We sleep safely at night because rough men and women stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm.


“Chaos is the law of nature, and order is the dream of man”



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For a better understanding of Islamic State, please

·        Google-search Islamic State and review the results. 

·        Watch the very short video IS Goals and Tactics Worldwide. 

·        Download and read Behind the Veil: The Fundamental Nature of the Jihadist Cause –As linked to by Homeland Security Today - 30 MB, so it will take a while to download.

·        View Top Ten Quran Verses for Understanding ISIS (the Islamic State)

·        See “Begin to Understand Islam With These 118 Robert Spencer Articles”

·        See The Rise of the Islamic State

·        See Ibn Warraq speaks at Yale

·        Read Islam 101 by Gregory Davis

·        What Really Is Islam?

·        David Wood on the 3 stages of Jihad

·        The Third Jihad - Radical Islam's Vision for America

·        A timeline of the Islamic faith

·        Three Things About Islam

·        Jihadology


What ISIS Really Wants


James Burnham on Militant Islam and the Clash of Civilizations - The price of failing to acknowledge the spiritual inspiration of one's enemies


Bill Warner, PhD: Jihad vs. Crusades --  Good one.  Note the battle map - relentless jihad.


“Moderate” Muslim Leader says all Muslims are “Radical” and “Extremists”

Best of VICE News 2014: The Islamic State (Full Length)


Saudi cleric rejects that Earth revolves around the Sun


The Atlantic: “The Islamic State is Islamic. Very Islamic.”


Islamic Terrorism Has Been Woven into the Fabric of Our Country


Harsh and Inconvenient Truths about Islam


Shiites vs. Sunnis Charts


The Difference Between Islam and Islamism?


Read How ISIS Justifies their Oppression of Christians


The Terror Strategist: Secret Files Reveal the Structure of Islamic State


Is ISIS Islamic?


Research on the Islamic State


Writings by Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi


Islamic Jizya: Fact and Fiction


The Rhyme and Reason of Jihad


Knowing Four Arabic Words May Save Our Civilization from Islamic TakeoverTakiyya, Tawriya, Kitman, Muruna


EU Official: ISIS Set to Invade Europe, Via Refugee Ships


Syria: Obama-backed rebels persecute Christians, force them from their homes


Obama: “Ideologies are not defeated with guns”


Must Watch: Watch Obama and Kerry Sell Out the US National Security Interest to Iran in Real Time, Twelve Times In a Row


ISIS Burns Alive Mothers and Sons Who Refuse to Join Terror


Obama’s ‘whack-a-mole’ warning on Islamic State


Following Obama Pentagon speech, Israel introduces elite unit to fight ISIS


VICTIMS ID'd: Authorities identify Marines killed in Tennessee terror attack


Tennessee gunman was armed to the teeth and ready for war with America


WARNING SIGNS? Chattanooga gunman reportedly blogged about Islam, showed increased signs of devotion


VIDEOS: Chattanooga gunman identified | Deconstructing the red flags of domestic terror


A sign of more attacks to come? | Witness describes gunfire


Investigators secure Chattanooga gunman's vehicle | Report: Classmate says gunman was well-liked


TODD STARNES: Chattanooga shooting proves it's time to arm our Armed Forces


OPINION: Why should we make it easy for killers to attack our military?


KRAUTHAMMER: Tenn. shooting 'in all probability an example of radical Islam at work'


Terrorism Eyed in Chattanooga Killings...

Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez...

'Brothers and sisters don't be fooled by your desires'...

'Life Is Short and Bitter'...

Multiple trips to Middle East...

Immigration to Swell U.S. Muslim Population to 6.2 Million...

PEW: Huge spike in Americans 'very concerned' about domestic Islamic extremism...


CHILD carries out a beheading...


