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We sleep safely at night because rough men and women stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm.


“Chaos is the law of nature, and order is the dream of man”



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·        View Top Ten Quran Verses for Understanding ISIS (the Islamic State)

·        See “Begin to Understand Islam With These 118 Robert Spencer Articles”

·        See The Rise of the Islamic State

·        See Ibn Warraq speaks at Yale

·        Read Islam 101 by Gregory Davis

·        What Really Is Islam?

·        David Wood on the 3 stages of Jihad

·        The Third Jihad - Radical Islam's Vision for America

·        A timeline of the Islamic faith

·        Three Things About Islam

·        Jihadology


What ISIS Really Wants


James Burnham on Militant Islam and the Clash of Civilizations - The price of failing to acknowledge the spiritual inspiration of one's enemies


Bill Warner, PhD: Jihad vs. Crusades --  Good one.  Note the battle map - relentless jihad.


“Moderate” Muslim Leader says all Muslims are “Radical” and “Extremists”

VICE News: The Islamic State


It’s in the Quran


Dualism in the Koran: Calling Islam a Religion of Peace is an Outright LIE


Radical Islam: The Most Dangerous Ideology -  - Get all the facts in under 5-minutes.


Lying about Islam's Doctrine of Deception


Obama finally tells the truth!


The Battle Against ISIS: A Battle of Life vs. Death


Historic Foreign Intelligence Provider Recounts What Muslims Do & what They are Really After


Robert Spencer – 2015 NALC Convocation Keynote Speaker    -    Robert Spencer, jihad expert, to speak at NALC Convocation


Robert Spencer on the theological aspects of Islam that lead to jihad


Muslim Student Challenged A Christian Speaker, Her EPIC Response Will Restore Your Faith In America


The American Jahiliyyah in a Period of Elections and National Danger


Why Islam Is a Religion of War


“Why every Muslim is a Terrorist” – Good and important reading


The Logic of Islamic Intolerance - And why Western illogic cannot comprehend or respond to Islamic jihad.


Islamic State Facts Every American Must Know


Is Islam a Religion of Peace?


By the Numbers – Muslim Extremism is a Bigger Problem than You Realize – Watch the video.


Muslim Brotherhood's plan & Obama connection exposed


Myth of the ‘Moderate Muslim’


10 Things America Must Do To Defend Itself From Jihad


The ‘Same God’ Question (Part 1)


The ‘Same God’ Question (Part 2)


4 Stages of Islamic Conquest


Alan King's The Middle East Story, 1980's


Islam Is Not A Mystery


How Much Time Do You Have To Find Out About Islam? - Why learning the truth about Islam is such a tremendous challenge for Unbelievers



Refugee Resettlement


Sweden Has Had Enough: No More Refugees


Palestinians: Save Us from the Good-Hearted Westerners!


White House Suddenly Delays Iran Sanctions


U.K. government responds to petition to ban Donald Trump


Erdogan Just Said That His Caliphate Will Mimic Hitler’s Nazi Germany


Turkish President Denies he was Using Hitler's Germany as a good Example


Peace on Earth? Bad signs on New Year’s Day - Bellicose North Korea, Iran swimming in missiles, Turkey smiles on Hitler


A Smorgasbord of Swedish Anti-Semitism


Israelis With Rifles Helped Deter Tel Aviv Mass Shooter


Swiss army chief warns of social unrest, tells people ‘Arm yourselves’


Will Dubai's Good Times Last?


Muslim Machete Attack on NY Restaurant Patrons Thwarted


Who are Israel’s Worst Enemy? Liberal Jews


Authorities in Brussels Thwart Planned New Year's Eve Terrorist Attack


Salon: Muslim set Mosque on Fire, Because of "Escalating Anti-Muslim Violence"


Iranians storm, set ablaze Saudi embassy - Reports say consulate also under siege following execution of Shia cleric


Saudis cut ties with Iran following Shiite cleric execution


Jihad in Germany: Suicide Bombers Still At Large: Were Planning To Kill Scores Of People In Coordinated Attacks On New Year’s Eve


Muslim Immigration is What ISIS Wants


Life for women under Islamic law in Saudi Arabia


Merkel's Bold Move and a Needed Correction


Refugee crisis could shake up German political landscape in 2016


Myth of the ‘Moderate Muslim’


The Latest: UN rights chief slams Saudi mass execution


India says search for attackers at air base still not over


Israeli police investigate whether shooting in Tel Aviv was first attack by ISIS


New Year's Wish: A Worthwhile Palestinian Partner for Peace


UK's Cameron says ISIS' video showing execution of 'spies' is 'desperate stuff'


Political Scientist: Islam Is Incompatible With America’s Founding


Swiss General: Europe ”On The Verge Of Civil War,” Citizens Must Arm Themselves


Hillary Clinton Thinks Barack Obama is Wrong on Christian Genocide - Or Does She?


