Ignorance Plus Blind, Crass Political Lunacy or Expediency at its Worst – M3 Report – Nat. Assn. of Former Border Patrol Officers


OBAMA-backed Syrian jihadists behead people in front of large cheering crowd – WARNING – YOU PROBABLY SHOULD NOT WATCH THIS, AS IT IS EXTREMELY BRUTAL


Pure Evil… Sunni Villagers Drag Shiites From Their Burning Homes & Beat Them to Death in the Street (Video)


Soros-Backed Evangelical Front Group Prays for Rushed Passage of Gang of 8 Bill


Immigration Day: 'Gang of Eight' Republicans, Once Critical of Obamacare, Go All-In

Immigration Pressure Group, USCIS Desecrate American Flag

Hollywood gets special breaks in Senate amnesty bill

Latest “Deal” from the Senate: Pass Amnesty First, Read the Bill Later

Morsi supporters chant for sharia law and martyrdom, mock the holocaust

Irish MP Blasts President Obama as 'Hypocrite of the Century'

Yes, WaPo, the $3,000 Schumer-Rubio penalty on hiring Americans does exist


Terrifying New Jersey home invasion and beating caught on homeowner's nanny cam (VIDEO)

Palin Throws Down Gauntlet on Primary Challenges to Rubio, Ayotte


Corker Amendment Lets DHS Ignore Border Security Provisions


Here’s the News of Import for 6-26-2013.


"At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected?  If it ever reaches us, it must spring up amongst us.  It cannot come from abroad.  If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen we must live through all time, or die by suicide."  Abraham Lincoln

Ex-Communist Spy Chief Says Europeans Have a “Dependency Mentality”

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” – Lord Acton

Bush-Era NSA Whistleblower Makes Most Explosive Allegations Yet About True Extent of Gov’t Surveillance


Apparently You Don’t Even Have to Send an Email for It to Be Used Against You by the Gov’t

Just as draft emails played a role calling out the affair between former CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell, Apple is currently involved in an antitrust case and an unsent, draft email from the late Steve Jobs could be one of the key players as well.

Declassified gov’t report details decades of NSA computer spying


On to Immigration:

The stories/ Lies they tell.

1. Rubio: "I would vote against anything that grants amnesty because I think it destroys your ability to enforce the existing law and I think it's unfair to the people who are standing in line and waiting to come in legally. I would vote against anything that has amnesty in it."

2. Corker: "We need a new immigration policy that reflects America's values. First, secure this border. Allow people to work here but only if they're legal. No amnesty. Those employed but here illegally must go home and return through legal channels."

3. Wicker: "I agree that illegal immigration is a major issue that needs to be addressed. However, I oppose amnesty as the solution."

4. Ayotte: "For the people who are here illegally, I don't support amnesty; it's wrong. It's wrong to the people who are waiting in line here, who have waited for so long. And we need to stop that because I think that's where the Administration is heading next."

5. Flake: "I've been down that road, and it is a dead end. The political realities in Washington are such that a comprehensive solution is not possible, or even desirable given the current leadership. Border security must be addressed before other reforms are tackled."

The scheduled 7:00 a.m. opportunity to dialogue with Jeff Flake, Arizona’s junior senator and member of the pro-amnesty Gang of 8, was a bust.

Although his constituents were provided a toll-free call in number (1-855-428-0808) and ID (# 6224561**) to access the town hall, what we got instead was canned elevator music and ultimately -- after at least 15 minutes -- a message that informed those who dialed in that “the host” had failed to show.  That was followed by a disconnect. Many tried again, receiving the same message after another extended wait.

6. Hatch: "We can no longer grant amnesty. I fought against the 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli bill because they granted amnesty to 3 million people. They should have to get in line like anybody else if they want to come into this country and do it legally."

7. Heller: "I believe it is an amnesty program, a back-door amnesty program for the 12 to 15 million people who are here illegally."

8. Alexander: "We cannot restore a system of legal immigration "which is the real American Dream "if we undermine it by granting new benefits to those who are here illegally."

9. Collins: Before 2008 reelection, voted no on McCain-Kennedy amnesty.

10. Hoeven: Hoeven said the U.S. needs to secure its borders and crack down on employers who hire illegal immigrants.

11. McCain: "Complete the danged fence."

12. Graham: Amid withering criticism from his constituents, Graham, who is up for reelection next year, began to argue that it was time to approach the immigration problem in stages. On Thursday, he likened the decisive vote to pass his amendment to "having been robbed 12 million times and finally getting around to putting a lock on the door."

13. Kirk: "The American people believe our borders are broken. It is a fundamental duty of our government to know who is entering the country, making illegal entry nearly impossible. In the coming Congress, we have an overwhelming bipartisan consensus to restore confidence in the security of our borders "before we pursue other immigration proposals."

