We sleep safely at night because rough men and women stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm.


“Chaos is the law of nature, and order is the dream of man”



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For a better understanding of Islamic State, please

·        Google-search Islamic State and review the results. 

·        Watch the very short video IS Goals and Tactics Worldwide. 

·        Download and read Behind the Veil: The Fundamental Nature of the Jihadist Cause –As linked to by Homeland Security Today - 30 MB, so it will take a while to download.

·        View Top Ten Quran Verses for Understanding ISIS (the Islamic State)

·        See “Begin to Understand Islam With These 118 Robert Spencer Articles”

·        See The Rise of the Islamic State

·        See Ibn Warraq speaks at Yale

·        Read Islam 101 by Gregory Davis

·        What Really Is Islam?

·        David Wood on the 3 stages of Jihad

·        The Third Jihad - Radical Islam's Vision for America

·        A timeline of the Islamic faith

·        Three Things About Islam

·        Jihadology


What ISIS Really Wants


James Burnham on Militant Islam and the Clash of Civilizations - The price of failing to acknowledge the spiritual inspiration of one's enemies


Bill Warner, PhD: Jihad vs. Crusades --  Good one.  Note the battle map - relentless jihad.


“Moderate” Muslim Leader says all Muslims are “Radical” and “Extremists”

Best of VICE News 2014: The Islamic State (Full Length)


It’s in the Quran


Radical Islam: The Most Dangerous Ideology -  - Get all the facts in under 5-minutes.


Saudi cleric rejects that Earth revolves around the Sun


The Atlantic: “The Islamic State is Islamic. Very Islamic.”


Islamic Terrorism Has Been Woven into the Fabric of Our Country


Harsh and Inconvenient Truths about Islam


Shiites vs. Sunnis Charts


The Difference Between Islam and Islamism?


Read How ISIS Justifies their Oppression of Christians


The Terror Strategist: Secret Files Reveal the Structure of Islamic State


Is ISIS Islamic?


Research on the Islamic State


Writings by Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi


Islamic Jizya: Fact and Fiction


The Rhyme and Reason of Jihad


Inside Jihad


How the Islamic World was Forged: An Exercise in Common Sense


When Jewish and Islamic Holy Days Coincide


Jewish Man Murdered in Jerusalem by Stone-Throwing Muslims


Germany Highway Banner: “Your Children will Pray to Allah or will all DIE!”


Yale Islamic Law School Funded by Bin Laden Financier


France to launch airstrikes in Syria to fight the Islamic State


Islamic State threat: “Rivers of Blood Await America”


Muslim ‘migrants’ raping women and children in camps in Germany


Muslims Planned to Explode Pipe Bombs at Jews on Temple Mount


Minnesota Muslim suspected of jihad recruitment given school bus driver’s license


US Muslim killed fighting for Islamic State: “It’s Islam Over Everything”


Islamic State claims that Pakistan Taliban leader Adnan Rashid has pledged allegiance to its caliphate


29% of Americans think Obama is a Muslim – Only?


New Islamic State video quotes Osama: “Every Muslim…hates Americans, hates Jews, and hates Christians”


Egypt: Islamic State beheads and crucifies man it accused of cooperating with police


Lebanese Muslim cleric says the destruction of Israel is revealed in the Qur’an and Hadith


Pope: “No religion is immune from its own fundamentalism,” and fundamentalists “kill, destroy and defame”


Danish police relax laws in Sharia zone to avoid “constant conflict”


Islamic State map of countries it plans to dominate by 2020


The Twin Cities have an ISIS problem


Iran MP: Anti-Islamic State coalition is just for show


“Is Al-Qaeda Really the Moderate Alternative to ISIS?”


Canada: The Spanish Inquisition Makes a Comeback


Europe Is Making a Fatal Mistake


America Has Taken More than Our Share of Refugees


The People of Israel Live


Austria to Reinstate Border Controls: Minister


Yale Law School to open Sharia law center on campus


Career-ender? Chatty Gitmo terrorist calls Trump a racist (and says Hillary ‘has a chance’)


America’s Reckless Refuge for Jihad ~ VIDEO


Report: we had the chance to get rid of Assad in 2012 but turned it down


Glenn Beck: I have a plan to smuggle Syrian refugees into the U.S.


Germany, other EU nations impose “temporary” border controls to slow crush of Middle Eastern migrants


Quarter-million Muslim immigrants allowed into U.S. each year - 'Given work permits, welfare access, ability to become voting citizens'


Western European vs. Eastern European Responses to Mass, Unvetted, Muslim Immigration


Islamic Group Defended by State Dept Accused of Ramadan Acid Attack on Jewish Girls


The Refugee Crisis Must Not Undermine U.S. National Security


Most Americans Disapprove of Obama’s Handling of Iran


Israeli Right-Wing Ministers Score Highest Satisfaction Ratings


New Iran Nuclear Deal Parody Video Destroys Obama Appeasement! 


Senator Mike Lee says the Iran Deal is a Bad One and that it Sets a Dangerous Precedent


Bill Maher is Absolutely Right on Muslim Refugees Invading Europe


Tragedy Narrowly Avoided After Armed Man Entered Church and Said Allah Ordered Him to ‘Slay the Infidels.’ The Next Day, Pastor Found a Note.