Saudi Arabia Creates Enemies on Both Sides of Islam following Executions


Jihad recruitment video highlights “Minnesota martyrs”


Reyaad Khan and Ruhul Amin appeared in ISIS recruitment video


Terror Recruitment Video Highlights ‘Minnesota Martyrs’


New ISIS Video Is Compilation Execution of Egyptian Men & Soldiers


Saudi v. Iran v. Bahrain v. Israel v. Syria v. Iraq v. Sunnis v. Shiites v. Putin v. Obama


Saudi Arabia Cuts Ties with Iran After Protests


Saudi Arabia vs Iran? A Plague on Both Your Houses


Palestinian Leaders Promise a New Year of Violence and Death


Five 'Spies' Killed in Chilling ISIS Video Aimed at UK


Erdogan Cites Hitler's Germany As Exemplar Presidential System


Iranians Burn Girls' Dolls Without Hijab


Research on the Islamic State, Syria, and Iraq


Muslims Students Learn From the Best


1,000 migrants rape, steal, brawl at train station - New Year's Eve becomes war zone with men from Arab countries


The List – Jihad in America 2015


Salon: Muslim set Mosque on Fire, Because of "Escalating Anti-Muslim Violence"


ISIS to Activate Thousands of Sleeper Cells in 2016 to Destabilize the West


Norway: Oslo Police — “We Have Lost the City”


Michigan Muslima “Activist’ Lambasts People who Prohibit Stabbing of Jews by Palestinians: It’s Like Defending Animal Rights at Best


WATCH: New ISIS Video Is Compilation Execution of Egyptian Men & Soldiers


WATCH VIDEO: Islamic State threatens UK, shows murder of five “British spies”


Obama’s ‘Peaceful’ Muslims Go On Live TV To Claim ‘We Have The Right To Kill Anyone!’


Muslims On Food Stamps Walk Into Food Bank And Make 1 Demand That Will Shock You


Watch Trump’s Response When CNN Host Asks Him if He Thinks ‘Muslims Are a Problem’


US Criminalizing Free Speech? – So what about “protecting” Christians?


Yes, Muslims Should Be Asked to Condemn Islamic Terror – You should not have to ask them to do so.


Will Mideast Allies Drag Us Into War?


Teachers executed in Mosul for refusing ISIS school curriculum


Halting the Christian Holocaust that Obama Ignores


Did Nabil Huruy Kill in the Name of Allah?


Anti-Islamisation ‘PEGIDA’ Group Launches UK Chapter


NOT Our Friends!: Saudis Training Terrorists Using American-Supplied Weapons


Paris' Eerily Familiar 1930s Immigrant Problem


Inside the warped world of Jihadi Junior's British mother who shops for nappies with an AK-47 slung over her shoulder before her husband spends the night fighting for ISIS 


'They killed old ladies because they could not use them for sex slaves': Inside Sinjar, where clothes and bones have washed out of mass graves filled with hundreds of Yazidis massacred by ISIS


More Countries Follow Saudi Example in Cutting Ties with Iran


President Obama Chairs the U.N. Security Council Meeting on Foreign Terrorist Fighters


Germany stunned after scores of women in Cologne attacked by groups of Middle Eastern men


Lessons We Palestinians Can Learn


Two Weaknesses Could Undo the Islamist Movement


Merkel on Cologne sex assaults: don’t blame refugees


House Dems STRIKE to Implement First Sharia Law


ISIS kills Syrian teen for homosexuality … after commander raped him


Michigan Muslim woman says permissible for Palestinian Muslims to stab Jews


US-aligned regimes in Middle East cutting ties to Iran


Muslim of the Year


WATCH: Migrants Launch Fireworks Into Crowds in Cologne


Iran Film Series – The Clarion Project


Iran Showcases More Images of Nuclear Missiles


Lutheran Social Service changing the face of Minnesota with Somali refugees


Experiment reveals Facebook’s pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel bias


Iran Reveals Another Reason the Obama Administration's Nuke Deal was a Pig in a Poke


Retired General says ISIS is Serving the Interest of America’s Allies


Russian Imperialism Meets Delusions of Ottoman Grandeur


You Say Islamist - I Say Wahhabist


Islamic Supremacist Clubs Colorado Meat Plant for Resisting Islamization of Workplace


U.S. in grip of 'Muhammad' baby boom - Number of Muslim-Americans born to Middle Eastern migrants 'off the charts'


Trump scorches Islamic rape jihad on women - 'Disaster' as Muslim refugees run amok in new host country


Who Actually Represents American Muslims? - According to a 2011 Gallup poll, about 88% of American Muslims said that CAIR does not represent them.


Expert: North Korea H-bomb is 'super-EMP weapon'


German Human Rights Chief: Erdogan's Turkey 'Does Not Belong in the EU'


British Ban of Trump Would Be Savage


The Aftermath of Al-Nimr's Execution


American Citizen Charged with Conspiring to Murder U.S. Nationals and Conspiring to Use a Weapon of Mass Destruction in Attack Against U.S. Military Base in Afghanistan - Muhanad Mahmoud Al Farekh


ISIS blows up 4-year-old child after murdering his father in front of him


ISIS Executes 25 Gay People in Syria


Syrian Husband Offers Wife's Rape for Passage to Europe


Bouncy-Castle Salesman Jumped Bail to Be ISIS Executioner


UK Review of Muslim Brotherhood: Top 13 Quotes


Video Shows True Evil Nature of ISIS (Graphic Warning)


No More Shadow Boxing – It’s for Real now


Germany: New Years Eve sexual assaults much worse than previously reported; involved Syrian refugees


Mayor of Cologne: Women should follow a “code of conduct” to stop themselves from being attacked by mobs of Middle Eastern men


Is the Saudi Monarchy on Its Last Legs?