14. Murkowski: "With regard to undocumented aliens, I believe that those who illegally entered or remained in the United States should not be granted amnesty. Granting amnesty to illegal aliens sends the wrong message and is not fair to the vast majority of immigrants who abided by U.S. immigration laws. Granting amnesty would only encourage further illegal immigration."

15. Chisea: Joined most other Republicans, including opponents of the legislation, in supporting a proposal, which was defeated largely along party lines, that would have blocked legalization until the government can prove U.S. borders are secure. Chiesa said he sees border security as a top priority given his law enforcement background, and has yet to decide his stance on citizenship for immigrants without authorization.

Red State Democrats

Pryor: "I voted against the president's immigration plan today because the border security and enforcement measures are inadequate and the bill fails to effectively address the individuals who are already here illegally." Pryor says it's time for changes, "It's time for a new approach. I advocate that we strengthen and implement the enforcement measures in this bill and show we can fully enforce immigration laws."

2. Tester: He wants secure borders and no amnesty for law breakers.

3. Landrieu: "Sen. Landrieu is a leader in the U.S. Senate fighting against illegal immigration," Schneider said. "She has fought against amnesty for illegal immigrants and to provide more resources for border security. The new NRSC attack is designed simply to mislead voters about Sen. Landrieu's record."

4. Donnelly: "Eliminate amnesty because no one should ever be rewarded for breaking the law."

5. Hagan: Hagan said she supported increased border security and opposed amnesty.

6. McCaskill: Claire does not support amnesty. As a former prosecutor, Claire believes people who break the law should be held accountable, both illegal immigrants and the employers who exploit them for cheap labor. Claire does not believe we need any new guest worker programs undermining American workers.

7. Stabenow: Do you support path to citizenship for illegal immigrants? STABENOW: I voted no, because it went too far and cost us jobs. I do think it's important to have border security and legal system that is fair and effective. My focus is on our jobs that we're losing because of failed policies.

News of Import:


The lead story is the three Supreme Court Cases that impact us all in America.

In a 5-4 ruling in United States v. Windsor, Justice Kennedy on behalf of the majority, wrote decisively, that “DOMA is unconstitutional as a deprivation of the equal liberty of persons that is protected by the Fifth Amendment.” More specifically, Kennedy writes that the very notion of DOMA -- through which the federal government denied recognition of same-sex marriages performed by the states for no reason other than explicit discrimination -- was a violation of state's rights.

In a 5-4 ruling in Hollingsworth v. Perry, the challenge to the constitutionality of California’s Proposition 8. Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the majority opinion; "We have no authority to decide this case on the merits, and neither did the 9th Circuit," Roberts said, referring to the federal appeals court that also struck down Proposition 8.

In a 5-4 ruling in Shelby v. Holder
part 4 of Voter rights act declared unconstitutional.
Just hours after the Supreme Court handed down a ruling that guts parts of the Voting Rights Act, Texas is moving forward with a controversial voter ID law that state Attorney General Greg Abbott hopes to implement right away. “With today’s decision, the state’s voter ID law will take effect immediately,” Abbott said in a statement to the Dallas Morning News. “Redistricting maps passed by the Legislature may also take effect without approval from the federal government.”
The Texas law requires voters to show photo identification to vote. A measure that was blocked by the Justice Department, arguing the law could discriminate against racial minorities. At the time, Attorney General Eric Holder called the law a “poll tax.”

Lead Story: Supreme Court Overturns DOMA, Dismisses Prop 8 Appeal








Supreme Courts rules DOMA unconstitutional, Glenn Beck reacts to historic decision (Video)


The DOMA Case — Parts 1 & 2


Pentagon to extend benefits to spouses of gay service members

SCOTUS DOMA Ruling A Loss For Big Government, Democrats


Supreme Court Buries Section 5 of Voting Rights Act


US Attorney General Eric Holder's Ballot to Vote Offered to Total Stranger (Amazing pro voter ID video)

Co-Lead Story: Inside the great Obama ammo grab

An international firearms dealer said the White House is blocking foreign made ammunition sales to American citizens as federal agencies continue to stockpile.


New taxes penalize gun owners, threaten Second Amendment

All the guns you can afford as long as you can’t afford any

APPS: California's Universal Registration Scheme

Designed to confiscate guns from "prohibited" people, the program is simply an excuse for registration.

Mexico: Securing Border Violates Human Rights

A 500% spending increase in the Corker-Hoeven amendment increases spending on the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Trust (CIRTF) from $8.3 billion to $46.3 billion.

