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We sleep safely at night because rough men and women stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm.


“Chaos is the law of nature, and order is the dream of man”



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·        Watch the very short video IS Goals and Tactics Worldwide. 

·        Download and read Behind the Veil: The Fundamental Nature of the Jihadist Cause –As linked to by Homeland Security Today - 30 MB, so it will take a while to download.

·        View Top Ten Quran Verses for Understanding ISIS (the Islamic State)

·        See “Begin to Understand Islam With These 118 Robert Spencer Articles”

·        See The Rise of the Islamic State

·        See Ibn Warraq speaks at Yale

·        Read Islam 101 by Gregory Davis

·        What Really Is Islam?

·        David Wood on the 3 stages of Jihad

·        The Third Jihad - Radical Islam's Vision for America

·        A timeline of the Islamic faith

·        Three Things About Islam

·        Jihadology


What ISIS Really Wants


James Burnham on Militant Islam and the Clash of Civilizations - The price of failing to acknowledge the spiritual inspiration of one's enemies


Bill Warner, PhD: Jihad vs. Crusades --  Good one.  Note the battle map - relentless jihad.


“Moderate” Muslim Leader says all Muslims are “Radical” and “Extremists”

VICE News: The Islamic State


It’s in the Quran


Dualism in the Koran: Calling Islam a Religion of Peace is an Outright LIE


Radical Islam: The Most Dangerous Ideology -  - Get all the facts in under 5-minutes.


Lying about Islam's Doctrine of Deception


Obama finally tells the truth!


The Battle Against ISIS: A Battle of Life vs. Death


Historic Foreign Intelligence Provider Recounts What Muslims Do & what They are Really After


Robert Spencer – 2015 NALC Convocation Keynote Speaker    -    Robert Spencer, jihad expert, to speak at NALC Convocation


Robert Spencer on the theological aspects of Islam that lead to jihad


Muslim Student Challenged A Christian Speaker, Her EPIC Response Will Restore Your Faith In America


The American Jahiliyyah in a Period of Elections and National Danger


Why Islam Is a Religion of War


“Why every Muslim is a Terrorist” – Good and important reading


The Logic of Islamic Intolerance - And why Western illogic cannot comprehend or respond to Islamic jihad.


Islamic State Facts Every American Must Know


Is Islam a Religion of Peace?


By the Numbers – Muslim Extremism is a Bigger Problem than You Realize – Watch the video.


JIHAD RESURGENT: ISLAMIC THREAT & WESTERN RESPONSEClare M. Lopez, 20 year past CIA operations officer and now VP, Center for Security Policy




Myth of the ‘Moderate Muslim’


10 Things America Must Do To Defend Itself From Jihad


The ‘Same God’ Question (Part 1)


The ‘Same God’ Question (Part 2)


The ‘Same God’ Question (Part3)


The ‘Same God’ Question (Part 4) Eschatology and the End of Days


4 Stages of Islamic Conquest


The Jihad Triangle


Alan King's The Middle East Story, 1980's


Islam Is Not A Mystery


How Much Time Do You Have To Find Out About Islam? - Why learning the truth about Islam is such a tremendous challenge for Unbelievers


Hugh Fitzgerald: “What Century Do They Live In?”  - Very good reference for arguments.


Our Good Islam/Bad Islam Strategy - Islamic terrorism is just what we call Islam when it’s killing us.  – There is no Good Islam. There is no Bad Islam. There is just Islam.


Islam’s Sword Comes for Christians - From the U.S. to Uganda…


Islam’s Muhammad: The White 'Prophet' with Black Slaves


Fact-Checking "10 Lies You Were Told about Islam" (Part 1)


Fact-Checking "10 Lies You Were Told about Islam" (Part 2)


2,000 'ticking time bombs' in U.S. – and counting - New American mosque opens every week and many preach jihad


Video: Ex-Muslim uses Qur’an and Sunnah to answer question: Is the Islamic State Islamic?


Heart to Heart with an Ex-Muslim


The Basics


ISIS and Mohammed


Correlations Between ISIS and Mohammed


ISIS, Mohammed, and Non-Muslims


The ISIS Flag and Why They Chose It


ISIS and the Three Day Ultimatum


ISIS, Islam & Women (outside the US, this is actually taught)


ISIS or Islam — Which Breeds Terrorism?


The Basics of Islam Episode 1: Robert Spencer on "Islamophobia"


The Basics of Islam Episode 2: Robert Spencer on Is Islam A Religion of Peace?


Robert Spencer in Ottawa April 13: The real motive for Islamic migration to the West


The Complete Infidels Guide To The Koran - Robert Spencer (Full)


Q&A with Robert Spencer


Robert Spencer - The Islamic State


Stop Asking 'Why Do They Hate Us?'


Robert Spencer - the "New Man" and the ancient war


Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America


Understanding the Hijab - The widespread misconception about Islamic covering among leftists in the West.


Ann Barnhardt: "Islamic Sexuality [A Survey of Evil]" Part 1 of 4 – Parts 2-4 on the right side.



Islamic State Hijacks Mosul University Chemistry Lab for Making Bombs


Muslim In Contact with ISIS Charged With Threatening to Shoot, Blow up Walgreens in Minneapolis Suburb


Why Pope Francis shouldn’t have washed and kissed the feet of Muslim migrants


Mississippi: Cheerleader converts to Islam, tries to join the Islamic State, pleads guilty to terror charge


Video: Robert Spencer on CAIR’s ties to Hamas


Muslim cleric: Jews are “enemies of mankind” and “the worst of beasts in the sight of Allah”


The Islamic State forbids remaining Christians from leaving Raqqa


France drops plan to strip jihadis of their passports


Palestinians: Presidents for Life, No Elections


Why should Turkish cleric Fethullah Gülen operate charter schools on U.S. Military bases?


Capitalism is not a “weapon” which can be deployed in totalitarian states


Two different thoughts on why terrorism happens


Terror-linked Muslim groups targeting Trump


Journalism in Turkey: Newsroom vs. Courtroom


Integration Is Not the Answer to Muslim Terrorism - It’s not cultural integration, but religious disintegration.


