We sleep safely at night because rough men and women stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm.


“Chaos is the law of nature, and order is the dream of man”




News links for 9/8/2014 to 9/16/2014


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Top Ten Quran Verses for Understanding ISIS (the Islamic State)


Islam and the "Killing of Innocents"


White House denies 'mission creep' in Iraq


Arab states join forces against ISIS


VIDEO: US strikes ISIS near dam


OPINION: The message ISIS wants to send to America and the world


Is NATO relevant against ISIS?


Kerry: New Iraq gov't key to ISIS fight


Krauthammer: ISIS speech likely will be 'more of Obama's rhetoric'


US air marshal injected with syringe at Nigeria airport


Germany's "Sharia Police"


Obama to ISIS: "If you like your terror army, you can keep your terror army"


'This Is Not the Equivalent of the Iraq War': Obama Won’t Use Ground Troops to Combat ISIS


How Ted Cruz Would Defeat ISIS


Migration of Radicalized European Muslims to Syria to Engage in Jihad Widespread Problem, Study Shows


How Israel is Dealing with Terrorists’ Use of UAVs


Obama huddles with top lawmakers ahead of high-stakes prime-time address on strategy regarding ISIS

US launches propaganda counteroffensive vs. ISIS

US, European intelligence agencies race to track ISIS

Push to revoke citizenship of ISIS joiners feasible?


Bombing kills head, leaders of Syrian rebel group


The military is about to get a whole lot busier, but Obama says that still doesn't mean ground troops

NCTC chief: ISIL won't carry out large-scale attack in US


A National Counterterrorism Center Threat Assessment of ISIL and Al Qaeda in Iraq, Syria and Beyond – Brookings Institute


Arab League: We Condemn ISIS


Are You Prepared for Imminent Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Soil?


Iraq Forms New Government Led by Haider al-Abadi


Arab States Voice Support for Tackling ISIS, But Will They Fight?


Obama: 'This Is Not the Equivalent of the Iraq War'


Rubio: 'Absolutely,' Obama Should Order Air Strikes on ISIS in Syria


Feinstein: 'Time for America to Project Power and Strength'


Janet Napolitano: ISIS 'On Everybody's Radar Screen' 3 Years Ago


Bad Week: Obama; Worst Week: McDonnell


Protecting the folks


Syria strategy 2.0: Obama to hit reset to counter growing ISIS threat


Polls showing Americans support U.S. airstrikes against the Islamic State helps Obama to make his case tomorrow.


Who is still supporting President Obama?


Obama approves US airstrikes in Syria, vows to target ISIS ‘wherever they exist’


Lawmakers express tentative relief, reservations about Obama's ISIS plan


VIDEO: We will 'degrade and ultimately destroy' ISIS, Obama says


Transcript of Obama's address


ISIS, Al Qaeda seek cyber caliphate for attacks


KURTZ: Is Obama chasing public opinion, and does it matter?


Fact-checking Obama's speech


FOX NEWS POLL: More than three-quarters of voters think ISIS is planning an attack on US soil


VIDEO: Obama orders military action


Obama's remarks 'fundamentally unserious,' Cruz says


McCain reacts to speech


OPINION: Obama's ISIS plan = America's third Iraq war


VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul discusses speech


DIGITAL JIHAD? ISIS, Al Qaeda aim for 'cyber caliphate' to launch US attacks


Report: Seized ISIS laptop yields plans for ricin, car bombs


FOX NEWS POLL: More than three-quarters of voters think ISIS is planning an attack on US soil


DHS confirms ISIS planning infiltration of US southern border

Obama, in Speech on ISIS, Promises Sustained Effort to Rout Militants









Stabbing with syringe in Nigeria raises fears of Ebola as weapon...


OBAMA: 'ISIS is not Islamic'...

'No religion condones killing of innocents'...

President who wanted end wars tries to justify a new one...

CORN: Nuanced...

Echoes lines from.... Bush 41!

Cheney's re-emergence complicates response...