EXCLUSIVE: Mass exodus of thousands of Yazidis (non-Muslims) fleeing Islamic terror, sex slaves relive the unspeakable cruelty *Warning*


Italian convert to Islam: “When we behead someone, we’re obeying Sharia Law”


Pamela Geller, WND Column: Gang of Shariah stooges at New York Times


Italy: Muslim arrested for plotting jihad attack on Leaning Tower of Pisa


Islamic State abducts 111 children to train as jihad terrorists, along with 78 adults


Islamic State: Destroying Pyramids and the Sphinx a “religious duty”


Sweden's "Creative Destruction"


Profile of Homegrown Islamic State Terror Suspects Doesn't Fit Scare Campaigns


The Islamic State in Iraq, Syria, and...Afghanistan


New York Times Bestselling 'Cartel' Author Don Winslow Says The 'War' On Drugs And Sophisticated Border Tunnels Could Lead To A Terrorist Attack On U.S. Soil


Nuke talks: Why Iran doesn’t need or want an actual deal


Video: How the Obama administration moved the goalposts on Iran’s nukes


Obama to Give Up on Deadlines for Iran Negotiations


The Lure of Fantasy Islam


Yes We Can’t Defeat ISIS - Obama wants to fight ISIS in a battle of wits.


The Toxic Effect of Obama on the US-Israel Alliance


Treason of the Cities


Muslim Invaders Overrun Greek Lesbian Island


The Return of CAIR Massachusetts


Done and done: we’ve managed to train 60 Syrian fighters to battle ISIS


As ISIS and Putin March, U.S. To Cut 40,000 More Army Troops By 2017


Pentagon Army cuts: Citizens to be cut, but illegal aliens recruited?


Here’s What Happens When ‘Entitled’ Muslims REFUSE To Comply With U.S. Law


Is Islam a Threat to America?


Paris: Muslim overturns restaurant tables, shouts “People can’t eat, it’s Ramadan!”


ISIS crucifies dozens for breaking Ramadan fast, ‘Victims remain hanged on electricity poles’


FBI: U.S. can’t crack secret terror messages from ISIS


Prosecutors: Proposals to release terror defendants are novel and ‘untested’


1.5 million Muslims in Britain are supporters of the Islamic State (ISIS)


Saudi Prince pledges $32 billion to “charity”: promoting Islam, while censoring criticism of it


Western Scandals in the Middle East


TEHRAN: 'We will trample upon America!'


Kerry 'disturbed' by Iranian leader's criticism after deal...


Saudi Prince Threatens 'Military Action'...


Record number of Syrians granted asylum in US...


ISIS Leader Takes Steps to Ensure Group's Survival...

Transforming Into Functioning State...


Owner declares Florida gun store 'Muslim-free' - Andy Hallinan says he 'will not arm those who wish to do harm'

NATIONAL GUARD ARMED: 6 states issue orders in wake of shooting


EXCLUSIVE: Army Chief of Staff clarifies remarks about arming recruiters after shooting


NATIONAL GUARD ARMORY INCIDENT: Man says he planted bomb at facility in Florida


VIDEO: TV host demands Obama call shooting Islamic extremism


VIDEO: Fallen Marine's mother speaks out


UNCLE IN CUSTODY: Shooter's relative detained in Jordan


PLOT AGAINST US MILITARY: British charge Muslim man with terror-related offenses


TIES TO RADICAL GROUPS? - US authorities allege Oregon imam assisted radicals


Obama: 'Ideologies Are Not Defeated with Guns


When Muslims Betray Non-Muslim Friends and Neighbors


Islamification in Southern Ontario, Canada


Ten Years after Britain's 9/11, Fear and Islamist Apologetics Still Abound


Obama response to Christian killing fields 'horrifying'

Army chief says US could have prevented rise of ISIS


EXCLUSIVE: Army Chief of Staff clarifies remarks about arming recruiters after shooting


CLIMATE CHANGE HELPING OUT ISIS? RNC rips O’Malley for making claim


VIDEO: ISIS expands terror attacks to new countries


Father of Pakistan's nuclear bomb says deal may have saved Iran from disaster


Feds seek to strip citizenship from Somali who runs Portland's largest mosque...