The Iranian Nuclear Deal: The Gift That Keeps on Giving


The Mullahs' War on America's Financial System


Iran won't need permission on defense capabilities: Minister Dehqan


Ted Cruz Was Right to Suggest Patrols of Muslim Enclaves


Ted Cruz Calls for Police Patrols in Muslim Neighborhoods


Woman Who Claimed That a Man Called Her a ‘Terrorist’ and Slashed Her Face Changes Her Story


Another fake “Islamophobia” claim: Muslima admits she lied about being slashed and called “terrorist” in NYC


Tribalism Drives Middle East Violence


ISIS Caliphate in Libya Spreading Terror throughout Africa


Islamist violence threatens Judeo-Christian civilization


Obama censors Hollande's 'Islamist terrorism' remark - Orwellian edits protect politically correct foreign policy


White House: We Didn't Censor The French President For Saying 'Islamic Terror,' It Was a Technical Problem


Arab Gulf States Close Doors to Syrian Refugees


UK School Promoting Extreme Islam


UK Muslim school teaches that “Jews are plotting world domination”


Migrant Passengers Gang-Rape Girl on Student-Cruise For 1,700 School Kids, Swedish Media CENSORS


UK: Muslim who plotted to BEHEAD U.S. airman found GUILTY


Muslim found guilty of preparing Islamic State jihad mass murder attack on US forces in UK


VIDEO: Obama Admin CENSORS French President Saying ‘ISLAMIST Terrorism’


Politically Correct Obama White House Censors French President after He says this about Islam!


French Jihadi Had Huge Arsenal in Apartment


Muslim Clerics: The Jews Are the ‘Enemies of Mankind’ Who ‘Wallow in the Shedding of Blood’


Massachusetts: Virgin Mary statue vandalized, “ALLAH” painted in Arabic on its base


Video: Muslim terrifies passengers on crowded airliner by repeatedly screaming “Allahu akbar”


British convert to Islam added to US list of global terrorists for raising funds for al-Qaeda and the Taliban


Fatwa: Chanting “Victory to Mother India” is un-Islamic


Spain: Courses on Islam in Public Schools

UN refugee agency urges safeguard compliance before any returns begin under EU-Turkey deal


UN Only Condemns Israel as Violator of Women's Rights Nt the Middle East or Africa


VIDEO: Muslims March in Germany Chanting “With Allah’s Help, We Shall Conquer You”


Air France stewardesses MUTINY over ORDER TO WEAR ISLAMIC GARB


LISTEN: Pamela Geller on Sean Hannity Radio 3/28/16: Jihad in Europe, US, Migrant Invasion


EU has 900 ‘no-go’ areas because of Muslim migrants, Hungary says


Jihadi imam/law clerk defending Minneapolis Muslim departs ISIS terrorism case


Obama plays the evil clown by flashing the peace sign for nuclear security summit ‘team photo’… bemused world leaders look on in contempt


Pakistan: Public schools teach hatred of Jews and Christians, “passion for Jihad”


Jihad terrorist refused to blow himself up during Paris jihad massacre


The Islamic State planted thousands of mines in Palmyra


Can There Have Been Two Annunciations?


Islamic State stones two people to death on charges of adultery


Spanish government introduces anti-jihadism lessons for Muslims in high school, using Qur’an to prevent radicalism


Turkey: The Business of Refugee Smuggling, Sex Trafficking


Why Are Christians Leaving the Holy Land?


Report: Turkish Troops Are Killing Some Border-Crossing Refugees


The unfair media bias


2,000 'ticking time bombs' in U.S. – and counting - New American mosque opens every week and many preach jihad


How Islam Makes Progressive Feminists Into Traitors To Their Own Gender


Saudi Arabia executions reach record high as beheadings set to double this year


Saudi government to EXECUTE gay people who show their sexuality in public & online


Greece begins deporting refugees to Turkey under EU plan


VIDEO: Obama calls for more openness to refugees in wake of Brussels attacks


UK Muslim added to US list of GLOBAL TERRORISTS for raising funds for AL QAEDA and TALIBAN


Minneapolis: Pro-jihad imam removed from defense team of accused ISIS supporter


Scotland: Muslims threaten to kill Muslim who opposes jihad terror


Sanders brings up Holocaust discussing Trump’s “intolerance” of Muslims


Feds’ counterterror program failing: Hamas-linked CAIR opposes it


Obama whines that Iran not following “the spirit of the agreement”


NYC giving $10 million to Linda Sarsour, hate-filled supporter of Palestinian jihad


UK: Muslims plotted Islamic State jihad mass murder at beach resort


Red carpets laid out for Muslim hate preachers at UK universities




Your best shot at surviving a nuke attack on America


ISIS in Europe: How Deep is the "Gray Zone"?


Massachusetts Islamism


Turkey must stop meddling in other states' affairs, end support of terrorism, Russia says


‘We are at war’ says European writer, mass Muslim migration is the cause


President Obama says, “The World Remains United on Destroying ISIL”


Busted! Iran caught arming anti-US terrorists


Obama caught in massive intel cover-up


Deconstructing Nathan Lean's "Islamophobia Industry"


Will Reality Trump Fantasy Regarding Muslim Immigration? - If you ingest a beverage that is only 1% poisonous, will it matter that 99% of it was clean?


Did ISIS Just Reveal Its Plans?


U.S. Seizes More Iranian Weapons at Sea


Pete Hoekstra Discusses the Dramatic Rise in Global Islamist Terror on SiriusXM's POTUS


Muslims March In Germany. What They Were Chanting Is Frightening!


Massive Islamic Terror Attack Kills 14!


GRAPHIC VIDEO: Savages who HIT AND RUN Muslima were MUSLIMS not “Anti-Muslim, Far Right Protesters”


Islamic State Calls On German Muslims To Carry Out Brussels-Style Attacks On Angela Merkel’s Offices


Police Prepare to Enforce Sharia on Twitter


ISIS savages STONE two civilians to death on charges of ‘committing adultery’




Two veteran jihadis, weapons and explosives trainers, freed from Gitmo


Islamic State executes eight people, crucifies their dead bodies


Iran: We designed our missiles to hit Israel from a safe distance


Christians in Pakistan live in constant danger of persecution


Newly discovered 5th-century church shows violence of Muslim conquest


Ann Marie Waters on “Islam Kills Women”


Singapore Man Extradited to United States in Connection with Plot Involving Exports to Iran of U.S. Components Later Found in Bombs in Iraq - Lim Yong Nam, aka Steven Lim


The Historic Betrayal of the Palestinians


Surrendering to ISIS Is the Only Way to Defeat It?


