We sleep safely at night because rough men and women stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm.


“Chaos is the law of nature, and order is the dream of man”



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For a better understanding of Islamic State, please

·        Google-search Islamic State and review the results. 

·        Watch the very short video IS Goals and Tactics Worldwide. 

·        Download and read Behind the Veil: The Fundamental Nature of the Jihadist Cause –As linked to by Homeland Security Today - 30 MB, so it will take a while to download.

·        View Top Ten Quran Verses for Understanding ISIS (the Islamic State)

·        See “Begin to Understand Islam With These 118 Robert Spencer Articles”

·        See The Rise of the Islamic State

·        See Ibn Warraq speaks at Yale

·        Read Islam 101 by Gregory Davis

·        What Really Is Islam?

·        David Wood on the 3 stages of Jihad

·        The Third Jihad - Radical Islam's Vision for America

·        A timeline of the Islamic faith

·        Three Things About Islam

·        Jihadology


What ISIS Really Wants


James Burnham on Militant Islam and the Clash of Civilizations - The price of failing to acknowledge the spiritual inspiration of one's enemies


Bill Warner, PhD: Jihad vs. Crusades --  Good one.  Note the battle map - relentless jihad.


“Moderate” Muslim Leader says all Muslims are “Radical” and “Extremists”

Best of VICE News 2014: The Islamic State (Full Length)


Saudi cleric rejects that Earth revolves around the Sun


The Atlantic: “The Islamic State is Islamic. Very Islamic.”


Islamic Terrorism Has Been Woven into the Fabric of Our Country


Harsh and Inconvenient Truths about Islam


Shiites vs. Sunnis Charts


The Difference Between Islam and Islamism?


Read How ISIS Justifies their Oppression of Christians


The Terror Strategist: Secret Files Reveal the Structure of Islamic State


Is ISIS Islamic?


Research on the Islamic State


Writings by Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi


Islamic Jizya: Fact and Fiction


The Rhyme and Reason of Jihad


Inside Jihad


How the Islamic World was Forged: An Exercise in Common Sense


Knowing Four Arabic Words May Save Our Civilization from Islamic Takeover – Takiyya, Tawriya, Kitman, Muruna


Lawmaker Demands Punishment for Muslim Professor Who Calls for Killing Pamela Geller, “Zionists,” Blasphemers - Ahmed Subhy Mansour


“WANTED TO KILL”: Islamic State Posts Names, Locations, IPs of FBI, US Embassy Employees, Military Personnel, Calls on Muslim “Lone Wolves” to Murder


“The whole Syria will pass through Serbia”: Belgrade to face five million “refugees”


Iran says no to U.S. embassy in Tehran


Out today: Robert Spencer’s new book, The Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS


Muslim “Breaking of the Crosses” in Syracuse, NY as Catholic Church converted to mosque - Muslims cut down, paint over 10,000 crosses to convert former Roman Catholic church to mosque. Plan approved by US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Syracuse Landmark Preservation Board, funded by U.S. tax dollars.


“WANTED TO KILL”: Islamic State Posts Names, Locations, IPs of FBI, US Embassy Employees, Military Personnel, Calls on Muslim “Lone Wolves” to Murder


Iran says no to U.S. embassy in Tehran


Father of France train jihadi: Gunman Ayoub El Khazzani “was religious and never smoked or drank alcohol”


Muslim “Breaking of the Crosses” in Syracuse, NY as Catholic Church converted to mosque


French investigators seek motive as jihad gunman denies terrorism


UK: Muslim teen charged with disseminating a jihad terrorist publication and preparing jihad terror acts


Mass Immigration and the Undoing of Europe


The Crescent Report: The Fatwa


Why Do Many Jews Support the Iran Deal?


NYT: White House regrets promising “anytime, anywhere” Iran inspections


UK Islamist Leader Exposed in Ashley Madison Hack


Obama: 'The Crazies' Won't Support My Iran Deal


Ethiopia: Christian leaders jailed after protesting persecution by Muslims


*Warning* *Graphic* “Implementing Allah’s Law”


40,000 Iranian Girls Married Under the Age of 15 Per Year


Muslim cleric who issued fatwa permitting WMD pledges allegiance to Islamic State


Federal judge orders jihadi out of jail and into rehab program - Abdullahi Yusuf


UK Foreign Secretary: “Perfectly normal” Iran seeks to “turn a page” with West


Iranian official: “Israel should be annihilated”


Spain, Morocco arrest 14 Muslims suspected of recruiting for the Islamic State


Pentagon reportedly probing claim that ISIS intel reports were altered


Intel Reports Altered to Better Fit what Obama has told us about ISIS


Egypt and the Hamas "Cockroaches”


Nonchalance Does Nothing to Discourage Terrorism


Chart Lists Terrorists in U.S. Due to Lax Immigration Policies


Intel community to eat its own investigating whether conclusions were ‘skewed’ on success against ISIS


Boko Haram helping ISIS take Libya then launch attack on Vatican


The Western Establishment’s Concealment of Muslim Persecution of Christians


Why Do Many Jews Support the Iran Deal?


Sweden's Populist Surge


Quebec Law Would Stifle Criticism of Radical Islam


Christian Flood Victims Forced to Convert to Islam, Become Slaves to Muslims or Die


France Train Attack Suspect Watched Jihad Video Before Boarding


Watch VIDEO: Muslim “refugees” flooding Europe, shouting ”Allahu Akbar”


Iranian Official: Israel’s Annihilation Still Our Central Goal


Obama: Many more in US die from gun-related incidents than from terrorism


Minnesota FBI: Arrests haven’t stopped Muslims from trying to join Islamic State


UK police to hire convicted terrorists to combat the Islamic State


Egypt: Christian imprisoned for “blasphemy” for offering Bible to Muslim


France train gunman watched jihad video before boarding


Samantha Power: “No religious beliefs justify throwing individuals off of buildings or stoning them to death because of who they love”


The Iran Deal


Pelosi Cheerleads Iran Deal Around Congress, Makes Undecided Dems Her ‘Target’


Europe's NGO Jihad Against Israel


The Alfred E. Neumann "What, Me Worry?" School of Nuclear Deterrence


Islamic State advances in ‘zone’ near Turkish border where U.S., Turkey plan to defeat ISIS


Building an Islamic State in America, One Church at a Time


MUSLIMS BUYING UP CHRISTIAN CHURCHES ACROSS U.S. - At current rate, America could be an Islamic state by 22nd century


"There are Monkeys of Jewish Origin; None Deny this Who Believe in the Quran"


Curt Schilling and the Death of Free Speech


Obama Generals Sugar-Coated White House Reports on ISIS!