Terrorist attacks involving firearms more common outside US than domestically, says report


Use of Firearms in Terrorist Attacks in the United States 1970-2014


Designated Terror Group in America Claims Greatest Threat to America Comes from Right-Wing Extremism


Muslim ‘Refugee’ Invasion of Europe - EU to Relocate 120,000


Bulgarian Police Discover Muslim Refugees Smuggling Fake Passports to Islamic Terrorists


Prisoners Put the Beat Down on Muslim Jihadist Who Tries to Convert Them


Here’s the List of Cities Obama will Dump Invading Muslim “Refugees”


Father of Iconic Drowned Boy Was Human Smuggler, Captained Death Boat


Officials warn 20,000 ISIS jihadis ‘have infiltrated Syrian refugee camps’


Lebanese Education Minister warns: 20,000 Islamic State jihadis have infiltrated Syrian refugee camps


FBI foils Islamic plot to kill the Pope during US visit: report


Philadelphia: Muslim teen arrested for Islamic State jihad plot against Pope




Italy: Muslim terrorists display victory signs as they arrive on “refugee” boats into Europe


SHOCKING VIDEO: Muslim ‘Migrant’ Child Makes Throat Slitting/Beheading Gesture to TV Cameras


FGM trial in Australia: “I told you this is a big secret”


Islamic State’s top military commander was trained by American special forces units


Montreal: Muslim teens charged with possessing explosives, facilitating terror act “for the profit of a terrorist organization”


Modern, moderate Malaysia: Politician gets 16 months’ jail for insulting Islam and Muhammad


Islamic State releases online data on 100 more US military personnel, calling on Muslims to murder them


Danish girl, 15, and her Muslim boyfriend, 29, stab her mother to death after watching Islamic State beheading videos


ISIS abducts 12 Egyptians in Libya


Skobelev’s Principle


Looking At A Pizza I Realize That Anything Is Possible!


The Media's Weird Iran 'Victory' Bandwagon


Europe’s Immigration “Crisis” Is Not America’s Problem


McConnell to Dems: I'll Force Painful Amendments If You Keep Filibustering the Iran Deal


On the anniversary of 9/11, a more dangerous world and lax immigration policies leave the U.S. vulnerable to another attack, warns Federation for American Immigration Reform


The Arab States and the Refugees


Anti-refugee posts prompt Facebook to launch hate speech taskforce


Syria: You know this isn’t about Assad anymore, right?


Hungary extends sealed border to Romania, declares emergency, may deploy military


Mexican officials want to admit thousands of Syrian refugees


How will we vet more than 10K Syrian refugees? DHS has no idea


Making Money on Refugees is All About "Volume"


Muslims Regret Not Dying in Mecca Crane Accident


Europe Is Making a Fatal Mistake


New Front Opens In European Immigrant Invasion


The Exodus To Europe's Promised Lands


On the Iran Deal: It’s “Bizarre that You Pass Something with a Minority, Especially what is Effectively a Treaty”


Peaceful Migrants Morph into Rioters as Hungary Cracks Down on Boarder


'ALLAHU AKBAR!': MIGRANTS RAMPAGE, ATTACK POLICE - Invasion of Europe 'a well orchestrated event,' says expert

Obama Admin Secretly Guarantees Russia, China Sanctions Protection


After Opening World Markets to Iranian Oil, WH Backs U.S. Export Ban


Muslims Now Petitioning to Cancel Oktoberfest in Germany


Why Are Christian Soldiers in Egypt Harassed and Killed?


After Being Checkmated on His Support of ISIS in Syria by Vladimir Putin, Obama Bringing Hundreds of Thousands of Them to Us


Senate Debates Iran Deal as North Korea Defies Nuclear Sanctions


Germany Cracks Down With Border Controls: “Papers Please” for Refugees




Barack Obama’s Half-Clocked Tale of Islamophobia


Texas: Muslim student arrested for bringing clock that looked like bomb to school; Obama invites him to White House


VIDEO: Pamela Geller on Newsmax TV Discussing the Islamophobia Clock


Pamela Geller, Breitbart News: Ahmed Mohamed and the ‘Islamophobia’ Clock


It Is CAIR’s History of Falsehood That Raises Clock Questions


VIDEO Clock confession: Ahmed put clock-hoax in a box so it didn’t “look suspicious” or like a “threat”


Ahmed’s Fake Invention, a Sharia Tribunal, anti-Sharia Laws and Obama’s Former Homeland Security Advisor in Texas – Something Smells Fishy


Dear Mr. President and Ahmed


Hoax: Muslim clockmaker didn’t build clock, just put existing one into pencil box


WHAT IF: A White Baptist Boy Brought A 'Clock' That Looked Like A Bomb To School?


Bill Maher tears into liberals angered over Ahmed: ‘What if it had been a bomb?’


'Clock-boy's' sister was suspended for 'bomb' threat

Was ‘Muslim clock kid’ incident manufactured? The Obama tweet forensics




Muslim boy's 'cool clock' is a fraud, says expert


Ahmed the clockmeister and an ‘Islamophobia’ scam


Clockmed Heads to UN


Irving Mayor: Ahmed Mohamed’s Family Blocking Release of Records; Obama Tweeted Support Even Before “Clock” Pic Released


Andrew Napolitano: Was Ahmed's Clock a “Purposeful Hoax?”


Video: Gavin McInnes on Ahmed Mohamed: “This kid was not making a clock and innocently taking it to school”


Clockmaker Ahmed Mohamed’s family says he has been “severely traumatized,” hires lawyers


Clockmeister Ahmed meets Turkey’s pro-Sharia PM at UN, claims Texas are “racist”


Welcome to the era of IslamoPHORia – Took apart a clock.  What a phony!