West Offers Window for Spectacular ISIS Attack


21 charged with fraudulently enabling hundreds of foreign nationals to remain in US through fake “pay-to-stay” New Jersey college


Smart Power: Iran Isn't Really Honoring the 'Spirit' of Our Nuclear Deal, Obama Says


Obama DECEIVED Congress and American People on IRAN NUCLEAR PACT


Erdoğan's One-Man Islamist Show


These Mosques Are Inciting Violence in America, and Obama Is Helping Them


Woman relives the moment she was gang raped by five Muslim migrants: ‘They were like a pack of wolves’


UK: BRIGHTON TERROR PLOT: Teen ISIS jihadis planned gun and knife attack on seaside town


Children in Pakistan learning to HATE Jews and Christians in PUBLIC SCHOOL


Man who screamed “jihad” on flight gets 9-month sentence


Germany: Muslim migrants force 14-year-old boy to perform sex acts on them at pool


New Islamic State video quotes Qur’an, threatens jihad in London, Berlin, Rome 0 WARNING – SHOCKING VIDEO THAT YOU MAY NOT WANT TO WATCH


Islamic State building “kill lists” of Americans overseas


The Muslim Migrant Invasion and the Collapse of Europe


Obama’s sneaky concession to Iran


Obama busted in Middle East lie


Abbas Calls for Peace Talks Yet Denies Israel's Right to Exist


John Kerry: ‘We are definitively at war with ISIS’


Europe's Young ISIS Recruits: Should They Stay or Should They Go?


Terrorists Plan More Devastating Attacks On Christians


These Mosques Are Inciting Violence in America, and Obama Is Helping Them


MADNESS: EU chief unveils plan for MORE economic migration


“Yes, terrorists are masquerading as refugees”


Muslim migrant who lied that he was a child raped a 15-year-old mentally ill virgin after he was placed in children’s care home – then claimed asylum


Iran: “We designed our missiles with a range of 2000 km is to be able to hit our enemy the Zionist regime from a safe distance”


NYC giving $10 MILLION to bigoted pro-jihad hatemonger Linda Sarsour


Sweden: Teacher fired for being Jewish


Austria: Devout Muslim Stabs Wife & Sister To Death #honor


Greek government fears jihad attack if mosque not built in Athens


Swiss school exempts Muslim boys from shaking hands with female teachers


Expert tells Senators ISIS not following al Qaeda’s lead in planning terror attacks


Muslim Public Schools Prove that Islamic “Extremism” is Mainstream


Nation of Islam Mosque in Texas at the Center of Racist Armed Conflict


Syrian migrants arriving -- and they haven't been screened!


Hamas Destroys Remains of 1,500 Year Old Church


'Homeland' Character Has a Strategy to Defeat ISIS - Advice from Peter Quinn.


How to Dismantle ISIS' Global Terror HQ in Raqqa


Iranian Defense Minister Wants Nuclear Detonator Technology


The Mullahs’ Plan To Hit Israel - Defiant Iran gets more awards from Obama.


Obama’s Using A Money Laundering Scheme To Allow Iran To Use Dollars


CAIR Files Lawsuit Claiming Terror Watchlist Violates Constitutional Rights


Democrat lawmakers rage over 'Mosques Exposed' video - Tennessee Republican shared message on Islam's subversiveness


SCARY: EU Admits Millions of Terrorists May Be Entering Europe As ‘Migrants’


WATCH: Churches Being Destroyed by ISIS


ISIS Burns 15 Civilians Alive


How the Kremlin Manipulates Europe's Refugee Crisis


Cologne Police Reveal ‘Cover Up’ Of New Year’s Eve Rape Attacks Ordered By Government


Iran boasts it has developed 12 new nuclear products


Trainee Teacher Bought Components For Boston Bombing-Style Pressure Cooker Bomb


German Minister: ‘Three Million Migrants Ready to Set Sail for Europe’


Danish terror arrests: Police bust ISIS sleeper cell amid warning of fresh jihad attacks


Pentagon announces transfer of two “veteran jihadis” from Gitmo: WEAPONS TRAINER and EXPLOSIVES TRAINER - Obama continues to replenish the ranks of the enemy leadership.


LAWFARE: Terror-tied CAIR Files Terror Watch Lists Lawsuits


Obama’s best friend, Turkish President Erdogan, THREATENS Europe MORE MASSIVE MUSLIM MIGRATION


Former Indonesian President: Pay Muslims to stop being jihad terrorists


Australia to cancel citizenships of up to 110 Muslims who’ve joined the Islamic State


UK: Muslim medical student was recruiter for the Islamic State


Raymond Ibrahim: Revive Clear Thinking and the Jihad Dies


Islamic State kidnaps over 300 Syrian workers


U.S. Muslims to overtake Jews by 2026


Hamas's New Way of Poisoning the Minds of Palestinian Children


ISIS, Tehran Regime, Two Sides of the Same Coin


Pope to Visit Greek Island to Highlight Migrant Crisis


Shock News as Europe Admits Millions of Possible Terrorists!


ISIS’ New Hit List - Americans in the crosshairs.


Raymond Ibrahim on Newsmax Prime: ISIS’ new hit list targeting Americans

Inconvenient Genocide - The reason that Obama has ignored the mass slaughter of Mideast Christians.


Blasphemy Convictions Intensify in Sisi's Egypt


US, Gulf to 'Push Back' Against Iran


‘Sesame Street’ Unveils Hijab-Clad Muppet: ‘Zari’ Is A Feminist From Afghanistan


Sesame Street unveils hijab-wearing Muslim puppet


Islamic University of Minnesota a Hotbed of Extremism


How Madonna and Hillary Clinton Betray Muslim Women


West Offers Window for Spectacular ISIS Attack


Sitting Ducks? ISIS threatens American troops in Egypt's Sinai


Administration Pushes False Claim on Winning against ISIS


A Look Inside Britain’s Islamic Sex-Grooming Gangs


MUSLIMS Scream at Mayor With Chants of Support of Stabbing Attacks on Jews


All Of A Sudden – ISLAM In America


New ISIS video shows gay people being thrown off roofs, stoned to death, beheaded


Report: Jewish man stabbed multiple times in Manhattan subway attack


University professor FASCINATED WITH ISLAM takes family to Syria to fight for ISIS


Muslim gang accused of RAPING and MOLESTING two ‘scared young girls’ AGED 15 AND 13 who felt ‘like a bit of meat to be passed around’


Greek government: We Must Build First Mosque In Athens Or Face Islamic Terror Attacks


“Staggering number” of Muslims from Europe embraced jihad, many returning home


Hamas-linked CAIR files suit claiming terror watch list discriminates against Muslims


Malaysia: Muslim lawyers says Muslims have no right to leave Islam


Driven to End Life to Escape Sharia


Sweden: A Beggar on Every Corner


At War with Islam – Too Late for Europe?


Bombshell Hearing Proves that Hundreds of Muslim Terrorists Crossing the Border while Obama Does Nothing to Stop Them!


