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A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.


We sleep safely at night because rough men and women stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm.


“Chaos is the law of nature, and order is the dream of man”


“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”


Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty



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You Say “Want,” I Say “Need”


Dom Raso: Respect Yourself


Hillary Clinton Assures She Doesn't Want to 'Repeal the Second Amendment’


Attn: Silent Majority, A Clarion Call For Action ~ VIDEO


Heller Was Unambiguous, Unlike Hillary


Hillary Clinton & Establishment Democrats Embrace Gun Control


Bombshell: Hillary may have helped Russia hack U.S. - 'Clinton Cash' author follows money trail of 17 Clinton Foundation donors to Moscow


This Agency Wants Gun Owners’ Names on a Computer Database for “Public Safety”


Deadly Fort Myers Club Shooting Shows Abject Failure Of Background Check System


World’s Greatest Gun Salesman Celebrates New July Record


Gun Control Fail: Germany Has 4 Illegal Guns for Every Registered Firearm - One estimate puts the number of illegal guns in Germany at 20 million


The ATF Is Illegally Hoarding American Gun Owners' Personal Information


Judge Napolitano Says Obama Admin. Is Breaking Federal Law Prohibiting Gov’t From Compiling Gun Owner ‘List’


GAO report: ATF illegally hoarding gun owner information


ATF Did Not Always Comply with the Appropriations Act Restriction and Should Better Adhere to Its Policies


Hillary’s firearms falsehoods


Rape Survivor: Do Not Let Hillary Clinton Take Away Your Right to Self-Defense


BOOK REVIEW: The War on Guns – Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies


Cancer and “Gun Violence”


Democrats Erase the Second Amendment


"Message for the Media"


They’re Making Room in Jail for Gun Owners…


On Guns, Tim Kaine Appears to Blow With The Political Wind


Clinton Supreme Court Could Have Major Impact on Second Amendment, Legal Analysts Say


Pastor Wastes $3,000 In Church Funds To Espouse Political Views, Breaks Law


Another Gun-Free Mass Murder


Democrats Come Clean About Their Vile Hatred of American’s Guns


Terrorist Watchlist Legislation Violates Most Of The Bill Of Rights




Western Civilization “Happiness”, Unto Death!


Maj Toure Advises Hillary to Arm her Security Detail With Something Other Than Guns


Read And Compare: Two Party Platforms, Two Views On Gun Rights


Shame on you, Mr. President


These Gun Owners Are Least Likely Criminals, Report Finds


Hillary Would Erase the Second Amendment


Sue the Tyrants


To End Gun Violence, we Need to Start at the Beginning


Hillary Clinton Must Think 100 Million Gun Owners are Murderers & Assassins


The Second Amendment from the 18th-century yeoman's perspective


What Olympic Shooting Champ Said About Gun Control Will Raise Eyebrows


Olympic Shooter: Without the Second Amendment, We Couldn’t Protect the First


What Hillary Has In Mind Is Far More Devious Than Abolishing The Second Amendment


Hypocrite Hillary Leaves You Defenseless


Concealed gun permits soar 215%, record 14.5 million, 'explode under Obama'


Trump: The Second Amendment candidate we need


American College of Surgeons Wants to Have a Conversation About Your Guns


It’s Do or Die for Your Gun Rights


Why the Second Amendment Vote is Crucial This November


Proof That Hillary Does Want To Make The Second Amendment Meaningless


The Media Are Lying to Hide Clinton’s Animosity to the Second Amendment


Gun Controllers Peddle Declining Ownership Myth Amid Massive Growth in Firearms Manufacturers


Gun Voters You Have Never Had Clearer Choice, Vote YES For Donald Trump


Guns, politics and Hollywood collide - Hypocrisy accusations...


Rape Survivor, Black Gun Owner: It’s Easier To Blame Firearms Than Actually Work On Issues That Can Prevent Gun Violence


‘Black, Armed, and Conservative’ Debuts at 2016 Red State Gathering


3-D Printed Guns Could Outsmart Gun-Control Efforts


Clinton Wants Politicians to Fight American Gun Owners, aka the Gun Lobby


A State of Fear & Common Tools


An Anti-Gun President Will Take Your Rights


Here’s How “President Hillary” Will Destroy Your Gun Rights Without Repealing The Second Amendment


The Myth of the Big Bad Gun Lobby

Gun Control Researcher: You Can’t See My Data

Court sets California gun-carry case on path to Supreme Court


'Little Known' Olympic Shooters Snubbed by Sponsors While Media Play Dumb


The Second Amendment Takes Another Hit … Thanks to Obama


The Media Are Lying to Hide Clinton’s Animosity to the Second Amendment


Disarming the American People


Olympic Champion Kim Rhode Warns About The Suffocation of Shooting Sports Through Gun Control


Nevada Chief Law Enforcement Officer Opposes Question 1 Gun Control Ballot Initiative


Venezuela crushes 2,000 guns in public, plans registry of bullets


Racist Hit Piece on Self-Defense Smears Gun Owners as the Bigots


The Trashing of Conservative Gun Owners


Clinton Supporters Totally Want To Repeal The Second Amendment...Because It Was Written A Long Time Ago


Starving Socialist Country With Food Riots Launches Gun Control Effort to Disarm Population


Venezuelan Government Further Disarming Citizens By Crushing Guns, Registering Ammo


Venezuela crushes 2,000 guns in public, plans registry of bullets


Destruyen más de 19 mil armas de fuego y 125 mil cartuchos decomisados


Mexicans have the right to own guns, but few do


Background Checks Primarily Stop Honest Citizens, not Felons


The 2nd Amendment Heads to Supreme Court – Will Californian’s have their Rights Stolen?


Professor: Take Granny’s Gun – So Granny is killed, not being able to defend herself, and is no longer a burden on Social Security.


New York Times Issues Ridiculous Anti-NRA Screed


Doctor Prescribes Requiring a “Medical License” for Gun Ownership


German Far Right Leader: We Need A Right To Bear Arms


Right-wing party leader says Germans should be able to ARM themselves after series of violent attacks


Swedish Gun Control Works, Muslims Forced to Use Grenade


Is Gun Control Racist?


More gun laws won’t cut violence


The Effort To Stop California’s “Gunmageddon”


Gun Control Hits Ballots in Four States Across the Nation


Mexico Minister Says US Gun Control Laws Fuel Criminal Violence

Venezuela’s Gun Confiscation Should be a Wake-up Call to Pro-gun Americans


Op-Ed Highlights the Ignorance of Gun Control Advocates


The Terror Watch List And Due Process Of Law


What a Clinton Supreme Court Would Mean for America


Mexico asks U.S. Congress to renew ban on assault weapons – Makes it easier for drug and human trackers to enter and poison the United States.


Gunquack Long on Hysteria, Short on Proof of Professional Competence


Medical Economic’s Biased Article Reeks of Hoplophobia


Anti-Gun Protestors Promote Culture of Rape, Not Empowerment


Gun Control Debate Sounds More Like Salem Racist Trials


California Gun Owners Dig In To Fight “Gunmageddon” On November Ballots


What Modern Weapons Would The Founders Want Americans To Own?


Nearly 80% of Gun Crimes in Pittsburgh Committed by Non-Gun Owners


You Wouldn’t Take Driving Advice From People Who Don’t Own Cars, Would You?


Where Do Criminals Get Their Guns?


Society’s Disconnect When it Comes to Gun Sense


Making Your Rights Impossible to Exercise: Hillary Clinton’s Plan for Guns


The Need for Guns & Self Defense is Needed Now More Than Ever in Paris [videos, warning: violence]


Conceal Carry Permit Holders More Law Abiding than Police


Gun Expert Blows Away Stats Used by Democrats

Sheriff Chad Day: The Second Amendment Protects You From Me - The purpose of the Second Amendment was, and still is, for Americans to be able to protect ourselves from inappropriate and extreme over-each by our own government, in a word, tyranny.


As Venezuelan Regime Loses Grip, Maduro Targets Guns - Gun control isn’t really about controlling guns at all, but rather about controlling people.  Legitimate governments have nothing to fear from an armed citizenry.


“Gun Control” a Myth Manufactured By Arrogant, & Heavily-Armed, Political Leftists - “God is not on the side of big battalions. He sides with capable marksmen!”


Fight for Recognition of Second Amendment in California Continues With New Federal Lawsuit






Crime Prevention Research Shows American Women Are Armed and Ready!



New Book/Research

New Book: The War on Guns

Opinion Pieces

CPRC in the Los Angeles Times: "We adjust for population with murder rates. Why not for mass shootings?"

CPRC at Fox News: "Do Democrats want to disarm minorities?"

CPRC at Fox News: "It's about time for Texas' guns on campus law"


Wall Street Journal's Opinion Journal: “The War on Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies.”

CPRC on the Dana TV Show: Dems Pushing Gun Control Regulations That Disarm Minorities

Radio Shows

CPRC on the Sean Hannity Show Discussing John Lott's new book "The War on Guns" and Nikki Goeser's "Denied a Chance"

CPRC on the Larry Elder Show to discuss Lott's new book "The War on Guns"

Nine of the 25 radio shows that we did from August 1st to the 4th to discuss "The War on Guns"





CPRC at National Review: "Hillary refuses to Seek the Endorsement of Police Unions"


CPRC in the Philadelphia Inquirer and other newspapers: "Trump wasn't calling for Clinton's assassination”



Radio and TV interviews


NewsMax's Steve Malzburg Show: John Lott Jr. discusses his new book: 'The War on Guns'

PRC on Canada's The Rebel TV to discuss the views of Police towards guns and "The War on Guns"

CPRC on the Vicki McKenna Show to discuss how Democrats make it difficult for poor Blacks to buy guns

CPRC on the John Cardillo Show to discuss "The War on Guns"

CPRC on Armed American Radio to discuss "The War on Guns"

CPRC on the Janet Mefferd Show about Lott's new book "The War on Guns”





News coverage about CPRC report on Record Number and Record Growth of Concealed Handgun Permits


How the media misrepresents how much money the NRA gives to candidates, Comparing NRA contributions to those of Michael Bloomberg



CPRC at Fox News: Trump foes miss the mark on Clinton's Second Amendment stand

CPRC at National Review: "The Myth of the Big Bad Gun Lobby"

Reviews of Lott's New Book "The War on Guns"

Ricochet Book Review of The War on Guns: "It is, I believe, the most important document ever written about guns."

Another stunning review of "The War on Guns": a truly remarkable book which should be on everyone's must read list"

Radio & TV interviews

CPRC on the Laura Ingraham Show: The War on Guns

CPRC on the Jim Bohannon Show: Discussion on Dr. Lott's new book "The War on Guns"

CPRC on Coast to Coast with George Noory for almost 2 full hours: Discussion on the newly released book "The War on Guns" and the dangers of gun-control

CPRC on the Joe Piscopo Show: Dr. John Lott's new book "The War on Guns"

CPRC on the Steve Gruber Show: "The War on Guns" and the truth behind gun-control

CPRC on Point of View with Kerby Anderson:Discussion on the dangers of gun-control laws and Dr. Lott's new book "The War on Guns"


The Oklahoman Editorial Board extensively discusses the new CPRC report on Concealed Handgun Permits, other media also covering our report

CPRC in the News: New York Post, KCET, Philadelphia Inquirer, Pittsburg Tribune Review, Townhall, PJ Media, and many others

Response to Evan DeFilippis and Devin Hughes' newest claims at ThinkProgress




CPRC in the New York Post: "Sorry, Hillary:Trump's policies are clearly better for blacks"

Reviews of Lott's New Book "The War on Guns"

The Washington Times review of "The War on Guns"

Radio & TV interviews

CPRC on the Glenn Beck Radio Show: The War on Guns

CPRC on the Dana Show (The Blaze): The Myth of the Big, Bad Gun Lobby

CPRC on The Blaze's Facebook Interview: "The War on Guns"

CPRC on Chris Silence's National Radio Show to discuss "The War on Guns"

CPRC on the Bob Frantz Authority (AM 1420): "The War on Guns" and what our country faces under a Clinton Presidency

CPRC on the Pat Campbell Show (Tulsa Radio): "The War on Guns" and what will happen if Hillary Clinton becomes President

CPRC on the Dennis Prager Show: The War on Guns

CPRC's Nikki Goeser on Gun Freedom Radio: "Denied A Chance: How Gun Control helped a stalker murder my husband"

CPRC's Dr. John Lott on Gun Freedom Radio:Dr. Lott's new book "The War on Guns"

CPRC on the John Carlson and Kirby Wilbur Show (KVI 570 Seattle, WA): Dr. Lott talks "The War on Guns"

CPRC on Beyond the News with Canada's Brian Lilley (580 CFRA): The War on Guns

CPRC's Nikki Goeser on the Tom Roten Morning Show: "Denied A Chance: How Gun Control helped a stalker murder my husband"


CPRC report on permitted concealed handguns makes the Pittsburgh Tribune Review's front page, other papers as well

Breitbart: "Claim:Michael Bloomberg Demanded John Lott Interview Cut from Couric Gun Control Film

CPRC in the News: The National Interest, New China, The Daily Signal and others

Thank you card from our favorite Sheriff, David Clarke





Detroit CCW Holder Fights Back During Attempted Carjacking


Intense Moment Pilot Tackles Out-of-Control Passenger: ‘Don’t Put Your Hands on My Flight Attendant!’