Ahmed Mohamed's Qatari Vacation with the Muslim Brotherhood


Fanaticism: The Moderate Version


Huffington Post Promotes Dubious Dawa Advocates


Dr. Bruce Thornton on “Europe’s Muslim Refugee Catastrophe”


Video: Robert Spencer and Erick Stakelbeck discuss the rise of the Islamic State


Yemen: Islamic jihadists torch Roman Catholic church in Aden


The ISIS Refugee Deception


Hamas TV: “Palestinian” boy wants to become engineer “so that I can blow up the Jews”


Obama set to deport 12 Iraqi Christian refugees - Detained for 6 months while criminal illegals allowed to stay


UN Gives Palestinians Flags, But No Democracy


Why Do Muslims Flock to The "Evil West"?


Migration Monotony


Many migrants leave Serbian border with Hungary, head to Croatia


At least nine killed in Saudi-led strikes on Yemen: medics


Syrian army starts using new weapons from Russia: military source


Are Muslims Fatalists?


When Women Commit Honor Killings


Inculcating Islamist Ideals in Egypt




Obama Pushing for 100K Muslim Refugees While Deporting Christian Iraqi Refugees


As Obama Allows Muslims Invaders, He Denies US Visas to Persecuted Christians


VIDEO: STATE OF EMERGENCY, Rioting Migrants Chanting “Allahu Akbar” Trying to Break Through Hungarian Border, Police Fire Tear Gas


Texas: Muslim teen blames his “BOMB HOAX” on “islamophobia,” Obama invites him to White House


30% of Americans Believe Obama is a Muslim - Obama’s pro-jihad policies and his sharia adherence (“the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”) tell us more about him than words or agitprop ever could. He rules like a Muslim leader.


Children on “Palestinian” TV: “We Want To Wage Jihad And Blow Up The Jews”


Obama's $500 Million Army to Fight ISIS is Down to 5 Soldiers


1 in 5 Syrians Support ISIS, That's 2,000 of Obama's 10,000 Refugees – Heads will roll.


New York Times: Muslims Throwing Stones at Jews is "Rite of Passage" - Can we make local teenagers mugging New York Times reporters a "Rite of Passage" too?


Washington Post Praises Islam, Attacks Judaism


Why Western Nations Should Only Accept Christian Refugees - All the right reasons the Left detests.


Ignorant Liberals Who Support the Iran Deal but Don’t Know What it Says!


Time to Use the Nuclear Option to Stop the Iran Deal?


Why Did the Ahmed Mohamed Clock Case “Blow Up”?


Teen clockmaker’s Islamaphobia-huckster father claims his son was “TORTURED” by school authorities


Father of Muslim bomb hoax clockster was Qur’an’s defense attorney against Terry Jones in mock trial


The Clock is Ticking on 'Islamophobia' - “If you see something, say something” – unless the suspicious person is a Muslim.


Dems Reject McConnell Amendment Demanding US Hostage Release from Iran


IT'S APOCALYPSE NOW IN ISRAEL - Nation pummeled by weather oddities on Jewish New Year

Scotland Yard: Hate Crime Equals Anti-Muslim Crime


You Won’t Believe What This American Girl Did After Watching Islamic State Beheading Videos on Repeat


These Muslims Are Not Immigrants, They Are Colonists with Bad Intentions


Assad Blames U.S. for Syrian Exodus: “Worried About Refugees? Stop Supporting Terrorists”


Obama sycophants ignore new Iranian drone technology that endangers U.S., Israel


An Interactive Timeline of 73 Islamist Terror Plots Since 9/11


Muslims plot high-holiday attacks on Jews on Temple Mount - Islamic Movement mobilizing Arab youth to smuggle weapons to site

Minnesota Muslim is 3rd to plead guilty to joining Islamic State; 5 face trial - Zacharia Yusuf Abdurahman


Invasion: Muslim Migrants Fill “Gun Shooting Ranges” and “the Luxury Malls”


Prime Minister Orban: “Eventually There Will Be More Muslims Than Christians In Europe”


‘I am Racist, But It is Racism Based on Islam’


Iceland’s capital votes to boycott all Israeli products


Berlin: Islamic jihadist brutally injures policewoman in knife attack


Hungary detains 29 migrants after border clash, one jihadi identified


Muslim migrants refuse Denmark asylum: not enough benefits


Sharia Saudi Arabia: Juvenile prisoner faces death by crucifixion


UK to scrap laws that let jihad terrorists remain in the country


In central Tunisia, birthplace of Arab Spring now jihad hotbed


Germany: Migrants' Rape Epidemic - "We Are the Biggest Brothel in Munich"


Europe's Humanitarianism Is, Sadly, Not Humanitarian


Syria Just One of Obama's Foreign Policy Failures


Putin: Friend or Foe in Syria?


Canada Doubles Down on Fighting Terrorism w/Social Workers - Cops and guns can't prevent terrorism. Only social workers can.


Congress Must Not Retreat Further on Disastrous Iran Deal


GOP, Dems Slamming Trump Over “Muslim Question” Evidences Their Treason – Obama a Muslim or not, the tragic results for America remain.


Web of 100 Leftist Groups Helps Obama Sell Iran Deal and Other Radical Goals to Democrats


The United Nations Against America


Muslim Terrorists Display Victory Signs as They Arrive on “Refugee” Boats into Europe


The Muslim Invasion of the West has Begun


VIDEO: Refugees Faced With Closed Borders


Look at the Trash and Destruction Left Behind Muslim "Refugees"


Gitmo Detainee Who Started A Terror Group Receives Get Out Of Jail Free Card


Obama Releases 20th 9-11 Hijacker From Gitmo


Obama Frees Sept. 11, 2001 ’20th Attacker’ - Is it any wonder that close to a third of the American people think Obama is a Muslim?  What America-loving president would do such a thing? Obama shredded the oath to protect and defend.


