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Pirates Threaten The Caribbean, Warning to American Tourists


Why the U.S. Considers Parts of Mexico as Dangerous as Syria, Somalia
Latin America Security Warnings for US Travelers Point to Flawed Policies
Full Detailed State Department Mexico Travel Advisory and travel tips


Travel alert for Eurabia (but otherwise enjoy your trip)

HOLIDAY WARNING: ISIS training jihadis in Caribbean tourist hotspots to target Westerners - 10/25/2017




NATIONAL TERRORISM ADVISORY SYSTEM BULLETIN – U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security – 5/15/2017

DHS chief: ‘You’d never leave the house’ if you knew what I know about terrorism

DHS chief says to expect ‘a lot more’ Manchester-style attacks

EUROPE TRAVEL ALERT – U.S. Dept. of State – 5/1/2017

MEXICO TRAVEL WARNING – U.S. Dept. of State – 12/9/2016

Worldwide Caution– U.S. Dept. of State – 3/6/2017

World’s Most Dangerous Places to Avoid

New guide helps travelers protect their digital information at the border



 “A man who cannot be persuaded to take up arms, even in the defense of that which he holds most dear, even for the protection of his own life, is the most selfish and vile of all creatures.  That creature is no man at all and deserves neither respect nor serious consideration.” 


A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.


We sleep safely at night because rough men and women stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm.


“Chaos is the law of nature, and order is the dream of man”


“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”


Incompetence or Treason, the results are equally deadly.


Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty



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Stay informed on violent jihad here and around the world at Jihad Watch and Geller Report.  These are updated daily with critical personal security info.


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The Good News Review of 2018 for Gun Owners


Pro-Gun Hopes For The New Year


UK Police Struggle To Stop Flow Of Guns That Laws Did Nothing To Stop


GAO Report: Feds Spent Over $1.5 Billion To Arm Itself In The Past 7 Years - Seeks To Infringe On You Arming Yourself


GAO: IRS Had 4,487 Guns; 5,062,006 Rounds of Ammunition


Washington state raises age for MSR purchases to 21

Washington State Not Done With Gun Control, Eyes More Regulations

Washington State: Anti-Gun Bills Pass Committee, On to Senate Floor

Washington: House Committee to Hear Ammunition Ban & Other Anti-Gun Bills

Using Red Tape, Wash. State Anti-Gun Liberals Trying To Curtail Concealed Carry

‘I’m Not Going to Enforce That’: Sheriffs Disobey New Anti-Gun Laws—Refuse to Disarm Citizens

RESIST: Washington State Sheriffs Vow to Oppose New Gun Control Laws

The Real Resistance: Sheriffs in Washington State Refuse to Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Laws

More Washington State Sheriffs Vow To Ignore I-1639

Patriot Prayer To Urge Resistance To Washington State Gun Laws

Using Red Tape, Wash. State Anti-Gun Liberals Trying To Curtail Concealed Carry


OR Gun Control Bill Would Ban Most Handguns, Become Strictest In Nation

Oregon bill would cap magazines to 5 rds, ration ammo to 20 rds/month

Oregon Wants To Limit Magazine Capacity to Five Rounds

Draconian Oregon Legislation Would Require Permit to Purchase, Cap Mags at 5 Rounds

Liberal Gun Club Ready To Fight ‘Draconian’ Oregon Gun Bill


Happy New Year! Here Are a Few Key Gun Control Laws Going Into Effect Throughout The Year


Vermont Learns Police Can’t Conduct NICS Checks…AFTER Passing Bill


Victoria Station Terrorist Attack And UK Gun Laws


Anti-Gun Op-Ed Pushes Fallacy Of ‘Smart Guns’


Is The Second Amendment A ‘Second-Class Right’?


Second Amendment Foundation Hopes For SCOTUS Date Over CA Handgun Restrictions


Pelosi’s “Commonsense” Gun Bill Is Not Sensible


Boulder Gun Owners Rebel Against City Ordinance Banning “Assault Weapons” - Even liberal gun owners love their guns

Boulder Gun Owners Defiant Of Assault Weapon Ban

Are There AR-15-Owning Democrats Defying Boulder Assault Weapons Ban?


Florida: Anti-Gun Lobbyists – OR – Hired-Gun Mercenaries?


Gun Controllers Want Credit Card Companies to Monitor and Restrict Lawful Purchases


House Dems to introduce gun backgrounds checks bill on Tuesday


Shocker: Focusing on Criminals Yields Public Safety Results


NRA-ILA 2018 Year in Review


Gov. Northam announces gun control package to be introduced in next session


Dems to push gun control on anniversary of Giffords shooting


How Brazil's New President Will Prove, Yet Again, That Gun Control Is Harmful


The Gun Lobby: Reports of Our Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated


Brace Yourselves: House Democrats Gear Up to Introduce Their First Gun Control Bill of The New Congress


The Second Amendment in the 116th Congress


Gun Rights Infighting Will Only Weaken Us for the Battles Ahead


Virginia’s Democrat Governor Unveils News Anti-Gun Package Targeting Citizen’s Rights

Virginia Governor Announce Anti-Gun Legislation

Republicans, Gun-Rights Groups Vow to Fight Va. Gov’s Gun-Control Proposals

VA Gun Rights Advocates Vow To Fight Northam’s Anti-Gun Agenda

Virginia General Assembly Opens for 2019 with 34 Anti-Gun Bills

Va. Governor’s Gun-Confiscation Proposal Could Affect Millions of Residents

Northam’s VA Gun Grab Could Impact Millions

Va. Governor’s Semi-auto Gun-Confiscation Proposal Could Affect Millions of Residents

VA Gov Ralph Northam’s Insane Gun-Grab Proposal

Virginia Governor’s Gun Control Plan Would Prohibit Firearms Capable of Accepting 10-Round Mags

Virginia: Bills Defeated in Committee

VA House Panel Smacks Down Gun Control Bills

Republicans Torpedo Virginia Democrats' Anti-Gun Package, But This Is Only Round One

Virginia: Additional Anti-Gun Bills Defeated in Committee

God And Guns: Virginia Senate Passes Bill To Allow Firearms In Churches

Bill to Fine Owners for Unreported Stolen Guns Fails


Iowa Lawmakers Look To Continue Gun Rights Expansion


Iowa gun rights amendment is back to square one after 'bureaucratic oversight'


Hollywood Elite Enjoy Security While They Want You Disarmed


Marco Rubio Is Spearheading a Gun Control Policy 2A Advocates Warned About


Everyone's Favorite Gun Control Zealot Attempts to Spin the Firearm Industry's Progress on Accidental Shooting Deaths


Georgia DA Encourages Citizens To Understand ‘Stand Your Ground’


Gun Rights Battle Starts Tomorrow (Tuesday 1/7/2019) in Cheyenne


AmmoLand News Quoted in the New York Times, on Second Amendment


Feinstein Introduces Assault Weapon Ban Of 2019


Dianne Feinstein Pushes Ban on Commonly Owned Semiautomatics, ‘High Capacity’ Mags


Now With More Banning! Dianne Feinstein Introduces “Updated” Federal “Assault Weapons” Ban - Feinstein’s 2019 Assault Weapons Ban Targets Pistol Braces, Amongst the Usual Suspects


Feinstein: We Have to Outlaw Pistol Braces Because They Increase Accuracy


Feinstein Ban on Semiautos Deliberately Undermines ‘Security of a Free State’


Felons, Feinstein and Facts: How Criminals Get and Use Their Guns


Feinstein’s Scattershot Anti-Gun Bill Badly Misses the Mark


Dianne Feinstein Pushes Ban on 205 Commonly Owned Semiautomatic Guns


Two Democrat Gun Bills To Fight Like The Dickens


How Gun Stigmatization Rears Its Head


Texas Senator John Cornyn Introduces the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act


NRA Applauds Sen. Cornyn for Introducing Reciprocity Legislation


Get Ready for a Financial Assault on the Second Amendment


Dems Introduce Gun-Ban Bill as GOP Seeks to Expand Gun-Carry Protections


BREAKING: Sen. Cornyn Reintroduces National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Legislation


Why The Financial Assault On The Second Amendment May Be Getting Worse


How Gun Stigmatization Rears Its Head


Canadian Coalition Says It’s Close To Handgun Ban


District Attorneys Refuse To Prosecute Some Under NY’s SAFE Act

Have Gun, Can't Travel: NYC's Arbitrary Restrictions on Transporting Firearms

New York: Wyoming County Supervisors take Second Amendment stand

NY Town Passes Pro-Gun Resolution In Opposition Of State Regulations

NY Legislature Passes More Anti-Gun Bills

New York: Legislature Continues Onslaught Against Gun Owners, Passing More Bills

NY state legislature passes gun control bills

Letter: Sorry, New York. The Second Amendment applies outside the home

New York Gun Control Legislation – Stricter Regs, Including Teachers Banned from Carrying Guns in Schools


Dr. Gregory Engel: Doctors Should Be On the Front Lines of Gun ‘Safety’


NRA Backs Bills to Make Hoosiers Safer


Column: No Rational Person Backs AR-15 Ownership


How Gun Control Failures Contributed To CA Officer’s Murder


Reshaping America to Foreign Ideologies, an Attack on Guns & Freedom


Firearms Regulation Always Misses the Target


Gun Activists: Let’s Prepare for Current Anti-Gun Political Situation


Minnesota Gun Control Fight Appears To Be Heating Up

Minnesota Gun Control Proposal Faced Dem Opposition

Minnesota: Senate Democrats propose tougher gun restrictions, draw ire of gun owners

Minnesota Lawmaker Proposes Gun Law, Opponents Fan Out To Fight


Boston Pushing Law That Would Require Doctors to Ask Patients About Guns


Bolsonaro loosens gun laws in Brazil, world murder capital


House Democrats Readying Multi-Pronged Attack on Second Amendment


The Whimsical Illogic of 'Assault Weapon' Bans: The Category Is Defined by Politicians, Who Focus on Looks Rather Than Function


Oregon Looks To Enact Guns Laws So Strict That The Only Firearms You Could Own Would Be The Ones Davy Crockett Used


Why Strategy & Tactics Matter in Defending the Second Amendment


To Bloomberg: White House & Constitution Aren’t For Sale


Washington Shuts Down NRA Carry Guard Insurance Program in the State


Well, Duh: DOJ Confirms Most Guns Used In Crimes Are From The Black Market


DOJ Confirms: Guns Committed In Crimes Come From Black Market


DOJ STUDY: Gun Control Laws Won’t Work Because Criminals Get Their Guns Illegally - What logical human beings have already understood for decades


Gun Owners Defy New Gun Control Laws in the US and Abroad


Here’s a List of All the Pro- and Anti-Gun Bills Currently in the Florida Legislature


National Firearms Act Challenged In Supreme Court On Behalf of Veteran


How Gun Control Became An Instrument Of Tyranny In Venezuela – OpEd


Op-ed Examines How Gun Control In Venezuela Led To Tyranny


Illinois Democrats Start the New Year with Gun Control Targeting FFL’s

Illinois: Gov. Pritzker Signs Firearm Registration & Dealer Licensing Bill

New Law Requires Illinois Gun Dealers to get State License

Illinois: Social Media Search Bill & Other Anti-Gun Legislation Introduced in House

Illinois Lawmakers Introduce ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban

Illinois: Bill Introduced to Ban Many Firearms & Accessories

Illinois Bills HB 0888, SB 107 – Full Court Press for Your Guns

Illinois: New bill could allow police to conduct social media searches on gun owners


Bill to Fine Owners for Unreported Stolen Guns Fails


Brazilian President Green Lights Gun Ownership So Citizens May ‘Have Peace Inside Their Homes’


Durham, NC Officials Call For Gun Control After Slew Of Homicides


California, Where Gun Owners are Criminals Until Proven Innocent

California Lawmakers Consider Gun Tax Following Mass Shooting

California Looking At New Slate Of Gun Restrictions

California Looking To Pass Previously Vetoed Gun Control Bills

Gavin Newsom, gun grabber - The California governor seeks to grab guns by enforcing all gun control laws to the letter. That's funny: He doesn't exactly spend a lot of time enforcing other kinds of laws to the letter... 

CA Fairground That Banned Gun Shows Now Faces Lawsuit


Blumenthal, Murphy, introduce federal gun storage bill


Who Are the Real Extremists?


Gun Safety Classes to be Mandatory in Some Iowa Middle Schools


GOA Files Case Before SCOTUS To Fight Parts Of The NFA


WaPo Writer Thinks He’s Dismantled the 'Good Guy With a Gun' Argument. Here’s What He DOESN'T Mention.


Semi-Automatic Weapons Are Under Fire…Again


Couple Sues Over Second Amendment Infringement For Foster Parents


Who Are the Real Extremists with Your God Given Rights?


Letter To Newspaper Wonders Why Police Aren’t Backing Gun Control


South Carolina Bill Would Tax Gun Sales To Fund School Resource Officers


A Drug Dealing Engineer’s Gun Operation Shows Why Gun Control Fails


David Hogg Appearance At Penn State Met With Protestors


New Orleans Buyback Effort Marred By Stupidity


Hollywood’s Mantra: Guns for Me, Not for Thee


Cuomo backs NYC on gun-control bill to be reviewed by U.S. Supreme Court


Why Suicides Shouldn’t Sway Gun Debate


Good Guys Should Have Good Guns


Rules for Radicals Continues to Target Gun Owners & 2nd Amendment Patriots - “They currently have guns, and therefore we are for ‘peace’ and ‘reformation through the ballot.’ When we have all the guns, then it will be through the bullet.”’ ~ Saul Alinsky


NSSF: Concealed Carry Study Uses 'Complete' Data, For Once


House Dems Looking For Republicans Willing To Bag Gun Bills


After loosening gun laws, Italy now strengthens its self-defense laws


What's next for the Second Amendment?


Wyoming panel shoots down gun bill


Dems Announce New Federal Gun Storage Legislation (Fines, Forfeiture & Jail Time for Noncompliance)


Nevada Gun Grabbers Looking Forward To Dem Control


‘Disarm America Movement’ Gunning for Your Second Amendment Rights


Barbra Streisand Wonders How Many Have To Die Before Gun Control


Supreme Court Grants Cert in Critical Second Amendment Case


Supreme Court agrees to hear 2d Amendment case involving NYC firearm transport restrictions


The Atlantic: NYSR&PA Supreme Court Case Will ‘Supersize the Second Amendment’


U.S. Supreme Court (Finally) Takes Another Second Amendment Challenge to a Gun Control Law


Open 2nd Amendment Issues May Start Getting Good Answers From SCOTUS


Bloomberg Wants Armed Guards for Alma Mater as He Seeks to Disarm Average Citizens


Hawaii: Ban on Commonly Owned Semi-Autos & Other Anti-Gun Bills Introduced


Hawaii Continues Treating Right to Bear Arms as Occupational Privilege


New Mexico Joins Push Of States Looking At New Gun Regulations


Charges Dismissed in New York Gun Case


Dana Loesch's Legislative Prediction: What We're Likely to See From Anti-Gunners In 2019


‘Guys With Guns’ Will Determine Venezuela’s Future, So We’ll Keep Ours


Philly DA Set To Start Using Unenforced Mandatory Reporting Law


Media Looks At Gun Industry’s Growing Market: Women


Why The Second Amendment Should Be Considered A National Treasure


A Survey of Pro-Second Amendment Groups


Op-Ed Claims You Shouldn’t Have Handguns. Here’s Why It’s Wrong


Is ‘Gun Free’ Europe Starting To Arm Itself Following Terrorist Attacks?


Harris: No Reason to Have Assault Weapons in a Civil Society


NJ Activists Think State’s Gun Control Insufficient, Demand Federal Laws


Why Combating Ignorance Is Vital To Pro-Gun Efforts


Think Local Media – And Get Them On Your Side


Jeff Knox Interview: Are We Losing Or Winning The 2A Battle?


