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A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.


We sleep safely at night because rough men and women stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm.


“Chaos is the law of nature, and order is the dream of man”


“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”


Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty



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KORWIN: America’s Real Gun Problem The Progressive’s Gun Myths


Anti-Gunners Freak Out as Online Petition Calling for Open Carry at GOP Convention Exceeds 42K


VA Governor Vetoes Pro-Gun Legislation


NRA News: Newsom’s ‘Safety For All’ Act Equals Safety For None


No More Handgun Bans


Thousands Expected to Demonstrate Against ILLINOIS Gun Control on Wednesday, April 6th


Quote of the Day: Cosmo Portrays Women as Anti-Gun Daisies Terrified of "Scary Death Machines" - Victory Girls Blog


Unilateral Background Checks


Bloomberg Loses, as GOA-backed Bills Become Law in Two States


Belgium Socialist vs American Liberals, NO Matter We Are All Screwed


Greta van Susteren Comes out for Bullet Control




260,000 Veterans have had Their Gun Rights Revoked by the VA since December 2015


Do You Agree?


Our Duty to Protect


Cosmo Ain’t Got Nothin’ To Do With My Selection


5 Businesses That Have Rejected Moms Demand Action’s Anti-Gun Campaigns


More Guns Does Not Mean More Murders


A Greater Threat to Our Freedom than Terrorism!


Freedom’s Safest Place | San Bernardino


Is Chuck Schumer The Dumbest Politician To Ever Talk About Guns?


STATE OF THE NATION: Lots More Guns, Much Less Violent Crime


All firearms with a “Bullet Button” to be BANNED


New Liberal Gun Control Attack Now Pushing Background Checks for Ammunition


Is Chuck Schumer The Dumbest Politician To Ever Talk About Guns?


Clinton, Allies Continue To Lie About Gun Maker “Immunity”


Clinton hits Sanders on gun control, sharpens attacks


Should Your Right to Carry Your Gun End at the State Border?


Mississippi To Join “Constitutional Carry” Wave


The Real OC: Armed and Fabulous


What Hillary Clinton Can Actually Do To Take Your Guns


KORWIN: Gun Myths Just Keep Coming


141 Medical Groups Want Congress to Fund ‘Gun Violence Research’


Illinois FOID Cards Top 2,000,000 Gun Owners


No Surprise That Administration’s ‘Second Chance’ Excludes Gun Rights


DRGO’s 1996 Congressional Testimony: Defunding Gun Control Politics at the CDC


Former Top Obama Official Says Operation Choke Point Had ‘Collateral’ Consequences


In Voicemail, Bank Says It No Longer Lends to Firearms Dealers


Virginia Gov McAuliffe Restores Voting Rights For 200,000 Felons


NRA Statement on Governor McAuliffe's Veto of Victim's Rights Bill




White House Still Claiming Second Amendment a ‘Given’ Right


Aussie Gun Grabbers Target Lever-Action Guns


What Does the Second Amendment Mean?


Krista Ceresa: My Past Should Not Define Women’s Future


Army Chief of Staff Rejects On-Post Carry


Senator Murphy Goes Gunning For The NRA


Some Moms Demand Action, Others Take Action


Rape Survivor Finds Solace In Firearms Training


Gun free zone” crackdown continues in Texas


SCC’s Response to Slapdash ‘Newsweek’ Hatchet Job


Students for Concealed Carry’s Statement on the Murder at UT-Austin


Howard Stern Schools Liberal Producer On 2nd Amendment ~ VIDEO – Good, important listening


A Nation Divided Against Itself Cannot Endure


Sun Herald Saints Reporter Calls For Gun Control Hours After Smith’s Murder


Clinton’s latest reason to sue gun manufacturers: Hey, we can sue toy companies


PA residents have tried to buy 97 guns every hour


‘Severe abuse of statistics’: Hillary Clinton caught lying about guns (again)


Vermont Gun Rights Group to Clinton: You’re a Liar!


Dear Julianne Moore: Strict Gun Control Makes Single Women Prime Targets For Rape and Murder


Everytown, VH1 Push June 2 ‘Wear Orange’ Campaign: I SAY WE WEAR GREEN


Hillary Clinton says American Gun Owners are Terrorists


Clinton’s New Plan to Sue Gun Manufacturers


Chicago’s Urban Paradise, A Good Place To Stay Out Of


Poll: Two-Thirds of Americans Say ‘Self-Defense’ Main Reason to Buy Gun


Watch Hillary Clinton Nod in Approval as Senator Calls Legal Gun Dealers "Purveyors of Violence"

Gun Crazy Grabbers “Prank” Moviegoers With Graphic Shooting Footage


California School Board Unanimously Approves Concealed Carry on Campus


Gun lawsuit threatens industry, perpetuates blame game


Dem. Senator: Gun Control Laws Necessary to “Protect Ordinary Citizens”


Of Course the Second Amendment Protects an Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms

A Constitutional Crisis


Second Amendment, NRA Go “Under The Gun” in Documentary


Judge Ignores Federal Law and Allows Sandy Hook Gun Case to Proceed


Sanders reverses position on lawsuits against gun manufacturers


We Have A Thug Culture Problem, Not A Gun Problem


Proposed Gun Rights Protection Act Gains Support


Gun Industry Holsters Credit for Creating Almost 25,000 Jobs in 2015


73 Federal Agents Killed, 174 Wounded In Botched Gun Control Raid


Overshooting the medical mission - Doctors have no business questioning patients about guns


Seeking A Warmer Welcome, Gun Factory Moves Down South


Texas Tech regents OK campus carry policy


Activist Judge Sets Trial Date For Frivolous AR-15 Lawsuit In Connecticut


In California; Lawmakers Push “Gun-Megeddon”, Citizens Buy Guns


Punitive $1,000 Handgun Tax Calls “Role Model” For U.S. By Republican Governor


Gun Control Advocates Seek Taxpayer Funding, Guise of Legitimacy


Women: Don’t Listen to Fashion Magazines on Guns, Head to the Range!


For Second Amendment activists, Tubman may be good $20 choice


Clinton Claims “We Have Just Too Many Guns,” Won’t Confront Criminals


Angry Elderly Woman Continues Lying About “Gun Violence Epidemic” Which Doesn’t Exist


Fox Business’ John Stossel Tried To Get A New York Gun Permit­–It Turned Out Poorly


What Would America Look Like If We Removed Urban Gun Violence From Our Society?


4-year-old Girl Bullied, Isolated to Gun-Shame her Father


Freedom For All


WI Sen. Van Wanggaard Continues to Pass-The-Buck on SB589 (School Grounds Carry)


Clinton Camp Suggests Now that Scalia is Dead We Can End the 2nd Amendment


California Moves to Enact Legislation That Eliminates Gun Dealers


Clinton Panders to Party’s Base, Praises Connecticut Gun Ban as a National Model


Rep. Tom Emmer Introduces Firearm Due Process Protection Act


Hillary Blames Guns, Not Criminals


Professor: "How can I say I don't want to support students who are gun enthusiasts…"


New York City: One Law for the Rich, Another for the Average


Dear Second Amendment Lovers: Read This Before You Blow Off Trump or Cruz - “Anyone but Hillary”


Gun Control and Background Checks


Of Course, Hillary Clinton Thinks 'We Have Just Too Many Guns' In This Country


Hillary Clinton: “Let the Congregation Say ‘Amen’” to Executive Orders Infringing on the Second Amendment


Virginia Governor Vetoes Gun Bills, Pleads For Help From Anti-Liberty Advocates


Sheriff’s Advice after Ohio Slayings Refutes Anti-Gun Disinformation and Hysteria


No Need to Change Gun Manufacturers Liability


Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Americans Oppose Lawsuits Against Gun Manufacturers Over Gun Violence

Police Admit Gun Buyback Doesn’t Bring in the “Ones Causing Problems”


Poll: 72% of Americans do not support lawsuits against gun manufacturers – And for those who do, just wait until they need to defend themselves.


Why Is Hillary Clinton Conflating Gun Owners With Gang Members?


Clinton Panders to Party’s Base, Praises Connecticut Gun Ban as a National Model


Hillary Blames Guns, Not Criminals


Big Government Can’t Fight Terrorism at Home


The Battle of Athens: Restoring the Rule of Law


NRA Wayne LaPierre Address at the Conservative Political Action Conference


It's Never Enough


Disarmament Cloaked as "Common Sense"


Hoplophobic Doctors push for More Bogus Gun Research at Taxpayer’s Expense


Garland Nomination Would Fulfill Obama’s Pledge to ‘Transform’ America


Mrs. Clinton, Are You Really Interested In Solving “Gun Violence?”


Merrick Garland MUST NOT be Confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court


Gabby Giffords & 100,000’s of Americans Are Gun Criminals by Definition


Chelsea Clinton: With Scalia Dead, Supreme Court Will Make ‘Definitive’ 2A Ruling


Eight percent of Wisconsin’s population now has a concealed carry permit


NRA Statement on President Obama’s Latest Gun Control


Hillary’s “Australian-Style” Solution


What’s Wrong: Some Women or All Guns?


Obama’s Plan to Use Computer Chips to Track Location/Use of Firearms



Crime Prevention Research Center


NEW CPRC Report: Much less than 0.039% of guns sold by Federally Licensed Dealers stolen last year-a rate less than 1/30th the rate of theft for retail industry

CPRC research is covered by "Guns Stolen from Licensed Dealers at Rate of .039%"

CPRC on the Mandy Connell Show to discuss how careful gun dealers are in preventing gun theft

Last handgun ban in American jurisdiction is struck down

The Very Real Limits on Constitutional Carry: The Problem with Gun-Free School Zones

Obama's Meaningless Gun Order: President issues another fiat that seems designed mainly to harass firearms sellers

CPRC on The Blaze TV about the current push for gun control

CPRC in Investor's Business Daily: In Wake of The Shooting, Should The Capitol Remain Gun-Free?

