We sleep safely at night because rough men and women stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm.


“Chaos is the law of nature, and order is the dream of man”



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For a better understanding of Islamic State, please

·        Google-search Islamic State and review the results. 

·        Watch the very short video IS Goals and Tactics Worldwide. 

·        Download and read Behind the Veil: The Fundamental Nature of the Jihadist Cause –As linked to by Homeland Security Today - 30 MB, so it will take a while to download.

·        View Top Ten Quran Verses for Understanding ISIS (the Islamic State)

·        See “Begin to Understand Islam With These 118 Robert Spencer Articles”

·        See The Rise of the Islamic State

·        See Ibn Warraq speaks at Yale

·        Read Islam 101 by Gregory Davis

·        What Really Is Islam?

·        David Wood on the 3 stages of Jihad

·        The Third Jihad - Radical Islam's Vision for America

·        A timeline of the Islamic faith

·        Three Things About Islam

·        Jihadology


What ISIS Really Wants


James Burnham on Militant Islam and the Clash of Civilizations - The price of failing to acknowledge the spiritual inspiration of one's enemies


Bill Warner, PhD: Jihad vs. Crusades --  Good one.  Note the battle map - relentless jihad.


“Moderate” Muslim Leader says all Muslims are “Radical” and “Extremists”

Best of VICE News 2014: The Islamic State (Full Length)


Saudi cleric rejects that Earth revolves around the Sun


The Atlantic: “The Islamic State is Islamic. Very Islamic.”


Islamic Terrorism Has Been Woven into the Fabric of Our Country


Harsh and Inconvenient Truths about Islam


Shiites vs. Sunnis Charts


The Difference Between Islam and Islamism?


Read How ISIS Justifies their Oppression of Christians


The Terror Strategist: Secret Files Reveal the Structure of Islamic State


Is ISIS Islamic?


Research on the Islamic State


Writings by Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi


Islamic Jizya: Fact and Fiction


The Rhyme and Reason of Jihad


Inside Jihad


Knowing Four Arabic Words May Save Our Civilization from Islamic Takeover – Takiyya, Tawriya, Kitman, Muruna


Who Is Destroying the Palestinian Dream?


The Islamic State's Campaign Plan


Obama Vows to End Iraq War, "Mindset that Got Us Into War"


Islamic State in West Africa slits the throats of 16 Christian fishermen


Obama’s $500 million 50-man “moderate” army: half already dead, captured, out of action


Assailant in ‘Draw Muhammad’ attack bought gun under Fast and Furious op


New Q-poll shows Americans oppose Iran deal 2:1


Americans Oppose Iran Nuke Deal 57% to 28%


Iran Deal Is Obama's Foreign Policy Obamacare


Majority of House Backs Resolution to Kill Iran Deal


Obama Gives ISIS Ally Veto Power Over US Air Strikes on ISIS


Why Empower Iran?


Six Reasons Congress Should Reject the Iran Nuclear Deal


ISIS growing despite Western efforts, say US spy agencies


Muslim Immigration Puts Half a Million U.S. Girls at Risk of Genital Mutilation


Stop Obama’s flood of Muslim ‘refugees’


Islam: Fastest Shrinking Religion in the World (Part 2)


Islam: Fastest Shrinking Religion in the World (Part 3)


Islamic State attacks beyond Syria, Iraq prompt U.S. concern


Muslims Banned from New York Gun Store


Another British Invasion


Light reading: Khamenei pens book on how to outfox US, destroy Israel


Obama may help Palestinians to fight against Americans suing terrorists


ISIS prisoner is ‘executed by a child who shoots handcuffed man in the head’ in latest stunt intended to show the Islamists have created a new generation of fighters


US Military Is Killing Off Major ISIS Agents That Hillary Clinton and Obama Helped and Released


Obama Sides With Palestinian Islamists Over US Victims of Palestinian Terrorism


Police monitoring 200 jihadis in Poland; many entered country as “refugees”


Islamic State Circulates Sex Slave Price List


Ex-Muslim: “Islam is Worse Than Nazism”


Netanyahu: Iran building ICBMs ‘TO HIT U.S.’ not Israel, they already have that capability


Iran plans missile tests to flaunt defiance of Vienna deal and UNSC resolution


Iran Making its Move on Bahrain


Huffington Post launches Arabic Edition headed by Muslim Brotherhood partners


CAIR-linked Hamas demands jihad suicide attacks against Jews


DHS warns: Jihadis could target airports, sensitive sites with drones


DHS chief: Don’t call it “Islamic extremism,” it has nothing to do with Islam


Size of ISIS forces unchanged despite year-long air campaign


Top US commander in Afghanistan warns Taliban leader’s death could be boon for ISIS

VIDEO: White House touts significant progress in fight against ISIS


Republicans introduce legislation opposing Iran deal, teeing up White House showdown


Netanyahu: Nuke Deal 'Will Bring War'...


Obama Admin touts 'Path to Citizenship' as tool for combatting Islamic terrorism...


And When We Are Faced with a Nuclear Iran?