Record number of Syrians granted asylum...


German Patriot Missiles in Turkey Hacked, Raising Terrorism Fears


What ISIS Learned From the Cartels


FBI: We Stopped ISIS-linked Fourth of July Terror Plots


U.S., UAE launch social media center to counter Islamic State online


ISIS threatens Twitter CEO


Obama’s Infinite Nuclear Deadlines for Iran


The President’s Looking-Glass Islamic World


Jihadists Disguised as Refugees


Jihadists Disguised as Refugees


Feds’ relocation of Somali refugees stresses Minn. welfare, raises terror fears


Exploding Muslim immigration overwhelms FBI


Record number of Syrians granted asylum...


When (and Why) Good Muslim Neighbors Turn Bad - Let believers not take for friends and allies infidels instead of believers: and whoever does this shall have no relationship left with Allah—unless you but guard yourselves against them, taking precautions. Koran 3:28


The Staggering Cost Of A Largely Failed Fight Against ISIS


Saudi Prince Pledges $32 Billion to Promote Islam/Sharia in America


American Blood and Tax Dollars to Be Drained by Muslims - All So Democrats Get Votes


Belgian Government Fights Islamic Persecution of Christians, Rescues 200 Christians by Bringing Them into Belgium


ISIS netted up to $1B in cash after taking over Mosul, US official says


LAUNCHING POINT: Turkey agrees to allow US to use air base for strikes against ISIS


VIDEO: ISIS expands terror attacks to new countries


VIDEO: FBI director: ISIS more dangerous than Al Qaeda


VIDEO: Rep. Kinzinger says Obama 'too weak and too tepid' on ISIS


Iran nuke deal will fund terrorists’ war vs. America


FBI chief: ISIS a bigger threat than Al Qaeda


Israel, Hamas strange bedfellows when it comes to reining in ISIS in Gaza


DR. MANNY: The horrific female genital mutilation in the UK must be stopped

Activists urge US states to pass laws banning female genital mutilation



PAPER: Drones to bomb crowds at major events...

Fences rise across Middle East as jihadi threat rattles leaders...


Emotions go nuclear during Senate hearing on Iran deal


Iran executions see 'unprecedented spike'


Marines SACRIFICED THEMSELVES to Save Lives of Others in Chattanooga Jihad Massacre


A New Syndrome: Anything But Islam


Muslim Man’s Epic Rant Against the Islamic State Goes Viral [Video]


After Iran Nuke Deal, Iran Hates US Even More


VIDEO: Boehner: Will do 'Everything Possible' to Stop Iran Deal


Obama’s Election and Islamic Oppression


CAIR Leader Nezar Hamze Is Now Deputy Sheriff - The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has its foundation in the terrorist organization Hamas. It has been named as a co-conspirator by the U.S. government. – SHOULD BE REQUIRED READING FOR ALL U.S. LAW OFFICERS.


I Ran


U.S. State Dept. Bars Christians from Testifying about Persecution - Muslim Persecution of Christians, May 2015


Islamic State bigger threat than Al Qaeda, says FBI chief


Jihadists stalking U.S. service members in America


Massachusetts Man Charged in Connection with Plot to Engage in Terrorism Plot


Obama sued for Iran deal that 'abrogated' Constitution


Tomi Lahren Rips Obama To Shreds, Says What We’ve All Been Thinking


ISIS Forces Child Recruit to Beat 10 Yr-Old Brother


Turkish jets target Kurds in Iraq, Islamic State militants in Syria


Iran hits out at Kerry's 'empty threats'...


Inspectors to be barred from military sites...


Italy’s Mafia learns to profit from the migration crisis


German far-right protesters clash with opponents over refugees


NYT: End of Christianity in Middle East?