US College Professor Defends Sex Slavery by ISIS


Boston U. prof’s apology for THIS practice by ISIS will blow your mind

Outrage Spreads as U.S. Cities Plan Ramadan Celebrations on 9/11


Europe's migrant crisis brings new death by land and sea


Obama on cusp of winning Iran nuclear vote


Teen gets more than 11 years for helping Islamic State - Ali Shukri Amin, AKA Jammie Gammal


Arizona Muslim Charged With Supporting ISIS - Ahmed Mohammed El Gammal, AKA


Canada: “Hate Speech” Proposal Threatens Free Speech


New Islamic State Execution Method: Trampling by Horse


Iran salary for murdering Jews: $100 per month: Bonuses tied to number killed


“No non-Muslims allowed”: Disabled man denied subsidized housing because he’s not Muslim


France: Two Muslims “joke” about carrying out “Charlie Hebdo 2” jihad massacre on train


State laughs off 195 retired brass opposing Iran deal -  195 retired admirals and generals rejected the deal


The Unknown: The End of My Childhood at the Age of 9 in Iran


Fighting Islamic indoctrination in the public schools: Laurie Cardoza-Moore and Bill Becker


Iraqi priest: “There’s no such thing as moderate Islam…ISIS represents Islam one hundred percent”


Moderate Islam: A MYTH! (Featuring Dana Loesch)


Islamic State using Facebook to hunt down, exterminate all gays in the Middle East


French President warns jihad threat growing, France braces for civil unrest and 9/11-style jihad mass murder attack


UK Home Secretary Theresa May pledges government fight against “Islamist extremism” and “neo-Nazi extremism”


It Depends on What the Meaning of ‘Crazies’ Is


Trump, Cruz join forces to try to sink Obama's Iran deal


Swedish Imam to Muslims: "Do Not Befriend the Unbelievers"


Iran emits new propaganda message about S-300 deal with Russia


Iran may have built extension at disputed site: U.N. nuclear watchdog


Police bust weapons smuggling ring – Sweden


Minnesota terror suspect gets a Class A trucking license


Minnesota: Jihad terror suspect gets driver’s license, wants to drive school buses


Minnesota Muslim Terrorist Gets Class A Trucking License - Feared To Be Planning Massive Truck Explosion


Congressional Fight on Iran Deal Is All But Over – Expect a nuclear attack, courtesy of your treasonous president and congressmen.


To Solidify His Legacy, Obama Moves World Closer to War - Why the Islamic Republic is readying for war not despite the Iran nuclear accord -- but because of it.


Mainstream Media Misrepresent the Iranian People


Obama, the Jews and the Iran Deal


Cambodian Genocide Denier Comes Out in Support of Iran Deal


Jill Jacobs and T'ruah Want Legal Aid for Al Qaeda, not for Israel Jews


Research on the Islamic State, Syria, and Iraq


Pentagon Not Targeting Islamic State Training Camps - No airstrikes against 60 camps producing 1,000 fighters monthly 


Top U.S. military officers: Reject Obama's dangerous Iran deal


NIKKI HALEY WELCOMES MUSLIM REFUGEES - Spartanburg’s resistance to the secret planting of refugees into their community has since spread to St. Cloud, Minnesota, Twin Falls, Idaho, and Fargo, North Dakota, with uprisings brewing in Ohio and Michigan as well.


Federal Government Subsidizes Halal Food in Public Schools


Pakistan: Muslim father, uncle douse girl with acid for wanting to marry by choice


Young Christian Man in Pakistan Killed, Wife Shot by Muslim Relatives for Marrying Him and Leaving Islam


UK Muslim linked to jihad attack on AFDI Garland free speech event killed in airstrike


Miami: Muslim gets 15 years for conspiring to support jihad mass murderers - Mohamed Said


Dividing the Arabs: America and Europe's Double Game


Vatican Should Arm Against Islamist Attack, says Gun Law Expert


Quebec’s Proposed Imposition of Blasphemy Laws Will Affect Us All


Iran is Not a Partner in Fighting Sunni Jihadist Groups


Chart Lists Terrorists in U.S. Due to Lax Immigration Policies


Conservative Media Correctly Defends ESPN’s Curt Schilling’s Tweet Comparing Muslims to Nazis


Ambassador Says Pope Will Urge The U.S. To ‘Open The Doors’ To Immigrants


Rep. Martha McSally Returns from Israel, Speaks Out on the Iran Deal


Thai police arrest Turkish jihadi over bombing at Bangkok shrine


Arizona: Informant in Garland jihad attack says 50-80 more Muslim terrorists out there


Federal Court Orders Terror-Tied CAIR to Pay $9K for Harassing Americans Using Free Speech


Nearly 100 suspected British jihadis reported to police EVERY WEEK


Detroit: Iraqi Christian refugees from Muslim persecution protest proposed mosque - “One Chaldean speaker denounced the Muslims as ‘killers’ and warned that the Muslims will do to America ‘what they did in Iraq.'”


Man who shot Virginia journalists identified with 9/11 attacks: sheriff


UNC’s “Literature of 9/11” course indoctrinates students to love jihad terror, hate America


Main Bangkok jihad bombing suspect Mohamed Museyin arrested, bomb-making materials in apartment


Thai police arrest Turkish Muslim suspect over Bangkok Hindu shrine bombing


The New Racists: Christians Who Hate Israel

BLOWING UP THE PAST - ISIS damages second ancient temple at Palmyra


VIDEO: Senior ISIS recruiter killed in drone strike


VIDEO: Why is ISIS destroying Middle Eastern ruins?


Obama's 6 biggest lies about Iran nuke deal


Get Ready: Spain warns 800 jihadis ‘ready to strike’ across Europe


Child taken from British mum by SHARIA COURT because she ‘disobeyed her husband’


Official: Islamic State Now Has a Stronger International Brand than Vatican, World PR Global Leadership Ranking


Islamic State executes nine more gay men


ISIS Plotting 'Second Blow' to Financial System to 'Purify Earth of Corruption'...


Islamic State hacker linked to Garland jihad attack killed in airstrike - Junaid Hussain


Iran-funded Hizballah recruiting Muslims in Judea for jihad attacks against Israel


General Secretary for Danish Refugee Help: “We face an Armageddon scenario” - “We are not obliged to destroy our own society. We must stop before that if we possibly can.” 


Sharia in Yemen: Al-Qaeda lashes 10 men for blasphemy, alcohol


Former UK defense chief: Cameron lacked “balls” to head off rise of Islamic State


New Islamic State coins commemorate eventual conquest of “Rome and America”


Why Are Muslim Men Entering a 14-Year-Old Girl’s Room?