Kerry: Rejecting Iran Nuke Deal is "Ultimate Screwing" of Ayatollah


Obama Admits Taking Out Iran Nukes Won't Lead to War


Obama Plots to Thwart Justice for US Victims of Palestinian Terrorism


Iran’s Victory Lap


Trial Set for CAIR Pedophile, Prosecution Suffers Setback


The President Gets Personal about the Iran Deal


Are You Ready to Take Responsibility for the Death of Israel?


Thousands Of Christians, Trying To Escape Islamic Persecution, Are Being Persecuted In Thailand, And The World Is Silent!


What Part of “Death to America” Don’t We Understand?

Victims of Iranian terror sue to block release of frozen funds


Obama invokes Iraq war debate in push for Iran deal, amid Dem defections


VIDEO: Giuliani calls Iran deal a 'recipe for war'


Support for Iran nuclear agreement waning


OPINION: What I want to hear about our foreign policy challenges at debates


OPINION: Obama is no JFK — Today's Iran is nothing like Russia in 1963


Iran warship trained weapons on US helicopter, Navy says


Obama urged to retract statement comparing members of Congress to Iranian hardliners



Admits unfrozen cash will fund terror...

Intel Warns Already Sanitizing Nuke Site...

IAEA chief fails to reassure US Senators...

Dems Under Pressure to Stay Silent...

Iranian warship points weapon at American helicopter...


The Washington Post laments arrest of notorious Islamic Hate Preacher Anjem Choudary, attacks Sean Hannity, Fox News and Pamela Geller


UK jihad preacher Anjem Choudary charged with “inviting support” for Islamic State


Ref: Pamela Geller vs. Imam Anjem Choudary on Fox News, Hannity: 'You Want Her To Die!'


Ref: Does Islam Prohibit Drawing Mohammed? – There is no prohibition on creating images of Prophet Mohammed in the Qur'an.


Ref: Malice in Dallas - Muslims do not uniformly prohibit depiction of the presumed likeness of Muhammad.


The Washington Post Laments Arrest of Notorious Islamic Jihad Preacher Anjem Choudary, Attacks Sean Hannity, Fox News, and Pamela Geller


Arabic: Most Common Language of Refugees in America


Austrian Muslim Fighter Mohamed Mahmoud Calls on Muslims in Austria, Germany to Wage Islamic Attacks at Home” “take a large knife and go to the street and slaughter every infidel you find”


Jihadis Reportedly Kill Interpol Officer and Government Official in Mogadishu


Canadian Converts to Islam Planned to Kill Jewish Children


US Muslim Leader: “We Must Rise Up and Kill Those Who Kill Us,” “I’m looking for 10,000… who say death is sweeter…”


Britain Treats ‘Migrants’ Better Than Elderly Taxpayers


*WARNING* NEW VIDEO: Al Qaeda calls for new attacks against United States,”America is first,” cites Garland and Chattanooga, “blood for blood”


Iranian general visits Moscow days after nuke deal announced...

ACT OF DEFIANCE - Iran confirms Quds Force official's trip to Russia


SPLITTING APART: Dem defections show deep divisions in party over Iran nuclear deal


VIDEO: Iranian general met Putin, defied travel ban rule, sources say




Israel hints at assassination missions, airstrikes...


US moving F-16s to Turkey


Obama: Rockets will fall on Tel Aviv if Congress kills Iran nuke deal


“‘Jihad factories’ in Pakistan trained to launch attacks on India”


Al-Qaeda praises Garland, Chattanooga jihadis, calls for more “lone jihad” attacks


Nuclearizing Iran, Sabotaging Arabs


Turkey and Its Kurds: At War Again


Ayatollah Khamenei Publishes Book Explaining His Plan to Destroy Israel


Liar, Liar, World on Fire! - Obama spins lies while Iran spins centrifuges.


Obama Defends Iran Deal with Falsehoods and Slurs


Reading the Iran Deal - The serious flaws in the deal that have not received the public attention they deserve.


Obama Alters U.S. Oath of Allegiance in Compliance with Islamic Law


FBI: Middle Eastern Men Reportedly Harassing Military Families In Wyoming and Colorado


Ref: Jihadi Witnesses

Obama Gets Serious About ISIS, Sends Terrorists to Therapist


This child #WasBurnedAlive in West Bank, but you probably never heard of her


Arab States Sent Thousands of Troops into Yemen for Major Showdown with Iran’s Allies


Barack Obama, Israel, And Iran All Warn That World War 3 Could Be Coming To The Middle East


Mitch McConnell, This is How You Excoriate Obama


Thousands Of Christians, Trying To Escape Islamic Persecution, Are Being Persecuted In Thailand, And The World Is Silent!


Arab States Sent Thousands of Troops into Yemen for Major Showdown with Iran’s Allies


Israel-India Relations Grow Stronger


ISIS Therapy: Obama Gets Serious About ISIS Savagery, Sends Terrorists to Shrinks


Forget handcuffs: FBI’s new tough stance on potential terror suspects is … give them counseling?


ISIS or Al Qaeda? American Officials Split Over Top Terror Threat – what’s the difference?