South Dakota Passes Constitutional Carry


2nd Amendment Foundation Thinks SCOTUS Open For More Gun Cases



     Universal/Expanded Background Checks (Z9)


Democrats First Move Universal Background Checks


Democrats to Introduce Bill Expanding Background Checks on Gun Sales


House Democrats to Introduce National Universal Background Check Bill Today - 1/8


Senators Murphy, Blumenthal Detail Background Check Bill


Gabby Giffords: Expanding Background Checks Only the 'First Step'


Dems Use Anniversary Of Giffords Shooting To Push For Gun Control


Illinois Gun Grabbers Want To Skip Process On Anti-Gun Bill


WSJ: Gun Ownership on the Rise in Europe After Terror Attacks, Assaults


European Private Gun Ownership Rises 32%


Missouri: Entrepreneur Uses Gun Buy Back Program To Sell Junk Guns For Cash To Purchase New Ones


British Column Points Out An Actual Truth About Gun Owners


Pro-Gun Activists Protest Pittsburgh Mayor’s Shenanigans


Jewish Synagogues May Be Embracing Guns In Pews After Pittsburgh


DA Warns Pittsburgh City Council That They Can’t Make Gun Laws


Pittsburgh Seeks Ban on BB Guns, Starter Pistols


DA calls Pittsburgh Gun-Control Plan Illegal, City Council Moves Forward Anyway


City Councilman: Screw The Law, We’re On The Right Side Of History


Law for Thee But Not for Me: Pittsburgh Officials Defy DA’s Legal Advice in Gun Control Push


Peduto Challenges Pittsburgh DA To Arrest Him Over Gun Laws


Hundreds Voice Opinions On Pittsburgh Gun Laws


Gun Rights Advocates Move To Impeach Pittsburgh Mayor


Georgia DA Encourages Citizens To Understand ‘Stand Your Ground’


Democrats Unveil New Universal Background Check Bill


Delaware Lawmakers Dig In For Gun Control Fight


Virginia’s Democrat Gov. Pushes Gun Confiscation Orders, Criminalization of Private Sales


House Democrats Introduce Bill Criminalizing Private Gun Sales


Even Vox Concedes Universal Background Checks Don’t Work


David Hogg & New Congress Push Universal Background Check Bill


Background Checks: No Impact on Criminals


Textual analysis of HR8, bill to "To require a background check for every firearm sale"


Tell Your Members of Congress to Oppose “Universal” Background Check Bills


What we know about the effectiveness of universal gun background checks


2nd Amendment Under Legislative Attack in Maine ~ VIDEO


Canadians Respond To Registration Much Like Americans Do


DOJ Report: Less than 3% of Nation's Prisoners Got Firearms from Retail, Gun Shows


VIDEO: The Inconvenient Truth About Universal Background Checks That Democrats Don't Mention


Keep Telling Your Members of Congress to Oppose “Universal” Background Check Bills


At the 11th hour, Senate Judiciary Schedules "Universal" Background Check Legislation in Committee TODAY



     Gun Confiscation Matters (z8)


Report: NJ Residents Are Not Surrendering ‘High Capacity’ Magazines to State Police


New ‘Bipartisan’ Gun Grab Built on Lies


FPC Firmly Opposed to Federal Gun Control, Including Red Flag Laws


Pennsylvania Governor Calls for Total Ban on all Semi-Automatic Weapons


Pennsylvania Governor Calls For Tougher Gun Laws


The Left’s Strategy to Disarm America


Virginia's Democratic Governor's Anti-Gun Package Is Straight-Up Confiscation


Gun-Confiscation Plan Backed by Va. Gov Defeated in House, Awaits Vote in Senate


Northam’s VA Gun Grab Could Impact Millions


William Barr Is A Gun Confiscation Advocate


Gun Rights Groups: We Object to William Barr Being Confirmed as AG


AUSTRALIA: This is what happens when you confiscate guns from your native population and repopulate the country with African migrants


New DOJ Survey Results Throw Cold Water on Universal Background Checks, ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban



     Red Flag Law Matters (z7)


The Liberal Lunacy Of Republicans Pushing Red Flag Gun Confiscation Legislation


Think Republicans Will Stop Red Flag Laws? ~ VIDEO – Bribes to Pass Red Flag Laws


Trump’s School Safety Commission Begs States for Red Flag Laws ~ VIDEO


FPC Firmly Opposed to Federal Gun Control, Including Red Flag Laws


Trump’s School Safety Commission Begs States for Red Flag Laws ~ VIDEO


Wisconsin AG Calls For Passage Of Red Flag Law


Red Flag Bill Submitted in New Hampshire ~ VIDEO


Well, Duh: DOJ Confirms Most Guns Used In Crimes Are From The Black Market


NRA Calls Out Red Flag Proposal Over Lack Of Due Process Protections


Red Flag Gun Laws – Public Safety or Abuse of the Innocent?


Washington Post Misses Fact About Red Flag Laws



     3D Firearms Prohibition Act


Delaware Governor Calls On Lawmakers To Ban ‘Ghost Guns’





Trump Forgets His Pledge to Support Second Amendment; Capitulating to Antigun Crowd


Never Go Full ATF – Analysis Of Bump Stock Ban


Trump’s Unilateral Action, Banning Bump Stocks, Is Unlawful.* ~ VIDEO


Latest Lawsuit Against Trump Bump Stock Ban Seeks to Open ATF Registry


Trump’s School Safety Commission Begs States for Red Flag Laws ~ VIDEO


Erich Pratt of Gun Owners of America LIVE VIDEO Chat w/ Guns & Gadgets ~ WATCH HERE


History on Bump Stocks & More on The New ATF Ban


What, If Anything, has Congress Done to Curb Possession of “Bump Stocks?


What You Need To Know About The NRA’s Actual Position On The Bump Stock Ban


ATF Bump Stock Rule Demonstrates the Dangers Inherent in Administrative Actions


President Trump Overstepped His Authority in Banning Bump Stocks


Gun Owners Of America To Take NFA Before Supreme Court





How House Democrats May Save The NRA


Pro-2A NRA Haters Here is an FYI For You


Setting The Record Straight, NRA Haters You’re a Problem


Israel Out As Broward Count Sheriff, Blames NRA As Per Usual





Gun Controllers Want Credit Card Companies to Monitor and Restrict Lawful Purchases


First, Corporations Targeted Your Speech – Now, They’re Targeting Your Guns


Monster Mistake, Take Two


Anti-Gun Democrat’s Purchase Of ‘MeatEater’ Could Pose Big Problems For Hunter-Focused Company


Credit Card Companies Have No Business Playing Second Amendment Censors - Do we want to live in an America where credit card companies watch our buying habits and then block purchases for ideological reasons?


Vendor lawsuit against Dick's Sporting Goods over ammunition contract moves forward





Court Docs: Obama Admin Targeting of Businesses Ran to Top of FDIC - New filing sheds light on murky Operation Choke Point


Don't trample on the Second Amendment: Sen. John Kennedy






New Research

New Research on Red Flag Laws: Do Red Flag Laws Save Lives or Reduce Crime?



At Fox News: John Lott: BuzzFeed and me – The incredible thing the site’s CEO did using my name without permission

In the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Problems with Pittsburgh’s proposed gun control ordinance

At Townhall: “Look at the Data: Why Trump’s Insistence on a Wall Is the Right Choice for Public Safety”

At Townhall: How Brazil’s New President Will Prove, Yet Again, That Gun Control Is Harmful

At the Union Leader (NH): The State House is safer with guns


Television Interviews

On The Young Turks: Discussing how Universal Background checks harm poor minorities

On Fox Nation: Will Universal Background Checks, Red Flag Laws, and Assault Weapon Bans make American’s safer?

On Fox Nation with Judge Napolitano: Explaining why more guns mean less crime

News Max TV: Should people who have been involuntarily committed for mental health reasons face a lifetime gun ban?

On Dana Loesch’s Relentless: A few examples of how data are misused in the gun control debate


Radio Interviews

On the Michigan Talk Network to discuss how Jonah Peretti, now the CEO of BuzzFeed, used Lott’s identity to lobby for gun control

On DC’s WMAL: John Lott Shared His Incredible Story About How BuzzFeed’s CEO Targeted Him

On the Dom Giordano Show – 1210 WPHT Philadelphia: Data shows illegal immigrants are not as law-abidding as the mainstream media wants us to believe

On the Michigan Talk Network: Will Universal Background Checks, Red Flag Laws, and Assault Weapon Bans make Americans’ safer?

On WMAL to discuss crime by illegal aliens and the coming gun control debate

On Armed American Radio to discuss the dangers of Gun-free Zones, Universal Background Checks, and other issues

On John Gibson’s national radio show to discuss claims that there is no research showing illegal aliens commit crime at high rates

On DC’s WMAL to talk about the Democrat’s big push gun control: Universal Background Checks and Red Flag Laws

On the Michigan Talk Network: On Universal Background Checks

On the Michigan Talk Network about what the gun control debate will look like this year

Podcast for the Heartland Institute: Gun Control 2019: What to Expect from States Next Year


Media Coverage

CPRC in the News: Yahoo! News, Washington Times, Ricochet, Foreign Policy Journal, American Thinker, and many others

CNN’s Chris Cuomo falsely claims no studies find illegal aliens commit crime at a higher rate than Americans, Steve Cortes points to our research



Dr. John Lott's Talk at La Ciudad de las Ideas 2018 in Mexico: Explaining More Guns, Less Crime

Dr. John Lott talks at the University of Michigan and Cooley Law Schools


Other News

Attorney General nominee William P. Barr’s statements on gun control: His testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee from this week and 1991

UPDATED: Correcting Gun Control false claims about “America’s unique gun violence problem” and “How to Reduce Shootings”

The Gun Show Loophole Myth: New Bureau of Justice Statistics Survey on the Sources of Criminal Guns confirms very few Criminals get guns from gun shows

In the Journal of Health Behavior Research on “Should schools have teachers carry guns?”

Some notes on Red Flag Laws

Brazil’s President-elect affirms promise to liberalize gun ownership






Home, at Work, & as You Visit Family – More Self-Defense Gun Stories ~ LISTEN


At Work, as You Shop, & on the Road – More Self-Defense Gun Stories ~ LISTEN


As You Travel, as You Shop, & at Home – More Self-Defense Gun Stories~ LISTEN


At Home, at Work, and as you Walk the Dog – More Self-Defense Gun Stories


At Home, as you Drive, & at Home – More Self-Defense Gun Stories


MO: Hero with Gun Saves Police Officer, Receives Award


Armed Good Samaritan Stops Drunken New Year’s Eve Destruction Spree


Concealed Carrier Stops New Years Eve Chicago Robbery Attempt


Female Intruder Dead, Three Accomplices Injured in Arizona Home Defense Shooting


Would-Be Kidnapper Chases Victim Into The Wrong Business


Private Security Stops Mass Shooting At Alabama Night Club


Female Security Guard Puts Down Active Shooter at Alabama Nightclub


Crook pulls gun on woman at bus stop. But she has a concealed carry license — and he pays permanently


25-Year-Old Chicago Woman With Concealed Carry License Shoots Assailant Dead at Bus Stop


Mother of armed robber shot dead by man defending his children: 'Why did he shoot him five times?


She had an order of protection against him. It was in her pocket when she was killed.


Law of Self Defense: Detective in “Handicap Parking Spot Shooting” Case Arrested


Burglar Shot Dead in Self-Defense, Accomplices Charged With Felony Murder


Armed Bounty Hunters Get The Wrong Guy in Virginia [VIDEO]


Neighbors Who Sheltered Kidnapped Teen Jayme Closs Were ‘Armed and Ready’


Alabama: Wounded IHOP Employee Shoots & Kills Armed Man Shooting At Employees


Houston homeowner shoots burglars attempting to break in, kills three


Houston Defender in Home Invasion Shootout Kills Three of Five Attackers


Houston Resident Shoots Three Alleged Home Intruders Dead, Wounds Fourth


Houston Shootout Shows Why Magazine Limits Hurt Good Guys


Samaritan CCW Gun Holder Stops Suspects At Loomis Grocery Store


1/19/2019 Fired Up with Bob Irwin


Should We Be Concerned When Journalists Call Armed Invaders “Unwanted House Visitors”?


False school shooter alarm in Missouri shows it’s time to arm teachers


Homeowner Uses AK-47 to Shoot 5 Intruders, Killing 3


Armed Good Samaritan Stops Drunken New Year’s Eve Destruction Spree


Armed good Samaritan stops suspects at Loomis grocery store


Teen jailed, others still at large in dollar store, deadly gas station robberies


Florida politician shoots intruder who crashed vehicle into another house while fleeing cops, police say


Sheriff: Armed Robber Demands Drugs, Is Shot and Killed by Pharmacist


Massachusetts man, 65, clings to hood of SUV on turnpike in suspected road-rage incident


GRAPHIC VIDEO: Police Officer Deflects Suspect’s Gun, Shoots Him Three Times


Robber points gun at Family Dollar employees — his last mistake was ignoring an armed customer behind him






Seven New Year’s Resolutions Every Gun Owner Should Make … and Keep


Everything You Need To Know About Carry Optics And Red Dots


"How-To" Guides For "Show-Me" Gun Owners


Beginner’s Guide to Rifle Bullets: How They’re Made, Types and Uses


Random Thoughts on Fear, Feminism, Gunfighting and Self Defense


Concealed Carry Corner: Best Drills For An Armed Citizen – Triple Nickel


Push Your Limits With The Hateful 8: A Real Hateful Drill (Video)


The Fast Drill: The Fundamentals, Accuracy and Speed Test (VIDEO)


Manage Recoil With A Tight, Two-Handed Grip (Video)


Choosing The Best Concealed Carry Holsters: A Beginner’s Guide


OpSec: Your Social Media Posts Can Be Used Against You


Should You Buy An AK-47 Rifle?


Breaking down the perfect draw by the numbers (VIDEO)


Gear Review: Range days made easy with Uplula mag loader - Gotta have.


Concealed Carry Corner: Storing Firearms in a Vehicle


Safe or Not to Safe? Which Mechanical Gun Safety is Right for Concealed Carry?


Top Five Concealed Carry Myths


Proper Way to Use Cover


The AR-15 Forward Assist For Total Beginners


How to Spot a Bad Guy- A Comprehensive Look at Body Language and Pre-Assault Indicators


Out With the Old: Cycling Your EDC Ammo (VIDEO)


How A Good Gun Belt Lightens The Load In Concealed Carry


Plastic vs. Metal Showdown: Which Holster Clips Should You Buy?


Comparing Appendix vs Strong Side Concealed Carry (Video)


Ankle Carry: A Comfortable Back-Up When IWB Just Isn’t an Option (VIDEO)


The 21-Foot Principle (Not Rule!)


Guns for Beginners: How to Aim a Pistol


Home Defense With Children


The Problem With ‘Life Isn’t A Square Range’





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Gun Review: GLOCK 19 Gen 5 9mm


Hollywood Elite Enjoy Security While They Want You Disarmed


George Washington’s State of the Union Address Holds Lessons for the 21st Century


Norma Introduces Personal Defense Handgun Ammunition with Monolithic Hollow Point


This Homemade .410 Revolver is Ugly But Gets The Job Done (Videos)


Crimson Trace – New Lasers, Sights and Riflescopes


Mossberg Enters the Concealed-Carry Market with the New MC1SC – SHOT Show 2019


SHOT "Show & Tell" with Dana Loesch


Gun Sales Drop More Than Six Percent In 2018


Sig Sauer P365: Night Sights, 11 Rounds of 9mm in an Ultra-Compact Pistol








15 Week Series – Sharia Crimes: Comprehensive Training for Peace Officers, Social Workers, and Judicial Officials


Highlights of Sharia Crime Stoppers Webinar Series


Sharia Crime Stoppers: Comprehensive Training for Peace Officers, Social Workers, and Judiicial Officials



















Sharia Crime Stoppers Action Line - Tom Trento and Laura Loomer LIVE and More

Sharia Crime Stoppers Action Line - John Guandolo - Escalating Indicators

Sharia Crime Stoppers Action Line - Philip Haney - Interfaith Dialogue Deception

Sharia Crime Stoppers Action Line – Female Sharia Crime Victims Speak Out

Sharia Crime Stoppers Action Line - Midterms - Good News & Bad - Trento & Haney

Sharia Crime Stoppers Action Line - People of the Book Beware - Rabbi Jon Hausman & Pastor Don McKay

Sharia Crime Stoppers Action Line - FGM OMG! Case Dismissed! - Christopher Wright - Media Fail

Sharia Crime Stoppers Action Line - O Canada!–U.S.Security Threat? Philip Haney-Canadian Kel Fritzi

Sharia Crime Stoppers Action Line - Leo Hohmann–U.S.’s “Welcoming Trudeau’s”- Target Your Town

Sharia Crime Stoppers Action Line - Salim Mansur-Trudeau's Sharia Tsunami vs. Trump's U.S.

