We sleep safely at night because rough men and women stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm.


“Chaos is the law of nature, and order is the dream of man”



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Does Islam Prohibit Drawing Mohammed? – There is no prohibition on creating images of Prophet Mohammed in the Qur'an.


Malice in Dallas - Muslims do not uniformly prohibit depiction of the presumed likeness of Muhammad.


The real reasons cartoons of Mohammed offend so many Muslims



For a better understanding of Islamic State, please

·        Google-search Islamic State and review the results. 

·        Watch the very short video IS Goals and Tactics Worldwide. 

·        Download and read Behind the Veil: The Fundamental Nature of the Jihadist Cause –As linked to by Homeland Security Today - 30 MB, so it will take a while to download.

·        View Top Ten Quran Verses for Understanding ISIS (the Islamic State)

·        See “Begin to Understand Islam With These 118 Robert Spencer Articles”

·        See The Rise of the Islamic State

·        See Ibn Warraq speaks at Yale

·        Read Islam 101 by Gregory Davis

·        What Really Is Islam?

·        David Wood on the 3 stages of Jihad

·        The Third Jihad - Radical Islam's Vision for America

·        A timeline of the Islamic faith

·        Three Things About Islam

·        Jihadology


What ISIS Really Wants


James Burnham on Militant Islam and the Clash of Civilizations - The price of failing to acknowledge the spiritual inspiration of one's enemies


Bill Warner, PhD: Jihad vs. Crusades --  Good one.  Note the battle map - relentless jihad.


“Moderate” Muslim Leader says all Muslims are “Radical” and “Extremists”

Best of VICE News 2014: The Islamic State (Full Length)


Saudi cleric rejects that Earth revolves around the Sun


The Atlantic: “The Islamic State is Islamic. Very Islamic.”


Islamic Terrorism Has Been Woven into the Fabric of Our Country


Harsh and Inconvenient Truths about Islam


Shiites vs. Sunnis Charts


The Difference Between Islam and Islamism?


Read How ISIS Justifies their Oppression of Christians


The Terror Strategist: Secret Files Reveal the Structure of Islamic State


Is ISIS Islamic?


Research on the Islamic State


Writings by Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi


Islamic Jizya: Fact and Fiction


The Rhyme and Reason of Jihad


Knowing Four Arabic Words May Save Our Civilization from Islamic Takeover – Takiyya, Tawriya, Kitman, Muruna




Germany: Muslims Exempt from School Trips to Holocaust Sites


Islamic State keeps firm grip one year after Mosul’s fall


The UN’s Anti-Israel Children and Armed Conflict Report


French Group Claiming To Fight Islamophobia Charged With Plotting Terrorist Attacks


France Sinks to New Lows in Jew-Hatred


Turkey Turns To The West


ISIS Threatens Outskirts of Baghdad


UN: US, other nations strangely silent on Iranian sanctions violations


Egypt intensifies security at antiquities sites: state news


Mideast’s worst case: A ‘big war’ pitting Shia Muslims against Sunni


Isis's dirty bomb: Jihadists have seized 'enough radioactive material to build their first WMD'


Obama Officially Sending 450 More Troops To Iraq


Muslims Slaughter Innocents as Obama Declares That ISIS Terrorists be Given Good Treatment


School Staff Trained On Islam, BOWS TO ALLAH At Local Mosque On Taxpayer Dime


PA school district holds staff training, joins prayer service at Islamic mosque


US tries 'if we build it' to draw Sunnis into ISIS fight

Report: Al Qaeda leaders: Group near collapse amid ISIS rise

Al Qaeda affiliate kills 20 in Syria

Iran Abandons Past Nuclear Promises as Deal Deadline Looms


Hamas-liked CAIR Rep. Arrested for Pedophilia


The Rise and Fall of Al Jazeera America


Who Lost Iraq?


The Rhyme and Reason of Jihad


ISIS and the Tijuana Drug-Smuggling Tunnels


Did ISIS give a clue about Jade Helm 15?


Death by Lashing: Saudi Arabia


#FreeRaif: To Liberty-Minded Muslims, Treatment of Saudi Blogger is Personal


United Nations Peacekeepers Trade Food For Sex


Iraqi Military Still in Shambles, Racked by Disunity


U.S. schoolteachers bow to Allah, celebrate Islam


‘Wishful Thinking’: Obama’s ex-military intel chief blasts Iran talks in scathing testimony


Muslim Jailed in Biggest Child Sex Exploitation Case in Sweden’s History


Post-Election Turkey: Now What?