Police report shows their side of Cologne assaults


Salzburg women report NYE sexual assaults


Shall I just buy a burka and get it over with? Europe's governments may be desperate to cover it up but Cologne proves that many Muslim men have NO respect for white women - or the cultures of the countries they are invading 


Evidence Contradicts Cleric's Claim of 'Casual' Relationship with San Bernardino Terrorist


Muslim Male "Refugees" Are Gang Raping Women in Europe


German elites target 'hate speech' after migrant rape spree


Migrant Sex Pests: ‘You Have To Treat Me Kindly! Mrs Merkel Has Invited Me’, 14 of 15 Arrested ‘Syrian’


Trump Warns Britain: Ban Me and You’ll Lose $1B in Investments


Rape jihad shows 'Germany is no longer German' - 'This massive immigration is simply changing the face of the world'


Cologne sex attackers risk deportation - Merkel


Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Responsible for Torture


Is Europe Giving Up?


Saudi Barbarity, Iranian Hypocrisy


Suspect in Cologne sex attacks: “I am Syrian. You have to treat me kindly. Mrs Merkel invited me.”


Philly cop ambushed, shot 'in name of Islam' - Suspect in 'Muslim garb' reportedly confesses


Philly Officer Ambushed By Terrorist Who Says He Did it For Islam, Pledged to ISIS


NEVER GIVE UP THE FIGHT: Ambushed Philly Cop Prevails Over Muslim Assassin


Man Shoots Philly Cop Several Times With a Stolen Police Gun 'in the Name of Islam' & Pledges His Allegiance to ISIS


Christianity Under Assault Worldwide


Islam Set To Become The Second-Largest Religion In America By 2040


As Muslim population grows, what can happen to a society?


Muslim sex attacks rock 6 countries - 'The idea of multicultural Europe has failed'


MORE savage sex attacks: TEEN girls GANG-RAPED by four Syrian ‘REFUGEES’ in Germany


Cologne police chief ‘to resign’ following mass sexual attacks against hundreds of women


Reports across Germany of organized sexual assault attacks       


Islamic State Jihadi Publicly EXECUTES His OWN MOTHER for Apostasy


Fannie Mae Rolls Out Easy Mortgage, Catering To High-Risk Immigrants


Philly cop shooter: “I follow Allah. I pledge my allegiance to the Islamic State. That is why I did what I did.”


Philadelphia Mayor: Shooting of cop in name of Islam had “nothing to do with being a Muslim or following the Islamic faith”


Islamic State jihadi executes his mother


Islamic State trapped Christians in coffins and set them aflame


Uzbek National Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison on Terrorism Charges - Fazliddin Kurbanov


California Man Arrested for Making False Statements in a Terrorism Investigation - Aws Mohammed Younis Al-Jayab


Texas Man Charged with Attempting to Provide Material Support to ISIL - Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan


Sweden: "Have the Taliban Come to Town?" - One Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Sweden: December 2015


Will 2016 Be the Year of Abbas Diplomacy?


An Immigrant Flash Mob ‘Mass Sex Attack,’ What’s to Stop it From Happening Here?


Google Proves Widespread Muslim Pedophilia


Are Israel's days numbered?


The Islamization of Germany in 2015 - "We are importing religious conflict"


Germany: The demonstrators chanted, “Merkel muss weg” — “Merkel must go.”


Germany’s new normal: Roving bands of Third World misogynists


Suicide by Immigration: Two More Iraqi Refugees Bite the Hand that Feeds Them


Top General Warns of New ISIS Threat on US Southern Border


What They Didn’t Tell You: Trump “Silent Protester” Is Actually A Supporter Of Islamic Terrorism


“Religion of Peace” rapes and pillages Europe…Is America Next?


OBAMA REGIME COVER UP: 113 More Muslim Immigrants To The US Have Been Implicated In Terrorist Plots Against The U.S. Just Since 2014


Another 41 Foreign-Born Individuals Snagged On Terror Charges


The Muslim Brotherhood is a Bigger Threat than ISIS


The UN's Role in U.S. Refugee Resettlement


Germany Just Can't Get It Right


Blame Terror on Everyone but Terrorists!


Is Obama Secretly Lobbying To Be President Of The WORLD?


Obama Wants to Become UN Secretary General, Netanyahu Doing Everything He Can to Stop Him


European values need not be threatened by migrant influx: pope


AJC issues new publication explaining Arab-Israeli conflict – See the following:


Israel and the Arab-Israeli Conflict - A BRIEF GUIDE FOR THE PERPLEXED


Turkey: 'IS suicide bomber' kills 10 in Istanbul Sultanahmet district - As IS comes under pressure, it has warned of more attacks against its enemies - not only in Turkey, but in Europe and the US.


Germany Sells Out Of Pepper Spray As "Frightened Germans Buy Protection Against Refugees"


Safety concerns drive Mace sales around the world


NYT: It’s Germany’s fault migrants committed rape on New Year’s Eve


Muslim woman removed from Trump rally used CNN to coordinate her spectacle


Police warning: ISIS on the loose in Philadelphia


Migrant Crisis Dominates Most Widely Read Middle East Forum Articles of 2015


Teen arrested after police 'cover up' sex attacks - As many as 50 Afghan refugees who had come to Sweden without their parents were suspected to be involved.


Head In Sand CBS On Philly Shooter: ‘Authorities Trying To Verify He Shot Officer In Islam’s Name’


Sex Crimes Across Germany: The Coverup Unravels


Sweden Covered-Up Systematic Rape during Festival Because Migrants “Awkward to Write About”


Young Blonde Model Erin Krantz Learned the Hard Way about Promoting Multiculturalism in Sweden


Horror: Number of Alleged New Year's Eve Sexual Assaults and Attacks By Muslim Refugees in Germany Reaches 500


Does the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Still Matter?


H.Res.569 - Condemning violence, bigotry, and hateful rhetoric towards Muslims in the United States.