Germany pledges to accept 500,000 migrants per year as Merkel boasts influx will “change our country”


Germany's Muslim Demographic Revolution - The surge in Germany's Muslim population — propelled by a wave of migration unprecedented since the Second World War — represents a demographic shift of epic proportions, one that critics of the country's open-door immigration policy warn will change the face of Germany forever.


'Liberal Agenda' To Blame For Islamic State Rise Says Former Army Boss


Rouhani to Iranian parliament: Don’t make deal legally binding


Middle East Studies Profs Team with Iran Lobby to Push Deal


Why Won't Democrats Represent Majority of Americans Who Oppose Iran Deal?


How the Islamic World was Forged: An Exercise in Common Sense


CAIR Claims Scott Walker "Enables" ISIS by Calling Them Muslim Terrorists - What exactly should he be calling the Islamic State?




Is Regime Change Possible in Iran?


Islamist Deputy Sheriff Received Go-Ahead to Keep Job at CAIR -  It is disturbing and dangerous that someone from CAIR is involved with law enforcement. It is more disturbing that Hamze has his job at CAIR with the blessings of the Sheriff’s office.


Iran already violating nuclear pact, says IAEA; Obama, Dems ignore warning


Endgame: Iran Deal Opponents Concede They Lack Votes to Overcome Veto


 Pro-Jihad Jackals & The Destruction of Curt Schilling - They came for baseball great Curt Schilling last week. Who will they come for next?  The answer is simple: They will come for the next person who dares to say something remotely true about the jihad threat.

Satellite images show Temple of Bel in Syria 'destroyed,' UN says


200 residents of Iraqi town detained by ISIS


Letter campaigns heating up Iran nuclear deal fight


Europe searches for answers as migrants pour in by train, boat, and truck


Nobel Laureate in Literature: “Europe will soon go under – The Muslims are flooding, occupying and destroying Europe”


Scholars catch up to Robert Spencer, realize ancient Qur’an challenges Islam’s origins


Report: Bush Administration Mulled Using Nukes After 9/11 Attacks


The Islamic State Returns to the Gold Standard to Break US Federal Reserve




The destruction of Curt Schilling


UK: Local Muslims Persecute Converts from Islam


Australia: 10 school-age children in government-run jihad rehab


Scholars catch up to Spencer, realize ancient Qur’an challenges Islam’s origins


Muslim secretly films “warts and all” pilgrimage to Mecca, gets death threats


Islamic State battling in Damascus streets, closing in on city center


Sharia in Afghanistan: Muslims poison over 100 girls for going to school


Islamic State burns four Iraqi Shiite fighters alive


Mississippi: Muslim tackles deputy, claims vehicle contains explosives - Safa Alidoust


Palestinians: Turning Refugee Camps into Weapons Warehouses


Can the GOP Deal With Iran?


Iran: Wisdom Calls for a Tough Policy


European Islamic Migrant Crisis At 'Unprecedented Proportions'


Germany urges other EU countries to take in more refugees


Rouhani to majlis: Don’t tie my hands by passing a law approving this nuclear ‘deal’


Instead of signing Iran deal, let’s give Israel bunker-buster bombs


No confidence: Public opposes Iran deal, 25/55, believes it will make world less safe, 28/56


A Lot of Those "Syrian Refugees" are Just Muslims w/Fake Passports


Senate Dems Plot Filibuster to Dodge Iran Nuclear Deal Vote


Huma Abedin Printed Out "Great Islamophobic Conspiracy" for Hillary


The Backgrounds of the Rabbis who Endorsed Obama’s Iran-Nuke Deal


Child Marriage in Iran


The New Israel Fund’s Responsibility for the Boycott Against Israel


 'Sweden should target women extremists more'


Government Report finds 'ISIS Propaganda is Seeping into our Communities'


Islamic Immigrants Spend Hours Beating Christian Man to Death in Maine


Evangelicals in the World of Islam


TARGET ELIMINATED: US drone strike in Syria reportedly kills top ISIS online recruiter


VIDEO: Senior ISIS recruiter killed in drone strike


VIDEO: US drone strike kills ISIS second-in-command


ALMOST THERE: Supporters of Iran deal near key vote total to back up Obama


VIDEO: Former senator Lieberman on efforts to stop the Iran deal 


VIDEO: Israeli Parliament speaker weighs in on Iran deal 


Migrant chaos: Hungary pushes back at refugee surge, shuts down trains


VIDEO: Europe struggling to handle migrants fleeing the Middle East 

OPINION: Is there anything we can do about the migrant crisis?


EU faces migrant crisis of 'biblical proportions' as Germany registers 3,500 new refugees in just one day - live


Murder of elderly couple in Sicily fuels Italy's growing anti-immigrant sentiment




Obama on cusp of Iran victory...

Tehran Vows to Violate UN Restrictions on Ballistic Missiles...


Iran officially plans to violate UN’s restrictions on missile program


Mega Mosque Proposed in Chaldean Christian Community in Michigan


Why Did Huma Abedin Feel the Need to Bring the Desecration of a Koran to Sec of State Clinton’s Attention?


Sid Blumenthal pushed his son Max’s anti-Israel and anti-“Islamophobia” rants to Hillary


Muslima Stewardess Refuses to Serve Alcohol, Hamas-CAIR Claims Airline Violated Her Constitutional Rights


Muslim Stewardess Refuses to Serve Alcohol, Then Plays the Victim


Islamic State-linked Twitter Account Threatens New Attacks In US For 9/11


US Iran’s ‘No.1 enemy’ despite nuclear deal: cleric


Mississippi Muslim Threatened to Kill Non-Muslim Hospital Staff After Series of Bomb Threats - Safa Alidoust


“You cannot be pregnant without permission of Muslim master who pay you”


John McCain: “ISIS has nothing to do with the reality of Islam”


Petraeus: Use al-Qaeda jihadis to defeat the Islamic State


Small Euro countries unite to defy EU quota plan


Kansas: Muslim gets 20 years for jihad bomb plot at Wichita airport - Terry Lee Loewen


The Fiction of Political Islam


A Cowardly, un-American Deal With Iran


Lucky German cops get to deal with migrant riot after man puts Quran pages in toilet


Why Won't Obama Stop Lying About Iran's Military Budget?