Another Terrorist Arrested in the Boston Beheading Plot Targeting Police and Pamela Geller


Security Guard at U.S. Embassy in Egypt Arrested as a Terrorist


Map: Is the Islamic State in your neighborhood?


Full text: The Pamela Geller interview Mediaite Wouldn’t Run


Report: Obama’s CIA head was in Israel to argue for closure of IAEA nuclear probe of Iran


Prime Minister Netanyahu: As You Urge, We Will Expose The Lies and Attackers Of Israel’s Bocyotters


Obama caught red-handed lying about Iran Deal


Woman Sues French Government for $120000 for Not Stopping Son’s Jihad Trip


SIGN OF AGGRESSION? - Report: Iran increasing cash flow, arms to Taliban


US tries 'if we build it' to draw Sunnis into ISIS fight


VIDEO: Fmr. Defense Intelligence chief blasts pursuit of Iran deal


West reportedly won't require Iran to promptly disclose pre-2003 weapons work in nuclear deal


VIDEO: New wrinkle in Iran deal


Third man arrested in Boston beheading plot


VIDEO: False information in Boston terror case endangering cops


Pamela Geller: It's not about me, it's about Sharia


Report: Boston terror suspect targeted 'Draw Muhammad' activist for beheading


There is no prohibition on creating images of Prophet Mohammed in the Qur'an.


Malice in Dallas - Muslims do not uniformly prohibit depiction of the presumed likeness of Muhammad.


The real reasons cartoons of Mohammed offend so many Muslims


Report: Al Qaeda leaders: Group near collapse amid ISIS rise

Al Qaeda affiliate kills 20 in Syria

Libya now 'new ISIS route to the West'


Militants loyal to ISIS claim attacks on embassies in Libya


ISIS video shows children training, practicing mock bombing


Bias Bash: Is 'lily pad' ISIS strategy too little too late


TEACHING TERROR? - Firebrand Boston Imam denies link to violence


Pam Geller on being Boston terror target: It's scary, but scarier to do nothing


Rhode Island man arrested in Boston terror plot


Virginia teen (and honor roll student) in DC suburb pleads guilty to serving as an ISIS recruiter


Virginia Teen Pleads Guilty to Providing Material Support to ISIL


BDS and Hamas: The New Partnership


Is Obama Supporting a Shiite ISIS?


Islam’s ‘Baby Jihad’ - In just a few generations, Islam will be the majority religion of the world.


Islamic State at Israel’s Gate


Florida CAIR Pedophile Out On Bail


Al-Qaida's out, ISIS Is in!


Turkish Voters Reject Obama “Apology” Policy


Time to Recognize the Iranian Resistance


The Challenge: Persecuted Christians


Pentagon eyes ‘lily pad’ bases in northern Iraq to ‘encourage Iraqi army forward’


Florida Muslims get stiff sentences for NYC jihad mass murder plot


Pakistan: Muslim demand church give up its land or face blasphemy charge


Muslims who plotted to behead Pamela Geller readily admitted support for Islamic State


University of California-Berkeley student’s article about why she left Islam pulled from school paper over fears for her safety


California Muslim who tried to join the Islamic State became more observant last year, frequently attending Anaheim mosque


Texas: Muslim faces charges of lying to FBI about allegiance to Islamic State


“We are planning to give Kenyan non-believers a true taste of Jihad”


More Muslims from Britain trained as terrorists than ever before, says MI5


‘Whitewash': UN Accuses Obama of Covering up Iran Sanctions Violations


88 Refugees Kidnapped by ISIS – Many Christians Including 12 Women and Children


Recent CAIR Arrest for Pedophilia Reveals Islam’s Dirty Little Secret


VIDEO: Is Obama’s Iraq Strategy Not Really an Escalation?


Obama Administration to Empower Hezbollah, Iran with Arms Sales


Obama wrong again on combating ISIS terrorists, say experts


Muslims Brutally Beat Christian Pastor Saeed Abedini: ‘The Only Way To Escape This Pain, Is To Deny Christ.’


