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A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.


We sleep safely at night because rough men and women stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm.


“Chaos is the law of nature, and order is the dream of man”


“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”


Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty



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Dold, Curbelo lead introduction of bill to prevent sale of firearms to suspected terrorists


California governor signs stringent gun bills, vetoes others


Gun-Control Activists Need a History Lesson


Dold, Curbelo lead introduction of bill to prevent sale of firearms to suspected terrorists


California massacres 2nd Amendment in drive-by burst of ‘gun control’ laws


While House Ready to Take up Gun Control, Sen. Reid Frustrated with GOA


BEHOLD: The Complete Failure Of Gun Control


Paul Ryan Faces Mutiny Over His Gun Grab Gambit


Ryan: All options available to punish Dems for guns sit-in


Secret No Gun Lists & Gun Free Zones Will Kill Innocent Americans ~ VIDEO


An Open Letter To Congress On Gun Control Proposals


The FBI’s Illegal Activities


Obama, Democrats Exploit Dallas Attack To Push For More Gun Control


The Atlantic: 2nd Amendment Protections Don’t Apply to Black Citizens


Colion Noir on How Not to Fix Inner City Gun Violence






And Right on Cue, CNN Panelists Blame Guns for Dallas Massacre


Obama Immediately Exploits Dallas Murders to Promote Citizen Disarmament


Obama: Gun Control Is Necessary ‘If You Care About the Safety of Our Police Officers’


Watch Dallas Police Chief Destroy Jake Tapper When Asked About Gun Control


Guns in a Gun Free Zone: Five Arrested in DC After Shooting at Police


Why People Don’t Trust Liberals To Regulate Guns - How can we trust people to regulate guns who don’t know anything about guns, think normal people deserve to be on enemies lists, and allow ideology to keep them from protecting Americans?


Arizona congressman’s bill would stop children from shooting machine guns


The AMA, Ethics and Gun Control


Why Didn’t D.C.’s Gun Laws Protect This DNC Staffer?


Gun Control Advocates Recoil When Handed ‘Gun Free’ Sign For Their Homes


Short Film Travels Through Time to Show How ‘Gun-Free’ Zones Fail


Latest Gun Control Legislation Takes Aim at Children, and Reveals a Sinister Truth


You Have No Rights Without Natural Law


French Lesson: Guns not Critical To Jihadi Violence


If Hillary Wins… Well Let’s Just Say It Will Be Bad News for Gun Rights


The Intellectually Dishonest Gun Crime Epidemic


Congressional GUN Bill, HR5611, Has NO-FLY LIST Hidden In It, Very Bad - “NO-FLY LIST” Is Hidden In It By “Under Investigation” Language. This bill is worse than previous ones that prompted sit-ins.


In support of truck control


CA Lawmakers Quietly Exempt Themselves From Gun Laws


One law for us, another for you - California’s legislative hypocrisy a failure of democracy


An Armed Citizenry Can Frustrate and Deter Vehicle Attacks


Health Care and Guns – What Do They Have in Common?


Social Security under fire for plan to disarm seniors - 'Process denies basic elements of due progress to beneficiaries'


Obama Immediately Exploits Dallas Murders to Promote Citizen Disarmament


Black Lives Matter Radical Uses Black Lives Matter Terrorism to Push Gun Confiscation


Five things to know about guns in Germany


Bloomberg's Stealth Attack on Firearm Freedoms


NRA-ILA's Chris Cox: 2016 Is About Gun Rights Over The Next 40 Years


Democrats are advised to tone down their gun grabbing talk for the fall


Guess Which Democratic Message is Being Tailored to fit Voters?


Anti-Second Amendment Groups Seek Camouflage to Sell Infringments


Shame & Outrage of California’s Legislature in Session ~ VIDEO


The Fall of California


Californians are Putting Their Money Down on a Sure Bet: Guns


A Sweep of Every House – The new criminals will be the hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of Californians who own firearm magazines that hold more than ten rounds.


California Lt. Gov. Claims It's Easier To Buy A Gun Than A Happy Meal in CA; Politifact Agrees – Gun is more expensive (at this time)


Justice Ginsburg Once Again Shares Her Intent to Overturn Heller


NRA: Hypocrite Hillary Has Been Guarded By “Good Guys With Guns” For 30 Years


NRA leader: Clinton Supreme Court means ‘your right to own a firearm is gone’


NRA: Clinton Supreme Court will rule for 40 years, kill gun rights


Why jihadists laugh at gun control


The loophole in the Mass. assault weapons ban


This Crazed Politicians Just Decreed That Most Common Firearms In America Are Illegal


Massachusetts AG Bans Semi-Auto Rifles


BREAKING: Massachusetts Attorney General Bans Sales of All New “Assault Weapons” As of Today


NRA Audio on MA Changing Gun Laws Overnight


You’ll Never Get a Liberal to Answer These Questions About Gun Control - The goal is for conservative, legal gun owners to comply with “law and order” and do as they’re asked, while the illegal guns stay on

the street.


NRA Exec Says Hillary Will Spend Every Minute of Every Day Doing One Thing if Elected


'Jason Bourne' Promo a Perfect Snapshot of Hollywood Hypocrisy on Guns


Washington Post: Obama Lies Again


Dare Harvey Weinstein to Make Good on Anti-Gun Movie Threat


Lesson from Munich: Even strict German gun laws didn’t stop shooter


‘Gun Control’ Snitches Trolling Facebook to Suppress Information Sharing & Rights


Crowder Dominates This Epic Gun Control Debate With Titus


Gun Control Is Not the Answer to Shootings that Kill Police Officers


Dem Delegate Admits: 'Common Sense Gun Control' Is Just Code For Repealing Second Amendment [VIDEO]


Democrat Delegate Confesses Clinton Plot to Ban All Guns


Women Talk Guns on Capitol Hill




French Church Atrocity Made Possible by Suicidal Immigration & Gun Laws


Democrats: We can win on guns


The Second Amendment is on the Ballot


Progressives Require One Thing to Maintain America’s Transformation – Silence


Gun Owners: Do you Believe in Privacy?


The Second Amendment is on the Ballot


Just in Time for His Party’s Convention, Obama Administration Releases Latest Executive Gun Control


The Opportunity to Push Gun Control – They Can Smell Your Fear


Rape Survivor Hammers Clinton’s Obsession With Gun Confiscation In NRA Ad


Jesse Jackson, Hillary's character witness, blames 'assault weapons' for dead cops


Why Does Hillary Clinton Think She’s Important Enough To Protect With Guns, But Your Life Isn’t?


Gun Control in a Vacuum


If Gawker is so Concerned About Old People, Why Don’t They Cover These Stories?


Anti-Gun Coalition Calls for “West Coast Ban” on Commonly-Owned Semi-Auto Firearms


In Case You Missed It: More Gun Control Laws Will Not Reduce Crime


Democrats lie through their teeth about gun crime at the DNC


Just in Time for His Party’s Convention, Obama Administration Releases Latest Executive Gun Control


2016 Democratic Party Platform & Your Right to Keep Arms


When It Comes to Gun Rights, Don’t Believe the Media…


How the Gun Control Movement Sabotages Itself


Power Breeds Arrogance


Why Does Hillary Clinton Think She’s Important Enough To Protect With Guns, But Your Life Isn’t?


Lockdown: A Teacher's Thoughts


Hillary Clinton Is Lying About Her Intentions Towards Gun Rights. Here’s The Proof.


The Nasty Side Effects of Gun Control


Lawsuit Against SB 707 Has Potential To Stop Anti-Gun Bills In Their Tracks


How Much More do They Expect us to Compromise on Gun Rights?


Who is she Kidding?


Do You Think The Second Amendment be Subject to ‘Reasonable Regulations’?


Meet the rising Dem star positioned to help Clinton on gun control






New Research

NEW CPRC research published in Regulation: Do economists and criminologists differ in their views of firearms’ effects on crime and suicide?

CPRC in the American Journal of Epidemiology: "What do we know about the Association between Firearm Legislation and Firearm-related injuries"


National media


CPRC on Sean Hannity's radio show debating new gun control measures: Background Checks and Assault Weapon Bans

CPRC on the Glenn Beck TV Show: Discussing the push to ban AR-15s

CPRC on Sean Hannity's Radio Show to Discuss Gun-Free Zones


CPRC on CNN International to discuss the push in the US for more gun control

CPRC on AL Jazeera International: Changing background checks, banning of assault weapons, and gun-free zones

CPRC on One America News' The Daily Ledger: Gun Ownership and Terrorism

CPRC on Late Nights with Jim Bohannon: Talking about the gun debate in the aftermath of the Orlando Massacre


CPRC on the Dennis Prager Show: What can we do to stop mass public shootings?


CPRC on Coast to Coast AM: Implications of 9th Circuit Court Decision on Concealed Carry


CPRC on the One America News Network to Discuss Senate Votes on Gun Control

CPRC on America in the Morning: Talks about the gun debate after the Orlando Massacre

CPRC on the Jesse Lee Peterson National Radio Show: Orlando Terrorist Attack & why gun-control measures would not have stopped it


Op-ed pieces


CPRC at Fox News: Hillary dodged criminal charges for one simple reason

CPRC at Fox News: "The dirty secret about the four Senate gun control bills"


CPRC Debating CeaseFirePA about Banning Assault Weapons in the Philadelphia Inquirer and many other newspapers

CPRC in the Orange County Register: "Background checks, watchlists ineffective”

CPRC at National Review:The Case for More Concealed Handguns

Other media (we don't have audio for most of the radio shows that we did over the last couple of weeks)


CPRC on KSRO Sonoma County's Morning News: Discussion on Four Gun-Control Measures failing in U.S. Senate

CPRC on WBZ to discuss gun control after the 9th Circuit ruling on concealed handguns and the Orlando massacre

CPRC on the Steve Gruber Show: Hillary Clinton believes in Australian style gun-control (turn in your guns)

CPRC on the Joe Piscopo Show: Discussion on Mass Murderers intentionally targeting Gun-Free Zones

CPRC on the John Cardillo Radio Show to discuss the DC's Circuit decision on corrections officers carrying concealed firearms

CPRC on Haus Rules: Why Gun-Control Laws being pushed won't stop Mass Public Shootings

CPRC on the Steve Gruber Show: Why more Gun-Control is not the solution to violence

CPRC on C4 Show on WBAL Radio in Baltimore: The Gun debate over Orlando

CPRC on the Michelle Mendoza Show 820AM KGNW (Live from Seattle): Discussion on the Senate Gun-Control Measures after the Orlando Massacre

Other information

New Gallup Poll: By almost 2-to-1 Americans think arming more people with concealed carry guns will help prevent terrorism

Thirteen defensive guns uses with legally carried concealed handguns over the last month

Mass Public Shooting at Nightclub in South Carolina stopped by concealed handgun carry permit holder

Permitted concealed handguns will be allowed at Republican National Convention within the 8-square-kilometer "event zone"


Opinion pieces

CPRC in the New York Post: Obama's false racism claims are putting cops' lives in danger


CPRC in the Los Angeles Times: Yes, gun-free zones are targets — and research proves it


News Coverage


CPRC in the Washington Post: Guns and Suicides

CPRC in the Washington Post and Politifact on Obama's claims about the ease of teenagers getting guns

Radio shows — National

CPRC on the Mark Levin Show: Is there a problem with racism & bigotry in U.S. police departments?