The Obama Administration is Laundering Money for Iran and Terrorists


Lawyers: Underage sex claims against Dershowitz a 'mistake'


Lawyers Acknowledge Mistake In Filing Sexual Misconduct Charges Against Professor Dershowitz


Kerry Calls On Iran To Help End Wars In Yemen, Syria


Former Congressman Says Islamic Terrorism Is World War III


HORRIBLE: Where’s The Gay Communities OUTRAGE At ISIS’s New Video?


‘Treason’: Mark Levin Slams Obama Admin for Conspiring With Iran


Grade School CHILDREN CHOKED WITH CHAINS, ATTACKED by Migrant Children, “Muslims rule the world,” Imitating the Slicing of the Throat


Canadian paper removes story about Muslim migrant bullying: “sensitive subject”


German minister told police to remove the word “rape” from reports on Muslim attacks


Citizenships of up to 110 Muslims from Australia fighting with ISIS to be CANCELED


Australian Children’s Court: ISLAM SAYS I CAN, claims teen who beat sister


UK-BORN ISIS recruiter urged young Muslims to join Jihad


VIDEO: “THIS IS OUR COUNTRY NOW, GET OUT, YOU DIRTY TWAT!” shout Muslim migrants in London


Turkish Justice: ISIS Walks Free; Peace Activists Jailed


How Islamists Are Slowly Desensitizing Europe And America


This ISIS Camp Is Only 8 Miles Outside The U.S. Border [VIDEO]


Iran's Missiles and the Obama Doctrine


Cannibal al-Nusra commander killed by rival Islamist militia


ISIS planning to use drones for radioactive attacks on Western cities


ISIS uses mustard gas against Syrian forces in battle for airport


Islamist radicals from Muslim countries tend to have engineering qualifications


Employees in only three U.S. airports subject to security checks


EU governments may have deliberately allowed migrants in to boost domestic economies


Terrorists may have entered Europe hiding among asylum-seekers: EU border police


UK “Equalities” Chief, “Muslims won’t assimilate and become loyal Britons”


UK “Equalities” chief admits: Muslims won’t assimilate


U.S. general: Number of ISIS fighters in Libya doubles


‘Staggering number’ of Muslims from Europe embraced jihad, many returning home, EU claims


UK: Muslim Labor official fired for saying Hitler was “greatest man in history”


Kerry invites Taliban to negotiate, they respond with rocket fire


Canadian paper removes story about Muslim migrant bullying: “sensitive subject”


Saudi TV host: We must admit that terrorists “adhere to the religion of Islam”


Austria: Muslim “refugee,” Mumbai jihad suspect, arrested for plot in Europe


Dr. Omar Ahmad and The Agony of the “Decent Muslim”


Free Speech on Trial: What Message Is Being Sent?


Iran: Ayatollah Khamenei Warns President Rouhani on Economy


Iran Sending Radicalized Muslim Students to Fight in Iraq and Syria


Iran making ISIS stronger than ever


Poll: Nearly One Quarter of British Muslims Support Imposition of Sharia Law


Iran's Foreign Minister Says Missile Program Not Negotiable


Obama: I take terrorism seriously


Can America Ever Trust Young Muslims?


Why Are Islamists Murdering Christians in Paris, Brussels, and Islamabad?


The Syrian Civil War: An Interim Balance Sheet


Immigration: Interesting bit of legislative history – McCarran – Walter Act of 1952 - It is of note that the act requires that an applicant for immigration must be of good moral character and “attached to the

principles of the Constitution.  Since the Quran forbids Muslims to swear allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, technically, all Muslims should be refused immigration.


UK: 50% of Muslims want homosexuality outlawed, 31% want polygamy legalized, 23% want Sharia

VIDEO: Muslim refugees STORM BORDER, use train carriage to smash police barricade on Greece-Macedonia border


Fighting Breaks Out as Muslim Refugees Storm Europe’s Borders!


Muslim ‘refugee’ ADMITS TO SETTING ASYLUM CENTER ON FIRE, spray-paints SWASTIKAS to frame far-right


Brussels Muslim had rotting animal testicles and feces in backpack, suggesting Islamic State biological attack plot


2 in 3 British Muslims Would NOT Tip Off Police to Jihad Terrorists


Brussels: NINETY PERCENT of Muslim teens call jihad murderers heroes


Obama ADMITS Libya ‘Worst Mistake as President’


MUMBAI jihad massacre suspect joined ISIS and ENTERED EUROPE AS “REFUGEE” to plot jihad attack in Europe


Muslim Prisoner Carved ISIS Motto Into Army Veteran Cellmate’s Forehead


Video: Robert Spencer explains the “Islamophobia” scam


60% of “Palestinians” support jihad attacks against Israeli civilians


America's Islamist Extremist


Attackers in Paris, Brussels Were Targeting Euro 2016 Soccer Tournament


Palestinians: Erasing Christian History


Turkey's Circus in Washington


Why are Islamists Murdering Christians All Over the World?


West Must Infiltrate Islamist Networks Before Plots Become Operational


Socialist paradise Denmark turns nationalist when it comes to refugees


Europe to Obama: You're dead wrong on Iran


Former UK Official Who Popularised the Term 'Islamophobia' Admits Error


Israel PM admits strikes in Syria for first time


The UAE's Fragile Good Life


Taliban Announces Spring Offensive


Appellate Court Hears Arguments in Palestinian Authority Terror Civil Suit


Europe: Sharia-Compliant Fashion Goes Mainstream


The Syrian Quagmire


Report Suggests Radical Islamists Infiltrating German Military to Receive Training


Stop Asking 'Why Do They Hate Us?'


Not So Subtle Takeover Plan: Islamist Party Held “Fall of Capitalism and Rise of Islam” Conf. in IL


NEW POLL: UK Muslim vicious hatred towards Jews


Report: 29 German soldiers have joined ISIS, army may contain dozens of jihadis


UK: MORE THAN HALF of Muslims want gay sex outlawed and NEARLY A QUARTER support areas of UK being run under SHARIA


Brussels: NINETY PERCENT of Muslim teens call jihad murderers heroes


FBI top dog: Rise of “Islamophobia” a “concerning issue”


The Hoax of “Countering Violent Extremism”


Islamic State murders 21 Christians, some for violating terms of dhimmi contract


California: Muslim couple charged with keeping housekeeper as slave


German intel top dog says analysts didn’t expect jihad terrorists to sneak into Europe with migrants


ISIS or Islam — Which Breeds Terrorism?