Islamic Republic of Iran sentences man to have eyes gouged out, another has hand and foot amputated


State Department Unaware of Reports Iran is Sanitizing Nuclear Sites


Polish convert to Islam: “We will hold mass executions in St. Peter’s Square”


Islamic State threatens “to slaughter each infidel” in Germany and Austria


Islamic State murders 19 girls for refusing sex with jihadis, peddles sex slaves like “barrels of petrol”


Saudi Arabia: Islamic jihadists murder 17 with suicide bomb at mosque


Obama ‘Modifies’ U.S. Oath of Allegiance According to Islamic Law


Obama admits some unfrozen Iran cash will fund terror


Kerry continues meeting with Egypt’s banned Muslim Brotherhood


‘Islamic Justice’ Means Slow Painful Death for Christian Mother in Pakistan – ‘Her official “crime,” therefore, which she vehemently denies, is “insulting” the Muslim prophet Muhammad’


Sweden: The Defense that Disappeared


Sweden: “There are areas, where Swedish law no longer exists”


Katie Couric's Islamophilia


Obama, Not His Opponents, Is Falsely Advertising His Iran Deal


No Sale, Mr. Obama


Obama Says Trust Me on Iran Deal – Like When He Said Al-Qaeda is “On the Run”


Obama v. Bibi – Fight to the Finish


Obama's Veiled Threat against Israel


Turkey and Its Kurds: At War Again


Fiasco: U.S.-trained rebels in Syria are unaccounted for, may have been killed or deserted


Dem Sen. Bob Menendez: Obama didn’t end Iran’s nuclear program, he preserved it


When Muslims Burn Jews Alive


Remember When Obama Eliminated Syria's WMDs in a "Transparent" and "Verifiable" Manner


Obama: When I Sit Down With Jewish Leaders, I Hear Talking Points


Obama’s Enemies List


Obama's Lies about Bush and Iraq


Malaysian Mufti Denounces Intellect and Logic


Do Women’s Rights and Black Lives Matter in the Middle East and Africa?


Muslim Men Intimidating Military Families in Colorado and Wyoming!


Congressman blows holes in dangerous Obama 'lie'


Norway: Muslims riot at asylum centers, 12 arrested, mob stones police


ISIS kidnaps Christians at church, storm town, take hundreds hostage - The Islamic State says, “Know, oh Obama, that we will reach America. Know also that we will cut off your head in the White House and transform America into a Muslim province.”


Muslims Hack to Death Secular Writer/Blogger in Bangladesh


Satellite images show Iran scrubbing contested nuclear facility


Kerry casts doubt on Iran’s desire to annihilate Israel


Muslim World ‘Laughing’ at Pentagon Over Failure of Moderate Syrian Rebel Force


Mali: Jihadis storm hotels, murder 4, kidnap 6


Muslim cleric: A woman must not have sex with her slave; she can marry him, turning him into her master


How Leftists Hate Muslims


Sex Slaves, Beheadings and Twitter Terrorism


White House's surprise over Iran-Russia weapons sales not credible: Intel


Bombshell Clinton Emails May Have Revealed This Important Information to Islamic Jihadists


Former DIA director: Obama White House made “willful decision” to support al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood in Syria


Ex-DIA chief: Obama 'willfully' allowed rise of ISIS


Rise of ISIS a "Willful Decision" by the US Government says Former DIA Chief


Iraqi Christian: Islamic State jihadis blinded me after I refused to convert to Islam


Lawyers for Minnesota jihad suspects say Islamic State not terror organization


Afghanistan: Jihadis murder 44, injure hundreds in wave of bombings


Jordanians “will join Islamic State because they learned in school that this is Islam”


“The Islamic State is like a dream come true for me and all Muslim people”


UK: Anjem Choudary Charged With Supporting Islamic State


Turkey's Rambos (Almost) Fight Islamic State


Sen. Schumer nixes Iran deal; Israel security plans assassination of scientists


Iraqi Christians who fled ISIS living in limbo while in exile

ISIS seizes Syrian Christians

Iraqi Christians detained by ICE after crossing Mexican border in asylum bid

6 US F-16 fighter jets arrive in Turkey to join fight against ISIS


Israel cracks down on Jewish extremists with new arrests


Sickening video reveals Isis’s new method of execution: Ten prisoners made to kneel above bombs that have been buried in the ground


Join ISIS and get a washing machine: Jihadis trying to lure Brits to join up with promise of fridges and domestic appliances - and offer more money if you bring your children


Local Man Accused of Trying to Organize 'Small Army' of ISIS Fighters in New York, New Jersey: Officials


Islamic Supremacist and their lapdogs protest federal program to combat Islamic extremism, saying it targets Muslims


Hamas-linked CAIR protests federal program to combat “extremism”


‘Jewish Schindler’ Saves Dozens of Yazidis and Christians from Islamic State


Islamic State building capacity for mass casualty attacks


Killing the Queen: Islamic State Planned to Assassinate Queen Elizabeth in Massive Bomb Attack on Ceremony Next Weekend: Report


UK racing against time to head off Islamic State plot against Queen


Lawyers for Minnesota ISIS recruits argue Islamic State not a terrorist organization


Ex-head of Pakistan’s ISI threatens to make Delhi & Mumbai “today’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki”


Islamic State kills 300 civil servants for promoting “ideas that distorted Islam”


“There are areas where Swedish law no longer applies


UK allows jihadi preacher to stay in country despite “extremist” views


Canada PM proposes travel ban to “places that are ground zero for terrorist activity”