Glendale Police: Man shot while reportedly robbing woman


With a Gun to her Head, This Woman Knew How to Level the Playing Field (and her assailant)


Shooting Death Of San Ramon, CA Man Ruled Self-Defense


Raleigh Man Facing Murder Charges For Ill-Advised “Warning Shot”


One suspect shot, killed in south Phoenix home invasion


Armed Burglary Suspect Messes With Wrong Homeowner, Gets Shot With His Own Gun


Homeowner Welcomes Knife-Wielding Home Intruder With Gunfire


Pregnant Woman Shoots Home Intruder


Neighborhood Watch Vigilante May Face Death Penalty For “Warning Shot” Killing


Simple Math: Big Robber + Tiny Woman x Armed America = Guns Saving Lives


Deadly Shooting Outside Glendale Circle K Was Self-Defense


Armed Citizen Stops Hammer Time Attack


Face-Eating Frat Boy Makes Terrifying Case For ALWAYS Carrying A Gun


Check Out the Sentence This Carjacker Shot by Armed Citizen Could Get


Brave KY Homeowner Takes on Four Armed Robbers to Protect Family


Elderly Florida Man Shoots Fleeing Thief And May Have Ruined His Own Life


'He come again, I do the same,' clerk says after shooting armed robber


Indy Police Mistake Homeowner For Carjacker With Horrible Results


Sevier County homeowner holds robbery suspect at gunpoint


Neighbor Confronts Armed Man Violating Restraining Order


Woman from Online Dating Site Lured a Single Dad To His Death For a Measly $50


CCW Permit Holder Shoots Armed Family Dollar Robber


Armed House Sitter Shoots Home Invader


Woman Risks her Life to Have a Coke With an Armed Assailant


West Philly Home Intruder Shot in Ex-Girlfriend’s Home After Altercation


Why Do I Carry? Because Thugs Like These Will Shoot You For Making Eye Contact


Subway Employee Lets a Pair of Violent Robbers Have it Their Way


Police Consider ‘Knockout Game’ A Possibility In Fatal Lawncrest Attack


Venice Beach Ambush: A Beverly Hills Surgeon on Being Pistol-Whipped and Left for Dead


Man shot and killed for not holding the door open for woman at a McDonald's


Resident Shoots Knife-Wielding Home Invader


Armed Barber’s Return Fire, Robber Caught with Neighborhood Help


Mobile Surveillance App Prompts Homeowner to Call Cops and Calvary






Why Standing Up to a Terrorist Is Your Best Self-Defense


How Does Your Defensive Ammo Stack Up Against What The Cops Use?


A look inside Phoenix PD training


Woman killed in simulation exercise at Florida police academy


Lawyer: “He Was Going to Kill Somebody.” Officer Who Killed Librarian Had Dubious History


Police Kill Florida Woman During Role-Playing Exercise


Prosecutor Asserts Gun May Be At Fault For Negligent Discharge, Not His Stupidity


Phoenix teen accidentally shot by loaded gun urges parents to be cautious


Top Tips for Pistol Shooting


What You Think About Tourniquets Is Probably Wrong


PHLster FlatPack – Carrying A Tourniquet Made Easy!


Whether You Shoot Or Drive, Blow-Out Kits Can Save Lives


Should You Own an AR-15?


Fundamentals of AR Shooting


How To Build a Basic AR-15


Top AR 15 Iron Sights – Best Choice of 5


AR-15 Do's and Don'ts: Accessories


Best AR15 Trigger – A Top Five Review


How to Shoot in Stressful Situations


Common Sense Gun Safety – Handgun Safes


Kids Receive Real-Life Gun Safety Training to Prevent Accidental Gun Deaths


You’re Too Stupid For This Conversation You Insist On Having


Officer Derpy Sues Glock After Violating Every Rule Of Gun Safety And Shooting Himself


Gun ownership rises to 44% of all homes


Why Do I Carry? Because Thugs Like These Will Shoot You For Making Eye Contact


Why Some Women Don’t Carry Concealed Weapons






Texas Campus Carry Law Now Active


Not All US Muslim Soldiers Are Equal


Tips On How To Survive A Mass Shooting


Commentary: If It Saves Just One Life!


Colion Noir: Gun Owners Have to Unite if They Want to Win


This CEO Says Hillary Clinton Is Campaigning Against Lawful Commerce And He’s 100% Right


BACK TO SCHOOL: Gun Zone Signs in Texas That Will Actually Reach Criminals


Should The Dangerously Poisoned Be Allowed To Bear Arms?


Keeping Kids Safe In A Broken World


We Have To Fight Back


Applicability of the ITAR Registration Requirement to Firearms Manufacturers and Gunsmiths


Obama Hits Gunsmiths With Burdensome & Costly Registration Requirements


Does the Recent Obama “Executive Order” Really affect your ability to do Gunsmithing?


.22 Rimfire Ammo & New Shooters


To End Gun Violence, we Need to Start at the Beginning


Concealed Carry Instructors Indicted After Student Shoots, Kills Gun Shop Owner


Chicago violent crime in city up virtually across the board


California is on Pace to Sell an Impressive Number of Guns in 2016


These Gun Owners Are Least Likely Criminals, Report Finds


Concealed Carry Permit Holders Are The Most Law-Abiding People In The Country


Report Shows No Group of Americans Is More Law-abiding Than Concealed Carry Holders


New Study: Over 14.5 million concealed handgun permits, last year saw the largest increase ever in the number of permits


Frankly Speaking Vol 1


Frankly Speaking Vol 2 - Thin Blue Line


Frankly Speaking Vol 3 - American Made


Majority of Voters Hold Favorable Opinion of NRA and Unfavorable Opinion of Hillary Clinton


Mexicans have the right to own guns, but few do


Man thwarts possible mass shooting by refusing gun sale


I Carry A Handgun, Because…


Per Capita Firearms vs Murder Rates in the U.S. 1950 – 2014


Gun Owners of America Has Uploaded the Lie Behind Gun Free Zones ~ Video


European Gun Sales Skyrocket as Muslim Refugees Flood the Continent!


The Lie Behind Gun Free Zones


Texas school district sign: Armed faculty 'may use whatever force necessary' to protect students


Amerigeddon, a Pro 2nd Amendment Film Has Been Shut Out by Hollywood


Where Do Criminals Get Their Guns?


Wisconsin Community Responds to Shooting by Addressing the Root Cause


Society’s Disconnect When it Comes to Gun Sense



National Rifle Association (NRA) :

Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) :

Firearms Coalition :

Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership (JPFO) :

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) :

Gun Owner of America (GOA) :






These Teen Cousins Were Just Arrested For Police Sniper Attack


Two Teens Charged with Trying to Kill Police Officers


Parents Claims Black Lives Matter Pushed Their Kids Into Sniper Attack On Cops


Illinois Officer In Serious Condition After Shooting During Chase


Eight Shot, Two Dead in Washington D.C.


Police: Woman Who Pointed Gun at Cops and Threatened to Kill One of Them Is Fatally Shot by Officers


Cop Who Was Accused of Racism by ‘Django’ Actress Faces $10K Fine for Leaking Recording to Clear His Name


Two Men, Including Serviceman, Arrested In Police Murder Plot


San Diego Man Charged With Murder, Attempted Murder of Police Officers


Obama commutes sentences for 214 federal prisoners


Obama Springs More Prisoners Than 9 Presidents Combined


D.C. transit police officer accused of trying to support Islamic State


Newly-Released Autopsy Evidence Sheds Light On Dylan Noble’s Death


Muslim Woman Told to Leave Dollar Store After Refusing to Remove Veil – Interesting and important comments.


Attorneys for Baltimore Police Officers Say Marilyn Mosby Should Be Disbarred


Deceptive Baltimore Sun Reporting Paints Targets on the Backs of Police


Phoenix Serial Shooter Has Been Linked to NINTH Attack Since March


Police Suspect Serial Killer Behind Phoenix Murders


“F*** THE POLICE”: Would-Be Burglar Eats His Words, Calls For Cops After Shop Owner Shoots Him In The Abdomen


Baton Rouge Drug Enforcement Has Plummeted Since Police Killed Alton Sterling - Murders rose in other cities under similar circumstances — will Baton Rouge be next?


Michigan Sheriff Warns of ‘Unprecedented Crime Spree’ with Juvenile Lifers Resentenced


Personal Defense Weapon for Everyday Police Carry


Orlando Chief Who Screwed Up Pulse Response Goes To Terrorism School


Law Enforcement on High Alert After 'Black Guerrilla Family' Calls to 'Eat Pigs'


Fusion: Stop With the Positive Police Videos, You’re Traumatizing Blacks


Hillary Clinton to National Fraternal Order of Police: No Thanks, I Don’t Need Your Support


‘It Sends a Powerful Message’: Police Union ‘Shocked’ by Clinton Campaign’s Response


Hillary Snubs Police Union, Declines To Seek Endorsement - Has the Democrat party become an anti-law enforcement party?


‘Very Anti-Police’ Black Activist Robbed at Gunpoint — and Guess Who He Calls for Help


Black Lives Matter’s Support for Killers of Black Cops - Black police officer lives don’t matter.


Dashcam Video Captures Moment Routine Traffic Stop Takes Horrifying Turn


Prison Cells, Islam Greatest Recruitment Centers


Black Lives Matter Blames Cop For Not Willingly Being Stabbed To Death


Chicago Gangs Plotting to Kill Police Officers After Release of Controversial Paul O’Neal Shooting Video


Chicago Car Thief Is Latest Martyr for Black Lives Matter


Obama and the U.N. Collude to “Beef Up” and Nationalize America’s Police Departments


Layton police sergeant hospitalized after Subway worker allegedly puts drugs in his drink


What the Hell is an Oath Keeper?


DOJ Says Baltimore Police Routinely Violated Civil Rights


Baltimore officials, Justice Department promise sweeping overhaul of city police


Baltimore Police Report -- Justice Department Is Blind to the Realities of Crime


Arkansas sheriff's deputy shot dead responding to disturbance call, suspect arrested


“Mostly Peaceful” Protesters Attempt Murder On Anniversary of Mike Brown’s Death


Obama’s forgiveness of gun crimes amid push for controls ‘incredible hypocrisy’


Woman killed in simulation exercise at Florida police academy


Lawyer: “He Was Going to Kill Somebody.” Officer Who Killed Librarian Had Dubious History


Calling out the Justice Department


99 People Shot in Chicago in Less than a Week


Nine Murdered in Chicago Over the Weekend; But No Riots – Not Even a Protest


Who gets killed in Chicago — a Watchdogs special report


Prison gang targeted white guards in ‘Black August’ plan: FBI


Unreasonable Searches Are Unconstitutional -- and Common


Pennsylvania’s Democrat Attorney General Convicted on All Charges in Perjury Trial


‘Rising Democratic Star’ Kathleen Kane Convicted on 9 Criminal Charges


Bloomberg-Backed Pennsylvania Attorney General Convicted of Perjury, Criminal Conspiracy


WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange: Justice Dept. Set a ‘New Standard’ for Clinton Email Investigation


Suspect Arrested in Murder of Georgia Cop... Father of 3 Shot to Death While Exiting Patrol Car


Teens accused of murdering man who helped them to remain behind bars after bond hearing


Clinton blames cops for Milwaukee


Trump: Hillary Clinton Against the Police


"Zombie" drug suspected in grisly murders


New Leaked Democrat Emails Show Their Disdain For Cops


‘Black Lives Matter, Motherf***er!’: Video Shows Cop’s Intense Struggle With Teen After He Was Stopped for Jaywalking


Blue Lives Matter Celebration: Honoring America's Police


Obama Quietly Building His Fascist Civilian Security Force? - via DOJ consent decrees with cities


The Milwaukee Race Riots: 5 FACTS The Media Won't Tell You! - Agree or not, good to know what is being said/perpetrated AND BY WHOM.


Bring the Funders of Black Lives Matter Violence to Justice - How many police officers have to die so a grad student in gender studies doesn’t have to get a real job?


Guess Who Else is Dumping MILLIONS into Supporting #BlackLivesMatter


Interior Enforcement Plummeting Under Obama Admin's New Deportation Program


Justice Department Says Poor Can't Be Held When They Can't Afford Bail


The Hypocrisy of the Black Lives Matter Movement and the Southern Poverty Law Center - With chants like “Pigs in a blanket, fry-em like bacon” and “What do we want? Dead Cops!,” the simple fact is that BLM has created an atmosphere of anger and hatred, and has incited violence against law enforcement officers across the country.


Is he CRAZY? Obama wants poor criminals freed


Kansas' Judges Should Be Recalled Before They Do Any Further Harm


Police Held Back While Violent Mob Assaulted Trump Fundraiser Attendees?


