We sleep safely at night because rough men and women stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm.


“Chaos is the law of nature, and order is the dream of man”




News links for 9/17/2014 to 9/22/2014


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Top Ten Quran Verses for Understanding ISIS (the Islamic State)


Islam and the "Killing of Innocents" – At least read the history therein.


A Message to President Obama from a former Muslim – “ISIL speaks for Islam”


Judge Jeanine - Be Prepared for ISIS/ISIL


The “Religion of Peace”


Who Is Islamic State (ISIS)


Secret weapon to take over America revealed


The Islamic State (Full Length) – Vice News – 42 minutes plus Vice News installments on the page


The Iraq-ISIS Conflict in Maps, Photos and Video


Beheadings: Brought To You By “The Religion Of Peace”


Why Beheading?





Has World War III Already Begun?


In Defeating ISIS, We Must Not Defeat Ourselves


Top General Re-Opens Door on Ground Troops That Commander in Chief Closed


U.S. General Dempsey Raises the Prospect of Ground Forces in Iraq


Rochester man indicted on charges of attempting to provide material support to ISIS and to kill U.S. soldiers


The Islamic State of Sexual Violence


FBI Special Agent Mike Finnegan’s relentless pursuit of terrorist bomber Khalid Al-Jawary


Key Qaeda branches urge united jihadist front against coalition


Pelosi: Obama Needs ‘Act of Congress’ If He Goes Beyond Training the Rebels


Sen. Fischer: 'We Are Not Being Honest With the American People'


Cruz: 'It's Not Our Job to Be Social Workers in Iraq'


Russia: ‘Free Syrian Army No Longer Exists’; Rebels Are Coordinating With Terrorists


Sen. Manchin: 'You Can't Sell This Stuff' Back Home


Kaine Introducing Authorization for Obama to Use Military Force -- With Limits


Netanyahu: ‘We’ve Seen This Before. There's a Master Race; Now There's a Master Faith’


Royce: In Supporting Syrian Rebels, US Should Not Play Assad’s Game


Elizabeth Warren: 'Fair' to Compare Jews to Nazis


Islamic State Atrocities the Product of ‘Grievances’?


What Obama Said ISIS Should Have Done Shows Why No One Takes His Foreign Policy Seriously


Stewart Dings Obama for Tackling ISIS in as 'Chaotic and Confused a Way as Possible'


White House: No ‘combat role,’ but US troops could ‘forward deploy’ with Iraqis


Law enforcement bulletin warned of ISIS urging jihad attacks on US soil


House votes to arm, train rebels


Officials: Homegrown attacks top worry


Afghanistan asks Washington for $537M bailout


VIDEO: Who are America's allies in the ISIS fight?


VIDEO: Kerry lectures Code Pink


Hayes: Obama's ISIS approach 'wrong way to begin a concerted campaign'


Corker's Criticisms Leave Sen. Boxer 'Shaking and Trembling'...


Military Leaders Increasingly at Odds With Obama Over ISIS Strategy


CLAIM: Half Iraq's army cannot fight...

ISIS urges homegrown radicals to go to US soldiers' homes 'and slaughter them'...


Carney on CNN Gig: I'm Still 'Loyal to One Side'...


'SIEG HEIL': Supermarket prints Nazi slogan on receipts...


UPDATE: House passes measure allowing Obama to arm Syrian rebels...


Obama is Rushing Into War Against Islamic State


ISIS Orders All Christians To Hand Their Businesses Over To The Caliphate…


John Kerry Praises Pro-Hamas, Al-Qaeda-Linked Group Code Pink During ISIS Speech


Rand Paul Blasts Vote to Arm Syrian Rebels: “I’m Not For Arming Radical Jihadists in Syria” (Video)


Four Terrorists Captured on US Border on September 10 – Day Before 9-11


Rape as a Weapon of Jihad


Rochester Man Indicted on Charges of Attempting to Provide Material Support to ISIS, Attempting to Kill U.S. Soldiers and Possession of Firearms and Silencers


Pennsylvania Man Pleads Guilty in Conspiracy to Illegally Export Restricted Laboratory Equipment to Syria


Will Oil Make or Break the Islamic State?


Children as Suicide Bombers in Islamic Countries


Congress approves mission to train, arm Syrian rebels


Immigration worker union warns ‘serious threat’ of ISIS entering US


Kerry, Obama questioned on ISIS claims


Al Qaeda cell in Syria poses ISIS-level threat


Australia: Muslims with jihad flag on car drive by church, shout threats to “kill the Christians” and slaughter their children


Australia: 600 police in huge counter-terror raid in Sydney and Brisbane


VIDEO: Plot a warning to the US?