The Failure of Muslim Integration in the UK - A harbinger of what to expect in the United States


A Slow Motion Train Wreck - Watching the end of Western civilization unfold.


Local Anchor exposes "Partnership for a New American Economy"


Would Jesus Condone Fighting ISIS? Iraqi Christian Fighters Offer Biblical Justification


Sharia: Germany ‘BANS’ sexy women in ads after Muslim sex assaults in Cologne


At Least 50 British Jihadis Granted Permission to Leave Islamic State, Prompting Terrorism Fears


ISIS Kills 21 CHRISTIANS in Syria


Why the BDS Movement is Destroying a Future Palestinian State


Religion of Peace? 2/3 of Muslims would Refuse to tell Government about a Terrorist Plot!


ISIS plotting to kill US Congressman


Islamic State publishes hit list of Muslim Brotherhood-linked Muslim leaders


Obama's Nuclear Contrition - Drastically increasing the chance of nuclear war.


ISIS Chant Praising Brussels Attacks Could Attract Recruits, Herald More


This Donald Trump video “The Snake” is going viral in Europe


ISIS Announces Massacre of Hindus to Establish Sharia


VIDEO: UK Muslims protest against Cameron and DEMAND Sharia: “Islam Will Conquer the West”


VIDEO of NIGHT TERROR: Muslim migrant mobs ATTACK car and SET FIRE to road to stop truckers in France


Motorists BEATEN BY MUSLIM MIGRANTS in French motorway rest area


Women and Children First


Robert Spencer in PJ Media: Minneapolis ‘Moderate Muslim’ Tries to Join ISIS


“What is happening in the Middle East will happen in Europe”


Fatwas for Christian Ministry under Islam — on The Glazov Gang


Palestinians: We Will Not Accept a Jewish Israel


Advocates Are Fighting For A Burqa-Free Europe. Will They Get It?


Germany tells migrants to learn German, get a job or lose benefits


[Exposed] Muslim rape, trafficking gangs being covered up


Turkey's Circus in Washington


The Unserious West and the Serious Jihadists - The Obama administration and the "nuisance of terrorism."


Inside the Bernie Sanders Pro-Hamas Campaign - Attacking Jews and pandering to Muslims is the plan.


Bernie Sanders Has No Idea What Israel Being "Disproportionate" Even Means


How Obama's Refugee Policies Undermine National Security - The administration orders “shields down” in the wake of a succession of deadly terror attacks. -


'Outside the Bedroom, Women Must Wear a Scarf' - The Mullahs force France to impose Islamic dress code.  Coming to America, real soon!!!


Minnesota mosque producing radical Somali terrorists


Minnesota mosque producing radical Somali terrorists - Imam calls for 'killing and destruction of Jews'


Bowing to Islamism Brought Down Canadian NDP Leader


Germany Removes Job Safeguards From Citizens So Refugees Can Find Work


EU Finally Approves Terrorism Fighting Measures


Political Crisis in Baghdad Hits Boiling Point


Syria Debacle: CIA-Armed Militia Are Shooting Pentagon-Armed Militia


ISIS Represents a Much Larger Danger in America Than We’re Being Told


Feds Providing Funds for Business Start-Ups to… Illegal Aliens


Obama Says Surrendering to ISIS is the Only Way to Defeat It


Radicalised Swede on trial accused of building bomb


Robbins: Europe turns blind eye to hatred


British Muslims becoming a nation within a nation, Trevor Phillips warns


Merkel OKs criminal probe of comic who skewered Turkish prez - 'Will have to live with the accusation that she caved to Erdogan'


Angela Merkel ENFORCES ISLAMIC LAW, Agrees To Prosecution Of “Erdogan Poem” Comedian


U.S. Gives 680,000 Green Cards to Migrants from Muslim Nations


HORROR AUDIO: Chilling PARIS ATTACKS recording reveals victims’ pleas as ISIS JIHADIS storm theatre


The Citadel considers first-ever uniform exception: allowing a Muslim hijab


Obama’s Surge of Muslim Migrants into US


Europe: Muslim migrants converting to Christianity fear being killed by Muslims


Minnesota Muslim pleads guilty to conspiring to aid the Islamic State - Adnan Abdihamid Farah


Video: Robert Spencer on Islamic tolerance and contributions to civilization


Pakistan’s ISI funded deadly attack on CIA camp in Afghanistan


The Unknown: Islam’s 25 Scars On My Body


Europe: Suicide by Jihad


ISIS Represents a Much Larger Danger in American Than We’re Being Told


Concessions to Muslim Students Sparks National Debate in Switzerland


COVER UP: Parents, student CONFIRM Muslim “refugee” children choke, slap Canadian kids


Cover-up in Halifax: Parents confirm reports media retracted — Muslim migrants did brutalize their children


Invasion: Muslim Migrant Influx into Italy from Libya Resurging


WATCH: Muslim Migrant Mobs Riot under Paris Metro, VIOLENT CONFRONTATIONS


Australia: Islamic State recruiter a threat to the U.S.


Muslim leader from Australia: “lead armies of Jihad that will conquer Europe and America”


Video: Robert Spencer in Ottawa on the Muslim migrant crisis


UK: What British Muslims Really Think


Duh! moment: Islam incompatible with utopian diversity fantasies - Author warns requirement is 'majority that is reasonable – like with Judeo-Christianity'


Muslim Migrants RIOT over Halal Food


“Covered in fecal matter”: Muslim chef prepared food after wiping his bottom with his bare hands because he doesn’t use toilet paper for Islamic reasons


‘Muhammed appeared in a dream, inspired me to kill Jews’


“Palestinian” tried to stab Israelis so he could “marry virgins in Paradise”


Turkey seizes six Christian churches as state property


False Moral Equivalence as a Tool to Demonize Israel


Turkey Builds Mega-Mosque in U.S., Blocks Churches in Turkey


Of Course The Muslim Brotherhood is a Terror Organization


You Simply Cannot be a Moderate Muslim!


Weaponized Horror and the Constraints of Conscience


Underground Hamas Tunnels Continue to Threaten Israeli Civilians


Politician Makes DANGEROUS Claim About Jihadists Returning From Syria


Muslim Terrorist Stayed "Single" for the 72 Virgins in Paradise


More Insanity: FBI Caves to Muslim Groups to Not Defend Americans


Obama’s Security Advisor: ‘Promoting Sustainable Development’ Will Help ‘Defeat ISIL’s Ideology’


Synagogue Attack Jihad Murderer To Judge: ‘Suck My C*ck You Nazi Wh*re’ - Byzantine emperor, Manuel II Palaiologos, “Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.”