Idaho moves to complete Constitutional Carry

CPRC on Las Vegas' big 50K Watt KXNT Radio, talking to Alan Stock about the Brussel Terrorist Attack and what can be done to stop future attacks

CPRC on The Steve Gruber Show: What will happen if the Supreme Court decides to overturn the individual right to bear arms?

Cases of Handgun Carry Permit Holders defending themselves & others

CPRC Research: Another gun ban, another bad outcome: Venezuela homicide rate rose after 2012 ban on private ownership of guns

Video of Dr. John Lott v Paul Helmke debate in NYC: Will more Gun Control reduce the murder rate?  Audience vote shows CPRC wins debate

CPRC at Investor's Business Daily: "Will President Obama Regulate Guns Out Of Existence?"

CPRC on Turkish TRT World's The Newsmakers to Debate the Death Penalty

Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley says 8 minute response time in mass public shootings is "adequate" and "pretty quick," opposes letting soldiers carry weapons on military bases

CPRC on The Steve Gruber Show: Discussion on debating Gun-Control Proponents and concerns with a changing Supreme Court

CPRC research is covered by "Guns Stolen from Licensed Dealers at Rate of .039%"

Four Defensive Gun Use Cases in a Week by Concealed Carry Permit Holders

Cases of Handgun Carry Permit Holders defending themselves & others



UPDATE: CPRC Original Research: All the 20 worst mass public shootings, 42 of the worst 46, occurred outside the United States

TN Legislature makes major moves to get rid of gun-free zones at public universities and businesses -- CPRC testified on all three bills

CPRC at National Review: "On Guns, Clinton runs both left and right depending on her audience"

CPRC's Lott noted in the Wall Street Journal editorial on "Harriet Tubman is an inspired choice to replace Andrew Jackson"

CPRC on National Public Radio: Trying to discuss the problems with the Gun Violence Archive

CPRC on The Brett Winterble Show: Harriet Tubman (black, gun-toting, evangelical Christian, Republican Woman) to be new face of $20 bill

Why Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe can't give felons right to vote without restoring their right to own guns

CPRC on The Steve Gruber Show: Discussion on Army Chief of Staff objecting to soldiers being armed on base

CPRC in the News: Sacramento Bee, Downhill, Breitbart and many other places around the US

Hillary Clinton wants to restrict carrying concealed handguns, apparently she also wants to overturn Heller and McDonald Supreme Court decisions

CPRC's Nikki Goeser on The Tim Constantine "Capitol Hill Show"

Defensive gun use by handgun carry permit holders at the end of April


Defense (and lack thereof) Examples


Underwear Gun Drawn in Detroit Gas Station Shooting


Ohio Gun Shop Owner Foils Mass Shooting


Handicapped Veteran Says His Gun Saved Him From Armed Intruders


Karma: Man Who Shot 8-year-old Boy In Neck Gets Shot In Neck by Police


Hooded Man Enters Waffle House, Points ‘AK-47 Style Rifle’ at Employees and Demands Money. But One Customer Is Having None of It.


Virginia Man Under Protective Order Shoots and Kills His Girlfriend: It Should Have Been a Defensive Gun Use


Store Owner & Friend Thwart Armed Robbery In Cleveland, Ohio


Kicked Out of Home Depot for Open Carrying - He spent nearly $1,000 at Lowe’s instead.


Armed Civilians Save Lives (March Edition)


Armed Robber Shot And Killed By His Victims In NC


Dad Stops Armed Intruder’s Assault on 16-Year-Old Daughter


Robber Pulls Knife in Attempted Robbery, Victim Pulls Gun


Store Owner Charged with 2nd Degree Murder After Shooting Shoplifter


Mother shoots attempted break-in suspect who entered through baby’s window


Home Intruder Ignores “We Don’t Call 911 Sign – Discovers It Was a Really Bad Idea


61-year-old woman shoots intruder, then burglars attack her


Deputies: Neighbor catches burglar in the act, held him at gunpoint


Citizen assists with arrest of man trying to rob Home Depot


Armed robbers surrender after Cleveland deli worker draws gun


Repeat felon shot during Uptown hold-up


NRA-ILA Armed Citizen Stories


Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast- Episode 7 with Robyn Street


Home Invader Must Be Golf Course, 'Cause Owner Just Shot A Hole In One


Elderly Man Slaps Bat-Wielding Robber Upside the Head With a Bullet


Neighbor Saves Woman, Children From Intruder Armed With Metal Pole


Columbus, OH: Robber Shot, Accomplices Charged With Murder


Bikers Guard a Girl’s House Night and Day to Protect Her From Abusive Stepfather


Rape Survivor Finds Solace In Firearms Training


Woman defends family business from robber


Dim-witted burglar attempts to rob undercover cop


Not Romeo & Juliet: Man Shot Trying to Break Into Woman’s Home


Home Intruder vs Homeowner’s Gun-Toting Son


Home Intruder Kicks Down Front Door, Grandma Shoots him Dead


Backseat Driver: Man Shoots his Kidnappers in Front Seat


17-year-old Son Fatally Shoots Sex Offender Attacking his Dad


Liquor Store Clerk in Good Spirits After Thwarting Armed Robbery


Armed Citizen Frees Family Held Captive by Armed Home Intruder


Armed Robbers Stopped by 11-year-old Girl With a Shotgun Sentenced


School’s Layered Approach to Security: Handguns and Long Rifles


Man Walking With Online Hookup Fatally Shoots Armed Robber


Teenage Burglars Kill Family Dog, Homeowner Shoots Them


Houseguest Etiquette: Armed Guest Chases 3 Burglars From Host’s Home


Suspect with gun stopped in parking lot by armed dad, Jacob Spradlin arrested


80-year-old Armed WV Man Stops Three Armed Robbers


Police Release Video of Store Owner Shooting at Robbers


Idiot Home Intruder Breaks Into Female Off-Duty Officer’s Home


New York Homeowner Shoots Home Intruder


Citizen Shoots Armed Felon After Confronted With Gun in Altercation


Homeowner Shoots Back at Three Armed Home Intruders


Prosecutor: Woman Acted in Self Defense in Fatal Shooting


Kidnapping Victim Smokes Both His Captors, “Friend” Arrested in Inside Job


Would-Be Car Thief Hotwires Himself a Gunshot Wound


61-Year-Old Repeat Offender Shot, Killed by Homeowner


Shooting “Victim” Lied About Shooting Incident At Her Home


Southern Tide Founder was Justified in Shooting Death of Trespasser


For two moms, different paths — and experiences — led to concealed-carry permits


80-year-old Woman Shoots Home Intruder After he Stabbed her Husband


Pregnant Woman and Boyfriend Hold Armed Home Intruder at Gunpoint


“He Started Crying Like A Little Baby.” 11-Year-Old Shoots Burglar - This kid survived. The bad guy got shot.  That doesn’t mean that leaving a gun out where a poorly-trained child can access it is acceptable behavior for responsible gun owners.





How We’re Taught About Guns – Part 1


How We’re Taught About Guns – Part 2


The Messy Reality of Self-Defense


Georgia Man Loses Leg After Shooting Explosive Stuffed Lawnmower


Range Report: Gorilla Ammunition Field Test


CIA RI2222N PAP M90MP AK 5.56 — A Good AK in 5.56mm


Reloading 101: The Cartridge Case – Good explaination of what happens to the case when firing.


Reloading: Brass Resizing


THESE Stores Just Told Criminals They’re A ‘Gun-Free Zone’, Now Making Shopping DANGEROUS! – “High Risk Shopping Zone”


Handgun 101 – Handgun Actions


How to Rack a Pistol Slide: It’s Mostly Technique


CCW Scenario: A Stranger Approaches In Parking Lot…What Do You Do?


Modern Sporting Rifle Zeros, Or Lack Of…


EoTech Zero Shift and Refunds: What LEOs Need to Know


I Was Once An Adventurer Like You…


Watch Taurus 24/7 pistol fire just by being shaken


Kestrel Shooter’s Weather Meter


Gun Training on “Hot” Ranges? I Say YES!


Pistol Shooting Drill: Shooting on the Move; Accurately


Actual GunSense: Toledo Students Learn Gun Safety in School


The Rifle for Home Defense


Setting Up Your AR-15 for Defense


Personal Defense With Limits


On a Tight Budget? The SCCY 9mm


Why My Concealed Carry Gun is a .357 – Great discussion on several points.


Women’s Firearms Training Includes More Than How to Shoot a Gun


Rape Survivor Finds Solace In Firearms Training


Rifle to Pistol Transitions


Brady Campaign Goes Through The Looking Glass: Shoots Alice, Peter Pan


AR 15 Rifle – A Brief History & Historical Time Line


The Greatest Hits – BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests ~ Video Series


Armed Exercise – Concealed Carry Workout & Gun Holsters


Concealed Carry: What to do When Stopped by Police


Home Defense Weapons and Safe Backstops


Every Day Carry: What’s in Your Pockets?


Consider This: What if Your Daughter Had Three Options?


Self Defense Tactics – Fundamentals of Contact Shooting


“Bad Breath Distance Draw” Is A Damn Good Way To Get Killed


Carry a Tourniquet!


Photog Killed After Stepping Into Line Of Fire At Informal Shooting Range


5 Reasons You Should Want Body Armor – Think I’d just move and not go there.


Genetics NS-300 Laser Designator ~ Test & Review


5 Things Every Concealed Carrier Should Practice

Bullets Need To Go Into Bad Folks, Not Good Folks


Always on Your Person, Never in Your Purse


Shooting Off The Magazine Monopod – Savage Joy!