Leaders press Obama to keep options open


Parents of student killed by jihadist suspect speak out

OPINION: Tevlin shooting — where's outrage?

VIDEO: Parents of student killed speak out


Alleged ISIS Photo Controversy Engulfs McCain...

WASH POST LEAD THURSDAY: Disagreements how to fight war mount between Obama and military leaders...

Congress votes to arm Syrian 'rebels'...

FLASHBACK: Syrian rebels pledge loyalty to al-Qaeda...

Threaten West...


House approves Obama’s foredoomed plan to arm “moderate” jihadists against “extremist” jihadists


DHS Sec. Will Not Lift Ban on Libyans from Training at US Flight Schools


CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE PROTECTION - DHS Action Needed to Enhance Integration and Coordination of Vulnerability Assessment Efforts


Hagel: 'I'm Always Concerned About the Southern Border'


Where Have All the Allies Gone?           


Coalition-Building 101


Is ISIS Trying to Assassinate Pope Francis?


Australia on Alert After Alleged Plot by Islamic State Supporters


Australia raids foil reported ISIS beheading plots


VIDEO: Major counterterrorism raids foils ISIS plots in Australia


VIDEO: Australia terror plot a warning to US?


Australian PM says police raids follow IS linked beheading plot


Dem Rep: 40 American ISIS fighters have already returned to the United States


Obama signs bill to train, arm, Syrian rebels against ISIS


French fighters drop first bombs on ISIS in Iraq


Pols renew efforts to roll back cuts amid ISIS crisis


VIDEO: France is first ally to launch strikes on ISIS


ISIS' latest propaganda film offers more threats


VIDEO: ISIS, Al Qaeda competing as main terror threats to US


5 Key Points Marco Rubio Made in His Big Defense Speech

Disagreements how to fight war mount between Obama and military leaders...

General: Airstrikes tougher as militants blend in...

Congress votes to arm Syrian 'rebels'...

FLASHBACK: Syrian rebels pledge loyalty to al-Qaeda...

Threaten West...


U.S. House Approves Plan to Train and Arm Syrian Rebels


As the U.S. heads to war, there are very few people, including many Americans, who are on the same page.


Exterminate the voodoo zombies of ISIS


Obama Administration Won’t Say If We’re At War Or Not, Looks Like ISIS Has Done It For Them


Obama To Micromanage War Against ISIS, Military Can’t Attack Until He Signs Off On Every Strike…


Former Navy SEAL: More Than 90 Percent Of Troops Do Not Support Obama…


Lt. Col. Oliver North: Someone Needs to Tell The Truth, Obama's ISIS Strategy is Mission Impossible


Your 'To Do' List to Save America


VIDEO: Iraq PM Says No Foreign Troops


Homeland Secretary Shows Little Concern Over Open Border Terror Threat


What You Should Know About the U.S. Arming Syrian Rebels


Generals skewer Obama for 'control' of airstrikes - Vallely believes Obama should resign. “He has no capability of leading this country at this time,” he said.


Ambassador Accused of Siding with Islamists in Egypt Now a Leader of ISIS Coalition Strategy


Rift widens between Obama, U.S. military over strategy to fight Islamic State


Perry: ‘Substantially Concerned’ Terrorists Could Cross Border


Iraqi Oil Expert: U.S. Air Strikes Should Target ISIS’ Black Market Oil Convoys


Royce: 'We're Going to Have to Go Around the President...and Directly Arm' the Kurds


Letting in the Wrong Refugees


What Will Victory Look Like?


4 Suspected Terrorists Were Captured One Day Before 911 – But It’s Where That Should Concern You


Cop defies order to 'celebrate' Islam, and then …


Obama's ISIS Tap Dance


ISIS Urging "Lone Wolves" To Target US Soldiers


The Islamic State Calls for Devout Muslims in America to Go to Homes of US Soldiers, “Slaughter Them”


The Challenge of Stopping Do-it-Yourself Jihadism


VIDEO: Muslim fast food worker goes ballistic, threatens customer for asking for bacon


Beheadings: Brought To You By “The Religion Of Peace”


NSA Says Intelligence on the Islamic State Could Have Been ‘Stronger’