Sharia Crime Stoppers Action Line - “SPOOKED - SCS Radio Theater – JUSTICE from ABOVE?

Sharia Crime Stoppers Action Line - Liz Yore - EndFGMToday - Criminalize - Train - Indict - Convict

Sharia Crime Stoppers Action Line - Wild Bill & Dave Agema-Tightening the Screws on Free Speech

Sharia Crime Stoppers Action Line - Shahram Hadian Falsely Accused of Hate Crimes in Sharia-MN

Sharia Crime Stoppers Action Line - Hampton & Bores - Pastor & Police Standing Up To Sharia

Sharia Crime Stoppers Action Line - Islam - Europe invaded, America Warned - Hege Storhaug



UTT-Trained Prosecutors Recognize Jihad When They See It


2018 was a rough year for the men and women in blue - Every police officer and family know that they have chosen a risky profession


East and Left Coast Racial Lunacy - Two fine examples of liberal double standards to usher in the new year


Texas: Cops Mistake Man’s Diabetic Shock as ‘Resisting’, Savagely Beat Him for Being Unable to Comply


Shocker: Focusing on Criminals Yields Public Safety Results


Cop Arrested After Kicking Handcuff Kid Face - Didn't Know He Was Being Videoed


As Rest of Nation Recovers, Homicides Spike in DC


Private Security Stops Mass Shooting At Alabama Night Club


Illinois: Camera Footage Released As Screaming Female Officer Fights Driver Who Pulls Gun On Her - Didn't End Well For Driver


Police Suicides Are Up, Retired Cop Says ‘Ferguson Effect’ Is Partly To Blame


Cop Tries to Kill Woman’s Dog, Shoots Fellow Cop in the Back Instead


Man Poses as US Soldier in Love, Scams $219,000 out of Woman: Police


Five Police Officers Shot in Houston


Update on Houston Officer Shootings


St. Louis Police Officer Charged In ‘Russian Roulette’ Shooting


The Terror Threat on the Southern Border


Shocker: Focusing on Criminals Yields Public Safety Results


The Dark Origins of #Pedophile Rings in the US


Pedophile Reportedly Confesses To Killing 6-Year-Old Beauty Queen JonBenét Ramsey in 1996


Jayme Closs fled captor and flagged down dog walker; suspect arrested: report


Cop Charged for Stomping Innocent Man As K9 Chewed Off ‘Hunks of Flesh’


Innocent Child Harassed, Threatened by Cops for Shoveling Snow Without a Permit


West Virginia: Newly Elected Sheriff Arrested for Stealing Meth from Evidence Room—Second Day on Job


Arlington, TX PD Releases Bodycam Video After Dead Felon’s Family Cries Foul


Two 22-Year-Old Female Officers Shot And Killed Within Two Days


California police officer fatally shot; suspected shooter found dead


1 Birmingham police sergeant killed, 2nd officer critically injured in shooting outside downtown club


Missouri: Undercover Cop Says Fellow Cops Beat Him ‘Like Rodney King’ & Smashed His Camera


Illinois: Taxpayers Pay $1.25 Million After Cops Beat Innocent Doctor on Video—for “Stealing” His Own Car



     Chicago L E Matters


Roaming mob of 'urban youth' terrorized Chicago's 'Magnificent Mile' in below-freezing weather, sent Asian bystander to the hospital - Cold weather no longer is acting as a deterrent to the marauding mobs of teenagers (of no particular demographic characteristic, according to Chicago mainstream media). 


Concealed Carrier Stops New Years Eve Chicago Robbery Attempt


Chicago ‘Gun Violence’ Down Double-Digits For Second Straight Year


Researchers Credit Right to Carry Law With Reduction in Chicago Property Crimes


Anti-Gun Chicago Alderman Ed Burke Charged With Extortion, Had 23 Guns in His Office


Gun-grabbing Chicago Democrat arrested on corruption charges; feds find 23 guns in his offices


Pro-Gun Lawsuits Save a Life in Fatal Self-Defense Shooting (VIDEO)


Revealed: FBI investigation into Chicago corruption secretly recorded the boss of bosses in Illinois politics - Feds quietly reveal in a court filing that a key political operator has been wearing a wire for two years and recording his dealings with the real power brokers in Chicago and the state of Illinois, including the boss of bosses



     Las Vegas L E Matters


So, Was It Just Pure...Evil? FBI Has Concluded Its Las Vegas Shooting Investigation


FBI: Las Vegas gunman sought infamy, influenced by father’s memory


Las Vegas aftermath: No clear motive? No surprise

Laura Loomer Uncovers Court Docs Which May Blow The Lid Off Vegas Massacre’s Official Story







Florida: Broward County Sheriff’s Office ‘Cost Children Their Lives’


Report: ‘Coward of Broward’ Covered Up Sexual Assault Incident Involving Sheriff Scott Israel’s Son


Unclear if security efforts, grant money helping student safety after Parkland tragedy


Commission Investigating Parkland School Shooting Recommends Arming Teachers


Parkland Victim’s Father Unloads On Sheriff’s Office After Release Of Exhaustive Report [VIDEO]


Parkland Shooting Report Recommends Arming Teachers, Other Safeguards - 'School districts and charter schools should permit the most expansive use of the Guardian Program'


Politics Kills Our Kids Again, Safety Report from Parkland Florida


Here's What Governor-Elect Ron DeSantis Had To Say When Asked About Removing Sheriff Scott Israel


Broward County Sheriff Reportedly Expects to be Suspended for Response to Parkland School Shooting


Florida governor suspends Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel


Florida Gov. DeSantis Suspends Broward Sheriff for ‘Poor Leadership’


FINALLY FIRED Broward County Sheriff who stopped officers from entering Parkland school during shooting massacre, and hired a Hamas-linked CAIR operative as his Deputy Sheriff


Israel Out As Broward Count Sheriff, Blames NRA As Per Usual


Florida Lawmaker Seeks Repeal Of Post-Parkland Measures






Parents Sue Pennsylvania School District Over Decision to Arm Teachers


Armed Teachers Would Make Schools As Safe As Armed Cops


School & Church Shootings, FIGHTING BACK!


California Bill Proposes Gun Rationing Scheme


Editorial Board: Key to reduced school shootings


ICE deports HS student for suspected MS-13 activity; now the school board might remove all cops from every school campus in the district - 'We must make a wrong right'


Ohio boy, 6, found with gun at school, authorities say


To prevent shooting tragedies, many state, local governments across U.S. debate arming teachers


Editorial: On school safety, Judd prevailed


Why We Continue to Have School Murders


High Schooler Says Math Symbol Looks Like Gun, Accused Of Threat


The Kansas City Star: Arm The Teachers!


School’s New Instant Alert System Gives Illusion Of School Safety


Baltimore School Board Votes ‘No’ To Arming Officers In Schools


Baltimore City Votes Unanimously To Disarm Officers in School


New York State Set To Ban Teachers From Carrying


VIDEO – Antifa Member Shot To Death After Drawing Down on Eugene, OR Cops in School






Senate Dems Launch Another Inquisition Against Catholic Trump Nominee


Knights of Columbus respond to Senate Democrats’ anti-Catholic questions to judicial nominee


Democrats Out of Order on Judicial-Vacancy Crisis


Mazie Hirono Says Trump Nominee Not Qualified Because He’s a Pro-Life Catholic


Lindsey Graham Has Harsh Words For Dems Who Might Make Next SCOTUS Confirmation Ugly


Federal judges block Trump admin, force religious sisters to pay for contraception


A spectacularly failed strategy from Justice Ginsburg - She should have let Barack Obama nominate her replacement. 


McConnell's Valiant Role in President Trump’s Legacy of Reforming the Courts


Trump's path to revolutionizing America's courts - Even far left 9th Circuit soon within reach


Trump heard the conservative media outcry, nominates three judges for 9th Circuit


Graham: We’re Getting Trump’s Ninth Circuit Nominees Confirmed








Engineers Create Amazing ‘Electric Bandaid’ That Heals Wounds Amazingly Fast #healthcare #technology #medicine


Ohio Muslim Doctor Lara Kollab: “I’ll purposely give Jews the wrong meds”


Muslim Doctor Fired After Threatening To Kill Jews With Wrong Prescriptions #Islam #Muslim #Jew #AntiSemitism


Fired Muslim Doctor Lara Kollab Discussed Destroying People's Immune Systems While Studying Medicine


Lara Kollab Is Not The First Rogue Muslim Medical Practitioner


Outbreak Alert: Hepatitis A Spreads Through Homeless Population In Oregon -  The exploding homeless population in more liberal and socialist areas are seeing a major rise in outbreaks of Hepatitis A, as California is already experiencing.


How Helping People Affects Your Brain


6 Reasons to Eat Chocolate


CDC Thomas Frieden – Billions in Potential Scandals


Florida’s Deadly ‘Herpes Monkey’ Population Out of Control, Warn Scientists #wildlife #monkey #herpes #CDC


New Analysis of 20 Studies Finds 151% Increased Breast Cancer Risk After Abortion


Science races against tick-borne virus


Worst measles outbreak in decades sweeps New York as cases surge in Oregon, Washington and abroad


Understanding Your Purpose in Life - Why is purpose so important? Simply put, because we’re humans.


How to Overcome Resistance - Resistance is the greatest enemy you will ever face in your quest to achieve something bigger than yourself.


How a Warfighter Mindset Can Help Your Team Thrive - It’s easy to be a happy, motivated member of a team when everything is sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows. ...


Exposing the Risks of America's Dependence on China for Medicine - What will we do when China completely controls the medicine America's citizens need?


Doctors See A Spike In Patients with ‘Chronic Viral Infection’ Lasting Over One Month - The virus appears to be different to that of the common cold or the flu


Don't Let the Old Man In


Organ Trafficking Co-Conspirators – A Worldwide Epidemic


American Psychological Association: ‘Traditional Masculinity’ Harmful to Men and Boys

We Believe: The Best Men Can Be

Watson Video: Gillette - The Best an Incel Can Get

Barbasol -- Shave Like a Man - War Hero


The scientific experts who hate science


Parents beware: Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria a social contagion among girls


Veterans Administration looking to redirect billions of dollars to private health care - Badly needed reforms should improve care for our veterans. 


The Left's War On Parenting


Neuroscience of Love


Morning Lark or Night Owl? How Our Body Clocks Affect Our Mental and Physical Performance


Worry Over Kids’ Excessive Smartphone Use Is More Justified Than Ever Before


Hillary Clinton's Illness Revealed


Big Pharma’s Worst Nightmare: Survey Finds Most Medical Pot Users Quitting Prescription Drug Use


US fertility numbers not looking good for Democrats - The bottom-line reason why Democrats favor unrestricted immigration


American birth rate plummets to 30-year low


Population expert: America dangerously underpopulated, catastrophe coming


America isn’t having enough babies…but there’s an easy way to fix that


The Crucifixion of James Watson - James Watson is under attack for telling the truth


Drug Companies Used Shortages, Recalls To Hike Prices As Much As 1,137 Percent, Report Finds


5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Immune System Naturally During Cold And Flu Season


Low Carb? Low Fat? What the Latest Dieting Studies Tell Us


To Pursue the Science of Happiness, Try These 14 Tips


One-Floor Living Helps Seniors ‘Age in Place’


Up to a Third Of Knee Replacements Pack Pain and Regret


Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way


Feds Recover $2.5 Billion from Health Care Industry Fraud in 2018


New Ebola Outbreak Kills 410, Disease Is Expected To Spread For Months


Ebola Outbreak In DRC Continues To Worsen: “It Is Absolutely Vital That We Are Prepared”


PTSD: The Price You Pay for Survival - You can’t survive something awful and expect to live unscathed


Oregon governor supports mandatory gov’t visits for all newborns and their parents


More Illegal Border-Crossers Requiring Immediate Hospital Care


Migrant with flesh-eating bacteria detained at US border


Illegals Detained At Border With Serious Illnesses, One Has Flesh-Eating Bacteria


Thanks, Democrats: Illegal Detained At Border Has Flesh-Eating Bacteria, Others Have Serious Illnesses


Migrant with flesh-eating bacteria detained at US border


Tuberculosis in the Migrant and Refugee Population: Is Silence Deception?


New Americans (and PC Politicians) are killing us! TB again!


Why Hasn’t Dr. Lara Kollab’s Medical License Been Revoked?


Glenn Beck to liberal lynch mobs: 'Where's your social justice now?' as Native American father of two is slowly starved to death in hospital


Food, water restored to comatose man in US Catholic hospital after mom fights for his life


Americans Are Increasingly Aging Alone


Therapy camels and other creatures


Still Want To Boycott Israel? Israeli Scientists Find Cure For Cancer, Report Says


Israeli scientists announce a possible cure for cancer - The science and technology powerhouse that the BDS movement wants to kill is the source of innovations that benefit humanity. 


Report: Israeli Scientists Discover Medical Holy Grail – The Cure for Cancer #Israel #cancer #science #medicine


A Company That Will “Fill Your Veins With The Blood Of Young People” Has Opened 5 Clinics In US


Nearly half of US adults have heart or blood vessel disease


Chuck Norris Sues 11 Big Pharma Drug Companies For Poisoning His Wife


Bombshell: Investigative Journalist Sharyl Attkisson Exposes Vaccination Coverup


DOJ admits flu shot is most dangerous vaccine in America today


Finding in Gardasil 9 Linked to Many Cancer Types


Why So Sensitive?


Reading the Emotional Climate


Bridging Traditional Wisdom and Modern Medicine


Adopting a ‘Seasonal Diet’ Can Make You Healthier


8 Un-Resolutions to Fight Diet Culture and Other Harmful Health Trends


You’re Probably Brushing Your Teeth Wrong


Keeping Fit: How to Do the Right Exercise for Your Age


Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Health in 2019



     Suicide and Euthanasia


WALSH: It’s Time To Finally Legalize Post-Birth Abortion - Sarcasm


Terminally Ill Patients Can Now Seek Physician-Assisted Suicide In This State


Teen Kills Himself After Accidentally Killing Friend


She Was Getting Treatment for Depression But Otherwise in Good Health. Doctors Euthanized Her


Indiana Bill Would Ban Abortions, Declare Unborn Babies “Human Beings” at Conception


Police Suicides Are Up, Retired Cop Says ‘Ferguson Effect’ Is Partly To Blame


In Politics It Seems Only Firearm Suicides Are Bad


Two Saudi teen sisters committed suicide rather than return home - The sisters bound themselves together and drowned rather than return to Saudi Arabia. 


After Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth, New York Now Considering Legalizing Assisted Suicide


Mental Health America and Walk the Talk America Join Forces to Combat Suicide



     Illegal Drug and Related Matters


'We are at ground zero of new medical epidemic' - 'No one is properly looking at the side-effects. They are frightening' - MJ


Drug Traffickers Exploit Haiti While Amassing $10 Billion Under U.S. Scrutiny


Hezb'allah and the Southern Border - The U.S. must move aggressively to stop Hezb'allah's drug trade, using every available tool


Even Axios links opioid epidemic to an unwalled border - President Trump's case for a border wall grows


Isn't 5 cents per day worth it to reduce opioid deaths? - The President is asking for $5.7 Billion for the wall and other security measures. That is around 5 cents a day for the 325 million people who live in America 


Painkillers for dogs, cats may be worsening human opioid crisis: study


Study Shows Pill Pushing Doctors Paid by Big Pharma Feeding Opioid Epidemic #opiod #Pharmaceutical


Former Drug Czar Says Wall Will Work


Study: Pharma Dollars Led to Overdose Deaths


Bail Granted to Detroit Doctor in Largest Opioid-Related Fraud Case in US History


Top DOJ Official Reportedly Helped Keep Opioid Executives From Prison. She’s Since Defended Pharma Against The Government


Survey: 70% of Doctors Think They’ve Given Opioids to Addicted People


America Does Not Need More Opioids


Top FDA Official Blows Whistle as Agency Approves Defense Dept. Funded Dsuvia Drug: 10X Worse Than Fentanyl


2019 May Be The Year Congress Ends a Century of Cannabis Prohibition #Congress #Cannabis #marijuananews


Massachusetts Attorney General: Family Behind Oxycontin Is Responsible For Opioid Epidemic


Trump Donates $100,000 From Salary to Fight Alcoholism


Largest Fentanyl Drug Bust In History Made As Truck Tried Crossing The Southern Border


Record Fentanyl Seizure Made At Border, Enough To Kill 57 Million


Purdue Pharma & “The Sacklers” Crimes Against Humanity!