CPRC on the Lars Larson Show: Obama instigates more racial tension with false claims

CPRC on the Jim Bohannon Show on Obama's call for more gun control

CPRC on the Larry Elder Show to discuss an article in the Los Angeles Times on gun-free zones

CPRC on the Laura Ingraham Show: Dallas Police Shootings and Obama's false claims

CPRC on Coast-to-Coast AM: Initial news on the Dallas Shooting

CPRC on The Bill Cunningham Show Live with Bill Cunningham (National) and local on 700WLW: Gun-Control measures fail in the Senate & the sit in by democrats in the House

Radio shows — Local

CPRC on WMAL to discuss Racial Discrimination by Law Enforcement 

CPRC on the Rose Unplugged Show: On Obama's claims about systematic racism by Police

CPRC on the Gary Nolan Show: Obama frequently making false statements before facts are known

CPRC on the Steve Gruber Show: Obama fanning the flames of racism & talking more gun control

CPRC on the Seth Leibsohn Show KKNT AM: Obama's false claims of racism in our criminal justice system

CPRC on the John Cardillo Show: Hillary Clinton too Big to Jail

CPRC on KTSA 107.1fm The Trey Ware Show: The dangers of Gun-Free Zones

CPRC on the Steve Gruber Show: Discussion on the No Fly List, permitted guns allowed within 8-square-kilometers of Republican National Convention "event zone.”


CPRC on One America News' The Daily Ledger: Gun Ownership and Terrorism


Some recent concealed carry permit holders who have stopped recent violent crime

New Survey of Chiefs of Police and Sheriffs in the United States Shows Strong Support for Concealed Carry and Gun Ownership


A note on Obama's claim about how easy it is for a teenager to obtain a gun

Not an Assault Weapon: Dallas Police murderer used an SKS semi-automatic rifle



New Research

New Study: Over 14.5 million concealed handgun permits, last year saw the largest increase ever in the number of permits [Please Download and Read the Study]

Opinion Pieces

CPRC at Fox News: "Do Democrats want to disarm minorities?"

CPRC at the National Review: Gun Control Is Not the Answer to Shootings that Kill Police Officers

CPRC in The  Weekly Standard: "When the subject is guns, politics trumps history," reviewing Pamela Haag's book "The Gunning of America"

Media Coverage

CPRC research covered in the Washington Times and Breitbart: "Concealed carry permits at all-time high Women, minorities fasting-growing groups seeking license"

CPRC on 50,000 watt WWL's Think Tank with Don Dubuc the views of Police on Private Gun Ownership

CPRC in the News: Newsweek, Florida Politics, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, The Blaze, Arizona Republic, and others


Five defensive gun uses with permitted concealed handguns over just a few days






Four Violent Muggers Strike Victim in Head With Baton for Moving Too Slowly — That Turns Out to Be a Huge Mistake


Concealed carrier takes down shooter at South Carolina nightclub


Man dies shielding son in shooting that killed his daughters, ages 10 and 3, at their home


A Good Guy With a Gun Preventing a Mass Shooting


So a Robber Walks Into a Texas Waffle House With an AK-47…


Florida Idiot Likely To Face Charges After Shooting At Pokemon Go Players


Resident shoots man trying to break into home, police say


NightClub Shooter Shot & Stopped By Armed Concealed Carry Permit Holder


Shocking Video Shows Fatal Struggle For Officer’s Gun in OK City


2-time rapist shot dead by ex-girlfriend after violating protective order


Florida Home Invader Shot & Killed by Resident


Domestic Violence Victim Issues Final Warning Signed in Lead


Targeted by Robbers, This Neighborhood Didn’t Demand Action – They Took it


Store Employee Handles Armed Robber With One Finger


Armed robbery, kidnapping victim shoots and kills attacker


Armed Robbers Outnumber Victim 3-1, but Guess Which one was a Better Shot?


Meade County man holds burglar at gunpoint until police arrive


Walmart Customer Gives Armed Robber a Rollback on Self Defense


Quick-Thinking Teens Thwart Home Invasion Without Making a Noise


Pistol-Whipped and Stunned, This Courageous Great-Grandmother Would Not Accept Defeat


Pokemon Go Players Exchange Gunfire With Real Life Monsters


Home Intruder Faces Deadly Consequence for Ignoring Elderly Texas Couple’s Warning


Couple Checks Home Surveillance Video Hoping to Spot Missing Purse. What They See Instead Is as Chilling as It Gets.


75-year-old woman shoots suspect after being beaten and robbed at her home


Kentucky Man Wins Knock-Knock Game With Armed Robbers


Similar cases in Massachusetts and Texas Shootings, Different Outcomes


Gun Sales Up, Crime Rates Down ~ Infographic


Homeowner Flushes Out Early Morning Home Intruder


This Concealed Carrier Saved An Officer Under Attack






This “Assault Weapon” Fired 22 Shots in 60 Seconds… In 1780


Gunshot Wounds? Here Comes the Science


Best states for concealed carry — ranked worst to first


Killing The Muslim Terrorist Before They Can Kill You Will Become Second Nature


England’s ‘Sort of’ Semi-Auto AR-15-type Rifle, the Answer to CA’s New Gun Ban


Open Carry Texas Statement Following Dallas Shooting


Plan Your Response to a Terrorist, Quick or Dead


Criminals Think Differently – Understand Them & Remain Armed


76% of Police Chiefs Say Armed Citizens Are Doing This


AR Red Dot Optic Tips


Best AR 15 Scopes – How & What To Choose


Defining “Long Range” and “Extended Long Range” Shooting: Applied Ballistics


How To Zero Your AR15


Five Best AR15 Magazines


What Does AR in AR15 Rifle Mean? - ArmaLite


The History of the .380 Cartridge


History of the .45 ACP Cartridge


9mm Parabellum Ammo, History, Features & Load Data


How Far Will A 12 Gauge Shotgun Kill?


Shocking Video Shows Fatal Struggle For Officer’s Gun in OK City


AR-15 Podcast 174 – When The Revolution Comes Releases Top 5 Best Selling Firearms for June 2016


The Reliability of the Revolver vs. the Semi-Automatic Handgun


Personal Defense Network Announces Training Talk Live


Gun Education – Jeff Gonzales: Shooting Scans


Rifle Actions


Are Motorcycle Helmets Bulletproof?


Our Loaded Pistols


Best Paper Targets for Shooting at the Range


Matt Bracken – Orlando Rules


Competitive Shooting Tips: Shooting Around Barricades


Concealed Carry Handgun Testing Protocol


“Gun Training Overload”






Arizona Sheriff Has a Powerful Message for his County… and you


Guerrero: Faced With Violence, 100 Business Owners Seek Permission to Bear Arms


FBI: June Is 14th Consecutive Month of Record Background Checks


Why Owning Guns Is An Act Of Love


When The Rule of Law No Longer Matters, It’s Time To Gun Up


Colion Noir on How Not to Fix Inner City Gun Violence


House Chairman: Feds lose 985 guns, including Uzis, grenade launchers


Sleep Tight: Feds Have Lost Close To 1,000 Guns Since 2006


Rape Victim Warns Predators: Never Again


Rape Survivor Slams Hillary in Powerful New NRA Ad


Here’s What the FBI Has to Say About National Gun Ownership


Fantasy vs Reality: Women Are Protecting Themselves With Guns, and Feminists Are Calling It “Absurd”


Real Empowerment


The AR-15: Americans' Best Defense Against Terror and Crime


The AR-15 Is The Musket Of Its Era


An Armed Citizenry Can Frustrate and Deter Vehicle Attacks


Concealed carry gun permits spike after Pulse shooting


When The Zombies Attack, ‘Enlightened Males’ Will Be The First To Fall - Society still needs men who know how to swing a machete with authority.


Open Carry at the RNC: Exactly as Expected. No Problems


New report: More than 14.5 million now licensed to carry


Smith & Wesson to Acquire Crimson Trace Corporation


Most gun crimes not committed by legal gun owner, Pittsburgh study says


Concealed Carry Permits Reach All-Time High






Disabled Teen Returning From St. Jude's Hospital Bloodied and Arrested by TSA


TSA Bloodies Disabled Brain Tumor Patient


TSA Agents BEAT AND JAIL Disabled Teen With Brain Cancer [VIDEO]


Loathsome TSA Bloodies And Bruises Young Woman During Screening Process. Did I Mention She Is Partially Deaf, Blind In One Eye, Paralyzed, Easily Confused? Oh, And She Also Has A Brain Tumor


Disabled St. Jude patient sues airport and TSA after bloody scuffle with Airport Police


Dallas Police Assoc. Says Low Pay, Morale Trigger Several Police Resignations


Real Ideas That Make America Safer


Arizona police sign on to White House plan to cut jail populations


Time to Deputize America


Gunman in stolen vehicle shoots at north Georgia police officer


'HEARTBROKEN IN MINNESOTA': DOJ to to monitor probe into deadly police shooting


Minnesota Governor: Race played role in police shooting


“Riding Dirty” The Curious Case of Philando Castile – Falcon Heights, MN Police Shooting…


ADDED PROTECTION: Police officers across nation patrolling in pairs after Dallas ambush


Authorities: Highway gunman motivated by police shootings


You Probably Didn’t Hear About The FIRST Domestic Terrorist Attack Yesterday


Man Opens Fire on Tennessee Highway Because He Was Upset About Incidents Involving Police, Blacks: Investigators


Missouri Police Officer Shot While Conducting Traffic Stop


Missouri Officer In Critical Condition After Being ‘Ambushed’ During Traffic Stop


Two More Cops Shot In GA, Man Opens Fire On White People & Police In TN Over Recent “Incidents”, One Dead


Home invasion crew arrested at Tucson hotel


Gunman In Moving Vehicle Opens Fire On Police Officer In Metro Atlanta Hours After Dallas Shootings…


Man Calls Police In GA, Reports Break-In, When Cop Arrives, He Is Shot In Ambush


Georgia police officer shot multiple times in Valdosta


1000+ Protesters Block Oakland Freeway Chanting 'No Racist Police'


War on cops? Officers shot in 4 states - 'Sad day for law enforcement' as police departments 'bombarded with threats'


More Cop-Targeted Shootings Reported In Georgia, Missouri, Texas, And Tennessee


Two More Cops Shot In GA, Man Opens Fire on White People & Police in TN Over Recent “Incidents”, One Dead


Baltimore: Crime/murder rates up, police force shrinking, and we are told refugees are bringing boom times


As Baltimore’s Crime Rate Skyrockets, This Number is Plummeting


Top Fraternal Order of Police Official Responds to Dallas Attack...And How Obama Can Help


Who Sold Felon Alton Sterling His Illegally-Acquired Gun?