Senate Democrats Chose Obama and Iran Over Americans - They picked Iran's bomb over America's national security


The Only Way to Block the Iran TREATY: Sue Obama


Obama and Kerry hard selling their Iranian deal despite MDS installation  


Iranians to introduce stealth drones during ceremony


Iranians sue Russians for refusal to supply missiles


Iranians spout hatred for Israel, U.S. in midst of war with ISIS


Iranians slam Obama Iraq strategy, blame Israel for creating ISIS


Iranians say Obama deceiving Americans and Arabs about nuclear inspections


Obama Gets Critical Vote On Iran Deal


‘Take That, Bibi’: PBS Journalist Mocks Israeli Prime Minister After Iran Deal Victory – “That” is presumably the nuclear obliteration of Israel.


By the Way, Americans Now Oppose Obama's Iran Deal By 30-Point Margin - Just a friendly reminder on Obama's big day that the White House and its enablers couldn't care less about what the American people, or a majority of their representatives, think.

Obama and Kerry hard selling their Iranian deal despite MDS installation


CARLY FIORINA’S Secret Deals with Iran While CEO of Hewlett Packard, Not to Mention Her Ottoman Empire Admiration, Make Her Unfit for President


Louis Farrakhan: “Stalk Them and Kill Them” – Muslim Leader Call for 10,000 Volunteers to Kill White People


Christian Man Murdered by Islamists after He Marries Muslim Convert to Christianity


Rabbis for Hamas, Obama, and Iran


Time to Designate Black Lives Matter a Terrorist Organization


U.S. general on Iran nuke deal: 'It's not over yet' - 'Tens of thousands of people are going to be in the streets'


KORAN CONTROVERSY - Scholars debate whether pages predated Muhammad


VIDEO: ISIS offering women as 'prizes' in Koran contests 


VIDEO: Iran nuke deal a 'historical victory' or big mistake?


Kerry Promises Israel, Saudis Money In Wake of Iran Nuclear Deal


Nuclear deal will make war with Iran more likely, former top military officials say in report


Fury as Czech police write numbers on arms of migrants 'like concentration camp prisoners' as thousands of refugees are locked in stand-off with police at Budapest station


The Invasion: Massive Islamic Prayers in Budapest Square


More than 100,000 Muslim asylum seekers enter Germany in August


Savage Enemy — How ISIS Wants to Start Armageddon


Muslim slave buyers: ‘That one has big breasts. But I want blue eyes and pale skin. I am willing to pay’


NJ Muslim pleads not guilty to throwing lit firecrackers at synagogue while screaming “Allahu akbar”


The Second Holocaust - A million or more Israelis, in the greater Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem areas, will die immediately. Millions will be seriously irradiated. Israel has about 7 million inhabitants.


Iran Deal Vote Tally: Full List of U.S. Senators and Where They Stand


Migrant crisis: Why Syrians do not flee to Gulf states


Islamist vigilantes face trial for 'Sharia police'


More than 100,000 asylum seekers enter Germany in August


Nuke deal will make war with Iran more likely, say former top military officials


Video: Robert Spencer on CBN on the rise of the Islamic State


Iran: U.S., British flags “Satanic symbols”


Muslim from China, “main suspect” in Bangkok jihad bombing, arrested - Yusufu Mieraili


MPAC top dog in CNN: Just ignore ISIS and see Islam as “breath of fresh air”


Obama’s Dirty Work for the Mullahs


NATO Allies Making It Easier for Iran to Attack Israel


Exchanging One Country For Another


The Deadly Peril in Appeasement


Survey: 66 Percent Of The National Security Community Reject Iran Deal


Obama Secures Rubber Stamp for Iran Deal Catastrophe


Israel Bans Media Bias


Biden Refuses to Answer DNC Head's Question About Iran Self-Inspection


What Obama and ISIS Have in Common


Losing the War of Ideas


The Fantasy Islam of Mike Mohamed Ghouse - Fantasy Islam: A game in which an audience of non-Muslims wish with all their hearts that Islam was a “Religion of Peace,” and a Muslim strives to fulfill that wish by presenting a personal version of Islam that has little foundation in Islamic doctrine.


Why Are So Many Muslims in Prison?


Prisons are breeding grounds for jihadists


US under pressure to absorb Syrian refugees as Europe faces crisis


'NO CAMP! NO CAMP!': Scuffles break out at Hungary train station after police stop migrant train 


MIGRANT TRAGEDY: Lawmaker says woman in Canada had tried to sponsor 3-year-old who drowned off Turkey


VIDEO: Europe struggling to handle migrants fleeing the Middle East 


QUESTIONS SWIRL: Ancient Koran may predate Muhammad


Iran thumbs nose at US even as Obama rallies support for nuke deal


VIDEO: Congress to take up Iran nuke deal disapproval resolution 


Iran Commander: We’re Getting Prepared to Overthrow Israel


Iran Promises to ‘Set Fire’ to U.S. Interests




HUNGARY PM: Refugees threaten Europe's Christian roots... 


Czech police haul migrants off trains, 'write numbers on arms in ink'...


Chaos as refugees throw themselves onto tracks...


Austria says it and Germany will take refugees from Hungary

Bodies of drowned boys return to Syrian hometown for burial

Clashes in European cities as Mideast refugee crisis erupts


'Nothing to stop ISIS': Attack underscores threat facing US force in Egypt


Migrants Cross Austria Border From Hungary


Refugee crisis: European leaders preparing EU-wide protection force to deal with unfolding humanitarian catastrophe


The Islamic State Had Warned Europe They Would Send 500,000 ‘Migrants’ as ‘Weapon’


CHAOS: Screaming passengers threatened to smash windows of Eurostar after being trapped in dark and sweltering trains for FIVE HOURS after Muslim migrants climbed on train roof


Hungarian Prime Minister: Refugees threaten Europe’s Christian roots


“Let Muslims avoid going to the hotels where men and women misbehave” - For Al Shabaab is very concerned about “immoral culture,” but doesn’t consider murdering those who engage in this “immoral culture” to be an immoral act at all.


Do Islam and Nazi Germany Have Something in Common?


Is the Migration Crisis Killing the European Dream?


Who Really Killed This Three Year Old Child?


“Take That, Bibi”: PBS “Journalist” Mocks Israeli Prime Minister After Iran Deal Victory


The Iran vote: Even more fatal than it appears

Muslim Mob Attempts To Lynch Five American Students In Israel


PHOTOS: Christians in City Under Muslim Rule Pay Exorbitant Tax (Jizya) Just to Live


Christians in Syrian town where priest was kidnapped now paying jizya


Islamic State collects jizya from Christians in Syria


Congressional Democrats PAID BY IRANIAN LOBBY to support Obama’s nuke deal


Iran Commander: We’re Getting Prepared to Overthrow Israel


Iran General: Military Buildup Won’t Stop Until Israel is Annihilated


The Point Of No Return


The Peacemakers -- Or Are They Warmongers?


