Latest “Deal” from the Senate: Pass Amnesty First, Read the Bill Later


After Sweetheart Deals, Senators to Vote on Amnesty Before Reading


Coulter warns GOP will suffer ‘devastating’ consequences if immigration reform passes


UNBELIEVABLE: Sessions says Dems rewrote the whole bill and buried the new amendment all throughout the bill .


Legalize the Child Abusers First


‘Child abusers get amnesty’: Sen. Vitter reads 1,170-page amendment to find out what’s in it


ICE union president: Rubio ‘directly misled law enforcement’

Repackaged Amnesty Bill Allows Napolitano to Nix Border Fence


Corker Amendment Permanently Offers Citizenship to Those Overstaying Their Visas


White House Offers Stealth Campaign to Support Immigration Bill


Anger mounts after Facebook's 'shadow profiles' leak in bug


Obama to Announce Sweeping New Powers on Tuesday – Will Regulate Power Plants to Save Planet from ‘Global Warming’


Sessions: Border Security Amendment Would Not Hire Agents Until 2017


CASINO CRONY KICKBACK: Reid, Heller Slip Las Vegas Tourism Handout into Immigration Bill


Tea Party Group Banned from Town Hall Because of Maryland Democrats' Smear


New York Democrats Want to Ban Police From Describing Suspects By Race, Sex, or Age

Border security proposal gives Napolitano new waivers


Congress Not Bound to Fund Future Border Security Promises


Secret Amendment Takes Resources from Southern Border


“My name is Paul Weston, and I am a racist”



Did you know? We have 2.84 million federal workers in 15 departments, 69 agencies, and 383 non-military sub-agencies. Private contractors increasingly function as offshoots of federal agencies; and, astonishingly, 83,500 of those private contractors’ employees have top-security clearances


News of Import:


I will do something different for the lead story since the upcoming Immigration Amnesty Bill on Monday is of such importance and that is that I have spent the hours doing the research and that research is below. Under the facts I have various video and audio links as well as News articles on the Immigration matter.

Lead Story: The Gang of 8 (Some of the sections are page numbers as the text of the Bill is very dense.)

CBO Report: 43 million newly legalized immigrants within 20 yrs. under the Gang of 8 Bill. (Remember that Roosevelt's law allows an Illegal who gets citizenship to bring their family to the USA)

Directly quoted from p334 of Gang of 8 amnesty bill. Gang of Eighters Place Full Confidence In Janet Napolitano.

Janet Napolitano says the "border is secure" already, so prerequisites met.

Napolitano on Immigration: Border Is Secure So 'Fix the Entire System'

SECRETARY'S DISCRETION. In the case of an alien inadmissible under this section, the Secretary of Homeland Security may exercise discretion to waive a ground of inadmissibility if the Secretary determines that such refusal of admission is against public interest or would result in hardship to the alien's United States citizen or permanent resident parent, spouse, or child."

Section 1121 Bill prohibits border patrol from returning illegal immigrants to their country during night hours in many situations, even though apprehensions disproportionately occur at night.

Section 2012 Bill allows illegal immigrants to become citizens only three years after receiving a green card, while most legal immigrants must still wait five years to become citizens.

Section 2101 p. 64-67 Bill allows Napolitano to waive convictions when considering amnesty

Section 2101 p70-71 Bill clearly states that an illegal immigrant apprehended during RPI/amnesty process may NOT be deported.

Section 2101 p71-72 Bill details that even if illegal immigrant is deported, DHS under their "sole and unreviewable discretion" can refile for amnesty.

Section 2102(7)(A) p74 Bill details how illegal immigrants cannot be removed or detained unless at discretion of DHS. DHS is not required to enforce deportation of any illegal immigrant whose RPI/amnesty application is rejected. There are no punishments in the Bill or penalties for the falsification of info on RPI/amnesty filings

Section 2103 Bill repeals current law prohibiting states from treating illegal immigrants better than out-of-state U.S. Citizens, thereby encouraging states to give in-state tuition to illegal immigrants.

Section 2104 p131 Bill allows for class action lawsuits against U.S. by illegal immigrants denied RPI/amnesty status.

Section 2105 p133 Bill reads that the Govt wont punish illegal immigrants who make false claims on RPI/amnesty application

Section 2106 Bill outsources the job of guiding aliens through amnesty from the Department of Homeland Security to community organizations.

P133 of Bill allocates $50,000,000 from "Immigration Reform Trust Fund" on RPI advocacy and education, discretion of DHS.

P154-55 of Bill details Blue Card requirements (temp residence) and how worker's family can also apply for residence and how deadlines for Blue Card applications, extensions, etc. are sole discretion of DHS.

P570 of Bill establishes "orientation programs" for "educating aliens regarding administrative procedures and legal rights."

P571 of Bill details all of the taxpayer-funded legal help for "detained aliens."

