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Gun Owners of America

Status Report on the Immigration Amnesty Bill

Many reasons why gun owners should be concerned

As you probably know, the immigration amnesty bill is on the Senate floor.

This is a status report on where we are, and we will attempt to give you regular follow-ups over the next two weeks.

For starters, why should gun owners care about immigration amnesty?

First:  It will add up to a net 8.4 million anti-gun voters in the next 13 years or so.  This could make comprehensive gun control and confiscation inevitable within our lifetimes.

Second:  Victory feeds on itself; but so does defeat.  If anti-gun Senator Chuck Schumer passes this bill out of the Senate with a strong bipartisan majority, he has already said he intends to bring gun control back by the end of the summer.  Obama would emerge from the fight reenergized to take away your guns.

Third:  If people get used to having to have the government's permission to get a job -- even to clean your house or mow your lawn -- it will be a lot harder to fight universal background checks and gun registries.


Fourth:  There is the concern that the bill will create a de facto National ID card.  In a Saturday New York Times article entitled, “Fears of National ID with Immigration Bill,” some in Congress have openly worried about the “potential for another sprawling data network that could ultimately be the equivalent of a national ID system.” Gun Owners of America has long opposed anything that smacks of this because of the danger that such data collection poses to gun owners’ privacy.

Here's where we are:

Most Republicans -- in our opinion, foolishly -- "threw the vote" on the motion to proceed to the bill.  It would have been better to have an early show of force, but this is not the end
of the world.

For the last week, the Senate has been debating Grassley and Cornyn amendments which would require border security before illegal aliens could get legal residence and/or a green card.

Why is this important?

In 1986, Ronald Reagan signed the Simpson-Mazzoli amnesty bill.  The supposed trade-off was that illegal aliens would be granted amnesty, but illegal immigration would be stopped.

Illegal aliens were, in fact, granted amnesty.  But, fueled by this first round of amnesty, 11.5-20 million more illegals flooded into the country.  The border was never secured.

Now, Chuck Schumer is telling Marco Rubio, that this new bill will grant amnesty, but, in return, secure the border.  But when Grassley and Cornyn offer amendments to require border security before amnesty, what does Schumer say?  In effect, "border security is unachievable, so Schumer's supposed wonderful amnesty program would never happen under that condition."

Huh?  Isn't this tantamount to saying that Schumer is lying to Rubio?  Besides, as the IRS and NSA scandals suggest, Obama cannot be trusted to obey the law, once he's gotten his 8.4 new anti-gun voters. 

But there will be follow-up votes on more anemic "border security" measures which will supposedly be the "candy" to pick up the votes necessary to send this bill from the Senate with 70 or more votes.  If that happens, it will be harder to stop in the House.

Supposedly, these "poison candy" amendments are being considered by Senators like Tom Coburn and Bob Corker.

Click here to contact your Senators.  Tell them the anti-gun amnesty bill needs to be plucked up by the roots without trying to sweeten it with phony "border security" measures.


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Gun Owners of America

Thank You for Tying up the Capitol Hill Phone Lines
on the Anti-gun Amnesty Bill

Your voice has made a difference!

 “One thing that’s not being reported about this whole immigration thing is the degree to which it’s opposed by the people in this country,” said Rush Limbaugh.  “You try calling, you can’t get through [because] you are inundating them.  You are overwhelming them.”

The U.S. Senate passed the anti-gun amnesty bill today on a 68-32 vote. 

Through this long, hard fight, you guys tied up the Capitol Hill phone lines in opposition to the bill.  And your voice has resonated, much to the chagrin of the anti-gun politicos on Capitol Hill.

At first blush, the final tally might seem like an overwhelming loss for our side, but the fact is, it represents the proverbial “kiss of death” for Chuck Schumer’s anti-gun, amnesty forces.

Senator Schumer & Co. fell far short of the goal they set for passing the amnesty bill -- a goal they HAD TO ACHIEVE if they were going to have ANY momentum at all in the House.

Chuck Todd, a perennial water-carrier for the Obama administration, lamented this on MSNBC this week:

“The sweet spot was 75-plus in the Senate because that number would have meant that they would have gotten half of the Republican conference [and would put pressure on House Republicans].  Instead, it looks like they are not going to get that.”

Several times, Senator Schumer tried to achieve his “sweet spot” of 70-75 votes -– which would have allowed him to claim that his bill had momentum going into the House.

But several times, Schumer failed.  And on the final vote, he fell almost ten votes short of what he needed.

This is just the beginning of the bad news in store for Schumer.  Now that his bill goes over to the House, we have a really nasty surprise for him.

It’s called a “blue slip,” and Congressman Steve Stockman (R-TX) is pushing the House leadership to pass a blue slip resolution that would send the Senate amnesty bill into the trash heap because it raises taxes -- an initiative that, under the Constitution, must begin in the House of Representatives.

This is not the only problem the Senate bill has.  In addition to the blue slip problem, both liberal and conservative media are declaring the bill is “Dead on Arrival” in the House for various reasons:

* We have revived the “Hastert Rule,” and Boehner is now saying that he won’t bring up the Senate-passed immigration bill for a vote.

* Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK) was quoted in The Washington Post yesterday as saying that the House won’t seriously debate any immigration reform until mid-Fall.

* And in the Senate, we will filibuster any effort to stick it onto a new House-initiated vehicle.

Trust us that the media would have used a 70-80 vote margin to try to create the impression of massive bipartisan momentum. They can't do that easily now.

Now that the Senate has finished its consideration of the amnesty bill, the battle moves to the House -- probably in a few months.  So now’s a good time for everyone to send a parting, closing shot to their Senators.

You can see how your Senators voted here.  Every Democrat voted for the bill, including the following 14 Republicans:  Alexander (TN), Ayotte (NH), Chiesa (NJ), Collins (ME), Corker (TN), Flake (AZ), Graham (SC), Hatch (UT), Heller (NV), Hoeven (ND), Kirk (IL), McCain (AZ), Murkowski (AK) and Rubio (FL).

ACTION:  Contact your Senators Please thank those Senators who voted against the anti-gun amnesty bill and reprimand those who voted for it.

NOTE:  Please note that there are two different action responses for you to send, and the system will automatically send that response, depending upon whether your Senator voted for or against the anti-gun amnesty bill.