With Threats Against Police Pouring In, Someone Fired Shots At The San Antonio Police HQ Last Night


Violent Anti-Cop Protests End in Hundreds of Arrests, Multiple Officers Injured in Minnesota, Louisiana


Suspect Takes Deputy’s Gun, Three Dead in Michigan


Compilation shows just how little time cops have to respond to armed or unarmed suspects...


In wake of dead police officers, Black Lives Matter continues to agitate


Ignorance of Facts Fuels the Anti-Cop 'Movement'


Obama’s Poisonous Embrace of BLM


Democrats’ Lives Matter...Most


The Curse of Violent Crime in Democrat-Run Cities - And how one city broke that curse.


The War on Cops - An interview with Heather Mac Donald.


Attack on Baltimore Police Ends with Dead Gunman - Law enforcement believe the shooter wanted to lure police to the scene.


Progressive Restaurant Bans Police Officers


Police officers shot in Baton Rouge and Milwaukee. Updates: Dead shooter identified


‘Pissed Off’ Black Man Posts Uncensored Video Message After 3 More Cops Are Killed in Baton Rouge


Baton Rouge Cop Killer Was MUSLIM CONVERT


Baton Rouge Cop Killer Gavin Eugene Long Was NATION OF ISLAM Member


Obama’s WAR on America: #BatonRouge ambush — 3 officers MURDERED, hunt on for MULTIPLE GUNMEN #BLM


Obama calls for unity after Baton Rouge shooting


The Chilling Facebook Post Slain Baton Rouge Officer Posted Week Before Ambush


Cleveland Police Union Prez Says Obama Has 'Blood on His Hands' After Baton Rouge


Milwaukee Officer Shot in ‘Vicious’ Attack While He Sat Inside Patrol Car


Milwaukee Officer Survives Ambush By Convicted Felon


WARNING: ”STAND DOWN” ORDERS To Cleveland Police At RNC! Patriots,This IS WAR! - If you’re attending the RNC, do not travel alone. Be street smart and travel in groups. Police will not help you.”


Philando Castile: Obama and Media Continue Hyping Latest Black Shot by Cops


Meanwhile, in Chicago…


Abolish the Police? This Is a 'Slow-Motion Experiment' of That - Chicago Activist: We Need to Abolish the Police, Period.


After Multiple Cops Killed in Baton Rouge, Check Out Obama’s Answers on Law Enforcement 3 Days Ago


Open Season on Cops


Baton Rouge Latest Battle in Obama's War on Cops


Baton Rouge Domestic Terrorist Was Taken Out By A Single Shot After Murdering Officers


‘Helluva Shot’ From SWAT Team Rifleman Stopped Baton Rouge Cop Killer, Police Chief Says


La. cop killer renounced ‘slave name,’ joined black anti-government group - The former Marine sergeant who murdered three Louisiana police officers this week was part of a black anti-government movement called the Moorish Nation, according to a law enforcement intelligence report.


Obama Has ‘Blood On his Hands’ for Police Shootings, Will Bear Blame for Violence In Cleveland


The Left’s Repulsive Rationalization of Violence against Police


Muslim Man Guns Down Woman Police Officer – Mainstream Media SILENT


What Presumption of Innocence?


Sheriff Clarke’s Hard-Hitting Response to Dallas Shooting


Sheriff David Clarke Crushes Don Lemon Over Hateful Black Lives Matter


Sheriff David Clarke Slams Black Lives Matter at RNC: ‘I Call It Anarchy’


Video: Sheriff David Clarke Proclaims ‘Blue Lives Matter’ at RNC


Sheriff David Clarke: Critics Do Not Define Our Honor


Sheriff Clarke Is Right: There’s A War On Cops


KC police officer shot and killed; unnamed suspects in custody


KC police say murder of police officer not an ambush, identify suspects


Ohio policeman served sandwich with shards of glass – Was it accidental?


Without Rule of Law - Will the Police Quit Policing: Cops Attacked in America?


RNC LIVE Coverage: Protesters FACE OFF: Throwing BAGS OF URINE AT POLICE


Targeting Police Isn’t A Hate Crime, It’s Terrorism


Judicial Watch Obtains Documents Revealing FBI Declared Mateen “NOT” to be a Terrorist - “We do NOT believe he is a terrorist… I don’t believe he will go postal or anything like that.”


Obama to nation’s law enforcement officers: ‘We have your backs’


“Community policing” and keeping cops alive are quickly becoming incompatible


North Miami SWAT Cop Shot Therapist In Order To “Save” Him From Unarmed Autistic Man


Cover-Up? New Black Panthers Held Secret Meeting Sunday In Baton Rouge


Police Officers are Being Targeted, Executed and Assassinated

Firefighters Forced to Remove Police Flag Due to 'Extremist' Fears


Firefighters Told They Can’t Show Support for Police: Might ‘Divide the Community’


Hillary Clinton Wrongly Accuses Police of Systemic Racism


Hillary Lies, Cops Die


Clinton invites families of blacks killed by police to speak at convention


Philly police union livid at Clinton for inviting families of slain blacks to speak at Dem convention but not relatives of murdered officers


Is Cop-Hating Hillary A President We Can Survive?


Hillary Honors Dead Cops


Flashback: Hillary says “police violence” as big a threat as the Islamic State


Blue Lives Matter Opinion


Hillary Invites Mothers Of Criminals To Speak - Hillary Invites Mothers Of Criminals And Attempted Cop Killers To Speak


Hillary’s Invited Guest to the Democrat Convention Has Police FURIOUS!


Hillary Insults Fraternal Order of Police – They Call Her Out!


‘Blistering’ Letter from Philly Police Has Clinton Camp on Defense Over DNC Speaker Lineup


Hillary Panders to BLM, Disrespects Families of Fallen Officers


Trump’s Answer to Black-on-Cop Murder


Firefighters forced to remove police flag due to 'extremist' fears


Massachusetts Cops Ask Mayor (of Somerville) to Take Down Black Lives Matter Sign — Here’s His Response


Attempted Ambush Of Officers In Columbus, Ohio


Chicago: Over 2,200 shot this year, 21 of them age 13 and under


DOJ Warns: Street Gangs Are Targeting Police Officers


WaPo’s Award-Winning Police Fatality Database Lists Baton Rouge Cop Killer, Orlando Nightclub Terrorist


Death Threat Against Police Officer’s Children After He Fatally Shoots Dog


Black Lives Matter Leader: ‘Defund Police’


This Murdering Thug Found That His Second Target Wouldn’t Be As Easy - Milwuakee


Where in the World Did the RNC Cops Come From?


Police More Popular Than the Candidates at Republican Convention


Chaos ensues as 'blood soaked' US flag burns outside RNC


When Man Tosses a Suspicious Device Into Their Car, 2 Officers Make an Agonizingly Brave Decision


Again - Thugs Fire On Dallas Police In Another Apparent Ambush Attempt


2 killed, at least 16 wounded in Florida nightclub shooting


Veteran Texas Sheriff’s Deputy Fatally Shot at His Home After Confronting Burglars — Here’s What We Know


Texas Deputy Is Shot to Death At Home After Making Emergency Radio Call


Homeowner puts up lawn signs calling for cop killings, then has audacity to do this


Reds Exploiting Blacks: The Roots of Black Lives Matter


What It’s Like To Be A Black Cop In The Age Of ‘Black Lives Matter


Shooting Deaths of Police Officers Spike Dramatically in 2016: Report


Firearm killings of police up 78% this year; ambush killings up 300%


Noodles & Company employee denies service to a police officer


Suspect Claimed He Pooped His Pants, But Was Shot Dead Reaching For This – Also why 10 rounds maximum per gun without the ability to change a magazine may not be enough.  Right, CA, esp. when attacked by more than one assailant?


A Brief History of the Traffic Stop


San Diego Police Officer Shot and Killed, Another Wounded — Here’s What We Know


Officer Down Memorial Page


This Concealed Carrier Saved An Officer Under Attack


Three Dead, One Injured in Shooting North of Seattle. Suspect in Custody.


Officers File Suit Against Baltimore’s Prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby


Leaked Text Messages Between Baltimore Prosecutor’s Deputy and Investigator Add New Twist to Freddie Gray Case


Not again! Austin entertainment district shot up - 'A lot of people running in different directions with all the gunshots coming out'






SNIPERS OPEN FIRE ON DALLAS POLICE, KILLING AT LEAST 4 COPS AND WOUNDING AS MANY AS 7 MORE OFFICERS Police negotiating, trade gunfire with suspected sniper in parking garage


Police in standoff with suspected sniper after four Dallas officers killed during protest; three others in custody


Both sniper suspects in police custody | Eyewitness describes hectic scene at protest


Dallas police describe the deadly shootings | Police apprehend suspect in Dallas shooting


Protesters run for cover after gunfire begins | Report: 2 police officers shot during protest


Witness describes injured police officers | Eyewitness account of shooting in Dallas


Bernard Kerik talks about officer shooting, protests | Fatal police shooting aftermath livestreamed


VIDEO: Obama: Criminal justice reform is not an attack on police


Terrorism in Dallas


Eleven police officers shot at Dallas protest, 4 have died (Updated) - 11:55 pm on July 7, 2016


Dallas Shooting: Snipers Shoot 11 Officers, Four Dead - July 8, 2016 at 12:05am - Despite reports, officers do not have any suspects in custody.


BREAKING: Shots Fired At Protest in Dallas; UPDATE: Four Officers Have Died


Breaking: Snipers Open Fire on Police at Dallas Protest, Multiple Fatalities – Last updated: 01:50 EST


President Obama, Governor Dayton fan Flames of Racism after Police Shootings


Dallas Shooting: Snipers Kill 5 Police Officers


14 Most Vile Tweets After Dallas Snipers Killed Police Show the Worst of BLM’s Anti-Cop Rhetoric


These People are Fanning the Flames of Hate From the Comfort of Their Safe Spaces


Gunman ID'd in ambush shooting of 11 cops in Dallas, killing 5, and who police say 'wanted to kill white people — especially white officers'


FOXNEWS.COM'S LIVE COVERAGE: 5 Dallas police officers killed by sniper fire during protest


SOCIAL MEDIA FRENZY: Dallas police murders bring out the worst on the Internet


CELEBS SPEAK OUT: Call murders 'horrific' | TECH DURING ATTACK: Facebook activates Safety Check service


VIDEOS: Protesters run for cover after gunfire begins | Eyewitness account of shooting in Dallas


VIDEO: Dallas attack suspect 'wanted to kill white people' | VIDEO: Eyewitness describes hectic scene in Dallas


Dallas sniper who gunned down 5 cops 'wanted to kill white people,' chief says


MOURNING THE FALLEN   - 3 of 5 murdered cops - ID'd as vets and dads


VIDEO: Officers were running towards shooting, witness says


VIDEO: Audio of dispatchers alerting officers released


VIDEO: Officer named as victim


OPINION: Being a cop has become more difficult and dangerous


MURDERS GET POLITICAL - Obama uses Dallas police killing to push gun control


CALL FOR CALM: AG Lynch urges Americans to 'reject the impulses of bitterness'


VIDEO: Action must be the answer, not violence, AG Lynch says


VIDEO: Obama politicizes Dallas police murders


CONVENTION SECURITY: Cleveland police union concerned about safety at RNC, anti-cop rhetoric


CAMPAIGN EVENTS CANCELED: Trump, Clinton respond to shooting


TARGETED BECAUSE OF RACE? Minnesota governor: Philando Castile likely wouldn't have been fired at if he were white


SCHOOL STAFF STUNNED: Philando Castile shooting shocks colleagues


WHO IS THE KILLER? - Gunman did Afghan tour, posted on Black Panthers


VIDEO: Dallas shooter's service record released


WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: Armed suspect attacks Dallas police


ARMED ROBOT ASSISTS POLICE: Dallas police used bomb robot to kill shooting suspect







'Black Power group' claims responsibility... - Warns of more assassinations...