Conservative Black State Senator Elbert Guillory Rips Obama’s ISIS Strategy


The Other Face of Jihad - On New Year's Eve, large gangs of Arab, North African, and Muslim men sexually assaulted women in a large number of cities in both Germany and in Austria.




“Religion of Peace” rapes and pillages Europe…Is America Next?


Francis, Far From Infallible


Member of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula Pleads Guilty to Terrorism Charges - Minh Quang Pham, aka Amin


ISIS Followers Plan To Take Over Gaza Strip


Turkey: Is It Religiously All Right to Lust for My Daughter?


Texas city overrun with warring tribes (and we’re not just talking Crips and Bloods) - As Texas officials spar with Obama administration lawyers over refugee resettlement, Amarillo is building Muslim “ghettos.”


Refugee terror! Migrant kills 10 in suicide bombing


Terrorist released by Obama: I will kill Americans


Millions in ISIS Cash Destroyed in U.S. Airstrike


German Women Face the Brunt of Islamophile Policies of their Government


Norway Ready to Rid Itself of Radical Mullah Krekar


Excuses, Excuses: Planetwide Cover-Up On Islamic Violence


Obama: ‘There Are No Existential Threats’ To The U.S.


Get-out-of-jail-free card for Muslims - Joseph Farah sees Philly mayor's comment as 'new low' in Islamophilia


ISIS Adherents Praise San Bernardino Massacre, “America Burning”


Hillary Email Bombshell: Clinton Considered Secret Plan to Spark Palestinian Intifada Against Israel


U.S. Citizen Indicted for Supporting and Receiving Military Training from Al Shabaab - Maalik Alim Jones


The West's Terminal Radical Islam Denial Syndrome


The Global State of War


Germany Dealing With Pains Of Failed Integration


Sweden's Walking Diplomatic Disaster


Glazov Gang’s 2015 Episode of The Year: Choudary, Spencer and Jasser Battle It Out On “Jihad in Chattanooga”


At least 3 dead after gunfire, explosions rock downtown Jakarta


'SO HE COULD KILL PEOPLE': Federal agent says Iraqi refugee wanted to bomb Texas malls


HOW TO BLEND IN: ISIS issues tips for wanna-be 'lone wolf' attackers


TERROR AT HOME: FBI investigating shooting of Philly cop as act of terrorism


Iranian footage shows US sailors treated like prisoners of war


Kerry: Iran to get sanctions relief 'very soon'


Kerry uses Iran freeing US sailors to tout nuke deal

PHOTOS: Iran releases images of sailors in custody


Iran Releases 10 US Sailors


VIDEO: Supreme Court tackles reparations for Iranian terror


Iran: Obama apologized to us


Boom in demand for self-defence weapons


Give Women the Right to Defend Themselves


Danish nightspots report that male refugees are assaulting female customers


Rape Epidemic In Europe: Why Won’t European Politicians Do Anything To Stop It?


Is Europe Choosing to Self-Destruct?


Excuses, Excuses: Planetwide Cover-Up On Islamic Violence


Blame Terror on Everyone but Terrorists!


Judge To Philly Mayor Who Said Muslim Attack on Cop had Nothing to do with Islam: Shut Your Mouth!


Tunisia's Fragile Post-Revolutionary Order - North African Turmoil


Poland to accept no more than 400 refugees this year


Al Jazeera America is dead: Network goes dark


Palestinian Authority Antisemitism: Overview of 2015


Identifying Islamists Through Interrogations


Unreal: Obama Frees Gitmo Detainee Who Vowed to 'Kill As Many Americans As He Could' Upon Release


Palestinian Authority Antisemitism: Overview of 2015


Germany to Make It Easier to Deport Migrants Who Commit Crimes


Swedish Police Caught Covering up Rapes by Migrants


Putting a Lid on ISIS: US Bombs Islamic State Cash Reserves


CAIR Officials Invited as Guests to State of Union Address


When North Korea Tests a Nuke, Assume It's Iran's as Well


'ISIS Training Yazidi Children As Suicide Bombers'


Egypt's President Attends Mass, Vows to Rebuild Churches


Mothers Appeal to Women and Girls Not to Join ISIS


Kerry thanks Iran for their “appropriate response” — as Iran airs video of U.S. sailor apologizing


John Kerry Thanks Iran for Taking Our Sailors Hostage and Humiliating Them


Biden: Hey, Iran was just helping out our boats “in distress,” Kerry thanks Tehran


Number of Germans who say the country’s already accepted too many refugees reaches 62%


French Jews advised to hide their identities after anti-Semitic attacks


No, Mr. Obama, we're NOT safe from Islamic terror – Examples from each of the months of 2015


Obama’s Dangerous Terrorism Delusion


Savage terror attack by ISIS leaves 7 dead


Islamic State Carries Out Massive Coordinated Attacks in Jakarta, at Least 17 Dead


Outrage as 10 Terrorists are shipped back to Al Qaeda country - Obama seems to have a love fest with Muslim terrorists.


Islam Says: No Dogs, Dancing, and Definitely No Talking During Sex – COMING TO AMERICA BY THE THOUSANDS


China May Enter War Against Islamic State


Obama grants clemency to seven in Iran deal - On Saturday, prosecutors moved to drop charges against Matin Sadeghi, a fugitive in the same case who was being sought in a wanted poster available on the FBI website.