European Leftists Want to Seize Homes to House Muslim Migrants


UK Muslim Eatery Sickens 142 by Introducing New Strain of Ecoli


Syrian Refugee Threatens to Self-Deport if Germany Won't Let Him In


The Holocaust Museum Defends Muslim Brotherhood Nazis


The Islamic Mosqueing of Public Schools in America


Campus Watch Briefs


Leading Imam tells Muslim migrants to ‘breed children’ with Europeans to ‘conquer their countries’ and vows: ‘We will trample them underfoot, Allah willing’


Muslim cleric on refugee influx: “We shall conquer their countries”


Obama Won’t Reveal to Congress Number of Americans Murdered By Iran


UK Judge: Molesting Muslim girls ‘deserves a longer sentence’ than non-Muslim girls


Muslim Migrants’ Rape Epidemic: “We Are the Biggest Brothel in Munich”


Obama’s peace partner Abbas: We won’t allow Jews’ “filthy feet”


America’s Border Security Nightmare


"Wake Up!": Muslim Persecution of Christians, July 2015


Muslim migrants target nations with higher wages - Islam expert: 'And for what job are they being paid?'

Muslim Threatened To “Slay Infidels” In Church Massacre In Texas. Media Stayed Mum. | Bob Owens


The Latest: Hungary calls up reservists amid migrants crisis


Has the Refugee Crisis in Europe Forced Turkey to Consider War with Syria?


Obama's alleged intelligence fraud began with 2012 election: Intel chairman


Lawmaker: Obama’s scrubbing of ISIS terror intel dates back to at least 2012


US spent $500 MILLION training “4 or 5” Syrian “moderates”


Just ONE IN FIVE Muslims claiming asylum are from Syria, EU figures show


Jordan’s Queen threatens Europe: Take more refugees or face more “extremism”


35 million Muslim migrants may set sights on Europe - Congress mobilizing votes to stop all resettlement in U.S.


Video: Migrants screaming “Allahu akbar” attack Slovenian police


64 Muslims in US have been charged with supporting the Islamic State


2,400 Muslims from Russia have joined the Islamic State


ISIS in NYC: Muslim Arrested, “I’m ready to die for the Caliphate” - Ali Saleh


New York Muslim pledged allegiance to the Islamic State


Taliban attack Pakistani military base, killing 29


Pakistan: No mercy for men accused of blasphemy, they tried to “harm Islam”


Russian Foreign Ministry: Coalition only simulating anti-terrorist efforts


Sculpture with burned Bible, Torah, and Qur’an banned from competition


Hoax: 80% of refugees from war-torn Syria aren’t from Syria at all


UK Muslim gets 8 years for trying to buy enough ricin to kill 1,400 people


Christian filmmaker aims to raise awareness about Muslim persecution of Christians


Malaysia Muslim leader: Liberalism must submit to Islam


UK monitoring over 3,000 Muslims plotting jihad attacks in Britain


Refugees Faced With Closed Borders


Migration Crisis: Germany Wants to Be "Miss Congeniality" - And Have Europe Pick Up the Tab


Turkey Needs to Practice in Turkey What It Preaches in Cyprus


Jamie Glazov Moment: Our Suicide Through Blindness to Hijrah


The 9/11 Commission Report and Immigration: An Assessment, Fourteen Years after the Attacks


U.S by far the biggest recipient of immigrants; enormously outpaces Latin American neighrbors


Muslim Welfare ‘Refugees’ Trash Nearly $2 Million Home They Are Living In For Free And Laugh About It


Donald Trump Declares: “The Bigger Issue Is That Obama Is Waging A War Against Christians In This Country. Their Religious Liberty Is At Stake.”


The Iran Deal and the Next Iraq War


The Politicization of Middle East Studies


‘The devil made me do it’: Obama’s foreign policy just reached a new low


Obama Calls for more than 100,000 Refugee Admissions per Year


ISIS to take capital of Afghanistan ‘within days’ of US departure


Eiffel Tower closed after three Islamic ‘terror suspects’ spotted with large backpacks


Video: Muslim “migrants” screaming “ALLAHU AKBAR” attack police as crisis intensifies


Report: Christians murdered for their faith every FIVE MINUTES by Muslim terrorists


Germany could spend up to 25 BILLION euros on migrant intake


France: Muslim who returned from Islamic State instructed to attack concert


Marines Trained That Rape in Afghanistan Is a ‘Cultural’ Issue


U.S. soldiers ordered to ignore Afghan allies’ abuse of boys


Disgrace: Green Beret Who Defended Boy Against Rape in Afghanistan Loses Appeal


Slain US Marine to Father: We Heard Afghan Officers Raping Little Boys & We Weren’t allowed to do Anything


US Must Leverage Aid to Stop Child Sexual Abuse Among Afghan Security Officials


"Bacha Bazi": Obama's Silence on Afghan Military's Child Rape


Green Beret who beat Afghan child rapist speaks out


Obama Administration Enables ‘Boy Play’


Catholics, Muslims and Sex-Abuse Double Standards


Trump: There’s a terrorism problem with “some Muslims”


Saudi Arabia: World's Human Rights Sewer


Turkey's Islamist Factory Settings


Kerry: Russia’s involvement in Syria “hinders” resolution


ONE NATION UNDER ALLAH – Coming your way, America, whether you like it or not.


Why the West Should Listen to Hungary on Muslim Refugees - Heed the nations experienced with the Islamic influx.


