8-4-2013 News of Import


Ex-Border Patrol Agents Warn: Politicians Helping Cartels in U.S.


Why we can kiss the US economy goodbye


Obama economy: Part-time jobs swamp full-time jobs


Average Annual GNP Growth Rates


Unemployment Rates and Annual Deficits


Congress's ObamaCare Exemption - The President intervenes to give Members and staff a break.


Cheapest Obamacare plans will cost 122% more


HUD Proposes Plan to Racially, Economically Integrate Neighborhoods


Obama administration using housing department to compel diversity in neighborhoods


'If You Knew What I Know About Email, You Might Not Use It'


Major City to Create Wide-Reaching Surveillance Center Despite ‘Significant Privacy Concerns’


Revealed: NSA Tool "XKeyscore" Permits Warrantless Inspection of Email Metadata

Radio Host Michael Savage says, “US terror alert is the ‘Muslim’ president’s attempt to justify NSA spying”


The suspicious leaks behind the terrorism alert


FDA Warns of Serious Symptoms Caused by Drug Army Gave Sgt.


Student who was forgotten by DEA and had to drink urine to survive gets big settlement


Pelosi on Gosnell, late-term abortion, and faith: This is sacred ground to me


Abortionist Curtis Boyd: “Am I Killing? Yes, I Am. I Know That.”


Austin YMCA Kicks Out Christian Kids – Because They’re Pro-Life


Former Muslim Brotherhood member: “Obama knows what happened in Benghazi”


Former Muslim Brotherhood member tells us what the government won’t about the terror attack in Benghazi


Berkeley Profs think Islamophobia is a greater threat than Islamic terrorism


“Convert or die,” warn Free Syrian Army (FSA) jihadist rebels to Assyrian Christians


A Particularly Cruel Islamic AttacK?


BBC claims Tamerlan Tsarnaev motivated by “right-wing” literature, not radical Islam


Test scores for NYC students drop dramatically

Detroit Public Schools Teacher, Accountant Found Guilty of Money Laundering and Fraud


2013 Talkers Heavy 100 – The 100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America


Lead-in to the 8/4/2013 News of Import


True racist; based on history mainly & what experts say.

1 They don't see indivuals, they see only the group, the collective.
2 They are unable to judge a situation fairly or objectively.
3 They seek power by creating conflict & dividing people.

This is the reason why all communism, socialism etc. leads to massive slaughter. The individual has no value and is not recognized.

Non-racist judge on content of character & the individual, not skin color.

Obama at Knox College: Collective Responsibility Opposed to Individual Liberty


Additionally, Do you know where political correctness comes from?  It originated in modern times with Lenin Marx, Stalin, yhen Hitler, Chairman Mao and others have used it as well. It started with re-education camps and or suble as well as overt methods to get people to change. It was a way to educate people in what was correct in thought, word and deed based on the political elite.

The goal was to get people to do what you wanted, think what you wanted, and get them to self-enforce or correct.

These despots used cruelty to enforce their will as well as public shaming.  Today liberals use the later with shaming, personal attacks and lawfare as their choices of correction

https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gifIt is all about the collective with the left. Nazi, communist, socialist are all on the left side of politics.

Seattle City Government Bans the Word “Citizen” as Offensive:

Control the language, control the thoughts:

    Government workers in the city of Seattle have been advised that the terms “citizen” and “brown bag” are potentially offensive and may no longer be used in official documents and discussions.

    KOMO-TV reports that the city’s Office of Civil Rights instructed city workers in a recent internal memo to avoid using the words because some may find them offensive.

    “Luckily, we’ve got options,” Elliott Bronstein of the Office for Civil Rights wrote in the memo obtained by the station. “For ‘citizens,’ how about ‘residents?’”

A Discussion on The Obama Administration's Abuse of Power (Two Video's)


The real War on Women
Yale’s Declaration On Rape Proves Why Collegiate Females Should Be Allowed To Carry




Controlling Education from the Top; Why Common Core Is Bad for America

Fast Terry (If you got 20 mins this is an excellent video on a Democrat running for Gov in Virgina)



8/4/2013 News of Import:

In one month, September of 1983, the Reagan Recovery  created 1,114 MILLION jobs. By contrast, President Obama attacked his inherited recession in the exact opposite way Reagan did. Obama passed onerous regulations, including Dodd-Frank and ObamaCare. Worse, his class warfare rhetoric demanding higher taxes and even more regulation, has never ceased. The uncertainty he creates in the labor market in unprecedented.

Despite the media's spin, the results have been disastrous for the American people. Thus far, all year, the Obama Recovery has created fewer jobs than Raegan's recovery created in that single month.