Migrants have Opposite Effects than What Left Predicted


'Brussels Won't Admit Migrant Policy Caused Cologne'


The Coming War between Iran and Saudi Arabia Was Prophesied by AntiChrist False Prophets


SOTU: Obama Ignores San Bernardino, Singles Out Muslim as Victims


Asylum Seekers Play the “Rape Game” Across Europe


Muslim Gang Rape Phenomena Spreading West


Obama Refugee Planned to Bomb Texas Malls “I am against America”

Islamic State training kidnapped children to kill their parents


Maryland Man Indicted for Conspiring to Provide and for Providing Material Support to ISIL - Mohamed Elshinawy


How (and Why) Palestinian Leaders Scare the World


Sanctions Relief Will Only Aid Iran’s Network of Terror


Islamism Responsible for More U.S. Murders than 'Right-Wing' Extremism


Obama Promised to Veto Visa Restrictions for Mullahs


Radical Islamists Have Been Crossing U.S.-Mexico Border for Over Decade – Government knew


The Real War on Women in a Nightmarish Islamic State - How the Islamic Republic hates, tortures and kills females.


Schoolgirls report abuse by young asylum seekers


The backlash: Neo-Nazis on the rampage. Gun sales soaring. SUE REID warns sex attacks by migrants have unleashed dark forces in Germany that have disturbing echoes of the past


Europeans stocking up on guns after mass sex attacks


Sweden: State-funded Muslim “Sniper” Training


2015's Hits at


Research on the Islamic State, Syria, and Iraq


Obama Administration stonewalling investigation into 113 terrorists inside US


Pakistani boy cuts off his own hand after accidentally committing “blasphemy”


Pakistan Arrests Imam After Boy Cuts Off Own 'Blaspheming' Hand


When Muslims Mutilate Themselves for Allah


Mainstreaming Islamic Oppression


Palestinian Acts of "Peace"


Multiculturalism' Latest Victim --Women


Iraqi ‘refugee’ planning to bomb Houston-area malls for ISIS


Sweden: Arab student stabbed to death fellow teen who protected girl from sexual assault


Pentagon Official Says Obama Regime Blocking Info From Getting Out About Detention Of U.S. Sailors…


The Russians Can Prove that Turkey and ISIS are Working Together!


Knife-Wielding Muslima in Hijab Attempts to Stab Bus Rider (Video)


Look What Happens When a Gun-Toting Frenchman Goes for His Gun after being Attacked by Muslim "Refugees"


Who Is Betraying the Palestinians?


Why America needs to get ready for a ‘100-year war’ with radical Islam


Wisconsin Manufacturing Company Changed its Prayer On The Job Policy, Muslims Resign


Company says Muslims can pray on scheduled breaks only or find another job


Wisconsin: It is not just meatpackers having problems with Muslim refugee employees


What To Do About Muslim Workers


Employer tells CAIR to butt out of Muslim prayer dispute


San Bernardino Terrorists Had Plans To Cause Serious Devastation 


Turkish Clerics Weigh in on Father-Daughter Lust


Muslim women's segregation in UK communities must end - Cameron - A £20m fund to teach Muslim women in the UK to speak English will tackle segregation and help them resist the lure of extremism, David Cameron says.


Stabbing death of 15 year old schoolboy by ‘Arab migrant’ classmate in Sweden sparks outrage


A Gruesome Christmas under Islam


Islamist running 140 tax-funded charter schools in U.S Casts broad net of influence over lawmakers


Liberal Feminist Politicians Are ‘Failing Women’ By Ignoring Islamic Sex Attacks


Three Americans Kidnapped in Baghdad


Rape Culture Threatens European Women


U.S. Imposes New Sanctions on Iran Over Ballistic Missile Tests


Bill to Designate Brotherhood as Terror Org. Gains Support - U.S.Brotherhood entities named in the bill are CAIR, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT).


Tunisian Scholar: Homosexuality Accepted in Early Islam – Good viewing.


ISIS massacres 300, kidnaps 400, including women and children, during attack on government-held city


Obama hands Iran $100 billion -- and the bomb?


Iran getting $1.7B from U.S. in “debt and interest”


German town bans Syrian refugees from public swimming pool


MUSLIMS DEMAND Cross Be Removed from the Swiss Flag Because They “Find It Offensive”  


Germany: Exposing the Manufactured Riots of the Merkel Media


Christian mothers, wives take up the fight against ISIS, whose women serve as suicide bombers and slaves


BOOM! All Woman Christian Militia Joins The Fight Against ISIS on front lines


ISIS burns fighters alive for letting Ramadi fall


The Islamization of France in 2015 - "We are in a war against jihadist terrorism that threatens the entire world"


See ‘Could this be the year Europe dies’ as economic conditions could drive a billion Africans northward


ISIS thugs kidnap 900 kids in just over a year


Europe covering up migrant sex attacks


Europe Migrant Crisis Just Beginning, ‘Imagine One Billion’


Watch: Swedish Woman Harassed By Muslim Asylum Seekers Who Repeatedly Ask For Sex


Migrants flee Norway centre to avoid return to Russia


Norway security agency: Muslim influx brings problems


VIDEO: Davos Boss Warns Refugee Crisis Precursor To Something Much BIGGER


Black Leader Warns Fellow Blacks Not to Fall for Islam


Who's REALLY more dangerous: Right-wingers or Islamists? - Analysis reveals which group is 'real and present danger to the United States'


Two Virginia Men Charged with Terrorism Offenses Related to Attempted Travel to Syria to Join ISIL


Two Members of Al-Shabaab Sentenced for Conspiring to Provide Material Support to the Terrorist Organization


Yemeni National Pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Kill U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan


Sweden's Afghan "Rapefugees"


British Special Forces Dress in Burqas for a Raid on ISIS Headquarters!