Kerry: We've Made it Very Clear Assad Must Go... Sometime


BDS Suffers Humiliating Reversal in Iceland


Turkey on Fire


Blame America? No Blame Neocons!


VIDEO: Netanyahu, Putin Aim to Prevent Accidental Israeli-Russian Clashes in Syria


Obama Admin Will Not Reveal to Congress Number of Americans Killed By Iran


Video Shows Muslim Leader Admitting the Terrifying Purpose of Muslim Refugees


Major Bishop Of The Catholic Church to Nations Of Europe: ‘Do Not Accept Christian Refugees, Only Accept Muslims.’


Syrian Woman Seeking Asylum and American Relative Arrested at Texas Border


Europe’s “Arab Spring”: “They are overrunning us,” Hungary deploys the army


VIDEO: Muslims are marching and screaming, demanding caliphate in Denmark, “Allahu akbar!”


“Any candidate who plays this game with the Obamamedia is a fool”


Boosted by nuke deal, Iran ups funding to Hizb’Allah, Hamas


Nigeria: Islamic State murder 85 in series of jihad bombings


Nigeria Muslim leader: “We are running our caliphate, our Islamic caliphate. We follow the Koran.””


Islamic State launches jihad attack on Libyan airport - But don’t be concerned: Barack Obama says they’re losing!


Islamic jihadists burn musician’s piano because music is un-Islamic


UK: Officials do nothing about Islamic hardliners at university for fear of “Islamophobia” charges


Raymond Ibrahim: Why Hungary’s Victor Orbán Got It Right on Islam


EU Data Shows 80 Percent of Migrants Are Not From Syria


Fake passports, drivers licenses and police badges a click away


Pakistan: ISIS Plans Terrorist Campaign against Christians


Prince of Dubai killed by terrorists not heart attack: Mideast news agencies


Muslim Terrorist Throws Grenade at Israelis, Blows Up Self - This is why suicide bombing is necessary.


OFFENDED MUSLIMS ERUPT ON SCHOOL BOARD - 'We’re going to be the majority soon!'

 Donald Trump vs. Media on Islam


Hillary Clinton Wants 65,000 Middle East Refugees "Immediately" But Has No Way To Vet For Terrorism – Stupid and DANGEROUS!


Poll: Vast Majority of Americans Reject Calls To Bring Syrian Refugees To U.S.


US-trained Division 30 rebels 'betray US and hand weapons over to al-Qaeda's affiliate in Syria' - Pentagon-trained rebels are reported to have betrayed US and handed weapons over to Jabhat al-Nusra immediately after entering Syria


US-trained rebels gave their weapons to al-Qaeda immediately on entering Syria


Christian Holocaust & Muslim Invasion Being Ignored by the West


A New 9/11 Every Day…And It is Our Fault


The GOP Candidates Who Support Amnesty


Balkans Pay Heavy Price for Over Sleeping During Islamic Invasion As Europe Slams Door Shut on Refugees


Putin Deploys 28 Combat Planes in Syria, Taunting West to “Join Forces against ISIS”


Afghan Taliban: Mullah Mansour's battle to be leader


Washington Times: Rusty Humphries Interviews Pamela Geller


Obama Administration punishes soldiers who try to stop child rape


Army denies appeal of Afghan child rape whistleblower


Islamic State executes a boy and 9 others accused of being gay in Syria


UK Defence Secretary: “Harder by the day” to stop jihad terror attacks


Islamic State appeals to refugees to come to caliphate rather than Europe


German police raids target Islamic State recruiters, suspected of recruiting among refugees


Philippines: Islamic State jihadists abduct four people from holiday resort


ISIS’s Hijrah Advice


Egypt's War on Terrorism Bears Fruit


Diplomatic Immunity: License for Crime - Saudi Arabia at It Again


The Purpose of Vacuums


After Gaffes in the Middle East, The U.S. Should Step Aside


An Immoral Quandary


The Iran Deal Won't Be A Potential Game Changer For Inducing Change in Tehran


U.S. Gives Yemeni (Al Qaeda Hotbed) Nationals “Temporary” Amnesty


Canada Should Welcome Syrian Refugees, Carefully


Time to ‘John Paul Jones’ the non-deal ‘Iran deal’

NJ Muslims, angry over school holiday, threaten: ‘We’ll be the majority soon’


‘Militia’-linked activist plans to arrest Sen. Stabenow (D-MI) over her vote for the Iran ‘deal’


No Refugees, No Terrorism - The surest way to keep Muslim terrorists out is not to let any Muslim immigrants in.


Jihad in North Jersey: Homegrown Islamist nabbed by cops for violent threats


New Jersey Muslim teen facing charges for threats to Obama, claims of Islamic State jihad plots against New York City


New Jersey: ISIS Teen charged in plot targeting 9/11 Memorial


Obama’s Pentagon-Trained Muslim Rebels Betrayed US and Handed Their Weapons Over to Al-Qaeda


Obama--So What If He Is a Muslim?


Muslim Group’s Hit List Targets More Secular Bloggers, Writers


Bangladesh: Islamic jihad group issues international hit list of bloggers, activists and writers


Poll: Vast Majority of Americans Reject Obama Plan To Bring Syrian Refugees To U.S.


Canada: Two Muslims get life sentences for jihad plot to derail passenger train - Raed Jaser and Chiheb Esseghaier


Hungarian bishop: Pope wrong in appealing for aid to sea of refugees; this is actually a Muslim invasion of Europe


 Relax: Muslim writer Khaled Diab heaps scorn on idea that Muslims might want to conquer Europe


Pressure on Obama grows to declare war against Christians a genocide


Pakistan: Christian arrested after Muslim mob sets his house on fire


Time to Dismantle the UN Human Rights Council


Obama Throws Christian Refugees to Lions


Is the Iran Deal a Dud?