Lead Story: Of 953,000 Jobs Created In 2013 – 731,000 Are Part-Time (With excellent graphs)




This data really doesn't need much explanation. Here are the facts: so far in 2013:

    There have been 246.5K Waiter and Bartender (Food Service and Drinking Places) jobs added
    There have been 24.0K Manufacturing jobs added


Note the workforce participation rate: Easy to cook books by lowering. That dropped, making paltry 162,000 jobs lower unemployment rate to 7.4%

Graph from Fed Reserve: Civilian Labor Force Participation Rate - 25 to 54 years (Do you see the disconnect? Fed has it in the low 80's when the real number is 63.4%.)


Five Things Media Aren't Telling You About Today's Jobs Numbers


Obama Administration Vetoes Ban on Sale of Some Apple iPhones,iPads concern Cited Over Patent Holders Gaining 'Undue Leverage.'The commission ruled that the Chinese-made Apple devices violated a patent held by Samsung and couldn't be imported.

The Obama administration on Saturday vetoed a U.S. trade body's ban on the import and sale of some Apple Inc. iPhones and iPads, a rare move that upends a legal victory for smartphone rival Samsung Electronics Co.



Documents: IRS targeting of pro-life groups continues

Obamacare Continues to Cut Workers Hours


Obamacare Forces Supermarket To Limit Workers’ Hours (Video)

Sarah Palin was Right; Afterburner with Bill Whittle (Video)


ObamaCare Invades Your Personal Life; Obamacare Data Hub (Audio & Must listen & worth the time)

NHS Inquiry: British Healthcare System Caused Up to 13,000 "Needless Deaths" Since 2005

UK’s National Health Service Going Broke, British Docs Say It’s Worse Than Communist China



Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.)
“An IRS that does not respect people's constitutional rights is not likely to respect medical privacy either. This makes the very thought of the agency implementing or enforcing Obamacare horrifying to most Americans.”

Is Congress Too Good for Obamacare?

The White House has approved a deal that will exempt members of Congress and their staff from some of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. (Tax payers to pay the tab 75%)








IRS chief says he'd rather not switch to ObamaCare plan


WH 'Flouting the Law' with Obamacare Subsidies for Congress



"The gun has been called the great equalizer, meaning that a small person with a gun is equal to a large person, but it is a great equalizer in another way, too. It insures that the people are the equal of their government whenever that government forgets that it is servant and not master of the governed. When the British forgot that they got a revolution. And, as a result, we Americans got a Constitution; a Constitution that, as those who wrote it were determined, would keep men free. If we give up part of that Constitution we give up part of our freedom and increase the chance that we will lose it all." --Ronald Reagan

Utah has allowed teachers to carry for 12 yrs, no schools shootings, ever.

From the Gothamist:

    A man who was brutally stabbed by Brooklyn subway slasher Maksim Gelmantwo years ago had his negligence case against the city dismissed in courtyesterday, despite the fact that two transit officers had locked themselves in a motorman’s car only a few feet from him at the time of the attack.

    Gelman stabbed Joseph Lozito in the face, neck, hands and head on an uptown 3 train in February 2011, after fatally stabbing four people and injuring three others in a 28-hour period. Lozito, a father of two and an avid martial arts fan, was able to tackle Gelman and hold him down, and Gelman was eventually arrested by the transit officers. Lozito sued the city, arguing that the police officers had locked themselves in the conductor’s car and failed to come to his aid in time.

    The city, meanwhile, claimed that the NYPD had no “special duty” to intervene at the time, and that they were in the motorman’s car because they believed Gelman had a gun. And Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Margaret Chan has sided with the city, noting that there was no evidence the cops were aware Lozito was in danger at the time.

Well, The Supreme Court ruled 7-2 in Castle Rock vs Gonzales that law enforcement have no obligation to protect your life.

2005 SCOTUS Ruling: Police Not Constitutionally Bound to Protect Citizens


From the liberals:

Mayor’s across the country are starting to bolt from Mayor Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns amid feelings they have been misled, I was compelled to share my own story how Mayor Bloomberg and Mayors against Illegal Guns blatantly lied and withheld information to get me and several other of my fellow Mayors to join their organization.

Korwin: There’s lead in the amnesty ointment


What liberal media won't tell you -- blacks benefit most from Stand Your Ground laws

Licensed to Carry
Gun ownership is regulated more than critics ever admit.


Zimmerman Backlash Continues Thanks to Media Misinformation

What No One Will Tell You About The George Zimmerman Case

Bloomberg coalition silent on Pedro Vargas’ Florida shooting rampage that left seven people dead (With Video)

Council on Foreign Relations pushes executive gun controls


Rep. Jackson Lee introduces bill to cut funds to stand-your-ground states

The Tragedy of Isolation
Thomas Sowell

Racial and ethnic leaders around the world who promote a separate cultural "identity" are inflicting a handicap on their own people.


New News on the continuing Benghazi catastrophe

It's Time To Discuss The Secret CIA Operation At The Heart Of The US Mission In Benghazi



CNN has learned the CIA is involved in what one source calls an unprecedented attempt to keep the spy agency's Benghazi secrets from ever leaking out.