Foundation Of Justice Undone By Clinton & Her Foundation - The condoning of crime by our institutions of Government—especially by those agencies of Government our Nation relies on to root out crime and mete out justice—serves only to make a mockery of the entirety of our criminal justice system.


Man Charged in Brutal Stabbing Deaths of 2 Nuns in Mississippi


Baltimore cops pressured to police differently, but also begged to clear the corners


Are The Police Racist?


That “Accidental” Shooting Of A 73-Year Old Librarian By A Cop Just Keeps Getting Worse


Baltimore Residents Beg Police To Protect Their Neighborhoods


14 Shot, 3 fatalities, 4 stabbed in NYC on Saturday Night


August most violent month in Chicago in nearly 20 years


400 Plus shootings in Chicago in August…..and it is still August!


Obama and Hillary: Take Jesse Jackson's 1993 advice on Chicago crime


Bill Whittle's Firewall: Black Lives Matter Kills People - The shocking evidence that demolishes the central, Big Lie of Black Lives Matter.


Guilt by Association, Real vs. Imagined


Sheriff Joe Arpaio and a Double Standard of Justice - The ACLU’s and DOJ’s war on a brave patriot.


Map: Sanctuary Cities Continue to Obstruct Enforcement, Threaten Public Safety


‘Do You Prefer Ma’am or Sir?’: New DOJ Video Shows Cops How to Treat Transgender People






Sheriff Clarke: Black Lives Matter Declares “WAR” On Police


Sheriff Clarke: Black Lives Matter Has Nothing To Do With Black Lives


Sheriff David Clarke Goes There on Hillary: She's 'a Straight up Cop Hater'


Sheriff Clarke Goes on the Record About His Secret Meeting With Donald Trump


Sheriff David Clarke Calls In National Guard To Keep Peace In Milwaukee [VIDEO]


Sheriff David Clarke: The 'Law Of The Jungle' Took Over In Milwaukee Due To 'Progressive Policies'


Sheriff David Clarke: Blame Milwaukee Unrest on ‘Ghetto’ Culture and ‘Failed Urban Policy,’ Not Police


Sheriff David Clarke: Liberal politics and media fueled Milwaukee riots


Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke: ‘Progressive left has put my citizens in harm’s way’


Amid Milwaukee unrest, a controversial black sheriff clashes with the city's white police chief – LA Times – Some conjecture mixed in.


The Milwaukee Race Riots: 5 FACTS The Media Won't Tell You! - Agree or not, good to know what is being said/perpetrated AND BY WHOM.


Sheriff Clarke: The Thin Blue Line


Sheriff David Clark Calls Out Democrats and Black Lives Matters


Sheriff says African-Americans have been “Hoodwinked by this Monolithic Voting for Democrats”!


Sheriff David Clarke: “Police Used to be Seen as Guardians and Protectors”






Dallas Police Continue to Receive Numerous Applications


New Animation Recreates Black Lives Matter Domestic Terrorist Attack In Dallas


Dallas shooter had his weapons confiscated 'for safety reasons' while serving in Army and once severed an artery after punching car window in anger, new report reveals


Report shows that Army took away gun from Dallas cop shooter Micah Johnson






Zika arrives in US: Debunking top myths about the virus


Zika Cases Rise in Miami, and Officials Try to Soothe Fears


Medical benefits of dental floss unproven


Female Genital Mutilation Triples in United States


Mom’s Intimate 131-Gallon Gift After Son Dies Reveals Painful Sacrifice She’d Been Making All Along


The Backward Pull of Islamic Health Practices


Why You Spend Two Hours To See Your Doctor For 8 Minutes


How aggressive workouts destroyed one woman's body


EpiPen too expensive? You can get the same dose for ten bucks


One Fire Department EMT Has Already Outsmarted The Cost Of EpiPens - The price of Turner’s device is just $3.50 which is in stark contrast to the over $300 EpiPen.


EBOLA: The Disease that Prayer Conquered




"I notice that everybody who is Pro-Abortion has already been born."---- Ronald Reagan


Hillary: Unborn Person Doesn’t Have Constitutional Rights


Planned Parenthood accuses Donald Trump of being cruel to a baby


Planned Parenthood Excoriated Over Response to Trump ‘Kicking Out’ Crying Baby


Abortion, The DNC And Christians


New Pro-life Ad Features Mom Who Says Hillary Doesn’t Cherish Her Baby’s Life


Planned Parenthood Will Soon Be Registering Voters at Its Clinics


98% of political donations by Catholic Relief Services staff go to abortion advocates: report


There’s nothing ‘pro-choice’ about a Democratic platform demanding taxpayer-funded abortion


Hillary Wants American Taxpayers to Fund Abortion on Demand


Planned Parenthood Suing David Daleiden to Try and Stop Release of Documents


98% of political donations by Catholic Relief Services staff go to abortion advocates


UNC Researchers' Striking Report: Heart Disease Is Not Leading Cause of Death Among Minorities. It's Abortion


Dems want YOU to pay for abortions


Abortion Is America's Great Sin


CMP’s Videos Expose 3 Big Lies of the Abortion Industry


Still ‘Pro-Choice’ After This? Then You Have No Soul


Environmental Maniacs Telling College Students: Protect Kids From Climate Change By Not Having Them


Black Pastor: Black Babies Matter Too! - "You can’t say 'Black Lives Matter'"


Planned Parenthood Promotes Itself Among Miami Minorities


The University of New Mexico Admits to Dissecting Brains of Aborted Babies (Video)


The Catholic Vote on Abortion and Trump


Hillary Clinton on Partial Birth Ban






'It's time to tell the judiciary to go to hell' - Author reveals recipe for fixing federal courts without constitutional amendment


The Senate’s District Court Win in the Backpage Subpoena Fight Could Have Significant Implications for Congressional Investigations






Also see HILLARY CLINTON MATTERS news category on alleged National Security violations


Bombshell: Hillary may have helped Russia hack U.S. - 'Clinton Cash' author follows money trail of 17 Clinton Foundation donors to Moscow


Beware of ransomware hiding in shortcuts


Massive new study lifts the lid on top websites’ tracking secrets


The Jeep hackers return to ditch a car going 60 mph


FBI in 'secret' control of your smartphone - App would pick up, transmit sounds, images in secret


The state of cyber security: we’re all screwed


This is What Cyber Warfare Between Nations Would Look Like


Soros Groups Get Hacked, Hundreds Of Documents Leaked


Nancy Pelosi Complains of "Sick Calls" As New Hack Forces Democrats to Change Phone Numbers


Obama Admin. Set to Relinquish U.S. Control of Internet; in Violation of Federal Law


The NSA Leak Is Real, Snowden Documents Confirm


Why Would Russians Hack Democrats?


Facebook Fascists Ban Journalist for Mentioning the Threat of Islam!


Facebook blocks Michael Savage for posting news on Islamic crime - Says Mark Zuckerberg 'stabs America in the back'


The New Censors


Facebook Reduces Role of Human Judgment in ‘Trending Topics’


Facebook cracking down on anti-conservative bias


98 things Facebook knows about you


Shock horror! Ashley Madison security was woeful, finds investigation


“Highly invasive” plan to collect traveler social media details criticized by group


Woman from Online Dating Site Lured a Single Dad To His Death For a Measly $50


Apple iOS users, update now – zero-day attack seen in the wild


WhatsApp and Facebook Are Getting Ready to Share Your Phone Number With Advertisers


An Internet Giveaway to the U.N. - If the U.S. abdicates internet stewardship, the United Nations might take control.


CRISIS: Internet to Have Global Governance October 1. Call Congress! - Better Censorship for Tyrants


Enjoy the Internet, Before Obama Abandons It to the UN


Hackers breach election systems in Illinois, Arizona


Pro-Hillary Google Hides Searches on Candidate’s Health


IRS doesn’t tell 1M taxpayers that illegals stole their Social Security numbers


Dropbox hack leads to 68 million passwords dumped online






VIDEO: I Learned More at McDonald’s Than at College - Oddly enough, customers were rarely interested in my feelings.


‘All Lives Matter’ Gets Texas Student Suspended, Sent To Diversity Workshop


UC Berkeley Builds Secret Escape Hatch for Admins to Flee SJWs


Author Bret Easton Ellis Slams ‘Little Snowflake Justice Warriors’


The world's best cyber army doesn’t belong to Russia


Diversity in our universities? Forget it.


To End Gun Violence, we Need to Start at the Beginning


K-12 and the New York Times: Forget the Rules


Does Black Success Matter?


Vanderbilt Paying $1.2 Million to Remove the Word 'Confederate' from Dormitory


7 Things My Wife and I Learned From 22 Years of Homeschooling


What Do American Schools Teach About Islam? PC Or Nothing


School District: Don't Call the Children "Boys & Girls"


'Pro-Palestinian' Thugs Attack Jews on U.S. Campuses - And strangely, it’s a distant country that wants to do anything about it.


Insanity: The Word ‘Man’ Is Banned At Princeton University


Conservative College Students Lay Out Why They Resisted Liberal Indoctrination


Vermont state lawmakers heading to Cuba for pointers on education, environment


School Sends Home Permission Slip for Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance!


Omaha Teachers Taught to Incorporate Black Lives Matters into Lesson Plans


College Campus Lunacy - Another school year begins -- and so does the politically correct insanity.


UCI's SJP Fascists - Campus hate group gets a wink and a nod to continue anti-Semitic activities.


Disgusting Liberal College Students Protest the 2nd Amendment in Worst Way Possible


Back to Campus, Where Due Process Is a Myth


The NAACP is about teachers' unions, not black children


A Gem in Chicago - The University of Chicago's bold stand against campus fascists.


Social Justice Warriors Unhappy With U. Chicago’s Position on Safe Spaces


George Washington U Hires Al Qaeda Terrorist as National Security Expert






The Real Threat to the Republic


NBC Working Overtime to Fan the Flames of Hysteria Over Trump


Fierce Media Bias is Shaping the Election


Media Pretend Democrats Weren't Violent at Rallies


A Brief History Of The Liberal Media Cutting Off Guests When They Criticize Hillary Clinton


Trump Was Referring to Second Amendment Voters, Not Assassination


10 Damning Minutes of CNN and MSNBC Cutting Off Anyone Who Dares Criticize Hillary Clinton


Coulter: GOP Blames Victim of Media Rape - Sissy conservatives who have never faced one minute of press hostility blame Trump for giving the media openings to twist his words.


CNN Drops Like a Rock


Corrupt Media ~ Americans Must Fight Back for Trump


Media coverage of Milwaukee riots takes a detour


CNN mischaracterized call to burn down Milwaukee suburbs as call for peace


Clinton’s Media: From Malfunctioning, To Mad, To Dishonest, To Deranged


Sean Hannity Calls Out CNN's Coverage of Democrats: 'Literally Kiss Hillary's A** Every Day'


Milwaukee Proves that the Media is Nurturing a Zombie Apocalypse in Democrat Cities!


With Liberal Media As Bad As Ever, Somebody Needs To Cover The Truth


How The Media Work - The press's demented translations of the words of conservative public figures.


Media Exposed: Donald Trump Did Not Make Fun of a Disabled Reporter!


Poll: Media Campaign to Grow Racial Hostility is Working (VIDEO)


“American journalism is collapsing before our eyes”


Big Lesbian FOX/CNN News Contributor defends Sharia


Melania Trump threatens to sue news outlets over steamy rumor - 'Statements are 100% false, highly damaging to her reputation and personally hurtful'


NY Post Columnist: Biased Coverage of Trump is Collapse of Journalism - "No foreign enemy, no terror group, no native criminal gang suffers the daily beating that Trump does."


There is Now No Doubt Now: The Media Are Biased, and Obama Doesn't Care About Black People


Hillary Clinton's Cakewalk With the Press


Columnist: Media Assault on Trump Proves ’American Journalism is Collapsing’


BIAS ALERT: Media looks inward, deems slanted Trump coverage warranted


IGNORING BOMBSHELL? New York Times finds latest Clinton Foundation bombshell unfit to print


VIDEO: Does the media still not understand Trump's base?


Media Anti-Trump Frenzy Will Backfire


Assange blasts media for 'politicization' of election campaign in Fox Interviews


Hillary Gets (More Than) a Little Help from Her Media Friends


Pre-Empting the Liberal Media


Mainstream Media Admit Anti-Trump Bias, Say It's Necessary - They view it as their "moral obligation."


CNN scrubs 'Crooked' from Trump tweet


Assange: American Media Is 'Erecting A Demon' By Defending Hillary Clinton


Proof! Media lied about Trump mocking disabled reporter - Ann Coulter explains why networks haven't broadcast interview with Serge Kovaleski






DePaul University Reportedly Bans Conservative Speaker Ben Shapiro: ‘This Is How Free Speech Dies’


Idaho U.S. Attorney: Spreading false information may violate federal law


Chief Idaho federal prosecutor warns: “The spread of false information or inflammatory or threatening statements … may violate federal law”


UK Man Sentenced for 'Offending' Muslims


Dancing Baby vs. Prince going to Supreme Court - Decision could possibly mean end of free speech


Hillary Campaign Vows To Destroy Opposition Website – Breitbart News - Reynolds’ aggressive attack was sparked by Republican nominee Donald Trump’s decision to shake up his campaign by bringing on Breitbart executive chairman Stephen Bannon to serve as his campaign CEO.


