We sleep safely at night because rough men and women stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm.


“Chaos is the law of nature, and order is the dream of man”


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Judge Jeanine Opening "Christians Under Attack" Investigating The Attacks On Christians


Several 'high value' ISIS leaders killed by US airstrikes in Iraq, officials say


VIDEO: ISIS coming here to the US?


Kurdish Iraqi forces launch operation to retake ISIS-held town of Sinjar




DIA: North Korea Planned Attacks on US Nuclear Plants


EU Backs Palestinian Dictatorship


Motivation behind the Sydney terrorist attack


ISIS reportedly turning churches into torture chambers, selling artifacts


Top ISIS leaders reportedly killed in airstrikes


OPINION: Iraq’s quiet Christian genocide


State Dept. warns US travelers to be extra cautious


Israel carries out airstrike on Hamas site in Gaza


Mastermind of Pakistan school attack ID'd as militant known by 'Slim'

77 militants killed in Pakistan after school massacre


Israel strikes Hamas training facility in response to rocket fire...

Netanyahu: We will not ignore even one rocket...


Muslim cleric gets death threats after wife appears with him on TV without face veil


Video: Robert Spencer on Sun TV on the Peshawar jihad massacre and more


North Carolina public high school proselytizing for Islam in vocabulary lessons


Pakistan grants bail to Mumbai jihad massacre mastermind


After $28 billion in aid, US still can’t get Pakistan to confront jihadists


Islamic State propagandist: “I’m a soldier…I don’t regret what I’ve done”


Jihad groups largely mum on CIA torture report


Spain frees ex-Muslim jailed for criticizing Islam, expels him from country


Merry Christmas from Al Qaeda


‘Little London’ ‘Little Berlin’ in jihad-wracked Syria


Hamas Official Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: Arafat Provided Us with Weapons to Carry Out Attacks


Halal certification boss is now denying having been in the Sydney cafe just before jihad siege began


Civil servants, including armed forces personnel, university scholars, government departments support ISIS operations in Malaysia


Harvard Removes Labels From Israeli SodaStream Machines To Avoid Offending Muslims


Saudi Arabia Reportedly Passes Law to Execute “Bible Smugglers”


Imagine No Religion: The Western Media and Islamic Terror


Iraq Tank Sale Will Profit ISIS


How ISIS Surgeons Are Using Hostages In The Most Inhumane Way To Bank Roll Their Terror State


Official: Russia plotting to start war on Israel


Brigitte Gabriel to Muslim Woman Who claims Majority of Muslims are Portrayed Badly: The Peaceful Majority are Irrelevant


Germany, Anti-Islam, and Vladimir Putin


New York Police Officers Shot Dead in Squad Car ‘Assassination’


Jihadist Cops Killer Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley’s Quran Tweets #NYPD #DefeatJihad #Savages


VIDEO: NYPD officers turn away from Mayor de Blasio as he enters police presser for cops murdered by #jihad


Brooklyn cop killer Ismaaiyl Brinsley’s FB page has Qur’an quote: “Strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah”


Obama releases four more detainees from Gitmo, sends them back to jihad in Afghanistan


The Islamic State (ISIS) turning churches into torture chambers, selling Christian artifacts


France: Muslim attacks police, stabs one in the face, yells “Allahu Akbar” “Takbir”!


Taliban threaten to kill politicians’ kids next


Britain just ‘days away’ from terror plot, says Met chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe


Nigeria: Islamic jihadists take elderly people to schools, open fire, murder 50


Indonesia: Muslim group warns President not to say “Merry Christmas”


Sweden: Two car bombs rock Muslim area of Malmo


Islamic State mocks US with photoshopped Santa held hostage


Yemen: Islamic jihadists murder 15 children in car bomb attacks


Islamic State releases graphic images of man’s hand being amputated for theft


New York legislator gets Islamic State-style threat


New Gitmo release sparks safety fears for troops in Afghanistan...


Iran has know-how to build nukes, senior cleric claims...


FEAR IN FRANCE - Second car attack in as many days injures 11


Driver reportedly heard shouting 'Allahu Akbar' hurts 13 in French city


Muslim Driver Runs Down Pedestrians for Half Hour Shouting “Allahu Akbar” - Eleven Injured


ISIS mines compound hidden killer that's plagued Iraq for decades


Xenophobia rises in Berlin...

Record 17,000 rally against 'Islamisation'...