Convenience store looted after attack...

Police taunted; Slaughter of 'pigs'...

Footage shows agitators dancing and mocking...

Calls For More Cop-Killing...

Many Parts Of City Off-Limits...


Bullet bounces off armored vest of gunman...

Policeman shot point blank...

Slain cop was a newlywed...

Officer had survived 3 tours in Iraq...

Using robot to kill suspect a 1st...

Are Cops Allowed?

Usage expected to grow...


Live streaming of shooting spotlights ethical, legal policies...


Threats Against Police Spiked Before Dallas Police Shootings


Anti-Police Rhetoric Turns Deadly...

Departments across country ratchet up safeguards...

Cleveland convention security tightens...

Law enforcement group director lashes out at Obama...

Protester Describes How Dallas Police SAVED HIS LIFE During Shootings...


Dallas War Zone: 11 COPS SHOT, 5 DEAD in coordinated ATTACK after Obama’s Incitement Speech


Man Legally Carrying Rifle Misidentified as Dallas Shooting Suspect — Now He Wants an Apology From Police


Obama's 'myth of racist war' linked to murdered cops - Black Lives Matter 'becoming terrorist group committing hate crimes'


The Truth About 'Black Lives Matter'


Dallas Police Chief: Gunman ‘Wanted To Kill White People, Especially White Officers’


Dallas Police Chief Reveals Info on Suspect–And What Role ‘Black Lives Matter’ Had in Cop Murders


Dallas protesters 'laughing and dancing' 'while officers mourn' - Twitter alive with fiery feedback as #Dallas hashtag trends


Suspected Shooter Killed by Dallas Police Reportedly Identified as Micah Xavier Johnson — Here’s What We Know


Lynch Addresses the Mob


Before Shooting, Dallas Police Department Known for Community Outreach


Jada Pinkett-Smith Hours Before Cops Assassinated: 'Desperate Communities Do Desperate Things' - "We gotta do something."


Obama Blames 'Racial Disparities' for Officer-Involved Shootings


Black Lives Matter Activist Celebrates Dallas Massacre


Muslim radicals poised to exploit U.S. racial tensions - Black nationalists, Nation of Islam influenced Dallas cop killer


ISIS & Al Qaeda exploit Dallas attacks, encourage more violence against the ‘oppressors’


Dallas Mass Cop Murderer was Follower of Nation of Islam


Islamic connection to DALLAS MASS MURDER OF POLICE: FBI investigating anti-police group that ATTENDED DALLAS MOSQUE


Dallas Police Ambush was Domestic Racist Terror Attack


Bloomberg: Dallas force hit by tragedy embodied Obama policing approach


Black Lives Matter protests continue, despite criticism


How Many People Have To Die Because Of The #Blacklivesmatter Movement?


The 'Pigs in a Blanket' Crowd Got What They Wanted


Dallas and the Battle for the Remains of Humanity


Do Obama/Clinton Bear Some Culpability in the Shootings of Dallas Police Officers?


Dallas cop recounts trying to save colleagues lives amid chaos of shooting


Watch Dallas Police Chief Destroy Jake Tapper When Asked About Gun Control


Ted Cruz Joins Glenn Beck to Discuss #Dallas


Dallas sniper followed black militant groups, sent home from Afghanistan


Robert Spencer in FrontPage: Dallas and the Leftist/Islamic Alliance


Dallas Mother Who Shielded Sons During Shooting Praises Police for Their Actions


Black Lives Militant fires 17 shots into officer’s patrol car and home, screams he hates police


Black Militants and Devout Muslims Declared Solidarity With Dallas Shooting


President Obama in Dallas: “I understand these protests” … they can be messy” … “police can get hurt”


Obama hijacks Dallas Police memorial service


Glenn Makes THIS Demand in Response to Obama’s Disrespect at Police Memorial

Obama's Hypocrisy in Dallas - The Hypocrite-in-Chief complains about the problems he aggravates.


Obama Stands With Law Enforcement in Dallas: ‘We Ask the Police to Do Too Much, and We Ask Too Little of Ourselves’


George W. Bush’s Remarks at Dallas Police Officer Memorial Ceremony Were a Welcome Change


Leader Of Black Militia Group With Ties To Dallas Cop Killer Threatens ‘All Out War’


CRUEL HOAX - Day of Rage Protests Are Scheduled for July 15th in These American Cities


Dallas Shooter Micah Johnson’s Family Issues a Message to Public, Victims’ Families


Mother Whose Sons Survived Ambush Thanks Police Officers


How Race-Baiting Lies About Police are Damaging the Black Community


We Have a ‘War on Cops’ because of the War on the Family


A startling conclusion on police brutality


Dallas protest organizer cited admiration for Jeremiah Wright, damned white America


Texas Lt Gov Tells Obama Police Don't Know If He's On Their Side


Dallas PD Applications Surge After Fatal Shootings






Widespread outbreak of Zika virus in U.S. unlikely: Expert


Here's Really Where Zika Mosquitoes Are Likely In The U.S.


Senate Dems block Zika funding for the summer



"I notice that everybody who is Pro-Abortion has already been born."---- Ronald Reagan


NARAL’s new ‘comedians getting abortions’ video is as terrible is it sounds


After Controversial SCOTUS Ruling, What’s Next for the Pro-Life Movement?


A Year Later, Planned Parenthood Filmmaker Reflects on Impact of Undercover Videos


Babies may have been born alive for body parts harvesting: Congressional report


Pro-life Mike Pence, Trump will ‘make misogyny great again’: Pro-abortion groups


Former abortion workers reveal what really happens inside an abortion clinic in gripping new book


Planned Parenthood aborted nearly 1 million globally in 2015


Investigative Panel on Infant Lives’ Concludes Fetal Research


No, the Planned Parenthood Videos Are Not a Lie


Hostility disguised as compassion


Democratic Platform: Killing the Unborn Is Fine with Us


The DNC Is Adopting Abortion Positions Most Americans Disagree With


Hillary’s Hardening Abortion Extremism


Prosecutors give up on felonies against baby body-parts investigators - Charges dropped against undercover journalists


AMA Dismisses Evidence Babies Feel Pain in Abortions at 20 Weeks


Documentary “Hush” Focuses on Physical and Mental Health Ramifications of Abortion


Hillary Clinton promises to enact the greatest expansion of abortion funding in history


Kaine clashes with Clinton on abortion funding


Dear DNC: Abortion Isn’t Empowering. It Turns Women Into Bullies






Hillary Clinton ‘loves’ the idea of appointing Obama to Supreme Court


Wall Street Journal: Justice Ginsburg ‘should resign from the Court’


NYT to Ginsburg: Please shut the hell up


Ginsburg apologizes for 'ill-advised' criticisms of Trump


Ginsburg vs. Trump?






Also see HILLARY CLINTON MATTERS news category on alleged National Security violations


Spanish Language Facebook Page Alerts Illegal Aliens to Police Checkpoints


YouTube Hypocrisy: Removes Factual Video Critical of Jihad on Grounds of 'Hate Speech'


When and how to respond to cyber acts of war (Federal Times)


Is Cyber Risk An Existential Threat To The Legal Sector? (Forbes)


FDIC let down its cyber defenses despite being hacked by Chinese: House panel (Washington Times)


Police raid homes over Facebook hate speech


US senator: what does Pokémon GO know about us and our kids?


Why Using URL Shorteners May Expose Your Private Information


Pokémon GO: PoodleCorp threatens DDoS outage on August 1


Expert: 'Pokemon Go' could allow hackers total phone takeover


Why you should use a password manager


Warning issued over baby monitor, webcam, IoT security… again!


Baseball scouting exec gets 46 months for guessing rival team’s password


Microsoft given 3 months to fix Windows 10 security and privacy


FBI Fails At Prioritizing Cyber Threats, Report Finds


Hundreds Of Organizations Worldwide Fail At Cybersecurity


Locky’s JavaScript downloader - Locky ransomware is a considerable security threat that is now widely spread


How to stay protected against ransomware“


Chimera ransomware keys leaked by rival malware developers


Is Bitcoin real money? Florida judge says no


10 tips for securing your smartphone






Elite NYC school teaching kindergartners about 'white privilege'


Clinton Outlines Plan For Free College


University Of Maryland Mass Producing Hillary Clinton Clones


Campus Carry Takes Effect in Texas on August 1st


High Turnover In College Business Offices Expected


Millennial Voters Concerned About Hillary’s Trustworthiness


Academia Indicts America for Orlando Terrorist Attack


A Near Coup d'Etat at the University of California


Snowflakes Afraid of Police Presence During Convention, Force University to Provide Counseling, Safe Space


Fancypants College In Cleveland Offers SAFE SPACE For Students Traumatized By Republican Convention


Univ. Offered “Safe Space” During RNC – Coloring Books and Candy to Comfort the Fragile


K-12: Criminal Minds at Work


Common Core's National Curriculum Has Arrived


Video: Is the University Killing Free Speech and Open Debate?


Two Extra College Years Can Cost You $300,000


Federal Racial Discipline Quotas Create Chaos In St. Paul Schools


Lockdown: A Teacher's Thoughts






I’m Shocked, Shocked To Find Liberal Bias At This Major Journalism Conference




Media Fans Flames Of Racism


How the Media Covers Up Muslim and #BlackLivesMatter Terrorism - Every Muslim and #BlackLivesMatter Terrorist is just a “troubled loner.”


Media Job #1 – Protect Hillary from #DNCLeak fallout


Media Dishonesty


How To Ditch A Media That Vets Its Stories With The DNC


Guess who let their bias show? - Networks rated for picking favorites at political conventions


The New York Post Publishes A NUDE PHOTO Of Melania Trump On Front Page






Russia puts lid on Christians sharing faith - 'Will require any sharing … even a casual conversation, to have prior authorization from state'


Police raid homes over Facebook hate speech


New Website Is Launched To Expose Alleged “Racists”








Government claims power to control content of sermons - 'This is something that should be deeply troubling to every American'


State doubles down, wants to define what's religious - Church sued when Iowa asserted control over content of sermons


Why Are Progressives On An Anti-Christian Witch Hunt?