How Islam Got Its American Privileges


The Pamela Geller Interview Mediaite Wouldn’t Run


DISTURBINGLY UN-AMERICAN: Somali Muslim Supremacist Girls Demand and Get Sharia-Compliant Sports Uniforms


"This is so sick and so dark and so evil”: Johnnie Moore chronicles atrocities in the Middle East


U.S. remains on perilous Shemitah course


There’s a Reason the Saudi Arabia Section of CIA’s Newly Declassified 9/11 Report Is Raising Questions


ISIS Jihadist Tweets Pamela Geller’s Personal Address In Call To Kill ‘Draw Muhammad’ Contest Organizer - Why isn’t the Obama administration protecting Americans? Why is he providing cover for savages hellbent on destroying American freedoms and those who stand for it?


U.S. Agrees to Let Iran Keep Nuke Secrets


Reverend Franklin Graham Calls for Sharia Law to be Banned in the USA


Devout Muslims of Boko Haram burn 6 Nigerian villages, kill 37


NY Times Best Selling Author Brad Thor’s message for Pamela Geller’s critics: You are pansies


Two Men Charged with Conspiracy to Provide Material Support to Islamic State


“Islamaphobes” Are For Protecting Human Rights of Girls


What if Jihadi's Operated like Jehovah's Witnesses?


Iran backs Taliban with arms, cash


Islamic State: The Myth of a Baathist 'Hidden Hand'


Boston Terror Suspect’s Friends Charged With Trying To Help ISIS By Beheading Pamela Geller


Islamic Outreach Group uses Mobile Quran to Win Hearts and Minds of Charlotte - The problem is that though this might be the message they want to convey, it may not be a true message.  It seems that we have a problem that needs to be addressed.  First, to make such a statement, you would have had to poll all the 15,000 Muslims in Charlotte.  I am sure they did not.  Second, how does the reporter know that this is not an accurate representation?  Well, the Outreach Center told them it was not.


Bishop tells West: Defeat ISIS or give Christians asylum


Army Chief of Staff: Sending 150,000 Troops To Iraq To Defeat Islamic State Would Be Totally Futile


SYRIAN GROUP IN DANGER - Jihadist attack on Druze could spur Israeli action


Flynn: ISIS is winning, feels emboldened


ISIS video shows children training, practicing mock bombing


Sources: ISIS terrorists using chaotic Libya as new ‘route to the West’

Syrian Kurds nearing ISIS border stronghold, thousands flee

VIDEO: Militants loyal to ISIS claim attacks on embassies in Libya


ISIS Tweets PAM GELLER'S Home Address... - Tells Supporters to 'Go Forth'...

NH Man Announces Plans To Hold 'Draw Muhammad' Contest...


Lawmakers take aim at secret CIA Syria effort; Slash funding...

Train and arm 'rebels'...

Legal rationale for war against ISIS secret and 'very thin'...


Obama tries to counter Islamic State's social media success...


Obama's ring: 'There is no god but Allah'


Obama family busted in Shariah scheme


Famous exorcist: 'ISIS is Satan' – True or false, good reading.


There are no “lone wolves” in the jihad war


‘No Complete Strategy’ in Iraq, But Embassies Getting Complete Movie Channel Packages


Jihadi who wanted to kill Pamela Geller said he’d kill his family if they refused to live by Sharia


Mosul Archbishop calls for military action to free city, or asylum for Christians in West


6 Yemeni jihadis at Guantanamo Bay sent to Oman


Obama transfers six more Gitmo detainees, including alleged bin Laden bodyguards

VIDEO: Obama putting US at risk to fulfill Gitmo campaign promise?


Rapidly re-Islamizing Turkey closing Christian schools because of their “missionary work”


U.S. lawmakers join Iranian dissidents in France for giant regime change rally


Islamic State winning the social media war, State Dept. says


ISIS, Saudi Arabia, Iran and the West


Never Again? The ISIS Genocide of Yazidis - Ten thousand Yezidis have died at the hands of the so-called "Islamic State" or ISIS since August 3, 2014.


Declassified CIA memo shows Bill Clinton crippled anti-terrorism efforts in lead-up to 9/11


Denmark Bows to Sharia: Bans Geert Wilders’ Muhammad Drawing Exhibition


Boston Terror Suspect’s Friends Charged With Trying To Help ISIS By Beheading Pamela Geller


Obama’s Best Held Secret Investment: Iraq's City of the Dead


White House hit with jihad threat on U.S. radio


Getting the Gaza “war crimes” truth out, before the UN lies


Boston imam denies inciting Muslims to jihad violence, despite video of fiery sermons


Moderate Morocco: Gay Couple Faces Two Years in Prison for Public Kiss


Islamic jihadists tweet Pamela Geller’s home address, call for her murder


UK waterpark bans bikinis and orders visitors to wear 'Islamically appropriate' clothes


Iran power struggle could derail nuclear deal...