Hamas and Fatah Already Fighting Over Gaza Funds


International Terrorism Defendant Pleads Guilty in Manhattan Federal Court


10 Questions for Secretary of State John Kerry


‘Not a Snowball’s Chance In Hell': Former Head of Marine Corps Slams Obama’s ISIS Strategy


Former Navy Seal Offers Uncensored Look at Iraq and What Soldiers Really Think About the President


 Oklahoma politician’s townhall on Islam (video)


8 ways the Obama administration is blocking information


Obama's Dumb, Rash and Unilateral War: Don't Buy the President's Lame Excuses for Attacking ISIS Without Congressional Approval


Jindal: Obama Is 'Incompetent,' 'Ideologically Extreme'


Gov. Bobby Jindal Says Americans Want a ‘Hostile Takeover’ of Washington


Belgium thwarts planned Islamic State jihad attacks on home soil by Belgium Muslims returning from Syria


Meet Khorasan, the Terrorist Group That Might Be Scarier Than ISIS


Britain's Female Jihadists


UN: 70K Syrian refugees cross into Turkey in 24 hours

Questions over Turkey's account of hostages' release

Security stepped up at Vatican over fears of terror attack...


Islamic State releases 49 Turkish hostages... - Questions remain over how freedom secured...


Superpower for Hire: Rise of the Private Military


ISIS in Houston? Photo from a local deli creates a social media firestorm, draws FBI attention


Houston Man Caught Supporting ISIS, wearing Islamic robe with logo and We Have His Location


Man Wearing ISIS Logo Reportedly Arrested in Houston, TX


Maxine Waters Tells Islamic Society That Sharia Law is Compatible with U.S. Constitution (Video)


ISIS Destroying Ancient Archaeological Sites to Sell Artifacts on Black Market


Arab nations need to help in fight against ISIS, Dempsey says


Former Defense Secretary Panetta says US paying the price for not arming Syrian rebels


Help on way? Power says US has allies in ISIS fight, but won't name names


Wife of ISIS hostage makes plea to captors


VIDEO: Are US troops returning to Iraq?


VIDEO: Leaders gather to confront ISIS

Employee exodus from Dept of Homeland Security a growing concern...

Dysfunctional work environment...

Abysmal morale...


Suspicions Run Deep in Iraq That CIA and Islamic State Are United...

Panetta muddles...

Oil smuggling network...

Obama wants UN ban on fighters who travel abroad...

ISIS calls Kerry 'old uncircumcised geezer'...


U.S. government 'breeding terrorists' – in Minnesota


UK: More Taxpayer Funds Go to Extremist Charities


Q&A: Meet Khorasan, the Terrorist Group That Might Be Scarier Than ISIS


U.S. Suspects More Direct Threats Beyond ISIS


What ISIS Is Trying to Do With Its Slick Videos


11 Reasons Why ISIS Might Be More Dangerous Than al-Qaeda


Al Qaeda's quiet plan to outdo ISIS and hit U.S.


Obama to Lead U.N. Effort to Halt Movement of Terror Recruits


U.S., Allies Training Kurds on Using Sophisticated Weaponry Against Islamic State


'They Made Us Take the Seat of Death'


ISIL has plundered Mao’s playbook


Robert Gates: Destroying ISIS Too Ambitious: Initial Goal 'Ought to Be...'


Kerry: 'More Than 50 Countries' in Coalition; Turkey 'Absolutely Pledged' 


Turkey shuns key role in fighting Islamic State


Turkey: What Ally?


Kerry: There is a Role for Iran in the Anti-ISIS Effort


Congress Told Two US Allies May Have Bankrolled 70% of Hamas’ Budget


Iran Blames US, Israel for Rise of ISIS; Syria Blames Saudi Wahhabism


US, Arab allies launch first wave of strikes in Syria


VIDEOS: Bombing strikes begin over Syria


Which areas are being targeted?


Rep. King on airstrikes


VIDEO: US paying price for not arming Syrian rebels, leaving Iraq?


VIDEO: Plan to train, arm Syrian moderates — Mission impossible?


Syria blasts anti-militant coalition, says it includes nations that back terrorism


Obama thrusts U.S. military directly into Syria's civil war...

Iraqi army suffers another disastrous defeat at hands of Islamic State...

Taunting speech calls for killing civilians...


Teaching to Kill: The Islamic State's Jihad Camps for Kids


Syrian Child Sniper: ‘When I Killed Him, I Didn’t Feel Anything’


American Muslim computer whiz runs Islamic State’s social media campaign


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Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America – Largely for law enforcement at all levels.  Will open your eyes even more.