Jihad in Jerusalem: Muslims Bomb Bus, 20 Injured


Canada: RCMP refugee screening a 16 MILLION DOLLAR FLOP, says internal report


“Massive Diversity”: Documents Show Most ISIS Fighters Come from All Walks of Life, Highly Educated with MBAs, PhDs


Leaked ISIS Personnel Files Paint Picture of Group's Recruits


The ISIS Files: What Leaked Documents Reveal About Terror Recruits


“This is what Islamophobia looks like”: Muslim demands apology after being removed from plane


Islamic Prayer as Intimidation — on The Glazov Gang


Celebrating Terrorism, Palestinian Style


Germany: Humor, Sultan Style


German PEGIDA leader to face trial for “hate speech” on Facebook


Hillary Keeps Lying About Islam– for Profit


Is Hillary Clinton Prostituting Herself for Islam?


Hundreds dead, wounded in cowardly Taliban attack


Does Israel Need U.S. Jewish Support?


One in Ten Islamic State Recruits Wants to Become Suicide Bomber


The Muslim Will vs. the Western Way - Islam has the will to win but not the way; the West has the way to win but not the will.


Muslim leeches find out the hard way what will happen if they fake being a refugee….


Muslims DEMAND the right to butcher women and children over BIZARRE reason!


BREAKING: Taliban Attack KILLS DOZENS! 300 Wounded…


America’s Sheriff Just DESTROYED Al Sharpton!


Iran-backed jihadis in Yemen arrest Rabbi accused of smuggling ancient Torah scroll to Israel


Muslim Celebrate Jerusalem Bus Bombing


More Muslim Migrant VIOLENT RIOTING, STONE Police, Tear Down Greek Border Fence


UNESCO Renames Western Wall ‘Al-Buraq Plaza’


New Film Targets Teachers with Propaganda About How U.S. Muslims Are Victims


Colorado U.S. attorney and other leaders hold seminar on combating “anti-Islamic rhetoric”


Islamic State introduces fines for not knowing the Qur’an well enough


Muslims enraged over video of migrant girl kneeling at Pope’s feet, say it humiliates Muslims


UK prison imams freely spreading jihad and hatred of infidels, women, gays


Video: Robert Spencer on how Islam killed free speech in 30 years


Veiling Women: Islamists' Most Powerful Weapon


Erdogan: The World's Most Insulted President


Turkey: Erdogan's Thin-Skinned Government


Mosul: Iraq's National Battle Versus ISIS's Apocalyptic Battle


Switzerland Denies Muslim Citizenship to Family of Boys Who Refused to Shake their Female Teachers Hand!


German Refugee Program Money Given to Hizballah Operatives


FBI Caves to the Complaints of Muslims – Again!


Social Media Emerges as a Valuable Terrorist Fundraising Tool


Terrorism isn’t “terrorism” if Muslims Cause it


Hundreds of ISIS Jihadi Brides Sent To Combat Training


Obama Admin Awards $270K to Terror-Tied Islamic Charity


ARABIC-SPEAKING passenger who heard conversation of Muslim who was removed from plane says his comments were THREATENING


Obama’s Sharia-Compliant ‘Countering Violent Extremism’ Program Collapses Into Absurdity


India: Devout Muslim mob STONES Hindu procession, BURNS many shops and vehicles, THREE DEAD


Germany: Government-funded refugee program is run by Hizballah


Iran demands new bribes — and Obama rushes to deliver


Demonizing Christianity as a Global Menace


France will guarantee a 20-minute police response to any future militant attacks


Sweden Facing Another Migrant Invasion? - One Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Sweden: March 2016


Iran's Nuclear Missiles in Our Future


Supreme Court: U.S. victims of terrorism can collect from Iran


Make or Break Moment for Palestinian Violence


Muslim Women Turned Terrorist to Die and Meet "Handsome" Dead Terrorists in Paradise


Obama Pleading w/Iran to Let Him Meet Head of Terror State


First Nude Protest Against Hijab in the Islamic Republic - Opposing Sharia law, activist writes on her body: “I Am Not A Slave.”


ISIS is Collapsing


28 Senators Send Letter Demanding That John Kerry Obey the Law


Video Captures Palestinians Hailing Jerusalem Bomber


Mideast Teachers Reveal How Islam Erases Christianity from History


Islamism Is The World’s War On Women


Video: Muslim migrants in London scream, “This is our country now, get out!”


Hugh Fitzgerald: Homo Kaplanensis: “Europe Was Defined By Islam. And Islam Is Redefining It Now.”


Palestinians: When In Doubt, Try Intimidation


“Moderate” Islam calls Jews “Satan in Human Form,” “Apes,” and “Pigs”!


What Muslim-American children are being taught.


Two Administrations Protecting Something in 28 Pages of 9/11 Report


Prosecutors: ISIS Ebook Helped Inspire Aborted Attack on Pamela Geller


Why Are Teens Joining ISIS? [video]


Taliban touts Bergdahl swap as key ‘achievement’


Pakistani Taliban faction kills 7 policemen guarding polio vaccination team


Politician Makes DANGEROUS Claim About Jihadists Returning From Syria


Syrian refugee gets no jail time for murdering Swedish boy


ISIS suspect reveals plans to open up route from Syria to U.S. through Mexico


Boston Muslim who plotted to BEHEAD Pamela Geller, ‘tried to ORGANIZE BEHEADINGS of non-believers from behind bars’ while awaiting terror charges


Well-known ISIS operative instructed American Muslims to kill Pamela Geller


Feds add more charges against devout Muslims accused in Islamic State plot to behead Pamela Geller


Germany accused of supporting HIZBALLAH through REFUGEE PROJECT


Iran Vows ‘Serious Reaction’ If U.S. Violates Nuke Deal


Christian refugees “let down” by Pope: he promised to take them to Italy but then took only Muslims instead


Minnesota Muslims spoke about planning jihad massacres in the U.S. for the Islamic State


The Self-Contradictory Liberals


Two Individuals Charged in Superseding Indictment with Conspiring to Commit Acts of Terrorism Transcending National Boundaries - David Daoud Wright, aka Dawud Sharif Abdul Khaliq, aka Dawud Sharif Abdul Khaliq, 26, of Everett, Massachusetts, and Nicholas Alexander Rovinski, aka Nuh Amriki, aka Nuh Andalusi


From the Twin Cities to Jihad, Responding to ISIS’s Call


Imam Who Made Death Threats Leads “Interfaith Service” After Paris Attacks


Pro-#ISIS United Cyber Caliphate posts 3,600 purported #NY residents’ names, addresses: “We Want Them #Dead”