The amazing reason a federal court ordered NYPD to purge documents on terrorist investigation


Judicial Watch Uncovers New State Department Records Confirming Arab Smuggling “Cells,” Al Qaeda Leader in Mexico.


Hating Americans Is Official Saudi and Qatari Policy


Saudi and Qatari Governments Order All Muslims to Hate Americans - With “friends and allies” like these, who needs ISIS?


VIDEO: Migrant to Sweden Says He’ll ‘Kill 10 People’ And ‘Eat Humans’ During Anti-Western Bus Tirade


'I will kill 10 of you then I will go': Disturbing video shows Afghan migrant launch anti-Western diatribe on Swedish bus as he declares 'it is important to take lives'

American yogurt billionaire: 'Hire more Muslim refugees' - Calls on biggest U.S. companies to join Islamic surge


Militants Kill 20 During School Ceremony in Pakistan


Iranians Exchanged for Our 3 Americans Never Boarded Flight Back to Iran


Kidnapped from Bagdhad, Americans being held by an Iranian-backed Shi’ite militia


Muslim migrants attack journalists at knifepoint refugee camp in France


ISIS Is Not the Main Problem in the Middle East


Facebook Moguls to Help Non-Government Organizations Eliminate Hate Speech


The Nation That Gave the World the Magna Carta Is Dead


2015: Most Violent Persecution of Christians in Modern History


Islamic State Destroys Iraq’s Oldest Christian Monastery


Anti-Pedophilia Bill Rejected In Pakistan As ‘Anti-Islamic’


German Govt Posters to Muslim refugees: ‘Please don’t poop in the showers’ or rape our women - It’s not just the showers. It’s the subway, the refugee centers etc.


Muslim cleric BLAMES HUNDREDS of VICTIMS of Muslim SEX ATTACKS on NYE, says they wore perfume


Afghanistan: Muslim gets in argument with wife over plan to take 6-year-old as second wife, cuts off first wife’s nose


Devout Muslim Threatens to kill NYPD and Philadelphia cops; pledged allegiance to ISIS


47,000 “Refugees” in ONE WEEK: Muslim Onslaught Continues Unabated


Health scare in Denmark as refugees bring back diphtheria after 20yr absence


Palestinians: Western Media's Ignorance and Bias


The Threat to America's National Existence


Kent State Professor Under Investigation for Link to ISIS


Christian Persecution in 2015 at 'Levels Akin to Ethnic Cleansing'


Cultural Relativism Undermines Human Rights


Rapes and sex assaults soar to highest level since records began: 270 offences reported every day after number of attacks rises by 36% in a year


Did John Kerry Just Admit to Funding Terrorism?


The Russians Can Prove that Turkey and ISIS are Working Together!


Canada Watching ISIS Fight from the Rear


Obama releases top al Qaeda explosives expert from Guantanamo


DoD to release two AQ detainees from Gitmo with explosives expertise


Libya's Chaos: Threat to the West


Obama helping fund Iranian terror


Obama admin: Yes, some of $150B heading to Iran will be used to try to kill Americans


Scores of migrants drown in two shipwrecks off Greek coast


High Schooler Says ‘ISIS’ Instead of ‘The United States of America’ During Pledge of Allegiance. It Doesn’t Go Over Well.


The 'Radicalization' Fraud


‘Angela Merkel You Have Killed Germany!’ – 16 Year Old Girl’s Migrant Fears Video That Some Claim Facebook Are ‘Censoring’


Obama Illegally Offers Visa Waivers to Travelers to Terror Nations


Kurdish fighters sell off German-supplied guns


Islamic State Handbook: Pretend to be Christian


2015: Most Violent Persecution of Christians in Modern History


Arizona officials enraged over farmland purchases by Saudi Arabia to grow hay


Muslims Claim Offense at National Anthem: It’s Part of “Oppressive Campaign”


Tennessee Legislators File Bill “To Stop Islamic Religious Indoctrination in Tennessee Schools”  


Residents Flee Pool After Migrants Masturbate Into Jacuzzi, Defecate In Kid’s Pool, Invade Girls Changing Rooms


Surprise: Migrants in Germany can’t behave in swimming halls or hot tubs either


VIDEO: Migrant Kicks, Punches and Spits at Mother and Children in Sweden


Seattle Prosecutor: “STRICT MUSLIM” Charged with SLAUGHTERING 4 was on Terrorism Watch List


Muslims kill Christian girl: “Christian girls are only meant for one thing the pleasure of Muslim men.”


PAKISTANI MUSLIM: “How dare you run away from us, Christian girls are only meant for one thing – the pleasure of Muslim men”


Islamic State to Spain: “We will recover our land from the invaders” - The Qur’an tells Muslims: “Drive them out from where they drove you out.” (2:191)


New ISIS threat homes in on Spain


Germans lose track of 600,000 asylum seekers


Muslims threaten police, follow officers home and use drones to spy on them

Muslims screaming “Allahu akbarstorm university, murder at least 20 people


Islam Is Not A Mystery


Islam and Islamism in America in 2015: Part I - January-March 2015


Islam and Islamism in America in 2015: Part II - April-June 2015


Danish message to migrants: we eat pork!