Section 2312 p330 Bill gives DHS total authority to overrule any and all US immigration law and court rulings on deportation

Section 2524 Bill establishes the Task Force on New Americans, which would be comprised of top executive branch personnel and charged with ensuring that federal programs “adequately address” the healthcare, education, and job-training needs of new immigrants and developing legislative proposals.

Section 2531 Bill sets up a nonprofit United States Citizenship Foundation run by community organizations to “engage in coordinated work” with the federal government. It will be run by 10 directors drawn from national community organizations, and will develop “citizenship preparation” programs to teach newcomers about American history and civics.

Section 2537 p397-99 creates nonprofit org to help illegal immigrants navigate RPI/amnesty using taxpayer dollars

Section 3101 p511 Voids all state, local E-Verify law

Section 3101 p415, 43a Not a single penalty in Bill for employers who hire illegals.

Section 3305 Bill changes probable cause analysis for all law enforcement agencies. This section codifies current Justice Department policies prohibiting all federal law enforcement officers from using race or ethnicity to any degree when making routine or spontaneous law enforcement decisions, such as ordinary traffic stops. Codifying the guidelines into statute fundamentally alters enforcement decisions by border patrol agents, which are currently based on well-settled legal principles underlying the probable cause and reasonable suspicion standards required to make an arrest, conduct a stop, and conduct searches.

Section 3401 Bill removes the one-year deadline for applying for asylum;

Section 3502 p583 Bill allows Napolitano to provide free legal counsel to illegal immigrants paid for by taxpayers

Section 3502,3503 p568-572 Bill lists a litany of taxpayer funded orgs for illegals detained or navigating RPI.

Section 3504 Bill adds another layer of appeals for aliens turned down.

Section 3602 p580 Bill reads additional fees as related to contracting foreign labor cannot be passed to illegal immigrant worker

Section 3701 Bill would allow many members of criminal gangs– potentially including members of notoriously violent drug cartels and MS-13-to gain entry to the country. Those provisions make a gang member inadmissible only if he has “been convicted of an offense for which an element was active participation in a criminal street gang,” and, even then, only where it can be proven the individual was actively seeking to further the activities of the gang.

Section 3707 Bill decriminalizes individual acts of passport fraud and attempted passport fraud in many circumstances. While current law criminalizes all such acts. The Gang of 8 Bill would roll back the law to target only “document mills” that produce large volumes of false passports and immigration documents.

Sen. Sessions: How In The World Can We Justify Passing This Immigration Bill? (Video) If you want a job, you are screwed!

Mark Levin With Sen. Sessions says Dems rewrote the whole bill and buried the new amendment all throughout the bill (Audio)

Ted Cruz has authored more than 80 U.S. Supreme Court briefs and argued 43 oral arguments, including nine before the U.S. Supreme Court.  During Ted’s service as Solicitor General, Texas achieved an unprecedented series of landmark national victories, including successfully defending:

Sen. Ted Cruz blasts Gang of Eight immigration reform bill on Rush Limbaugh Radio Show

The Amnesty Mob vs. America

IRS Sent $46,378,040 in Refunds to 23,994 ‘Unauthorized’ Aliens at 1 Atlanta Address

Coulter: GOP 'Lying' Like Dems On Immigration (Video)

Corker Amendment Permanently Offers Citizenship to Those Overstaying Their Visa

O'Reilly Offers Full-Scale Support of Immigration Bill

Video: Bill O’Reilly endorses immigration bill with Hoeven-Corker amendment (Two Video segments)

Mark Levin launches into fantastic monologue after watching BillO endorse unfinished immigration bill (Audio)

They Will Risk Your Kids' Lives Before They Risk Immigration Reform

Reid, Amnesty Proponents Made Handwritten Changes to Bill

Sen. Mike Lee: 'Banana Republic Quality' to Harry Reid Rushing Immigration Bill
“I find it repugnant to the system of government under which we are supposed to be operating,” Lee said of Reid allegedly pushing the bill to a vote in less than a week. “I find it even repugnant to Article 6 of the Constitution which makes it clear that there’s one kind of Constitutional Amendment that is never appropriate.

Senate kills John Thune’s border-fence amendment — with help from Rubio and McCain (Both are traitors and Cowards in my opinion.)

Senate immigration bill full of bad, so-far-ignored provisions

MADD Silent on Amnesty Law That Rewards Drunk Drivers

Police state: How Mexico treats illegal aliens

Obama: 'If Catholics Have Their Schools and Buildings and Protestants Have Theirs ... That Encourages Division' (With Video)

Bloomberg's Gun Control Group Lists Tamerlan Tsarnaev Christopher Dorner and Cop Killers As Victims

Bloomberg Group Apologizes for Naming Terrorist as a "Victim of Gun Violence"

Former background investigator pleads guilty

Pleaded guilty to charges of falsifying work on background investigations of other federal workers.

“Insider Threat Program”: How the White House is keeping federal workers quiet


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