Boston Trial of Indian-American Opioid Drug Executive Underway


California Revenue Crash as Pot Taxes miss Budget by $1 Billion




          It doesn't get more selfish and savage that this.  For shame, humans.

          "I notice that everybody who is pro-abortion has already been born."---- Ronald Reagan

          Adoption - The loving option



Pastor Confronts Phoenix City Council For Failing To Uphold Arizona Law On Abortion: ‘This is Happening On Your Watch’


'Pro-Life’ Abortion Activist Tells Kids: Abortion Is ‘God’s Plan’


WATCH: Feminist Promotes, Brags About Abortion To CHILDREN In Shocking Video


Abortionist: 'God performs way more abortions than I do' - Previously boasted of preventing screaming by cutting vocal chords


WATCH: Abortion activist tells kids: Abortion is ‘part of God’s plan,’ like visiting dentist


Disgusting Video Teaches Kids That Killing Babies in Abortions is Okay


Abortion Was the Leading Cause of Death Worldwide in 2018, Killing 42 Million People


Over 41 million abortions estimated in 2018, making ‘choice’ world’s leading cause of death


42 Million People Killed In Leading Cause Of Death Worldwide In 2018 - It Wasn't From Guns Or Democide


Democrats Use Bill to End Shutdown to Try to Restore Planned Parenthood Funding Trump Cut


Bishop Tells Catholic Politicians Who Support Abortion to Repent and Become Pro-Life


Activist Celebrates Her Two Abortions: “I Felt Good About” Killing My Babies


Ireland Prime Minister Celebrates “Historic Day” Legalizing Free Abortions

2019 begins one of the most shameful moments in Irish history: Legal destruction of the unborn

20 Women Schedule Abortions to Kill Their Babies on First Day of Legalized Abortion in Ireland

95% of Doctors in Ireland are Refusing to Kill Babies in Abortions

As Irish abortions begin, gov’t makes plans to censor pro-life dissent

Irish archbishop criticizes pro-lifers fighting abortion

Catholic hospital may have performed Ireland’s first abortion

Irish citizens protest country’s first legal abortion, proving abortion debate is far from over

Irish Hospitals Having “Difficulty” Doing Abortions Because Staffers Won’t Kill Babies

Catholic Priest Denies Communion to Pro-Abortion Politician After He Voted for Abortions


Planned Parenthood “Proudly” Supports Women’s March Even Though Its Leaders are Anti-Semitic


Abortion Activist Brags About Her Abortion: It’s No Worse Than a “Crappy Dentist Appointment”


Woman Opens Life-Saving Pregnancy Center After Planned Parenthood Invades Her Neighborhood


Princeton Professor Says Calling Abortion a Human Right is “Evil”


New York Times: Don’t Overturn Roe v. Wade Because Unborn Babies are Not “Persons”


Snopes Claims Abortion Isn’t the Leading Cause of Death Because Babies Don’t Die in Abortions


There is No Constitutional Right to Kill Babies in Abortions


Planned Parenthood Files Lawsuit to Allow Non-Doctors to Kill Babies in Abortions


Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Like Their Employees or Their Customers Being Pregnant


Democrats Pass First Bill After Taking Over Congress: Forcing Americans to Fund Planned Parenthood

Nancy Pelosi’s First Act as Speaker of the House: Forcing Americans to Fund Abortions

President Trump Promises to Veto Democrat Shutdown Bill That Funds Planned Parenthood

Democrats Will Vote on Bill Funding UN Agency That Helped China Force Women to Have Abortions

Nancy Pelosi Voted Speaker of the House Despite Democrat Defections, Will Push Abortion Next

Marco Rubio Slams Democrat Bill to Restore Planned Parenthood Funding Trump Cut

Abortion Activist Nancy Pelosi Chants “Go, Kids!” as She Takes Gavel to Become Speaker

House Democrats Seek to Reverse Policy Protecting Taxpayers From Funding Abortion Overseas

House Democrats Pass Bill Funding UN Agency That Helped China Force Women to Have Abortions

Trump administration rejects Democrat spending bill to restore foreign abortion money


New York Times publishes horrifying 8-part series advocating abortion


Abortionist: ‘God performs way more abortions than I do’


Nancy Pelosi Prays “Lord Make Me a Channel for Thy Peace,” Then Votes to Fund Abortions


"Pro-Life Voters Should Stick With President Donald Trump, Here’s Why"


Planned Parenthood is 41 Times More Likely to Abort a Baby Than Provide Prenatal Care


There is No Constitutional Right to Kill Babies in Abortions


Abortion at the Core of Both Left and Right - Whether Americans like it or not, abortion has become the defining issue of the two main parties.


Christian Bale Thanks Satan for Inspiration in Playing Pro-Life Vice President Dick Cheney


40 Abortion Clinics Closed in 2018, 79% of All Abortion Clinics Open in 1991 Have Shut Down


New Analysis of 20 Studies Finds 151% Increased Breast Cancer Risk After Abortion


Planned Parenthood Billboards Brag About Killing Babies: “I Had an Abortion and I’m Not Apologizing”


Pro-aborts curse, flip off Ohio heartbeat bill sponsor as she pushes her twins in a stroller


Planned Parenthood President Clarifies That Core Mission Is Abortion After Buzzfeed Portrays Focus as 'Nonabortion Health Care'




Planned Parenthood President: Killing Babies in Abortions is a “Fundamental Human Right”


Texas asks federal court to dismiss suit against decades of pro-life laws


Congresswoman Introduces New Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Business


133 Abortion Clinics Kill Babies After 20 Weeks, 5 Abortion Clinics Kill Babies Up to Birth


25 Abortion Clinics Closed Last Year, Demand for Abortions Not What It Once Was


Planned Parenthood Official on Being Able to Kill Babies in Abortions: “Let the Fun Begin”


Three Pro-Life Women Introduce Legislation to Defund Planned Parenthood


For Every 1,000 Babies Born, New York City Kills 544 Babies in Abortions


Abortion Activists Want New Trump Rule Overturned to Force Little Sisters of the Poor to Fund Abortions


Comedian Lizz Winstead Calls Unborn Babies “Medical Waste” and Pro-Lifers “Real Bat—- Extremists”


American birth rate plummets to 30-year low


Report: Late-term abortion costs going up, clinics closing down


Facebook blocks ad for pro-life movie telling the true story about Roe v Wade


Florida pro-lifers introduce bill banning abortions on babies with heartbeats, gov. says he’ll sign


Disgusting Video Teaches Kids That Killing Babies in Abortions is Okay


Why are leftists thrilled by abortion? - Why are these leftist politicians barely able to contain their excitement over the thought of killing more babies?


Insanity: Liberals Promote Self-Induced Abortion


Poll: 75 Percent Of Americans Support Restrictions On Abortion


Feminist Monsters Call Unborn Babies “Medical Waste”


Ex Planned Parenthood manager: Christian churches must stop ignoring the abortion holocaust


Christian Professor Promotes Abortion, Defends Sex-Selection Abortions as “Caring for Women”


‘Gosnell’ film about mass-murdering abortionist tops Amazon’s ‘best sellers’ list


Former Planned Parenthood employees to speak at Walk for Life 2019


Freedom Starts With Respect for Life


House Democrats Plan to End Hyde Amendment, Push Taxpayer-Funded Abortion: 'Boldest Pro-Choice Legislation in History'


Senator Joni Ernst Introduces New Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Company


Senate Will Vote Thursday on Bill to Permanently Ban Taxpayer Funding of Abortions

Bill to permanently ban taxpayer abortion funding fails Senate vote


169 House Members and 49 Senators Urge President Trump to Veto Any Bill Funding Abortions


House Democrats File Bill to Force All Americans to Fund Abortions


California Says More Babies Must be Killed in Abortions Because Giving Birth Costs Too Much


Gillette Condemns “Toxic Masculinity,” But Donates $333,665 to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz


62% of Americans Oppose Aborting Babies Just Because They Have Down Syndrome


Poll reveals nearly two-thirds of Americans want abortion restrictions


UK gives millions of tax dollars to International Planned Parenthood




Google ‘blacklisted’ pro-life videos from YouTube search results, leaked chat reveals


5 Books Defending the Dignity of Life – Just in Time for the March for Life


A Federal Appeals Court Just Took A Big Swing At Planned Parenthood


WATCH: Pro-Life Activist Left Bloody Outside Abortion Clinic After Saying 'Jesus Loves You'


Trump promises to veto any abortion legislation in March for Life address (FULL TEXT)


VP Pence tells Ben Shapiro that Trump admin will stand ‘against’ Democrats on abortion


Ben Shapiro smashes pro-abortion arguments at March for Life podcast


Pro-life Senator announces new ‘pro-life caucus’ in US Senate at 2019 March for Life


Knights of Columbus donates 1,000th ultrasound machine to pro-life pregnancy center


California discriminated against pro-life pregnancy centers, Trump administration finds


Former abortionist to March for Life: ‘A woman cannot kill her child and remain unscathed’


African pro-life leader to US youth: ‘You will bring an end to…abortion’


VICTORY: Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals rules against Planned Parenthood in Texas case


Ted Cruz on March for Life: 'We March in Prayerful Protest of Horrific Injustice’


Federal Appeals Court Rules Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Parts Not Deceptively Edited


Pro-Life Woman Challenges Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: If You Really Want to be Radical, Oppose Abortion


March for Life 2019: Abortion ‘Greatest Injustice in Nation’ #abortion #PlannedParenthood #MarchForLife


Roe v. Wade Does NOT Supersede State Law


Sen. Steve Daines: Trump Is the 'Most Pro-life President That We Have Seen in the History of Our Country'


Thousands Attend March for Life as Trump, Pence Pledge Support


Federal Court Hits Planned Parenthood Where It Hurts

Planned Parenthood's New Annual Report Shows Increase in Abortions, Taxpayer Funding, and Excess Revenue

Planned Parenthood Annual Report Shows It Killed 332,757 Babies in Abortions, More Than Ever Before

Report: Planned Parenthood Murdered Hundreds of Thousands of Babies in 2017 #abortion #PlannedParenthood #murder

Planned Parenthood Made $245 Million Last Year Killing Babies in Abortions

Planned Parenthood Gives 1 Adoption Referral For Every 118 Babies Killed in Abortions


My interview with the doctor who gave America legalized abortion - David Kupelian's revealing conversation with NARAL co-founder Bernard Nathanson


Feds Slap Down Calif. Law Forcing Religious Pregnancy Centers To Advertise Abortionists


Hillary Clinton Joins Andrew Cuomo in Push for Extreme Late-Term Abortion Bill in New York

Hillary Clinton Wants New York State to Legalize Abortions Up to Birth: “There’s No Time to Wait”

New York governor vows massive abortion expansion by next month

Cuomo Promises to Expand Abortion Rights in New York

Hillary Clinton/Andrew Cuomo Bill to Legalize Abortions Up to Birth Expected to Pass Easily

New York legislature votes to legalize abortion up to birth, let non-doctors commit abortions

Hillary Clinton Celebrates Abortion the Same Day Chelsea Clinton Announces She’s Pregnant


HORROR: New York Set To Legalize Abortion Up To Birth


Abortion Procedures: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Trimesters

2nd Trimester Surgical Abortion: Dilation and Evacuation

3rd Trimester Induction Abortion: Injection and Stillbirth (D & E)

WARNING GRAPHIC: Abortionist Holds Up Aborted Baby’s Head in New Video

New York’s Gruesome, “To Term” Abortion Bill Now Will Allow Actual Baby Parts To Be Sold On Black Market

‘No different than infanticide’: Pro-life leaders respond to New York legalizing abortion to birth

Thank You, New York

New York State Declares War on Life - New York State's Reproductive Health Act, under the guise of progressiveness and liberality, is in truth a regressive act of intolerance toward the state's religious communities.

Yes, It's 'Pro-Abortion:' New York's Inhumane New Law, and the Governor's Ghoulish Celebration

New York celebrates legalizing abortion until birth by lighting One World Trade Center pink

OB/GYN refutes the spin on the recently-passed New York abortion law

New York store owner closes for a day to protest radical abortion law

Bookstore Owner Makes Viral Statement About New York Abortion Law

Here's The Viral Sign Of The Small Business Owner Who Closed To Protest New York's Horrific Abortion Law

Christian closes New York store over abortion law - 'We will not collect sales tax today for a tyrannical government

Mothers and babies will suffer the dire consequences of abortion right up to birth in New York
Dobson: N.Y. adopts 'pure barbarism rarely seen since Middle Ages'

NY Governor Ecstatic Women Can Butcher Full-Term Babies For Convenience #abortion #PlannedParenthood #NewYork

WALSH: You Can't Give A Lethal Injection To Criminals In New York But You Can Give It To Infants

Catholic leaders: Excommunicate Gov. Cuomo over New York’s extreme abortion law

Two US bishops support excommunication of New York Governor over ‘vile’ abortion law

Bishop Slams Andrew Cuomo for Signing Bill Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth: You’re No Catholic

NY Bishop Slams Gov. Cuomo For Citing His Catholic Faith But Pushing Extreme Abortion Legislation: 'Do Not Build This Death Star'

Bishop Rebukes NY Legislators Cheering Abortions Up to Birth: “They Reap The Whirlwind Of Hell” - Now a Catholic bishop is rebuking them saying they face spiritual and eternal consequences for their actions.

Catholic Bishops Rip Cuomo In Statement Over NY 'Abortion Till Birth' Bill

New York bishop: Gov. Cuomo’s abortion activism ‘may…result’ in excommunication

Bishop: New York lawmakers celebrating abortion law a ‘scene from Hell’

Catholics Demand Governor Cuomo’s Excommunication Over NY Abortion Law

Catholics Want Andrew Cuomo Excommunicated for Signing Law Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth

'Barbarism' prompts Catholic demand to excommunicate governor - Church members join outrage over abortion-until-birth option

NY Cardinal Refuses To Excommunicate Gov. Cuomo Over Abortion Law: 'Should Not Be Used As A Weapon'

Cardinal Dolan: Excommunicating Andrew Cuomo “Not an Appropriate Response” for Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth

Catholic leaders call for excommunication of Gov. Cuomo over extreme abortion, but NY Archbishop says ‘what’s the use?’

Pope Francis: Excommunicate Governor Cuomo - Pope Francis has been talking a lot about walls and climate change

Andrew Cuomo Defends Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth: “I’m Not Here to Represent” the Catholic Church

Cuomo Responds To Catholic Criticism: The Church Doesn't Believe In A 'Woman's Right To Choose

Catholic Priest: If Andrew Cuomo Can Push Abortion Without Any Consequences, “What Message Does That Send?”

8 Shocking Facts About New York's Radical Abortion Law

Pro-life obstetrician blasts New York’s ‘horrible’ new abortion law

I Used to be Someone Who Would Have Supported the New York Abortion Law. But Then I Saw an Abortion Take Place.

WALSH: It’s Time To Finally Legalize Post-Birth Abortion - Sarcasm

WALSH: You Can't Give A Lethal Injection To Criminals In New York But You Can Give It To Infants

New York Governor Cuomo Wants To Ban The Death Penalty...Except For Unborn Children. Go Ahead And Kill Those.

