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A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.


We sleep safely at night because rough men and women stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm.


“Chaos is the law of nature, and order is the dream of man”


“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”


Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty



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Ninth Circuit Says Medical Marijuana Patients Can’t Buy Guns


THE SECOND AMENDMENT - I will state this as clearly as possible; if we lose our right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment to the Constitution we will permanently lose our Constitutional Republic and our freedom. We will become the subjects of a government of elitists who have no tolerance for individual liberties or even individual thought.


Bill Weld Just Compared AR-15s to “Weapons of Mass Destruction,” & Said Pistols Were Even Worse!


Help Deluge Congressional Offices in Favor of Concealed Carry Reciprocity


This State Attorney General Is Straight-Up Deranged


“Gun Violence” Is Hillary’s Political Fiction, But Gang Violence Is All Too Real


Illinois Considers Serial Numbers for Bullets


Swiss fear EU effort to tighten gun control could disarm law-abiding citizens


Government vs. People and Guns : Primum non nocere


Mexico Repeats Call for U.S. Gun Ban while Ignoring the Obvious


Swiss Culture is Fed up with the EU’s Forced Gun Control


Chi-raq Burning! Democrats Blame American Gun Owners


Hillary Clinton & Shannon Watts, the Lies Keep On Piling Up


Progressive Legislation from Sacramento, CA - He has a 24/7 armed bodyguard. You probably don’t.


Too Many Americans Don’t View the Second Amendment as a Civil Rights Issue


WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE! Brady Campaign Goes Into Hysterics Pushing Gun Control As Congress Returns From Recess


Fundamental Court Transformation Removes Choices for Gun Owners except Obey or Not


Anti-Gun Nazis: ‘No Guns For You!’


For Those Who Say America Has a “Gun Problem”, Consider This:


WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE! Brady Campaign Goes Into Hysterics Pushing Gun Control As Congress Returns From Recess


Hillary’s White House: Ground Zero For A Massive Attack On Guns


Finding the Cure to Stop Violence


Destruye Sedena armas entregadas por civiles


How 2016 Could Be Pivotal in the Battle Over Guns


U.S. Lawmakers Call Out State Dept. Backdoor to Gun Control


Gun Grabbers Die Hard


United Way’s Gun Control Goons Now Blame (wait for it) …. the NRA


Reminder: If Hillary Clinton Gets an Executive Pen, She WILL Use it


Democratic VP Candidate Tim Kaine on Gun Control


Obama’s 12th-Hour Try for U.N. Gun Control in U.S. Heats Up


Katie Couric Sued for $12 Million For Defamation In Anti-Gun Documentary


Reminder: If Hillary Clinton Gets an Executive Pen, She WILL Use it | Jenn Jacques


Jessica Chastain Fights Gun Lobby in 'Miss Sloane' Trailer - "It’s about making sure you surprise them."


While Hillary Is Recovering From Her Collapse, Her “Australian Model” Gun Control is Collapsing “Down Under”


Obama Pushes to Ratify U.N. Small Arms Treaty, Senate Conservatives Fight Back


Tim Kaine on Gun Control: “I Can’t Think of an Issue I’d Rather be Aligned With Than This”


House Democrats Plan Scripted Gun Control “Day of Outrage”


Why We Must Defend the Constitution, the Guardian of Liberty


Vanderbilt professor worries about gun laws in a Trump presidency


GUNVOTE: Social Media War on Gun Rights Needs Your Help!- WATCH THE SUPER VIDEOS THERE AND USE THEM!


California Tilts Even Further Left With Gun Ban Initiative


Washington State Working Hard to Push Anti-Gun Legislation


Missouri Democrat Calls Out His Opponent By Assembling This Blindfolded


GUN GRIPE: Anger after Trump tells Clinton guards to lose their weapons — 'and let's see what happens to her'


Does Texas Tech’s ‘Guns Up’ Glorify the Use of Firearms? | Beth Baumann


Your Second Amendment Rights


The New York Times Had A Total Meltdown Over Missouri Constitutional Carry Law


Trump Calls for Clinton to Abandon This Part of her Team | Jenn Jacques


Washington's Endgame: First Your Guns, Then Your Cash


Gun Sales Continue to Soar in Wisconsin… and Not Just on Hunting Rifles


Only Two Months Left


Rules Designed To Save Money, Not Save Lives


Gun Inequality – Liberals now complaining about “hardcore super owners”


Why I Hate Evil Far More Than The 2nd Amendment (And You Should, Too)


Harry Reid, Democrats Use Terrorist Knife and Bomb Attacks To Push… Gun Control?