Christian baker takes 'compulsion of speech' case to Supremes


A Message For Christians About Donald Trump


A Baptist Scholar Debunks Anti-Catholic Historical Hogwash


Catholic priest to Tim Kaine: ‘Don’t show up in my communion line’


Religious Blindness – and its Consequences – for Europe


If I Were the Devil


At World Youth Day, Vatican releases teen sex-ed program that leaves out parents and mortal sin


Hillary Clinton, Saul Alinsky And… Lucifer? What Was Ben Carson Talking About?


Catholics pray for their enemies, but sometimes we also have a duty to fight them


Tim Kaine’s Church Just Proved Donald Trump’s Point About Religious Freedom






Pope Francis misrepresents the Catechism on homosexuality


Pope Francis urges Poland to have solidarity with refugees day after Muslim slit the throat of Catholic priest


Pope Francis and Jihad: Credo Quia Absurdum, And How


Pope declares “the world is at war” but denies Islam has any role


Pope Francis urges Poland to have solidarity with refugees day after Muslim slit the throat of Catholic priest


Speaking Truth to the Pope; Speaking Truth to Muslims


Pope: “The world is at war,” but “not a religious war,” “all religions teach peace”


Pope Francis: ‘It’s Not Right to Identify Islam With Violence’






Trudeau says Canada will explore gender-neutral ID cards as he joins gay pride


Lawsuit: Iowa Trying To Censor Church's Teaching On Sexuality, Force Transgender Bathroom Access


Iowa Bureaucrats Force Trans Bathrooms On Churches, Forbid Non-PC Preaching


BREAKING: Now 23 states have sued Obama admin over transgender bathroom mandate


Almost Half the Country Has Sued the White House Over Transgender Bathroom Decree


Transgender Woman Arrested At Target For Taking Pictures In Women's Room


Target transgender voyeur had recorded several girls undressing: Police


Six Indiana Planned Parenthood clinics to close as patient numbers plummet


Judge halts Alabama law banning brutal dismemberment abortions


Calif. Approves LGBT Propaganda Lessons for K-12 History Classes


Seven: In California, the Right Age to Begin Learning about LGBT History


How Transgender Activists Perpetuate Rape Culture


Ben Carson Calls Out the ‘Transgender Movement’ – “The Height of Absurdity”


Muslims Speak Up On Transgender Issues While Christians Hide


Christian baker takes 'compulsion of speech' case to Supremes


Meet the GOP billionaire behind LGBT push - Mat Staver exposes effort to enlist youth in 'army to change America'


Obama to Name Navy Ship After Child Molester


New wrinkle in case of man in Planet Fitness women's showers - What does 'judgment-free zone' really mean?






A liberal is a conservative who hasn't been mugged yet


Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth. – Mike Tyson


Inside every liberal is a totalitarian screaming to get out.


13 Things Liberals Want To Ban


The Left's Grassroots - As the Left showed on Tuesday (7/12), yet again, it has no intention of cleaning up its act. Subversion is the only card it has left.


The Muslims Aren’t the Only Ones with a Fervent Ideology


Examining Liberalism with Dr. William Voegeli


Evil Progressive Donors : The Four-Part Series

K-12: Criminal Minds at Work


Tolerance Was A Lie The Left Used To Get Power


7 Things the Left Doesn’t Want You to Know About Their History


The angry white voter: Who is he? - The left uses this phrase as a form of derision.  Actually, it is a claim of the honor and independence that America represents


Contempt, the Currency of the Left






NRA Launches First TV Ad of Presidential Election Cycle


2016’s lesson: We get the leaders we deserve


After Dallas, Rush Limbaugh Predicts Republican and Democratic Conventions Will Be Attacked


Paul Nehlen at Paul Ryan’s Mansion: ‘Tear Down Your Wall’ If You Won’t Build One for the Country


Desperate Paul Ryan Floods Wisconsin with Misleading Television Ads


How Democrats Steal Elections


Wisconsin residents without photo ID can vote in November, judge rules


Election Integrity under Attack by Obama Administration


Va. Supreme Court strikes down restored voting rights for felons


#DemExit: Bernie Supporters React to #DNCLeaks


Bernie’s ‘revolution’ marches to Philly


A Knockout of a Presidential Contest


All I Know Is That Gentlemanly Conservatism is Dead


The Impressive Thing Ted Cruz Said That No One Is Talking About

Ex-New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani Slams Democratic Party: ‘They’re Living in a Fantasy World’






Immigration fears boost Trump far from Mexican border


Chuck Todd: FBI Indicted Clinton On Her Judgment To Be President–And Trump Is Botching This Opportunity


“I Am Fully Embracing This Conspiracy Theory“


SOURCES: A Secret Ballot Would Guarantee A Trump Loss at the Convention


The real reason RINOs don't support Trump


#NeverTrump Delegates in Virginia Just Won in Court


Behind Closed Doors, RNC Members Admit Trump Has Hijacked the Party


Republicans Submit Most Pro-Israel Language in GOP History. Trump Still “Neutral.”


Andrew Jackson: Trump’s Template for Success?


Trump on Republicans holding the Senate: I hope they do “but I don’t mind being a free agent, either”


Trump picks Pence as VP


Mike Pence Will Be Trump’s VP Nominee


Pence brings conservative bona fides to Trump


Trump campaign solicits illegal foreign donations despite warnings


Mike Pence's Towering Hypocrisy


Pence Choice Offers Hope for America


Trump/Pence Presidential Speech: "Hillary Clinton Must Never Become President"


WARNING: ”STAND DOWN” ORDERS To Cleveland Police At RNC! Patriots,This IS WAR! - If you’re attending the RNC, do not travel alone. Be street smart and travel in groups. Police will not help you.”


Insurgent GOP Delegates Describe Physical, Verbal Intimidation by Trump Allies


‘What a farce!’ RNC just pulled some SERIOUSLY shady crap with the D.C. delegation


Donald Trump Embodies The Spirit Of 2016


Watch Melania Trump Plagiarize Michelle Obama Word For Word


Was Melania Trump’s Speech Sabotaged?


Newt: '60% chance' Trump beats Hillary - Gingrich tells WND: 'I plan to work hard to see him elected president'


Donald Trump Will Push For Purge Of Obama Appointees


Trump Seeks Law to Purge Obama Appointees, Make Firing Public Workers Easier


2016 Republican Party platform hailed as most pro-life, pro-family ever


Cruz’s Broken Pledge - And a weird sop to the racial-grievance industry.


Ted Cruz: A Very Small Man ‘ “I thought he was a patriot. Last night, he proved he isn’t.“


Cruz Defends Speech, Spars With Trump Supporters in Explosive Meeting With Texas Delegation


RNC Communications Director: Yeah, I Agree That Ted Cruz Is an A**hole


GOP Rep Slams Ted Cruz: What He Did Exposes Him as a 'Total Fraud'


Cruz: I won't be a 'servile puppy dog' for Trump


Krauthammer: Cruz RNC speech was a 'suicide note'


Time Will Vindicate Ted Cruz


Trump May Be the GOP Nominee, But One Never-Trumper Hopes to Continue Decrying ‘The Sociopath’ In a New Movie


The Sociopath - Trailer


Dem PAC charges Trump campaign with breaking finance laws


Ann Coulter Tells Daily Caller Reporters To Consider Landscaping Career If Trump Loses [VIDEO]


Michael Moore: 'Trump is Going to Win'


Pastor Mark Burns Gives Benediction at Republican National Convention in Cleveland


Trump sells himself as president


Trump claims GOP nomination, tells struggling Americans 'I am your voice


Full speech: Donald Trump accepts GOP nomination, Part 1

Full speech: Donald Trump accepts GOP nomination, Part 2

Full speech: Donald Trump accepts GOP nomination, Part 3

Full speech: Donald Trump accepts GOP nomination, Part 4


VE BLOG UPDATE : Donald Trump says he 'humbly and gratefully' accepts Republican nomination


VIDEOS: Ivanka Trump addresses the 2016 RNC | Ivanka — My father will fight for equal pay for equal work


'THE PEOPLE'S NOMINEE': Ivanka Trump tells GOP convention her father will fight for working people


PREPARED REMARKS: Donald Trump's acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention


MEDIA BUZZ: Trump turns serious, rolling the dice on a policy-packed speech


WILLIAM WHALEN: Trump speaks to America’s ‘forgotten men and women’ in big, bold speech


DOUG SCHOEN: After Trump’s RNC speech, Hillary and her party should be scared


REACHING OUT: Trump speech makes appeals to potential Sanders, other Democratic cross-over voters


VIDEO: Reince Priebus — GOP is the party of new ideas


CONVENTION DISRUPTION: Code Pink demonstration breaks out during Trump speech


GOP CONVENTION FIRST: Openly gay speaker Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, acknowledges his sexuality


VIDEO: Peter Thiel — I'm proud to be gay, Republican and American


TODD STARNES: Trump might be crass, but Cruz broke his word


SLIDESHOW: Behind the scenes at RNC


The Full Text Of Donald Trump’s 2016 RNC Drafted Speech


Five ways Trump’s convention was a success


Donald Trump: A Working Stiff in a Brioni Suit


Donald Delano Trump


Trump on Cruz endorsement: 'If he gives it, I won't accept it' - Donald Trump tore into primary rival Ted Cruz on Friday morning, saying he would not accept the Texas senator’s endorsement and threatening to fund a Senate challenger against Cruz.


Trump Acceptance Speech Garners 32.2 Million Viewers


Three Simple Reasons Why Trump Will Win


A Message For Christians About Donald Trump


Trump: I Hope Russia Is Able To ‘Find’ Hillary’s 30,000 Deleted Emails [VIDEO]


Trump: I hope Russia finds Hillary’s deleted emails


Today’s liberal hot take: Let’s charge Trump with a crime for asking Russia to find Hillary’s e-mails


Mike Pence: We’ll ensure that there are serious consequences for Russia if they’re behind the DNC hack


Trump Tells NBC’s Katy Tur: ‘Be Quiet, I Know You Want To Save Her


Breitbart News Begins Trump Related Purges


A Message For Christians About Donald Trump






US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton meet privately in Phoenix before Benghazi report


Lynch-Clinton tarmac meetup leaves a permanent taint


Security Source Details Bill Clinton Maneuver to Meet Loretta Lynch


Lynch says she will accept prosecutor call on Clinton case amid controversy


Christopher Sign


Why Did the Attorney General Meet with Bill Clinton on a Private Jet?


What I Think Bill Told Loretta


Clinton sought secret info on EU bailout plans as son-in-law's doomed hedge fund gambled on Greece


Report: FBI plans to grill Hillary on Saturday


Now Judicial Watch points investigators at Lynch


Clinton interviewed by the FBI about private email server


CNN reports no charges against Hillary - Sources say announcement comes in 2 weeks following FBI interview


FBI director takes center stage in Clinton email case


Indicted or not indicted, Clinton could lose politically


Attorney general won’t recuse herself in Clinton email case


We're Being Played by the Clintons


Trump calls for charges against Clinton after FBI interview in email investigation


Huma Abedin admits that Clinton burned daily schedules


Hillary Clinton’s Negatives Complicate Ties Down the Ballot - Polling suggests a risk for Democratic candidates who endorse the presumptive nominee


FBI director to appear Thursday (7/7/2016) before lawmakers to explain Clinton decision


VIDEO: Does e-mail probe reveal how Hillary would run the country?