Feds: Devout Muslims in Minnesota spoke of terrorist attacks INSIDE THE US


Devout Muslim Brussels jihad bomber worked at Zaventem airport for FIVE YEARS


At least 5,000 jihadists entered Syria from Turkey, including Chinese Uighurs


Bangladesh professor hacked to death, throat slit in suspected Islamic jihad attack - “When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks…” (Qur’an 47:4)


Turkey Blackmails Europe on Visa-Free Travel


A Caliphate Under Strain: The Documentary Evidence


Disturbing reality: Muslim 'sex-grooming gangs'


More ISIS atrocities surface: 250 women executed for refusing ‘sexual jihad’


Islamic State Executes 250 Women for Refusing Slave Marriage


Prayer for genocide of “enemies” of Allah, by “Palestinian” TV Imam


10 Jihadis Blow Themselves Up Making Bombs In A Mosque


Saudi family therapist explains wife-beating: “Some wives want to live a life of equality…This is a very grave problem.”


Missouri: Muslim migrant threatens to kill family that sponsored him, faces deportation


German police arrest politician for citing anti-Erdogan satire - Germany is now once again ruthlessly suppressing the freedom of speech — but this time not to advance its idolatry of its own race and blood, but in order to appease its Turkish overlords.


Palestinians: Peace Starts with Facing the Harsh Reality of Hate


"Brexit" - What Else Is Wrong with the European Union?


Austrian government “shocked” as opposition sweeps early presidential balloting


Bloody terror group may be “the next ISIS”


Secret 9/11 documents to be released


Obama: Merkel’s Open-Borders Are ‘On The Right Side Of History’


Robert Kaplan: 'Europe Was Defined By Islam. And Islam Is Redefining It Now.' - Is it really Europeans who need to compromise?


Attack of the 90 Foot Islamic Virgins - Creating an Islamic heaven on earth.


Obama Might As Well Have Declared: ‘Britain Lost the War Of Independence Because You Have Small D**ks’


Erdogan: The World's Most Insulted President


Obama's Double Standard Toward Netanyahu


Obama to Europeans: America Needs a 'Unified, Liberal, Pluralistic' Europe


Gun running gang convicted after largest seizure of automatic weapons in UK


Why Obama Can’t Coax England To Stay In The EU


France: “Arabic-speaking man” slashes soldier in the face with a box cutter


Canadian Tourist John Ridsdel BEHEADED in Philippines by ISIS-Tied Muslim Group


JIHADIS HACK TO DEATH leading GAY rights activist and editor at Bangladesh’s only LGBT magazine


“SAVAGE OCCUPATION”: Muslim migrants demanding “respect” smash way into Paris school and refuse to leave


Muslim Migrants in Germany Chant “Adolf Hitler” and Allahu Akbar”


Islamic State hacks Michigan church website: “We will break your crosses and enslave your women by permission of Allah”


Video: Ex-Muslim: “The level of violence in the Qur’an was simply unacceptable to me”


What's Up with Norquist and the Jihadis?


Is yours about to be a refugee ‘welcoming’ community? Call the mayor of Amarillo, TX first!


“Moderate” Muslim Nation of Turkey Seizes Christian Churches while Asking to Join the EU!


The Fall of the West and the Rise of Islamofascism in Turkey


The Death of Free Speech: The West Veils Itself


Palestinians: Insulting Religious Minorities


Turkey: Container Cities, Uprooting Alevis, Fear of Infiltrating Jihadis


How Islam Erased Christianity from History - A lesson that should be familiar to the West.


Obama: We Live in the “Most Peaceful” Era in Human History


U.S. Schemes with UN to Use Free College Tuition Programs to Increase Syrian Refugee Admittance


Erdoğanistan Travel Tips


Cartels Help Terrorists in Mexico Get to U.S. to Explore Targets; ISIS Militant Shaykh Mahmood Omar Khabir Among Them


Moscow requests UN to add ISIS-linked groups to official terror list


UK: Muslim MP Calling for Israel to be ‘Relocated’ to U.S.


Turkish PM Recip Erdogan CRUSHES Protesters Against Replacing Secular Constitution with Brutal Islamic Rule: “Bastards of Atatürk”


Israel boycott halted security deal that could have foiled Paris attacks


Muslim Migrants Leave Blood, Feces, Semen Smeared on Asylum Home Walls


ISIS blows up iconic Clock Church


“The shortsightedness of Pamela Geller’s media lynch mob”


‘Muslims in Europe will outnumber practicing Christians very soon’


Netherlands: Muslims give out 15,000 free Qur’ans on King’s Day - The Alkhattab Foundation better hope no one actually reads it.


Rutgers displays “artwork” of Christ crucified on a dartboard, Christians worldwide riot — no, wait…


Jihad Watch #9 among “The Top 10 Conservative Political Blogs Everyone Should Know About”


The "Two State Solution": Irony and Truth


Sweden: Muslim Government Minister Sacked After Making Nazi Allegations


NYPD contacts thousands whose names appear on Internet 'terror target' list


Big Government Can’t Fight Terrorism at Home


Referendums on Immigration are Long Overdue


Tensions Mount as Russian Troops in Syria Fire on Israeli Aircraft!


Cartels Help Terrorists in Mexico Get to U.S. to Explore Targets; ISIS Militant Shaykh Mahmood Omar Khabir Among Them


Dutch Intelligence: Competition Could Fuel Jihadi Plots


Poll: Majority of Palestinian youth support knife attacks on Jews


Palestinian Children Kill Israelis in Hamas "Play"


DNI Clapper: ISIS has cells in Europe, has ‘taken advantage’ of migrant crisis


National Intelligence Director: Islamic State exploiting migrant crisis, has training camps in Europe


Book explores when to negotiate with terrorists - Demand by Terror


Obama: We could “destroy North Korea,” but instead we’ll build a missile shield


[Warning] ISIS leader smuggled into U.S.


Islamic State Moves to Libya


Understanding the Hijab - The widespread misconception about Islamic covering among leftists in the West.


Muslim Unity is Just a Slogan


Obama Admin Withholding Details of ‘Potentially Illegal’ Deal to Buy Iranian Nuke Materials


More Than 60,000 Christians in America Gather in the Streets to Protest Islam and Islamic Persecution of Christians


Turkey Seizing Christian Churches As They Continue to Flood Europe With Islamists [VIDEO]

Defeating Hamas in America - The BDS movement and its role in the jihadist war against Israel.