Saudi Arabia beheads 100th person this year...


UK Muslim medical student urges Muslim doctors to join the Islamic State


“In two generations we will rule this country” - Robert, believe me, one day I’ll shit on ya grave. How many children do ya have, mine are 12. In two generations we will rule this country.


17-year-old Muslim who journeyed to the Islamic State becomes UK’s youngest jihad-martyrdom suicide bomber


Alabama: Imam who said property of “filthy” non-Muslims could be taken in jihad says mosques not to blame for Muslims joining ISIS


U.S. vulnerable to 'most terrifying' ISIS tactic


The ISIS WMD Nightmare


The Postcolonial Rot Spreads Beyond Middle East Studies


What a workable Middle East strategy would look like if America had one


Get ready for the next Draw Muhammad contest


The Story Behind ‘AmreekiWitness,’ - 17-Year-Old Tech-Savvy Virginian Who Ran An ISIS Twitter Account


Erdogan Lends ISIS a Hand


UK: Muslim family of 12 leave to join Jihad in Syria


Coca-Cola Palestine CEO Urges Boycott of Israel @cocacola


Boston Herald: Terror target Pamela Geller backs contest plans


New York Times whitewashes jihad terror-tied Boston mosque


Muslim Mom Murders Her 17-Year-old Pregnant Daughter in Turkey


Pamela Geller, WND Column: American Muslims who plotted to behead me are loyal to ISIS


‘Iran spying on Israel, Saudi Arabia with major cyberattacks’


Netanyahu says boycott efforts recall Nazi Germany...


Iran power struggle could derail nuke deal...


Nouri al-Maliki undermines U.S. interests in Iraq, plots return to power


Israel Braces for Propaganda Assault by the U.N.


Islam’s Jihad on Churches


Congresswoman Donates Radical Muslim Contribution to Charity


Supreme Court Denies Israel’s Sovereign Rights in Jerusalem


The Bigotry of Our Time


The Most Inexcusable Crime in the Muslim World


Expanding Relations With the Iranian Resistance: Essential to Correct Iran Policy


Saudi Arabian tribes join Yemeni jihadists in fighting Saudi security forces


A Jewish Boycott


The Obama Administration Declares That Muslim Jihadists Can Join American Military Forces To Be Trained By US Soldiers


Terror Report: Attacks soared in 2014 as ISIS, Boko Haram unleashed violence


Billions already spent on war against ISIS despite strategy concerns


FBI: 3 men plotted for months before cartoon contest attack 


Houston district opens ‘Arabic Immersion School’ to create ‘global citizens’


Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders vows to broadcast cartoons of prophet Muhammad on TV


Greek island swamped by refugee flood; No relief in sight...

Haitians booted from Dominican Republic uncertain of future...

'The Dead Are Coming': Berlin activists bury drowned refugees...

Central European states against migrant quotas...

Record gains for anti-immigrant party in Danish vote...


Face Reality: Many Muslims Support ISIS


Third Muslim arrested in jihad attack on AFDI Garland free speech event


Islam’s ‘Baby Jihad’


UK Sharia courts “main aim” to “restrict and deny rights” of women and children


Navy Civilian Engineer Pleads Guilty to Attempted Espionage


Former Israeli Ambassador: Obama Has a Problem-with America


Why Lebanon's Sunnis Support ISIS


Does Islam Have a Role in Suicide Bombings?


Hajj Amin Husseini's Anti-Semitic Legacy


Turkey's Double Game with ISIS


Green Berets’ efforts to take down ISIS undermined by shoddy U.S. intelligence


Boston & Feds Partner To Market Citizenship To Illegals


White House Takes Credit For Kurdish Fighters Victory Over ISIS In Northern Syria – Update: Kurds Say ISIS Are The Ones Fighting With U.S. Weapons


Obama Admin ‘Cheered’ Private Scolding of Israeli Ambassador


Clinton-Favored Muslim Brotherhood Leader Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi Sentenced to Death by Hanging


Knowing Four Arabic Words May Save Our Civilization from Islamic Takeover – Takiyya, Tawriya, Kitman, Muruna


Obama’s National Intelligence Director's Report Excluded Iran as Terror Threat


Imported Muslims arriving now in these U.S. cities - WND reveals big list of Obama's 'receiving communities'

Does CAIR Represent American Muslims? - The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an unindicted co-conspirator in America's largest terrorism financing case, which is officially banned from FBI cooperation, claims to be a mainstream organization advocating for the civil rights of American Muslims.