Iran: Withdraw The Welcome Mat For Rouhani At The UN


Why Republican Presidential Candidates Support Israel


Muslims Warn NJ School Board: 'We're Going to Be the Majority Soon'


Image of the Day: When ‘cultures’ collide


Reminder: Iran vows openly and explicitly to violate terms of the faux nuke ‘deal’


Obama’s Genocidal Treason - Obama’s final legacy will be the death of millions of Americans.


The Pope's Misguided Defense of Islam - The Pope could have used his forum in Congress to call attention to the plight of Christians


Mandatory Muslim Immigration in the EU - The European Union's plan to force poorer nations to accept thousands of refugees.


Kerry: Russian Buildup in Syria is Defensive


Sweden backs shock EU refugee quota agreement


The Refugee Crisis and Sweden's Perfect Storm - The disaster on the horizon is there for all to see.


Bid to house refugees in Sweden's empty jails


Muslim Pilgrimage near Mecca Results in Stampede – At Least 700 Killed, 800 Injured


Pope Francis Urges U.S. Not To Turn Its Back On Muslim "Refugees"


Islamic group uses churches as torture chambers to force Christians to convert to Islam


VIDEO: Do American Muslims believe sharia law supersedes the Constitution?


VIDEO: ‘We’re going to be the majority soon!’ Furious Muslim parents taunt New Jersey school board over Eid


Obama blocks brilliant teen critic on twitter, then lies about it


UK: NHS Records More Than 1,000 Female Genital Mutilation Cases In Just Three Months


Why Arab Muslims refuse Arab Muslim ‘refugees’


Huma Abedin Gets Twitter Account to Attack Dr. Ben Carson - "Free speech should not be permitted if it does not “benefit” Islam."


Ben Carson Zooms to Top of Media’s Kill List


Washington Examiner: “Geller, Islam critics: Carson ‘was right’ on Muslim president comments”




Carson won’t back down: “I do not believe Sharia is consistent with the Constitution of this country


Washington Post quotes Islamic apologists’ taqiyya to “prove” Ben Carson wrong about taqiyya


Lies about Islamic Taqiyya (Dissimulation) - Dr. Carson Right: Washington Post and Academics Wrong


Beware Islam's Doctrine of Deception


Raymond Ibrahim: MSM Lies about Muslim Lies (Taqiyya)


Robert Spencer in PJ Media: The Islamophobes who agree with Ben Carson


Reuters: Trump and Carson are fueling “Islamophobia”


Dr. Carson Is Right About Islam


Why Ben Carson Is Right - Dispelling the myth that Sharia is as American as apple pie.


Yes, Ben Carson, Islamic Leadership is Not American


Ahmadi Muslim leader claims Ben Carson’s words “intolerant and wrong,” dissembles about political aspects of Sharia


Ben Carson's Warning


Ben Carson Makes no Apologies for Saying he Wouldn’t Vote for a Muslim


Rasmussen: Over Half of Americans Agree with Ben Carson about a Muslim President


YouGov poll: Majority of GOP, plurality of Dems agree with Carson that a Muslim shouldn’t be president


France Demonstrates Why Carson’s Remarks Concerning Muslims is so Important


Pamela Geller, Breitbart: Ben Carson: USA Shouldn’t Elect a Muslim President


Ben Carson: U.S. shouldn’t elect a Muslim president


Lily-livered Lindsey Graham Demands Carson Apologize to American Muslims


Carson says Muslim shouldn’t be President; Hamas-linked CAIR demands he withdraw


Ben Carson in CAIR’s Crosshairs - Hamas-linked CAIR wants a Muslim President, and wants Carson to drop out for not wanting one.


Should Ben Carson Endorse Sharia Slavery in Islamic Law? - Is a black man supposed to prove his tolerance by endorsing a religion that practices slavery?


Hamas-Linked CAIR Announces Quran Giveaway in Response to Ben Carson’s Remarks - If people did read it carefully and attentively, they would see that it is not a book of peace at all, and not compatible with the Constitution, just as Carson said.


Ben Carson Fires Back, Schools Media on Islam, Sharia, and Taqiyya


A Muslim President? Was Ben Carson Right?


Ben Carson Exposes Islamic Taqiyya


Former Radical Islamist: Yeah, Ben Carson Is Right About Muslims – “Carson is absolutely correct.”


Ben Carson: Heroic Truth-Teller About Islam


Carson: Even Christians Running for President Need to ‘Subjugate’ Faith to the Constitution




America Delights in Carson's Honesty on Islam


Swedes' Homes May Be Confiscated to Accommodate Asylum Seekers


Obama’s lack of a Syria strategy and its consequences


ISIS building a "terror army" in Europe


France's Marine Le Pen: EU's Muslim Invasion is Comparable to "Barbarian Invasion of Rome”


Putin’s secret plan to own Middle East


U.S. Muslims Say Sharia Law Should Supersede The Constitution…


Broward Sheriff Ignored Unanimous Decision Not to Hire CAIR Leader


'In Defense of Christians' Still Struggles to Identify Foes


The Ayatollah's Genocidal Threat to Israel


Iran Released Five Senior Members of Al Qaeda in Prisoner Swap


'GROUND ZERO MOSQUE' OFFICIALLY SCRAPPED - 'Market-maker' skyscraper planned for controversial site


It’s Official: Ground Zero Mosque DEFEATED!