Italian authorities crack neo-Fascist plot to attack immigrants...


Turkey's President Slams Birth Control as 'Treason'...


Who at the @StateDept @ThinkAgain_DOS is Working with Terror Group Hamas-CAIR?


Islamic State (ISIS) Says Only a Matter of Time Before Europe Is Conquered; Plan ‘Largest Religious Cleansing Campaign’ in History


US Govt Offers $5 Million Bounty for Islamic Terrorist It Released


HORRIFIC Propaganda VIDEO: Dozens of “infidels” slaughtered in jihad massacre in Nigeria: “We can’t live with unbelievers on the same land.”


Denmark: 8 of the 9 top ethnic groups that commit violent crime are immigrants from Muslim countries


VIDEO: ‘Dragged by hair and sold for $24 at markets’ – Western Muslim converts buying girls as young as 12 for sex slavery


ISIS Beheads Syrian Soldier, Threatens Obama With Similar Fate: ‘[We Have] Come To You, O Barack Obama… To The Heart Of New York… We Will Slaughter You As We Slaughtered This Pig”


The NYPD Cop-Killing: The Chickens Come Home to Roost


Obama: Against Free Speech Before He Was For It


Another Muslim from Minnesota killed fighting for the Islamic State


Nigeria: Islamic jihadists massacre civilians, say they’re being killed because they’re infidels


Nigeria: Islamic jihadists bomb bus station, murder at least 20 people


Islamic State: “Our expansion will be perpetual…Those who do not convert to Islam or pay the Islamic tax will be killed”


Egypt: Churches burned by Muslim mobs last year still in ruins


PA jihadi tries to murder IDF soldier at checkpoint


Pakistan: 11 Christians, including a pastor, accused of blasphemy


The Islamization of France in 2014


Heading for a Jew-Free Turkey


A British Mother Reportedly Left Welfare Behind and Is Now Helping Recruit for the Islamic State


A dark future for Afghanistan grows more likely as U.S. forces withdraw


Rare Islamic State visit reveals 'brutal and strong' force


Sex-slavery trauma


How extremist groups raise money


Mosul diaries: Poisoned by water


Yazidis' tales of survival


American Soldiers’ Support for President Obama Breaks 15% - All-Time Poor Record


U.S. Government Puts $5 Million Bounty on Al-Qaeda Terrorist It Had Just Released from Gitmo


Germany's Nationalist Marches Grow...

Demonstrators Sing Christmas Carols Against 'Islamization'...

Rising anti-Semitism in UK...

France gripped by fear after attacks...

300 extra soldiers deployed into streets...

Bullet smashes through window at Paris synagogue...


From Iraqi mountaintop, a fierce battle to free IS-held town...


Women tortured, raped, sold into sexual slavery...

Dress Code: Long black robes with gloves and face veils...


France: Muslim destroys Christmas decorations, screams “Allahu akbar


French prosecutor: Muslim driver who hit pedestrians screamed “Allahu akbar” “to give himself courage to act, and not out of religious belief”


FBI warns of possible Islamic State jihad terror plot in Memphis


Saudi Grand Mufti: Child marriages are OK


French Arrest Gunman “Armed to the Teeth” Headed to the Center of Cannes, Troops Deployed


NYC Jihad Cop Killer’s Undiscovered Social Media Accounts Show Islam/Jihad Side [VIDEO]


French authorities: No evidence of religious motive or terror behind 3 “allahu akbar” attacks that have injured dozens


17,500 Patriots Gather to Sing Christmas Carols Against Islamisation in Germany


Tens Of Thousands Of Germans Gather Together To Protest Against Islam - Keep Germany Christian, Not Islamic


Canada: 21-year-old Muslim convert arrested for Islamic terrorist plot against Montreal police precincts


President of Montreal’s police says jihadists pose real threat to police

UPDATE: Jordanian warplane crashed in Syria; Not shot down by ISIS...

Militants capture pilot...

Turning Christian churches into torture chambers...


Grisly finds in Iraqi Yazidi village taken back from ISIS militants


ISIS ramps up persecution of Christians in Middle East


Attacks stir Afghan fears as US mission ends

VIDEO: Will US troop drawdown embolden the Taliban?


Survivor of Saddam '88 gas attack recalls the horrors


Krauthammer: Obama’s promise to close Guantanamo Bay ‘completely illogical’


New issue of jihadist magazine suggests attacks against USA...