Get Your Finger Off The Trigger!


Can You See the Signs? – Live in Condition Yellow


Learning Presentation From Appendix Carry Position


Is Fiberglass Bulletproof?


Maryland Man Discovers “Glock Leg,” Public Shame


First Aid: As Important as Your Gun


Folding Knives – A Brief History

Shooting Bench Plans - Download


.223 vs .308 For SHTF - Which is Superior?





Do Pro-2A Signs Tip-Off Gun Thieves?


SCCY Will Stop Replacing Stolen Guns thanks to ‘Bad Apples’


Unilateral Background Checks


Background Checks For Presidential Candidates


Our Duty to Protect


AZ Statistics - Concealed Weapons Permits


Concealed Carry Permits Are Spiking In Michigan


Mississippi To Join “Constitutional Carry” Wave


Across US, Suicides Account For Nearly Two-Thirds Of All Gun Deaths


Suicide and the Firearm


Speaking of suicide, view I Jumped Off The Golden Gate Bridge


Granny Gets Her Gun! Fearing Crime, Senior Gun Ownership Skyrockets


Gun background checks surge 36% this year


People in Pennsylvania try to buy 97 guns every hour


What Does the Second Amendment Mean?


Some Moms Demand Action, Others Take Action


Iowa Governor Branstad Signs the Hearing Protection Act


Concealed-carry in schools: Toppenish sticks to its guns


NRA Members Keep Calm and Carry On to Louisville for NRAAM


California School Board Unanimously Approves Concealed Carry on Campus


Gun Nut Capital of America Has… Wait For It, – The Lowest Murder Rate! ~ VIDEO


School’s Layered Approach to Security: Handguns and Long Rifles


Gutless Prosecuter Refuses to Charge Man Who “SWATted” Two People To Death


France will guarantee a 20-minute police response to any future militant attacks


The Gun Vault: 500+ Year Old Firearm, Matchlocks, Flintlocks and More


Professional Civilian Security Company Starts Training in New York


Sheriff’s Office Overwhelmed with Concealed Carry Permit Applications


Good News: Women and Senior Citizens Still Lining Up For Firearms And Training Courses


Concealed gun permits soar in Sacramento County


What Do Women Want – with Firearms?


What's Up with Norquist and the Jihadis?


After the First Shot: Jackie Got Her Gun


Russians Focus On Next-Generation Assault Rifle


Liberty University to allow handguns on campus


Two ex-officers get probation in illegal gun sales


Bats as Fighter Pilots


1000 Shootings in Chicago, Gun Group Tells Emanuel: ‘Time to Go’




LAW ENFORCEMENT AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE MATTERS – Also see the Protest Matters news groups


Trooper Shot at Greyhound Station Dies, 2 Remain Hospitalized


Warzone: Chicago Has The Bloodiest Start In Almost Two Decades


Liberal Cities Give THOUSANDS Of Dollars As Hand-Outs Away To Hardened Criminals..Because of THIS! - Officials in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Miami and Baltimore have been just a few who have decided criminals should be “incentivized” with money not to kill people, according to The Washington Post.


Former judge who ordered defendant to be shocked must take anger management classes


Obama Commutes the Sentences of Twelve Gun Offenders


Four Men in Utah Arrested and Charged with Brutal Sexual Assault of 9-Year-Old Girl


Obama is the Terrorists and Drug Dealers Best Friend!


Senator Charges Obama's Executive Clemency Program with Putting Firearm Offenders on the Streets


Of jury nullification and prosecutorial responsibility


Police: Houston Deputy Shot Multiple Times From Behind in ‘Completely Unprovoked’ Attack


When No One Came to This 10-Year-Old’s Birthday Party, State Troopers Surprised Him


Milwaukee Police Officers Left Guns on Car Hood, Back of Toilet


CUE THE OUTRAGE: Black St. Louis Teen “Shot In Back” By White Cop


Obama's federalization of police grows nationwide


Guess which three cities account for a two year spike in murder rates?


Tamir Rice’s Family Explodes Over Suggestion To Use Settlement Money For Good


National sheriffs’ group, opposed to federal laws on guns and taxes, calls for defiance


Sheriffs’ Group Calls Officers to Refuse to Enforce Gun Control


Book explores when to negotiate with terrorists - Demand by Terror


Failed President Threatens Police With Unwanted, Unsafe Technology






America’s million-doctor shortage is right around the corner


Medical Hazards to the Outdoorsman


Marriage makes a difference in cancer survival rates


CDC sounding new warning on Zika virus


John Stossel has Lung Cancer and He’s Using that Fact to Teach Us All about Economics and Liberty


CDC Warns Of Health Risks During Influx of Illegal Alien Minors


CDC Official Warned Staff of Health, Safety Risks During Influx of Illegal Alien Minors: “Plan on Many of the Kids Having TB,” “Be Wary of Personal Safety.”


Body Wonders You Didn’t Know You Had



"I notice that everybody who is Pro-Abortion has already been born."---- Ronald Reagan


Doesn’t ANYONE Value Life Anymore?


Hillary Clinton Promises Supreme Court Picks Would be Anti-Free Speech and Pro-Abortion!


Explosive Documentary Uncovers the Truth about Abortion that is Shaking the Nation


Planned Parenthood Punishes Women


Roe v. Wade Actually Spoke to the Issue of Punishing a Woman for Murdering Their Own Son or Daughter


Arizona Governor Signs Three Major Pro-Life Bills, Including Ban on Sales of Aborted Baby Parts


Why Trump is NOT Pro-Life


Utah Abortion Bill Requires Anesthesia for Babies Being Aborted


Hillary Clinton: "The Unborn Person Doesn’t Have Constitutional Rights"


Hillary abortion gaffe leaves supporters FURIOUS


Hillary Admits Unborn Babies are Persons, but It’s Still OK to Kill Them


Abortion in Our Whacked-Out Era


California raids home of anti-Planned Parenthood activist


California Department Of Justice Raids David Daleiden’s Home


After Raiding Pro-life Activist's Home, California AG Pressured To Resign


What Left-Wing Abortion Extremism?


Are the Unborn “Less than Human”?


Unborn Babies Have no Constitutional Rights: How Long Before YOUR Rights Are Gone?


Democrat Candidates United – Babies Have No Rights!


Planned Parenthood Caught Illegally Using Taxpayer Funds to Pay for Abortions


Attorney General Who Seized Undercover Videos From David Daleiden Paid by Planned Parenthood


Hillary Clinton Shocks the Women of the View by Saying a Baby Has No Rights, Even Just Hours before Birth!


Planned Parenthood Sues This State Over Pro-Life Law Protecting Down Syndrome Babies


Rand Paul: “The Left has Lost its Mind” on Abortion and Hillary Clinton is Proof!


Donald Trump Is Clueless on Abortion – But So Are Many Americans


Court Dismisses Lawsuit That Would Have Forced Catholic Hospitals to Perform Abortions


Abortionist Says He Does Abortions Because He’s a “Christian,” Killing Babies is a “Ministry”


Guttmacher Erases Data To Protect Planned Parenthood, IUDs


Pro-Life Christians BEG – Don’t Abort, We’ll Adopt Your Baby!


Planned Parenthood's Cecile Richards Pretty Much Says Pro-Life Women Aren't Really Women


Obama Admin Threatens States Blocking Money To Traffickers


Tens of thousands to protest Planned Parenthood at 200+ rallies nationwide on Saturday


Will the Government Act Now that They’re Own Documents Prove Planned Parenthood’s Crimes?


Conservative Senator Decries the Sale of Aborted Baby Parts


Catholic College Invites Planned Parenthood Leader to Speak Shocking Catholic Students


Harvard, Heritage and Pro-choice Hostility


Feds Illegally Funded New York City Abortion Escorts


House Committee Documents Prove the Illegal Trade of Baby Body Parts


In the Market for Baby Body Parts? Here’s How Much They Cost.






Supreme Court Rules that Illegal Aliens and Non-Citizens Can be Counted in Redistricting Case


Liberals Want to Investigate Jurors for Racial Bias if They Convict Criminals


Tammy Baldwin unwittingly sums up why right won’t budge on Obama SCOTUS nominee


Obama plotting to force Supreme Court vote


Court Dismisses Lawsuit That Would Have Forced Catholic Hospitals to Perform Abortions


SCOTUS: Politically Motivated Appointees or Defenders of the Constitution?


The Laws Of Human Nature - How the Left rejected an ancient wisdom -- to our detriment.


Pelosi unveils Democrats' 4-point plan for 'gay' agenda - Praises courts for same-sex marriage 'victory' left couldn't get 'legislatively'






Also see HILLARY CLINTON MATTERS news category on alleged National Security violations


FBI facing demands to share its claimed technique to unlock iPhones


Under pressure to digitize everything, hospitals are hackers’ biggest new target


Before robots can take over they need better security against hackers


Russia and China Are Using Hacked Data to Identify and Neutralize U.S. Agents


Ransomware alert issued by US and Canada following recent attacks


Panama Papers: “It was an email server attack”


New ransomware with an old trick: “Petya” parties like it’s 1989 - New ransomware that leaves your raw data intact but scrambles the disk indexes so that your files are just digital shredded cabbage...


Internet hyperlinks do not infringe copyright, EU court advised


Flash zero-day in the wild to be fixed by Adobe


Over 75% of people lie on social media


WhatsApp implements end-to-end encryption


New cryptographic techniques based on hard mathematical problems


The Panama Papers – could it happen to you?