Don't Let Hillary Clinton Leave You Defenseless


Anti Gun Media & Universal Helplessness – Your Resistance is Futile


Radical Islamic Terrorists Targeting Gun-Free Malls


Media Matters Tries to Use Veteran’s NRA Video to Politicize MN Terrorist Attack


The Sandwich Method of Gun Control “Journalism”


Refusal To Correct Misleading Documentary Gets Couric a $12 Million Dollar Lawsuit


Legal Chinese Immigrant & U.S. Citizen Destroys Gun Control in 5 Minutes [video]


Hypocrite Hillary Wants to Leave You Defenseless!


The Anti-Gun Movement’s War Against the NRA Is Based on Lies


Springfield Armory Helps Consumers Defend Their Legacy


Oops: The Daily Show Inadvertently Makes the Case Against Gun Free Zones


No guns for Negroes


NO GUNS FOR JEWS! America's gun control laws mirror Nazi anti-gun laws


War on Terror or a War on Guns?


Hillary Clinton’s Plan for Guns Includes More Lies


The War On Guns: Your Guide To Fighting False Media Narratives And Anti-Second Amendment Rhetoric


Hillary advocates gun control as response to terrorism


Gun Laws Are Ineffective in Stopping Violent Gun Crime | Jenn Jacques


Would Hillary Clinton Support Australian Style Gun Confiscation? | Jenn Jacques


Are You Designated As A “Super Gun Owner” And Will You Soon Be Targeted For Disarmament?


Another Attack on The 2nd Amendment is Coming


NRA: Gun Ownership is Anything but Dead in America


Ammo Shipments to CA Illegal Soon! Please Help!


Fact vs. Fiction: Does Gun Control Really Increase Community Safety?


Bogus Editorial Goes After Gun Owners


Not The Victim Hillary Needs


Medical Establishment’s War on Guns: From Kellerman On


Bloomberg Ponies Up $300 Million Dollars to Attack Gun Owners


The Myth of Chicago’s “Lax” Gun Laws


Hillary Clinton: Let’s Double the Tax On Guns ~ VIDEO


What Did Hillary Mean? – ‘Those Who Will Do Harm’


More Fronts in The Second Amendment War: Todd Rathner, Knife Rights, and the NFAFA


Cascade Mall Investigation Bares Problem Anti-gunners Ignore


Donald Trump Jr. Talks Second Amendment


Trump Vows To Protect The Second Amendment


Time for Knife Control? 3 Times More People Killed by Knives Than by Rifles and Shotguns Combined


Why Aren’t Politicians Acknowledging America’s Domestic Violence Epidemic?


Oregon Judge Goes on Gun Control Rant in Court


Hillary Clinton Opposes Gun Control for Criminals - Clinton bashes Trump for supporting a policy that took thousands of weapons off New York's streets


Hillary Clinton, Democratic Machine All In For Gun Control In 2016


Trump: The Official NRA Q&A


Another Reason We Need Trump: To Gut the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty


Targeted: Official Movie Trailer - There is no such thing as gun control.  There is only people control.







Fox News piece: "Gun ownership is up in America. So why isn't the media telling you about it?"

Reviews of Lott's New Book "The War on Guns"

National Review's book review of The War on Guns: "Some of the scams that Lott exposes are indeed extraordinary"

The Washington Times review of "The War on Guns"

Radio & TV interviews

CPRC on the America in the Morning with Jim Bohannon to discuss The War on Guns

CPRC on the giant WBZ-AM: The War on Guns

CPRC on Michigan Talk Radio: On what crime fighting policies best help poor blacks

CPRC on the Sandy Rios in the Morning Show: "The War on Guns: Arming yourself against gun control lies"


CPRC: Talks that were given in Colorado, Arizona and California

More details on Michael Bloomberg's demand that John Lott be excluded from Katie Couric's movie "Under the Gun"

CPRC in the News: Daily Caller, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, PoliZette,, and others

Debate over Campus Carry at Arizona State University Law School with AZ State Representative Juan Mendez

Some dramatic cases where concealed handgun carry permit holders have stopped mass public shootings


News coverage

CPRC at Fox News about Obama Administration doctoring data regarding illegal immigration coming across Mexican Border