VIDEO: Paul Ryan on Comey's decision


VIDEO: Lawmakers slam FBI following announcement on Clinton emails


MEDIA BUZZ: FBI chief trashed, praised for harsh words but no charges against Clinton


BOARDWALK BEATING: Clinton launches attack on Trump's business record in AC


'RIGGED' SYSTEM? Trump slams Clinton after FBI recommends no charges




AP FACT CHECK: Clinton email claims collapse under FBI probe...

ISSA: She's a 'criminal involved in a criminal enterprise'...

LITTLE PEOPLE: Washington Obsessed With Punishing Secrecy Violations -- until Hillary...

2015: DOJ Charged Naval Reservist For Mishandling Classified Info...

Comey decision proves rules don't apply to rich and powerful...

Congress Summons to Explain...

Former AG Gonzales: Credibility on the line...


FBI Director Comey Is Wrong: The Case for Prosecuting Hillary Clinton Is Strong


















Getting Elected President: The Only Way Hillary Could Now Get a Security Clearance

Hillary’s Banana Republic

FBI Director Comey Obliterated These Hillary Talking Points


FBI Director Comey: 'Sanctions' Are Appropriate In Cases Like Clinton's


Here Are 6 Ways To Remind People Where Hillary Belongs This November


Ryan: Not Charging Hillary Sets 'Terrible Precedent'


2015: DOJ Prosecutes A Naval Reservist For Mishandling Classified Info WITHOUT MALICIOUS INTENT


Watch the FBI Director Take Down Every Major Hillary Clinton Lie About Emails in Just Over a Minute


Furious GOP lashes out at FBI


FBI Rewrites Federal Law to Let Hillary Off the Hook

Glenn Reynolds: About that Clinton-Lynch accidental meeting


Remove FBI Director Comey for Failing to Recommend Charges Against Hillary Clinton


11 Troubling Things in FBI's Announcement Not to Pursue Charges Against Hillary Clinton


FBI: Yes, Queen Hillary Broke The Law. No, She Won't Be Prosecuted


Rudy Giuliani: By Jim Comey’s own description, Hillary is guilty of a federal crime


THIS is justice? After dropping DAMNING email bombshells, FBI lets Hillary off the hook


FBI Director James Comey Sure Has Changed a Lot Since He Prosecuted Martha Stewart...


Judicial Watch Statement on Decision by FBI Director James Comey Not to Recommend Indictment of Hillary Clinton


Days Before FBI Clears Clinton, Huma Abedin Admits She Destroyed Federal Records


“Those who lived under communism understand exactly what just happened”


FBI Gives Hillary an Undeserved Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card


Hillary Clinton: Too Big to Jail


FBI Director Thought He'd Drop Hillary Charges & Walk Away. Now, Congress Says 'Not So Fast'


Like Clinton, Others Were ‘Extremely Careless’ Regarding Handling Classified Information–But They Got Pinched


State Department: FBI Is Wrong; We're Not Lax On Protecting Classified Information


Elites, We Don’t Need You


James Comey and the Road to Tyranny - Now it is up to the voters to decide if we are a nation of laws or men.


Hillary Clinton's Email "Criminal Intent" Scam


FBI: Hillary Lied and Illegally Sent Classified Emails, But We Won't Do a Thing About It


Hillary Gets Away with Violating the Espionage Act – For Now - The FBI declares Clinton guilty, but refuses to push for charges.


Republicans demand FBI release investigative files on Hillary Clinton


Rush Limbaugh: Hillary escaping charges shows ‘institutions crumbling before our very eyes’


Clinton email investigation to be closed with no criminal charges, Lynch announces

FBI director to appear Thursday before lawmakers to explain Clinton decision

FBI boss admits Hillary email claims — some made under oath — were 'not true,' raising the question whether she broke the law


VIDEO: Comey defends 'apolitical' and 'professional' Clinton probe


BLOCKING CLINTON: Ryan formally urges director of National Intelligence to keep Hillary from classified info


VIDEO: Comey called to testify about email probe before Congress


VIDEO: What does Congress want to know from Comey and Lynch?


Hillary Clinton Is Above The Law


Comey Sold Out


CASE CLOSED: Lynch shuts the door on Clinton email investigation


VIDEO: The Clintons have always been above the law, Eric Trump says


BLISTERING RESPONSE: Trump says Clinton attacking his biz record to avoid 'lies she told to the FBI'


VIDEO: There's a pattern with Clinton, she lies, Rep. Chaffetz says


EXCLUSIVE: Thousands of State Department e-mail accounts still risk being hacked, report says


Cornyn demands DOJ hand over Clinton FBI interview transcript


OPINION: Could Hillary serve as president if her security clearance is revoked?


Comey challenges truthfulness of Clinton's email defenses


Comey: Hillary’s FBI Testimony Wasn’t Under Oath Or Recorded, But It Would Still Be a Crime To Lie


Gowdy Punctures Comey's 'No Intent' Claim With His Own Words


WATCH: Gowdy Helps Jog Comey's Memory About Hillary's Lies


Chaffetz Grills Comey: 'You've Set a Dangerous Precedent'


Rep.Trey Gowdy Asks Question FBI Director James Comey About Hillary Clinton Email Probe


Statement by FBI Director James B. Comey on the Investigation of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s Use of a Personal E-Mail System




Why Allen West Is 'Delighted' Over the FBI's Clinton Verdict


Lawyer: Here's To The 'Hillary Defense' ... Because Many People Have Been Punished For Doing Much Less


Clinton email decision seen as lifeline for those facing similar charges


Attorneys Intend to Ask for 'the Clinton Deal' - Will other careless security-clearance holders get a pass? Time will tell.


CASE NOT CLOSED - State Department reopens Clinton emails probe


DID HILLARY LIE? Comey testifies Clinton email claims ‘not true’


OPINION: FBI chief’s testimony about Clinton emails torpedoes the bureau’s reputation


TODD STARNES: When it comes to Hillary Clinton, American justice is blind, deaf and dumb


GOP Lawmakers Press FBI Chief Over Lack of Consequence for Clinton


Break classification rules for the public’s benefit, and you could be exiled. - Do it for personal benefit, and you could be President. — Edward Snowden (@Snowden) June 1, 2016


FBI Will Give State Dept. ‘Several Thousand’ Deleted Hillary Clinton Emails


Comey has long history of cases ending favorable to Clintons - In Berger probe said 'we take issues of classified information very seriously'


FBI Director Reluctantly Gives Hillary Clinton ‘Get Out Of Jail Free Card’


Five takeaways from FBI hearing


State Department reopens Clinton email probe


Documents Say Hillary Clinton Knew She Was Breaking National Security Laws


Watch Rep. Trey Gowdy Rip Apart FBI Director James Comey About Hillary Clinton


A Marine Is Using Hillary’s Email Scandal as Defense After Getting Caught Sending 1 Classified Email


Loose Lips Sink Ships: Clinton’s Criminal Negligence Hurts More Than the Election


Comey Makes the Case for Trump


Comey also shut the door on prosecution of Hillary by poisoning the jury pool


Director Comey refuses to say if FBI investigated Clinton Foundation


Comey: Why, no, we didn’t put Hillary under oath for our interview — or record what she said


Ryan moves to prohibit Hillary from accessing classified material


The Director Of The FBI Wants Us To Believe Hillary Is A Moron


Clinton refutes FBI charge of recklessness


Hillary Clinton Was NOT Placed Under Oath During FBI Interview, Which Was Not Transcribed


Great News: Hillary’s FBI Interview NOT Under Oath, Recorded or Transcribed!


FBI didn’t record Clinton interview, did not administer sworn oath


These 2 facts about the FBI’s questioning of Hillary Clinton are simply unbelievable


Hillary lectures ‘white Americans’ about justice from her perch high above the law


FBI Director: Clinton Gave Non-Cleared People Access to Classified Information


UNREAL: How is Hillary not in prison in light of this Comey confession?


Judicial Watch Seeks Testimony of Hillary Clinton


FBI Director Undermines the Rule of Law


Comey’s FBI Helped Convict Navy Reservist who “Handled Classified Materials Inappropriately”


Clinton Contradicts Comey


Is Hillary Morally Unfit to Be President?


Hillary Clinton: An Animal More Equal Than Others


Seven ways FBI contradicted Clinton’s email claims


Should James Comey Be Charged With Obstruction of Justice & Treason?


Hillary’s 1990s escape from criminal charges echoes Comey email decision


Rep Trey Gowdy rips into FBI Director James Comey on Hillary Clinton's 'intent'


FBI Pros Question Decision Not to Charge Hillary Clinton


Rare move by Congress could start another Clinton investigation


FBI Agents Believe An ‘Inside Deal’ Protected Hillary Clinton


EXTREME MEASURES: FBI tried to 'gag' agents in Clinton email probe with special secrecy agreements


VIDEO: FBI agents on Clinton case forced to sign non-disclosure agreements


VIDEO: Huckabee: Absurd to place 'gag orders' on FBI agents


VIDEO: GOP chairmen ramp up Clinton server security probe


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Hillary’s ‘Smoking Gun’ Cannot Be Undone


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Britain’s new Foreign Minister once compared Hillary to “a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital”


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Hillary Honors Dead Cops - Hillary would not stop lecturing the police for their lack of sensitivity.


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What really happened at Comey's press conference?


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Reacts to Baton Rouge Attacks on Police Officers — Seven Hours Later


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Hillary’s Imam




Hillary, the Black Lives Matter Candidate - Where racist pandering and cop-hatred meet.


Benghazi Survivor Says Special Operators Will Leave The Military If Clinton Gets Elected [VIDEO]


Patricia Smith targets Hillary


Judicial Watch: Hillary Clinton Testimony Essential


Polls Show Americans Distrust Clinton, Supporters Begin to Panic


'Hillary for Prison': Republicans Find Unity - The GOP downplays differences and sets sights on the dire danger to America.


Chris Christie Delivers EPIC TAKEDOWN of Hillary Clinton at RNC - Chris Christie absolutely tore into Hillary Clinton during a rousing rhetorical “indictment” of the former secretary of state


Video: Hillary Can't Stop Lying About Her Email Scandal


Clinton childhood friend 'astonished' women would vote for Hillary


Arkansas Republican Shows Hillary a 'Real Arkansas Accent' - And This Video Proves She's Got a Point


Another Clinton mystery: Who paid millions for speeches? - 'The truth is no one will ever be able to reconstruct completely the accounting required'


An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton About Black Babies


Newt Gingrich: Electing 'Dishonest' Hillary Could Destroy The Nation


The Campaign Against Crooked Hillary Begins


One Of Hillary Clinton’s DNC Delegates Literally Tried To Murder Someone, But Media Are Silent


Why RNC Calls To ‘Lock Her Up’ Are Entirely Reasonable


On scene in Cleveland: Dinesh D’Souza and Hillary’s America


Dinesh D’Souza: You Might Leave the Film, ‘Hillary’s America,’ a Little Angry


What Does Hillary Want?