Horrific irony: Cuomo bans lethal injections for murderers, but not unborn babies

New York Aborted More Babies In Three Years Than Babies Born In One Year

Yes, It's 'Pro-Abortion:' New York's Inhumane New Law, and the Governor's Ghoulish Celebration

New York's Not Alone: Here's a List of States That Permit Abortion Up to Birth

WATCH How Late-Term Abortion Activists Respond To NY 'Abortion Till Birth' Bill Passing

New York celebrates child sacrifice with passage of extreme abortion law

New York Reveals Its Blood Lust for Baby Killing

Andrew Cuomo: Friend of animals, crusher of babies' skulls - The New York governor, who bans the use of elephants for entertainment, seemed proud to deny both sanctuary and medical assistance to the unborn

Limbaugh: Here's Why Liberals Are Cheering Murder

Music legend Charlie Daniels blasts NY's Dem governor over new abortion law: 'Satan is smiling'

Astounding legislation protects cows but not babies - Barbara Simpson outraged that livestock now have more rights than humans

Doctor Who Has Delivered Nearly 4,000 Babies Torches New York Abortion Law

Babies Born Alive After Abortion Can be Left to Die Under New York Law Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth

NY Gov Cuomo Shame: Health Care for Everyone Except the Unborn

New York's New Abortion Law Even Removes Protections For WANTED Babies

After Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth, New York Now Considering Legalizing Assisted Suicide

New York Law Allowing Abortions Up to Birth Repeals Manslaughter Charge for Killing Women in Abortion

OBGYN Slams New York Law For Abortions Up to Birth: “No Maternal Condition Requires Third-Trimester Abortion”

Thank You, New York

Limbaugh: Here's Why Liberals Are Cheering Murder

Limbaugh: Here's What We've Learned About Democrats From Their Response To Covington Teens, NY Abortion Law

40 Days for Life CEO: Think New York’s abortion law is barbaric? Here’s what you should do

OB/GYN refutes the spin on the recently-passed New York abortion law

Pro-Life OB/GYN Video #2 on New York's Abortion Law

Abortion in New York (and soon Virginia?): We are one step away from throwing babies in the Tigris - Women from two millennia ago would discard and kill their own infants at the smallest sign or instinct of a deformity or weakness, much like liberal women today, caring more about the humane treatment of animals than human babies. 


New York's Not Alone: Here's a List of States That Permit Abortion Up to Birth


States scramble to secure ‘right’ to abortion amid fears of Roe v. Wade overturn


GOP senator to Virginia governor: Either protect children’s lives or ‘get the hell out of office’

WATCH: Democratic VA Governor Endorses Murder Of Born-Alive Infants

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam Defends Leaving Infants to Die After Birth

Virginia governor defends letting babies die AFTER birth - 'The infant would be kept comfortable ... and then ...'

Virginia Governor Asked Whether He Supports Abortion While Woman Is Giving Birth. His Response Is Bizarre

Virginia Governor Shocks with Barbaric Born Alive Abortion Comments

Virginia Gov Ralph Northam Defends Infanticide: “Infant Would be Resuscitated If That’s What the Mother Desired”

Virginia Gov Ralph Northam Defends Defending Infanticide: Only Talking About Infanticide of Disabled Babies

Virginia Gov. supports infanticide of babies born alive after failed abortions

Here's How Northam's Office Is Defending His Comments About Leaving Infants to Die After Birth

Virginia Democrat Rides On Heels Of New York – Pushes To Allow Babies To Be Murdered During Delivery

Virginia Democrat Admits That Her New Bill Would Allow Women to Get Abortions Right Before Birth

Video: Virginia Governor Appears to Advocate for Killing Live Babies After Birth

WATCH: Democratic VA Governor Endorses Murder Of Born-Alive Infants

Virginia Gov. Northam faces backlash for comments on 3rd-trimester abortion bill: 'Morally repugnant'

Northam on Abortion Bill: Infant Could Be Delivered and Then ‘Physicians and the Mother’ Could Decide If It Lives

Outrage as video shows Virginia abortion bill sponsor saying plan would allow termination up until birth

Ben Sasse: Democrats Went From “Safe, Legal and Rare” to “Keep Newborns Comfortable Before Infanticide”

WATCH: Virginia Democrat Admits Her Bill OKs Abortions Up to Birth, Even While Mother is Dilated: “Yes, It Does”

...Lawmaker Regrets Co-Sponsoring 'Dilation' Law

Dem co-sponsor of late-term abortion bill apologizes, says she did not read the text

Virginia Del. Kathy Tran Submitted Bill To Save Caterpillars On Same Day As Late-Stage Abortion Bill

UPDATE: Bill Defeated -Virginia Governor OKs Women’s ‘Right’ to Kill Babies DURING Birth

Virginia Tables Bill Legalizing ‘Abortion’ as Mother Gives Birth...

Democrats Aren’t Trying to Hide Their “No Limits” Abortion Extremism Anymore, Virginia Edition

Trump Rips Virginia Democrats’ Abortion Comments

BARBARIC: Virginia Governor Supports Bill Allowing Abortions During Labor

Chilling: Pro-Abortion Virginia Democrats Defend Infanticide Bill

Unplanned’ actress reveals in emotional interview that her own mother almost aborted her


New pro-life report says Planned Parenthood commits illegal partial-birth abortions


How would we treat a child asleep in our lap? That is how we should treat the unborn


Abortion Activists Threaten to Burn Pro-Life Teens Alive and Sexually Abuse Them


Judge Strikes Down Iowa Law Banning All Abortions After Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat Begins


VICTORY: Pro-abortion Equal Rights Amendment dies in Virginia House committee


Why do Dems want to fund abortion overseas when polls show no one wants that?


America isn’t having enough babies…but there’s an easy way to fix that


Planned Parenthood and the African-American Community


Dr. Alveda King: Planned Parenthood Targets Blacks For Abortion


8 questions that show how pro-abortion arguments are irrational


New Planned Parenthood president: ‘Within the next year we could see Roe v. Wade overturned’


Democrats are secretly pushing to enshrine a global ‘right to abortion’


World Health Organization claims men can – and should – have abortions, too


OB/GYN: We treat babies before they’re born, so why aren’t they protected persons?


Vermont introduces radical bill to protect ‘fundamental right’ to unlimited abortions


Ohio’s new governor: I will ‘absolutely’ sign law banning abortions on babies with heartbeats


Planned Parenthood baby-body-parts profits on trial - Affiliates ordered to answer questions about sales of fetal tissue


Planned Parenthood’s Ongoing Racial “Weed” Killing


Planned Parenthood Sex Info Chatbot Targets Children


Aborted Baby Born Alive Struggled for Life for 15 Minutes


Dr. Levatino Destroys Abortion in 2 Minutes


New mom praised for giving up twins at California fire house, ‘no questions asked’


WATCH: Trailer For Pro-Life Film 'Unplanned' Is Finally Here, And Planned Parenthood Is NOT Going To Like It


Tucker Gets In Wild Debate Over Abortion With Pro-Choice Guest


Democrats going 'state's rights' on abortion - Are the new laws in New York or the ones contemplated in New Hampshire or Virginia in violation of Roe v Wade? 


Life Is Under Attack - Look at how far the Democratic party has fallen.


What Anti-Semites and Pro-Abortionists Have in Common


WALSH: Abortion Advocates Keep Telling This Huge Lie About Late-Term Abortion. Don't Fall For It.


POTUS: Democrats ‘Becoming Party of Late-Term Abortion’






Pelosi Backs Medicare For All Hearings


Democrat-Controlled States Earn ‘F’ on Fiscal Health Report Card


Fee for Service: A Viable Health Care Alternative - "Fee for service" may be one of the best ways to slow down our accelerating health care costs


Abortionists Go to Bat for Insurance Companies 


Same Gov’t Overseeing Rat-Infested Hell Holes Wants to Give You Health Care


De Blasio Plants Flag Left Of Andrew Gillum — Claims The ‘Wrong People’ Have All The Money


'Medicare-for-All' Would Take Most of Your Paycheck


Tlaib Trashes Obamacare as Written by Insurance Companies, Creating ‘Winners and Losers’ in Health Care


Reality Check: Support for Single-Payer Healthcare Craters When Americans Discover Higher Taxes, Longer Wait Times


Pro-Obamacare group's poll finds majority support for 'Medicare for All' - When people are asked if they would pay more taxes for it, support disappears


Another Democrat talking about Medicare for all and free education - Is Kamala Harris channeling Hillary Clinton


And There It Is…Kamala Harris Wants To Gut Private Health Insurance


Killer Kamala: Her Single-Payer Health Care Plan Would Slash Over A Million Jobs


Harris on Private Health Insurance: ‘Let’s Eliminate All of That’


Senator Kamala Harris Calls for Eliminating Private Health Insurance


Survey: Half Of Doctors Considering Leaving Medicine — Because Of #Obamacare







Net Neutrality’s End Brought About Faster Internet


Politicians who block social media users are violating First Amendment - The difference between a personal vs. an official social media account was at the crux of the case decided on Monday.


Conservatives Donate To New Pro-Trump Facebook Alternative


Peter Schweizer's "The Creepy Line" Takes Tech Giants to Task


Congress Fiddles As The Left Ramps Up Censorship Of Conservatives


Hawley Presses Barr on How DOJ Should Respond to Potential Violations by Major Tech Companies


Silicon Valley “Axis of Evil” Goes Full Orwell In War Against Conservative Speech


Google-Facebook duopoly now commands 80% of ad market - Everything else wiped out, declining by 11 percent in 2019


#DeleteFacebook? #DeleteTwitter? #FatLotOfGood that will do you


Spotify Rejects PragerU Ads


First They Came for Alex Jones — We Told You We Were Next — We Were


A Digital Iron Curtain Descends Over the Internet - Why free speech on the web - as we once knew it - will be over within a decade.



     Microsoft NewsGuard


Microsoft Using Spurious Leftist “Fact-Checking” Site to Place Warning Label on Jihad Watch - But who checks the fact-checkers?


Microsoft Launches ’Fake News’ Filter with Establishment Media ’Experts’...


...Says Drudge, WikiLeaks Illegitimate... Promotes Fake News, Repeatedly Violates Own Standards


New app in Microsoft browser labels Drudge Report, Breitbart, LifeSite as ‘false news’ websites


Microsoft Using Spurious Leftist “Fact-Checking” Site To Place Warning Label On Anti-Jihad Site


“Proceed with caution”: Microsoft browser says Mail Online is untrustworthy - Hanging up on the fact-checkers probably isn't the best way for a news outlet to assure them that it's trustworthy.


Microsoft Blacklist Org’s Board 'NewsGuard' Has History of Fake News, Unethical Journalism


Microsoft's 'NewsGuard' Labels Proven Hoaxes 'Credible'


Microsoft’s pre-installed ‘NewsGuard’ app labels proven ‘fake news’ as credible


Leftist ‘fake news’ police are now coming after LifeSite because we oppose their agenda


Blacklisters at Microsoft’s NewsGuard Label Proven Hoaxes ‘Credible’



     Google / YouTube


Google pulls a fast one for political correctness in sponsored New York Times post - They promise us stories about the Thai cave rescue and the Paris building rescue. They deliver a heaping helping of political correctness


PragerU Brings New Suit Against Google In California State Court


Google, Soros fund Facebook's new fact checker - Arbiter of 'fake news' led by former Buzzfeed editor


Google wants sensors and cameras in every room of your home to watch, analyze, you, patents show


Google Manipulated YouTube Search Results To Program Users’ Behavior - The smoking gun...


‘THE SMOKING GUN’: Google Manipulated YouTube Search Results for Abortion, Maxine Waters, David Hogg


...CEO Testified: 'We Don't Manually Intervene on *ANY* Search Result'...


...Leaked Internal Chats: 'Huge Teams' Manually Intervene on Searches


Gohmert: ‘If Mr. Pichai Lied to Congress… It Would Be a Criminal Matter’


Exclusive: How The Word ‘Family’ Triggered A Meltdown At Google


Who guards the Google guardians? - Dealing with Google's manipulativeness


Google ‘blacklisted’ pro-life videos from YouTube search results, leaked chat reveals


Calling family 'family' sparks meltdown for Google workers - 'It's offensive, inappropriate, homophobic and wrong'


Google censors video evidence of Planned Parenthood aiding sex trafficking of young girl


Google fined $57m for data protection violations - In a landmark ruling, France’s data protection commissioner has fined Google 50 million Euros (around $57m) for violating Europe’s privacy laws.

Could Google be Dragged into RICO Cases with SPLC?


Google May Face RICO, Defamation Lawsuits Due to SPLC Partnership, Lawyers Say





Facebook Faces BILLIONS In Fines For Misleading Users #socialmedia #Facebook #Zuckerberg


Facebook temporarily bans Franklin Graham over 2016 post on transgender bathrooms


Facebook Thought Police: A Conservative Telling the Truth = Unacceptable Conduct


Facebook hoaxes – harmless fun or security risk? [VIDEO]


Why was a convicted child sex predator from CAIR allowed to reactivate his Facebook page after getting out of jail?


Samsung Phone Users Perturbed to Find They Can't Delete Facebook


Inside Facebook's 'cult-like' workplace, where dissent is discouraged and employees pretend to be happy all the time


Democratic Operatives Used Misleading Facebook Pages To Suppress GOP Turnout In Midterms


Some Android apps are secretly sharing your data with Facebook


How to share photos – without using Facebook


Former Obama Tech Guy Was Behind 2018 Midterm Disinformation Campaign on Facebook


Democrats used Facebook to suppress GOP vote - Ex-Obama official bought ads on fake pages during midterms


Facebook violated tough new cybersecurity law, says Vietnam


Facebook & Twitter Consult With Hamas-CAIR Over Who Gets Banned From Their Platforms

New legal strategy considered threat to Facebook - Social media company 'may pay through its digital nose'


Google, Soros fund Facebook's new fact checker - Arbiter of 'fake news' led by former Buzzfeed editor


OpSec: Your Social Media Posts Can Be Used Against You


Facebook blocks ad for pro-life movie telling the true story about Roe v Wade


Facebook to start fact-checking fake news in the UK


Report: Facebook’s New Rules Ban Employees From Changing Colleagues’ Minds


If Dr. King Was Alive Today, His Facebook Page Would Be Deleted, And He’d Be Censored


Did you know that Facebook and Twitter are consulting with designated terrorist group CAIR about whom should be banned?


Facebook Rejects Ads From Pro-Life Film Starring Jon Voight


Report Claims That Up to Fifty Percent of Facebook Users Could Be Fake


Hacked Facebook account or not, it isn’t “anti-Muslim” to post a factual statement about Islam’s teachings made by former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) - Especially now that Minnesota is represented by a radical anti-American Somali Muslim antisemite, Ilhan Omar.


Facebook debuts scam ads reporting tool


Facebook Targets Pastor’s Pro-Life Message to Cuomo


Facebook busts vast Iranian manipulation campaign targeting Israel, others





Two Conservatives Suspended From Twitter — One For Tweeting About Brussels Sprouts


Facebook & Twitter Consult With Hamas-CAIR Over Who Gets Banned From Their Platforms


CRAZY! Twitter Hides Schumer Pelosi Picture Claims It Contains ‘Sensitive Content’


Old tweets reveal hidden secrets


Twitter Bans Conservative Radio Host for “Hateful Conduct,” a.k.a. Defending Portland Police


Did you know that Facebook and Twitter are consulting with designated terrorist group CAIR about whom should be banned?


How Twitter could be the death of liberal democracy


It’s Been Over 24 Hours Since Kathy Griffin Wanted Covington Catholic School Boys Doxxed. Twitter Hasn’t Taken Down Her Tweets


Why hasn’t Twitter banned users who called for the death of Covington Catholic students?


Twitter Account That Started Smear Campaign Against Pro-Life Teens is a Russian Troll Account


Twitter refuses to remove insane, vicious death threats against Covington students





The Latest Danger from Memes - Ever inventive, sophisticated hackers have now incorporated the use of steganography as a vehicle to deliver infectious malware


Dark Overlord hackers release alleged 9/11 lawsuit documents


Dangerous Data-Mining Bill on President’s Desk


Don’t fall victim to the Chromecast hackers – here’s what to do


Vein authentication beaten by wax hand and photograph


No Android passcode? No problem! Skype unlocked it for you


Hacker doxes hundreds of German politicians


Update now! Adobe Acrobat and Reader have critical flaws


T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T are selling access to their customers’ location data, and that data is ending up in the hands of bounty hunters and others not authorized to possess it, letting them track most phones in the country.