Scammer fakes kidnapping using information posted on Facebook


Sysadmin SNAFU flushes whole company down the drain


Man accidentally ‘deletes his entire company’ with one line of bad code


A Simple Way to Protect Your Home From Criminals


Google and Microsoft’s shortened URLs make it easy to spy on people


Adblockers are “censorship” says ad-tech company


You have to use your real name to sue Ashley Madison over breach


The AI system that can detect 85% of cyber attacks, with a little human help


Saint or Sinner, Government Eyes Are Watching Every Move You Make – When the servant becomes the master


29% of Android devices can’t be patched by Google


Are you happy? Sad? Angry? Terrified? Microsoft knows…


DOJ infecting Internet users with malware to track suspects


Opera adds a (sort of) VPN to its browser


How one man became the perfect match for 30,000 women on OKCupid


Flashpoint Issues New Report Demonstrating Advancement of ISIS’s Organized Cyber Capabilities






Chicago teachers launch one-day strike in call for funding


Trump Chalkings Appear At University of Kansas; Delicate Snowflakes Complain


Pro-Trump Slogans Offensive to Thin-Skinned Emory Students

Trump's Name Is Offensive to Emory University Students


‘Cupcake Nation Alert!’ Harvard Students Find Pro-lifers And American Flags Offensive


Colleges Now Feature “Drag Shows” while Censoring Conservative Speech!


Understanding the goal of COMMON CORE


Judge sends homeschoolers to 'fake' court


NYU Students Who Support Trump are TERRIFIED Professors Will LOWER Their Grades


The Progressive Agenda Is Ruining Our Children


Students Can't Remember A Past They Never Learned


The Sissification of Academia


What University 'Snowflakes' Are Really About - A key factor feeding the campus "safe space" culture.


 Mom Unleashes Fury After Teacher Sends Children Home With This ‘Privilege’ Assignment

College students covering tuition for illegal immigrants


Arizona College Imposes Mandatory Fee to Fund Scholarship for Illegal Immigrants


Politically Incorrect to Talk Western Values on College Campuses


Rumble In The Bronx: Ted Cruz Vs. Precious Snowflakes


Expert: Government schools 'destroying belief' in Christianity - 'Humanist' demanded teachers be 'proselytizers of a new faith: a religion of humanity'


Stand Up to the Campus Bullies Before It’s Too Late


Department Of Education Encourages Islam In Classrooms To Stop Muslim Bullying


Campus Lunacy - Inside the world of the Fascist Left's intimidation tactics.


Campus Lunacy, Part II - The student "renaming" craze.


DePaul University bans chalk for student safety


Targeting Jews in the Ivory Sewer - A safe space for Jew-hatred.


The Reason College Costs are so High… Liberals.


College Students Do Not Get Their Money’s Worth


Is College Too Pricey? Wait Till It's Free


Texas School Adds More Recess Time and Gets Incredible Results


The Speech Every 2015 College Grad Needs to Hear


Education update: American math and reading scores slipping or stagnant






Journalist Fired For “Egregious Lack of Judgment”


The Media Attacks on Trump Are Nothing New


Is Glenn Beck the Moses of the Right?


New Poll Shows How Much (Or How Little) The American People Trust The Media


Reporters to Receive Riot Training in Preparation for Republican National Convention






Obama censors Hollande's 'Islamist terrorism' remark - Orwellian edits protect politically correct foreign policy


America Now Has an Official Language: Newspeak - The Library of Congress falls victim to semantic tyranny.


Free Speech on Trial: What Message Is Being Sent?


U.S. government waging secret war on press


Want to talk about Jesus? You'll need a permit for that at NC State


Recycle this! City's garbage spies kicked to curb - Mandate 'promoted a policy of massive and persistent snooping'






Review: God’s Not Dead 2 Offers a Powerful Message


Lawyer Says ‘God’s Not Dead' Plot Not as Farfetched As You Think


Christian Couple Fined $80K for Being Christian


Prof defies Catholic university's order to apologize


Is Democracy All We Need in America?


Should Moral Standards Be Objective, or Just Based on Personal Feelings?


CNN on Religious Liberty Bill: “Just a Code for Discrimination”


Mississippi Governor Signs Religious Freedom Bill


Houses of Worship Are More Than Pews and Prayerbooks


Expert: Government schools 'destroying belief' in Christianity - 'Humanist' demanded teachers be 'proselytizers of a new faith: a religion of humanity'


NYT Says Christians Must Be Forced to Stop Calling Homosexual Behavior a Sin


The GLARING Double-Standard in the Treatment of North Carolina


Mississippi Governor Signs Law Allowing Christians to Deny Services to Same-Sex Couples


Demonizing Christianity as a Global Menace


Demonizing Christianity as a Global Menace


Liberals Push Higher Taxes to End Christian Influence in America


What Happens when Our Religious Leaders Call Us to Abandon our Principles


Why Atheists Are ‘Fools’


If God Is Dead...


The Laws Of Human Nature - How the Left rejected an ancient wisdom -- to our detriment.


Bright flash of light when life begins - Scientists capture 'fireworks' during moment of conception


Franklin Graham says Obama is Opening Doors to Persecution of Christians in America


'America's prophet' calls out Obama, Supreme Court justices - 'Where do you get the authority to overrule the rulings of the Most High?'


God and Politics


Seven Sure Signs That America Has Declared War On Our Faith






Why Pope Francis shouldn’t have washed and kissed the feet of Muslim migrants


Pope Francis Blesses Eyes of 5-Year-Old Facing Blindness


Vatican Invites Sanders to a Conference to Discuss a 'Moral' Economy


The Pope Just Made A Controversial Statement The LGBT Community Is Not Going to Like


School administrators try to physically block parents from hosting ‘Jesus Lunch’


So much for the Pope’s power of persuasion


Christian refugees “let down” by Pope: he promised to take them to Italy but then took only Muslims instead - “What father among you, if his son asks for a fish, will instead of a fish give him a serpent; or if he asks for an egg, will give him a scorpion?”


Christian Syrians say Pope left them behind in Lesbos






Liberal Hypocrisy! Muslim Nations to Execute Homosexuals, No Boycotts Threatened


“Transgender” lawsuits have now reached the barber shop


College threatens women who don't want to pee with men


Homosexuals To Christians Bakers: ‘We Will Burn Your House Down, Sodomize Your Son’


Obama Punishes NC For Securing Women’s Rights


When Did It Become Controversial To Keep Men Out Of The Women's Bathroom?


Leader of Group Trying to Force Unisex Bathrooms in Charlotte is Hiding an Ugly Secret


Freedom to Disagree


Man Cites Gender Identity Law to Undress in Front of Girls


PayPal Just Announced Drastic Response to North Carolina’s “Bathroom Bill”


'Day of Silence' elevates perversion, endangers kids


PayPal’s Reaction to North Carolina’s Bathroom Law is the Height of Hypocrisy


N.C. governor condemns 'selective hypocrisy' of PayPal


Potty Talk: The Tyranny of the .03 Percent


Is The LGBT “Equal” Rights Movement Going to Start Another Civil War?


FLAMING SOCIALIST Cancels North Carolina Concert over religious FREEDOM law


HORRIBLE: Where’s The Gay Communities OUTRAGE At ISIS’s New Video?


Marriott CEO: Anti-'gay' laws are not OK - 'We shouldn't judge people by ... who they love, what gender they identify with'


NYT Says Christians Must Be Forced to Stop Calling Homosexual Behavior a Sin


Man Undresses in Women’s Locker Room, Cites State’s Gender Identity Law – We Knew It Was Coming!


University of Toronto learns why mandatory unisex bathrooms are a bad idea


The War On Women Moves to Restrooms


It’s come to this: WaPo writer is raising her cats “gender neutral”


The GLARING Double-Standard in the Treatment of North Carolina


The Pope Just Made A Controversial Statement The LGBT Community Is Not Going to Like


Liberal Ranting about “Anti-Gay” Policies is Completely Unfounded


Flame On! White House Equates Bathroom Bills to Civil Rights Movement


Mississippi Governor Signs Law Allowing Christians to Deny Services to Same-Sex Couples


KY Governor Settles Marriage License Issue


Louisiana governor signs order protecting LGBT rights, calls it ‘good for business’


Man Pretending to be “Transgendered” Attacks Multiple Victims in Women’s Facilities!


“Transgender” (a.k.a. Biological Male) Preys on Women in Shelter


Carolina Sheriff Reveals Exactly What Will Happen If A Man Goes Into A Bathroom With His Wife


One Mom’s Way of Unmasking Transgender Madness is Making Liberals Apoplectic!


America’s Homosexual Community Sees Highest Rate of Disease Since HIV/AIDS Outbreak in the 1980’s


Creepy gov't obsession with kids' underpants


White House urges girls to play with boys' toys


Your son living as 'girl' at school? Not your business!


Your Daughter Must Pee Next to a Man, and You Will Be Compelled to Agree


Insane Liberals Love Transgender Bathrooms


Federal appeals court sides with transgender teen, says bathroom case can go forward


Whole Foods sues gay pastor who claimed they put slur on his ‘Love Wins’ cake


New troubles for 'gay' pastor accused of faked 'f--' cake - Being sued for failure to repay $28,000 student-loan debt

Target Stores Make MASSIVE Announcement… Parents ARE FURIOUS!


Top Twenty-Five Stories Proving Target’s Pro-Transgender Bathroom Policy Is Dangerous to Women and Children


Popular Big Box Store Target Decides they No Longer Want Conservatives' Business


WATCH: Trump reiterates support for transgender bathroom agenda, but says it’s a state issue


There Are No Homosexuals or Transgenders


The Transgender Fantasy World Doesn’t Actually Exist


A Rape Survivor Speaks Out About Transgender Bathrooms


Can Bruce Springsteen Refuse to Play a Gay Wedding?


