We sleep safely at night because rough men and women stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm.


“Chaos is the law of nature, and order is the dream of man”


News links for 3-9-2015 to 3-30-2015


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For a better understanding of Islamic State, please

·        Google-search Islamic State and review the results. 

·        Watch the very short video IS Goals and Tactics Worldwide. 

·        Download and read Behind the Veil: The Fundamental Nature of the Jihadist Cause –As linked to by Homeland Security Today - 30 MB, so it will take a while to download.

·        View Top Ten Quran Verses for Understanding ISIS (the Islamic State)

·        See “Begin to Understand Islam With These 118 Robert Spencer Articles”

·        See The Rise of the Islamic State

·        See Ibn Warraq speaks at Yale

·        Read Islam 101 by Gregory Davis

·        What Really Is Islam?

·        David Wood on the 3 stages of Jihad

·        The Third Jihad - Radical Islam's Vision for America

·        A timeline of the Islamic faith

·        Three Things About Islam


What ISIS Really Wants


James Burnham on Militant Islam and the Clash of Civilizations - The price of failing to acknowledge the spiritual inspiration of one's enemies


Bill Warner, PhD: Jihad vs. Crusades --  Good one.  Note the battle map - relentless jihad.


“Moderate” Muslim Leader says all Muslims are “Radical” and “Extremists”

Best of VICE News 2014: The Islamic State (Full Length)


Saudi cleric rejects that Earth revolves around the Sun


The Atlantic: “The Islamic State is Islamic. Very Islamic.”


Islamic Terrorism Has Been Woven into the Fabric of Our Country


Harsh and Inconvenient Truths about Islam


The Middle East Problem




Death to America


Bibi, Israel, Obama and falling prey to Iran


Never Mind the Terrorism, Find the Toyota


Bill Whittle: The Leader of the Free World isn’t Obama


Why Obama Boycotted Netanyahu’s Speech — on The Glazov Gang


The Case for a Christian State in the Middle East


Study: Terrorist Attacks Shifted from Air to Rail


Sources: bin Laden docs conflict with Obama's talk of Al Qaeda demise


Supporters of Islamic State have at least 46,000 Twitter accounts, new Brookings study finds


What 47 Senators Just Did Could Throw A HUGE Wrench Into Obama’s Big Plan

Netanyahu Responds to White House Slam with ‘Useful’ Reminder to the Obama Administration


US, Turkey Ink Deal to Train and Arm Syrian Rebels


LA TIMES Named Designated Terrorist Group CAIR’s Executive Director, Nihad Awad, as One of America’s “New Civil Rights Leaders”


All Quiet on the Western Front


Gang Rape Victim Sentenced to 200 Lashes And Custodial Sentence by Saudi Court


Obama allowing thousands of unvetted Muslim 'refugees' into U.S.


Scholar Compares Obama to "Battered Woman" When it Comes to Iran


Intel Chief Clapper ADMITS Obama admin arming terrorists but calling them ‘moderates’


Glenn Beck Makes Big Announcement About the NRA and Grover Norquist


Norquist to Beck: 'Let's settle this once and for all


Pew Poll Analysis: A Billion Muslims Want Sharia Law


Hamas Apologist Appointed to High Mideast National Security Post


ISIS Meth Heads: Tweeking in the Name of Islam


The Myth of “Israeli Apartheid” – on The Glazov Gang


Terror Ties Won’t Go Away for U.S. Senate Candidate


Tri-Faith Initiative Rabbi Tries To Sabotage Omaha Pro-Israel Event


Alisa Doctoroff, Sears Heirs and Other American Jews Harming Israel


Greece to EU: Bailout or jihad


Standing with Israel


Orange County, CA, man charged with attempting to provide material support to ISIL


WaPo: ISIS may be collapsing under its internal stresses


FBI Investigates Possible ISIS Supporters' Hack of Western Sites


Egyptian President Provides Damning Indictment of Obama’s Treachery & Betrayal


Israeli Prime Minister tells Obama – “Remember Who Your Ally Is and Who Your Enemy Is”


Iran Unveils Chilling New Weapon Days After Netanyahu’s Warning


Captured ISIS Terror Suspect: ‘We’re In Every Single State You Can Name’


As Kerry Begs Iran For Deal, They Develop New Long-Range Missile That Could Hit U.S.