Iran upgrades U.S. from ‘Great Satan’ to ‘Great False Idol’


Obama's Syria Diplomacy is Doomed to Fail


DEVELOPING: Iranians Exchanged for Our 3 Americans Never Boarded Flight Back to Iran


Kidnapped from Bagdhad, Americans being held by an Iranian-backed Shi’ite militia


Turkey: Christian Refugees Live in Fear


Al-Qaida's most wanted man


Seattle Prosecutor: “STRICT MUSLIM,” Charged with Slaughtering 4, was on Terrorism Watch List


Understanding the Caliphate Curve


Eclipse of the Caliphate


Pakistan: "Christian Girls Are Only Meant for the Pleasure of Muslim Men"


Criticize Muslim rapes? 'You're a bigot' - 'Where is the outrage? Where are the burning bras?'


ISIS's Barbarity and Leftist Feminists' Callous Heart - When will Naomi Wolf, Naomi Klein and other "feminists" hear the cries of the Islamic State's rape victims?


Muslim group: If you want rapes to stop, accept that we’re animals


As Germany Welcomes Migrants, Sexual Attacks in Cologne Point to a New Reality


Cologne attack survivor: 'That was really the worst night of my life' - "I never experienced that a policeman says, ‘I would love to help you, but I can’t.’ That was really the worst." -  25-year old German woman present at the Cologne mass sexual assaults


Taliban Warns Media Not to Promote Immorality Day After Killing Seven Journalists


Europol: New-style Islamic State group seeks to target Europe - Self-styled Islamic State has developed a new "special forces" style of combat to target Europe, the director of the EU's police agency Europol says.


Emails reveal UK Teachers Union may be ‘colluding to undermine anti-terror policies’


Check Out What this Arms Dealer featured at the SHOT Show that has Everyone Talking!


The ‘Same God’ Question (Part 1)


The ‘Same God’ Question (Part 2)


Leading Saudi cleric says Islamic State and Saudi Arabia “follow the same thought”


CAIR National Director Declares in Essay That Muslims and Christians Worship Same God: It Is a Lie


Islamic Supremacists' New War on U.S. Business


Fatal stabbing at asylum centre shocks Sweden


Swedish police warn Stockholm's main train station is now overrun by migrant teen gangs 'stealing and groping girls'


CHILLING NEW WARNING: ISIS has created a whole “industry” out of the production of fake passports [VIDEO]


Too funny! ‘Refugees’ not finding Germany to their liking and want to go home!


Florida Man Plans Batman-Villain Islamist Attack


ISIS Releases Grisly, Threatening Post-Paris Video


It's About Domination: Rape (and Other Sex) Attacks Across Europe


Mosque Head: Boycott UK's Counter-Extremism Policy


Kent State Professor is Alleged ISIS Recruiter Yet Still on the Job


Bremmer: America needs to “make the refugee crisis our problem”


EU in “panic” as migrant crisis threatens borders


Some Migrants in Germany Want to Go Home


Palestinians: Is Abbas Losing Control?


Sweden: Teenage migrant stabs refugee worker to death


Islamic rage erupts over Christian march - Muslim mob swarms group: 'We're taking over'


Arrest of Paris terror suspect shows Morocco's ongoing security, counterterrorism role


Refugees Discuss Most Difficult Part Of Living In America


Europol issues warning: Get ready for more Mumbai-style ISIS attacks in Europe


Rome Covers Nude Statues to Avoid Offending Iranian President


Chuck Todd on Hillary's Failed Foreign Policy: 'Middle East is a Mess'


Islam is more protected in America than Christianity Because


Teen fights off 'rapist,' now she faces charges - 'It is illegal to possess and use pepper spray


Denmark May Fine Girl for Pepper Spraying Rapist'


Will Montana Soon Fall Victim to Refugee Islamification?


Germany: Govt Ordered CCTV Videos of Cologne Mass Sex Attacks Erased


German Political Party Leader Rips German Chancellor and Her Immigration Policy: "Merkel Should Be Ready To Flee To South America"


FBI thwarts MASS SHOOTING by devout Muslim at Milwaukee Temple: “We are Muslims, defending Muslim religion”


WATCH: French Cops Run From Migrants Screaming: ‘We Are Muslim, We Want To Go To UK!’


“If…Koranic passages encourage terrorism…every Muslim would be a terrorist” – THEY DO ENCOURAGE TERRORISM!


San Bernardino Muslims planned mass murder on a much larger scale


Cameroon: Jihad martyrdom suicide bombers murder 32, wound dozens


Germany: Muslim migrants screaming “Allahu akbar” charge police, 6 cops hospitalized


FBI thwarts mass shooting at Milwaukee Masonic center


FBI: Man plotted machine gun attack on Masonic temple


FBI thwarts MASS SHOOTING by devout Muslim at Milwaukee Temple: “We are Muslims, defending Muslim religion”


Photo Gallery | Samy Mohamed Hamzeh, Masonic Temple


FBI Won’t Call Islamic Terror Attack An “Islamic Terror Attack”


Why Won't the FBI Call an Attempted Islamic Terrorist Attack an Attempted Islamic Terrorist Attack?


Mother of man accused in shooting plot says FBI set him up


Did Hamas Inspire Muslim Mass Shooting Terror Plot in Milwaukee? – “I blame Muslim Masoniphobia


Friends of shooting plot suspect saw pot-smoking screw-up


Christians Who Demonize Israel: Kairos


DHS Johnson: Don't trap U.S. Muslims in net of suspicion


Muslims Are ‘Different’, ‘Won’t Integrate’, ‘See World Differently’ Says Ex-Equality Chief


Don't bite the hand that feeds you.


The Left is the Real Terror Threat - The Left helped fuel Islamic terrorism -- and it keeps it going.