When A Man Bites A Dog


The Secret Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians


Britain: The "Struggle of Our Generation"


Liberals Are Not Happy About Schumer's Defection On Iran Deal


Jews have no right to enter Temple Mount, Palestinian religious leaders say in declaration


The Profs Who Love Obama's Iran Deal


Iran Deal: Left's Plan to 'Astroturf' Town Hall Meetings


Christians Burn While Pope Worries about ‘Worldly’ Matters


Arabic Huffington Post Hates Women, Gays and Jews


How Hatred of the Jewish State created the Red-Green Alliance


Defense Secretary Not Budging under Pressure from White House to Transfer more Gitmo Detainees


President Obama Gets Ugly, Says the GOP has “A Lot in Common” with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard  


VIDEO: Kerry: No Iran Deal Would Push Military Action


President Obama says Ayatollah Khamenei is a "Politician" Like Everyone Else!


ISIS Makes Plans to Assassinate Queen Elizabeth- NEXT WEEK!


The Dating Of The Quran Doesn’t Matter If The CONTENT Is Wrong


Muslim Father lets daughter drown rather than have "stranger" touch her


Devout Muslims on Twitter: “Better Execute Those US Filth Fast” “Our War with the Jews is an All-Out War” “Blood of Every Jew is Halal”


Misleading the Nation: Obama Signed Off on Iran’s Right to Nuclear Program in Secret 2011 Talks


Unapologetic Lincoln Muslim professor calls Pamela Geller, Jews “dirty Jewish Zionist thugs” @ssnyderinq @phillydotcom agrees, makes his case


Islamic State executes 300 civil servants, at least 50 of those shot to death were women


Ayatollah Calls for Global Expulsion of Jews


UK: Another terror arrest, another BBC coverup


Syria: Sunni jihadis fire 1,000 missiles at Shi’ite towns


Iraqi archbishop: US more concerned about image of Islam than victims of persecution


Robert Spencer, PJM: Shocked, Shocked To Find That Terror Is Going On In Here!


After 4 jihad murders, Bangladesh police ask secular bloggers not to insult Islam


Islamic State jihadis recruiting in Turkish mosques, treated in Turkish hospitals


Turkey intentionally late in action against Islamic State recruiters


New Jersey man arrested, charged with conspiring to support ISIS - Nader Saadeh


Former New Jersey Resident Charged with Conspiracy and Attempt to Provide Material Support To ISIL - Nader Saadeh


New Jersey Muslim charged with conspiring to support the Islamic State - Nader Saadeh,


2 Russian warships dock in Iran for joint naval exercises


Russian Taliban Fighter Convicted of Terrorism Charges - Irek Ilgiz Hamidullin


The Iran Deal Betrays America


Iranian officials: Obama offered big concessions in secret talks with Iran in 2011-12


Obama Dismisses Iranian “Death to America” Threats calls it Politics as Usual


Muslim World Laughs at Obama's 50-Rebel Force


Three fake “Islamophobic hate crimes” the media ran wild with


Islamic State Hacking Division Posts Military Names, Addresses, Phones: “Soon with the permission of Allah will strike at your necks in your own lands!”


The Islamic State of America: White House in the Cross-Hairs


California Muslim Pleads Guilty to Trying to Join Islamic State - Adam Dandach


California Muslim admits trying to join Islamic State, faces 25 years of prison dawah - Adam Dandach


Captured Hamas Terrorist Reveals That Iran is Preparing Them for War With Israel


Captured Hamas terrorist spills the beans, tells Israel how Iran is aiding them for NEW WAR with Israel


Obama admin Intervenes in Terror Judgment Arguing Palestinian Authority Operations Would Be Hurt


UK counterterror police arrest 5 members of same Muslim family, including 3 teenage girls


9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds Sharia Ruling: FBI “Faces of Global Terrorism” Ads Banned


Muslims on Twitter: “US is crying over how forces failed to take back Ramadi. Soon it shall CRY OVER LA & NY”


Philadelphia: Unapologetic Muslim Prof Denounces ‘Dirty Jewish Zionist Thugs’ - Kaukab Siddique


Egypt: Christian pastor arrested for preaching Christ to Muslims


New York: Propagandist for lone wolf jihad attacks gets 22 years - Lawal Olaniyi Babafemi


Spain: Muslim arrested for selling jihad beheading t-shirts


Islamic State posts Australian hit list after hacking addresses, mobile numbers


Robert Spencer in FP: Obama “willfully” supporting al-Qaeda


“Where do the loyalties of two current Muslim members of Congress lie?” - “The Koran forbids allegiance to non-Muslim authority, preventing these congressmen from serving two masters at once.”


Obama’s failed Islam narrative


Europeans Rush to Profit from Iran Deal


ISIS claims responsibility for Baghdad bomb blast that killed 62

US launches manned airstrikes against ISIS from Turkey

Yazidi refugees flee ISIS, but find door to US asylum closed

Image shows Croatian beheaded by ISIS in Egypt


ISIS Group Issues Chilling Warning to America... - 'Soon, Very Soon You Will See'...

White House flounders in attempt to counter online prowess...


Dozens of cars, homes tagged with anti-Semitic graffiti in TX...