Showdown Between White House, Democrats and Republicans Over Iran Just Got Uglier


Leading from Behind Case Study: Iraq


Taliban Orders Family to Pay for Bullets Used to Shoot Them


Obama Administration: We Are Arming Terrorists, Training Them & Equipping Them


GOP senators warn Iran in a letter that Congress must approve any deal


Iranian gets light sentence for stealing U.S. pilot’s ID, hacking into FAA


Two Florida Brothers Plead Guilty to Terrorism Violations and Assault on Two Deputy U.S. Marshals


ISIS Militants Now Using Chemical Weapons in Iraq and Syria


Military Veterans Head to Iraq To Fight ISIS


Crowds of ‘moderate Muslims’ flock to theaters in Syria to watch film of Islamic State atrocities


London church hosts Muslim service; vicar joins in, invoking ‘love for Allah’


What Gitmo Detainees Are Throwing At Guards Daily - Detainees locked away in Guantanamo Bay apparently like to pass the time by throwing a “cocktail” of feces, urine, sperm, and vomit at guards on an almost daily basis, Marine Gen. John Kelly of U.S. Southern Command informed the Senate…


Boko Haram Pledges Allegiance To The Flag Of ISIS - The group has killed 11,000 people since 2011, including 6,000 just in 2014 alone.

Senate targets Obama meddling in Israel election

Cadbury chocolates go halal


Americans Disapprove of Obama’s Clueless Handling of Terrorism


Italian Government Bans Mosques From Being Built, But Now The Left-Wing Prime Minister Is Fighting To Destroy This Law


Iran Unveils Some New Toys


Soldiers Enter Whole State Full Of Muslim Jihadists - Kill Off And Clean Out Entire Area Of Muslim Terrorists


State Dept Touts British Extremist Photo Calling For Sharia Law, Calls It Inspirational Example Of ‘Free Speech’


Cash From CIA Was Given To Al Qaeda In 2010, Replenishing Their Coffers…


This Man Was a University Lecturer. Then to ISIS Terrorists, He Became the ‘Angel of Death.’


Michelle O Just Reached Out To Islamic Iran With A Big White House Party


White House, Senate Dems Trash GOP Letter To Iran


Obama Can’t Force His Iran Deal on the Country without Congress’s Consent

US to keep more troops in Afghanistan than planned


‘Gays’ and the Muslims Who Kill Them


McConnell: Obama on cusp of ‘a very bad deal’ with Iran


US Embassy in Saudi Arabia Halts Operations Amid Heightened Islamic Terror Concerns


John Kerry - Hypocrite of the Week


Obama Appointing A Pro-Muslim Brotherhood As Special Assistant For Middle East, North Africa & Gulf Region


Germany: Muslims plotted jihad terror attack on cathedral, synagogue


Feeding Christians Propaganda Against Jews


In The Middle of Nuclear Negotiations, NSA Scraps Iran and Hezbollah As Terror Threats


US Intel Report Drops Iran From Terror Threat List


US intel report scrapped Iran from list of terror threats


Iran Removed From Terror Threat Report As Obama Negotiates Nuclear Deal


Statement for the Record - Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community – Senate Armed Services Committee


Obama’s Deal With a Cheating Iran?


CAIR-Florida’s New Islamic Extremist Youth


Jihad on the Offensive — on The Glazov Gang


Israel’s Next 22 Months


Islamism's Totalitarian Vision To Control or Destroy All Culture


Embattled World Leader Implies that the USA Is No Longer Leading – and the Terrorists are Taking Advantage


Terror's Bourgeoise Jihadists


Examiner warned: Obama's revenge on Netanyahu in full swing


Just Call Her Jihadi Val


Former Joint Chiefs Chairman: ‘I Do’ Fear Iran More Than ISIS


Obama's Warning Letter to Senate: Don’t Go Messing With My Iran Deal!


CIA Director John Brennan: ISIS Islamic Jihadists Aren’t Muslims, They Are “Psychopathic Thugs”


CIA: Muslims Joining Islamic State Because of Economics and Illiteracy


Sodomites & the Muslims Who Kill Them


Boko Haram’s Allegiance To ISIS Paves The Way For Globalized Jihad


U.S. War On ISIS Could Expand To Affiliates in Libya and Nigeria


Obama White House celebrates Iranian holiday


New Israel Fund Received More Than $1 Million From U.S. State Department


Muslim college co-founded by anti-Israel firebrand receives accreditation


The Future of Terrorism: What al-Qaida Really Wants


Exposed: Blueprint of How Islamic Caliphate Will Be Implemented by 2020


Even Democrats won’t back Obama’s Iran nuclear deal


'GREAT VICTORY': Netanyahu claims election win as power scramble begins


Two Warnings


Iran Fighting ISIS - Is it Really a Problem?