CNN:Dozens of CIA operatives on the ground during Benghazi attack



CIA 'running arms smuggling team in Benghazi when consulate was attacked'

The CIA has been subjecting operatives to monthly polygraph tests in an attempt to suppress details of a US arms smuggling operation in Benghazi that was ongoing when its ambassador was killed by a mob in the city last year, according to reports.

Liberal UK News


GOP Rep: Obama WH Is Hiding Benghazi Survivors AND CHANGING THEIR NAMES (Video)


Benghazi witnesses forced into silence? New concerns over terror attack aftermath






Sen. Rand Paul Questions Secretary Clinton at SFRC Benghazi hearing on Gun Running- 01/23/13 (6 Min Video)


Glenn Beck Connects the Dots in Benghazi Attack: ‘This Is Fast and Furious Times 1,000′

Emails: White House Told Two Hours After Benghazi Attack Began That Radical Islamic Group Claimed Responsibility



Accused Fort Hood Shooter Renounces U.S. Citizenship, Lauds Traditional Islamic Sharia Law


Mother of slain Benghazi victim Sean Smith: ‘My son is dead. How could that be phony?’


CNN proves the Obama admin couldn’t care less about Benghazi, interviews ‘mastermind’ of Benghazi attack

In the hectic hours during last year’s attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya, former Navy SEAL Glen Doherty and six others used $30,000 in cash bribes to get a small commercial jet to fly them from Tripoli and Benghazi to help embattled Americans there.


House panel probing chopper crash that killed SEAL Team 6 members


Emily Miller on Fox News’ ‘Huckabee’ on Obama’s ‘phony scandals’(Video)

Senate Comte Pulls Out Chart Showing U.S., Canada And Mexico As 'Homeland' (Video)

Senator Diane Feinstein, the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, was defending the National Security Agency's top secret spying when she brought out a prop identifying North America — the United States, Canada and Mexico — as the "Homeland".


Obama Using the UN to Bully Israel

Abbas: “In a final resolution, we would not see the presence of a single Israeli — civilian or soldier — on our lands” (They claim all of Israel is their land)

Obama releases 5 top Taliban terrorists from Gitmo in good will gesture to the Taliban



Iranian president-elect: Israel is a “wound inflicted” on the Muslim world that “must be cleansed”


Liberal Yahoo: http://news.yahoo.com/irans-president-calls-israel-old-wound-083633283.html

Egyptian cleric on Islamic law: If you beat your wife, just don’t touch her face

Florida state rep. says high school world history textbook is a big Islam lovefest



The Dome of Rock was a dilapidated, broken down and decaying old relic up until the early 20th century. It was of no import and it was no longer used as a place of worship. When the calls for a Jewish state were reverbing thourought the world, the genocidal leader of the Muslim world in the 20th century and Hitler's partner, the  Mufti of Jerusalem, realized he had to create a territorial fiction in order to deny the Jewish people their holiest site.

It was the vicious Jew hater, the Mufti Al Husseini, that undertook the gold plating of the dome and making improvements to the Al Aqsa mosque.

This served the purpose of enhancing the importance of Jerusalem in the Islamic world which, up until that point had been an insignificant religious backwater for Muslims. Photos of Jerusalem before this time show a relatively colorless and non-descript dome on top of the Temple Mount.

Good info on the Mufti and regional history

The Third Jihad and Sharia in America

Would You Strangle a Cop for Giving Your Wife a Ticket?
The Muslim riots in France came after a husband sought to defend his wife's honor after she received a fine for veiling in public.

From Liberal CBS: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-202_162-57594728/violence-continues-in-france-over-islamic-veil-ban/

Army Keeps Contracts with Terrorists to Avoid Violating “Due Process Rights”




Helen Thomas - The Ugly Truth

GPS flaw could let terrorists hijack ships, planes

How Google Is Quietly Taking Over

Beauty, Brains, and Bias
Huma Abedin shows how liberals earn praise merely for being liberal.


Immigration Advocates Target House GOP with 'Grass-Tops' Campaigns

Menendez: 'Conference' Will Get Amnesty Past House GOP

Fed Judge: Obama DREAM policy illegal, but ICE agents can’t sue


US Has Lost Track of 1 Million Visa Holders



DHS Nominee May Have Approved Visas for Applicants Who Posed Security Threat


Arrest Not a Concern When Illegal Immigrants Break U.S. Law

White House: US agriculture sector ‘particularly reliant on foreign-born workers’


TX AG ABBOTT: Obama’s scheme to take over Texas
Overruling the Supreme Court on voting rights is the start


Sessions: ‘Gang of 8′ would give legal status to 57 million, including non-immigrant visas

Suspected Nazi war criminals in US despite deportation orders, eligible for public benefits


Saudi princess arrested in California human trafficking probe

Money Sex and Slavery


End of 8-4-2013 News of Import