US general says Islamic State gaining in Afghanistan


Al-Qaeda leader pledges allegiance to new Taliban chief


Terror group claims role in attack that killed 67 Iraqis

VIDEO: ISIS claims responsibility for deadly Iraq market bombing


Kerry tries calming European jitters over investing in Iran...


ISIS Group Issues Chilling Warning to America... - 'Soon, Very Soon You Will See'...

VIDEO: ISIS claims responsibility for deadly Iraq market bombing


VIDEO: Is Trump's 'take the oil from ISIS' strategy valid?


VIDEO: Pentagon says Iraqi forces preparing to retake Ramadi


Cruz demands Obama come clean on terrorist immigrants - 72 cases documented in last year as record wave of immigration continues


Assuring Words – If You Don’t Know Much About History


What If Iran Cheats?


Obama’s Policy of Leading from Behind Leaves Africa Behind


Captured Hamas Terrorist Reveals That Iran is Preparing Them for War With Israel


Jeb Bush Says Hillary Clinton Shares the Blame for the Rise of Islamic State.


Islamic State uses 11-year-old sex slave as human shield


Hot new theory: If Congress blocks the nuclear deal, will Obama lift sanctions on Iran anyway?


The Democrats' Great Betrayal on Iraq


Obama Stands With Terrorists Against Terror Victims


Obama's "Knife, Gun" Escalation Over Iran w/American Jews


Why Are American Jews Supporting a Boycott of Israel?


Top General Confirms SHOCKING Truth About Obama and ISIS… This Means TREASON


Muslims win prayer case against Webber Academy – Coming to America?  But of course.


Islamic State Plan To Kill The Queen On Saturday


9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds Sharia


Army Staff Sgt. to Senate on Nuke Deal: ‘Why Would You do a Deal with the Country that Tried to Kill Me?’


Research on the Islamic State


New York Times on Sex Slavery in Islam: “the Quran not only gave [ISIS] the right to rape — it condoned and encouraged it”


“He said that raping me is his prayer to God”


FBI: Teen Muslim Islamic State Recruit Praised Chattanooga Jihad Massacre- Jaelyn Delshaun Young


Teen Girl Accused of Trying to Join ISIS Is ‘Kind, Bubbly Person,’ Friend Says - Jaelyn Delshaun Young


Mississippi couple accused of trying to join ISIS - Jaelyn Delshaun Young, and Muhammad Oda Dakhlalla


Mississippi Muslims Charged for Trying to Wage Jihad Alongside the Islamic State - Jaelyn Delshaun Young and Muhammad Dakhlalla,


Al-Qaeda top dog pledges to implement Sharia and continue jihad


Obama Admin Moves to Block Restitution for U.S. Terror Victims


‘Full Blown Islamic Insurgency': ISIS Organizing Small Armies Inside America


UK: Extremists in the Heart of Government – Like we have in the US, only not as bad as POTUS


Turkey's Keystone Commandos


Obama's Betrayals: The President's Secret Offer to Iran Before Negotiations


America Should Aim to Contain, not Destroy, ISIS


Report: ISIS Used Chemical Weapons Against the Kurds


ISIS NOW Claiming The Koran ‘Condones And Encourages’ Attacking Women If They Are Not Muslims


Preocupa a Panamá creciente paso ilegal de africanos por selva del Darién


Sweden Protecting Muslim Asylum Seekers After One Allegedly Beheads Victim Inside IKEA, IKEA responds by stopping knife sales


ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Repeatedly Raped American Hostage Kayla Mueller, Officials Say


Bin Laden’s Son calls for Attacks on Jewish American Targets, Washington, London, Paris and Tel Aviv


Muslim Refugee Convicted of Islamic Terrorism Charges in US - Fazliddin Kurbanov


Idaho: Muslim convicted of supporting jihad group, had explosives - Fazliddin Kurbanov


Mosqueing the Airport: Orlando Airport To Open $250,000 Mosque Room


Kidnapped Priest Killed, Chopped Up by ISIS as ‘Christians Used as a Form of Currency’


More Muslim Threats on Twitter: “Obama will surely die soon, beheaded or shot by #Islamic State”


Islamic State posts list of 1,400 U.S. “targets”: “soon with the permission of Allah will strike at your necks in your own lands!”


Islamic State posts list of 1,400 U.S. targets


New York: Muslim pleads guilty to supporting the Islamic State - Abdurasul Hasanovich Juraboev


Brooklyn: Muslim pleads guilty to aiding jihad terror group - Agron Hasbajrami


Albanian National Sentenced to 16 Years for Attempting to Support Terrorism - Agron Hasbajrami


Islamic texts justify sex slavery


We must be free to hurt Muslims’ feelings - Why we must stand with Bangladesh’s vilified secularist bloggers. - Shut the hell up if you want to live.’


Mississippi paper: It would be “ignorant” to be suspicious of jihadi’s mosque


Islamic State in Nigeria murders 47 with bomb in crowded market


Islamic State murders 76 with bomb at market in Baghdad Shi’ite neighborhood


Imam converts to Christianity; Muslims beat and jail him, and burn his house down


Bishop murdered for refusing to convert to Islam to be beatified


Australia: Son of jailed Muslim cleric stopped from heading to Syria


Iran says the nuke deal will help it target Israel


Mississippi Islamic State jihadi is son of imam - Muhammad Dakhlalla


Our Stockholm Syndrome With Islam


Islamophobia: Fact or Fiction?