Radio & TV interviews

CPRC on the Canadian Broadcasting Company News Network: Explaining the hypocrisy of politicians who want armed guards but who want laws that disarm the citizens most likely to be victims of violent crime

CPRC on the Alan Stock Show to discuss the Bloomberg backed Question 1 on the Nevada November Ballot: Gun control proponents refused to debate

CPRC on KABC AM Radio to discuss the recent terrorist attacks around the country

CPRC on NewsMax's America Talks Live: "The stabbing in Minnesota stopped by concealed carry gun

CPRC on Point of View Radio Show with Kerby Anderson: Terrorists target gun-free zones

CPRC on Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network: The War on Guns

CPRC on LifeLine (KFAX 1100 AM San Francisco): "The War on Guns" and the dangers of gun free zones


CPRC educating people how gun control disarms law-abiding citizens and can increase crime rates in Altoona, Pennsylvania

Missouri becomes 12th state allowing people to carry concealed handguns without a permit

CPRC in the News: Philadelphia Inquirer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Orlando Sentinel, Richmond Times-Dispatch, The New Republic, and many more...

Problems with the new Harvard-Northeastern Gun Survey

Compiling Cases where concealed handgun permit holders have stopped mass public shootings and other mass attacks






Two Arrested After Shooting; Victim Credited for Showing Restraint

Noted Firearms Instructor Rolls Up On Armed Squatters In Denver – GOOD ONE!


Surviving a Shooting Rampage – This Week on Gun Talk Radio


Liberty University Takes “Run-Hide-Fight” To The Next Level


Robbery Suspect Shot Dead By Store Clerk


Robbery Victim Resists and Shoots At Suspect


Group of Thieves Go 0-60 in Minnesota Gun Shop


Concealed Carrier Saves Mother, Baby, Good Samaritan By Killing Armed Robber


“He Got What Was Coming to Him.” Frail 70 Y/O Uses Handgun To Save Himself From Home Invader


“Great Kid” Killed While Committed Home Invasion Pretending To Be Police


Pastor and Son Duo Capture Home Invader, Hold Him for Police


Kick, Kick, Boom! Elderly Homeowner Stops Criminal Cold


Wife Shoots Robber, Saving Her Husband, in Home Invasion Robbery - Always leave your enemy an escape route in order to defeat him without injuries to your side ~ Sun Tzu (loosely quoted)


Former Chicago Police Chief Takes a Bite Out of Crime


This is Why I Carry: Attacker Claims Several Victims at MN Mall


Wife of Philly Pastor Shows Robber she Packs More Than the Bible for Protection! | Jenn Jacques


Tenant Shoots One of Two Robbers with His Own Gun


They met on a dating site and went bowling. It was a setup, police say, and now he’s dead.


Neighbor Shoots Other Neighbor in Self Defense


Suspects Break Into Deputy Sheriff’s Home, Avoid Death |


Police: Home invaders tie up children, exchange fire with officers


91-Year-Old Man Fights Back, Shooting Suspected Armed Robber


Armed Robber Goes To Walmart, Becomes Target


Lubbock couple with gun in car shoots armed robber, couple escapes unharmed


Olive Hill homeowner shoots would-be robber; three arrested


Restaurant employee lets a pair of violent robbers have it their way






Pro-Gun Members of Congress Respond to State Department’s Disastrous Manufacturing “Guidance”


Nitrocellulose - Update 8/31/2016 from ATF


No, The ATF Is Not Going All “Snidely Whiplash” On The Ammunition Industry


ATF Withdraws Wetted Nitrocellulose Regs Proposal


ATF Backs Off on Wetted Nitrocellulose, Smokeless Powder Production Uneffected


Is A Manual Safety On A Pistol A Good Idea?


It’s Time For a Firearms Vocabulary Lesson…


Toothless Tigers: Mizzou Head Coach Forbids Players From Owning Guns


Avoiding the .300BLK AR-15 Rifle Ka-Boom


Why People Don’t Carry Guns


Disengage, Fast to Avoid Conflict


Disengage, Fast to Avoid Conflict : Follow Up


How To Draw A Concealed Handgun And Fight With A Baby In Your Arms


How To Manipulate An AK Safety (Without Looking Like A Putz)


Yes, “Unarmed” People Often Deserve To Be Shot - “Unarmed” doesn’t mean you’re not a threat. The person is the weapon. Everything else is just a tool.