A photo will unlock many Android phones using facial recognition


How to spot a social media hoax - Stop shaking your head about "WhatsApp Gold" flimflam and start spreading these REAL nuggets of hoax-clobbering advice!


LA sues The Weather Channel over selling users’ location data - The app is accused of being a “location data company powered by weather” and profiting from users' data without being upfront about it.


You can’t delete Facebook from some Androids and people aren’t happy


2FA codes can be phished by new pentest tool


Trading site data leak sprayed out keys to users’ accounts


Shutdown hits government websites as certificates begin to expire


Windows 7 users get fix for latest updating woe


Feds can’t force you to unlock your phone with finger or face, says judge


Cellphone Location Data for Sale on Black Market, Investigation Reveals


Vast data-berg washes up 1.16 billion pwned records - Have I Been Pwned? (HIBP) has revealed a huge cache of breached email addresses and passwords, which it has named Collection #1.


Google cracks down on access to your Android phone and SMS data - Android apps that want access to your call and SMS data now have to pass muster with Google's team of reviewers.


Did you know you can see the ad boxes Facebook sorts us into? - ...or that they can edit the (often inaccurate) pigeon-holes Facebook likes to put us in, a study found.


Ep. 015 – USB anti-hacking, bypassing 2FA and government insecurity [PODCAST] - Here's the latest Naked Security podcast - enjoy!


YouTube bans dangerous and harmful pranks and challenges - The platform can't keep us from driving while blindfolded, but at least it can remove videos that glorify our more brainless moments.


Largest Cache Of Data Hacked In History: Hundreds of Millions of Emails & Passwords & More


State agency exposes 3TB of data, including FBI info and remote logins - Oklahoma’s Department of Securities (ODS) exposed 3TB of files in plain text containing sensitive data on the public internet this month.


Tim Cook demands a way for users to delete their personal data - The Apple CEO wants the FTC to set up a data-broker clearinghouse so people can see the data that companies have collected on them.


Rogue websites can turn vulnerable browser extensions into back doors  A researcher has found that websites can use some extensions to bypass security policies, execute code, and even install other extensions.


WhatsApp fights the spread of deadly fake news with recipient limit - WhatsApp has capped the number of people you can forward messages to, after India was seized by rumour-inspired mob lynchings.


100 million online bets exposed by leaky database - Online gamblers lose their private data as yet another unsecured Elasticsearch database is discovered


How to stop a hacker home invasion! [VIDEO]


“Proceed with caution”: Microsoft browser says Mail Online is untrustworthy - Hanging up on the fact-checkers probably isn't the best way for a news outlet to assure them that it's trustworthy.


Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week


US gov issues emergency directive after wave of domain hijacking attacks


AA19-024A: DNS Infrastructure Hijacking Campaign


#DeleteFacebook? #DeleteTwitter? #FatLotOfGood that will do you


Fighting Emotet: lessons from the front line


How to protect yourself this Data Privacy Day


Now you can sue over thumbprint taken without informed consent - Illinois justices' ruling could ripple across biometric industry


Japanese government will try to hack its citizens’ IOT devices - Japan will hack citizens' IoT devices to mop up cyber security before the Olympics. Don't like the notion? Here's how to lock 'em down!


Report: Apple FaceTime Bug Let Callers Watch Your iPhone's Camera -- Even if You Don't Answer


Firefox makes it easier for users to dodge ad-trackers


Ep. 017 – DNS hijacking, a weird breach and a cybersecurity confession [PODCAST]






Wasting Our Children’s Minds – How STEM, SEL & Sex Are Being Used Against Them


Communist China Now Tracks Children With Embedded Computer Chips #China #Communism #privacy #children


Young conservatives advised to fight terrorism on college campuses by ‘exposing Islam’ because Islam itself is ‘radical’


America’s Education System is Creating Sissies, with One Notable Exception


Bolsonaro Vows to ‘Tackle the Marxist Garbage’ in Brazil’s Schools


David Hogg Goes to College - Progressivism has achieved its ideological goal via higher education by progressively alienating the marketplace of ideas from the hallowed halls of learning.


Murder, Suicides & Missing Persons at Iowa’s Maharishi Campus


New York: Fail To Send Your Child To a Public Indoctrination Center & Government Will Take Them From You


Middle school reduces bad behavior dramatically with 'reverse suspensions' that invite parents to school when students misbehave


A Victory for Free Speech


Portland State Prof Who Exposed ‘Grievance Studies’ Corruption Faces University Discipline


Using ‘anti-racism’ to avoid teaching students proper English - It’s almost as if some universities are trying to convince parents that it’s not worth spending more than a quarter of a million dollars on a degree


SHOCK VIDEO: Muslim Leader Sharifa Alkhateeb Talks About Using Public Schools to Convert America to Islam


The Role of Respect in Education - The consequences of not respecting young people enough to tell them honestly about deficiencies in their work are ...


Virtues, Values, and Education - Our schools and colleges, with few exceptions, do less to form character and educate in the virtues than ...


The Infiltration of Marxism Into Higher Education (Part 1 of 2) - The majority of our colleges and universities have steadily been transformed from institutions that foster open debate into ...


The Infiltration of Marxism Into Higher Education (Part 2 of 2) - The prospects for influence were so far-reaching that de Toledano described the naive United States as 'a cow ...


Imagination Is Key to Morality - At first glance, imagination might seem to have nothing to do with morals.


ICE deports HS student for suspected MS-13 activity; now the school board might remove all cops from every school campus in the district - 'We must make a wrong right'


Battering-ram attack on homeschoolers gets court OK - Family in fight over attack where government snatched kids for 'socialization'


High Schooler Says Math Symbol Looks Like Gun, Accused Of Threat


Video: Heather Mac Donald on 'The Diversity Delusion' - How identity politics has undermined our universities and our culture.


LA teachers union advocates for illegals, then complains of overcrowded classrooms


Poking A Stick In The Eye Of Social and Emotional Learning - Part 1


Democrats Ready Universal Pre-K Pitch Ahead of 2020


A Tale of Two Professors - You might think that an academic dean at a public university, of all people, would have a duty to engage and treat with people from a variety of different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs


Gun Safety Classes to be Mandatory in Some Iowa Middle Schools


Two Iowa Middle Schools to Teach Gun Safety, Brady Campaign Is Apalled


Grinchy principal who banned Christmas colors resigns - Also had banished candy canes, Christmas music from Nebraska school


Free Speech Advocacy Group Launches Lawsuit Against University of Texas -  “the eyes of the University of Texas really are on students, keeping tabs on their speech all the time




Washington DC: Muslim Teacher Charged With Sexual Coercion Of Young Girls & Jihad Recruitment


Student Loan Debt Contributing to Declining Home Ownership


School Choice


How I Came to Embrace School Choice and Why You Should Too


Demonizing Catholic Schoolboys - The Lincoln Memorial incident marks a new departure in the left's war against the normal.


Colorado teacher placed on leave over demeaning tweet aimed at Covington student


Teacher Put on Leave After ‘#HitlerYouth’ Tweets About Covington Controversy


D'Souza tells entire room of students they're being lied to


California Dept. Of Education Wants To Teach Your Kindergartners There Are 15 Genders


Mike Rowe Exposes The ‘Dirty’ Truth About America’s Skills Gap And Flatlining Workforce


U. Wisconsin-Madison to Pay Students to Promote Social Justice on Campus


Principal to teacher: You can't be in church if your students are there - Liberty Counsel: Order violated First Amendment

America’s Public Schools Have Become Socialist Indoctrination Factories


Teachers unions in Denver, Oakland prepare to strike - The underlying issue for these and other teachers unions is the threat posed by charter schools. 


Bad Ideas Are Born in Bad Universities


Retired NYU Professor Explains Why College Students Prefer Socialism


Planned Parenthood pushes radical sex ed on 13-year-olds with new chatbot app


Religious schools tell state inspectors: Take a hike - Reaction follows agency's intent to 'move aggressively' to examine faith teaching


California Parents Sue to Block ‘Inclusivity’ Instruction in Schools


Liberals outraged as Trump endorses Bible literacy classes in public schools


Many Teachers Love the Choice That Union Leaders Loathe


Home Depot Co-Founder on Rise of Socialism: “It comes right out of the universities”


The Confucius Institute


Preschool Development Birth – 5 Grants & The Strings Attached To Them


Danger: How The Head Start Block Grant Royally Flushes Pre-K System With Indoctrination & Agenda







Allah over America - Like their leftist counterparts, the Islamic world is "interested in transforming free speech into what they call equal speech."


Government Eyes Are Watching You: We Are All Prisoners of the Surveillance State


House Democrats Seek Host of New Limits on Political Speech


‘Hate speech’ hysteria is getting out of control


Congress Fiddles As The Left Ramps Up Censorship Of Conservatives


Top 9 things you can't talk about freely in America

UC Davis Students Protest Photo of Slain Officer Holding Blue Lives Matter Flag


The Danger Within: Border Patrol Is Turning America Into a Constitution-Free Zone


Report: Facebook’s New Rules Ban Employees From Changing Colleagues’ Minds


Whining Snowflakes Demand Church Be Denied 1st Amendment for Telling the Truth #Jesus #Democrat #church #protest


Alex Jones Issues Official Statement On Sandy Hook & Roku Ban


Oregon Could Become the First State to Require In-Home Surveillance of Newborn Babies


HR 4174 - Foundations in Evidence Based Policymaking Act (FEPA) Just Eliminated Or Severely Gutted 9 Constitutional Amendments


Cellphone Location Data for Sale on Black Market, Investigation Reveals


Big Data meets Big Gov't: New IRS spy software - Exclusive: Daniel J. Pilla explains agency's plan to surveil your finances


The Left Isn’t Stopping at Merely Censoring the Right’s Free Speech






5 of the Most Important Stories Establishment Media Ignored in 2018


If You Didn’t Think Bill Gates’ MSNBC Couldn’t Be Any Stupider… Take A Look At Some Of Its Worst Moments In 2018


Can the Washington Post's lefty journalists give these points of bias a whirl? - Some random thoughts for the Washington Post's journalists after a banner year for media bias


Townhall's 10 Most Popular Stories of 2018...Many of Which Star MSNBC


The media never cares when Americans are killed by illegal immigrants


What is Fake News? How can you recognize it?


Fired Editor Jill Abramson Rips NYT for Trump Derangement Syndrome


Playboy Reporter Lies, Says POTUS Not Working During Shutdown- Gets Blasted


The End of Everything...or Not - The media are warning me to prepare for the end of everything. But my life seems to stay on its usual pedestrian path


CNN's Most Embarrassing Moments from 2018


NBC News Tries to Excuse Alleged Child Predator with Sob Story


Veteran Reporter William M. Arkin Quits NBC: Exposes Them For Promoting "Perpetual War" & "Threat Mongering"


How the Press Will Cover Speaker Pelosi


The Results of Obama's Presidency Still Don't Matter to Journalists - I read frequently what a good or even great a president Barack Obama was, and how his administration was virtually free of scandals


Newsweek spreads fake news that conservatives ‘pounced’ on Dem Socialist Ocasio-Cortez for dancing video


The 8 biggest lies of 2018 - Exclusive: Joseph Farah nails brazen untruths circulating amidst mainstream media


Leftists to Media: Damn You For Covering That Democrat Freshman's 'Motherf***er' Tirade


CNN Hires Never-Trumper Mia Love, Luis Gutierrez


Come Again? NBC News Seems To Have Scrubbed The Word Terrorist With The Political Correctness Cloth


New York Times orders readers to “celebrate” election of Jew-hating pro-Sharia BDS supporter Rep. Ilhan Omar


LA Times: You Can Be A Jew-Hater and a Good Person


Media silent after fake 'hate crime' involving the murder of a little girl, exposed - The murder of Jazmine Barnes, supposedly done by a "white terrorist," was committed by two black men


Black Lives Matter Activist Shaun King Implies Innocent Man Committed Murder - FAMILY MEMBERS OF MAN WRONGFULLY ACCUSED SAY THEY'VE RECEIVED THREATS


CNN's Lemon Wants Live Feed Delay to Make Sure Viewers Don't 'Believe' Trump


Left-Wing Fake News Hurts the Nation


(Video) Kellyanne Conway Gives CNN’s Acosta A Well-Deserved Smackdown


When media are quiet about financial news, you know the economy's strong - Stock market gains go unreported...again


Once again, Trump has outsmarted his media foes - Forget about the defiant posturing. Trump has the networks right where he wants them


There’s Something Malicious Behind the Mainstream Media’s Economic Fearmongering


A Local News Station Just Called Out CNN On Air for Their Border Narrative


Media Contagion Effect and Mass Shootings


Trump vs. The Crazies


Why We Continue to Have School Murders


Exposed: 'Dan Rather and the Birth of Fake News' - New documentary recalls CBS story debunked by bloggers


Ana Navarro, CNN's Madame Defarge - Navarro lacks both heart and wisdom. She is the perfect archetype of our progressive left. 

The Manchurian Media


MSM Never Questioned Airing An Obama Speech Despite These 1063 Examples Of His Lies, Mendacity, Etc.


NYT’s Tom Friedman loses it on Trump - Speaking of "demented"... 


Stupid New York Times tricks - A long and disgusting history goes full circle


Fake News Exposed: No, Lindsey Graham Didn't Leave Interview 'in a Huff' After Getting 'Fact Checked'


Why do the leftist media always seem to leave out the “M” word in their headlines about the Gay purges taking place in Chechnya?


CNN legal analyst Areva Martin accuses David Webb of ‘white privilege’ before learning he’s black


Politicians and lies: How the media forgot the difference between opinion and fact


Dem Congresswoman: Actually, Trump's Border Wall Is About Getting Rid Of People Of Color, Or Something


NY Times’ Story On FBI Trump Probe After Comey Firing Is Illogical And Absurd


Is the New York Times Motto for Real? - Fit for whom? Certainly not readers


4 Media Lies About the Government Shutdown


Trump's Popularity Rose Despite 90 Percent Negative Media Coverage in 2018


The True Story of the Media's Role in Trump's Victory - The role of the media during the 2016 election was exactly the opposite of what is now claimed


Hey, Liberal Media, Remember When You Said There Was No Migrant Invasion Happening


A Tale of Two Letters - Comparing the media response to letters by Trump and Pelosi


Imagine if the Media Had as Much Sympathy for Small Business Owners as it Does for Federal Employees


Who wins the Brian Ross Trophy this week? - BuzzFeed and the New York Times in competition for the dunce cap


All Three Networks Ignore ‘March For Life,’ Cover Pro-Abortion ‘Women’s March’ Instead


Think Mainstream Media Is Out of Touch? You're Not Alone



CNN’s John King Asks If Karen Pence Should Be Denied Secret Service Protection

CNN's King suggests Secret Service detail be pulled from Mrs. Pence - King wonders if taxpayers should foot the bill to prevent Karen Pence's assassination

Mike Pence: The Mainstream Media Must Stop 'Attacks on Christian Education'

‘Reverend’ Al Sharpton silent as TV show guest calls VP Pence a ’Jesus whisperer’ - Outright anti-Christian bigotry evidently is now acceptable on both CNN and MSNBC 



Omar Fuels Conspiracy Theory: Graham Is ‘Compromised!’

CNN, MSNBC Spread Homophobic Conspiracy Theory to Smear Lindsey Graham...

Democrats, MSNBC Should Punish Their Lindsey Graham Gay-Baiters

MSNBC Anchor Suggests Trump Is Blackmailing Graham Over ‘Extreme’ Secret

Omar Sputters When Pressed to Defend Calling Graham ‘Compromised,’ Can’t Provide Evidence



Buzzfeed Runs Crazy Story Accusing Jews Of Conspiring Against George Soros



The Tables Turn on Pelosi and the Media - This week, Nancy Pelosi learned a lesson about presidential power, and the media were gut-checked by the special prosecutor

Shocker: Reporter Who Co-Wrote ‘Bombshell’ Story About Trump Directing Cohen To Lie Has A Fake News History

BuzzFeed Reporter Admits He Hasn't Seen the Evidence He Cited in Trump Tower Report

BuzzFeed rocks media industry after Mueller team disputes report: ‘Media errors are always anti-Trump’

Special counsel's office says Buzzfeed report on Trump and Cohen is 'not accurate'

Hannity: Buzzfeed spreads fake news

5 Reasons BuzzFeed’s Story Should Never Have Been Accepted by the Mainstream Media

Get Wrecked: Special Counsel's Office Issues Rare Statement Debunking Trump-Russia BuzzFeed Story

Another anti-Trump 'bombshell,' another dud - The anti-Trump throng keeps getting left high and dry. 