New Immigration Bill Has Taxpayer Subsidized ObamaCars for Youths



Why Are Illegal Immigrants More Important Than American Citizens?

Welfare and entitlement costs will increase across the lifespan of the illegal immigrants legalized under this legislation.


Drunk on amnesty

Don't Repeat the Mistakes of 1986 -- Stop the Gang of Eight Bill (Video)

DeMint on Fox News: Immigration Bill Is “Going to Cost Americans Trillions” (Video)

Hong Kong Given Special Visa Access in Immigration Bill
Reid procedural ploy will prevent Senate from removing language despite city’s protection of NSA leaker



The Paul Ryan-Luis Gutierrez immigration alliance – [Updated with new CBO score]

Illegal aliens will obtain a legal "property right" under court precedents such as Goldberg v. Kelly, 397 U.S. 254 (1970).  In 1970, the U.S. Supreme Court in Goldberg v. Kelly decided that welfare benefits become a vested property interest for those who qualify within the terms of the statute.  This is so even though Congress had no obligation to offer the welfare benefits in the first place.  Yet Congress did.  So it became a vested right.  Therefore, welfare benefits cannot be taken away from people without due process of law (meaning specific allegations of wrongdoing proven in a legal hearing).

Now, those who climbed through America's window illegally (normally called breaking and entering) will immediately gain a permanent, vested legal right to live and work in the United States.  As soon as the bill is signed, amnesty becomes final for illegal aliens, along with their families.  An estimated 33 million to 46 million future Democrats would result from amnesty to 11 million trespassers.

Border Security Promises Can Be Canceled

Border agents to be sentenced for smuggling hundreds of immigrants into US


The Rule of Law Makes This The Land of Opportunity: Secure The Border (Video)

FOX NEWS: Gohmert on Immigration Battle in the House (Video)

Loophole in Gang of 8 bill gives Napolitano wide discretion to allow almost anyone to stay in U.S.

ICE union president: Rubio ‘directly misled law enforcement’

New amendment adds jobs bill to Gang of Eight immigration plan

Mass illegal alien amnesty violates our founding principles

Illegal immigrants who commit crimes face lesser punishment than U.S. citizens

Buchanan: Hispanic influx from immigration bill could break US into ‘two countries’

Hollywood Gets Special Breaks in Senate Immigration Bill

Obama’s Troubles Change Thinking on Immigration

David Rivkin and Elizabeth Foley: An ObamaCare Board Answerable to No One
The 'death panel' is a new beast, with god-like powers. Congress should repeal it or test its constitutionality.

The IRS's Best Friend in Congress
Rep. Elijah Cummings says the House investigation is a 'witch hunt.' Yet revealing evidence

The State Department: whistleblower harassment and possible perjury

Did senior State Department security officials commit perjury?

State Department Officials May Have Lied in Lawsuit Brought Against Hillary Clinton
In sworn testimony, they denied knowing about investigations into State, but documentary evidence shows otherwise

Columbia's Cons: Ivy League social work program run by team of former prisoners

In the hallowed halls of Columbia University, a nest of ex-cons — who have served time for murder, attempted murder, robbery and assault — hold court on their unique brand of social justice for admiring students enrolled in the school's social work


Union bosses threaten Hurricane Sandy cleanup contractors, their families

Below are two audio segments I think are must listen to  pieces and so I thought I would share.

Sen. Mike Lee says John Roberts caved to ‘campaign of intimidation’ on Obamacare [AUDIO]


Here are the short speeches from the D.C Patriot Rally

Hear the Voicemail a Capitol Hill Police Officer Allegedly Left a Tea Party Organizer Trying to Block Its Rally-Goers From Attending a Congressional Press Conference

Tea Party Rally Speeches in D.C.

Sen. Ted Cruz’s speech at the Audit the IRS Rally

Dana Loesch’s speech at the Audit the IRS Rally

Sen. Rand Paul’s speech at the Audit the IRS Rally

Rep. Michele Bachmann speech at the Audit the IRS Rally

Rep. Louie Gohmert speach at the Audit the IRS Rally

Rep. Mike Kelly’s speach at the Audit the IRS Rally

To close this News of Import,

George Kollitides, the CEO of Freedom Group, which owns Bushmaster,“He killed the gun’s owner, stole her car, stole her gun and then went to a school and killed innocent kids. No background checks could have prevented that. He illegally obtained the guns,” he told me in his small New York office. “Only two things could have potentially stopped him: his mother locking up her guns and an armed guard. Even then, he could have driven his stolen car into a playground full of kids. He was intent on killing, which we know is already illegal.”

Fed Chair Bernanke to Princeton Grads: Meritocracy Doesn't 'Pass Ethical Muster'

End of News of Import 6-26-2013