Kalamazoo Teen Kills Friend Playing With Gun, Then Commits Suicide


Copper .44 Magnum Bullet Causes Freaky Detonation of AIR Inside Gel Block


Waiting Your Turn, Seconds Count, Police are Still Minutes Away


“You’ll Shoot Your Junk Off!” Putting Appendix Carry Rumors Down The Hard Way


Finally! A Multi-Room Laser Training System For Home Use


Shoot Like a Sniper: 10 Tips to Help Your Long-Range Shooting


5 Tips to Improve your Shooting Accuracy


Top 10 Best Guns for Survival


Hot Topic- Open Carry VS Concealed Carry


Are Lasers A Help Or A Crutch? You Decide


Concealed Carry or Open Carry? Which Is Better?


First Person Defender Season 3: Disgruntled Employee Shoots Up Meeting


How To Shoot Targets at 200 Yards With Your PISTOL!


Lessons from San Bernardino Terror Attack


What’s In Your EDC Trauma Kit? | Bob Owens


Best Pistol Laser and Light Combos for Concealed Carry


Things You Learn Shooting Laser Gun Sights in the Dark – E.G., Don’t Forego Use of Laser Gun Sights Because it Might ‘Give Away Your Position.’




SB Tactical Featuring Exciting and Informative Videos on YouTube


Leftist Political Agenda & Learned Helplessness


No, Keith Scott Rioters, Brandishing a Weapon Is Not Lawful Open Carry


Nexbelt Tactical Belt – No Holes!? – a Perfect CCW Solution ~ VIDEO


InstaPundit Was Right, and People Should Learn That Violence Is Sometimes Necessary






Motivation: Protect What You Love


English Prof. in IA Stops Stereotyping Gun Owners After Talking to… Gun Owners


Arizona official says guns are allowed at private schools


Three Stupid Gun Laws That Need to Be Repealed or Replaced Today


ZoNATION: The Black N.R.A.?


Three Stupid Gun Laws That Need to Be Repealed or Replaced Today


Shooting At Alpine High Was A Murder Plot Gone Awry


Frustrated with Sacramento leaders, armed citizen patrols respond to robberies of Asians - Restaurants and supermarkets in south Sacramento are closing early, with some managers escorting customers to their vehicles to prevent robberies in the parking lot. Some business owners have resorted to layoffs, as revenue declines hit 20 to 30 percent on average.


Lawmakers Override Nixon’s Veto To Pass Constitutional Carry In Missouri


Why millennials are skeptical of gun control


Why Millennials Should Consider Carrying Concealed


ISRA Is Now Affiliated with USCCA


Charlotte violence sparks self defense gun buying spree


Texas School Posts Sign Warning of Armed Staff


New: Threaded Barrels for S&W M&P 9 from SilencerCo


FBI data reveals murder, violent crime rising


New FBI Data Shows Murder Up By More Than 10 Percent


Homeland chief: Homegrown terror a serious threat


WHO’S LEFT? Smith & Wesson Out Of The Running For Army’s Next Pistol






Obama Churns Out Final-Year Pardons


Chicago sees bloodiest month for homicides in 20 years


Flynn addresses 'deadliest month' in 25 years - Milwaukee


Trump Response to Int. Assn. of Chiefs f Police 2016 Presidential Candidate Questionaire


How Much Does it Cost the US to Protect Itself from Radical Islam?


“Gun Violence” Is Hillary’s Political Fiction, But Gang Violence Is All Too Real


Bill Whittle's Firewall: Black Lives Matter Kills People - Dissecting and demolishing the big lie of the Black Lives Matter gang.


From One Lighthouse to Another


The Life Lessons of Mike Ercoli


“To Protest the Continued Disrespect of Police Officers,” Chicago FOP Urges Cops to Refuse Overtime Labor Day Weekend


2 Unarmed Officers Critically Injured After Being Shot by Visitor in Lobby of Calif. Jail


How Donald Trump Fixes Chicago


Obama commutes another 111 sentences for a whopping total of 673


Gun sense? President Obama grants more commutations to convicts with firearms violations


Failure: 500 People Murdered In Chicago This Year Under Obama’s Presidency


Gun-Controlled Chicago Passes 500 Homicide Mark


Sicko Terrorist Lynne Stewart: Still Hating On Cops


Overcoming evil anti-police rhetoric with good


Yes, “Unarmed” People Often Deserve To Be Shot - “Unarmed” doesn’t mean you’re not a threat. The person is the weapon. Everything else is just a tool.