Reince: We Must Unite Against That Corrupt Liar Hillary Clinton


Democrats Will Not Be Asked in Philadelphia to Vote Their Consciences


Hillary’s Management Style: Insufferable Female Boss


Is there a Democrat willing to do a 'Cruz' next week?


What Hillary Won’t Do as President


Hillary to Be Nominated while under State Department Investigation - In what must be a historical first, Democrats are about to anoint a contender for the White House who faces at least four federal investigations and a serious, private anti-corruption lawsuit

Cornel West: Hillary Presidency 'Could Lead to World War III'


Undocumented immigrants given roles at Democratic convention – (Illegal Aliens)


Here’s Why Clinton Will Lose the Election to Donald Trump


Wikileaks Releases Nearly 20,000 Hacked DNC Emails


Judicial Watch Goes to Court for Hillary Clinton’s Testimony


Dems Chide Speech by Benghazi Victim's Mom but DNC Features Mothers of Trayvon , Brown, Bland, et al


DNC Will Exclude Widows, Family of Slain Police Officers at Convention


Trump Acceptance Speech Garners 32.2 Million Viewers


Clinton VP pick could face liberal ire


Three Clinton aides received top secret emails


Top DNC Official Wanted To Smear Bernie Sanders For Being Jewish


Leaked Emails Uncover the ‘Agreement’ Veteran Reporter Made With DNC on Clinton Story


How the Clinton Foundation Got Rich off Poor Haitians


Obama nemesis opens anti-Hillary movie on eve of Dem convention


Clinton to call on Black Lives Matter at Dem convention


Hillary's 'Stronger Together' theme a joke, says 'Snapping' author


Email controversy dogs Clinton to convention


‘Sexist Pig’ And Other Eye-Opening Revelations In The DNC Email Leak - The leak of nearly 20,000 of the Democratic National Committee’s emails on Friday contain correspondence showing disdain for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and his supporters, collusion with media, and various candid remarks from key party officials.


Ben Carson Stands by Speech Linking Hillary to ‘Lucifer’ by Quoting Her ‘Very Close’ Mentor


Media Job #1 – Protect Hillary from #DNCLeak fallout


Debbie Wasserman Schultz fired as DNC chair on eve of Philly convention


CNN Reporter Spills the Beans About Hillary During Live Broadcast–That’s Right Before Feed Gets Cut


How Hillary Lost the Democrats’ Traditional Base - The Democratic coalition Hillary inherited doesn't like her much, and the feeling is mutual.

Bernie Sanders Supporters in Philadelphia Chant: ‘Lock Her Up!’


WATCH: Wasserman Schultz Booed at FL Delegation Breakfast at DNC


Trump Heckles Democrat’s “Total Meltdown”

Mainstream Media Collusion With DNC




Hillary VP pick's dark ties to Islamists


Hillary: There’s a “Hillary Standard” and There’s a Standard for Everybody Else


Clinton Crime Family Tried to Bury Bern


DNC Emails Here: Staff Staged 'Fake' Anti-Trump Protests, Used Bernie's Jewish Faith to Discredit Him, Colluded With MSM, More... - And there will likely be more to come.


Facebook Admits it Blocked Wikileaks, DNC Emails


Democratic Party email leak points to Russia: cyber experts, U.S. officials


President Hillary: America's Nurse Ratched - How Clintons would turn U.S. into insane asylum


FBI already suspects Russia is behind the DNC leak


WikiLeaks Founder: Saying Russia Is Responsible for DNC Leak is a ‘Diversion’ By the Clinton Campaign


Evidence mounts linking DNC email hacker to Russia


A True Story of 'Hands Up, Don’t Shoot' for Hillary’s Convention


Clinton Cash - Official Movie Premiere


'Clinton Cash' Reaches 1.1 Million Views Online


Mothers of 3 Attempted Murderers Champion Clinton In Philly


Night One of DNC; and Hillary is Already Breaking the Law


DNC ‘Interfaith’ Prayer Space Has No Sign Of Any Religion Except Islam


Analysis: Folksy, Impeached President Endorses Scandal-Plagued, Disliked Wife


4 Ways Donald Trump Is Living Rent-Free In The DNC’s Head




Judicial Watch Goes to Court On Clinton Testimony


Hillary: What Bill Left Out


Thirty reasons not to vote for Hillary - The first thirty, anyway


Why would the Russians want to help Trump win when they could wait and blackmail President Hillary?


The great transgender coverup at the DNC


Pelosi: The Three G’s (God, Guns, and Gays) Keep Un-educated, White Males from Voting Clinton


Black man shot for Trump support - Gunman 'butted in the conversation. The conversation wasn't directed at him or to him'


Mothers of 3 Attempted Murderers Champion Clinton In Philly


Leftwing Protesters Burn Israeli Flag, Call for Intifada, Intimidate Reporters, Brawl, Scale DNC Wall


Why Was This Vietnam Veteran Shot For Supporting A Presidential Candidate?


These Are The Two Companies That Might Land Clinton’s Foundation In Big Legal Trouble


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Donald Trump Just Got Hillary Clinton To Admit Her E-mails Are A ‘National Security Issue’


While Obama Was Speaking at the DNC, What Was Happening Outside Was Far More Explosive


Hillary Clinton's Full Acceptance Speech At The Democratic National Convention 7/28/2016


Hillary Clinton's DNC speech: full text


Charmless Vessel Shouts Acceptance Speech at America


Tailgunner Hillary and the Putin Hack


George Soros is backing Hillary with $25 million


Video: DNC Protesters Break Through Fence and Violently Clash With Philadelphia Police


Tucker Carlson Says Nancy Pelosi’s Remarks on ‘White Males’ Show Dems Have ‘Pulled the Mask Off’


Australia Says They Gave the Clinton Foundation $88 Million…Guess What the Clintons Reported Getting?


Do We Want to Entrust Hillary With Nuclear Launch Codes?


Why Does Hillary Clinton Think She’s Important Enough To Protect With Guns, But Your Life Isn’t?


Giuliani: Hillary’s Deleted Emails ‘Can Be Used to Extort Her’ (Nicholas Ballasy)


How Hillary Clinton Mainstreamed Al-Qaeda Fundraiser Abdurahman Alamoudi


O’Keefe Undercover With Outraged Dems at the DNC


Clintons run money-laundering ring - 'This is the type of thing drug cartels or terrorists do,' not presidents, candidates


21 Most Savage Burns of Hillary Clinton During Her Presidential Nomination Speech


What if an Anti-American Cult Had a Convention?


Welcome to the Communist Party, U.S.A.


Hillary's Hate - The Saul Alinsky devotee crystallizes who will be anointed -- and who will be damned.


Bill Clinton Fell Asleep During Wife's Speech


Americans 'facing $1 trillion tax hike' with Clinton - 'But there are even more proposals not included in the tally'


Clintons’ foundation has raised nearly $2 billion — and some key questions


Leaked Emails Show Democrats Cheering Job Losses and Economic Downturn


West Virginia Coal Miner Has a Politically Incorrect Message for Hillary Clinton


Trump Reacts to Clinton's 'Insulting' Acceptance Speech


Even Her Supporters Know Hillary Clinton Is The Terminator


Clinton campaign part of DNC hack


Powell: Real Risk is Blackmail, Not Just Interference with U.S. Politics


Is Putin Poking Hillary?


'Hillary's America' No. 2 New York Times Best Seller - Clinton exposé in top-10 political documentaries of all time after 10 days


FBI gives thousands of Clinton documents to State


The New York Times: Clinton’s portrayal of Trump as dictator aims at both sides


Why Hillary Is Still the Worst


How Hillary Walked Right Into Trump's Trap


Obama’s Final Revenge: The Accidental Destruction of Hillary Clinton


How the Media’s History of Smearing Republicans Now Helps Trump


Hillary’s Senate Accomplishment: One Bill Enacted into Law, to Name a Federal Building

WikiLeaks grabs election spotlight


Reince Priebus on Hillary’s Fantasy Land: ‘Reality Will Catch Up With Her’


No One Can Stop Hillary


Hillary Clinton’s Connection To Orlando Terrorist Has Been EXPOSED


Recovering from my DNC Nausea


Hillary Lied About Her Emails on National TV — And Now WaPo Slaps It With Damning ‘Four Pinocchios’


Wikileaks Founder: “Next Leak Will Lead to Arrest of Hillary Clinton”






Special Ops Veteran Analyses Full #Benghazi Report


Benghazi Committee closes the book


The Truth About Benghazi


Benghazi Victim's Mother Patricia Smith Gives Emotional RNC Speech


Clinton on Security Failures in Benghazi: ‘It Was Not My Ball to Carry’


DNC: Emanating a Putrid Smell Across America






Paul Ryan's Challenger Paul Nehlen Erects Truth Billboards About Ryan In Wisconsin


Ryan: Not Charging Hillary Sets 'Terrible Precedent'


Paul Ryan Faces Mutiny Over His Gun Grab Gambit


Ryan: All options available to punish Dems for guns sit-in


Paul Nehlen at Paul Ryan’s Mansion: ‘Tear Down Your Wall’ If You Won’t Build One for the Country


Paul Ryan Plummets to 43 Percent in New Primary Poll


Nehlen Puts Ryan On Defense: Forces Speaker To Defend To Having Wall For Himself But Not Country


NRA Endorses Paul Ryan for Re-election to U.S. House of Representatives


Paul Nehlen at Paul Ryan’s Mansion: ‘Tear Down Your Wall’ If You Won’t Build One for the Country


Desperate Paul Ryan Floods Wisconsin with Misleading Television Ads


‘Angel Moms’ Who Lost Children to Illegal Alien Crimes to Hold Event at Wall Surrounding Paul Ryan’s Home


Paul Ryan Flees Grieving Moms Trying To Show Him Photos Of Their Children Killed By His Open Borders Agenda


Challenger raps Paul Ryan's open border policies


Campaign 2016 Interviews: Paul Nehlen (R) Candidate for 1st Congressional District






GOP report claims billions in Obamacare payments were illegal


Insurers nationwide are struggling to break even on Obamacare’s exchanges


Obamacare co-op in Illinois to be liquidated


Obama: ObamaCare Didn’t Work, So Let’s Completely Socialize Medicine - President Obama implicitly acknowledges ObamaCare has failed—and lays the cards on the table for what we knew was going to be his next step.