The Myth of Iran’s Peaceful Nuclear Program


Army Chief of Staff: Obama to Blame for Rise of Islamic State


Israel's Sanhedrin Court charges Obama with crimes against the Jews


Republican Senators Plead with Obama to Reveal Secrets of Iran Deal – Continue to Neglect Their Constitutional Duty


Obama Dishonors our Military Men and Women by Ignoring the Evil of Islamic Terror


Spanish Government: The Only Way to Deal with ISIS Is War, We Must Physically Annihilate All of These Terrorists


South Carolina Pastors Join in Taqiyya: Call on Christians to View Anti-Christ Muslims as “Brothers and Sisters”


How Many Islamic Terrorists Are Required To Label It An Islamic Terrorist Attack?


U.S. Military Brings 5 “Good Iraqi” Muslims to America – 5 “Good Iraqi” Muslims Brutally Rape Colorado Woman

Pentagon Orders Marine Recruiters Not to Wear Uniforms – The Reason Will Make You Sick


United States of Islam?


West at Times Square Rally: "The USA Does Not Surrender to a Bunch of Crazed Clerics Who Want to Destroy Us.”


The BBC Really Wants You to Believe the Qur’an Is Authentic


How and Why to Kill the Deal


Seattle poised to implement Islamic law


Is ISIS turning the area it controls into a ‘functioning state?’


Nuclear Creepout: Iran's Third Path to the Bomb


The Way of All Appeasement


History Shows that Iran Nuclear Deal is a Bad Deal


Disapprove Obama's Iran Deal -- Or Surrender


A Simple Solution To The Islamic State Problem


The Threat of Radical Islam In the US and Abroad


"Refugee Children" Invade Sweden


ISIS Video of Child Beheader Sends Shockwaves Across World – WARNING – THE REAL DEAL


Iranian leader tweets graphic of Obama with gun to head


Iranian Supreme Leader Tweets Picture of Obama Committing Suicide


Obama admits: Lifting of sanctions will increase Iran’s ability to finance terrorists


Jamie Glazov Moment — “Why I Love Muslims”


Jamie Glazov Moment – Why I Love Muslims, Part II


Russia: 30 Muslims arrested at mosque for recruiting for the Islamic State


Catholic scholar: “Equality is foreign to Islam…under Islamic law, someone who is an ‘infidel’ could be put to death”


Bishop Mark of Berlin: A Voice in the Wilderness – “Islam is at its core anti-human… Reading the Quran, you will see that all of this [extremism] lies at the foundation of Islam.”


How and Why to Kill the Deal


The Overlooked Flaw in the Iranian Deal


Desperation is Not a Good Negotiating Tactic


The Danger of Low Expectations


Illegal Immigrant Border Siege Spells Misery for UK School Holidays


Turkey Uses ISIS as Excuse to Attack Kurds


White House says Turkey has right to defend itself after Kurdish attacks


Islamist "Justice": Slow Painful Death for Christian Mother in Pakistan


Senator Tom Cotton and Congressman Mike Pompeo Discover Secret Iran Deals


Lincoln U.'s Kaukab Siddique: Jews 'Rabid Dogs,' ISIS Atrocities Mere 'Propaganda'


South Carolina Pastors Join in Taqiyya: Call on Christians to View Anti-Christ Muslims as “Brothers and Sisters”


Three Lamestream Enemedia Glossed-Over Facts Detrimental to America - The Qu’ran teaches enslavement and declares ” black people have hearts ‘grosser than a donkey’ (Surah 9: 61)” while the hadiths “equate black people to Satan (Ishaq: 243).” Islam is the fastest growing “religion” among blacks, especially in prison.

US Seeks to Revoke Citizenship of a Terror-tied Oregon Imam Mohamed Sheikh Abdirahman Kariye


British Muslims Arrested for Planning Terror Attack on US Military


“1001 Muslim Myths and Historical Revisions”


Obama’s legacy: Jihadis with nukes


Europe to drop sanctions on Iranian terrorists and entities


ISIS Hacks NATO, Tweets Troops Addresses: President Obama, Give Our Soldiers Guns!