Support Blue Lives Matter


Mutiny! FBI turning on James Comey?


Homicide Suspect Breaks Handcuffs, Escapes Police Interview Room Through Ceiling Tile — and That’s Just for Starters


A Review of ATF’s Undercover Storefront Operations - OIG


ATF Expands Snitch ‘Service’ with Anonymous App


Meet Thong Vang: Illegal Alien Child Rapist Hillary’s State Department Did Not Deport, Shoots Two Officers


Behind the Progressive War on Cops


Officials: Mississippi Police Chief Shoots Himself Outside Station Just After Suspension


The big lie! Refugees are being vetted


Chicago Officials (Finally) Recognize Criminals Cause Crime


Multiple People Shot After Peace Rally in Birmingham


Iraq v Chiraq: How Chicago violence feels like a war


College Professor: U.S. Police Are Promoting ‘State-Sanctioned Violence’ Against Minorities


Socialist Law Enforcement Fails, Like All Other Socialism [VIDEO]


West Virginia Cop Fired For NOT Shooting An Armed Suspect


Another Domestic Terror Attack By Black Lives Matter Is Caught On Film In Phoenix


Gun violence erupts in Phoenix with multiple shootings overnight


Obama Nearly Doubles Commutations in Month


Chairman Chaffetz Opener - Criminal Aliens Released by the Department of Homeland Security


Rep. Gowdy Q&A - Criminal Aliens Released by the Department of Homeland Security


The Connection between Al-Qaeda and Black Lives Matter - Al-Qaeda has been inciting blacks against whites for over a decade.


Boy, 13, Fatally Shot by Police After Pulling Out BB Gun


Did 13-Year-Old Tyree King Deserve To Be Shot? Probably. Here’s Why.


BLM Leader Robbed…Says Police Need to Offer Better Protection


Nation's largest police union endorses Trump


Philly FOP Chief on Presidential Endorsement: Hillary ‘Blew The Police Off’


Two Philly officers shot in latest ambush attack on police. Update: Shooter ID'd - Hot Air


Anti-Cop Note Found at Scene of Deadly Rampage, Police Confirm | Jenn Jacques


Philly FOP Chief on Presidential Endorsement: Hillary ‘Blew The Police Off’


Off-duty officer who killed mall attacker is firearms trainer, marksman


Dallas police officer files lawsuit accusing Black Lives Matter of inciting anti-cop violence  - The listed defendants include … the Rev. Al Sharpton, Louis Farrahkan, George Soros, the New Black Panthers Party and even President Barack Obama and presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.


Man with Connections to Black Lives Matter Crashes Car into 3 Police Officers!


Video: Why is Everyone Afraid to Discuss Black Violence?


In the Second Term of the First Black President, Rioting Is the New Normal


Cops FURIOUS at Clinton


Invisible Reports on Black-on-White Violence - Reflections on the white victims the media never told you about.


Massachusetts Supremes give blacks green light to flee cops - 'Motivated by the desire to avoid the recurring indignity of being racially profiled'


Court to blacks: Flee from cops


L.A.'s idea for cops facing armed threat? Run away! - Police Commission tells officers they should 'redeploy' or 'create distance'


Hunt on for gunman who killed 5, including 4 women, at Washington mall


It’s Time To Treat Black Lives Matter Like The Domestic Terrorists They Are


AMERICAN ISIS: It’s Time To Treat Black Lives Matter Like The Domestic Terrorists They Are


Police: Employee fatally shoots supervisors at plant


For Crimes Committed With Fake Guns, Criminals Face Real Consequences


Protest cities continue to tolerate assault, vandalism and more — but why?


Obama, black leaders, white agitators 'seem intent on fomenting racial unrest' - Excerpt from 'The Antidote' lays out need for people to 'take responsibility for their own lives'


Southern California police agencies missing more than 300 weapons – over last five years


Police Down “Active Shooter” Near Shopping Center In Houston - Several questions remain after mass shooting in SW Houston - 9 people injured; shooter killed at the scene


9 wounded in Houston shooting; suspect dead, described as a ‘disgruntled’ lawyer | Video


Houston gunman with Nazi gear wounds 9


Several questions remain after mass shooting in SW Houston - 9 people injured; shooter killed at the scene


The 'Refugee' Agenda - Tragic loss of life and limb by American citizens is the price being paid by innocent people for the leadership’s insistence on pursuing the refugee agenda.  