Weird new frontiers in media bias: BuzzFeed versus Robert Mueller? - Why would Mueller issue a rebuttal to a now prominent BuzzFeed story on the special counsel investigation? 

Mueller Slams Buzzfeed For Publishing Blatantly Fake News #Trump #Russia #Mueller #Buzzfeed is #FakeNews

Media in various Stages of Grief over collapse of Buzzfeed Trump/Cohen story

BuzzFeed Busted: This Is How Bad They Screwed Up In Verifying Shoddy Trump-Russia Story

BuzzFeed reporter, after rebuke by Mueller, unable to explain discrepancies


Weird new frontiers in media bias: BuzzFeed versus Robert Mueller? - Why would Mueller issue a rebuttal to a now prominent BuzzFeed story on the special counsel investigation? 

BuzzFeed Busted: The Red Flags Were Everywhere In Their Trash Trump-Russia Story

Facepalm: CNN Legal Analyst Worries BuzzFeed Foul-Up Makes The Media Look Like A Bunch Of Leftists Looking To Take Out Trump

BuzzFeed’s Report Has Been Disputed By Mueller, But Adam Schiff Is Going To Investigate Anyway

Buzzfeed falls into another pit - Beltway's media manipulators must look on at Buzzfeed as the ultimate roundheel for leaks in the news business. 

CNN Legal Analyst: The Buzzfeed Fiasco Is Going To Make People “Think We’re A Bunch Of Leftist Liars Trying To Get Trump”

CNN Analyst: Many Americans Will Dismiss Media as ‘Leftist Liars’ Over Disputed BuzzFeed Story

Donald Trump Jr. calls out Schiff after reports say that blocked phone calls weren’t to father



Kathy Griffin Viciously Targets Covington Catholic Kids

Kathy Griffin Tweets, Deletes Photo Of Covington Students Holding Up 'New Nazi Sign'

Media Narrative of “Catholic MAGA high schoolers mob Native American elder” doesn’t hold up to video scrutiny - Twitter mob launched against teens by celebrities encouraging doxing and assault against minors

More Fake News: No,These MAGA-Hat Wearing High School Kids Didn't 'Hound' A Native American Man

So-Called Adults Apoplectically Overreact to Covington Catholic Kids

The Real Story Behind The Catholic School Boys And Their Dust Up With A Native American Veteran

Apologies Roll In For Catholic School Protesters As Fuller Picture Of Events Emerges

MAGA Hat Kid Speaks Up: ‘It Was Clear To Me That He Had Singled Me Out’

READ IT: Teen At Center Of Covington Catholic HS Controversy Releases Statement To Correct 'Outright Lies'

WALSH: 4 Lessons We Can Learn From The Despicable Smear Campaign Against The Covington Catholic Students

The Prolife Covington Catholic Teens Aren’t the Racists

Honest question. Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s? - See the replies.

Here’s A Quick Facial Expressions Guide To Ensure You Know When A Smile Is A Smirk Or A Face Is Punchable

New, Up-Close Video Shows Smiling MAGA Kid Actually Trying To Stop Confrontation

Here's How Major News Outlets Updated Their Stories About the Covington Controversy

Tucker Condemns Media Treatment Of Catholic Boys: They ‘Were Not A Roving Mob’

Trump Says Covington Catholic Students ‘Making Big Comeback’

Trump: Media made Covington students ‘symbols of Fake News and how evil it can be’


WashPost Correction: Native American Activist Phillips 'Was Never Deployed to Vietnam'

Revealed: Nathan Phillips’ Discharge Papers Released... And He Was AWOL a LOT

Mainstream Media Pushed Native American Activist As Vietnam Veteran – Only He Wasn’t

Covington Catholic Cancels Classes ’to Ensure Safety’... Threats Continue Despite Fake News Retractions

Disney Producer Sorry for '#MAGA Kids into Wood Chipper' Fantasy

'Daily Show' Host: Everyone 'Wants to Punch That Kid'

Joy Behar Defends Rush to Destroy Teens: ‘We’re Desperate to Get Trump Out of Office’

Kentucky gov blasts ‘intolerant liberals’ for reckless condemnation of Covington kids

Congressman: Media’s attack on high schoolers was calculated to detract from March for Life

Tucker Carlson slams ‘bigoted’ mainstream media for ‘destroying…mocking’ Covington boys

Trump to meet Covington students at White House: report

Covington Kids Going To The White House

The true victim of the Covington Catholic debacle

Those pro-life Covington Catholic teens weren’t the racists

Demonizing Catholic Schoolboys - The Lincoln Memorial incident marks a new departure in the left's war against the normal.

Wacky American Indian protester says Covington student 'stole his narrative' - Cloaked in the cover of identity politics, the leftist drum-beater gets to set the narrative and the terms of the outcome

George Orwell and 2084 - Covington Catholic High and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez usher in the age of Big Brother

The Detroit Free Press's alternative facts about Nathan Phillips - Shame on this paper for its coverage of the American Indian "elder" and the boys from Covington Catholic High

What the right should learn from Covington Catholic flap - The usual suspects jumped through the left's hoop as regards the Lincoln Memorial incident. 

Nathan Phillips - ‘Vietnam Veteran’ Never Deployed to Vietnam; Threats Continue Against MAGA Teens

Nathan Phillips, ‘Vietnam War veteran,’ never fought in the Vietnam War

Nathan Phillips not Vietnam vet, discharge papers show - 'Recon ranger' was fridge mechanic who went AWOL 3 times

Thanks, liberal terrorists: Covington Catholic High School closed after threats of violence

Journalist Fired After Wanting Covington Catholic Students And Their Parents 'To Die'

Nathan Phillips Refuses To Meet With Covington Catholic Boys, Suggests They Be Expelled

Behar: People Smeared the Covington Students ‘Because We’re Desperate to Get Trump Out of Office’

Video: Joy Behar admits liberal media propagandists ‘desperate to get Trump out of office’

The Definitive Timeline For The Covington Catholic Run In At The Lincoln Memorial

Abortion Activists Threaten to Burn Pro-Life Teens Alive and Sexually Abuse Them

BREAKING: Covington diocesan offices evacuated after ‘suspicious package’ found (UPDATED)

World watches battle between Covington boys and mainstream media – live updates

U.S. House Intelligence Committee investigating video that triggered hate against Covington boys

‘I was not disrespectful’: Covington Catholic’s Nick Sandmann speaks out on ‘Today Show’

Rush Limbaugh unloads on conservative media orgs that joined anti-Covington bandwagon

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders defends Covington kids smeared by media

Covington Catholic High School reopens under heavy police protection

Catholic clergy have acted more shamefully in Covington controversy than leftist media

Reza Aslan Calls For Violence Against Falsely Accused High School Student, Wants To “Punch” Dinesh D’Souza’s Face


Thought Crimes, Media Abuse and Those Catholic High School Boys From Covington

Covington Mom Speaks Out About the Viral Encounter

You’re Fired: Entertainment Writer Axed For Wishing Death Upon Covington Catholic High School Students And Their Families

“The lesson anybody on the right needs to learn, is you need to have your own video cameras running”

NBC: The Covington boys should apologize because they wore MAGA hats - The horror! 

When did patriotism become racism? - When did it become a racist act to wear a hat that reads, "Make America Great Again"? 

NOW Nathan Phillips Wants To Meet With Covington Teens He Smeared For ‘The Teaching Of Tolerance’

Nathan Phillips And Other Protesters Storm DC Basilica, Demand Punishment For Covington Boys

Libels of and threats to Covington Kids will face Kentucky justice - Prosecutor: "It's called 'terroristic threatening' in Kentucky and it is a felony offense punishable by 1 to 5 years in prison to make a threat of violence to an educational institution." 

Heads should roll at National Review - Jack Cashill explains why mag joined in media scolding of Catholic boys

Nathan Phillips, Liar

Fact-Check Update: Video Shows Nathan Phillips Saying He's A 'Vietnam Vet,' Was 'In Theater'

I Asked If Nathan Phillips Believes He Owes Anyone An Apology. Here’s The Response I Received.

Inside the Black Hebrew Israelites' World of Hate - Who, exactly, are the black supremacists who ignited the recent D.C. confrontation?

Oh, You Suck: WaPo Eats It Over Their Nathan Phillips Vietnam War Veteran Story

MAGA Kid Madness Continues: Suspicious Package Sent To Covington Diocese

Colorado Teacher Placed On Leave After Doxxing Wrong Covington Catholic High School Student

NYT Publishes Puff Piece On Hate Group That Harassed Covington Boys For Over An Hour

NBC, Nathan Phillips Spread Fake News About Service Claims... Last Year Said 'I'm a Vietnam Vet'

Nathan Phillips wants to lecture Covington students on ‘cultural appropriation’

NBC’s Savannah Guthrie Rebuked For Interview With Covington Student

If Libs Will Lie About the Covington Catholic Kids, Who Won't They Lie About?

The Press Gets a Needed Lesson in Truth Telling

Ted Cruz Defends Covington Kids, Accuses Celebrity of Using His Fame to 'Pick on Teenagers'

Video Proof Of Nathan Phillips’ Lying By Saying Was Vietnam Vet

Snopes, Fact-Checker For Facebook And Google, Botches Nathan Phillips Fact Check

Tucker Slams NBC For ‘Softest Interview’ Of Nathan Phillips

Lincoln Memorial and the Pashas of the Right - The most salient characteristic of leftists today is that they don't give a damn. The pashas of conservatism have clearly demonstrated the same thing.

Covington teens put in psychological woodchipper while media and Hollywood hacks coddle the haters - Blaming the victims and rewriting history

Catholic Boys Latest Victim Of Trump-Hating Leftist Mob  

Covington shows that ‘sorry’ is not in the left’s vocabulary

CNN Slams Pro-Life Teens, Says Their MAGA Hats are “Just as Triggering as KKK Hoods”

Radical Leftist Fashion Police Target MAGA Hats

Omar Defends Black Hebrew Israelites, a Hate Group, in Falsehood-Laden Tweet About Covington Teens

Insufferable jerk Bill Maher smears Covington teen Nick Sandmann: ‘F*****g kid,’ ‘little pr**k’

3 Silver Linings in The Covington Catholic High Hoax

What the Episode at the Lincoln Memorial Teaches Us About the Media Standards

Call to Action: Stand For the Students of Covington Catholic High School

Limbaugh: Here's What We've Learned About Democrats From Their Response To Covington Teens, NY Abortion Law

What happened to Covington boys was like ‘Two-Minutes Hate’ from George Orwell’s 1984

Long Before the Covington High Incident, Orwell Revealed the Truth about Hate

#MAGAKIDS HOAX: Top 3 Lessons! | Louder With Crowder

What the Covington High School Incident Tells Us About America

The Truth about the Lincoln Memorial Incident

Thou Shalt Not Smirk


Kentucky Bishop Blasts Students Who Wore MAGA Hats to Pro-Life March

Wearing a Trump hat? That’s not exactly pro-life, says Catholic Bishop John Stowe

Covington bishop’s rebuke could seriously harm the faith of these pro-life teens. Pray it doesn’t

Fr. James Martin is a hypocrite to condemn Covington boys while preaching ‘bridge-building’

Covington Catholic diocese sticks to its calumny against its kids - Some new kind of way of molesting the kids? 

Pro-gay Kentucky bishop trashes Covington boys: Wearing a Trump hat isn’t pro-life

Covington Bishop visits maligned students at school, doesn’t offer apology for condemnation

BREAKING: Archdiocese of Baltimore apologizes for criticizing Covington boys

Kentucky bishop apologizes to Covington Catholic students, says he expects their exoneration

Covington bishop apologizes to pro-life students

Covington parents mad they were banned from school when bishop secretly addressed students

The Church is very sick and in need of renewal, and Covington proves it

Were Christians who condemned Covington boys virtue signaling to the left?

WATCH: Fr. Pavone defends Covington boys’ Trump hats, support of pro-life president  

Priest sticks up for Covington Catholic students after they defended him from mob’s slurs  

Parents are right to be angered by bishops’ rash judgement of Covington boys

ICYMI: NBC News Tried To Trash Catholic Covington Diocese...And It Failed Miserably

Priest writes Covington Catholic student praising him for the way he handled volatile situation


Lawyer For Covington Kids Threatens To Sue NYT For 'Obvious Libel'; People Line Up To Help

Lawyer for Covington Catholic Families Gives Media 48 Hours to 'Retract and Correct' Smears

Yeah, The Covington Kids Have A Case

Covington boys’ lawyer receives bomb threat after telling media to retract false reports


Covington Catholic Student's Family Hires Attorney for Media Libel Suits

Nick Sandmann’s Family Hires Lawyer to Go After Liberal Media With Libel Lawsuits

Leftist Congresswoman could be hit with libel suit over false claims about Covington teens

Lawyer Names Those to Be Sued for Comments About Covington Students



The real evil of fake news - The fake news media is playing a game of sleight of hand with the American people


Factor or Fiction? Retired Border Patrol Agent Sets The Record Straight on MSM Claims About llegal Immigration


Former NY Times Executive Editor: Paper’s Coverage Has Become ‘Unmistakably Anti-Trump’


Our degenerate media - So many stories lately demonstrate how the American media perfectly fit the description "degenerate." 


A new low at the New York Times - What is the Gray Lady smoking? 


Why Does American Media Shill for Islam?


This Weekend The Media Demonstrated Why Conservatives Can't Trust Them


Should We Be Concerned When Journalists Call Armed Invaders “Unwanted House Visitors”?


Fox News host Laura Ingraham: ‘Complicit media’ enables left-wing ‘domestic terrorists’


The Media's BuzzFeed and Covington Disasters


Disaster is coming – just ask the journalists - Why does anyone believe them as they seek to reduce our freedom and take away money from everyone, especially the poor and middle class? 


New York Times Runs Bizarre Anti-Semitic Piece on Michael Cohen


Poll: 58 Percent of Americans Say Media Does Not Understand People Like Them


Does the Media Deserve to Be Respected and Believed?


Simple Tests to Find Out Who is Doing Your Thinking for You


Fake News and the Narrative - As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party, the mainstream media now act as the communications organ for proselytization of The Narrative.


Propaganda: The Bread and Butter of the Progressive Left - Twentieth-century totalitarian regimes were masters of propaganda. So are modern Democrats


Soros, the NYT, and anti-Israel propaganda. - The bonds between the NYT and George Soros grow ever tighter


From Teens To Trump, Media Doxes The Right


CNN Blasts Trump After Announcing End of Shutdown: ‘Cave,’ ‘Shameful,’ ‘One of the Biggest Tactical Defeats’


N.Y. Times writer facing backlash for #exposechristianschools - 'Did you or your editor come up w this idea? Were you both sober?