Norquist: I Welcome NRA's Inquest Into Beck-Gaffney Charge That I Am a Terrorist


U.S. intel egregiously whitewashes Iran in latest threat assessment


Obama let 40-year-old oil supply guarantee to Israel expire in November 2014


Islamism's Love-Hate Relationship with Democracy


Despite criminal charge, David Petraeus emerges as key White House advisor on Iraq


ISIS Praises Online Supporters, Urges Attack On White House, Welcomes Boko Haram


CIA Chief: Terrorism Morphing Into Different Threats


Why Politicians Pretend Islam Has No Role in Violence


U.S. Air Force Vet Charged With Trying to Join the Islamic State


President is not Commander in Chief of Foreign Policy


Pamela Geller Wins Right to Run Ads in Philly


John Kerry’s End-Run Around Congress on Iran


CIA Chief John Brennan: Deceptions About Islam


New Israel Fund Is No Friend of Israel


John Kerry Slams Tom Cotton In The Stupidest Way Possible


Ghost Money Funneled from CIA to Muslim Jihadists


Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Netherlands Fund BDS-Supporting New Israel Fund Organizations


Mother Kidnaps Her Two Kids, Flees To ISIS


Mark Levin has on Caroline Glick who explains why Netanyahu WON and Obama’s meddling BACKFIRED


Taiwan Businessman Sentenced to 24 Months for Conspiring to Violate U.S. Laws Preventing Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction


Obama Whitewashes Iranian Terrorism


On Disgrace and Honor: Hannah Arendt, Stefan Zweig, and Central European Despair


Iran and the 4th Anniversary of the Syrian Uprising


Ex-Sunni Imam Hosts Pro-Israel Evening in Omaha — on The Glazov Gang


A War of Obama's Own Making


Time for Obama to Give Back His Nobel Peace Prize


Sour grapes on the left over Netanyahu’s landslide victory


Netanyahu Emerges Victorious


Surprise! Netanyahu wins as Israeli Right soars


Anonymous ups Twitter war against ISIS


21 Dead in Attack on Tunisian Museum Shakes the Countries Already Fragile Peace


Al-Aqsa Mosque Sheik Tells Pakistan to Nuke the West (Video)


American Slanders Islam on US Soil – Gets Jailed by United Arab Emirates – Then Has Charges Dropped


Zinn Education Project Advances A People’s History of Muslims in the United States


Former Lawyer of Doctor Who Disclosed Bin Laden’s Location Killed By Islamic Militants


Netanyahu to Obama: Go jump in the Potomac River


To become UN Sec General Obama must 'Solve' the Existence of Israel


Obama-linked Non-Profit Filed for New IRS Status After Accusation of Meddling in Israeli Election


How and Why ISIS Will Use Texas to Enter the US If They Choose to Cross the Border


Israel’s Leftist Losers


Deconstructing Israel: Academics Meet to Question Israel’s Right to Exist


Remembering a Racist, Black Muslim Murder Spree


Winston Churchill’s War Against Islamists


Iran Gets Nukes and Rolls Back UN Arms Embargo


Afghan Woman Accused Of Burning The Koran Lynched By Giant Mob, Beat Her With Rocks And Sticks, Then Set On Fire…


Intelligence: Broken Arrow


Will Obama Unleash the UN on Israel?


Jihad on the Offensive


Stakelbeck Exposes ISIS Threat to America


Obama’s Unraveling Foreign Policy


A Complete Timeline of Obama’s Anti-Israel Hatred


The Toronto burqa murder: The true story everyone who thinks the niqab is optional needs to read


First-time Voters in Israel Explain Why They Chose Netanyahu: Jihad, Leftists and the Enemedia


Iran’s Supremo: Introduce youth of US, Europe to “Islam of jihad”


Sweden's Foreign Minister Reviled as an Enemy of the Prophet


Islamic JV team slaughters 142 Yemenis, wounds hundreds: Intel analysts


The Pentagon LOST half A BILLION dollars worth of military equipment to al-Qaeda in YEMEN

TEXAS: Muslims Outraged That Irving City Council Backs Bill That Will Ban Islamic Sharia Law Tribunals There


Muslim Cleric and Others Defend Lynching and Burning of Woman in Kabul


Obama Threatens to Abandon Israel at United Nations


Larry Pratt: Gun Owners of America is a Muslim-Free Zone


Islamic State posts pictures of 100 US military on ‘kill list’


Military reacts to ISIS ‘hit list’: We don’t scare easily!


“Mr. President, whose side are you on anyway?”