CNN's Cuomo Fears NYT Piece Detailing ISIS Raping Women and Girls Casts Negative Light On Islam


Schumer: I Won’t Whip Opposition Votes On Iran Deal–And I’ll Probably Succeed Harry Reid


Rival Peace Plans Won't Save Syria


The battle for Fortress Europe


SAS Sniper -- British Forces Stop ISIS Murderer


Libya: ISIS executes 22, hangs them on crosses, burns Medical Center down, “A real massacre is taking place” 200 dead


Muslims on Twitter Cheer Explosions, Massive Fire at Texas Chemical Plant: “May Allah Burn America”


Horrific moment ISIS throw two men off a roof for being gay – before they are stoned by baying mob including children


SIGNIFICANT BLOW - GOP Sen. Flake will vote against Iran nuke deal


VIDEO: General speaks out about open letter supporting Iran deal


VIDEO: Rubio on why Obama is wrong on Cuba, Iran


FOX NEWS POLL: Majority would reject Iran nuke deal


US reportedly sees possible pattern in ISIS chemical weapons attacks


Islamic State leader reportedly raped American hostage

VIDEO: ISIS leader sexually abused American hostage, report says

McCain presses Pentagon on why ISIS member tied to capture of US hostage not extradited


40 migrants die off Italy as EU faces 'worst crisis since WWII'


Dominican Republic resumes deportation of illegals...


US reportedly sees possible pattern in ISIS chemical weapons attacks


ATTACKING ISIS: US begins manned airstrikes against terror group from Turkey into Syria


VIOLENCE ESCALATES: US Consulate in Istanbul attacked


US TROOPS VS. ISIS? - Trump answers critics by opening up on policy


OBAMA ANTI-SEMITIC? Carson stands firm on suggestion


VIDEO: The Trump plan against ISIS


Islamic State takes Libyan port city


Obama Willfully Supporting Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood


Osama’s son calls on Muslims to attack London, DC, Paris, Tel Aviv


Quebec bill targets “people who write against the Islamic religion” ‘ “Come and get me, coppers. Bills like this effectively stifle honest discussion of how jihadis use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and supremacism, and to make recruits among peaceful Muslims.”


Turkey's Racism Problem


Turkey's Multiple Wars


Iranian hardliners call for rejection of nuclear deal


Lord of the Rings actor warns world has 'lost its moral compass completely' and fears the end of 'Western civilization' due to ISIS threat in Middle East – At least look at the pictures


Why Are Londoners Uncomfortable with a Muslim Mayor?


Obama can do Iran nuclear deal even if Congress disapproves


Police Raids On Islamic State Supporters in Europe After Secret Land Purchases


Islamic State Executes “Spies Working for Crusader Coalition”: Muslims Tweet Photos, Cheer


Islamic State beheads, crucifies twelve people in Libya


“Brutal and ruthless” Muslim gangs terrorize streets of European cities


Muslim Militant ‘Gangs’ Fight to Control Streets in Europe


Sharia in Sudan: Women sentenced to lashes, fine for wearing trousers


What was in Osama Bin Laden's tape collection?


Canada: Muslim beats his wife in front of cops, says she is his “property”


Pakistan: Islamic jihad bombers murder Punjab Home Minister, 16 others


Harvard prof: Islamic State sex slavery is bad, but hey, U.S. had slavery


“Tens of thousands” of Muslims in Southeast Asia support the Islamic State


Iran’s Supremo “not satisfied” with nuke deal, wants even more concessions


The New Racists: Jew Hate


Looking Ahead at Middle East "Peace"


American Jewry's Fateful Hour


Rep. Pompeo demands answers on Iran nuke deal


An Open Letter to Muslim Feminist Linda Sarsour - Let's talk about ISIS rape victims.


Father of Slain Soldier Explains why He is Against the Iran Deal


The President Should Stop Questioning the Motivations of Opponents of the Iran Deal


Hamas 'accepts terms' of 8-year truce with Israel


VIDEO: ISIS and the psychology of seduction


Iran and Russia use nuclear deal to boost military ties

VIDEO: Are Iran and Russia allying against the US?


All-female fighting unit to take revenge on ISIS


Under Islamic law gay man given 100 lashes with sharp metal wires in Ghana


Canada: Muslim beats his wife in front of cops, says she is his “property”


Jihad in Thailand: 27 Confirmed Dead in Islamic Bombings of Hindu Shrine Popular with Tourists and Thai Buddhists, 12 Dead, Scores Injured in Nation’s Capital


Iran: Regime admits to holding 1000 teachers in prison


“Islamophobia” fears hamper war against the Islamic State


UK Muslima who wants to behead Christians once lived off church aid


Video: Raymond Ibrahim on how the Western establishment conceals Muslim persecution of Christians


Raymond Ibrahim: How Nazism Explains ‘Moderate’ and ‘Radical’ Islam


Iran’s Supremo: “We won’t allow American political, economic or cultural influence in Iran”


Ahmadi imam says Muslim clerics have perverted Islam for 1400 years


Jordan border chief: Islamic State jihadis try to sneak in, blend in with refugees


Brooklyn, New York, Resident Pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Provide Material Support to Terrorists - Abdurasul Hasanovich Juraboev


Belfast Pastor on Trial for Offending Islam - Pastor McConnell's prosecution is one of a growing number of examples in which British authorities -- who routinely ignore incendiary speech by Muslim extremists -- are using hate speech laws to silence Christians.