BLM Founder: Policing Is Problematic, So We Need Police-Free Communities


Why Do Police Sometimes Shoot Unarmed People?


County attorney touts drop in crime in Arizona – Maricopa Co.


UN Calls American Police Officers ‘Racial Terrorists’






Tulsa police officer: Crutcher didn't follow commands


Terence Crutcher Was Not Shot With His Hands Up. Here’s the Definitive Proof.


Was Terence Crutcher On PCP?


AP – Lawyers for Crutcher Claim Facts in the Case Are Distracting


Trump: What Was Tulsa Cop Thinking?


Trump on Terence Crutcher, Killed by Police in Tulsa: ‘He Did Everything You’re Supposed To Do’


Betty Shelby Was Justified In Shooting Terence Crutcher. Here’s Why.


Tulsa Cop Who Killed Man Says She Was 'Never So Scared In Her Life'


Tulsa Officer Who Fatally Shot Terence Crutcher Charged With First-Degree Manslaughter


Tulsa DA Filed Charges Against Betty Shelby Before Cops Finished Their Investigation


Hillary’s New Police Rules After Tulsa Shooting


Lawyer: Officer Who Shot Terence Crutcher Was Unaware She Had Backup






“Unarmed” Black Man Alfred Olango Killed By El Cajon Police Feigned Drawing A Gun


Home News Man shot by El Cajon police was illegal alien ordered deported twice


Man shot by El Cajon police was illegal alien ordered deported twice


Mob Forms After “Erratic” Allegedly Unarmed Man Is Shot By Police In El Cajon


Protests continue in El Cajon after deadly officer-involved shooting


WATCH: Man Attacked by Mob for Wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat


Did Alfred Olango Intentionally Provoke Officers After His Best Friend Died?






'We Out Like The Taliban!' Charlotte Citizens Riot After Police Shooting [VIDEO]


Riots over police shooting engulf Charlotte for 2nd straight night


VIDEO: North Carolina governor declares State of Emergency


VIDEOS: At least one person shot during Charlotte protest | Police : Victim shot during protests on life support


VIDEOS: Gingrich : Clinton's instinct is anti-police | Giuliani says unrest, protests a sign of lack of leadership


TOLD TO 'DROP IT': Charlotte police say suspect ignored orders


VIDEO: Police — Officers warned suspect to drop gun before shooting


TODD STARNES: A question for Charlotte: How does looting a Walmart, burning a truck advance your cause?


'THE KELLY FILE' EXCLUSIVE: Charlotte police chief on Scott shooting — 'I have to deal in the facts'


THE KELLY FILE: Newt Gingrich — Charlotte unrest ‘an American tragedy’


Governor calls out National Guard as Charlotte police shooting protests continue


Second night of chaos, violence...

Appeals For Calm; State of Emergency...

'Protester' kicking apartment windows on Live TV...

NASCAR Hall of Fame Looted...

Victim's Brother Calls All White People 'Devils'...


Keith Lamont Scott’s Brother Calls All White People ‘Devils’


Brother of Man Slain by Black Cop: 'All White People Are F***in' Devils'



Charlotte Police Confirm Photo of Keith Lamont Scott’s Gun


Riots erupt in Charlotte [video]


Obama’s Parting Shot at Israel


Charlotte Burning - Soros-funded Black Lives Matter inflicts its terror in a sleepy Southern city.


Following Police Shooting, Protesters in Charlotte Temporarily Shut Interstate, Injure 12 Officers


BLACK LIES MATTER? Keith Scott’s Family Apparently Made Up The Story About How He Died


No, Keith Scott Rioters, Brandishing a Weapon Is Not Lawful Open Carry


AP – Protesters Confront Police After Officer-Involved Shooting in Charlotte


Charlotte Leader Warns that Violence Will Not Stop Until Things Change


A Dozen Police Officers Injured in Charlotte Protests After Shooting Death of African-American Man


Truck Driver Caught In Charlotte Riot Tells TV Reporter: 'They're In The Trailer' [AUDIO]


A Dozen Charlotte Cops Injured in Protests After Black Cop Shoots Black Man


BLACK LIES MATTER? Keith Scott’s Family Apparently Made Up The Story About How He Died


Multiple Shots Fired, Injuries Confirmed In Charlotte Riot Over Keith Scott


Charlotte Police Chief: Officers Warned Black Man to Drop Gun


‘All White People Are F***ing Devils’: More Protests Promised After Deadly Charlotte Police Shooting