New wave of Islamic immigration planned for U.S. - Some call it open invitation for jihadists

Should Liberal Utopians Get the Jews Out of Europe Now?


McCain to Obama: ‘Get over your temper tantrum’ on Netanyahu


UK: Theresa May, appeaser of jihadis, tells jihadis “the game is up”

Britain Surrenders


Yemen: At time of mosque bombing, worshippers were chanting “death to America”


Proposed Deal with Iran Not Legal; Iranian Nukes in South America


Iran's Supreme Leader: "Death to America" - Which Word Does America Not Understand?


Brazil “an operational hub for Iran and Islamic Terrorism”


The Myth of Netanyahu’s Racism


Jewish University Students and Double Standards


Obama’s True Intentions — on The Glazov Gang


Dorothy Zellner: When Leftism Becomes Your Religion


The Religious Dogma of Palestinian Statehood


The New Assertive Germany


A Time for Clarity


Sleeping With The Enemy


With Yemen Collapsing, U.S. Evacuates The Last Of Its Special Operations Forces


No, Obama, Iran’s — and U.S.’s — ‘best opportunity in decades’ was 2009 Green revolt, which you sat out


Empire: The Iran edition


Khamenei calls ‘death to America’ as Kerry hails progress on nuke deal


CIA head in hot seat: Why won’t you define ISIS as ‘Islamic extremists?’


Fruitful negotiations: Khamenei calls for “Death to America”


John McCain Can’t Believe President Obama’s Posture Towards Israel


The Cotton Letter And The Hypocrisy of Tolerance


Astonishing Contrast: U.S. Youth Vs. Israeli Youth


Venezuela collecting millions of signatures on anti-U.S. petition for Obama


Top Obama official calls for end to Israel ’50-year occupation


WH Dismisses Khamenei Leading Crowd Chanting “Death To America” As Being “Intended For A Domestic Political Audience”…


Beyond Parody: NY Times Defends Saudi Arabia’s Brutal Sharia Justice System As “Merciful”…


CIA Says Muslims Join ISIS Because of … Economics


Obama Declares War on Israel


Europe Eager to Arm Islamist Extremists with Nuclear Weapons


Obama Appeases While Netanyahu Shows a Gleam of Steel


To Kill Without a Trace- The mystery behind the Argentine Jewish center terror blast.


Why Americans Don’t Care About ISIS


Visa Waiver Program: Gateway For Foreign Fighters Or First Line Of Defense Against Them?


David Petraeus: Iran more of a threat than ISIL


America's Left-Wing Jews Ashamed of Israel's Jews


Afghan Cleric Instigated Woman’s Brutal Lynching By Spreading Koran Burning Rumor To Stop Her From Exposing His Money Scam …


Not Quite the Same Outrage When It’s Christian Culture Being Destroyed as it is a Quran Being Flushed


France Declares War on Radical Islam


Mayor takes stand against Muslim Shariah courts - 'I will fight this with every fiber of my being'

Cyber Attack on Frontpage


Countdown to Obama’s Dangerous Deal with Iran


Obama’s Two-State Tantrum


UN Security Council Allows Iran a Free Hand in Yemen


Challenging Islam’s Warrant to Kill


Christians Slaughtered in Pakistani Jihad


The Israeli Left and Its Captive Media Get Clobbered


Bowe Bergdahl to Be Charged With Desertion


Obama Administration: Trading Deserter Bergdahl For Five Taliban Commanders Was "Absolutely Worth It"


US Will Allow Iran to Maintain Centrifuges in Fortified Underground Bunker


White House Confirms Iran Deal Probably Won't Be In Writing


Houthi Rebels Obtain Yemeni-US Intelligence On Counter-Terrorism Operations, Some Files Handed Over To Iran


OBAMA'S 'JIHAD AGAINST JEWS' SPILLS ISRAEL'S NUKE SECRETS - White House declassifies details of Middle East democracy's defenses




Obama’s Jihad Against the Jews: Releases Top Secret Document Revealing Israel’s Nuclear Program


In Shocking Breach, U.S. Declassifies Document Revealing Some of Israel's Nuclear Capabilities


Obama Leaks Israeli Nuke Secrets


Obama’s revenge: US declassifies report on Israel’s nuclear program


Glenn lays out Grover Norquist’s spooky connections to the Muslim Brotherhood


ISIS Releases City ‘Kill List': Most Towns Included Make Sense to No One

Obama Administration Caves to Iranian Demands


Obama’s Mideast Jihad


Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz praised on Facebook: ‘Our holy martyr Lubitz died for our prophet’


A Varied and Inextricable Tangle


Christians on way to extinction in Mideast


Schlumberger Oilfield Holdings Ltd. Agrees to Plead Guilty and Pay Over $232.7 Million for Violating US Sanctions by Facilitating Trade with Iran and Sudan


US Army National Guard Soldier and his Cousin Arrested for Conspiring to Support Terrorism (ISIL)


Interesting hypothesis - '12TH IMAM' LIKE 'ANTICHRIST'


Daniel Greenfield on “The Real Meaning of ‘Allahu Akbar’” — on The Glazov Gang - Why you should be suspicious of the translation the media provides after every Jihadi attack.