Clinton Raising Funds to Destroy Breitbart


CRISIS: Internet to Have Global Governance October 1. Call Congress! - Better Censorship for Tyrants






Military court claims power to decide 'importance' of religion - Attorney fighting for Marine, 'This is absolutely outrageous'


Military court upholds Marine’s bad conduct discharge over Bible verses


Christians: Stop Acting Like Sheep To The Slaughter


War on Christians stops NOW, says Trump


Hypocritical? State Dept. Chastises Other Countries Over Their Religious Freedom Abuses


Major flip for school that sent cop to 1st-grader's home - Child under fire for sharing Bible stories with classmates


U.S. alarm: 'Unprecedented demonic outpouring' - 'I believe God is done with our once-great country'


The Changing Faith of Hillary Clinton


Make No Mistake: Religious Freedom Dies on Hillary’s Watch


Anti-Christian Bigot Demands that Air Force Major Hide His Bible because Seeing it Scares Soldiers


Elder Holland Makes a Case for Why Religion Matters (With Video)


What is religious 'extremism' when it's Christian? - Experts cite vast difference from Islamists on rampage


Will American Christianity Survive it’s Slide Towards Moral Irrelevance?


Tracking Freedom’s Enemies


Leaked e-mails show George Soros paid $650K to influence bishops during Pope’s US visit






Pope Francis: 'It's Not Fair to Identify Islam With Violence and Terrorism'


Islamic State Answers Pope Francis: Ours Is a Religious War and We Hate You


ISIS Rejects Pope’s Interpretation of Their Own Religion


Pope Francis: A Fool or Liar for Islam? - The pontiff's shocking statements on "Christians" who kill.


Pope Francis To ISIS: Tell Us What You Really Think


The Pope and Holy War


Pope Francis: Transgender Indoctrination 'Terrible'


Pope Francis Equates Muslim and Christian Violence


Pope Francis and the Decline of the West


Pope Francis's 'New Humanity': Criminal, not Christful






New York City Investigating 31 Cases Of Gender Identity Discrimination


LGBTQ Contradictions


SCOTUS Blocks Ruling That Would’ve Forced School to Have Open Bathroom Policy


Pope Francis: Transgender Indoctrination 'Terrible'


Franklin Graham declares war on gender-bender 'brainwashing' - Unleashes millions of supporters on school board to stop homosexual agenda


Athlete with No Womb or Ovaries but Internal Testes Will Compete with Women in Rio


Mother Fights Texas over Bathroom Access for 5-Year-Old Transgender Child


Service Dog


There’s No Way I’ll Send My Kids To Public School To Be Brainwashed By The LGBT Lobby


Texas Leads 13 States In Lawsuit To Stop Obama Transgender Bathroom Rules


HUD to Issue New Transgender Guidelines for Homeless Shelters


Feds Holding Summits for Lesbian Farmers


Is Target Seeking a Compromise on Transgender Restrooms?


Princeton Dump’s ‘Man’ but Forgets that WoMAN requires ‘Man’


Judge Blocks Obama Administration’s Bathroom Directive


Federal court blocks Obama’s transgender-bathroom order


How Gay Activists Will Respond to a Major Scientific Report That Refutes Their Talking Points


Scholars who smashed 'born that way' hoax to be 'punished' - Experts fear for authors behind landmark study


Gays, Hillary, the Democrats, and Sharia


‘Do You Prefer Ma’am or Sir?’: New DOJ Video Shows Cops How to Treat Transgender People


Males Can Now Sleep With Females on Field trips with Maryland Schools and they Do not Have to Inform Parents


Target Cries 'Uncle,' Begs Shoppers to Come Back






A liberal is a conservative who hasn't been mugged yet


Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth. – Mike Tyson


Inside every liberal is a totalitarian screaming to get out.


What happened to my party?


Progressive Liars (Part 1 of 12)


The Guide for the Perplexed


Nullifying the Will of the People


Hate Is Love


Why the Modern Liberal is Out of Touch With Reality


How The Left Is Weaponizing The American Legal System


Video: Democrats All About Peace Love and Understanding - Right?


The supply of truth always exceeds the demand


Modern Liberals in America are Creating a Monoculture


The Left Refuses to Learn


The Democrats and corruption: Perfect together


The 7 Dumbest Things That Offended Liberals


John Stossel: Today’s Democrats are INSANE


The Battle for America's Mind


Another reason why liberals should never be in charge of anything








The Coming Election Fraud - Now that Hillary Rodham Clinton is the Democrats’ candidate for President of the United States, prepare for the most fraudulent, corrupt and dishonest if not outright criminal election process in the history of this country.


US Election Shocker: Is This How The Vote Will Be Rigged?


Undercover video exposes eye-popping ease of voter fraud


Jeh Johnson: DHS Should Be Responsible for Ensuring ‘Fair’ Election Results


Soros, Steyer, and Democracy Alliance Work to Retake Colorado


Rigged?' 5 Ways the Election Is Under Attack


Courts Weaken Texas Voter ID Law, Uphold Wisconsin’s Law


Hacker demonstrates how voting machines can be compromised


Hacking Democracy - The Hack


Ongoing Efforts at Stealing Elections


5 times Obama supported voter fraud


Presidential election will be rigged?


Election Polls Designed to Stop Conservatives Voting


Are Democrats Counting on Voter Fraud?


Did 'Private' Choices Give Us These Nominees?


How to Steal an Election


Don’t Believe the Election Can Be ‘Rigged’? Open Your Eyes!


Manafort Accuses Never Trumpers of Being Tied to Clinton Foundation


Media Are Flat Wrong to Dismiss Voter-Fraud Concerns

Election 2016, One Choice, Are We the Individual or a Collective ~ VIDEO


The Most Important Election...Again


Surprise: 'Non-Existent' Voter Fraud Strikes Again, in Four States


McAuliffe Restores Voting Rights For 13,000 Felons In Virginia


McAuliffe To Circumvent VA Supreme Court Ruling On Felon Voter Rights, Will Issue 200,000 Clemency Grants


Nazi Collaborator George Soros Works to Enlarge Electorate by 10 Million Voters by 2018


Why Low-Information Voters Are Worrisome


The #NeverTrump Rump’s Premature Glee


Architect of “Scam PACs” Plays Fast and Loose With FEC Rules


Eye-Opening: Is the Public Being ‘Conditioned’ To Accept Rigged Elections as Status Quo?


Americans Affirm Voter ID Laws


Context and the 2016 Presidential Election


Not Worried about Voter Fraud? Watch as a Clinton Campaign Manager Teaches Democrats How to Cheat…


Is the 2016 Presidential Campaign Irrevocably Dividing the USA?  - Revolutionary observation.


Democracy hacked! Foreigners attacking U.S. elections


It’s not the economy, stupid! -   “It’s the benefits, stupid”






Third-party support surging


Libertarian: Trump has 'a screw loose'


Gary Johnson for President


Gary Johnson on the Issues -


Topics : Gary Johnson -


Is This the Sanest Man Running for President? | GQ


‘Never Gary Johnson’: He’s Not Conservative and Not Even All That Libertarian

The Libertarians' Secret Weapon - The New Yorker


Gary Johnson Survives Hillary Bounce; Still Having Tough Time Convincing Conservatives


Gary Johnson Now Polling 15% Amongst Midwest States Says CNN Poll


Polls show Gary Johnson taking more support from Clinton, not Trump


How Tonight's (8/3/2016) Gary Johnson/William Weld CNN Town Hall Was a Disappointment in Libertarian Terms


Dick Morris: Gary Johnson Could Make Debates, Be Major Factor in Race


Gary Johnson’s Campaign to Make Hillary President - A career in hypocrisy


Hillary Clinton Claims She Defended Coptic Christians by Burning Their Churches


Election '16 Destroying Marriages...


FACEBOOK: Unfriend!


Gary Johnson: Lack of Name Recognition 'Bodes Well for Actually Winning the Race'


Gary Johnson Lays Out Immigration Vision, Objects to Term 'Illegal Immigrant,' Defends Executive Amnesty






The New York Post Publishes A NUDE PHOTO Of Melania Trump On Front Page


For Donald Trump, Victims’ Lives Matter


Trump Is Right on Russia


There’s a New Theory on Why Khizr Khan Blasted Trump at the DNC — And It’s Being Labeled ‘Repulsive’


The List of Americans Defending Donald Trump Against Family of Fallen Muslim-American Soldier


U.S. Marine Blasts Khizr Khan's 'Hypocrisy' for Aligning With Anti-Military Democrats


Khan specializes in visa programs accused of selling U.S. citizenship


Khizr Khan, Servant of the Global Umma


Father Of Muslim US Soldier Is Attorney Specializing In Selling US Citizenship


Khizr Khan Has Written Extensively On Sharia Law


Panic Mode: Khizr Khan Deletes Law Firm Website that Specialized in Muslim Immigration


Clinton Cash: Khizr Khan’s Deep Legal, Financial Connections to Saudi Arabia, Hillary’s Clinton Foundation Tie Terror, Immigration, Email Scandals Together


Khizr Khan’s Deep Legal, Financial Connections to Saudi Arabia


The Media Hasn't Told You The Skinny About Khizr Muazzam Khan The Muslim Who Attacked Donald Trump




Khizr Khan’s Saudi Ties - Is Saudi Arabia trying to manipulate the U.S. presidential election?


An open letter to Mr. Khizr Khan


I have a PERSONAL message for the Muslim father whose son was killed in Iraq


Khizr Khan is IMMIGRATION LAWYER specializing in visa programs accused of SELLING US CITIZENSHIP


What Trump Should Have Said about Khizr Khan’s Speech


Mr. Khan - The Con. This Is Purely About Money.


The Non Sequitur of Khazir Khan




Khizr Khan’s writings discovered subordinating US Constitution to Sharia law


Khizr Khan: Constitution ‘Must Always Be Subordinated to the Sharia’


Khizr Khan Finds Out Trump Isn't the Kind of Guy Who is Going to Back Off of His Attacks


Khizr Khan to Pakistani News: Allah Makes Trump Say Stupid Things to Discredit Him


Medal of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer Throws Down a Challenge to Trump On Khan Controversy


America Weighs In on Donald Trump's Feud With the Khan Family -- And It Isn't Even Close


Khizr Khan’s Former Company Included in Wikileaks DNC Email Documents


Dems Exploited Khan Family – Clint Eastwood


Trump-basher Khan has ties to Hillary's email server - Oversaw tech branch of firm that handled patent for Clinton's spam program


The Khanning of America - Have you read your Qur'an, Mr. Khan? I am an ex-Imam. Allow me to give you a copy.


Khizr Khan Shills for Hillary


Rick Perry to Khizr Khan: ‘Shame on You’


MOTHER OF ACTIVE DUTY SOLDIER Destroys Hillary’s Anti-Trump Muslim Dad With This VIRAL Letter


Not All US Muslim Soldiers Are Equal


Trump’s Leadership Style in Alinskyan Perspective


Family Feuding about Trump vs. Hillary


Law and Order and Trump


How the Huffington Post Is Helping to Elect Donald Trump


Fitness Test for the Presidency


Trump won’t support McCain’s re-election because he doesn’t do enough for vets


Donald Trump twists the knife on Paul Ryan and John McCain


How Donald Trump avoided the draft during the Vietnam War


Melania Trump naked pictures row 'may help Donald Trump win LGBTQ and single white male vote'




Reports: Panicked Allies Plot 'Intervention' As GOP 'Actively Explores' Replacing Trump


What If Trump Drops Out?


Donald Trump links to Jihad Watch story on Facebook


Trump on Russia: Historical Perspective from FDR to Reagan to Obama


A major anti-Hillary donor vents


Eastwood: Trump Smashing the 'P–ssy Generation'


Hannity: GOP Establishment at Fault if Trump Loses


Trump Closes in on Hillary for Donations


Former Speaker Newt Gingrich Puts Trump on Blast: The Republican Candidate is ‘Helping Hillary Win’


NBC Working Overtime to Fan the Flames of Hysteria Over Trump


Meet The One Koch Brother Who Is Raising Money For The Donald


Benghazi Widow Has a Challenge for People Who Say Trump Shouldn't Have Accepted Purple Heart


Three Things Trump Must Do but Probably Won’t


Sliming Trump - How the media smear machine markets minor benign details as the sinister deeds of an evil man.


NOTE to Donald, Stay on Target


Never Trump?


Trump Vs. The World


Donald Trump Is the Middle-Class Growth Candidate


‘Permission’ to Vote for Trump


Pastor: Can you live with knowing you allowed a President Hillary? - 'That's the real question for all of these people talking about their 'conscience''


GOP Goes Full Democrat


How Trump Can Make Good on His 'Law and Order' Promises


Gingrich: Trump’s Not an Immigrant Basher; He Just Likes His Immigrants to Be Legal


WaPo: Yes, Trump Was 'Unfairly Maligned' For Baby Remark


Clinton vs Trump.pdf


Trump Supporters Are Being Lied To


Trump Is Dangerous?