How Much Time Do You Have To Find Out About Islam? - Why learning the truth about Islam is such a tremendous challenge for Unbelievers


ISIS and Antiquities: The Missing Pieces


Berlin grapples with Islamists, ISIS vets amid refugee wave


To defeat ISIS, we must celebrate diversity


Enough is enough! Sweden tells migrants to leave


Obama to turn prisons into terror recruitment cells


In Syria, Locals Take the Fight Back to Islamic State


Guess What a Mob Did When Police Rescued a Raped Boy


Guess What Denmark Wants to Do to Muslim Refugees (and Why It Is Wrong)


Prime Minister is Warned 60% Migrants Are NOT Fleeing From War But For THIS Reason Instead…


Sweden: A Church with No Conscience




No Prosperity for Iran after Nuclear Deal - As a matter of arithmetic, Iran is flat broke at the prevailing price of hydrocarbons.


German Feminists Give Roses to Muslims Who Possibly Participated in the Mass Sexual Assault Against Women


Syrian refugees admitted into US since Paris jihad murders in November: 525 Muslims, 1 Christian


The hypnotic dance of death “Where were the German men?”


Cologne carnival organizers give Muslim migrants leaflets telling them not to rape women or urinate in public


Netanyahu: “The words of the U.N. secretary general give a tailwind to terrorism”


Canada rejects U.S. security concerns over Syrian refugees


ISIL-Linked Hacker Arrives in United States to Face Terrorism Charges - Ardit Ferizi


Fear of terrorism doubles in new Clements Worldwide global risk survey


German Cops Break up Massive Migrant Brawl Over Sharia Law - In Sweden, police barely escaped with their lives after entering a migrant center to extricate a 10-year-old boy who was being repeatedly raped.


German Police: We're not Allowed to Arrest Molesters


Muslims in Germany say Sex Attacks will Continue Until the Government Bans Alcohol!


GERMANY'S "RAPEFUGEE" CRISIS - YouTube plea for protection from 16-year-old German girl reveals the widespread nightmare of migrant sexual violence.


Swedish police file 5,000 migrant incidents


Sweden To Deport 80,000 Refugees


Sweden to deport 80,000 Muslim migrants, Finland 20,000


Is Facebook Biased Against Israel and Jews?


South Carolina House Passes Bill Excluding Sharia Law From State Courts


Turkey's Free Speech Assault is Beyond 'Worrying'


Iran: Nyaah nyaah, we flew a drone over your aircraft carrier – “Trust, but verify.”  Yeah, right.


Iran is showing off this new video to say it flew a drone over a U.S. aircraft carrier


Iranian surveillance drone flies over U.S. aircraft carrier in Persian Gulf - Watch the videos full-screen


European Governments Ignoring Security Warnings - "We are importing Islamic extremism, Arab anti-Semitism, national and ethnic conflicts of other peoples, as well as a different understanding of society and law." — From a leaked German intelligence document.


Islamophobia? No. It's Factophobia


Swedes pushed to the brink, attack migrants in Stockholm


Al-Shabaab Member Sentenced to Nine Years for Conspiring to Provide Material Support to the Terrorist Organization - Mahdi Hashi


Israeli Drone Feeds Hacked By British and American Intelligence


Iran’s Leader Says the Holocaust is a Hoax


Why does Sweden have more boys than girls? - 92% of unaccompanied minors aged 16 and 17 years old are male.


Generals fear Benghazi 2 in Libya


Huffington Post: Christians should accept Muhammad as a prophet


Mideast Christian Suffering, U.S. Denial - Escaped eyewitnesses have reported that ISIS places Iraqi and Syrian Christians in cages or coffins and sets them on fire.  ISIS persecution of Christians "fits the definition of ethnic cleansing." — Simon-Skjodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide, at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial.


Dear Male Cowards: Islam LOVES Your Political Correctness


Merkel is squirming, says refugees are in Germany only temporarily


EU leaders: Linking mass sex assaults to migrant crisis is a ‘false association’


In Turkey, Islamism and Pluralism Don't Mix


Shock vid shows tension in Sweden asylum homes


Swedish migration told to boost age checks


Two Swedish jihadists arrested in Greece


'Do we really want them here?' Sweden divided on refugee children


Obama, Concerned About Religious Freedom, Will Visit Mosque This Week


Obama to Speak at Baltimore Mosque Where Imam Condoned Suicide Bombings


German Woman Beats Muslim Harassing Women in the Street - Watch


The Left’s Manufactured Muslim Crisis


Europe’s Civil War Breaks Out: The Battle for Stockholm’s Train Station — Overrun, Occupied by Muslim Migrants


Muslim Man on Terror Watch List Murders Four, Proving Just How Dangerous it is to Accept Muslim Refugees


Europol warns: Islamic State (ISIS) training camps in the middle of Europe


‘Palestinian’ Security Officer Wounds 3 Jewish Soldiers in Jihad-Terror Attack in Israel


Islamic State beheads teenager for apostasy


‘Tsunami of money’ from Saudi Arabia funding 24,000 madrassas in Pakistan


Syria: Sunnis murder 45 people near Shia shrine south of Damascus


Islamic State in West Africa murders over 100 in raid on Nigerian village


Afghan Islamic scholars’ fatwa: Peace talks “against Islamic injunctions”




















ISIS Terror Storyline – NBC News






















AJC Global Jewish Advocacy






Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America – Largely for law enforcement at all levels.  Will open your eyes even more.


Agent Storm: My Life Inside Al Qaeda and the CIA - Morten Storm with Paul Cruickshank & Tim Lister