Clarification from Iran: Will ‘set fire’ to U.S. interests, cut off our fingers, send our dust into the air


Democrats now own the Iran deal, lock, stock, and barrel


Defense One survey: Two-thirds of national security community rejects Iran deal


A Glorious Defeat - The upside of the Iran nuke deal.


It’s The Way We Live


Why would a devout Muslim want to be a flight attendant in the first place, when half your job is serving alcohol?


Politicizing Arabic Instruction in San Francisco Schools


The Hijrah Into Europe


"Tehran Joe" Biden Lies, Claims He Was "Skeptic" on Iran Deal


The Syrian Refugee Crisis is Not Our Problem – It is when we bring in current and future jihadis with the Syrian refugees


Why Did Oil-Rich Arab Countries Abandon Muslim Refugees?


Saudi Arabia: The Region's New Superpower


“ISNA Condemns Terrorism" and other Acts of Legerdemain


Koran Discovery Only Strengthens Islam


We Do Not Want A Large Number of Muslims in Our Country: Prime Minister of Hungary


ISIS smuggler: 'We will use refugee crisis to infiltrate West' - 4,000 covert terrorists already in place 'awaiting' orders

VIDEO: Hungarian Prime Minister Warns of Islam’s History, the “Ottoman Experience”


Muslim migrants break out of camp; ‘tens of millions’ may arrive in Europe


Iran police to confiscate cars of ‘poorly veiled’ women


Pakistan: 49 madrassas linked to terror orgs, jihad literature seized from madrassa


A Day in the Life of a Child in an Islamic Gulag


Dutch air force sergeant joins Islamic State in first such desertion


Muslim Stewardess Refuses to Serve Alcohol, Then Plays the Victim


Koran’s Contents—Not Carbon Dating—Cast More Doubt on Islam


Islamic State destroys ancient tower tombs in Palmyra


The Hijrah Into Europe


Iran Deal: Barbarity Wins


Closing doors: Austria to phase out emergency measures after thousands of refugees reach Germany


DICK CHENEY: European refugee crisis 'direct consequence' of failed Obama policy


'BE VERY CAREFUL': Fiorina warns US about keeping out terrorists while letting in Syria refugees


'FLEEING DEATH': Vatican will shelter 2 refugee families, as Pope calls on Europe to do the same


Egyptian Billionaire Offers to Buy Mediterranean Island for Syrian Refugees


Top Senate Foreign Relations Committee Democrat Opposes Obama's Iran Deal


AZ Senators McCain and Flake Two of EIGHT REPUBLICANS who voted with Dems against Iran terrorism amendment VIDEO


Moderate Muslims? (Je Suis Charlie!)


Donald Trump and Chris Christie Hate the Iran Deal


‘Grateful’ Syrian immigrants TOSS FOOD AND WATER DONATIONS on train tracks, mock Hungarian police


WATCH VIDEO: Footage Emerges of ‘Refugees’ Abusing Police, Throwing Food and Water Away onto Train Tracks


Devout Muslims on Twitter Continue to Call for Jihad against Pamela Geller in the cause of Allah


Parents Outraged that Middle Schoolers Assigned the Shahada, ‘Allah is the Only God” – Spring Hill, TN


American Muslim Leader: The American System Has to Be Taken Down


Pakistan: Muslim family kills Christian son-in-law, shoots daughter who left Islam


Kashmir: Muslims warn people to “strive for the supremacy of the religion”


“Kashmir will be liberated through jihad by the Pakistan Army”


Afghanistan: Sunni jihadists murder 13 Shi’ites on a minibus


At least 10 killed in jihad attacks in Tajikistan, U.S. embassy shut


U.S. and West Victimize Christians Fleeing ISIS


Egypt No Longer a Province of the Ottoman Empire


McCarthy and the ayatollah: Is there still a way to get Iran to abandon the JCPOA?


How the Iran deal funds more anti-U.S. terrorism


VIDEO: “Whose streets? Our streets!” British Muslims riot in city where rape gangs ran wild


Norwegian Muslim “Migrant” Confirmed As Kenyan Mall Terrorist


‘Just wait…’ Islamic State reveals it has smuggled THOUSANDS of jihadis into Europe


VIDEO: Muslim “Refugee” Makes Throat Slitting/Beheading Gesture to Television Cameras


VIDEO: Judenrat Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Sells Out the Jews on Iran Nuclear Pact


Muslim countries refuse to take Muslim refugees, fear terrorism


Netherlands: Muslims assault elderly Jews, authorities searching for motive


UK call for imprisoned jihadis to be segregated in their own prison wings


US airstrikes said to kill two Islamic State Sharia court judges


Story told by father of drowned toddler Aylan Kurdi is full of holes


“Quebec is a land of Allah. Convert or else.”


Debunking the Religious Equivalency Fallacy


Egypt: “You’re a Christian? Then I will kill you!”


More jihad terror cases in US in 2015 than in any year since 9/11


Nuclear Jihad


We Brits won’t save refugees by destroying our own country


Germany feels backlash for welcoming Syrian migrants


Pope Francis calls on Catholics to take in refugee families


Without borders in Europe, there is no hope of ending this migrant crisis


European refugee crisis: “Love the stranger because you were once strangers” calls us now


New York Times - Is this the end of Christianity in the Mideast?  A long account.


190 retired U.S. generals and admirals advise Congress to stop the Iran Deal.


Believers Stand United against the Iran Deal


This is an older column, but explains what is going on with the Corker Bill and why it must be repudiated and the Iran Deal treated like the treaty it is.


Obama has withheld from Congress the Iran deal’s key inspection and verification provisions.  The Corker bill 60-day clock should not even have started ticking.


US takes in thousands of Muslim refugees from Mideast, but no Christians - Glenn Beck.


Obama Plays Political Games While the Kurds Face Destruction


Democrat Leader Turns Her Back on Israel to Support Obama


Huge Cache of Turkish weapons found heading for Islamist controlled area of Libya


Saudi Arabia Loses the Oil War


How Dangerous is ISIS to Israel?


Former Gitmo Detainees Flocking Back to Terrorism!