Obama: ObamaCare Didn’t Work, So Let’s Completely Socialize Medicine


Obamacare: Obama’s ‘Shiny New Car’ Has Rusted – Time for the Junk Yard


Principal Deputy Associate Attorney General Bill Baer Delivers Remarks at Press Conference Announcing the Justice Department’s Actions to Block Aetna’s Acquisition of Humana and Anthem’s Acquisition of Cigna


While we were all watching the GOP convention, Humana dropped out of most Obamacare markets






New VA study finds 20 veterans commit suicide each day


Obama´s Mr. Terrific


VA Spent $20 Million on Art While Soldiers Died Waiting for Care






Biggest private coal producer warns of cutting 80 percent of workforce, head blames Obama policies


COAL JOBS KNOCKOUT? Company blames Obama policy for huge layoffs


VIDEO: Laid-off coal worker on confronting Hillary Clinton


GETTING EXPENSIVE: Regs create wide-ranging costs for coal-ash cleanups


VIDEO: Clinton gets coal miners' cold shoulder


FLASHBACK: Mining moratorium a blow to Wyoming's coal industry


‘Rapid cooling’ underway: Big Drop In Earth’s June Temperatures According To Satellites


Is the Democratic Party’s Climate and Energy Platform Defensible?


'Clean coal' gets a leading role in GOP's energy platform


Trump: Making America’s Energy Policy Cheaper, Faster, and Better


The Hillary Treatment for Climate Fraudsters


The EPA’s gas mileage testing standards don’t work. At all


Former NASA Scientist Dispels Notion Global Warming Is 'Settled' Science


Science or Advocacy?


The GOP Platform Is Right: Coal Is ‘Clean’


Keeping the Poor Impoverished


Kerry: Refrigerator chemicals are just as bad as ISIS


Kerry: Air Conditioners as Big a Threat as ISIS


John Kerry equating threats from ISIS and air conditioning frosts Joe Bastardi – “John Kerry should set an example and make sure there is no air conditioner or refrigerator on it on his Yacht. Hypocrite to nth degree.”


Judicial Watch: Obama Attendance at Paris Climate Change Conference Cost Taxpayers $4,165,068


Little Green Lies: Why Electric Cars Won’t Save the Environment


Sen Inhofe: Global Warming Alarmists Are Brainwashing Our Kids


Professor Says Colleges Are Indoctrinating Students on Climate Change


TheDCNF Watched Hillary’s Global Warming Doomsday Ad And It’s AWFUL!






May trade deficit jumps 10% as U.S. consumers snap up more imports


End of an Era? Global Economy’s Tectonic Plates Moving Again


Harvard Scholar Debunks Widely-Cited Study That Argues Immigrants Don’t Harm Wages


Keeping the Poor Impoverished


Another whiff on the economy: Q2 GDP only grew 1.2%


Americans 'facing $1 trillion tax hike' with Clinton - 'But there are even more proposals not included in the tally'


Hillary Bragged About Obama’s Economy at DNC, But We Now Have Numbers That Show Truth is Far Uglier


Full List of Hillary Clinton's Proposed Tax Hikes


The Chart The Racial Grievance Industry Won’t Talk About






IRS’s Lois Lerner passed more than a million pages of confidential docs to the DOJ


New Documents Suggest IRS’s Lerner Likely Broke the Law


IRS Launches Investigation Of Clinton Foundation


Koskinen Submits Clinton Foundation for Investigation on “Public Corruption” Charges


Clintons’ foundation has raised nearly $2 billion — and some key questions


Top IRS Officials Knew Agency Targeted Conservative Groups - No one has faced charges over the targeting.






Elite NYC school teaching kindergartners about 'white privilege'


#BlackLivesMatter, white guilt and the marketing of racism


Obama Blames 'Racial Disparities' for Officer-Involved Shootings


1000+ Protesters Block Oakland Freeway Chanting 'No Racist Police'


Chuck Todd Wonders If Cops Can Be Trained to Remove 'Prejudice and Hate' from Their Hearts


Black Lives Matter launches 'Weekend of Rage' - Hillary to whites: 'We're the ones who have to start listening'


Black El Paso Police Chief Tells Press BLM Is a 'Radical Hate Group'


FLASHBACK: President Obama Marching With The New Black Panthers


Media Fans Flames Of Racism


Why Race Relations Have Gotten So Much Worse


In wake of dead police officers, Black Lives Matter continues to agitate


Opportunist jihadists and “Black Lives Matter”, a growing alliance


Don’t Allow The Progressive Agenda To Divide Us Along Racial Lines


Black Militants and Devout Muslims Declared Solidarity With Dallas Shooting


Leader Of Black Militia Group With Ties To Dallas Cop Killer Threatens ‘All Out War’


CRUEL HOAX - Day of Rage Protests Are Scheduled for July 15th in These American Cities – Be aware.


Former DOJ Prosecutor Sues Obama, Black Lives Matter And Eric Holder For Inciting Race War


New Study Reveals the Black Lives Matter Narrative is Grossly Deceiving


‘Non-Black’ Allies of Black Lives Matter Shut Down I-35W in Minneapolis as People Try to Get to Work


African Americans, Police and the 2nd Amendment


Congressional Black Corruption


Politicians, Media Guilty Of Most Despicable Form Of Racism


Black Demands and White Fears


Blame Inflames


Black Fathers Matter


How Obama Has Bitterly Divided America


Is Anti-Race-Baiting A Form Of Race-Baiting?


National Conversations About Race Distract From Bigger Issues


An Obama Legacy of Accountability Avoidance: Islam and Race


The Black And Blue Blood On The Hands Of Black Lives Matter


Obama Invites Inciters of Cop-Killers to the White House


Islam, Revolution, and Black Lives Matter


How Race-Baiting Lies About Police are Damaging the Black Community


Black Lives Matter, Rich White Liberals, and Human Sacrifice - Black Lives Matter doesn't just inspire murder. It demands it.


New Website Is Launched To Expose Alleged “Racists”




We Have a ‘War on Cops’ because of the War on the Family


Why Black Lives Matter Isn’t Helping Black People


Steven Crowder Debunks Black Lives Matter Propaganda


North Carolina NAACP Official Spreading Hate - The Southern Poverty Law Center will never place the North Carolina NAACP on its list of hate groups, but by the standard it claims to set, it should


WH responds to petition to designate Black Lives Matter a terrorist organization


Radicals seek 'blacks-only' nation in South - 5 American states where government 'can no longer maintain control'


Black Lies Matter: Stop Indulging Their Ignorance


Sheriff David Clarke Schools CNN's Don Lemon on the Black Lives Matter Movement


Gohmert: Obama Guilty Of Stirring Up ‘Racial Animosity’ [VIDEO]


The Truth About Racism in America


Black Lives Matter Doesn’t Believe Its Own Slogan - Police Aren’t the Major Problem for Black People


How Obama Left Us More Racially Divided Than Ever


Giuliani: Police ‘Don’t Ask if You Are Black or White, They Just Come to Save You!’


Ohio Sheriff Urges Civilian Staffers to Carry While at Work


Radical Islam and Black Lives Matter Are Both Terrorist Organizations Whether We Admit it or Not


Sheriff David Clarke Crushes Don Lemon Over Hateful Black Lives Matter


Sheriff David Clarke Slams Black Lives Matter at RNC: ‘I Call It Anarchy’


Sheriff Clarke: DNC 'Embracing Criminality'


Democrats Own These Terrorist Attacks On Police And They’re Only Going To Get Worse


Slavery: Racially Incorrect Facts - Truths that Obama and BLM revile.


Racially Incorrect Facts: A Truly Honest Discussion of Race


This Is What Happens When Sharpton, Holder Get Served Race War Lawsuit - A class action lawsuit was filed Saturday naming civil rights leader Sharpton, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, President Obama, former Attorney General Eric Holder, Black Lives Matter leader DeRay McKesson and four BLM founders.


Black Belt Apartheid - Radicals revive the Communist Party’s segregated black nation.


What an Honest Discussion on Race Would Look Like - And why Obama and the Left would avoid it like the plague.


Black Lives Matter Labels Trump 'Terrorist'


Psychodynamics of Obama's and Hillary's 'White Guilt Forever' Conversation


Black Lives Matter Leader: ‘Defund Police’


Reds Exploiting Blacks: The Roots of Black Lives Matter


Caught on Video: Black Lives Matter Literally Orders ‘White People’ to the ‘Back’ of Protest


Black Lives Activists Protest Hillary Nomination: 'She's Killing Black People'


The Scientific Method Is Racist


The Lawless Anti-White Identity Politics of the Democratic Party Is on Full Display in Philly


Racially Incorrect Facts on Slavery: African Slave Traders


The Chart The Racial Grievance Industry Won’t Talk About






Obama Turns Into Stuttering Mess Again While Talking About Trump in North Carolina


I’m Shocked, Shocked To Find Liberal Bias At This Major Journalism Conference


Elites, We Don’t Need You


Why No Government Branch Should Be Able To Fund Itself


Lynch Addresses the Mob


Obama’s Selective Inability to Judge the Motives of Mass Killers

Leadership, Moral Relativism and Justice


Where’s President Obama on This Atrocity? (With the Perpetrators—NOT the Victims)


Obama’s Divide-and-Rule Presidency


He's Not on Our Side


Obama won't punish HUD chief Castro for giving partisan interview


Obama admin issues another pass to Cabinet official for wrongdoing


Shame & Outrage of California’s Legislature in Session ~ VIDEO


Congressional Committee: Holder ‘Misled Congress’ on ‘Too Big to Jail’ Wall St. Bank


Obama: ‘The World Has Never Been Less Violent’


President Half-Staff


Obama Vetoes Bill That Would Cut Ex-President’s Pensions


Do We Want to Entrust Hillary With Nuclear Launch Codes?


Sen. Ben Sasse: Congress Is Actually Responsible For Obama’s Executive Overreach


Obama's end game - Why president will be increasingly outrageous in final months






The Kelly File July 1 | Focus Group Weigh On Terror In America


Vulnerable Republican seeks edge on homeland security


Time to Deputize America


Will the West Survive the Century? - “Nativism … xenophobia or worse” is behind the triumph of Brexit and the support for Donald Trump, railed President Barack Obama in Ottawa.


Enemies See America As Vulnerable Prey


Local Law Enforcement Collecting Thousands of Iris Scans for FBI, Pentagon


Russia Bombed US Base in Syria


BOMBSHELL: Obama Never Once Met With His Defense Intelligence Chief




Obama admin deleted critical information that may have prevented 2 Muslim terror attacks






1776 Was Amexit

The Death Warrent


Brexit for America




Elites, We Don’t Need You


When The Rule of Law No Longer Matters, It’s Time To Gun Up


New low: Gallup poll says only 52% are ‘extremely proud’ to be Americans


American anger boils over


2010-2016: The Era of Political Repression in America


Fighting Unconstitutional Overreach Is an American Tradition


We Need to Hate


Government Ruins Nearly Everything: Reclaiming Social Issues from Uncivil Servants


This is Why


Prager University – Socialism Makes People Selfish


Pushing Back the Bullies


AR-15 Podcast 174 – When The Revolution Comes


Yes, Elites Have the Power…


Power Breeds Arrogance


































National SHOOTING SPORTS Foundation














FULL 360
























































ARBALEST QUARREL - Federal and State Firearms Legislation