POLL: Americans feel least safe since 9/11...


CNN Poll: Vast Majority of Americans Concerned About ISIS Attack at Home

'Homeland' Confirms ISIS Planning Infiltration of Southern Border...


Obama’s Foreign Policy Approval Rating Falls to All-Time Low


"A Failure": How a Majority of Americans Now Describe the President


Ed Meese: 'This Is the Most Lawless Administration in the History of the Country'


Obama Goes to War


Mosque Attended By Boston Marathon Bombers Associated With ISIS


US, European intelligence agencies race to track Western ISIS fighters


Dem Congressman: ‘Forces That Will Rise If ISIS Is Destroyed Are Nearly as Evil as ISIS’


Kerry: Anti-ISIS Coalition Aims to Demolish 'The Distortion of One of the World’s Great Peaceful Religions’


UN Envoy: Some of ISIS' Suicide Bombers...Are Children


Senator: Those Beheaded Journalists Would Totally Agree With Me on ISIS 'Caution'


ISIS Issues Assassination Threats to Twitter Employees Over Propaganda Account Shut Downs - “Every Twitter employee in San Francisco in the United States should bear in mind and watch over himself because on his doorstep there might be a lone wolf assassin waiting,”


The Jihadists' Eternal Plan


Megyn Kelly Reports: Minn. Mosque Accused of Recruiting for ISIS


Recipes From the Islamic State's Laptop of Doom


National Insecurity -Can Obama's foreign policy be saved?


Obama's Mission Impossible - The president is about to present a strategy for destroying the Islamic State. Too bad it can't be done.


Trainwreck, Continued: Eight New Pieces of Bad Obamacare News


Can We Survive a Feckless, Egotistic President Afraid to Lead?


Terrorism Breeds New Threats


Q&A: What More Troops in Iraq Means for Defeating ISIS


Obama: Islamic State 'is not Islamic'


Few Interests, Fewer Friends in Middle East


Vision, Strategy, Tactics


Thirteen Years After 9/11


The Root of 9/11: Bad Theology


National Security is Not a Political Game, Mr. President


Terror Army Known as "Islamic State" Not Considered Islamic by President Obama


Obama Calls on Congress to Support Airstrikes in Syria, Says America Will Lead Coalition Against ISIS


Saudi Arabia Accepts U.S. Request To Provide Bases For Anti-ISIS Operations


What Obama Got Right -- and Wrong -- In His ISIS Speech


Obama’s 4-Point ISIS Strategy Explained in 3 Minutes


Arvada, CO woman pleads guilty to conspiracy to support terrorist organizations


Obama Outlines Strategy to Combat Islamic State Militants


Syria crisis: Chlorine gas used in attacks, says OPCW


Conservatives shred Obama’s ‘fundamentally unserious’ speech aimed at saving a ‘lost presidency’


Michael Moore slams president, hurling the ultimate insult directly at Obama on camera! – Good video.


President Obama said the U.S. will lead an open-ended but limited effort, with allies, to roll back the threat posed by the Islamic State.


Apparent New Al Qaeda-linked Magazine is Being Published


Action against Islamic State is a ‘legacy issue’ for President Obama


Saudi Arabia Will Grant U.S. Request for Anti-ISIS Training Program – Watch video.


Analysis: Five Thoughts on President Obama's ISIS Address


Why Obama Prefers ‘ISIL’ to ‘ISIS’


George W. Bush on 9/11/2001: We're at War, We Will Find Who Did This and "We're Going to Kick Their A**"


Homeland Security: Why Yes, Americans With U.S. Passports Fighting For ISIS Are a Threat


How 17 Candid Americans Reacted to Obama's ISIS Speech


The Unintended Consequences of Obama's ISIS Strategy


Obama authorizes military strikes against ISIS leadership


Obama Syria plan unsettles bid to keep gov’t running


Australia elevates threat level


CIA: As many as 31,500 ISIS fighters


Lawmakers worried Obama using wrong military model to target ISIS militants


Bush predicted chaos of Iraq pullout


VIDEO: Bush right to stay course?