Jihad Magazine INSPIRE Issue 13 Urges More “Lone Wolf” Attacks


DRAMA: Netanyahu disqualified for party primary...

Israel police reveal huge political corruption investigation...


Germany on high alert over Islamic terror attack threats “highest in 40 years”


VIDEO of Pennsylvania Muslim cleric Fethullah Gülen: “Explode yourselves like a bomb against the US”


EU Parliament shoots down anti-Semitism task force


Islamic State (ISIS) Says Only a Matter of Time Before Europe Is Conquered; Plan ‘Largest Religious Cleansing Campaign’ in History


2ND VEHICULAR JIHAD IN FRANCE IN 2 DAYS: Muslim Shouting “Allahu Akbar” Rams His Car into Christmas Shoppers


Al-Azhar professor cites Protocols of the Elders of Zion, says Jews promote atheism to rule the world


ISIS Fighters Use Amphetamines For Courage


Fearing more “mental illness,” France deploys soldiers in city centers


Obama State Department Working With Designated Islamic Terror Group to Whitewash Them


NYPD Cop Killer Worked for Muslim Brotherhood Hamas-Linked Islamic Society of North America


Montreal: Muslim arrested for terrorist threats against police


Feds Flooding U.S. With Muslim Immigrants, As Government Data Shows Economy Is Falling Apart


Israel's Gas Dream – The End Is Nigh


France’s Anti-Semitic Nightmare


ISIS’s Sex Slave Pamphlet — on The Glazov Gang


Why Do 80% of Palestinians Support Murder?


Sharia Law: Draconian Legal System — on The Glazov Gang


Christians and Churches Attacked in the West - Muslim Persecution of Christians, September 2014


The Modern Day Miracle of Israel - A Lesson in Optimism from Israel


The Unexpected Founding Fathers Of ISIS, And The Shocking Connection To Hitler - ...exerted pressure on Hitler to solve the "Jewish problem" once and for all.


US military equipment being detoured for possible battle vs. ISIS


Days After Shots Fired in Attack on Synagogue, “Gunmen” Open Fire at Jewish Restaurant in Paris


German is stabbed in back by Muslim after wishing him and two Muslim women Merry Christmas


13-year-old girl: My father gave me to Boko Haram


Christian priest: Thanks to Israel, I can have a Merry Christmas


UK: Muslim driver hits two pedestrians with his car, kills them


Saudi women drivers referred to terrorism court


Pakistan agrees on new antiterrorism plan, pledges to “eradicate Taliban”


Mauritania sentences man to death for apostasy


Pope says Islam is religion of peace, then begs Muslims to condemn violence


Designated terror group CAIR’s Christmas Card CON


Boko Haram’s 2014 jihad: 9,000 killed, 1.5 million displaced


BBC: Yazidi Women Recount the Horror of the Islamic States Slave Trade


Jihad-martyrdom suicide bomber in Iraqi army uniform murders 33 people south of Baghdad


Salon: “No proof that Jesus even existed”; Muhammad’s existence “established beyond the shadow of a doubt”


Muslim who said “Australian government needs to stop picking on the Muslims here” arrested on jihad terror charges


German Salafis set out to convert Poles to Islam: ‘Our brothers and sisters are already preparing videos on YouTube’


Pakistan: Muslim cleric says fight against Taliban is “un-Islamic”


Egypt: Christians “pray outdoors in spite of the cold air and coming of Christmas”


France: Now 1,000 soldiers deployed on streets to combat Christmas jihad terror attacks


How Western Media Enable Islamic Terrorism


Kurdistan: More Like Israel, Less Like Iraq – Good news, and good reading.


To Kill a Kafir — on The Glazov Gang - The discussion occurred within the context of Sharia Law: Draconian Legal System, in which Dr. Dalcour unveiled the nightmare spawned by Islamic “theocracy.”


Al-Qaeda’s Younger Brother in Florida


Obama Won’t Stand Firm Against the Taliban Even in Wake of Pakistan School Massacre


Israel: “Palestinians” firebomb car, 11-year-old Jewish girl in critical condition


Germany: Muslims attack Church-goers, force their way into the St. Mary’s Church, shouting “Shit Christians”


Libya: Islamic jihadis murder 13-year-old Christian girl


New issue of al-Qaeda magazine devoted to “jihad in America”

Al-Qaeda warns of more lone wolves...


