nigeria


France: 8-Year-Old Jewish Girl Harassed, Abused by Muslim Classmates


Jihad in Sweden: Firebombs thrown at police in Stockholm riot


Canadian Muslim: “Waging jihad against the West and its allies around the world is beyond a shadow of the doubt a religious obligation binding upon every Muslim”


Saudi Arabia’s Islamic religious police crack down on bloggers


Israeli Jets Hit Targets in Syria


Obama hands over senior Taliban commander to Pakistan


The Islamic State (ISIS) Is Killing Faster Than Statisticians Can Count


UK Labour Party: “UKIP has evil money grabbing jews in their party”


FBI adds Texas Muslim honor murderer to Ten Most Wanted list


Pakistan says Muslim charged in NY subway jihad plot killed in army raid


Moderate Muslim Mubin Shaikh to foes of jihad: “I am your ENEMY…Prepare yourselves accordingly.”


Britain's Unrequited Love


The Good That Results From US 'Boots on the Ground'


A Pyrrhic Palestinian Victory in France


Intelligence Chair: Rethink Release of Gitmo Detainees


Kerry: Anti-ISIS Effort Offers Potential for ‘New Regional Alliance’ Against Extremists


Ayaan Hirsi Ali fights radical Islam's real war on women


Christian Children Murdered for Refusing Islamic Conversion: “We Love Jesus”


Coming to America: Criticize Islam in the Blogosphere? 7 Years in Prison. Appeal the Decision? Make that 10 Years in Prison.


Obama DOJ forces US City to Pay Muslims Nearly $8 Million


ISIS Fighter Defends Massacres Because Muhammed 'Slaughtered 700 People'


France Sues Muslim Mom for Raising Jihadist…no, wait


Before Beheading, Children Tell ISIS: ‘No, We Love Jesus’


Islamic State (ISIS) Releases Pamphlet On Female Slaves


Islamic State releases pamphlet justifying sex slavery of infidel women


Hagee: Meant to call Obama anti-Israel, not anti-Semitic


Theresa May cancels Muslim family’s British citizenship


“Whose jihad is more truthful?” Ask the Millions of Victims of Jihad


Canadian ISIS Fighter To Muslims In Canada: You Have A Religious Duty To Either Emigrate To The Islamic State, Or Else Carry Out Attacks In Canada


Watch VIDEO: Hillary – America Must Empathize With its Enemies


Head of Khamenei’s Office: Obama Begs to Meet Our President


Muslim Preacher in Al Aqsa: We Will Slaughter You Jews


Upper Egypt: Christian Copts pay 120 million Egyptian pounds in ransom money


Raymond Ibrahim: Ten Ways the Mafia and Islam are Similar


Taliban indoctrinates kids with jihadist textbooks paid for by the U.S.


“Palestinian” atheist imprisoned, beaten for criticism of Islam


Montreal: Muslim arrested on terror charges after arriving from Tunisia


UK Home Office using theatre workshops to stop Muslim “radicalization”


Feminist blisters Reza Aslan for claiming women have equality in many Muslim countries


Video: Jihadis bemoan the “cunning and mighty TSA”


Iraq: UK jihadi murders dozens in jihad suicide bombing at police meeting


UK: Sikh teacher forced out by Muslims for teaching British values


Administration says Israel sanction talk 'unfounded'

Israeli parliament dissolves itself early, sets election


Report: US-led coalition pledges 1,500 more troops to ISIS fight

Hagel to meet with Iraqi officials in Baghdad

US, NATO forces mark end of Afghan combat mission


ISIS reportedly plans to mint its own coins

Dispute over ancient bibles smuggled to Israel


Police shoot, kill knife-wielding man in New York synagogue


UPDATE: Israel suspected in attack on Russian missile system in Syria...


Syrian Jewish bibles could spark ownership dispute...


REPORT: Islamists taking over British public schools...

Germans take to streets to protest 'Islamisation'...


China Takes Weapons Underwater Where Prying Eyes Can't See...


German party backpedaling from demand immigrants speak German -- even at home!


Afghanistan mired in war as US combat command ends






















Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America – Largely for law enforcement at all levels.  Will open your eyes even more.


Agent Storm: My Life Inside Al Qaeda and the CIA - Morten Storm with Paul Cruickshank & Tim Lister