ISIS Attack on DC: “inshallah the day is very near !!!


Saudi official calls on international community to criminalize criticism of Islam


U.S. troop withdrawal let Islamic State enter Iraq, military leaders say


Iran Can Buy A Lot of Terror With $100 Billion


War Weary America? Iran’s Counting on It!


Nuclear Iran: Is the U.S. Really Suicidal?


How Turkey Fights the Islamic State


Video: Huckabee doubles down on Holocaust reference over Iran deal


Fact Check: Is Obama a State Sponsor of Terrorism? – "If this deal goes through the Obama administration becomes the leading financier of terrorism against Americans in the world."


Obama Whines GOP is Mean, Forgets He Accused Them of Treason


Obama Empowering the Ayatollah and the Syrian Butcher - The Radical-in-Chief establishes further legitimacy for the ruling clerics.


Kurds, Palestinians and Double Standards


U.S. State Dept. Bars Christians from Testifying about Persecution


'Student Voices' Exposes Anti-Semitism in the College Classroom


The Iran Deal, the Holocaust, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz


Army Chief Blames Obama for Rise of ISIS!


The Persecution Of Christians Is Intensifying As Anti-Christian Hatred Sweeps The Entire World


Republican Grills John Kerry on Iran Deal: You’ve been Fleeced


Defense Secretary Carter: ISIS will be defeated, but important to ‘make it stick’

VIDEO: Secretary Carter on fight against ISIS, Iran nuke deal


WAR: Top Dem Refuses To Back Iran Deal...

Iran to Get More Cash than All U.S. Aid to Israel Since 1948...


Miami Muslim wanted to shoot people in stadium to create chaos in city


Idaho Muslim wanted to detonate bomb at park during July 4 celebration


Canada: Muslims planned to infiltrate synagogue, murder Jews


Counterterror expert: “deradicalization” is “practically impossible”


Eyewitness on Lesbos: Syrian refugees “not impoverished, hungry or thirsty”


CAIR: “Oldest Qur’an” challenges “Islamophobia” — but Saudi scholars discredit it


Pushing the “Islamophobia” Myth on National Public Radio


India: Islamic jihadists from Pakistan screaming “Allahu akbar” storm police station, murder six


Nigeria: 10-year-old female Islamic State jihad martyrdom bomber murders 14 at crowded market


Somalia: Islamic jihadists murder 12 with bomb outside Mogadishu hotel that housed Qatar, Egypt, and China embassies


Obama's Gamble with Iran's Theocratic Regime


Ignorant Americans MUST Learn the Terrible Truth about Islam!


CNN poll: Majority rejects Iran deal, 44/52


Assad admits he’s given up on defending parts of his own country


Converts to Islam Wanted to Kill Jewish Children to Fight Islamophobia


Sheikh Promises Two Virgins for Terrorists to a Bunch of Muslim 8-Year-Olds


A Guide to Obama's All-Terrorist Anti-ISIS Alliance


Reading the Iran Deal


Obama may not accept rejection of Iran deal - Kerry won't promise administration will follow law if Congress negates agreement

Women furious after ‘Muslim girl-gang’ attacks ‘immoral’ sunbather for wearing a bikini in a public park


If The Truth be known….


How Turkey Fights the Islamic State


Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei Threatens US & Mocks Obama


Does This Prove Iran Is NOT Our Ally?