NC Dems File Bill to Repeal Law that "Discriminates" Against Boys Wanting to Use Girl's Restrooms


Alabama city passes transgender bathroom ordinance


Bathroom scandal: Reporters go undercover as sexual predators - School official: 'Don't tell me anything ... don't say anything'


Nearly 1 million boycott Target over transgender bathrooms - 'Now they're getting some real pushback. That is a very good thing'


LGBT Group Calls for Federal Ban of Single-Sex Bathrooms in ALL Public Schools!


16 Liberal Hypocrite Companies that Won’t Do Business with Conservatives but Operate in Countries that Oppress their Citizens


Obama Worries More about Transgender Issues than Islam’s Brutal War on Women


More than 24 Examples of Transgender Polices Harming Women and Children


Transgender 'Fact' and Fantasy


Pelosi unveils Democrats' 4-point plan for 'gay' agenda - Praises courts for same-sex marriage 'victory' left couldn't get 'legislatively'


Latest Liberal Plan – Male Prisoners Calling themselves Women Will Go to Women’s Prisons!


This is What We All Should be Boycotting


Official who penalized 'Sweetcakes' accused of violating Constitution - Bakery owners punished with $135,000 fine for refusing to violate Christian faith






A liberal is a conservative who hasn't been mugged yet


Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth. – Mike Tyson


Inside every liberal is a totalitarian screaming to get out.

Why Do Liberals Hate America?


The Progressive Agenda Is Ruining Our Children


Liberal Bigots Boycott Christian Conservatives – Conservatives should Reciprocate


Liberals Want to Investigate Jurors for Racial Bias if They Convict Criminals


Leftist Groupthink in Academia


The Top 7 Ways Liberals Are Making War on Women


Putting the Democratic Party on the Couch


No Gap Between Political Correctness And Insanity


The Tyranny of Liberal Political Correctness is Destroying America


Every Single One: Since 2009, Obama's DOJ Civil Rights Division Hired ONLY Leftist Lawyers (Hundreds!)


Liberal Totalitarianism


You Might Be a Liberal If...


Liberal Inequality and Lies Continue to Hurt our Nation


The Left Is Coming for You Next


Hey Charlie, Republicans Weren’t The Party Of The KKK–That’s The Democrats


Bernie Sanders and the Politics of Envy | Afterburner


The Liberal War on Black Men


Demonizing Christianity as a Global Menace


Liberals Push Higher Taxes to End Christian Influence in America


This is What Socialism REALLY Is


How the Democrats Destroyed Camden - A city's unwavering allegiance to the Party that ruined it.


The Self-Contradictory Liberals


Stop Fighting in Liberal Terms because their Worldview is Upside-Down


Some Words From The “Peace & Love” Bleeding Heart Liberals


Liberals Love to Talk About Keeping the Children Safe, Except When It Doesn’t Match Their Agenda


Liberals Want To Break You By Forcing You To Lie


'Democracy Awakening': The Radical Left's Latest Makeover - The same tired, pathetic tropes, repackaged as something new.


Why the Left Loathes Western Civilization


The Laws Of Human Nature - How the Left rejected an ancient wisdom -- to our detriment.






A Kenyan American, a Cuban American & a Canadian American Walk Into a Bar


Look in the Mirror


Doing the Right Things


Liberal Democrats Now Comparing Bernie Sanders to…


Where's the Presidential Debate on GM's Crony Capitalism?


Trump Not The Nominee, Anyway Clinton Wins


Paul Ryan Calls Hugh Hewitt From Israel ‘I’m Not Running For President…Period, End Of Story’


Ryan: 'Get My Name Out' of the Convention


Speaker Ryan: 'I Do Not Want, Nor Will I Accept The Republican Nomination'


Cruz, Sanders pick up wins in Wisconsin primaries as leaders fight to regain momentum


Footage Surfaces of Bernie Sanders Praising Communism’s Bread Lines & Food Rationing


VIDEO: Here is the TRUE Difference Between Trump Supporters And Bernie Supporters


2 out of 3 economic models predict GOP will win the White House


Corruption! GOP delegates may sell their votes


Dems on FEC target conservatives, vote to punish maker of anti-Obama movie


Wisconsin Final Results


Apparently Neither of the Dem Candidates Are ‘Qualified’


Record Wisconsin Turnout Destroys Liberal Argument Voter ID Laws Disenfranchise Voters


Sanders says he would apologize for slavery if president


WAR? Hillary Campaign says “Bernie’s No Democrat,” Bernie says “Hillary is Unqualified”!


Conservative Leader Explains the Primary Process as a Republic, “Not a Democracy”


Judge Jeanine: 'If Ever There Were a Time to Not Take Away Our Vote, It's Now'


PolitiFact: Glenn Beck Is Right, Polls Show Hillary Beats Donald

The Revolution Will Not Be Quelled -- GOP Voters Shake Up the System in Colorado

Victims of Illegal Alien Crime on ‘Sham’ Colorado Cruz Win: This Is ‘Third World Tyranny’


Calls for American Unity Are Either Dishonest or Naive


The Defining Moment for America Arrives on Election Day


Capitol Police arrest more than 400 protestors; organizers claim more demonstrations looming


Does the Presidential Election Boil Down to ‘Name Recognition’?


2016: The Year Americans Found Out Their Elections Are Rigged


The new Gilded Age: Close to half of all super-PAC money comes from 50 donors


Bernie Sanders and the Dark Specter of Socialism


Breaking News: Sanders' Massive Criminal Fraud... Caught Red Handed!


Bernie Sanders’ Army of Deadbeats Can Bring Conservatives Together Again


If Kasich and Rubio Are So Set on Stopping Trump – Why Don’t They Back Cruz?


Supreme Court Got It Wrong: Noncitizens Shouldn’t Be Counted


Bernie Sanders and the Politics of Envy | Afterburner


New York Primary Final Results


Outrage: VA Governor About to Allow Thousands of Convicted Felons to Vote


Virginia's Massive Voter Drive for Felons - Terry McAuliffe fulfills his mission of delivering the battleground state for Hillary.


AG Lynch Calls For Nationwide Voting Rights for Felons


Judge Lynn Adelman on John Doe records custody: ‘I don’t care about the law’


Franklin Graham urges America: Vote for Christians this election


What’s Wrong with Directly Electing the President of the United States?


Half Of Americans Think Presidential Nominating System ‘Rigged’ - Poll


Winning the Black Vote - So when you see me on the street, don't give me a fist bump, Just say, "good morning.”


For All its Flaws – The US Electoral System is the Best in the World


Chart of the Day: Does the GOP face a demographic disaster?






Don’t Count on Cruz ‘Natural Born Citizen’ Controversy to Just Go Away


Iran won't need permission on defense capabilities: Minister Dehqan


Ted Cruz Was Right to Suggest Patrols of Muslim Enclaves


Sheriff Clarke Defends Cruz's Proposal to Have Police Surveil Muslim Communities for Radicalization


Sheriff Clarke Sends Liberals Into a Frenzy After He Reveals Plan For Muslim Neighborhoods


Trump camp admits Cruz wasn't involved in Melania ad


How Cruz Wins This Thing


Letter to Trump Supporters: The Principles and Person of Ted Cruz, and the Political Realities for Donald Trump


North Dakota Delegates Choose to Represent Cruz at Convention


Michael Savage DESTROYS and Exposes Ted Cruz - 3/10/16


Is the Cruz campaign moral? - David Kupelian spotlights candidate's move to switch delegates from Trump


Cruz Wins BIG in Wisconsin!


Dems launch 'denounce Cruz' petition after Wisconsin win


National Right to Life just Announced Which Candidate has their Endorsement


Cruz Calls Out O’Reilly: You Defend Trump A Lot




Sens. Cruz, Lee Accuse Justice Department of Favoring Abortion Clinics Over Churches


North American Law Center to Cruz: ‘Two Weeks to Admit You’re a Fraud – or We Will’


Rumble In The Bronx: Ted Cruz Vs. Precious Snowflakes


Cruz Gains Majority of Delegates at Colorado Convention: 'In 10 Elections, We've Beaten Donald Trump'


Trump Slams 'Totally Unfair' GOP Results After Cruz Wins Colorado Without Votes


Is a Vote for Cruz Still a Vote Against DC? Or Has the Equation Changed?


Cruz pal charged in massive securities fraud


Rafael Cruz, A Pro-Batista, CIA Connected Cuban In Exile? Really Ted?


Another Reason to Vote for Cruz, Planned Parenthood Calls Him “the Biggest Threat we Face”!


This Amazing Interview Proves this Candidate is Ready for the White House


John Boehner: Ted Cruz is ‘Lucifer in the Flesh’ and a ‘Miserable Son of a Bitch’

Cruz officially eliminated from GOP race






On campuses across the country, students are standing up for Donald Trump


The White-Guy Jobs Deficit


Terror-linked Muslim groups targeting Trump


Trump's Unfavorability Ratings Are Out of Control


The Trump Effect: Support for Border Wall Plummets 18 Points in Six Months


The Path to 1,237 Delegates: Things Aren’t as Dire for Trump as the Media Wants You To Think


Roe v. Wade Actually Spoke to the Issue of Punishing a Woman for Murdering Their Own Son or Daughter


Donald Trump: Sure, I Might Use Nuclear Weapons In Europe.


Why Trump is NOT Pro-Life


Trump Is Toast and Good Riddance


Reince Priebus: All this third party talk by Trump is nonsense


Maureen Dowd to Trump: Have you ever asked a woman to get an abortion?


Trump on not attacking Scott Walker: “Right now I’m catering to the Republicans”


The Media Attacks on Trump Are Nothing New


WHAT TRUMP HAS WROUGHT - Trump has helped to unleash the mightiest force of the 21st century: nationalism.  Transnationalism and globalism are moribund.