To Trump or Not to Trump? That Is the Question.


I Will Tell You Why a 'Leftist Trump' Is Impossible


Trump's Message of Hope, Growth and Glory - A plan to bring America back from Obama-Clinton stagnation.


If Trump Wanted to Lose to Hillary Clinton, What Would He Be Doing Differently?


Trump supporter beaten with crowbar outside Friendly’s, N.J. police say


Why Voting for Donald Trump Is a Morally Good Choice


Angry Hannity Goes After Republicans ‘Sabotaging’ Trump — And He’s Naming Names


Jon Voight Goes After the Media for 'Distorting' Trump's 2nd Amendment Comments


Coulter: GOP Blames Victim of Media Rape - Sissy conservatives who have never faced one minute of press hostility blame Trump for giving the media openings to twist his words.


No Talks Between Trump Camp and Secret Service: Reuters - CNN made up story, says Trump


Trump Supporter Gives CNN Reporter The Finger [VIDEO]


Senator To Loretta Lynch: Why Did DOJ Nix Clinton Foundation Investigation?


2012 Pentagon report warned Obama was creating ISIS - Predicted current policies would lead to Islamic state in Syria


One ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Trump Needs to Push


Donald Trump Against the Decline and Fall


"I Am Who I Am": Trump Furiously Responds to NYTimes Suggesting He Is "Exhausted" and "Erratic"


Only Republican Defeatism Can Hand Hillary the White House - Hillary is plotting to win by dividing Republicans.


Trump Beats Hillary With Military Families


Donald Trump pushes law and order agenda in direct appeal to black voters


Trump to Black Voters: Hillary Wants to Take Your Jobs and Give Them to Refugees


Trump: Hillary Clinton Is A Bigot Who Panders And Talks Down To Communities Of Color


Trump Takes Aim At Jihad: 'Ideology of Death Must Be Extinguished' - Unveiling the Obama-Clinton Mideast catastrophe -- and how the GOP presidential candidate plans to fix it.


Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary - Dick Morris offers a battle plan.


Still time for conservatives to choose Trump...


Trump's groundbreaking bid for inner cities - Republican candidate targets minority vote, Democrats in Milwaukee


Trump’s strategy on race issues - Why did Donald Trump give a speech about how the Democrats have failed black Americans in a city that is the seat of a county with a black population of only 0.4%. 


The Morning After


App maker: Trump will win election


Trump Blasts Democrat Betrayal of African-Americans, Anti-Police Rhetoric


Donald Trump: “Fighting for the American People”


Donald Trump Lays Out Anti-Terrorism Policy in Ohio Speech


On Vetting Immigrants


Brilliant! Trump Brings Breitbart CEO On Board as Campaign Chief


Trump gets classified intel briefing


Media Exposed: Donald Trump Did Not Make Fun of a Disabled Reporter!


Trump: 'I Regret' Causing Personal Pain With Past Comments


Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton is a Bigot and I Will Rebuild our Inner Cities!


Trump Takes First Steps To Free Blacks Stuck In Democrat Voting Rut


Donald Trump Apologizes for Comments Made in "Heat of the Moment," Promises to Always Tell the Truth


Joe Biden's Visit to Serbia Is Protested by Hundreds of People Shouting 'Vote for Trump!'


Full Speech: Donald Trump Rally in Charlotte, North Carolina (August 18, 2016) Trump Live Speech


Trump's Smartest Move


Black Americans Rallying to “Presidential” Donald Trump!


You Heard it Here First: Donald Trump Will Win


Trump Visits Flooding In Louisiana, Clinton Says State Needs 'No Distractions' [VIDEO]


Trump Visits Flood-Ravaged Louisiana and Hands Out Supplies, Obama and Hillary Nowhere to Be Found


Louisianans Embrace Trump's Arrival: "We Knew You'd Be Here!"


Flood Survivor Tears Up as He Explains What Trump's Louisiana Visit Means to Him


Anti-Trump protesters storm motorcade, assault supporters - Attendees at Minneapolis fundraiser forced to run gauntlet of screaming, spitting leftists


Donors assaulted at Trump fundraiser in Minneapolis


Trump Meets With His National Hispanic Advisory Council in New York


VIDEO: Trump Fans Send CNN Crew Some Loud, Pointed Orders Before Rally


MUST WATCH: Is the Donald Trump Message Coherent? Yes!


Why Jews should Vote for Donald Trump


Trump: No, I'm Not Flip-Flopping On Immigration, But We're Working On Something Fair


What Republican turncoats forget - If Obama/Hillary win a third race, there won’t be a conservative movement


This Angry White Male Thinks Key to Trump Victory Is...Black Voters!


Liberals Don’t Know How to Debate Donald Trump [VIDEO]


Trump’s Practical & Pragmatic America


Donald Trump and the Truth


From Trump, A Stunning Admission And A New Direction


Why Elites Hate Trump In One Headline - “U.S. Defense Contractors Tell Investors Russian Threat Is Great for Business.”


Time for Trump to Force the Media’s Dirty Hand


Koch Network Launches First Anti-Clinton Ad


Coulter scorches media: I'm not 'abandoning' Trump - 'Unlike crazed, cult-like Hillary supporters, I've provided helpful criticism'


Trump's black support explodes in biggest battleground state - Poll shows GOP nominee capturing growing percentage of African-American vote


Coulter: Trump, the Great Unifier!


Trump and the American Dream - Stopping the "fundamental transformation" of the U.S.


Beyond Belief: Obama Seeks Illegal Immigration Assistance Of Latin American Countries As Aliens Flood Into The U.S. - The wolves helping to guard the hen house?


The Foreign Policy Establishment’s War on Trump


Why Trump Has Been Right and Silicon Valley Wrong on H-1B Visas


WATCH! This Donald Trump Advocate Does More than Convince Minorities - Donald Trump advocate Lynne Patton also shows how corrupt Hillary Clinton really is.


Look Who Supported Trump After Hillary Connected Him to White Supremacists (Video)


TEAR-JERKER: Young Black Patriots Express Love for America & Trump, Speak Out Against the Left’s Lies [video]


Trump Supporter Video - EP 1 "Trump vs. the Media"


Trump Supporter Video - EP 2 "The Return to Greatness"


Trump Supporter Video - EP 3 "The Real Donald Trump Story"


Trump Supporter Video - EP 4 "The Last Hope for America"


Trump Supporter Video - Ep 5 "We're Gonna Win Again"


Learn to Love TRUMP in 12 Minutes or Less


INSPIRATIONAL: Watch the Real Donald Trump Story [video]


The Voters’ Presidential Choice: Certainties and Possibilities


Sarah Palin Warns Trump That His ‘Wishy Washy’ Immigration Stance Will Jeopardize His Supporter Base


Jesse Jackson Praised Trump in 1999 for His Commitment to ‘Diversity,’ Being ‘Inclusive’


Jesse Jackson praises Trump's commitment to minorities in 1998

Trump releases new ad on Hillary Clinton's 'many lies'

Will this unofficial Trump ad help him win the November election?


TRUMP and Minorities, a Short Note


A Trump-Putin Alliance Would Be Good for Capitalism


Eight Eternal Rewards of Voting Republican


Proof! Media lied about Trump mocking disabled reporter - Ann Coulter explains why networks haven't broadcast interview with Serge Kovaleski






Secret Service agent warns of 'dictator' Hillary - 'There are rules for the Clintons, and there are rules for everybody else'


'Neo-McCarthyite': Princeton's Top Dog On Russia Calls Clinton Out For Trump 'Smears'


Hillary, Chris Wallace Spar Over Her Classified Emails [VIDEO]


Washington Post: Hillary Clinton is an inveterate liar


The 'Clinton Cash' Movie is Finally Released. Here's What Hillary's Campaign Doesn't Want Public.




Hillary Lied About Her Emails on National TV -- And Now WaPo Slaps It With Damning 'Four Pinocchios'


The Disingenuous Outrage Over Khan-Gate


Projection much? Hillary accuses Trump of Russian entanglement


Forget the politics. Hillary Clinton is entirely compromised by foreign governments


Wikileaks Founder: “Next Leak Will Lead to Arrest of Hillary Clinton”  


Trump: Hillary Is 'Crooked As A Three Dollar Bill' [VIDEO]


Hillary Is On Pace For A Historic Low With White Voters


Dear Hillary Clinton Fans, Ambition Isn’t ‘Sacrifice’ — It’s not Even ‘Service’


The Clinton Foundation Sure Benefited From Relationships With The Russians


Hillary: Unborn Person Doesn’t Have Constitutional Rights


Whistleblower Says NSA Has 'All' of Hillary's Deleted Emails, Assange Says Hack Reveals Role Arming Libyan Jihadis - And there's supposedly more to come...


Hillary Thought She’d Deleted Those Pesky Emails, But a Former NSA Employee Knows Just Where to Look


Listen to the tapes: Intel undercuts Liar Hillary Clinton’s primary argument for Libya military action


Hillary Clinton TOOK CASH, was DIRECTOR of, company that SPONSORS ISIS


Hillary Completed No Security Briefings Or Courses At State Dept


Poll: A Sizable Amount of Millennials Want Hillary Jailed


Hillary's Absurdism


What happened to my party?


Proof that Hillary Clinton Shipped Weapons to Terrorists – But, Facts Don’t Matter


Clinton’s claim that the FBI director said her email answers were ‘truthful’


Media Refuses to Cover Hillary's Dirty ISIS Money Scandal


Trump Drops Fiery Pinocchio Ad on Hillary After WaPo Calls Her Out for Lying About Her Emails


Politifact Torches Hillary with a 'Pantsuit on Fire' for Her Statement on Fox News


Hillary's E-Mails TOO TOP SECRET For Congress to See Video Hearing


The Biased Media and Hillary Clinton


Abdourahman Alamoudi, Jailed al Qaeda Financier, Frequented the Clinton White House


Hillary’s firearms falsehoods


Trump: Hillary is the Devil


Brand Loyalty and Hillary


Fitness Test for the Presidency


A choice between two inveterate liars?


Hillary's going to need a little help to pull this one out


Grilling under oath looming for Hillary


Tired of Hearing From Dems That Republicans Are 'Racist'? Show Them This


VIDEO: Julian Assange says “1,700 emails in Hillary Clinton’s collection” proves she sold weapons to ISIS in Syria


Plurality of Millennials Want Hillary in Prison


Hillary Is Unfit


None Dare Call Her Treasonous


Bill Clinton Got Millions From World's Biggest Sharia Law Education Firm


The ‘Caricature’ IS the Real Hillary Clinton


The best argument for Donald Trump


Clint Eastwood Drops a Bomb on Hillary That Conservatives Are Just Gonna Love


How Can Hillary Support Sharia?


Still Report #1091 – FBI Analyst - Clinton Guilty of Treason


Hillary Holds Fundraiser at Hacker Conference


Hillary Clinton Is Campaigning Against Lawful Commerce


Hillary: Shipping Cash to Iran During Hostage Exchange is ‘Old News’


Did Hillary Run Guns Out of Benghazi?


Rush Limbaugh makes big prediction about what WikiLeaks may be about to drop on Benghazi


#DemExit Clinton Protests that DNC Tried to Hide


Judge Jeanine Uses FBI Director’s Own Words to Drop the Gavel on Hillary’s Tired Email Defense


Bill Clinton Got Millions From World’s Biggest Sharia Law Education Firm


Hillary Clinton Backs $400 Million Secret Cash Flight to Iran


US Hostage Held by Iran Says They Weren't Released Until Another Plane Arrived


Hillary VP Kaine Denies, Admits $400 Million Cash Flight to Iran was Ransom


Dems Want To Investigate Trump, But Clinton Has the Real Unseemly Russia Connections - New report highlights Clinton’s “pay for play” role in the transfer of sensitive American technology to the Russian military.


Hillary Got Called Out for Lying About Emails on National TV. Now She Claims She 'Short-Circuited'.


Fake Republicans for Hillary - The defection of fake Republicans will make the party more conservative.


Here they are! 35 of Hillary's biggest 'accomplishments - Twitter goes viral with list: 'Able to castrate tall FBI directors with single phone call'


25 Reasons Not to Vote for Hillary Clinton


Clinton Discussed Nuclear Scientist Executed by Iran on Private Email Server


Did Clinton emails doom Iranian nuke scientist to death?


Did Clinton’s Email Negligence Lead to the Execution of an Iranian Defector?