Ground Zero Mosque developer now to build condo tower on site


ISIS Plans ‘Nuclear Tsunami’


Yemen: Clad as woman, Islamic State jihadi murders 10 at Shia mosque


Iran’s Supreme Leader: Muslims must “shatter” the U.S., the “idol of tyranny”




VIDEO: Pope says Quran is a book of peace and Islam is not a violent religion


The Unknown-The Day I Was Called a Woman by Islam


The Unknown-My Nightmare as an 11-Year-Old Girl in an Iranian Prison


The Unknown-My Islamic Court Date and No Way Out


Palestinians: We Are the New Nazis


German woman threatened with eviction to make way for refugees - A 51-year-old German woman is being evicted from her home of 16 years to make way for refugees, with shelters already full across the country – Coming to AmeriKa.


Germany: Migrants In, Germans Out - The Death of Property Rights - COMING TO AMERIKA


GERMANY Is Evicting Christian Citizens From Their Homes To Make Room For The Explosive Flood Of Muslim Invaders


Europe: Seizing Homes to House Muslim Migrants


False Economies on Refugees


ISIS holds public EXECUTION of HOMOSEXUALS, including a 15-YR OLD BOY!


‘Culture Of Rape’ Taking Hold In Refugee Camps


Is Syria Becoming a 'Frozen Conflict'?


Obama Throws Christian Refugees to the Lions


Muslims Torch Three Churches in Tanzania


Muslim Mayor threatens to kidnap survivor of Lindt cafe jihad terror attack


UK: Anti-ISIS artwork banned from free speech exhibition for fear of Muslims


“Prepare your Weapons and Lives to Slaughter!”: Muslims urge attack on free speech event in #Copenhagen Today


Muslim woman reads Qur’an, leaves Islam -


Canada revokes citizenship of Toronto 18 jihad plot ringleader


Muslim accused of destroying Timbuktu monuments sent to Hague


Muslim ex-University of Texas student gets 10 years for recruiting jihadis - Rahatul Ashikim Khan


UK: Marxist anti-Semitic “anti-jihad” activist Maryam Namazie banned from university for fear of offending Muslims


“The Cross is ISIS’ main enemy; today no trace of a Cross can be seen in Mosul”


Fear of being called ‘Islamophobic’ is getting people killed — and raped


1 in 3 'Syrian' refugees have fake IDs, German authorities admit


CENTCOM: Syrian Rebel Unit Gave Quarter of Its U.S.-Coalition Equipment to al-Nusra


Syrian Commander Gives American Equipment to Al Qaeda


Muslim Authority Tried to Hide Biblical History of Jerusalem by Moving Tons of Earth from the Temple Mount. Looks Like a Boy Ruined That Plan When He Found a 3,000-Year-Old King David-Era Artifact.


Sponsoring the Agents of Our Own Demise


UK: Soldier moved from hospital waiting room over fears his uniform might ‘offend’ Muslims


WATCH: Arabic Speaking Ukrainian Woman tells what the “migrants” are really saying about ‘Infidels’


Victory: SIOE stands up to jihadis, holds free speech event in Copenhagen


WATCH: ‘Poor’ Migrants Complain About Slow Internet, Boredom At Netherlands Camp


Relax: Australia and Indonesia to work together to rehabilitate jihadis


Where the Islamic State has directed or inspired jihad attacks worldwide


Muslims TORCH Christian church in BETHLEHEM


Now 30,000 foreign Muslims have joined ISIS; analyst says they’ve lost momentum


Salon: “We are at war with an imaginary Islam” - Leftist denial of reality


Former Grand Mufti of Lebanon: No way except jihad to liberate “Palestine”


Migration Crisis: "Islam Will Conquer Europe Without Firing a Shot"


Obama: If I Had a Son, He Would be a Syrian Jihadist


ISNA’s Interfaith Overreach


Obama at UN: Iran Deal Ensures Iran's Nuclear Program Will be 'Peaceful'


The Middle East Studies Blind Spot: Anti-Semitism


Video: Arabic-speaking woman tells what “migrants” really say about “infidels”


'MIGRANTS' DISCUSS RAPING, ROBBING OTHER TRAVELERS - Not the peace-loving job-hunters new host nations desire

Germany must separate Christians from Muslim migrants as violent attacks surge


Putin to those who supported “Arab Spring” in Middle East: “Do you realize what you have done?”


WATCH Obama: Non-Muslims must stop equating Islam with terrorism


STATE OF SIEGE: Gangs Of Muslim Men Roaming The Streets, Young Women Told To Cover Up


Germany: Muslim parents brutally honor-murder teen for having sex


New “Preventing Violent Extremism” program in Australia ignores jihad threat


Islamic State jihadis deride “coconuts”: Muslims who participated in interfaith activities with Pope


Russia, Iraq, Syria, and Iran to share intelligence about the Islamic State


Afghanistan: Islamic jihadists murder nine with attack on sports match


Mecca: Muslim pilgrim commits suicide in “hope of entering paradise”


An Emboldened Iran: The Other Side of the Nuke Deal


UK: Mainstreaming Racism


Is the Pope Ending Catholic Anti-Semitism?


Wow, Europeans admit welfare states increase economic inequality


Germany: Muslim migrants’ violence against Christians soars


Officials: Russia-Iraq intel-sharing pact could ‘complicate’ U.S. operations in Iraq


Why Do Muslims Flock to the 'Evil West'?