Donald Trump’s Milwaukee Town Hall on Fox News [Full Video]


Poll: Trump supporters want a leader who will ‘do anything to solve America’s problems’


Yogi Berra was Right about Donald Trump


Report: Trump Supporters in Wisconsin See Votes Switched to Cruz


Limbaugh: Trump campaign has 'gone off the rails' - 'I can tell you what they have to do to fix it'


Internet Hacker Group Anonymous Makes Big Announcement About Cruz. This Is Bad!


BREAKING: Ted Cruz Is About To Be Named In HUGE Prostitution Scandal, According To Investigators!


CONFIRMED! Ted Cruz Will Drop Out Of Presidential Race?!?!


Trump Was Asked About Nuclear War With North Korea, Then THIS Happened!


The American People Will Soon Replace Trump As the Main Target of the Criminal Elite


PROOF: VOTER FRAUD IN WISCONSIN PRIMARY! Ted Cruz Declared Winner Before All Votes Reported/Counted!


Trump campaign: Cruz won Wisconsin by illegally coordinating with his Super PACs


It's Rigged: It Doesn't Matter If Every Citizen Votes For Trump, GOP Determined To Stop Him


Wisconsin Republicans Bid No Trump


Black Trump Supporter: ‘I’m In The Reality Business…Mexicans Took All The Jobs’


If you really want to know why Donald Trump is being attacked at every level, it’s all right here and it makes perfect sense


Donald Trump Holds First Rally in New York… And It’s YYUUGGE!


An Open Letter to Trump from his Staff Defector


Trump Slams 'Totally Unfair' GOP Results After Cruz Wins Colorado Without Votes


'Disenfranchised' Colorado Trump 'Delegate' Who Burned Voter Card...Was Neither


Trump: I was cheated in Colorado by failing to follow rules that were clear to everyone months ago


Another taxpayer-funded solar-energy company fails


This Donald Trump video “The Snake” is going viral in Europe




Trump gets poll bounce after 'rigged election' protest


Garry Kasparov: Donald Trump’s vile New York values


Trump staffers face threat of blacklist


New York state of mine: Trump celebrates big victory


Trump memo: We will crush Cruz with 1,400 delegates


‘Burn the American Plantation’: Supporting Trump Can Make You A Target of Violence


Trump adviser posts video of Donald Trump bashing Ronald Reagan’s 1986 tax reform as expert witness for Democrats


Donald Trump: Raise Taxes On High Income People


Trump Donated $25,000 to Far Left Democrat Terry “Let Criminals Vote” McAuliffe


Poll: Trump can win White House in November


Trump is Not as Popular as Fox News Says. Here Are The Numbers to Prove It.


Trump Hits 50 Percent in National Poll


Rudy Giuliani Officially Endorses Trump


GOP results: Trump celebrates 5-state sweep


Latinos Vote in 5 States Amid High-Stakes Primaries - Trump celebrates 5-state sweep


Trump University ‘Fraud’ Case Headed to Trial


Full Event: Donald Trump Speaks on Foreign Policy in Washington, DC


Trump Backed Multiple Policies He Condemned in Foreign Policy Address


Will a Trump win grow a spine in Republican leaders?


At Last, America First!


Mexican flag waving, anti-free speech thugs riot outside Trump rally in So Cal


Mexican Uprising: Trump Drives Left Insane






State Dept suspends review into 'top secret' Clinton emails


Huma Abedin on her emails being out there: 'terrifying'


New Report: The FBI and Justice Department may be Closing the Net on Clinton Soon!


Ouch, Donald! Trump says Hillary is Being “Nice” to Obama because She’s Scared of Prison!


Hillary Clinton Promises Supreme Court Picks Would be Anti-Free Speech and Pro-Abortion!


Hillary Clinton Brags About Voting For A Border Fence To Keep Out Illegal Immigrants


Hillary's Camp Freaking Out As This Video Goes Viral…


Thick as Thieves: AG Loretta Lynch’s Law Firm Tied to Hillary Clinton


Veterans Launch 'The Difference It Makes' Bus Tour to Make Hillary Accountable to the FBI


Hillary Clinton: "The Unborn Person Doesn’t Have Constitutional Rights"


Hillary abortion gaffe leaves supporters FURIOUS


Hillary Clinton: Terrorists Have Rights, Unborn Children Don't


Hillary Admits Unborn Babies are Persons, but It’s Still OK to Kill Them


Hillary Clinton Says Babies Are People But Don’t Have Rights


“The Unborn Person”: Hillary Clinton Blurts Out the Truth in Her Confused, Depraved Comments about the Unborn


Hillary called out over ‘disgusting’ contradiction about the unborn


The Green Witch Hunt - crusading attorney general aims to hurt ExxonMobil after it stopped funneling money to the Clintons.


Unfazed by FBI Probe, Clinton ‘Absolutely Confident’ She'll Be Dem Nominee


2016 RACE ROUNDUP: Clinton Shows Her Vulnerability


Hillary Clinton Mocks Bernie Sanders Supporters by Implying that They’re Naïve and Lazy!


Former DOJ Lawyer: Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted over email handling


FBI Director Comey: No pressure to wrap up Clinton email investigation


The media ignores the actual laws which apply to Clinton’s email server


State Department seeks to limit discovery by Judicial Watch in Clinton email case


[Exposed] Obama blocking Hillary investigation


Panama Papers Reveal Clinton’s Kremlin Connection


The big-money speech Hillary NEVER wanted you to hear


Caught! Clinton operating secret shell company


Clinton: Prison time over email scandal a GOP 'fantasy'


How Madonna and Hillary Clinton Betray Muslim Women


Revealed: Clinton’s Connection With Russia's Most POWERFUL Bank!


Panama Papers Reveal Clinton’s Kremlin Connection - Since the brothers are destined for very high-level jobs if the Democrats triumph in November, their relationship is something they—and Clinton—need to explain.


The Panama Papers Are Exactly Why Hillary Clinton Can’t Be President


Hillary flouts rules that land New Yorkers in jail - 'All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others'


A Nation of Laws—Sort Of


Hacker who exposed Clinton emails extradited to U.S. - Hillary's nightmare: 'Not a coincidence' agency has 'Guccifer,' warns source


Obama: Of course I’d never interfere with a DoJ investigation of Clinton’s emails


Judge Jeanine: Hillary Can No Longer 'Tell the Difference Between a Truth and a Lie'


'I'm So Sick of It!': Hillary Snaps at Woman for Asking About Campaign Money


Has Hillary Really ‘Not Jeopardized’ U.S. Security? Herridge Fact-Checks Obama's Defense


Judge Napolitano: Obama Was 'a Little Reckless' in His Defense of Hillary


Wallace Presses Obama: How Can You Say Hillary Didn't Jeopardize Nat'l Security?


Obama Says Justice Department Will Not Be Influenced By Politics When It Comes To Possible Hillary Indictment


Obama effectively pardons Hillary


Obama set to pardon Clinton


Ex-DOJ official: Obama signaling FBI to back off Hillary


Hillary Clinton State Department approved U.S. weapons shipment to Libya despite ban


Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton's State Department


Hillary: Why Yes My Proposals Require a $1 Trillion Tax Hike


Hillary Keeps Lying About Islam– for Profit


Is Hillary Clinton Prostituting Herself for Islam?


Hillary Says One Public Figure Shouldn’t Have a Gun, Remains Silent on Another


Massive Clinton voter fraud in NY


Former FBI agents to Director Comey: ‘Future of the Bureau’ rests on handling of Clinton email case


Retired FBI Agents Beg the Obama Administration to Handle Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal Fairly!


Corruption scandal rocks Clinton campaign


Clintons Do Not Want You To Know Their SHOCKING Connection To Flint Michigan Water Crisis


Hillary's Campaign Manager: 'This Election Will Be About Trust'


President Hillary Clinton - Only Republicans can make President Hillary Clinton a reality.


Why Hillary Clinton Is An Agent Of Oppression!


Secrecy: As Hillary Refuses to Release Speech Transcripts, New Details Emerge


AP: Firms that paid for Clinton speeches had gov't interests


FBI Has 'Overwhelming' Evidence to Indict and Convict Hillary [VIDEO]


Oops. State Department withheld Clinton email which revealed private server for almost 2 years


Hillary Clinton’s Many Lies Uncovered


Trump on Hillary: “She’s Always been a Crooked Person”


How Does Hillary Continue to Gain Ground While Losing Credibility?


Clinton: I Want to 'Go Further' Left Than Obama On a Number of Issues


Clinton pal linked to HUGE corruption investigation - New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio


THE TRUTH ABOUT WHY HILLARY Is The Only Candidate Who Travels With A Full-Time Physician


The Radical Resume of Tom Perez, Possible Hillary VP Pick


God, Comey, and the Clinton Email Scandal


What Does the Hillary Voter Crash Mean?






Clinton denies FBI has requested interview


Millennials Know: Benghazi She Wrote


It’s on: Bernie lists why Hillary Clinton isn’t qualified to be President


Friday Document Dump: Benghazi Committee Finally Gets Work-Related Emails From Clinton’s Inner Circle


FINALLY: 1,100 Pages of Hillary’s Personal Emails Released - two years after congressional investigators requested them.


Watergate Reporter Weighs in on Hillary’s Email Scandal


Attack had ‘nothing to do with the film’: Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi phone transcripts released


Clinton busted in new Benghazi lie


BOMBSHELL! Proof Clinton Lied about Benghazi, Phone Call Catches Her Admitting Her Lie!