Hillary Rodham Clinton: Justice Undone


Hillary Clinton's Fake Coughing Fit at Benghazi Hearing Exposed


Clinton's rape accuser ignites against NBC - 'They don't want to go up against him and his machine'


Rapist Defender Hillary No Longer Thinks Rape Victims Have Right to be Believed


US Embassy Refused to Respond to Americans Being Raped


Clinton Spokeswoman: Hillary 'Disagrees' That Emails She Sent Were Classified [VIDEO]


WikiLeaks: Hacked Emails Prove Hillary ARMED JIHADISTS In Syria - Including ISIS


WikiLeaks' Assange: Hillary Tries To Link Trump To Putin To Hide Her 'Many Connections' To Russia [VIDEO]


What You Didn’t See on Television During Hillary Clinton’s First ‘Press Conference’ in More Than 200 Days


Clinton vs Trump.pdf


Media Pretend Democrats Weren't Violent at Rallies


The Paradox of the Gold Star Left


More Old Lies from Hillary, Fodder for the Gullible


Krauthammer On Hillary's Email Cover-Up: 'So Many Lies Now, She Lies About Her Lying'


Old Lies


Clinton lied. Did people die?


Hillary’s Email Delivers it’s First Dead U.S. Spy [VIDEO]


The First Casualty of Hillary Clinton's Server


Should Execution of Iranian Nuclear Scientist Disqualify Clinton to be Our Next President?


Clinton Body Count or Left-Wing Conspiracy? Three With Ties to DNC Mysteriously Die


Black Votes Matter to the DNC; Black Lives Don't


Why Multinational Corporations Favor Hillary


Juxtaposition: Hillary and the rich fool


James Comey must rebut Hillary


Assange gets involved in growing Clinton 'body count' - 3 dead spark new interest: 'Our sources take risks and they become concerned'


Julian Assange: Murdered DNC staffer was Wikileaks’ source, Offers 20K Reward


The Next Time Hillary Brags That She’ll Create 10 Million Jobs, Remember How She Did as Senator


Top Clinton Foundation Official Asked Hillary's State Department For Favors For Associates, Donors


Emails: State Department Aides Did Favors For Clinton Foundation Bigwigs


Raped at 12, victim lashes out at Hillary for defending attacker


Child Victim Whose Rapist was Defended by Hillary Breaks Silence


"I thought you should know"


Hillary Defended the Man Who Raped Her as a Child. Now She's Speaking Out Against Clinton's 'Lies'


Hillary Aide Cheryl Mills OK'd Oil Deal That Put $500K In Bill's Pocket


Clinton Camp Accuses Trump Of Supporting Hillary's Assassination


Trump Was Referring to Second Amendment Voters, Not Assassination


No, Donald Trump Did Not Just Suggest Hillary Clinton Should Be Assassinated


So, Trump's crazy? What about Hillary? - Experts say Clinton may have physical and mental health issues


Hillary’s health may be the sleeper issue of the election


The Truth About Hillary’s Bizarre Behavior: “Does She Have Actual Brain Damage?”


Hillary's latest 'brain freeze' stumps doctors - New video appears to show candidate stumbling during speech


Military K9 handler unleashes on F-bombing Hillary - Facebook post about encounter with Clinton goes viral


K-9 Handler Reveals Hillary’s Sick Order When She Saw His Bomb Dog Protecting Her


Hillary Clinton MEDICAL RECORDS Leaked! – View to the bottom.


Hillary physically propped up in campaign speech


Expert Analysis of Hillary Clinton’s Physical and Mental Breakdown


Dr. Drew “Gravely Concerned” About Hillary Clinton’s Health


Hillary Clinton 'mad as hell' and 'throwing tantrums' as her poll points slip 10 points days before first Democratic debate


Crooked Hillary or Unhealthy Hillary?


Trump’s Words, Hillary’s Deeds - And the media's glaring double standards.


Obama, Clinton and the Power of Mendacity - Why Hillary will be just as dangerous in the White House as her predecessor.


New Emails Reveal Clinton Foundation Official Asked Favors of Hillary’s State Department


Hillary Ignores Orlando Shooter Question


24 Hours After Father of Orlando Terrorist Offered His Endorsement, Hillary Campaign Disavows Him




Judge Jeanine: Why Clinton is confident she's in the clear - Did the former secretary of state send a coded threat to the president?


'Devastating bombshells' in new Hillary emails - 'It's an intricately woven web of deceit'


Report: Loretta Lynch's Justice Dept. Declined FBI Request To Investigate Clinton Foundation


Compromised: Justice Dept. Refused FBI Probe of Clinton Foundation - "See no evil" ought to be the motto of the Obama administration.


The FBI Asked DOJ to Investigate the Clinton Foundation — Despite 3 Strong Reasons, They Were Denied


Honest Hillary and a Corrupted FBI - The FBI subverted itself in this investigation, something that Hillary’s claims of “honestly” make absolutely clear.  


What Hillary Has In Mind Is Far More Devious Than Abolishing The Second Amendment


Trump: Yes, Obama Founded ISIS - And Hillary's An ISIS MVP [VIDEO]


2012 Pentagon report warned Obama was creating ISIS - Predicted current policies would lead to Islamic state in Syria


DNC Hack Way Worse Than Originally Thought


Hypocrite Hillary Leaves You Defenseless


Trump: The Second Amendment candidate we need


Leaked Email: George Soros Urged Hillary's State Department to Intervene in Albania Civil Unrest


Trump racist? Hillary, Bill used slurs, profiling - Author contends Clintons fit right into Dems' racist agenda


Hillary: Mateen’s ‘not with me’ – then why is he standing behind you?


Hillary Clinton strategist Bob Beckel called for WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange to be assassinated


Joint FBI-US Attorney Probe Of Clinton Foundation Is Underway


Meet The Prosecutor That Could Take Down The Clinton Foundation


DNC Email Hack Just Got A Lot Bigger


Don't cry for Hillary, America


The Real Reason Trump’s ‘Second Amendment’ Comment Provoked OutRage


Hillary Would Give Us a Disastrous Third Obama Term


Yes, the System Appears Rigged, for Hillary, Trump is Right


Ghosts Of Al Gore: It Seems Liberals/Media Are Worried That Voters Think Clinton Is After Their Guns


Hillary releases tax return, goading Trump - Democrat nominee, husband gave $1 million donation to Clinton Foundation


Clinton Chief 'Volunteered' for Clinton Foundation While on Gov't Payroll


Guccifer 2.0 Leaks Documents from NANCY PELOSI’S PERSONAL COMPUTER


Little White Lies + Big Damnable Lies = Hillary Rodham Clinton





BUBBA: Comey full of 'bull'...

REPORT: Congress To get FBI Interview Notes...

Progressives, Feminists Up Attacks On Juanita Broaddrick...

Hillary Clinton Sexual Assault Page Edited to Remove 'Right to be Believed'?


Feminist Site Says Bill Clinton Being a Rapist Doesn't Make Him a "Bad Feminist"


Feminist Magazine: Bill Clinton Isn't Necessarily A Bad Guy If He Raped Juanita Broaddrick


14 BIG Reasons Hillary Doesn’t Care about Rape Victims Anymore…


Today, August 17, 1998: Bill Clinton Tells Grand Jury Oral Sex is Not Sex [VIDEO]


VIDEO: Eric Shawn reports — Hillary Clinton and the FBI


Hillary's Islamist Phalanx


Clinton Releases 2015 Tax Returns — Here’s Where 96 Percent of Their Charitable Donations Went


Hillary Clinton will lose the election if this video goes viral!


FBI Opens Up New Criminal Investigation into Clinton Family Corruption!


Robin Hood in Reverse: The Clinton Foundation under Fed Scrutiny


Meet The Prosecutor That Could Take Down The Clinton Foundation


Hillary: Trump’s Death Would Be Good for U.S., Economy — Video


Pictures That Hillary Clinton Wishes Would Go Away


Insanity Once More: The Hillary Clinton Economic Plan


Guccifer 2’s mind games with the Dems


Hillary's Secret 'Voicemail' Uncovered by Rush: For Best Customer Service, Give to Clinton Foundation


Dem Bullies Are Using Tactics To 'Scare, Threaten And Harass' Americans Out Of Free Speech [VIDEO]


Top Hillary Aide E-mail: Hillary is “Often Confused”


Is Hillary Clinton Having a Mental Breakdown? - Is Hillary Clinton Stable Enough To Run The Country?


Secret Service Insiders Confirm: ‘Hillary Suffers From Parkinson’s… Experiences Seizures’


Congress to Receive Notes From Clinton FBI Interview


Judge Jeanine’s epic rant on Hillary


Hillary Rodham Clinton: Justice Undone


Federal Prosecutors Reject Navy Sailor’s ‘Clinton Defense’ in Classified-Sub Photos Case


Clinton pal threatens America


40% of Texans Support Seceding if Hillary Wins


‘A Fish Rots From the Head’: Are You Ready for a Lying Fish to be President?


Rand Paul – Hillary Could Face 5 Years In Prison For THIS


GOP Lawmakers Lay Out Perjury Case Against Clinton


Clinton Song - Humor


Hillary's Website Scrubbed Of Statement Saying Rape Victims Have A 'Right To Be Believed'


Clinton’s Media: From Malfunctioning, To Mad, To Dishonest, To Deranged


Hillary Clinton: Tax, Spend and Recession


Insanity Once More: The Hillary Clinton Economic Plan


The Speech Trump Must Give Now to Expose Hillary


Clinton facing perjury charges


Could THIS of Hillary’s Many Lies Finally Land Her Behind Bars?


WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange: Justice Dept. Set a ‘New Standard’ for Clinton Email Investigation


WikiLeaks to Lynch: ‘Clinton Precedent’ Requires DOJ Drop Case Against Us


Julian Assange: ‘Google Works With Hillary Clinton’


State Department Wants to Review FBI’s Notes on Clinton Before They Go to Congress


House Oversight Committee Demonstrates How Hillary Lied to Congress


House Committee Chairmen Lay Out Case For Perjury Against Hillary Rodham Clinton To U.S. Attorney


"I thought you should know"


Poll: Only 11 Percent Think Hillary Is Honest and Trustworthy


Trump: She Lacks 'Mental and Physical Stamina' to Fight ISIS

Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy Failures: A Recent History


All Clinton Emails The FBI Recovered Will Be Made Public


State Department to Turn over All FBI Clinton Email Records to Judicial Watch


Judicial Watch: New Documents Show Top Clinton Aide Alerted On Email Inquiry - “This is evidence that Cheryl Mills covered up Hillary Clinton’s email system.  She was aware of the FOIA request about Clinton’s email accounts and allowed a response to go out that was a plain lie.  And you can bet if Cheryl Mills knew about this inquiry, then Hillary Clinton did, too,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.  “This is all the more reason for Mrs. Clinton to finally testify under oath about the key details of her email practices.”


Woodward Calls Out Clinton on Email - Calls it a serious issue.


The Changing Faith of Hillary Clinton


The Morning After


Shocker! DC Elites Have No Moral Sense..


The Democrats and corruption: Perfect together


Sean Hannity Calls Out CNN's Coverage of Democrats: 'Literally Kiss Hillary's A** Every Day'


App maker: Trump will win election


House Committee Chairmen Lay Out Case For Perjury Against Hillary Rodham Clinton To U.S. Attorney


Federal Prosecutors Reject Navy Sailor’s ‘Clinton Defense’ in Classified-Sub Photos Case


Congress Receives ‘Heavily Redacted’ FBI Notes From Clinton Interview


MUST SEE VIDEO: House Oversight Committee Demonstrates How Hillary Lied to Congress


Editorial in Lefty Paper Says Shut Down Clinton Foundation


Malkin: Hillary's Headhunter, Sleazeball Ken Salazar


Liberal Clinton Supporters Can’t Bring themselves to Call Clinton “Honest”!


Clinton Foundation hired cyber firm after suspected hacking: sources


Hillary Picks SLEAZEBALL, Ken Salazar, for White House Transition Team


Remember When Tim Kaine Said Cheating Politicians Like Bill Clinton Should Resign?


FBI hiding secret Clinton files


Dead heat! Clinton, Trump TIED in new polls


Hillary is bewildered. Again.


Clinton Claims She’s a ‘No-Excuse Person’ and Is Immediately Rebutted With Video


Congress Must Enact The Independent Counsel Reauthorization Act & Do So, Now!


Pay To Play: The Clinton Foundation’s Open Secret & Silent Purpose


Collusion Between The State Department & The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Foundation


A Third Federal Crime & Another Felony That Bill & Hillary Clinton Must Answer For


The Inauguration Speech America’s Corrupt and Incompetent Ruling Class Will Make A Reality


Hillary Told FBI That Colin Powell Recommended She Use Personal Email


Clinton blames email scandal on Colin Powell


Hillary Clinton Did NOT Follow Colin Powell's Advice on Her Email Server


Colin Powell Goes under the Clinton Bus


Condoleezza Rice Confirms Hillary Clinton Lying About Colin Powell


Condoleezza Rice Seeks Justice for Former Secretary of State Framed by Hillary Clinton


Hillary Campaign Vows To Destroy Opposition Website – Breightbart News


No Big Surprise: Hillary and Top Aides Skipped Out on Mandatory Ethics Training


Trump blasts Hillary's 'rigged' system in new TV ad - 'Our border open. It’s more of the same, but worse'


Why Would Russians Hack Democrats?


Hillary Clinton Is “Too Big To Jail”


Emails Prove that the Real Leader of the Democrat Party is George Soros


Hillary Wants to Continue Obama’s Job Cutting Policies


Democrats Attack WikiLeaks Founder as “Terrorist” for Uncovering their Crimes!