Obama plots with UN to increase Muslim “refugees” from 10,000 to 200,000


WATCH: Leftists ATTACK Police as Austria Prepares to Defend its Border Against Migrant Invasion


Muslim Migrant Sex Attacks Soar in Austria: “All He Could Say Was ‘SEX, SEX, SEX’ and Then He Pulled Out a Condom”


Minnesota: Another Devout Muslim in ISIS Terror-Recruiting Case Pleads Guilty - Hamza Ahmed


Australia: Muslim teen arrested for jihad plot was in “deradicalization” program


Education Dept encourages Islam in classroom to stop bullying of Muslims


Hamas-linked CAIR releases “toolkit” to help Muslims introduce resolutions against “Islamophobia”


Jesuit priest: Islam is “violent throughout its entire history” out of “obedience to the Law of Allah”


Jesuit astrophysicist Manuel Carreira: “Islam is the worst plague that humanity has seen in the past 2000 years”


Trump dominates Tuesday primaries; 71% of PA GOP voters support temporary ban on Muslim immigration


Germany: "We Need an Islam Law" - Proposal seeks to ban foreign funding of mosques in Germany


Turkey's Fake War on Jihadis


Gun Carrying, Anti-Migration Populist Candidate Wins Presidential Election in Austria


Will they make ‘Austria great again?’ (will they be able to SAVE Austria is the question)


Muslim Countries Slam Israel—For Protecting Them - The Golan Heights is the latest “outrage.”


Police foil ISIS attack in Rome


Effective Handling of Captured Terrorists


What It's Really Like to Fight for the Islamic State


Alberta Woman, 19, Left Canada To Fight ISIS Militants In Syria – Good reading.  What a hero.


Kennedy Would Have Taken On Islamists, Mr. Trudeau


FBI arrests brother of San Bernardino terrorist and 2 others on marriage fraud charges - Mariya Chernykh, Tatiana Farook, Syed Raheel Farook, Enrique Marquez Jr.


Erdoğan Calls for Faith-Based UN Reform


Palestinians: University Students Vote For Terror


For 1 key group Trump's Muslim ban is yuuge - In the Northeastern primaries held earlier this week, exit polls showed almost 70 percent of voters in New York and Pennsylvania supported Trump’s proposed ban.


Threatened with throat-slitting and slaughter: Christian persecution in Swedish asylum centres


John Kerry on Terrorism’s Appeal: ‘Regular Meals, Companionship’ – Not Necessarily Religion


Pakistan: 18-year-old Christian boy HANGED by Muslims for wanting to marry Muslim girl


Islamists Cry “Racial Profiling” in Minnesota - It is no surprise why Islamists are so quick to alledge ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘racial profiling.’ ISIS recruitment in their community isn't the real problem; the real problem is the West.


Islamic State recruiters arrested, worked at Moscow airport & for Russian intelligence


Scotland: Saudis cut funding to ex-Muslims after they refuse to aid building of mosque


Pakistan’s ISI controlled Osama bin Laden’s Abbottabad compound


Italy arrests 4 Muslims in Islamic State plot to attack Israeli embassy, Vatican


Rutgers Goes Sharia-Compliant


Turkey's Islamic Supremacist Foreign Policy


In Europe, “refugees” flying “home” to Iraq


Is the Italian Mafia Now the Voice of Reason on Muslim Migration?


[Report] North Korea on brink of collapse


Obama "worst president since Hoover"


Placing Terror on a Pedestal - Granting government honors to ex-CAIR operative Ghazala Salam.


Is It Back to Square One for Libya?


European Nation Sends HUGE Message To Muslim Migrants!


Iraq SHUTS DOWN Hillary Clinton’s Favorite Channel AL JAZEERA for ‘Instigating VIOLENCE’


Muslim ‘Refugee’ Serial SEX ATTACKER – REPEATEDLY RAPES, Douses Woman with Lighter Fluid, NO DEPORTATION


Iran to build seven new nuclear plants by 2020


Britain? Moderates? How's That Again?


Identitare: leading the way to save western civilization in the new Austria


Germany AfD conference: Hundreds of protesters detained outside venue






Saudi Arabia Threatens to Dump US Treasury Holdings if Congress Passes 9/11 Bill


US Debt Has Made Obama the Saudi’s Lap Dog – Accountability Time!


Saudis threaten to sell US assets if they’re held responsible for role in 9/11


US Covered up the Saudis’ Role in 9/11 Muslim Attacks


Our relationship with Saudi Arabia is fracturing


Saudis secretly blackmailing Obama over 9/11


Cruz adviser points finger at Saudis for 9/11 – Clare Lopez


The Saudis Practice Mafia Tactics


9/11 Widow Slams Obama for Siding with Saudi Arabia Over Sept. 11 Victims


Obama meets with Saudi king after new evidence emerges of Saudi role in 9/11


Smoking Gun: Newly Revealed FBI “Document 17” Officially Proves The Connection Between The 9/11 Terrorists And The Saudi Arabian Embassy


Strangest bedfellows ever in biggest brawl in D.C. - It's GOP and Dems vs. ... GOP and Dems in 9/11-Saudi showdown


How many American politicians do the Saudis own?


79 search results found for “9/11 28 pages”.






At least FIFTY ISIS Muslims are working as baggage handlers, cleaners and catering staff at Brussels airport, claim police


Brussels jihadis worked in airport where they killed infidels; 50 more Islamic State supporters still work there


Muslim antisemite ABUSES aid worker trying to help Jewish victims of Brussels jihad attack, “ISRAEL DOES NOT EXIST”


Brussels airport police union goes on strike over security concerns


Belgium attack bolsters conservative political groups


Belgium wants migrants to sign pledge to integrate; Leftists enraged


Belgium Socialist vs American Liberals, NO Matter We Are All Screwed


What We Fear


FBI Tipped Off Dutch Police One Week Before Brussels Attack


Third Suspect in Brussels Terror Attacks Reportedly Arrested


Belgian Jihadi Carried Toxic Material Used to Infect People with Fatal illnesses like Typhoid and Cholera


'Idle' Swede charged with Brussels terrorist murders


Brussels Terrorist Was Star Of Documentary About Successful Integration Of Immigrants


Belgian Interior Minister says many Muslims danced after jihad attacks


How Radicalization Was Allowed to Fester in Belgium




















ISIS Terror Storyline – NBC News






















AJC Global Jewish Advocacy






Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America – Largely for law enforcement at all levels.  Will open your eyes even more.


Agent Storm: My Life Inside Al Qaeda and the CIA - Morten Storm with Paul Cruickshank & Tim Lister