Australia: Muslims planned to “turn Blue Mountains into killing ground”


US gives Pakistan free pass and $1 billion, ignores its ties to jihad terror groups


Malian academic: What Islamic jihad groups did in Mali “has nothing to do with Islam


Pakistan: Christians in Peshawar celebrate Christmas behind cement blocks, barbed wire, and 2,000 policemen


Egyptian security forces foil jihad terrorist attack on Coptic Christmas celebrations


Islamic State issues rules for Christians living in “state of subjugation”


PLANNER PUT DOWN - Security forces kill massacre architect in Pakistan


VIDEO: US drone strike kills at least seven Taliban militants


Pakistani military says airstrikes kill 39 militants


Pakistan to setup military courts to deal with terrorism cases


Obama: Afghanistan won't be source of terrorist attacks again


Islamic State Issues Seven Rules For Christians Living In Raqqa


Egypt catches Islamic State infiltrating Sinai


Tzipi Livni: Abbas Torpedoed Peace Process


The Islamisation of Sweden


Sanction Relief Empowering the Mullahs, Not Citizens


Palestinians Attempt to Co-Opt Jewish History


New Documentary Puts You 'Beneath The Helmet' Of The Israeli Military


Al Shabaab Gunmen Attack a Christmas Party at an African Union Base in Somalia


Are we underestimating ISIS?


Are We Taking the ISIS Threat Too Seriously?


Michele Bachmann says: Obama Embraces ‘Agenda of Islamic Jihad’ to Convert “United States into an Islamic Caliphate”


Obama sides with Islamic group over FBI


Every Christmas Now Comes With Muslim Terrorism


Obama Spends Christmas Trying To Get Islamist Groups Off Terror List


Middle East Aflame – Palestinians Pushing Israel Into Another War


Washington plans favor for Shariah-run society


The Destruction of the Middle East


Islamic State Fighters are Moving Ever Closer Towards Israel


Obama Unsure of Condemning Taliban Over School Massacre


European Diplomat: Of course we hold Israel to a higher standard


Picture of Western teen jihadi sparks fears of Islamic State propaganda coup


The Mosque Attack that Wasn’t


Danish couple beaten with chains on Christmas Eve – Horrible beating


Watch VIDEO: Devout Muslims Torture Woman For Buying From Christian


Islamic State blows up church on the day after Christmas


Jihadis kill 14: “We targeted the enemies at a time they were celebrating Christmas”


Pakistan: Ahmadi killed after Muslim leader calls them “enemy” on TV


Egyptian writer charged for tweet “defaming” Islam


Terror leader with $3M bounty on his head surrenders in Somalia, officials says


Syria gov't claims it's ready for preliminary peace talks

Al-Qaeda warns of more lone wolves...


Iran military helps Iraq fight ISIS; Obama welcomes...


Pakistani officials furious over country's portrayal in 'HOMELAND'...





US Charter School Muslim Founder Fethullah Gülen: “Explode yourselves like a bomb against the US”


The Palestinians' Real Enemy: Europe


Alarms sound over possible move to recognize Iran


Judge Jeanine Opening "Christians Under Attack" Investigating The Attacks On Christians


New Video Reveals the Heartbreaking Stories of the Brave Women Who Survived ISIS Sex Slavery


New Investigation Into ISIS Terror Machine Uncovers 6 Horrific Findings That Should Alarm the World


A Mississippi Burning – The Curious Case Of Jessica Lane Chambers…


This Video Is a Street Terrorism How-To Guide (GRAPHIC)


Toward a More Perfect Turkish Language - "The revolution will be complete when the language is perfect." - George Orwell, 1984


Christmas surprise: Jesus declared a Palestinian


After Capturing Its First Fighter Pilot, ISIS Comes Up with Unusual Way of Asking How He Should Die


EU Multicultural Crisis Continues – “Savages” From Somalia Attack Danes…


NO GOODWILL VISIT - Hamas blocks Gaza war orphans from Israel trip


Palestinians push for UN vote on Israeli withdrawal timetable


Obama praises troops for 'extraordinary sacrifice' as Afghan mission ends

Afghan police lead fight against insurgents at high cost

President declares combat missions in Afghanistan are over


US searches for secrets to power of Islamic State... - General turns to experts outside Pentagon... Developing...






















Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America – Largely for law enforcement at all levels.  Will open your eyes even more.


Agent Storm: My Life Inside Al Qaeda and the CIA - Morten Storm with Paul Cruickshank & Tim Lister