Trump Insider says WikiLeaks has MAJOR October Surprise for Hillary Clinton!


House Judiciary Committee to Probe FBI on Whether Hillary Clinton Committed Perjury


Clinton's State Department Blew $6 Billion In Contracts, And We're About To Learn Why


Clinton's Statements To FBI Raise New Questions About Her Emails


Stop Blaming Trump For The Disaster Obama Made Of Syria


(WATCH) THIS MOVIE about Hillary Clinton was BANNED in the U.S. in 2008 under FCC enforced laws


Hillary Clinton The Movie Banned by the Courts in 2008




Hillary Clinton Exposed Full Documentary


It's ba-a-ack! Hillary's 'vast right-wing conspiracy - Now campaign claiming conservative media don't have 'right to exist'


Hillary Vows To Shut Down Internet Press If Elected - One of the goals of Clinton’s campaign, Reynolds says, is to ensure Breitbart is destroyed


Clinton Raising Funds to Destroy Breitbart


Hillary's Done... And She Knows It


Judge Orders Hillary to Answer Judicial Watch's Questions


Judge Rejects Request for Clinton Deposition in Email Suit, Orders Candidate to Testify in Writing


WaPo: No Bill, Hillary Definitely Received Classified Emails


Why CNN Exposed a Clinton Lie: To Get Away with Bigger Lies


Don't take Jewish Hillary support for granted


Don’t Be like the Man Who Married His Mother-in-Law


George Soros, Other Democratic Megadonors Plowing Millions Into Clinton, Senate Election Bids


Hillary VEEP was one of the original 14 members of the Senate Jihad Caucus


'Clinton death list': 33 most intriguing cases - Bill and Hillary's 'friends' fall off buildings, crash planes, die in freak accidents


Hillary Clinton’s America: A Rigged System


Huma Abedin was working as EDITOR at her mother’s jihad journal when it blamed America for 9/11 terror attacks


Hillary’s sharia: Huma Abedin’s mom linked to shocking anti-women book


Hillary’s Huma Abedin: “Jews are adept at working the American political system’ aided by ‘the memory of the Holocaust'”


Huma Abedin worked at a radical Muslim journal for a dozen years


New Report Raises Startling Details on Huma Abedin, the Closest Adviser to Hillary Clinton


Revealed! Clinton campaign's link to radical Islam


How Hillary & Obama Brought Us ISIS


Top Doctor: Concerns Over Hillary’s Health ‘Not a Conspiracy Theory’ - Rutgers University Professor of Medicine says Clinton should be assessed by an impartial panel of physicians


Apparent Army Opsec Brief Lists Hillary Clinton, David Petraeus As Examples Of Insider Security Threat


New 'Bad Lip Reading' Video Pokes Serious Fun at the Democratic National Convention


Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal


Hillary ‘Proves’ She’s Healthy by Opening Pickle Jar


Donald Trump Demands an Apology from Hillary Clinton and it’s Awesome!


Surprise: FBI Found 15,000 More Work Related Emails Clinton Didn't Turn Over


Judge Demands State Department to Quickly Release 15,000 New Hillary Emails


Hillary's newly discovered emails raise questions about Comey's report


Uncovered emails show motive


Just Released Emails Provide Even More Proof of Clinton Corruption!


As Trump Demands Immediate Shutdown of Clinton Foundation, Hillary Staffer Says It Would Kill People


Hillary's Choice of Clothing at Nantucket Fundraiser Has Folks Wondering What She's "Hiding"


The State Department Will Release ‘Tens of Thousands’ of Documents from Hillary’s Emails… In October


Arkancide: lawyer of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange dead


Trump: DOJ Cannot Be Trusted, Get a Special Prosecutor on the Clinton Foundation Case


Emails: Huma Abedin Left Classified Material Unsecured In The Front Seat Of Her Car


A Clinton Presidency Would Be the Political Equivalent of an Extinction-Level Event


Huma Abedin, Hillary’s Bribe Broker - Strong evidence of Hillary and Huma’s pay-to-play conspiracy emerges in new email dump.


Bahrain’s Prince Got Audience With Sec. of State Clinton After Giving $32M to Clinton Foundation


Clinton's Lawyers Didn't Have Security Clearance, Why Were They Handling Classified Information?


MORE THAN HALF Of The People Hillary Met With At State Dept. Donated To Clinton Foundation


Clinton Foundation scandal 'bigger than Watergate'


Hillary helped 'crook' get $10 million for Haiti scam - 500 earthquake victims without homes as Clinton Foundation donor steals cash


The Deaths of the Clinton Family’s Enemies is Reminiscent of Hitler’s Night of the Long Knives


Hillary's State-sponsored graft racket exposed - Most official visitors paid Clinton Foundation to get access


New Huma Abedin Emails Reveal Hillary Clinton State Department Gave Special Access to Top Clinton Foundation Donors/Bribers


EpiPens and Hillary's children


Big Pharma Company That Raised EpiPen Price 400% Has Connection to Clinton Foundation


Sarah Jessica Parker Breaks Up with EpiPen Manufacturer


EpiPen -- Hillary Clinton Harasses Mylan for Selling a Life-Saving Product


EpiPen too expensive? You can get the same dose for ten bucks


One Fire Department EMT Has Already Outsmarted The Cost Of EpiPens - The price of Turner’s device is just $3.50 which is in stark contrast to the over $300 EpiPen.


Clinton’s Polling Data – Why It Is a Fraud


Hillary Opera Won’t Be Over ‘Till Fat Lady Sings’ – In Federal Court


Hillary's Corruption Is Overwhelming


To Die for Chappaqua


Assange vows Clinton email release, as storm clouds gather for candidate


Hillary's Coughing and the Debates


A Hillary Presidency: Who Will Be in Charge?


Assange: Wikileaks Will 'Absolutely' Release 'Significant' Hillary Documents Before Election


Assange: Wikileaks to Release 'Thousands' of Pages of Hillary Clinton Documents


Clinton To Answer Questions, Under Oath, Regarding Private Server


Clinton State Dept. Helped Donor/Felon Rip-Off Taxpayers For $10 Million


Hillary Clinton Deleted Emails Using Program Intended To 'Prevent Recovery'


Hillary Clinton: Commercial Airlines are 'Burdensome' to Me


A Panoply Of Clinton Lies, Erased Emails, Pay For Play, what next Murder?


The crazy, conspiratorial, paranoid world of Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton Plays the Race Card to Save Her Sinking Election Ship


Hillary’s Race War - Disgusting lies, smears and hate.


The Alt-Right is Coming! Hillary Shrieks. - Clinton labels Donald Trump a racist. It’s all part of the leftist playbook.


VIDEO: Assange: WikiLeaks to release 'significant' Clinton material


VIDEO: Assange: New Clinton leak could be 'significant' to election


CAUGHT IN A PERFECT STORM? - Assange vows Clinton email release, as storm clouds gather for candidate


SECOND LOOK: Rep. Gowdy calls grow for second look at Clinton case


TRADING RACISM SHOTS: Clinton tries pinning racist tag on Trump, who hits back


NEW BATCH COMING: State Dept. to release more Clinton emails by Sept. 13


'REVOLTING' VIDEO: Trump campaign rips Clinton vid pushing KKK link


Hillary's Health a Real Concern


Freezing Gait: Does Hillary Clinton Have Parkinson’s Disease? [video]


Why didn't El Chapo create a foundation?


Where there’s smoke…


Is Hillary Having a Complete Meltdown? [video]


Facts Hillary Hopes Voters Won’t Remember on Election Day!


Gowdy: Even Congress Can’t See Highly Classified Info. Sent from Hillary’s Non-Secure Server


Trey Gowdy Puts the Nail in the Coffin on Hillary’s Claims that Her Deleted Emails Were for ‘Personal’ Use


While Hillary Blasts Trump As "Racist" Candidate, Here Are 4 Examples She Wants America to Forget


Clintons made $10.6 million in 2015, paid federal rate of 34%


Foundation Of Justice Undone By Clinton & Her Foundation - The condoning of crime by our institutions of Government—especially by those agencies of Government our Nation relies on to root out crime and mete out justice—serves only to make a mockery of the entirety of our criminal justice system.


Hillary's Nightmare: FOIA Meets the Internet


Hillary Clinton: From Glass Ceiling to Crass Dealing


Anthony Weiner sexted busty brunette while his son was in bed with him - While his wife, Huma Abedin, travels the country campaigning for Hillary Clinton, the disgraced ex-congressman has been sexting with a busty brunette out West — and even sent her a lurid crotch shot with his toddler son in the picture, The Post has learned.


Huma Abedin Will Separate From Anthony Weiner Following Latest Sexting Scandal


Huma fed up with Weiner, finally separates - Announcement follows ex-congressman's latest sexting scandal


Immigration Expert: U.S. to Resettle Nearly One Million Muslim Migrants Under One Term of Clinton Presidency


Clinton Foundation Official Requests State Lunch Invitation, Special Seating for Foundation Allies, Emails Show


He was a billionaire who donated to the Clinton Foundation. Last year, he was denied entry into the U.S.


Claims of Racism Are The Last Refuge Of A Shrill Harridan


Gowdy: FBI's Description Of Sidney Blumenthal-Hillary Clinton Relationship Will Come As A Surprise


Comey's Corrupt and Shameful Conduct Revealed


Hillary's Emails: Soaked in Bleach - BleachBit


Hillary Coughs but Fills Campaign Coffers


Hillary's Long, Cozy Love Affairs With Racists - Promoting racial animosity has been the mainstay of her political strategy for years.


Hillary's Hacked Emails and Blackmail - Her rogue conduct as Secretary of State could compromise U.S. national security for years to come.


Clinton, 1995, immigration, SOTU Bill Clinton talking about immigration in the 1995 State of the Union


FBI records on Vince Foster missing


State Dept. ‘Running Out the Clock’ on Releasing Clinton SecState Schedules - We are seeing corruption on vivid display at the highest levels of government.  It’s astounding!


VIDEO: The Clintons Are Corruption Defined

10 prominent doctors question Hillary's health - 'I can look at the video. You can look.' To not have questions is 'reckless'


On Hillary Clinton as a Model for Young Girls


Hillary’s Plantation


Hillary's Closest Aides Call Her Email Policy 'Outrageous,' 'Unbelievable'


Exposed! Major Clinton donor tied to terrorists


Hillary’s Constellation of Scandals

If Hillary Is Corrupt, Congress Should Impeach Her

House Clinton and the Wages of Corruption

Pro-Hillary Google Hides Searches on Candidate’s Health


Larry The Cable Guy: 'Hillary Clinton Will Be The End Of The Country'


NEW REVELATIONS? FBI to release probe files as Clinton pressed to answer new questions 'under oath'


ILLARY'S GATEKEEPERS: Emails show aides dealing with donors, venting on boss habits


BLURRED LINES: Clinton-tied firm combining politics and investments, say experts


FBI Will Publicly Release Hillary Email Investigation Notes


Obama’s Doctor Says Hillary Clinton Should Undergo A ‘Thorough Neurological Examination’ [VIDEO]


Judicial Watch Submits Email Questions to Hillary Clinton – Written Answers, Under Oath, Due September 29 – Read the questions here


Judge Orders State Dept To Release Hillary's Security Training Records, Or Be Deposed


Hillary the Inartful Dodger, Should Not Escape a Special Prosecutor


Guilt by Association, Real vs. Imagined


Hillary’s judgment


On Clinton as a Model for Young Girls - A disturbing message some Americans are sending to their daughters.


New Poll Shows Clinton Disliked by Record Number of Americans


Assange: American Media Is 'Erecting A Demon' By Defending Hillary Clinton






Mother Of Benghazi Victim: Hillary Clinton ‘Kills People’ [VIDEO]


Benghazi Mom Pat Smith Had a Blunt Answer When CNN Asked if Trump Should Apologize to Khan Family


Benghazi mom Pat Smith: Why wasn’t I treated with the same reverence by the media as the Khans?


After Hillary Implies Benghazi Critics Are 'Confused,' a Hero Who Was There Sets Things Straight


More than 20 reported dead in Benghazi car bombing


Father of Benghazi Victim: Either Hillary Is a Liar or Has a Bad Memory From Head Injury


CIA Chief Who Edited Benghazi Talking Points, Works for Hillary Adviser, Endorses Hillary


CNN Asks Benghazi Father to Criticize Trump. He Attacks Hillary Instead


Parents Of Two Benghazi Victims Sue Hillary Clinton For Defamation And Wrongful Death


Benghazi Victims' Families Allege Negligence And Intentional Emotional Harm In Lawsuit Against Clinton


Did Hillary Run Guns Out of Benghazi?


That Videotape and Benghazi: a Review of Kenneth Timmerman's Deception


Bombshell: Would-Be Hillary Campaign Adviser Lied About CIA’s Role Editing Benghazi Talking Points


Herridge: Fmr. CIA Director Morell May Have Altered Benghazi Talking Points to Benefit Obama Admin.