The New York Times: the Propaganda Gift that Keeps on Giving (for Stalinists)


Newspaper Agrees To Pay Melania Trump ‘Substantial Damages’ Over False Reporting


Hundreds Of Laid Off BuzzFeed Employees Pen a Demand Letter to Their Former Employer


Can the Republic Survive the Mainstream Media? - So, no, Mr. Franklin, it appears that we couldn’t sustain the republic. We may already have been done-in


Journalistic karma - It seems that laid-off journos are reluctant to take their own advice




Washington Post’s National Political Correspondent Calls Trump Supporters ‘Rubes’


Liberal Media Trashed Pro-Life Teens Extensively, Spent Just 58 Seconds on Actual March for Life


Ocasio-Cortez Criticizes 'Tech Monopolies' For Lack of 'High-Quality Journalism' But Misses One Important Tidbit


Media Looks At Gun Industry’s Growing Market: Women


CNN Hires Gillum Days After Florida Commission Finds Probable Cause of Ethics Violations


The Manure-Spreaders of Media Sensationalism


Making NBC News great again - Chuck Todd vs. Chet Huntley. Guess who wins


Media Claim Two MAGA Fans Attacked Actor. Here Is The Full Story


Media More Outraged Over Blackface Photo in Gov Northam Yearbook Than Infanticide 


CNN falsely labels Northam as 'Republican' during segment on blackface-KKK yearbook photo flap


Speaking of 'poppycock': Anyone who thinks big government socialism is an answer has lots of it - Media princelings such as E.J. Dionne would have you think tax cuts are a bad thing


Networks, Liberal Cable News Ignore Virginia Governor’s Endorsement of Aborting Delivered Babies


Bad, Press







Vatican Rats Bailing On Pope Francis As Clergy Child Molestation Scandal Grows #Catholic #PopeFrancis #children #Christian


The Truth About Democratic Morality - Stop being afraid to let our fellow Americans know how the Democrats are stealthily repealing our constitutional freedoms while forcing us to embrace immoral agendas


First MSM fake news of 2019 - It only took a few hours


An Inside Look At The Social Decay That Is Eating Away At America


Pope Francis and the Devil: Misreading the Signs of the Times


How the Left Appropriates Christianity - Non-Christians have no idea how practical true, biblical Christianity is


Pew Research: 88% Of Congress Claims To Be Christian – Appears They Are Only Giving Lip Service


Pope Francis, Indifferentism, and Islamization


Tables Turned: Judge OKs Christian Baker Jack Phillips To Sue Colorado For Anti-Christian Hostility


Ravi Zacharias and Dennis Prager with Jeff Foxworthy The Death of Truth, The Decline of Culture Q&A


Christian persecution set to rise ‘sharply’ in 2019, group warns


The threat of interfaith dialogue


Vatican (Briefly) Commemorates Cuba's Stalinist Revolution


Progressive Indoctrination in Church - Bye-bye, sin, bye-bye, guilt, bye-bye, all the best and most humane moral brakes on waywardness and wrongdoing ever manifested in sacred Scripture


Whining Snowflakes Demand Church Be Denied 1st Amendment for Telling the Truth #Jesus #Democrat #church #protest


Why is the Vatican standing up for the Venezuelan dictatorship? - More lunacy from the Vatican, choosing Maduro over Venezuela's starving people at Maduro's inaugural, even as the rest of the world is staying away. Pope Francis sure has a weak spot for the status quo


Pastor Removed From His Church For Telling The Truth About Bruce Jenner, Sodomy & The Bible


Senate Resolution Rebukes Kamala Harris and Mazie Hirono for Discriminating Against Pro-Life Catholic Nominee

Is Religion Anti-Intellectual? - While the highly educated have relegated traditional belief in a creator to nothing more now than cultural mythology, the masses haven't followed.


The Vatican Surrenders to China


The Church of England's Vatican Envoy Doesn't Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus


How bishops are being bullied to drop homosexuality from the clergy abuse debate


Supreme Court Denies Review to Football Coach Fired for Praying After Games


Dr. Martin Luther King then, President Donald J. Trump now fighting to free the oppressed


Heretic Pope? Francis Knew Bishop Was Pervert, Promotes To Top Vatican Post #Catholic #PopeFrancis #crime


The Church is very sick and in need of renewal, and Covington proves it


Trump Admin Moves to Protect Religious Liberty in Adoptions, Foster Care


Pope Francis: Schools must teach sex-ed ‘without ideological colonization’


Vatican to be exposed as ‘one of largest’ homosexual networks in world in new book


The American culture war, complete with American proletariat and bourgeoisie - You may not realize it yet, but if you are a white Christian man, there is a target painted on your forehead


Liberals’ Holy War on Christian Orthodoxy


The Left's Collateral Damage - In their unending crusade to rid America of religious influence, leftist zealots display no concern for the obvious harm to the vulnerable attributable directly to their efforts




MAGA: Make America Godly Again


Catholic Church Leaders Are a Bunch of Cowards - For many years, we have watched so-called Catholic politicians enact laws contrary to Church teaching without getting called on the carpet by their pastors


Do Black Lives Matter to Progressives?


Seeing Racism Everywhere: Photo Of Soot-Covered Coal Miners Criticized For ‘Blackface’


Antisemitism Is Anti-American: Now Is The Time To Go On The Offense Against Hate!


Watch: Ocasio-Cortez's political party calls for the elimination of Israel in 2017 - Some veteran Democrats have formed a pro-Israel group to counter the growing anti-Semitism in the party






WATCH: Man who claims to be ‘female’ explodes at store clerk for calling him ‘sir’


A bad case of anosognosia down at GameStop - The man who threw a fit demanding to be called "ma'am" has a serious mental problem – and it turns out there's a fancy Greek-derived name for it. 


From Now On, A NYC Newborn's Gender Can Be 'X'


Evangelical groups hop on LGBTQ bandwagon - Exclusive: Rev. Dave Welch challenges Christians supporting 'Fairness for All Act'

BREAKING: Appeals court rules in favor of Trump’s transgender military ban


Transgender Theory Enables Child Abuse -  LGBTQ enforcers are using government, corporations, the medical profession, social media, and mainstream media to bully the mainstream into allowing the abuse of children.


American Psychological Association: ‘Traditional Masculinity’ Harmful to Men and Boys


American Psychological Association demonizes masculinity, endangers boys with new ‘guidelines’


The American Psychological Association and Toxic Femininity - Perhaps the shrinks could find a better use of their time than demonizing all men


The scientific experts who hate science


Momma, Don't Let Your Boys Grow Up to Be Men - Apparently, the APA's now gearing up to help us get over toxically masculine nonsense.


Parents beware: Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria a social contagion among girls


10-Year-Old Boy 'Drag Kid' Photographed With Naked Adult Drag Queen


Free Speech Is Dead in Canada: The Persecution of Christian Activist Bill Whatcott - We're already on that totalitarian road. Canada is just farther along.


Why do the leftist media always seem to leave out the “M” word in their headlines about the Gay purges taking place in Chechnya?


Britain's 'First Transgender Family' Now Transitioning Their 5-Year-Old Son To Female


We Need To Retoxify Masculinity


The Self-Destruction of LGBT Activism


CNN, MSNBC Spread Homophobic Conspiracy Theory to Smear Lindsey Graham...


“Transmania” & The Subversion Of Masculinity


Taxpayers Funded Shrinks Who Deem Masculinity Harmful to Health


Democrats, MSNBC Should Punish Their Lindsey Graham Gay-Baiters


Masculinity Is Not Toxic, but the APA Might Be - What is toxic is not masculinity, but the imposition of warped views on our sons, our grandsons, our country, and our future


Lesbian Couple Sued Religious Retirement Home For Denying Them. They Lost.


Prominent LGBT Activist, Democratic Donor Charged In Teen Sex Abuse Case


Democrats, MSNBC Should Punish Their Lindsey Graham Gay-Baiters


Male, Female Electrical Plugs Banned


Supreme Court Lets Trump Transgender Troop Restrictions Take Effect


California Dept. Of Education Wants To Teach Your Kindergartners There Are 15 Genders


Should Karen Pence Resign From “Anti-Gay” School?


Transgender movement is experimenting on children…the results are horrifying


The APA Is Wrong about Toxic Masculinity, but Not for the Reason You Think - Social expectations of men have declined over the course of American history, and a genuine solution requires that we grasp that historical context


Exploiting Children: The Next Agenda of the Left?  


Don't Pretend Drag Queens at Libraries Aren't Promoting Anything to Kids - Maybe "children can handle" being read to by a drag queen. But why should they?


Pro-gay bishop who criticized Covington boys to lead ‘LGBTQ’ retreat at Notre Dame


Japan Supreme Court Rules Transgenders Must Be Sterilized #Japan #Transgender #LGBTQ


California Parents Sue to Block ‘Inclusivity’ Instruction in Schools


Texas Mother To Force Healthy 6-Yr-Old Son To Undergo Chemical Castration


Why I Reported the Case of an 11-Year-Old Drag Queen to Child Protective Services







The Only Privilege in America is Liberal Privilege - When you think about it, it is obvious that left-wing politics is fake politics.


The coming Democratic implosion - The complete and total implosion of the Democrats will be the story of 2019


The Left Will Make 2019 a Dark Year


We Are Living A Game of Political Jenga


116th Congress Starts January 3: Big Changes Coming - Look at the Impacts


The Threat of Communism: Then and Now


Pelosi Looks Beyond Investigating Trump to Set Democrats’ 2020 Agenda


Foul-Mouthed Rashida and the Duplicitous Democrats - Rashida Tlaib's incredibly vulgar epithet against the president draws attention to a particular quirk among the left


U.S. Still Leans Conservative, but Liberals Keep Recent Gains


Dennis Prager's Top 10 Ways Liberalism Makes America Worse


Progressives Are Determined To Make Conservatives Out of Perfectly Fine Liberals


What a Socialist Really Wants  What exactly is a socialist? When someone announces to the world, "I'm a socialist," what is that person thinking?


De Blasio: ‘There’s Plenty of Money in the World, It’s Just in the Wrong Hands’


Wondering Why Americans Are Running from Blue States? - Voting happens not only at the ballot box


So far to the left that they are out of bounce - It's amazing to see how the Democratic Party has evolved in a generation. 


The Conservative Majority and Polls - Every single major poll in the last fifty years has shown that conservatives outnumber liberals


NYC Mayor de Blasio Enacts Radical Agenda To Convert Big Apple To Communism #NYC #NewYork #Communism #Democrats


7 Things Americans See That the Left Still Pretends We Don't


The Lackluster Democratic Field


The Culture of Trust and How Society Collapses without It - Something quite serious is attacking America's traditional culture of trust


The Left vs. Logic - The left has walked away from absolute truth and therefore from sensible policy and therefore from sanity


A Beginner’s Guide to American Communist Parties: Part 1


The Left's War against White Males - While making heroes of illegals and anti-American agitators, social justice warriors on the left are more emboldened than ever to condemn Caucasian Christian men


Fake News and the Narrative - As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party, the mainstream media now act as the communications organ for proselytization of The Narrative.


Propaganda: The Bread and Butter of the Progressive Left - Twentieth-century totalitarian regimes were masters of propaganda. So are modern Democrats


That weird silence from Democrats over Venezuela's massive rejection of socialism - Funny how even the foreign-affairs Democrats, who have got lots to tweet about the shutdown, transgender troops, high school football, and Roe v. Wade, have nothing to say about the massive rejection of socialism south of our border. 


Why Democratic Socialists Support Totalitarian Regimes


The Saul Alinsky American Left


Socialism Is The Fyre Festival Of Ideologies, And Stupid Millennials Are Falling For It Too


Will ‘Democratic Socialism’ Lead to Communism?


Defeat Socialists Now – Before It’s Too Late







Just How Many Muslims Won Political Office In 2018? The Numbers May Surprise You!


2018 Elections Were A Disaster For Candidates Who Signed ‘No Fossil Fuel Money’ Pledge






FREE BEACON PRIVILEGE CALCULATOR: Ranking The 2020 Democratic Field - Ranking The 2020 Democratic Field


How the Supreme Court could shape the 2020 presidential race


The 2020 Apology Tour


Possible independent candidates scaring both parties - It's unknown what real impact either Howard Schultz or Michael Bloomberg will have on the race. But neither party wants to find out


2020 Dem Presidential Candidates Would Likely Support Virginia Abortion Bill



     Trump Matters


Trump Team Sets 2020 Plans In Motion. Here's What's Happening.


The One Thing That Could Almost Guarantee A Trump Victory In 2020 Is On The Verge Of Happening



     Clinton Matters


Friends: Very Special Lady Considering 2020 Presidential Run  



     Joe Biden Matters


Feinstein Endorses Joe Biden For 2020


Dianne Feinstein Snubs California Colleague Kamala Harris, Backs Joe Biden





     Bernie Sanders


Report: Bernie Sanders Set To Seek Highest Office In 2020


So, Is This What Bernie Sanders Did On His 1988 'Honeymoon' To The USSR?


Sanders to propose dramatic expansion in estate tax on richest Americans



     Beto O'Rourke Matters


On The Trail: The Resplendent Prose Stylings of 2020 Frontrunner Beto O’Rourke


Beto bombs bigly in long interview with the Washington Post - When a CNN anchor warns that "it's a fine line to walk between being a blank canvas and an empty vessel," a pretty-boy, Kennedyesque progressive candidate is in trouble. 


Beto O'Rourke questions relevance of Constitution, principles 'set down 230-plus years ago'


CNN: Beto’s Proto-Campaign ’Drips with White Male Privilege’



     Gillibrand Matters


Abortion Activist Kirsten Gillibrand Launches Exploratory Committee for 2020 Presidential Bid


Gillibrand Makes Her First Political Flip Flop Since Announcing Presidential Run


Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Launches Uphill Battle for 2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination


Moderate Or Extremist? Which Sen. Gillibrand Is Running For President?


Gillibrand Defends Women’s March Roiled by Anti-Semitism Scandal, Will Speak at Iowa March


Gillibrand Pressed by Maddow on Previous ‘Conservative Bona Fides,’ Apologizes for Being ‘Callous’ on Immigration


Gillibrand, Who Voted Down Mattis, Says Trump Cabinet Nominees Either Had Wrong Values or Weren’t Qualified


Gillibrand Reverses Position on Drivers’ Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants


Gillibrand Doesn’t Think Trump’s ‘Racist’ Border Policies Were Racist When She Supported Them


WATCH: 2020 Dem Candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Distances Herself From ‘Racist’ Former Positions On Immigration


Tapper Outs Gillibrand’s Immigration Deceit, She Responds With False History


Kirsten Gillibrand Open To Expanding SCOTUS, Calls It An ‘Interesting’ Idea



     Harris Matters


The Outrageous Assault on the Knights of Columbus - Column: Kamala Harris and the Religious Test of the 'New Liberalism'


Kamala Harris Calls Trump ‘Gutless’ in 2020 Dress Rehearsal


Abortion Activist Kamala Harris Will Decide on 2020 Bid “Soon,” Claims She’s Devoted to “Human Rights”


The Kamala Harris Show


Abortion Activist Kamala Harris Will Run for President After Bashing Catholics and Targeting Pro-Lifers


The Radical Connections of 2020 Presidential Hopeful Kamala Harris


Looking to 2020, Kamala Harris Hires Heavy Hitter Lawyer Involved With Russian Dossier


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Former Mayor of San Francisco Reveals That Kamala Harris Got Her Career Started in His Bedroom


Will Harris Get a Pass on Her Past?


An abundance of arrogance - Kamala Harris's political ideology is a real piece of work. 


Kamala Harris’ Staff Threatened to Call Capitol Police When Angel Families Visited Her Office


Remember That Time Kamala Harris Compared ICE To The KKK?


Why Do You Need “Assault Weapons” To “Kill Babies” Kamala Harris, When You Fund Those That Behead Them?


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FLIP-FLOP: Kamala Harris Changes Position On Healthcare In Under 24 Hours After Outrage


Flipping, flopping, backtracking, Kamala Harris just isn't ready for prime time - Half-baked ideas, thin skin, flip-flops – it's pretty obvious Kamala Harris is trying to win the presidency based on her looks, not her easily discarded ideas. Willie Brown always did say she was flexible... 

Killer Kamala: Her Single-Payer Health Care Plan Would Slash Over A Million Jobs


Fact: The Bernie/Kamala 'Single Payer' Scheme Would Rip Healthcare Plans Away From 177 Million Americans


Analysis: Harris' Damage Control on Single-Payer is an Embarrassing, and Potentially Costly, Blunder


Kamala Harris was for eliminating private health insurance, before she was against it, before she was for it again


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     Howard Schultz (y6)


Burn: Dana Loesch Just Wrecked Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Idiotic Tweet About Former Starbucks CEO


Ocasio-Cortez Attacks Howard Schultz, Embarrasses Herself With Major Mistake


New Polling On Former Starbucks CEO's Possible 2020 Run Shows Why Democrats Hate Him



     Warren Matters


Pro-Abortion Democrat Elizabeth Warren Launches 2020 Presidential Exploratory Committee


Elizabeth Warren: Dead phony walking - Elizabeth Warren does not understand that she is now damaged goods, her image as a snobby phony cast in stone


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Senator Warren: A demagogue's delight - Beware – Senator Warren will come for you next.