Turkey’s Attack On ISIS Is A Conspiracy Orchestrated By Obama And Erdogan In Order To Advance The Islamic Caliphate


duet qen-hoxhë krujë / dog & imam duet


The Islamic State Receives $6.9 Billion


Florida MUSLIM Arrested in WMD Plot to BOMB FLORIDA BEACH to “cook American[s] … in cages”, “We will destroy America,” “We will raise our black flag on top of your White House”


NO DIFFERENCE: 1/4 of Terror Suspects Influenced by Al-Qaeda’s Al-Awlaki, Not ISIS


Obama’s 50 “moderates” trained in $500 million program to fight the Islamic State have disappeared in Syria


Report: Iran Executes Almost 700 People in Six Months, Obama Yells at Kenya About Gay Marriage


Georgia Muslim gets 15 years for trying to join the Islamic State; wrote “one of my greatest desires is to kill Zionists”


Preach hate against UK and it’s fine – attack halal meat and end up in court”


Islamic State recruitment document seeks to provoke 'end of the world'


UK: David Cameron Declares War on Islamic Extremism


Introduction to "Nothing Abides" - Perspectives on the Middle East and Islam – VERY GOOD READING.


Florida Resident Charged with Attempting to Use Weapon of Mass Destruction


Georgia Man Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison for Attempting to Provide Material Support to ISIL


Turkey Turns on Its Jihadists Next Door


What Turkey Wants in Syria


John Kerry Is Blowing the Iran Nuke Deal


The More American Jews Know About Iran Deal, the More They Hate It


Canadian Islam Converts Plotted to Kill Jewish Children


Arafat Tries to Behead Daughter, Join ISIS


Kerry bombshell: U.N. in 'secret deal' with Iran


Israel: U.S. Officials Are Withholding Major Parts And Details Of Iran Deal From Us


What Sheriff Joe Just Did Has Muslims PISSED


BOOM: Sheriff Joe Makes Defiant Move Against Obama And The Muslims


Iran: A New Chapter Of Hope…Especially For Those Who Hope For Death To America


Obama WANTS Iran to Nuke Israel


 Florida Muslim in Islamic State WMD plot worked in secure areas at Key West International Airport


Attorney: Muslim who plotted to plant nail bomb on Florida beach “not a terrorist”


New Jersey Muslim scouted out NYC landmarks and tourist sites, planned on assembling pressure cooker bomb


New York Man Arrested and Charged with Attempting to Provide Support to ISIL


Lackawanna, New York Muslim arrested for aiding and attempting to join the Islamic State


Georgia Muslim who tried to join the Islamic State “Works at Dawah – Calling to Allah,” praised jihad murders in Canada


Nigeria: Islamic State in West Africa murders 29 villagers in Christian enclaves


Georgia Muslim who tried to join Islamic State had Facebook page featuring “death to America jihad rhetoric”


Senior Western official: Links between Turkey and the Islamic State are now “undeniable”


“All countries in the region can only conclude that America is indeed weak. America has capitulated to Iran.”


Palestinians: A Rare Voice of Sanity


Open Letter to the Archbishop of Westminster


What’s the Alternative?


Defeating the Mortal Enemies


Islamic State uses women to recruit, raise next generation of fighters


Bizarre ‘anti-ISIS’ operating zone planned on Syrian border has U.S. military stumped


Kerry: We do not have access to ‘secret deal’ between Iran and IAEA


Why Muslim Rapists Prefer Blondes: A History


Seized Documents Reveal That Turkey Is Definitely Working With ISIS in Killing Christians


“Islam and Christian Genocides in Turkey”


Now the Turks Are All In


Hamas's Child Abuse Camps


Should Israel Criminalize Insulting Muslims?


Obama Prepared to Go ‘Beyond What’s Allowed By Law’ to Push Iran Deal Through


Iran: Obama Admin Lying About Nuclear Deal for ‘Domestic Consumption’


Huffington Post’s new Arabic-language site is in the hands of two prominent jihadis - More genocidal lies from the jihadi-in-chief


New York Muslim arrested for joining Islamic State said its murders were justified because “the victims were not Muslims”


Iran’s FM: “American and Canadian inspectors cannot be sent to Iran”


UK Muslim bought ricin to kill 1,400 people, faces light sentence: “no evidence that he was planning any sort of terrorist attack”


More Than 100 Headstones Toppled at Historic Jewish Cemetery in Philadelphia


The Iran Nuke Documents Obama Doesn’t Want You to See


Kerry ‘has no specific knowledge of a plan’ by Iran to destroy U.S.