Judicial Watch: Hillary Clinton Withheld Or Deleted Benghazi Related Documents


Possibly Senile Harry Reid Calls Mother of Benghazi Victim “Crazy” for being Anti-Clinton!


FBI Found Hillary's Benghazi Emails


Surprise: FBI Recovers Another 30 Benghazi Emails Hillary Clinton Deleted






Paul Nehlen VS. Paul Ryan: The Freddy Krueger of American Jobs


Paul Nehlen Discusses Paul Ryans Polices on Open Borders,Trade and More Audio


Speaker Ryan Cuts Vet Benefits-Funds Welfare For Illegals Is How He Spent YOUR TAX DOLLARS


Ryan rebellion: Paul under siege on own Facebook page - 'We the People are fed up with corrupt, lying, Obama-loving politicians like you'


Paul Ryan's House Challenger: DEPORT ALL MUSLIMS [VIDEO]


Tom Tancredo: Paul Ryan Has Enabled Illegal Immigration ‘Since The Day He Walked Into Congress’


Paul Ryan Demolishes Primary Challenger Backed by Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin and Sarah Palin






Obamacare insurers in Michigan requesting 17.3% rate hike next year


ObamaCare problems deepen as insurers scramble to stem losses


Implosion: Another Major Insurer Abandoning Most Obamacare Exchanges – Aetna


Was this Obamacare disaster payback?


Obamacare causing Medicare costs to spiral out of control


Big 3 Insurance Flip Obamacare the Bird


How Obama Hoodwinked the Supreme Court on Obamacare


Obamacare Premiums Rising Because There's No Competition


Fail: Expert Says Obamacare Might Be on the Brink of Total Collapse


Burn After Reading: Obamacare Website Scrubs Any Reference On How To Keep Your Doctor


Health-care exchange sign-ups fall far short of forecasts


Health Insurers’ Pullback Threatens to Create Monopolies - Analysis suggests ACA exchanges are likely to offer just one coverage option in 31% of U.S. counties


The 11 Best Responses to the White House's Denial of Obamacare's Failures


Brace Yourself, Bridget: 'Single-Payer' Health Care Is On Its Way






Despite His Optimistic Speech, Vets Group Says 'Don't Expect Much' From Obama on VA Reform


VA Drops 400 Million on Delayed Solar Power Projects, Vets wait


How Did This VA Hospital Spend Their ‘Extra’ $311,000?


The VA Employs 167 Full-Time Interior Designers – to “Create a Healing Environment”


Vets Group Urges Passage of Legislation that Offers VA Alternatives


Veteran Kills Himself in Parking Lot of V.A. Hospital on Long Island


VA spent $20M on art as ailing veterans languished, report finds






Bill Clinton: Stuck 2,000 Years in the Past on Coal


Justice Department finally launches criminal probe into EPA over mine spill


America Blighted by Industrial Wind


Obama’s Mandates that Federal Agencies Must Consider Climate Change


Ecological Double Standards


The 'War On Coal' Threatens A Sleepy Colorado Mining Town


Scientist Predicts 'Little Ice Age,' Gets Icy Reception From Colleagues


EPA Whitewashes Illegal Human Experiments


Nevada starts to pull the plug on solar subsidies


CA Environmental Group Tries to Stop Cow Flatulence - Better They Explode Than Release Methane - California cows would no longer be "happy cows."


Physicist Predicts Global Cooling, Warming Alarmists Want Research ‘Silenced’


State Dept. Will Spend $396,000 on Climate Change Competition


Obama to Issue More Climate Change Regulations


The Few, The Loud, The Anti-Fossil Fuel Crowd


Feds Hide $25 Million In Payments To Lawyers Suing Under Environmental Laws


Ecological Double Standards


Environmentalist: Climate Change Is World War III


Soros Paid Al Gore MILLIONS To Push 'Aggressive US Action' On Global Warming


Flight of Fancy: EPA Moves to Regulate Airlines’ Emissions


A ‘Baby Tax’ to Combat Climate Change: The Latest Liberal Propos


Secret Deal Among AGs to Prosecute Climate Change ‘Deniers’ Challenged in Court


Democrat AGs, Green Groups Defy Subpoena on ‘Coordinated’ Climate Efforts


Destroying America’s Energy Industry with Phony Methane Issues


Is the Antarctic Ozone Hole Really Mending?


Environmental Maniacs Telling College Students: Protect Kids From Climate Change By Not Having Them


Hillary’s Green Energy Policies Could Triple Electrical Rates and Cost Jobs


New Global Warming Study Only Proves that Liberals Don’t Care about Science!


White House defends Obama evading Senate on Paris climate deal


Obama Will Bypass Congress And Join UN Climate Treaty, Sources Say


A New International Example for Bad Energy Policy


'Incompetent Government Idiots': EPA Meets Nasty Criticism For Agency-Caused Disaster


While Hillary Supports Anti-Fracking, it’s Cracking up in Colorado


Science Advisory Board to EPA: Show Your Work






Study Shows Raising Minimum Wage in Seattle Did Little to Help Workers


Seattle's $15/Hr Wage Increase Had 'No Effect on Workers' Earnings'


Rebuilding the Middle Class One Good Job at a Time


Marie Antoinette in the White House


Which Candidate Is Better For Your Bottom Line: Trump Or Clinton?


Trump Gives Major Economic Address: It Is Time To Remove The Anchor Dragging Us Down


Hillary Clinton: You're No Job Creator


Record 600 Major Regulations Imposed Under Obama


Shocking data revision by feds: Americans’ wages dropped 4.2% instead of rising in the first quarter


What’s Worse: $400 Million for Iran or $4 Billion for Iran’s Terror-Sponsoring Ally On Our Doorstep?


Standing Ovation: Trump’s Economic Plan


Is Free Trade Causing Job Loss?


Welfare Reform: What (and Who) Works


$6.5 trillion missing from Defense Department - 'Fact the Pentagon can't account for how it spent money reveals a potentially far greater problem than theft'


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New FBI Docs Show IRS Tea Party Applications To 'Black Hole'


Justice Department Knew of IRS Scandal but Kept Quiet


Watchdog: IRS Buried Conservative Groups’ Tax-Exempt Applications


IRS doesn’t tell 1M taxpayers that illegals stole their Social Security numbers






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The Milwaukee Race Riots: 5 FACTS The Media Won't Tell You! - Agree or not, good to know what is being said/perpetrated, BY WHOM, and HOW FUNDED.


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Bring the Funders of Black Lives Matter Violence to Justice - How many police officers have to die so a grad student in gender studies doesn’t have to get a real job?


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BLM Organizer Says Election Is ‘Tyrannical Pageant of White Fear’


The Hypocrisy of the Black Lives Matter Movement and the Southern Poverty Law Center - With chants like “Pigs in a blanket, fry-em like bacon” and “What do we want? Dead Cops!,” the simple fact is that BLM has created an atmosphere of anger and hatred, and has incited violence against law enforcement officers across the country.


Group of Men Shouting ‘Black Lives Matter’ Brutally Attack White Victims, Beating One Unconscious: Police


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Bill Whittle's Firewall: Black Lives Matter Kills People - The shocking evidence that demolishes the central, Big Lie of Black Lives Matter.


Trump Calls Democrats the ‘Party of Slavery’ and ‘Jim Crow’






Violence erupts after officer-involved shooting


Milwaukee Protester: Rich People Don’t Give Us Money So We Burn Our Neighborhoods Down — Video


Milwaukee Resident, Orlandus Jackson, Interviewed About the North Side Riot


"the rich people they got all this money, and they not tryin' to give us none" - Milwaukee Riot


Milwaukee madness: White people 'hunted' for attacks - Rioters chant 'black power' in night full of violence


Milwaukee: Chants of 'Black Power!' as Gas Station Burns


Rioters make Milwaukee ‘like a war zone’ after police shooting of armed suspect [photos, video]


WI Arson, Looting Breaks Out After Police Shoot Armed Felon In Milwaukee – Bearing Arms


Milwaukee Officials Plead for Calm as Violence Wracks City After Man Fatally Shot by Police | Video |


If You Don’t Yet Own An AR-15 To Defend Your Family From Violent Rioters, You’re Wrong


MESS IN MILWAUKEE - 1 person hurt in shooting on second night unrest


VIDEO: Milwaukee bracing for more violent protests


VIDEO: Milwaukee leaders plead for peace


What Is Black Lives Matter, and How Should Conservatives Respond to It?


Milwaukee riot a textbook example of the fruits of racial agitation


Milwaukee Rioters Hunt Down, Attack Whites [VIDEO]


Burn Down White Suburbs, Sister of Man Killed by Milwaukee Police Urges Rioters


Gov. Walker Has Activated The National Guard For Milwaukee Riots


Milwaukee madness: White people 'hunted' for attacks - Rioters chant 'black power' in night full of violence


Milwaukee protester: Rich people don’t give us money so we burn our neighborhoods down — Video


Riots Continue in Milwaukee For Second Night


Delusional Sister Of Armed Milwaukee Suspect Says He “Should Have Been Tased”


Obama's Milwaukee - Race-rioters openly hunt whitey.


One Person Shot, Cops in Riot Gear Pelted With Rocks on Second Night of Tense Skirmishes in Milwaukee


Video Captures Racially Charged Chaos in Milwaukee: ‘They White, Get Their Ass!’


Sister of Milwaukee Man Fatally Shot by Cops Caught on Video Urging Rioters to Burn Down the Suburbs


Sister Of Man Killed By Milwaukee Police Wants Suburbs To Burn [VIDEO]


Sister of Armed Man Killed By Milwaukee Cops Tells Rioters to Burn 'Sh*t Down' in the Suburbs


CNN mischaracterized call to burn down Milwaukee suburbs as call for peace


Reports Emerge That Milwaukee 'Uprising' Protesters Are Targeting and Beating White People


Gov. Walker Has Activated The National Guard For Milwaukee Riots


PHOTOS–Milwaukee Riots, Day 2: Bricks Hurled at Cops, Man Shot in Neck, Journalists Hunted


...Armed Man Whose Death Sparked Riots Had Long Criminal Record


...Shock Video: 'They Beatin' Up Every White Person!'


White Reporter Pulls Out Of Milwaukee Because Of Racial Threats [VIDEO


Journalist Pulls Out of Milwaukee After Witnessing Shocking Racist Behavior Targeting Whites


Reporter Forced Off Milwaukee Streets: Too Hostile to Whites


Reporter: I’m leaving Milwaukee because white people are being threatened and attacked


Reporters Tell of Scary Racial Violence in Milwaukee: ‘We’ve Never Been Attacked Like This Before’


Milwaukee Riots -- Black Lives Matter Adds Its Fuel to the Fire


Father of Man Killed by Milwaukee Police Makes Emotional Admission, Apologizes to His Children


‘Milwaukee… We Need to Talk’: Black Teen Goes Off on ‘Animal’ Rioters


Media coverage of Milwaukee riots takes a detour


Reports Emerge That Milwaukee 'Uprising' Protesters Are Targeting and Beating White People


Second Night of Violence in Milwaukee: Shots Fired, Police Attacked with Bricks


Black Lives Matter Is Pushing Our Cities Back to the Brink

How Does Burning Down a Gas Station Advance Your Cause?


Milwaukee Riots: Body-Cam Footage Shows Shooting Victim Had A Gun


Bodycam footage 'proves cop was RIGHT to shoot armed man whose death sparked Milwaukee riots because he was raising his gun'


Milwaukee police chief shocked by violence


Walker To Hillary on Milwaukee Emergency: You're Not Helping


Man shot by Milwaukee cop beat gun rap after allegedly pressuring witness




New Black Panther Party Leader Responds to Milwaukee Riots: ‘This is War’


Trump's groundbreaking bid for inner cities - Republican candidate targets minority vote, Democrats in Milwaukee


Clinton blames cops for Milwaukee


Milwaukee Officer Who Fatally Shot Sylville Smith Reportedly Identified, Threatened by Social Media Users


Social media threats intensify, focus on officer - “Now y'all see his face if he's seen anywhere in the city drop him,” read one post. Another called for a gun so the person could “shoot him right in his head.”


Milwaukee Proves that the Media is Nurturing a Zombie Apocalypse in Democrat Cities!


Milwaukee Cop Is A Rapper Who Said He Wanted To 'Start A Riot Like Baltimore' [VIDEO]


Milwaukee Officer In Hiding after He Shot Armed Criminal In Hiding After Death Threats


Forget Milwaukee: Cedar Rapids Had Much Better Black Mob Violence and Denial


When the Suspect Is an Armed Black Man -- and the Cop Is Black


Milwaukee officer knew Sylville Smith, family says


How the Democrats Turned Milwaukee into a Cesspool - A look at the political roots of the Milwaukee riots.


As Trump Travels to Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker Slams Hillary for “Enflaming” Problems in Milwaukee!


Amid Milwaukee unrest, a controversial black sheriff clashes with the city's white police chief – LA Times – Some conjecture mixed in.


The Milwaukee Race Riots: 5 FACTS The Media Won't Tell You! - Agree or not, good to know what is being said/perpetrated AND BY WHOM.