The Iran deal means game over for U.S. business


Thomas Sowell : My Random Thoughts on the Passing Scene, August 2015


The New Dangers of Immigration: Are Muslim Immigrants Different?


Patriot missiles being removed from Turkey were hacked, given ‘unexplained orders’


China Explosions: The Wrath of The Uyghurs


The Iran Deal is Everything Bad About Obama in One Package


Iran Demands Veto Power Over Choice of Inspectors


With Obama’s Help, Assembling Allah’s Domestic Army Is Now Easier


Obama's Shameful Betrayal of America


Iran: We Get to Decide Which Nuclear Inspectors Are Allowed Into Our Country


Obama's Legacy and the Iran Nuclear Agreement


Muslim on US Navy Nuclear Aircraft Carrier Attempted to Sell Secrets


Iranian Video Imagines Islamic Takeover of Jerusalem... - 'Israel Must Be Obliterated'...

Menendez comes out against nuke deal...


National Suicide: Number Of Syrian Muslim Refugees To U.S. Expected To Quadruple


Yazidi refugees flee ISIS, but find door to US asylum closed


“Frightened” Britain Cancels Mohammad Art/Cartoon Exhibit


Iran Threatened ‘Harm’ to Top Nuke Inspector to Prevent Disclosure of Secret Deal


U.S. Military Caves, Cancels Hearing for Five 9/11 Suspects Held at Guantanamo


British Muslim was the Mastermind of Gruesome Hacking to Death of American Writer, Social Activist Who Criticized Islam


Government report: U.S. fight against Islamic State disorganized, incoherent


Nigeria: Up to 150 drowned, shot dead fleeing the Islamic State


Tunisian author: Democratizing Muslim countries means leaving Islam


Islamic State Beheads Top Archaeologist, Hangs His Body from Archaeological Site’s Main Square


UK “Draw Muhammad” exhibit canceled for fear of jihad terrorists


Chicago jihad suspect accused of assaulting inmate over Muhammad cartoon - Adel Daoud


Islamic State links its origins to the killing of Osama and US withdrawal from Iraq


Islamic State accuses Erdogan of letting US “bombard the people of Islam”


The Horrifying Fate of Muslim Rape Gang Victims


What Are Palestinians Doing With U.S. Money? - Palestinian Authority (PA) Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah did not tell the visiting U.S. Congressmen that the $4.5 billion the Americans invested in promoting Palestinian democracy went down the drain or ended up in secret Swiss bank accounts.


Iran Wants a High-Tech Value Meal, Hold the Fries


Did the Iranians threaten IAEA director with personal harm to prevent side-deal disclosures?


Obama Freed Criminal Alien Who Set Police Informant on Fire


Obama and Kerry Promised to Protect Iran from Congress


"Palestine is an NGO Country. Nothing is Manufactured Here Except for NGOs"


The Truth about Mohammed - The one specific way you can help protect girls and women from Islamic rape and slavery.


Saudi Arabia: The World’s Greatest Hypocrite - The human-rights-abusing kingdom calls on the West “to confront ethnic, religious and cultural intolerance.”


Amnesty International bigwig tied to Muslim Brotherhood, global jihad


High-ranking Amnesty International employee linked to Hamas, terrorism


The Islamic State Lists Names/Info of 157 U.S. Air Force Pilots


Obama’s Iran Nuclear Pact: UN to let Iran inspect alleged nuke work site


More reports of ISIS human-organ trafficking sounds like Planned Parenthood video


Honor Killing: Brothers behead sister in public square for “affair,” parade her head through the streets


What happens when a Muslim woman is beaten in public?


Islamic State stones five women to death for not wearing the veil


U.S. Muslim carries out Islamic State jihad suicide bombing against Iraqi army


Nuke Deal or Not, Iran Has Already Declared War on Us


Election Time in Turkey: Tossing the Dice Again


The Arrogance of Powerlessness


Restoring Peace Through Strength


Is Iran Trying to Blow Up the Nuclear Deal?


AP Confirms Secret Side Deal Allows Iran to Inspect Itself at Key Nuclear Site


FBI warns of attacks on Muslims by “militia extremists” incited by counterjihadists


CAIR urges safety precautions after FBI report says militias are targeting U.S. Muslim institutions


'Ridiculous': FBI warns of next big terror attack


The FBI Believes Militia Extremists Are Beginning to Target Muslim Institutions


COINTELPRO and the Move Against Patriots


Islamic State Fighters Discussed Harvesting Organs From Sex Slaves: Report


Iran Is Already Violating the Nuke Deal


Obama Admin’s Anti-Christian, Pro-Islam Bias


Iran Could Increase Terror Funding By 50 Percent From Unfrozen Assets


Slovakian Government Refuses to Cave to UN’s Demands to Take in Muslims—Says They Will Only Take in Persecuted Christians