Benghazi hammer set to drop on Clinton


State Department Office Removed Benghazi Files After Congressional Subpoena


Busted! Obama hiding Benghazi emails


State Dept. admits key Benghazi email withheld - Would have exposed Hillary's server before she wiped hard drive


Obama Administration hid Email Proving Clinton had a Private Server


Judicial Watch: New Benghazi Documents Reveal September 11, 2012, Hillary Clinton ‘Call Sheet’ Describes Benghazi Assault as Attack by ‘Armed Extremists’






Speaker Ryan: 'I Do Not Want, Nor Will I Accept The Republican Nomination'


Paul Ryan Shares Trump’s Liberal Views and New York Values






New Report Proves Obamacare is a Massive Failure


Obama Lied: $750 Million in Taxpayer Funded Obamacare Subsidies Went to Illegals in 2015


How Obamacare Just Made Filing Your Taxes Worse


Arkansas’ Latest Idea: Obamacare Welfare For People Who Already Have Insurance


Obamacare Fails to Meet Obama’s 2009 Promises


A slow exit for UnitedHealth from ObamaCare?


Obamacare Latest: Insurers Flee Exchanges, Uninsured Rate Projected to Rise, Co-ops Failing


More Obamacare co-ops set to fail this year


Obamacare Is Destroying Families; Was That Their Goal All Along?


Insurers: Our Obamacare Losses Will Force Us to Jack Up Rates and Flee Markets in 2017


Taxpayers Rank Obamacare as Worst Government Mandate EVER!


ObamaCare entering billion-dollar death spiral


Get Ready for Huge Obamacare Premium Hikes in 2017


“Stark Increases” in Obamacare Premiums Predicted for 2017


United Health dropping out of most Obamacare exchanges after losing $1.1 billion


ObamaCare headed for trillion-dollar collapse


Single Payer Universal Health Care: The Transition Is Almost Complete


Poll: Majority disapprove of Obamacare


Obamacare premium hikes coming -- again!


GOP Obamacare Replacement Plan Coming in the Next 45 Days




Handicapped Veteran Says His Gun Saved Him From Armed Intruders


Veterans Launch 'The Difference It Makes' Bus Tour to Make Hillary Accountable to the FBI


260,000 Veterans have had Their Gun Rights Revoked by the VA since December 2015


Requiem for a VA Victim


Service Members Deserve Better Health Care Options


Survey Says 87% of Small Businesses Saw Increase in Healthcare Costs Under Obamacare


Busted! Feds caught shredding veterans' health claims


For The VA's Broken Health System, The Fix Needs A Fix


GAO Report: VA is Still Manipulating Wait Times For Veterans Needing Care






Thankfully, Survey Shows Many Science Teachers Reject Climate Change Dogma


California Democrats Pushing Law that will Crack Down on Global Warming “Skeptics”!


Another Climate Scientist Calls B.S. On 97% Consensus Claim


RICO Prosecution of Climate Chaos Skeptics


Prosecuting Climate Chaos Skeptics with RICO


Poll: Republicans Boost Opposition To Fracking


Science Agency Eyes Climate Professor’s Taxpayer Funding


The Green Witch Hunt - crusading attorney general aims to hurt ExxonMobil after it stopped funneling money to the Clintons.


WH Science Advisor: Farmers, Construction Workers Will Die From Climate Change


16 Democrat AGs Begin Inquisition Against ‘Climate Change Disbelievers’


Why You Should Mourn Implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement




"Climate Hustle" Demolishes Climate Alarmism


Methane Mendacity – And Madness


Deep-Sixing Another Useful Climate Myth


Gov’t Corruption Leaves Another Public Water Supply Tainted with Lead


'1 more nail in coffin of global-warming deception' - Climate 'experts' wrong again! Weather extremes predate fossil-fuel economy


‘Outrageous Violation of the First Amendment’: State AGs Take the Next Step in Going After Climate Change Skeptics


Fact over Fiction on Atlantic Offshore Energy


Water cycle instability posing major political and economic risks: UN experts


New urgency in preparing for solar storm Big One


Flooding, accelerated sea-level rise in Miami over last decade


Global warming of 2.5°C degrees would put at risk trillions of dollars of world’s financial assets


Obama Maintains He Doesn’t Need Legislative Approval for Paris Climate Deal


The Big Green Job-Killing Machine


How Fracking Has Reduced Greenhouse Gases


Another taxpayer-funded solar-energy company fails


Obama's Climate Sleight of Hand


Power Is A LOT More Expensive Under Obama


Promise Kept: Barack Obama Breaks the Coal Industry


Republicans warn proposed EPA rule could wreck auto racing



NASA Is Now The Science PR Wing of The Obama Administration


Bill Nye, “The Science Guy,” OK with Jailing Climate Change Deniers


Spoiled Brats Get a Judge to Rule They Can Sue the Gov’t for Climate Change Inaction


The Left Is Coming for You Next

Democratic AGs, climate change groups colluded on prosecuting dissenters, emails show


RICO for Government Climate Deniers - How corrupt and fraudulent is the government “science” that denies natural climate change?

Dig a Hole for US Coal


What Does Science Really Say About ‘Climate Change’?


CO2 Emission Reduction: How Much Bang for Our Bucks?


Welcome to Green Energy Poverty Week


Weather Channel Founder Slams UN Claims on Man-Made Global Warming: ‘The Basic Theory Has Failed’


Why Fossil Fuels Are The Greenest Energy


Memo Shows Secret Coordination Effort Against ExxonMobil by Climate Activists, Rockefeller Fund


Exxon attempts to deflect legal “Climate Change” strikes


Obama’s Violating the Constitution by Not Submitting Climate Treaty to Senate


Federal Law Prohibits Obama Funding UN Climate Bureaucracy


Victim of AGs’ Climate Change Inquisition Fights Back


John Kerry Signs the UN’s Paris Climate Accord on Obama’s Behalf


Climate Deal Forecast: Frost for the U.S. Economy, Slush Funds for the Planet


Conservative Lawmakers Tell Obama What They Think of His Climate Deal


Army Announces Primary Focus: “Climate Change”


Smelling Blood in the Political Water - The ruling elites don’t care. They will do well, travel often, keep their pensions and get still wealthier. Climate rules, deprivation and “sustainability” are for the Little People.


Flint residents sue the EPA over lead poisoning


Research university hides results of fracking study which fails to prove it’s dangerous


Chernobyl and Communism


Denmark to Tax Meat to Stop Global Warming


EPA Continues To Implement Global Warming Plan Supreme Court Said It Couldn’t


Don’t look now but the Earth is getting greener


Climate and Environmental Propaganda






The White-Guy Jobs Deficit


Peter Schiff: U.S. already in a recession


Obamaphone? Try ObamaInternet: Feds expand subsidy


$15 an Hour. Why Not $30? Why not $100?


Liberals are Using the Minimum Wage to Make the Poor Poorer


Auditor: Government Will Owe More Money Than Entire Economy Produces


Americans spend more on Taxes than Food, Clothing, Housing, Combined


Stricter rules coming for retirement brokers


Americans Don’t Seem to Understand Why We Can’t Compete


Clinton will require employers to “review pay fairness”


Steve Forbes Explains Three Ideas for Reviving America


THEY’RE HERE: Thousands of Refugees Touch Down in the USA… And Here’s the Problem - It will take billions of taxpayer dollars to resettle, educate and provide social services to most of these refugees. More

than 90 percent of Middle Eastern refugees currently in the United States are receiving Food Stamps or other forms of welfare.


Sound the Alarm: New Obama Regulations Will Push Private Retirement Savings Into Government Accounts


Tax guru: Only 1 way to keep businesses on U.S. soil


Obama: I fixed the economy and made it fairer


Affirmative Action for Thugs


If You Don't Rent to Criminals, Are You a Racist?


Goldman Sachs Agrees to Pay More than $5 Billion in Connection with Its Sale of Residential Mortgage Backed Securities


The ‘American Dream’ No Longer Belongs to Americans


Power Is A LOT More Expensive Under Obama


Another taxpayer-funded solar-energy company fails


What’s the Deal with a $15 Minimum Wage?


Failed Ability is the Reason for Income Inequality


FCC Commissioner: We Were Told to Keep Quiet on Obamaphone Fraud Until After Vote to Expand Program


States Raising Minimum Wage To $15 An Hour – So Kmart Is Doing THIS!! WHOA


No One Works in 1 in 5 U.S. Families


Ron Paul Wonders if Obama and the Fed Colluding to Expand the Welfare State?


Climate Deal Forecast: Frost for the U.S. Economy, Slush Funds for the Planet


Obama Boasts In Britain: I Saved The World Economy As President


Why Government Is Terrible At Investing


Crony Capitalism and the Spigot of Government Subsidies


Obama’s Regulations Are Costing You More Than $13,000 per Year






Federal appeals court slams IRS in Tea Party case, demands documents


IRS Commissioner Not Too Concerned By Illegals’ Theft of SSNs – As Long As They’re Paying Taxes


'The Borrowers': IRS Allows Illegal Immigrants to Steal SSNs for Tax-Filing Purposes


11 Million Leaked Documents Expose Massive Hypocrisy of U.S. Tax Enforcement


Federal judge calls IRS untrustworthy in tea party case


Tax Foundation: Americans Now Pay More in Taxes Than Food, Housing and Clothing Combined


Corrupt IRS Leader Encourages Illegal Immigrants to Commit Fraud


IRS and Congress Ignore Job-Related Felonies – as Long as They Are Committed by Illegal Aliens






Black Lives Matter Activist: "If Trump Wins We Will Incite Riots Everywhere"


Want A Stupid Race War? Because This Is How You Get One.


VIDEO: ARMED BLACK PANTHER ACTIVISTS Interrupt Anti –Shari’a Rally…Not A Good Move


Bill Clinton: 'Black Lives Matter' Protesters Are Defending Murders And Drug Dealers


Anchor Fired for Calling Out Black Thugs and the Broken Black Family - Emmy award-winning anchor Wendy Bell pays the price for violating the Left's Party Line.