Lawmakers react to Obama's ISIS plan


Syria, Iran slam US strategy


OPINION: America's third Iraq war


Krauthammer: Obama has committed to 'serious military exertion'




Another beheading -- NEXT WEEK?


Is the Islamic State Really Un-Islamic?


President Obama's Politically-Driven, Hastily Taped-Together, Counterterrorism Strategy


And In Conclusion ... There Wasn't One


Support Obama’s New ISIS Plan


Can Obama wage war without consent of Congress?


ISIS Beheads British Humanitarian Aid Worker David Haines; Prime Minister Cameron Calls Emergency Meeting


White House pushes vote on arming Syria rebels

McDonough: US 'at war' with ISIS

VIDEO: UK PM reacts to beheading video


Jihadi John Strikes Again...

Intelligence agencies differ over size, strength, threat posed by Islamic State...

Why are Arab countries so reluctant to help?


Kerry Flip-Flops On 'War'...


Hezbollah planning 'large raids' into Galilee, senior army source says


Israel Slams Intel Soldiers Who Say They Won't Be 'Tools to Persecute' Palestinians


Obama's Islamic State Speech in Under Two Minutes


German newspaper targeted by neo-Nazis...

'Jews, kill them'...

'We'll get you all'...

Merkel leads Berlin rally against anti-Semitism...

France arrests black power leader...


Obama sending aid to Islamic schools – And yet he is against US school choice.


The Scary Amount of Oil Money ISIS Makes Every Day


How Willing Is Obama's Coalition?


Terror Tunnels: The Case for Israel's Just War Against Hamas


Confronting the Islamic State


Gen. Allen To Manage Obama’s Strategy Against the Islamic State


VIDEO: Is Gen. John Allen the Right Man to Destroy ISIS?


Kerry: ISIS Trying to Spread ‘Dangerous…Offensive…Insulting Distortion of Islam’


Dem on ISIS Persecution of Middle Eastern Christians: ‘It Is Genocide’


Obama inevitably will need to use U.S. ground troops to defeat Islamic State, experts warn


Congress demands Obama act to keep Islamic terrorists out of U.S.


ISIS can 'muster' between 20,000 and 31,500 fighters, CIA says


Strong reaction to 'ISIL is not Islamic'


White House: ISIS a national security priority


Gingrich: Obama must lead ISIS fight


Gingrich: 10 questions for Obama on ISIS


Obama to Congress: No vote needed


Battle for global jihadist leadership


White House: We Aren't Going to Get Into What The "Legal, Academic Definition of War" With ISIS May Be


Diplomacy: 10 Arab States Promise to "Do Their Share" in Fighting ISIS


Here's Why We Might Not Want to Spend $500 Million to Help Syrian Rebels


Fighting to Win Against ISIS


US often powerless when terror groups, rogue regimes hold Americans abroad


U.S. Pushes Back Against Warnings That ISIS Plans to Enter From Mexico


Holder launches media campaign against homegrown terrorists...


Swedish Surprise: Anti-Immigration Party Surges...

SURVEY: Jewish voters turn to Le Pen, France's far right...

40% of European Jews hide their religion...


Top military official opens door to ground troops in ISIS fight, despite Obama pledge


VIDEO: Senate addresses ISIS threat


FOX NEWS FIRST: Obama’s embrace of 'theater' on ISIS helps struggling Dems


White House officials warn Syria over ISIS mission


White House sends warning to Syria


US launches airstrikes outside Baghdad


Code Pink disrupts Senate hearing on ISIS


Ambassador warns of ISIS threat for Pope's Albania visit


Beheading Infidels: How Allah ‘Heals the Hearts of Believers’ -


Obama’s “not Islamic” Islamic State claim ridiculed


Uncle Sam Needs To Protect American, Not Islamic Interests


Life Inside the ISIS Home Base of Raqqa, Syria


Inside an ISIL town: 'Raqqa is being slaughtered silently'


Isil besieges town of Amerli amid fears of repeat of Sinjar massacre


If West cannot live with Islamic State it must do all that's needed to defeat it on the ground


US considers air strikes in Syria after murder of Foley


Isil would be proud of Saudi beheading record


Isil's battle plan: funding, training, tactics and targets


Just War Theory and ISIS


What Kind of Threat is ISIS to the US Homeland?