Mystery Assassins Target ISIS' Brutal Women's Brigade


UN Satellite Images Show Destruction of 2000 year old Temple by ISIS


Raging Horror: Muslim Migrants Go On Rampage at Austria/Italy Border, Eyewitness Account


Germany to Spend $6.6 Billion on 800,000 Muslim “Refugees”


Must see VIDEO: Muslim refugees chant ‘F*ck You’ and ‘ Allahu Akbar’


MUSLIM Invaders Posing As Refugees Are Throwing Away Food and Water Given to Them by Sympathetic European Christians


Muslim ‘refugee’ invasion of Europe, EU to Relocate 120,000


Teen Jews Attacked: Hate crimes against London’s Jewish community surge by 93%


*GRAPHIC* VIDEO: Muslim savages brutally beat transgender in “moderate” Morocco


Britain will accept 20,000 refugees


“Refugees” in Europe young, fit and overwhelmingly male


ISIS Warns USA of 9/11 Attack: “We are Here” “We Are Coming to Strike You”


Pizza delivery boy from UK becomes Islamic State jihad murderer


11 Dhimma rules that Christians must obey in the Islamic State


ISIS Terrorists Coming To a Neighborhood Near You


Hundreds of refugees surge past police along Hungary border as PM slams Eurpoean quotas

Cheney: European refugee crisis 'direct consequence' of failed Obama policy

VIDEO: Europe struggles to respond as refugees flee Syria




A Steady Flow Staggers Into Europe, Outpacing Pledges of Shelter


Germany’s Merkel sharpens tone towards migrants amid backlash


Egypt's Two Years Under Sisi


Trump storms Washington to stop Iran nuke deal


Islam's Conquest of Europe


Brits Want To Leave EU Over Immigration Fears


Denmark runs ads in Lebanese media: Refugees not welcome


How would you vote on the Iran deal if your children’s lives were at stake?


Obama administration looking at ways to ease Middle Eastern refugee crisis


Why the Iran Nuclear Deal Will Mean War


Deserter Obama Traded 5 Taliban Commanders for Charged w/Misbehavior Before the Enemy


The Mideast Migrant Crisis Requires Mideast Solutions


What I Wrote About Obama's "Real Plan for Iran" Back in 2008


Obama Gives Award to Critic of Judaism, Not Islam


Kids Get School Supplies from Groups Associated with Terrorism


Venezuelan President Blames America For Europe’s Refugee Nightmare


WSJ Admits There IS A Cost To Massive Migration Across Insecure Borders


The Real Refugee Problem – And How To Solve It


Refugees or Convenient Economic and Demographic Exodus?


Why Won’t Obama Stop Lying about Iran’s Military Budget?


TARGETING THE MONEY - Group seeks to cut funds to Iran-tied companies


VIDEO: Obama's political victory in Iran deal at what cost? 


VIDEO: Is President Obama the worst negotiator of all time? 


EXCLUSIVE: Dick Cheney, Liz 


Senate Dems secure enough votes to block GOP-led resolution against nuclear deal

VIDEO: To take up nuke deal disapproval resolution 


Donald Trump: Amateur hour with the Iran nuclear deal


Pew: Just 21 Percent Support Iran Deal


How the GOP Pretends Not to Authorize Obama’s Agenda

U.S. Moves to Block Russian Military Buildup in Syria


Robert Spencer interview: where ISIS came from and how to defeat it


Minnesota Muslim on no-fly list “fascinated and enthralled” by jihad


Former Archbishop of Canterbury warns against ‘Muslim mass immigration to Europe’


Fighting Islamization and antisemitism in America

Spain warns of jihadist infiltration threat with ‘avalanche’ of refugees


Raymond Ibrahim: U.S. and West Victimize Christians Fleeing ISIS


Iranian warships confront U.S. Navy on ‘daily basis’


UK media hype “Islamophobia” numbers, ignore higher anti-Semitic attacks


Pay Attention! We’re On Our Own!


Islam’s Quiet Conquest of Europe visa vis Refugee Ground Forces - The scores of thousands of migrants bursting into Europe and the hundreds of thousands and millions coming after them are going to force Europeans to address an existential question.


Remembering September 11, 2001 and 2012


Behind the Persistent Crisis of Refugees and Displaced Persons


Western Nations Should Approach Syrian Refugee Crisis With Caution


Europe's Migration Crisis - One migrant was asked why he doesn't want to stay in Hungary. He replied: "[Hungary is] not giving us like in Germany... a house, money..."


Laundering Iran's Nukes


Saudi-led coalition has 10,000 troops, mostly non-Saudi, in Yemen


WaPo editor: Obama owns the Syrian disaster


WaPo Editor: Obama Has ‘Nothing To Be Proud Of’ With Syrian Foul-Up


Obama Mulls Resettling Thousands of Syrian 'Refugees' - Terrorist-linked CAIR calls on the administration to "bring them here."


Trump, Rubio, Bush: US Should Take in Syrian Refugees


The Refugee Crisis


The Past and Future of the Refugee Crisis - No nation has an unlimited capacity to absorb immigrants of any sort, and especially immigrants whose cultures are not simply different, but antagonistic, to the values of the society in which they settle.


Only 1 in 5 Americans Support Obama's Iran Nuke Deal


Moat for Gaza! Egypt to Build Moat Around Hamas Terror State


Lesbos Proves the Immigrants are not the Innocent Victims the Media has portrayed         


Rules Committee Takes On Iran Nuclear Agreement


Former Vice President Dick Cheney Lays Out the Argument Against the Iran Deal


Cheney: Iran Vote Has 'Profound Consequences'


Fla. Prof Says Muslims 'Procreate Like Mushrooms After the Rain,' 'The Problem is Islam'


Street Posters to Advertise Iran as ‘America’s Newest Ally’ at Trump, Cruz Rally - Washington Free Beacon


Sharia Law Is Attempting to Replace the U.S. Constitution


‘LUCKY YOU’ If You Live in California, New York, or Texas: You Will Receive More Unscreened Muslim Thugs, Rapists, and Jihadists Than Any Other States


Bishop: ‘Pope Francis Is Wrong, Muslim Mass Immigration to Europe Is an Invasion’


Denmark-Germany Train Traffic Halted Because of Muslim Invasion


9/11 Assassination Targets: You won’t believe who’s on the list


Al-Qaeda hit list: Gates, Bloomberg, Buffett, Adelson, Koch brothers


ISIS/Jihad Terrorist Flags Outside Downing Street, “Palestinian” Protesters Get Violent, Arrests Made, Media Silent


In Advance Of 9/11 Anniversary, AQAP Releases ‘Inspire,’ Exhorting Lone Jihadi Attacks And Assassinations


Fox’s Shepard Smith: Kim Davis supporters “same crowd that says, ‘We don’t want Sharia law’”


Obama vows to bring the Muslims in Euro invasion crisis to USA - President ‘leading-from-behind’ promises to lead from the front on the Muslim invasion of