John Kerry Doesn't Think Iran Really Means It when they say "Death to America"!


Kerry: Iran’s “Death to America” Doesn’t Mean They Want to Kill Us


The Ayatollah's Plan for Israel and Palestine


Obama Goes Nuclear on Iran Deal Opponents


Palestinian Authority and Kerry Freed Muslim Terrorists who Burned Jewish Family to Death


Here's a Brief List of Muslim Arson Attacks on Israeli Jews This Week


France Gets Ready to Cash In on Iran Nuclear Accord


Huffington Post’s new Arabic-Language Site is in the Hands of Two Prominent Jihadis


Designated Terror Group Files Lawsuit Against Gun Supply Store for Establishing Muslim-Free Zone


Dispatch from Iraq: the Stealth Iranian Takeover Becomes Clear


Iran Worked with Al Qaeda, Docs from Raid on Bin Laden Compound Show: “evidence is so explosive that it could derail the nuclear deal with Iran”


Obama, turn over documentation on Iran link to Al Qaeda


UK: Muslims threaten to slaughter soldiers’ wives and families


Muslim cleric: Caliphate will bring down the U.S., eliminate West entirely


US spends billions on bombing campaign, but the Islamic State is no weaker than it was a year ago


Islamic supremacist academic Omid Safi recommends that the U.S. disarm in the face of the advancing jihad


Police Warn of No-Go Zones in Germany


50 Britons Killed Fighting for Jihadists in Syria, Including 8 Teens


Iran Deal: We’ll Defend Iran Against Israeli “Sabotage,” Maybe More


Paging John Kerry: Iran does have a ‘specific plan’ – to destroy Israel


Obama Strikes Again


Watch as Sheikh Preaching Radical Islam to Young Children Is Unexpectedly Interrupted by Bold Bystander


What These Muslims Just Did to a Holocaust Memorial Is Disgusting


4-yr-old boy forced to join ISIS terror camp to learn Sharia Law, the Koran and given sword to behead his own MOTHER


Rep. Sherman Warns Obama Can Still Get His Wanted Iran Deal


Shooter in Garland, Texas, Attack Purchased Firearm Linked to Fast and Furious Operation


Free Speech Shooting: Garland Jihadi Bought Fast and Furious Handgun


Mudar Zahran: “If Israel disappears, others will too”


Iran publishes book on how to outwit US and destroy Israel


Purple Heart Vet Finds Jihad Threat on His Car at Mall: “All of you Islamaphobe vets deserve to die.”


Guardian: Media coverage of terrorism “leads to further violence”


Government contractor tells refugee advocates to report foes of resettlement to SPLC for public shaming as “anti-Muslim” “bigots”


New Taliban top dog vows to “carry on jihad until we establish the Islamic state”: “Whatever happens must comply with Sharia”


Islamic State executes six people for leaving Islam


Christians Burn While Pope Worries about "Worldly" Matters


Jihad on Non-Muslim Places of Worship in Turkey


American Christians: Recognize the Truth About Iran Is America’s Shame


What Turkey Wants in Syria


This Attempted Mass Murder brought to You by the Obama Administration


DHS Chief: Don’t Call it ‘Islamic Extremism’ Because it Doesn’t Have Anything to Do With Islam


Khamenei Advisor: “Regardless of how the P5+1 countries interpret the nuclear agreement, their entry into our military sites is absolutely forbidden.”


Iranian state-run media: Islamic Jihad urges stronger anti-Israel activity


Boko Haram Slits the Throats of Sixteen Christian Fishermen












ISIS Terror Storyline – NBC News


























Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America – Largely for law enforcement at all levels.  Will open your eyes even more.


Agent Storm: My Life Inside Al Qaeda and the CIA - Morten Storm with Paul Cruickshank & Tim Lister