NYC Student Plotting ISIS Terror Attack Arrested After Charging at Undercover Cops


Billions already spent on war against ISIS despite strategy concerns


A year on, no quick fix to halt ISIS...


State of fear: Survivors tell of life under rule...


Dutch anti-Islam MP says state TV 'sabotaged' Mohammed cartoons...


Wait Lists Grow Again for Veterans...


Three killed, 34 injured in Austria after man drives into crowd... - Begins stabbing passers-by...


Iran parliament bans inspector access to military sites...


Betrayal of the Jews


The Myth of Muslim Radicalization


Europe's Intolerable "Tolerance"


Erdogan & Co.: Bad News for Jihadists


The New World Map


The Road to ‘Entropy on a Scale Not Seen in Centuries’


Clinton: No US Troops to Fight ISIS if I'm President


How the Iranian Nuclear Deal Will Go Down Over the Next Two Weeks


South Sudan is in a World of Hurt


Congress Debating the Removal of All Troops from Iraq and Syria


Senate Kills Amendment To Directly Arm Anti-ISIS Force


Former Israeli Ambassador: Obama Made Purposeful Mistakes to Undermine US & Israel


Feds: Phoenix Muslims Who Attempted Muhammad Cartoon Mass Murder Considered Super Bowl Attack


Clinton-Favored Muslim Brotherhood Leader Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi Sentenced to Death by Hanging


Clear Channel Doesn't Want Ads That Tell the Truth About Muhammad


Clear Channel Refuses AFDI Ads Countering ICNA’s Lies with the Truth About Muhammad


Does Islam Have a Role in Suicide Bombings?


The Religious Foundations of Suicide Bombings


Palestinian Leaders Don't Want an Independent State


Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Islamic Hate for the Christian Cross – “Islam’s age-old hatred for the Christian cross is not a product of ISIS, but of Islam itself.”


Islamic Hate for the Christian Cross - Smashing crosses and killing Christians for wearing the cross is not limited to ‘ISIS’.


Michelle Obama UK visit: “When I look at young British Muslim women, I see myself”


Ramadan Bomb-a-thon 2015: 31 Dead in Yemen, Multiple Bomb Blasts Target Iran-backed Houthis


Chad bans Islamic face veil after jihad-martyrdom suicide bombings


Islamic State in Nigeria murders 23 in jihad attacks on Chad police


French intel report says 1,730 potential jihadis ready to strike in France


Video: Talkin’ ’bout my Sharia generation


Ramadan begins in Yemen: Islamic State murders 31 with bombs at Shi’ite mosques


Reign of Terror: Inside the Islamic State


The Ongoing Tragedy of Post-Apartheid South Africa


Orlando CAIR Pedophile Enters Plea of Not Guilty


Shaking Hands with Iran


Conspiratorial Anti-Semitism: From Juan Cole to Diane Rehm


Obama is letting Iran get away with nuclear bombs


Kurdish Singer Helly Luv Delivers One-Woman Counter-Offensive Against ISIS


ISIS: French suicide attackers ‘ready to strike’ France


Voice of Israel Interview with Pamela Geller: ‘Jihad Is Upon Us’


SPLC Issues Hit List of U.S. Women Against Sharia Law


Video: Asghar Bukhari triples down: this is your brain on Islamic supremacism


Ohio Muslim arrested on terror charges: “We are all Islamic State citizens.”


Northern Ireland: Pastor who said “Islam is satanic” faces six months in jail


ISIS Is Following a Plan Laid Out Ten Years Ago by Al-Qaeda, and It’s All Working


"Islamic! Islamic!" Muslim Persecutions of Christians, April, 2015


The Truth about the Vietnam War


Turkey's Continuing Press Crackdown


Whoa. China Won't Let Muslims Fast for Ramadan!


Jewish Extremists Set Fire to a Catholic Church in Israel!