Megyn Kelly tears apart CAIR rep; destroys his lies, rails against Shariah Law


Four New Jihadist Groups Planning Islamic Caliphate – Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Southern Philippines


Despite Blacks Enslaved by Muslims Across the World, Maxine Waters Calls Americans Bigots for Opposing Sharia Law


Obama’s Unwilling Un-Coalition


Pamela Geller on Hannity Discussing the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL)


Country Well-Being Varies Greatly Worldwide


Islamic State beheads British aid worker David Haines; Cameron vows justice


When is an Islamic State not Islamic?


ISIS tie to Boston mosque 'massive FBI failure'


President Obama's War . . . er, Speech


How ISIS' Perceived Strengths Could Also Be Their Undoing


Obama's Forgotten "N" Word


Obama's Unnecessary, Unpromising War


America On The Edge  - It is dangerous time for America. The threats at home and abroad are very serious, but we are being led by individuals who place politics ahead of national security, to


What Does Responsible Counterterrorism Policy Look Like? – Cato Institute


Dempsey continues to frustrate Obama with admission some Arab allies fund ISIS


Obama Policies "The Reason Why We're Facing ISIS Today"


Has World War III Already Begun?


Radical Islamist Suspected of Killing Three Gays in Seattle Guns Down 19-Year-Old NJ Teen in Cold Blood


The Humbling of a President - In the war with ISIS, the U.S. needs genuine presidential leadership, not a utility infielder playing everyone else's position.


James Comey: Counterterrorism is Top Priority for FBI


ME Sunni states join anti-ISIS coalition


The Structure of the Islamic State (ISIS)


Islamic State releases map of 5-year plan to spread from Spain to China


Why Many Arabs and Muslims Do Not Trust Obama


US open to talks with Iran on Islamic State


France Holds Summit Urging 'Global' Fight Against Islamic State Militants


Australia First to Offer Troops as Anti-ISIS Coalition is Slow to Take Shape


Kerry: 'We're Not Looking to Put Troops on the Ground...At This Moment, Anyway'


Obama Must 'Rise to the Occasion Before We All Get Killed'


Attorney General Holder Announces Pilot Program to Counter Violent Extremists


Obama Already Has Congressional Authorization to Fight ISIL


Obama: Sending Ground Troops 'Would Only Risk Fueling Extremism' - But U.S. Will Keep Bombing


How Europe's Pro-Gaza Movement Cultivates Violence, Anti-Semitism


The United Nations: World's Leading Purveyor of Antisemitism


What Does Hamas Really Want?


Obama Forced by Events to Reverse Course --- and Disillusion Base


Dempsey Explains When U.S. 'Advisers' May Need to Accompany Iraqi Troops Into Combat


Terrorism as Theater


ISIS luring U.S. women with cash-for-babies promises


Crackpot Tuesday: Maxine Waters Says Shariah Law Is Compatible With US Constitution (Video)


Islamic State urges Muslims to attack Times Square with bombs


U.N. to dump flood of Muslim refugees on U.S.


Top general says half of Iraqi army brigades incapable of fighting ISIS


House set to OK arms, training for Syria rebels


NY man charged with trying to aid, recruit ISIS militants


General opens door to ground troops against ISIS


Critics say Qatar terror funding makes it more foe than friend of US


VIDEO: ISIS recruiting US women

CONFUSION: How To Decide Which Syrian Rebels to Arm?

Islamic State shoots down war plane...


ISIS Sympathizers Threaten Pipe Bomb Attack on Times Square...