Obama Stands with Terrorists against Terror Victims


Thinking About the Unthinkable: An Israel-Iran Nuclear War


ISIS Bombs Cairo Courthouse


Left-Wing Apologists’ Depraved Indifference to ISIS Sex Slaves and Why They Say We Shouldn’t Save Them


Obama ‘comfortable’ with Iran ‘self-inspecting’ suspect nuke site


Obama admin assures foreign governments they won’t be penalized for doing business with Iran


Pakistan Muslim leader exhorted Muslims to kill Hindus


Germany: “Refugees” riot, stone police over torn Qur’an, 15 wounded


Muslim arrested for online threat to UC Santa Cruz - Ayman Kareem Hawari


Egypt: Salafis call on government to enforce Islam’s apostasy law


Swedish Leftist Protesters Physically Assault Journalist


Obama admin’s anti-Christian, pro-Islam bias


Palestinians Flock to Islamic State


Verify-ish: What if Obama’s standard for Iran were applied to other policy issues?


What If Tehran Turns Down the Nuclear Deal?


It was Unarmed Marines Who Took Down Jihadist Who Opened Fire On Paris Train


PHOTOS, VIDEO *GRAPHIC* Bangkok bombing: Thai police name Muslim bomber, Mohamad Museyin, at least 10 more sought


Muslim punches American Jewish woman on Temple Mount


‘Sandboxing’ Islam: How to Protect America from Jihad Terrorism


Bangkok bombing that murdered 20 people at Hindu shrine was an Islamic jihad attack - Mohamad Museyin


Islamic State bulldozes 1,500-year-old Syrian monastery


Feisty ayatollah calls America ‘the enemy,’ says Iran will ‘confront with all our power’


Unarmed American Soldiers Put Their Own Jihad on Islamic Terrorist on French Train - Sliman Hamzi


Americans tell of taking down the Paris train jihadi


Paris Train Crew Abandoned Passengers as Muslim Opened Fire


France train jihadi trained in Islamic State, was being watched by police


American Heroes Say Paris Train Jihadi “Ready to Fight to the End”

Paris Train Jihadi Linked to Islamic-Terror group, Traveled to Syria


New anti-terror approach needed after France train attack


France train attack shows impossibility of tracking all Islamic jihadis


France train jihadi who trained in Islamic State “dumbfounded” by terror accusations


The Sad Case of Mogens Camre — Criminalizing Dissent in Denmark


Invasion of Europe: Chaos at Macedonia border as Muslim refugees tear through police lines


UK: Devout Muslim family groomed their daughter to be ISIS jihad bride


Boston University prof blames U.S. for Islamic State sex slavery


Devout Muslims who bombed Bangkok shrine also bombed city bridge


Saudi Muslim leaders oppose extradition of murderer: “He is an Islamic missionary”


“Jihadi John”: “I will go back to Britain…and will carry on cutting heads off”


Islamic State ‘beheading, raping, and selling’ Christians, Obama does nothing


Muslim Butchering in Swedish IKEA — on The Glazov Gang


A Strange Turn of History


Multiculturalism and the Rise of Islamic Terrorism


A Native American Artist Drew A Picture Of A Beheaded Scott Walker


The IKEA Murders: Sweden in Crisis


The Iran Deal: How Christians Choose Sides


ISIS suspected of using WMD in Syria and Iraq; U.S. cops concerned


PHOTOS, VIDEO *GRAPHIC* Bangkok Bombing: Thai Police Name Muslim Bomber, Mohamad Museyin, At Least 10 More Sought


Obama Blames America for Racism—Meanwhile, There Are a Million Slaves in Saudi Arabia


Iran’s President Rouhani Threatens War if Nuclear Deal Fails


Expert: Too Many Terrorists Now for Europe to Track


Islamic State terror toddler beheads teddy bear


Mission impossible? Stopping terrorism in Europe


The invasion of Europe and America


Islamic State desecrates saint’s bones after bulldozing 1,600-year-old church


Islamic State blows up temple in Syria’s Palmyra


Islamic State has Damascus in its crosshairs


Islamic State ambushes, kills up to 50 Iraq troops


Iran’s Supremo: U.S., Israel conspiring against the Qur’an


Hamas-linked CAIR: Denial of service over hijab sign of “fossilized policies”


'You get street smart when you live in Malmö'


Iran Deal Will Trigger Major War in Middle East


Obama has power to circumvent Congress on Iran nuclear deal


Iran's Ayatollah's message for Hajj: U.S. and Israel are the terrorists


Inside Jihad


Environmentalists: ISIS Mass Murder Good for the Environment


The Heroes Working to Rescue ISIS's Core Victims


Will Obama get the Votes Needed to Approve the Iran Deal, and does it even Matter


Islamic Terrorist Relations at the Broward Sheriff’s Office


Why Iran is Nuclear Now


Shattering New Evidence Reveals: Obama Spent $500,000,000 to Train a Jihadi Elite Force Which Now Partners In Christian Massacres


Council on American-Islamic Relations Slams Scott Walker, Demands he Apologize for Saying What Obama Won’t Say About Islamic Terrorism












ISIS Terror Storyline – NBC News


























Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America – Largely for law enforcement at all levels.  Will open your eyes even more.


Agent Storm: My Life Inside Al Qaeda and the CIA - Morten Storm with Paul Cruickshank & Tim Lister