Day after Obama gets enough votes to pass nuke deal, Ayatollah says Israel will not exist in 25 years


Kenya Muslims arrested with ‘mall IED’ in Nairobi


Canada teen jihadi: “I understand Islam better than you”


Feds offer youth leadership opportunities to keep young Muslims from joining jihad


“There were days when seven to eight men — all from Saudi Arabia — would assault us”


The Ugly Truth about Historical “Voluntary” Islamic Conversion


Refugees: Another One for the "Not Our Problem" File


Democrats, Republicans and Mushroom Clouds


The Not Quite Done Iran Deal


Germany's Appeasement of Radical Islam


Open Letter on the 'Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action'


Turkey's 'Good' and 'Bad' Terrorists


BDS UK Protesters Call for Murder of Six Million Jews in Israel


41 Dem Senators Betrayed Dissidents Whose Families Were Murdered by Iran


Hillary Goes All In on Iran Nuke Deal


Salon: "Islamic Extremists are, By and Large, More Likely to be Muslim" - Duh


The Republican Fall Guys - How Democrats will blame the GOP for Iran becoming a nuclear power




Muslim group accuses Muslim filmmaker of blasphemy for film on Muhammad


Despite Terrorism Concerns, U.S. To Accept 10,000 Syrian Refugees


Iran's Supreme Leader: Israel Won't Exist in 25 Years, Our Jihad Won't Relent


Clapper: 'Huge Concern' Over ISIS Infiltrating US, West Through Refugee Crisis


There is no God but Allah'? School Accused of Islamic Indoctrination


How Iran Will Circumvent the Nuclear Deal to Get a Bomb


Minneapolis Man Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Provide Material Support to ISIL - Hanad Mustofe Musse


New Jersey Man Pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Provide Material Support to ISIL - Samuel Rahamin Topaz


Lesbos Proves Muslim Immigrants are not the Innocent Victims the Media has Portrayed


Jihad Above Humanitarianism – Why are Muslim Refugees begin Forced on the West and not Oil-Rich Arab Muslim Countries?


Florida Man Who Claimed to Inspire Garland Attack Arrested for 9/11 Memorial Bomb Plot - Joshua Ryne Goldberg


Obama’s Politicized Intelligence


Pentagon Investigating Centcom for Lying about Success against ISIS


CENTCOM reworked reports to make anti-ISIS campaign look successful


Manipulated Intel and the Kabuki War against the Islamic State


Report: 50 Spies Accuse Obama Admin. of Cooking ISIS Intel


Dozens of intelligence analysts reportedly claim assessments of ISIS were altered


Report: Intelligence analysts allege their reports on ISIS, al Qaeda were altered by senior officials


Islamic State Selling Norwegian, Chinese Captives on Black Market - Ads posted in terror group’s magazine


Hungary takes Military Action Against Muslim Invasion


LOOK at these 9/11 Muslim Threats on Social Media


Obama Warns US to Prepare for 10,000 Muslim ‘Migrants’


More than 20 jihad terror plots foiled in New York since 9/11, threat “greater than ever”


Saudis “offended” by National Geographic featuring Pope, ban the issue


Saudi ‘Help’ for Migrants: 200 New Mosques in Germany


ISNA Mosques and Jihad in America


Tennessee openly promotes Islam: 7th graders made to recite Islamic statement of faith


Cameroon: Muslims murder 30 in jihad martyrdom suicide attacks at market and military camp


America's Reckless Refuge for Jihad


Are We as Devoted as the 9/11 Terrorists?


Migrants, Refugees & Immigrants


Death to Iran!


GOP Fails to Get 60 Votes Needed to Halt Iran Deal – That sure means “Death to America!”


ISLAMIST TERROR THREAT TO THE U.S. for 9/2015 – Homeland Security Committee


Dems block first Senate attempt to set up an Iran ‘deal’ disapproval vote


The Al-Qa`ida Threat 14 Years Later


Video: 9/11, 14 years later


Obama to order absorption of “at least 10,000? Syrian refugees next fiscal year - Well, this is certainly an interesting way to mark the 14th anniversary of the 9/11attacks.


Get Ready: Obama Bringing 10,000 Syrian Refugees to U.S.


Jihadists Already Recruiting Syrian Migrants in Germany


Blocked: Democrats filibuster GOP resolution disapproving of Iran deal, 58/42 - The dirtiest Democrat of them all spiked the football afterward.


Glenn Beck Shares What Happened Behind the Scenes at Anti-Iran Deal Rally That Made Him Say ‘My Gosh, We’re Grotesque’


The Unlearned Lessons of 9/11




Counterterrorism Chair: Obama's 10,000 "Refugees" Put American Lives at Risk


Would the New York Times List Muslim Politicians and Districts that Backed Iran Deal?


How Obama’s Nuke Deal Leads to the Next Iraq War


Immigrant Welfare Addiction – Welfare Warfare 


Middle East Provocations and Predictions


A rigged vote, no real debate


Obama administration fingered by intelligence analysts for deceiving Americans


Nearly All House Republicans, Two Dozen Dems Vote Against Iran Deal Approval


Never Forget: 9/11 As It Happened Fourteen Years Ago


9/11: Never Forget Morphs into Never Mind


“‘The Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS’ reveals what the West is really up against”


Homeland Security Chairman Warns U.S. Doesn't Have Proper Vetting System For 10,000 Syrian Refugees


House goes on record against Iran nuclear deal


Donald Trump and Ted Cruz Rally to Stop the Iran Deal


How Iran Will Circumvent the Nuclear Deal to Get a Bomb


9/11: Storm Strikes Mecca Mosque – Nearly 100 Dead & Nearly 200 Injured


Ted Cruz Responds to Europe’s Refugee Crisis - Blames Russia & Turkey for Making Matters Worse


Bin Laden crane collapses, kills 107 on 9/11 anniversary - Deadly event at world's 'holiest' mosque occurs during 'freak lightning storm'


Mecca crane collapse `act of God`: Engineer


Israel Built A 9/11 Memorial Out Of Ground Zero Wreckage – You Have To See it


Al Qaeda Wasn’t ‘on the Run’ - Why haven’t we seen the documents retrieved in the bin Laden raid?