Obama scolds Iran at the UN: Chanting “death to America” doesn’t create jobs, you know


Iraq joins Russia, Syria and Iran in new intelligence/security pact


Kerry: Iran Can Help Bring Peace to Countries it's Invading


Muslim Rape 'Misunderstandings' Come to Europe


Tiny Minority of Extremists: ISIS Got 30,000 Recruits


Turkey’s Refugee Scam


International Community Action Against Brit Islamic Terrorists


Obama’s Muslim Refugee Resettlement Program is actually UN’s Agenda to Balkanize & Terrorize the West - This agenda is nothing short of Balkanizing Europe and the united States and making our lands filled with chaos, terrorism, strife and wickedness.

Thousands of Europeans Take to the Streets to Crusade Against Muslim Invaders


Immigration Rights - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot


Obama: Non-Muslims Must Stop Equating Islam with Terrorism – That from an extreme jihadist


OBAMA BRINGS 1,500 TERRORISTS TO U.S. - Crimes allegedly done 'under duress'


Saudi Arabia is Not Our Friend


Angela Merkel caught on HOT MIC confronting Facebook’s CEO to CENSOR anti-migrant posts


Obama Proselytizes for Islam at UN Summit for “Countering Violent Extremism”


Another MAJOR Afghan city falls to the Taliban but this one is a big deal


Taliban seizes major city, one of the linchpins of Afghanistan’s economy


BLOCKBUSTER Report: “The danger to the homeland has never been greater,” “The largest global convergence of jihadists in history”


Muslim ‘Foreign Policy Analyst’ Frames Carson, Trump, and Cruz for Murder Before the Fact


AMERICAN MUSLIM is ‘top ISIS commander’


“Ahmed Day” in NYC: Mayor de Blasio, City Council Honors Clockmed, Issues Proclamation


The Islamic State CRUCIFIES thousands of Christians *WARNING*


Obama serves up cliches and falsehoods as his anti-ISIS strategy


Germany: Muslim refugees attack Christian refugees so often that police chief says they should be housed separately


Virginia online jihadi says he was “advocating what I believed were legitimate approaches based on Quran” - Ali Shukri Amin


Germany: Muslim strangles daughter to death in honor killing after she was caught stealing condoms


Obama chairs counter-terrorism summit at UN


Putin Bests Obama in UN Showdown on Syria


Islamic Lobbyist Saba Ahmed vs. Ex-Islamic Imam Mark Christian on “Ben Carson and Islam”


On Refugees, be “Wise as Serpents”


Hungarian PM: Liberal NGOs 'Drawing a Living' from Immigration Crisis


The Invasion of Europe – And very soon, America thanks to Obama


The Mushroom Cloud ISIS Has In Store For Us


Obama "Ended" War in Afghanistan Last Year, Now Fighting to Retake City from Taliban


DOES CNN'S RULA JEBREAL HAVE "BLOOD ON HER HANDS" FOR MURDER OF JEWS? - Muslim attacks on synagogues filled with Jews aren't hypothetical.


J Street Backing HIAS Push for Muslim Migrants to Make America Anti-Israel




BERKELEY, BAZIAN, AND BARGHOUTIPROMOTE BDS - Hatred and bigotry reach new levels in Berkeley.


UNNECESSARY LOSS OF LIFE - The deadly price of politically correct rules of engagement.


WELCOME TO WEALTHY MIDDLE EASTERN THUG PRIVILEGE - Saudi elite get a free pass to rape, beat and enslave Americans.


ISLAM QUIZ HAS U.S. PARENTS 'OUTRAGED' - 'They're not teaching 10 Commandments' but Muslim prayers allowed

President Obama and Vladimir Putin Clash at the UN – John McCain Declares Putin the Winner


President Obama Delivers Speech to the UN General Assmbly


Islamic State "LOLs" at UN Response As Western Attacks Rise


'Germany or Nothing,' Demands Syrian Migrant Threatening to Return Home


US Marines are Sending a Warning to Muslim Jihadists All Across America


The Muslim Brotherhood Started It All


Argentine President: In 2010, An Obama Administration Official Asked Me to Provide Iran with Nuclear Fuel; Obama Administration Official Confirms Story


Russian Airstrikes in Syria Targeted US-Backed Rebels, U.S. Officials Say – DECLARATION OF WAR


PUTIN TAKES OVER: Russia Tells U.S. to Remove Warplanes from Syria


DEFEATED: Kerry begs Russians for ‘de-confliction talks’


Obama Granted Asylum And Residency to Over 1,500 terrorists


Hamas-CAIR violated federal law by calling on Ben Carson to withdraw


Head of Italian Bishops Conference hits West’s silence on Muslim persecution of Christians


Germany distributing Arabic translation of its constitution to refugees


UK: Convert to Islam threw acid in face of mother of six, leaving her disfigured and blind in one eye


University of Chicago gets $100 million donation to study global conflict


Palestinian Authority’s Mahmoud Abbas says he is no longer bound by the Oslo Accords


The Tables of Our Enemies


Australia: Muslim leader of “impeccable character” avoids jail after raid finds weapons, Islamic State flag, jihad DVDS, machete


UK: Muslim who ran amok with knife screaming: “I’m a Muslim and I’ll chop your f***ing head” escapes deportation


Italy: Muslim who had been deported but returned slashes throat of random passerby - Amine Aassoul


VIDEO: Migrant wants to go to Norway because ”Norway has good prisons”


Media BLACKOUT on MASSIVE PROTESTS Against Muslim Migrant Invasion of Europe


Muslim Migrants Sexual Assault Spree in Holland












ISIS Terror Storyline – NBC News


























Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America – Largely for law enforcement at all levels.  Will open your eyes even more.


Agent Storm: My Life Inside Al Qaeda and the CIA - Morten Storm with Paul Cruickshank & Tim Lister