Black Lives Matter Founder Tweets About ‘Killing White Folks,’ Lashes Out at Critics…


Everything is Racist, Everything Must Be Controlled - Destroying the black community for fun and profit.


Sanders says he would apologize for slavery if president


Black Trump Supporter: ‘I’m In The Reality Business…Mexicans Took All The Jobs’


Black Voters Getting Tired of Republicans AND Democrats


Professor: “Imagine a World Without Whiteness…Everyone Living Life in Peace”


Professor: You Can't Have Peace If Whiteness Exists


You’re Appropriating My Culture!


Rampant Liberal Racism and Bigotry in California’s Public Colleges


Breaking: Obama Just Dropped A Bombshell: “Then White Folks…”


Poll: Race Relations Tension Hits 15-Year High


Why Are Black Christians Still on the Democratic Plantation? When will they ‘Ditch and Switch’? [video]

Liberal Race Activists Now Demand Segregation!


Is It Time for the Country To Voluntarily Segregate?


PROOF! New Study Proves that Violence Follows Black Lives Matter!


Hey Charlie, Republicans Weren’t The Party Of The KKK–That’s The Democrats


School Accused of Ignoring “White Student’s Claims of Racial Harassment” Settles Case


The Liberal War on Black Men


So, The White Privilege Conference Devolved Into A Total Cupcake Whinefest


Stop Drinking Poison


Black activist guilty of tweeting anti-black 'threats'


KARMA: Black Lives Matter Leader BUSTED in Swindle


White Privilege Conference: Blame Christianity for Nearly Everything Bad in the World


Fox News Host DESTROYS Obama’s Change To The $20 Bill With Just 3 Words!


An Argument Against Changing the $20 Bill


Symbolism Instead of History - The real motivation behind replacing Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill.


African-American Sheriff Destroys Hillary Clinton for “Positive Gangs” Comments


Are Gangs Really “Like Families”?


Anti-White Racism - The hate that dares not speak its name.


Winning the Black Vote - So when you see me on the street, don't give me a fist bump, Just say, "good morning.”


1,000 High Schoolers Refuse to Attend Mandatory Racial Identity Seminars


Who Decided that Whites are the Only Ones Guilty "Racism" and "Hate Crimes"?






[Exposed] FBI hiding secret Obama interview


What We Mean When We Say Obama Failed


Half of America Still Approves of President Obama and it’s Bad for America


Surprise! Washington D.C. is the Most Financially Illiterate Place in America!


Taxpayers Billed $1.4 Million for Obama’s Argentina Trip - President tangoed, bashed capitalism during visit


Obama Commutes the Sentences of Twelve Gun Offenders


Obama Grants IRAN Access To U.S. Financial System!


Obama: the Radical Traitor


Obama caught in massive intel cover-up


Obama to allow criminals to move into YOUR neighborhood


White House to Deal with Pressing Issue of Toys That Perpetuate Gender Stereotypes


Bill Clinton Takes Another Swing at Obama "Things are Coming Apart Around the World"


Kentucky Congressman Explains how Bribery and Corruption Runs Washington, D.C.


10 Examples of Obama Delays & Denials Every Election Cycle


Obama ADMITS Libya ‘Worst Mistake as President’


Obama Spews Lies on Fox News


Sheriff Clarke Reveals ‘The Best Thing About The Obama Presidency…’


This Says It All! When Asked About American Safety, Obama’s 11 Word Reply Proves He’s The Worst


Obama’s Not Just Bad, He’s the Worst!


How Obama's Refugee Policies Undermine National Security - The administration orders “shields down” in the wake of a succession of deadly terror attacks.


James Monroe’s Inaugural Address Proves that our Nation has Lost its Way


Time to Sequester Air Force One Vacation Flights


They Didn’t Love Freedom Enough


Obama Leads in Weakness


Obama Admin Threatens States Blocking Money To Traffickers


Obamacrats Go for More While the Clock Is Ticking


Little Sisters case: SCOTUS backs Obama administration…into big admission


House Republicans Introduce Resolution to Investigate Obama for High Crimes and Misdemeanors!


Vote Them All Out! Only One Co-Sponsor On Resolution to Investigate Obama’s “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”


Hiroshima and 'Unwarrantable Self-Abasement' - The moral incoherence of the U.S. expressing regret for swiftly ending a war it didn’t start.


President Obama Continues to Imply that Conservatives are Simply UnAmerican


Virginia Dem Gov: Republicans Must Earn Votes of Criminals


10 times Obama lied to our troops


Virginia's Massive Voter Drive for Felons - Terry McAuliffe fulfills his mission of delivering the battleground state for Hillary.


Why Felons Should Be Allowed to Vote


The Top 10 Conservative Political Blogs Everyone Should Know About


Congressman says Most of Congress is so Corrupt they should be in Prison


Obama: We could “destroy North Korea,” but instead we’ll build a missile shield


 An ‘Establishment’ Always Evolves Into An All-powerful Oligarchy


Garland Nomination Would Fulfill Obama’s Pledge to ‘Transform’ America


Pelosi unveils Democrats' 4-point plan for 'gay' agenda - Praises courts for same-sex marriage 'victory' left couldn't get 'legislatively'


Obama "worst president since Hoover"






Massive ‘Panama Papers’ Leak Rocks Globe as Coalition of Journalists Reportedly Uncover Offshore Financial Dealings of the Rich and Powerful


Panama Papers Leak Alleges Financial Crimes by World Leaders


Panama Papers: Here's What You Need To Know (So Far)


How Much Money Are Foreign Leaders Holding Offshore? Now We Know.


The Panama Papers Vindicate the NSA

Age of Awkward Revelation Stigmatizes Corrupt Politicians


Offshore Banking Fuels the Perversion of Capitalism


Iceland Prime Minister is Prepared to Hold Snap Elections and Resign Over Panama Papers


Panama Papers Reveal Clinton’s Kremlin Connection


[Exposed] Clinton's shocking Panama Papers link


The Panama Papers Are Exactly Why Hillary Clinton Can’t Be President


Several Africans Named in Leaked Panama Papers


Obama Looks to Congress on Panama Papers


Germans refuse to release full Panama Papers






Russia Doubling Nuclear Warheads - New multiple-warhead missiles to break arms treaty limit


N. Korea Jams GPS, Blocks VOA, Twitter, Facebook, Other Media


These People Are Trying to Erase History


China Reveals NEW Nuclear Technology That The US CANNOT Match… Are We Losing? - While President Barack Obama has made efforts to reduce our military’s capabilities, particularly in regards to missile defense, America’s rivals in China and around the globe are exploiting the obvious sign of weakness by greatly increasing their own military capabilities.


Your best shot at surviving a nuke attack on America


Rising Threats: Shrinking Military


Conservative Sheriff Promises “I will fight for your rights.. I will die fighting” for the Constitution!


Rent To Criminals -- Or Else - Obama's threat to the nation's housing providers.


Former Secretaries of Defense Unite to BASH the Obama Administrations Terrible Policies!


Obama Admin Imposed Gag Order on Officials Looking to Get Tough on China


THEY’RE HERE: Thousands of Refugees Touch Down in the USA… And Here’s the Problem - Last year, the FBI Director told Congress the government is unable to conduct thorough background checks on every refugee, because many of them lack papers.


Obama Administration Is Set to Give Away American Sovereignty to U.N.


The US Marines are at their BREAKING POINT


Political Correctness and the Wussification of the Military


73 Federal Agents Killed, 174 Wounded In Botched Gun Control Raid


Vermont's Right Not to Bear Arms


Pay Attention! While Primaries Distract, Obama Shreds Constitutional Governance


Obama Admin Threatens States Blocking Money To Traffickers


The Decline of American Regard


Saint or Sinner, Government Eyes Are Watching Every Move You Make – When the servant becomes the master


The Most Dangerous Store In America | The Resurgent


Is yours about to be a refugee ‘welcoming’ community? Call the mayor of Amarillo, TX first!






We Must Not Destroy the Constitution to Save It


Five Sure Signs That America Has Gone Mad


America is Spiritually, Morally, and Financially Bankrupt


Dallas City Council Wants to Force This First-Generation American Out of Business


Obama’s Unconstitutional Eleventh Hour Land Grab


A Warning in 1960 by Gen. Carlos P. Romulo


Society is reaching critical mass


Frightening Announcement About North Korea Nuclear Launch


The High Price of Freedom


Texas GOP officials urge statewide secession vote - Surge in support over last 4 years


The Regulation That Drastically Infringes Landowners’ Rights


Is the American Experiment in Decline?


There’s a Reason We Live in a Republic


Fair Housing Means No Choosing Neighbors Or Tax Rates


Governing by Blog Post? Report Finds Obama Administration Creatively Imposing New Federal Rules


The Pocket Catechism on the Constitution of the United States


The Role of the Constitution in our Government






Protester Claims to Have Proof that the Government Committed Treason in Oregon and Nevada!


Attorney Files for Cliven Bundy to be Released: Claims Govt Afraid of Losing to “Political Prisoner” in Jury Trial


Cliven Bundy’s Wife Goes Off on Harry Reid and His Plot to Take Her Family’s Land


The Wife of Unjustly Jailed Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy Just Ripped Harry Reid’s Disgusting Attempt to Steal Her Land!


Obama’s Eleventh Hour Land Grab


Clive Bundy Writes from Jail: “It Is Your Time to Come Forward”


Cliven Bundy Writes to America from Jail: Are You Going to Let Patriots and Veterans Stand Alone?















































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ARBALEST QUARREL - Federal and State Firearms Legislation