9/11 open thread


Devout Muslims on Twitter: #Happy911 #HappyDeathtoAmericaDay – SO MUCH HATRED OF AMERICANS


Muslim migrants living in Buchenwald memorial site


ISIS Hacks Obama and Michelle’s Email/ IP


Germany: Jihadis working to recruit Syrian refugees


What we have learned since 9/11


Canada Muslim arrested on terror charges in frequent contact with jihad murderer


Gaza jihad group pledges allegiance to the Islamic State


Jordan: We Do Not Want Palestinians


New face of NRA takes on ISIS - 'Don't ever confuse me with my politicians or my media. I am an American'

Al-Qaida chief declares war on ISIS - Goal to 'extinguish the fire of sedition'

On 9/11: What Jimmy Carter Started Obama Completed


School district strips Christian, Jewish holidays from calendar after Muslims complain


Obama Shoots Warning to Putin over Syria


9/11: Storm Strikes Mecca Mega Mosque, Over 100 Dead


Is It Just A Coincidence That Two Amazing Signs Just Appeared On The 14th Anniversary Of 9/11?


Refugees pose as Syrians to open door to asylum in Europe 


Canada announces money for Syrian refugees, but not taking more in 

Russia warns US of ‘unintended incidents’ over Syria

VIDEO: Will flood of Syrian refugees leave US vulnerable to attack? 


Thousands flock to anti-migrant demos in E.Europe


Former CIA and DIA Operatives Warn of Another 9/11 Attack


Massive Anti-Islamization Demos in Eastern Europe


USA CHART: More Than 90% Of Recent Muslim Refugees On Food Stamps, Almost 70% On Cash Welfare


Muslim NYU prof: Jihadis hate the U.S. because of Israel


Yale to Establish Islamic Law (Shariah) School


Former French minister: “[Germany] Took Our Jews and Gave Us Arabs”


State Department: Jihad ideology “a loser,” but “growing”


Former CIA and DIA Operatives Warn of Another 9/11 Attack


Malaysian Muslim says Qur’an led him to join the Islamic State


“Jihadi John” tops UK’s “kill list” of Islamic State targets


UK: Muslim teacher got children to write letters to jihadi “heroes and role models”


Migrants fake being Syrian to claim European asylum


Iran: “The U.S. had no alternative but giving up its excessive demands”


Muslim NYU prof: Jihadis hate the U.S. because of Israel


Australia: Cops have kept 116 jihadis from going abroad since July


French soccer fan converts to Islam, joins jihad terror group, blows himself up


Robert Spencer, PJ Media: The Real Rogue Cop Problem


Is Europe Losing Control Over Its Destiny? - YES


Solving the European Migrant Problem


The Refugee Crisis Presents An Opportunity, As Long As The West Doesn’t Blow It


Why Did Sen. Cruz Give Obama Executive Action On Iran?


Iran finds ‘unexpectedly high’ uranium reserve after Dems seal nuke deal for Obama


Salafists aim propaganda at young refugees - Muslim radicals in Germany are trying to recruit some of the growing numbers of asylum seekers reaching the country, according to intelligence services quoted by the German news agency DPA.


Islamist vigilantes face trial for 'Sharia police'


The Bear Steps In: Russia's Expanding Military Presence in Syria


Trump exposes and blasts Obama for favoring Muslim over Christian refugees


America to Take in 100,000 Muslims. Be Prepared For ISIS Massacres to Happen In the US Soon


The Invasion of the West Has Begun


Cargo of Refugees, a Planned Invasion


German Woman Who Stood Against Islamic Prayer in Church Calls Upon Christians for Help


Beware the Obama Administration's No-Alternatives Racket on Iran


The final target of the Third Hijra: Rome and the Catholic Church


No option with Iran but war or funding terror


This US city has a big ISIS problem


‘We can’t take any more!’, Germany closes border, stops ALL trains


'We can't take any more!' Germany stops ALL trains from Austria as they reintroduce border controls and temporarily suspend Schengen Agreement 


Thailand: Muslims bomb school children


KILL LIST: ISIS posts photos, names, addresses of US soldiers, “Theres gonna be attack this month on soldiers in America”


Government analysts, academics dismiss idea that jihadis could be entering Europe as refugees


KHAMENEI Threatens AMERICA in NEW Video... Bombs on US Navy... 


29% of Americans think President is Muslim...


Hungary threatens mass arrests in immigration showdown... 

Doctors warn of disease risk at camps...

Germany reintroduces border controls...

Could face one million asylum seekers -- this year! 

Munich overwhelmed...


12 tourists mistaken for ISIS jihadis shot dead in Egypt...


Islamic State: “Theres gonna be a attack this month on some soldiers in America”


Hungary: Muslim cleric says “homosexuals are the filthiest of Allah’s creatures”

Islamic State: Qur’an says women who engage in sexual jihad will gain Paradise


“Case disrupted” ahead of Pope Francis visit to US


Two jihadis charged with acid attack on British girls in Zanzibar


Al-Qaeda top dog urges jihad in “the homes and cities of the crusader West”


Now on YouTube: “Ground Zero Mosque: Second Wave of the 9/11 Attacks”


Muslim Immigration and How to Handle It


Turkey's "Free" Press


Video: Welfare Use by Immigrant and Native Households


Muslim 'Refugees' and Terrorism in America


THE GUILTY MEN - The hands that will be stained with the blood that the capitulation to Iran will lead to


Europe Boycotts Jews, Rushes to Tehran for Business


Muslim Hoardes Causing Chaos in Europe


Hungary Style Refugee Fears in US


ISIS Smuggler: "We will Use Refugee Crisis to Infiltrate West"




Iranian Regime Threatens to 'Humiliate' US Military in War


Here’s the List of Cities Obama will Dump Invading Muslim “Refugees”


Prisoners Put the Beat Down on Muslim Jihadist Who Tries to Convert Them


Massie on the 28 Pages: Documents Will Challenge Americans to Rethink 9/11


Planning Commission in Sterling Heights Unanimously Votes to Deny Permission to Build a Mosque


Massive Anti-Islamization Demonstrations Take Place in Eastern Europe


In Turkey, an Investigation a Day Keeps the Media at Bay


Thousands of Islamic refugees headed for US; experts say 'arm yourselves'


INSIDE ISIS' ARSENAL - Group's firepower growing to army level, experts warn


VIDEO: Were intelligence reports changed to make ISIS look weaker? 


VIDEO: Iran releases ISIS-like propaganda video 


VIDEO: US effort against ISIS seeing mixed results abroad 


USA Lets In 280,000 Muslim Migrants -- Annually... - Arabic most common language among all refugees...

Syrian refugees heading to Baltimore...

FOIA request confirms presence of immigration chapter in Obamatrade...












ISIS Terror Storyline – NBC News


























Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America – Largely for law enforcement at all levels.  Will open your eyes even more.


Agent Storm: My Life Inside Al Qaeda and the CIA - Morten Storm with Paul Cruickshank & Tim Lister