Iran Building a New Persian Empire


There Is Nothing European About Muslim Violence


A Message from Pro-Freedom Iranians to Obama


Broward Democrat Chair Speaks at Radical Muslim Event


Why Netanyahu and the Likud Won the 2015 Election


Obama’s Faith in Iran


Obama Cites Ayatollah’s Fatwa on Road to Nuclear War


Report calls for improvements at FBI to combat terror


Can Jewish Americans Support Both Democrats and Israel?


The UN's Anti-Israel Animus Hits An All-Time Low


A Mob Enforces 'Islamic Justice' by Setting Mentally Ill Muslim Woman On Fire for Burning the Koran


Afghan Woman Who Was Beaten To Death By Mob For Allegedly Desecrating The Koran Was Innocent


McCaul: Islamist Terrorism 'Not A Passing Phenomenon'


Migration Of Radicalized European Muslims To Syria To Engage In Jihad Widespread Problem, Study Shows


Obama Admin Threatens U.S. Allies for Disagreeing with Iran Nuke Deal


U.S. Caves to Key Iranian Demands as Nuke Deal Comes Together


Former Muslim: In Islam, it’s not just a few rotten apples, ‘I’m saying it’s the entire basket’


Still Not Ready…for Islamist Jihadists


Cornell dean says ISIS welcome on campus in undercover video


WHITE MALE Viciously Assaulted by Unprovoked Blacks on Metrolink Over #MikeBrown


Muslim Terrorists Boko Haram Kidnaps More than 400 Women and Children


Busted Beheading Plot; New Convert to Islam gets 22 Year Prison Stint


ISIS Magazine DABIQ Counters Obama’s Summit to Fight Violent Extremism


In Yemen, It’s The Bad Guys Vs. The Bad Guys


Glenn Beck and Grover Norquist Face Off


Kosher vs Halal


Amnesty International: Palestinians Committed War Crimes, Killed more Palestinian civilians than Israel


Brand New Information on Grover Norquist’s Decades-Old Palestinian Connection


Grover Norquist Loses It, Lashes out to NRA Board


Norquist: Bachmann claim 'indefensible'


Shock claim: Why Obama refused to help fight Boko Haram - Allegations are mounting that the Obama administration withheld weapons and intelligence support from Nigeria’s fight against Boko Haram in an effort to boost the chances of the Muslim candidate for president, who is a client of the political firm founded by key Obama strategist David Axelrod.

Netanyahu vows to do what he must to stop a nuclear armed Iran


Raising Children to be Soldiers of Allah


Christians in America Need To Stop Being Such Wussies


What Was Really at Stake in the Israeli Election: Free Enterprise


Boko Haram’s Pledge Of Allegiance To ISIS: The Bigger Picture


Saudi Arabia in Unity With Gulf States And Egypt Launch War On Yemen


Obama's Hypocritical Attack on Netanyahu


New probe into Clinton's Muslim assistant Huma Abedin started by Senate


Judge Jeanine skewers Obama on Iran: Why are we sleeping with the enemy?


Reporter says John Kerry answered ‘Allah willing’ – in Arabic- when asked if nuke deal would happen


'No more Christians in Mideast within 2 years'


Egypt's top cop dubs Muslim Brotherhood chief a 'terrorist'


The Obama-Iran Deal: Anatomy of a Disaster


Criticizing Hamas: the Newest Campus Hate Crime


Why Obama is Helping Iran Get the Bomb — on The Glazov Gang


Managing Obama’s War Against Israel

University Sanctions Pro-ISIS Club If They “Change The Name,” Will Allow Them To Pass Out ISIS Flags During Annual Campus Fair…


O’Keefe Exposes Another University Sympathetic to ISIS




























Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America – Largely for law enforcement at all levels.  Will open your eyes even more.


Agent Storm: My Life Inside Al Qaeda and the CIA - Morten Storm with Paul Cruickshank & Tim Lister