War between Islamic State and Taliban: ISIS is Winning


Islamic State Training Children from 100 Countries


Oregon: Muslim gets 7 years for aiding jihad suicide bombers


Scott Walker, Names Radical Islam as World’s Biggest Threat, Rips Iran Nuclear Deal


Face it America, Turkey's Just Not That into You


Pentagon confirms ISIS 'dirty bomb' claims


U.S. jihadist involved in suicide bomb plot against Pakistani spy agency


Islamic Republic of Iran: 74 lashes, prison for eating in public during Ramadan


Islamic State offers female slaves as top prizes for Qur’an competition


Islamic State lays explosives in Syria’s Palmyra ruins


The Palestinians' Real Strategy


ISIS in Indonesia: 500 Recruits and Counting


Ayatollah Khamenei Calling the Shots on the Nuclear Deal


'Iran nukes will be Israel's gas chambers'


Iranian Parliament Chants “Death to America” – Votes to Ban Nuclear Inspections (VIDEO)


Taliban has a major northern Afghan city within its grasp for the first time since 2001


Obama laments 'distorted impression' of Muslims


OBAMA TO OK HOSTAGE RANSOMS Dramatic shift in longstanding policy


VIDEO: US hostage policy to allow families to pay ransoms


VIDEO: French journalist on going undercover as a jihadi bride


Ex-bride recruiter warns girls of horrors that await


ISIS reportedly gives away sex slaves as 'prizes' in Koran contest


VIDEO: ISIS offering women as prizes in Koran contest


Kurdish fighters move within 30 miles of ISIS 'capital' at Raqqa


Taliban has major Afghan city within its grasp...


30 dead after 2 girls blow selves up near crowded Nigeria mosque


New ISIS VIDEO: “The Next Generation of the Caliphate”


State Department: By the Way, Iran is Still an Active Terrorist State


Gulen Muslim Charter Schools: “60 Minutes” Does Mostly a Whitewash (VIDEO)


Milwaukee charter schools tied to Turkish Islamic cleric?


Teacher questions Muslim practices at charter school


Some parents question GREEN Charter School's curriculum


Infiltrating the U.S. Through Charter Schools?


Islamic Indoctrination in American Schools


Obama Will Face Major Embarrassment as Iraq’s Shiite Controlled Government Plans To Execute 7000 Sunnis In Iraq


Ohio: Muslim Was Ready to ‘Cut Off the Head of His Non-Muslim Son’ to Prove His Worth as a Muslim


Another homegrown jihadi taken into custody


North Carolina Muslim teen planned Islamic terror attack to kill 1,000


North Carolina Man Charged with Attempting to Provide Material Support to ISIL and Weapon Offenses


“Deranged Lone Assassin” Mows Down, Stabs 37 Austrians, Answering ISIS’ Call to Balkan Muslims: “Either Join, or Kill Over There”


Austria car attacker on FB liked dozens of pages proclaiming devotion to Allah


NY Times: ISIS “is offering reliable, if harsh, security; providing jobs in decimated economics; and providing a rare sense of order”


A Blundering Stupidity


Obama rebuffs Israel’s last-ditch bid for nuclear constraints in Iran accord


An Insider Account: Obama’s Jihad Against the Jews


U.S. Citizen Arrested for Attempting to Provide Material Support to ISIL and Other Federal Offenses


Islamic State hangs two boys for eating during Ramadan


North Carolina jihadi: “I’m thinking about using biological weapons”


Deal reached in lawsuit over NYPD’s surveillance of Muslims


Chechen group of 15,000 jihadis pledges allegiance to Islamic State


China: Muslim leader says beer festival “open provocation to the Islamic faith”


Islam Through The Looking Glass


The United Nations Has Israel’s Blood On Its Hands


Nebraska Muslims and Omaha’s Tri-Faith Initiative


Establishing a Palestinian Islamist State


Bonfire of the Vulgarians: Middle East Studies in Decline


The Shocking Sadism of ISIS' Latest Video


NEW ISIS EXECUTION VIDEO=> Islamic State Drowns Iraqis in Cage, Blows Up Prisoners in Car w/RPG




Half-million U.S. women mutilated in barbaric Muslim practice


ISIS could get hacked info on millions of Americans


Brutal: Nuclear Expert Demolishes Obama's Central Argument for Iran Deal


Judge slams brakes on Geller's Islam bus ads










ISIS Terror Storyline – NBC News


























Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America – Largely for law enforcement at all levels.  Will open your eyes even more.


Agent Storm: My Life Inside Al Qaeda and the CIA - Morten Storm with Paul Cruickshank & Tim Lister