Charlotte Police Confirm Photo of Keith Lamont Scott’s Gun


Do ‘White Lives Matter’ in Charlotte? Internet Outrage Grows After Protests Turn Violent


Troops take to Charlotte streets, dramatic video released


CNN Reporter Assaulted On Live TV During Charlotte Riots [VIDEO]


Report: Dash Cam Video Shows Man Shot By Cop Charging With Gun


N.C Gov Deploys National Guard After Chaos Continues In Charlotte


Truck Driver Caught In Charlotte Riot Tells TV Reporter: 'They're In The Trailer' [AUDIO]


[Video SHOCKER] Rioters try to burn man alive


Charlotte Rioters Mercilessly Beat, Kick Innocent Man [VIDEO]


Eyewitness Claims Keith Lamont Scott Executed By White Cop


Twitter suspends Instapundit for suggesting people not become victims of racist thug rioters (Update)


Black Lives Matter Rioter Body Slams CNN Reporter During Live Coverage


Charlotte Protester Berates Fox News Journalist: ‘You Wanna Make a F*****g Fabricated Story!’


Charlotte Protesters Allegedly Attempt to Throw a Photographer Into a Fire


Charlotte Rioters Try To BURN REPORTER ALIVE


Police: One Person Killed During Black Lives Matter Protests in Charlotte


Charlotte violence sparks self defense gun buying spree


Multiple Shots Fired, Injuries Confirmed In Charlotte Riot Over Keith Scott


Second Night Of Charlotte Protests Marked By Looting, Assaults, And Deployment Of National Guard


The DOJ Is Heading to Charlotte


DOJ Sends Same Unit to Charlotte That Helped Ferguson, Baltimore Rioters Organize


Charlotte Had Racial Harmony. Then BLM and Nation of Islam Thugs Came


Sheriff David Clarke on Charlotte Rioting: 'Primitive, Subhuman Behavior'


No, They’re Not ‘Protesters.’ They’re Terrorists.


Protesters Accost Black Man As He Hugs Charlotte Police Officers


Vadum: Charlotte Burning


Charlotte NAACP President: 'It Really Doesn't Matter If He Had A Gun' [VIDEO]


Congressman: Charlotte Rioters 'Hate White People' [VIDEO]


Regarding Charlotte, Black and Blue Lives, and Lies


Black Lives Matter protestor: 'Only good white man is a dead white man'

Charlotte rioters try to throw photographer on bonfire

Obama's America: Black mob beats white man begging for mercy


Protest Thugs and the Real Evil in Charlotte - Nothing says “family man” like assaulting women and children.


Charlotte to Hillary Clinton: Stay Home


Obama Cynically Conflates Civil Rights Struggle With Charlotte Riots


Protesters Accost Black Man As He Hugs Charlotte Police Officers


Another Month, Another Series of Riots in a Democrat-Controlled American City


The Media’s Charlotte Fantasyland


Charlotte Mayor Failed to Call For Additional Resources


AP: Charlotte Curfew Ends After Largely Peaceful Protest Night


Amid the Chaos of the Riots, BLM Protesters Call ‘Free Hugs Guy’ a “Pu**y Ni**er


BREAKING: Keith Lamont Scott's Family Releases Video Of Police Shooting [VIDEO]


MSNBC Pushes Narrative That Police May Have Planted Gun On Keith Lamont Scott [VIDEO]


Hypocritical Rioters use Violence to “Protest” Violence


Trump Wonders: “How Can we Lead when we Can’t Even Control our own Cities?”


The Narrative versus the Facts in Charlotte


If Keith Lamont Scott Had Followed Gun Laws, Would He Still Be Alive?




Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, the Evil Empire of Soros Has Arrived | Conspiracy Theories


Racist Radicals Rule Charlotte - White lives don't matter when Soros-funded race riots are underway.


Sowing the seeds of anarchy


Jesse Jackson refuses to condemn Charlotte violence


The Scott Family Responds to Video Footage of Charlotte Shooting


NAACP Announces DOJ Investigation into Charlotte Shooting, Video Could Be Released Today


Charlotte Police Finally Release Video Footage of Keith Scott’s Shooting


Ankle Holster Clearly Visible As Police Release Keith Scott Shooting Video


Charlotte Police say Riots Perpetrated by Outsiders NOT Local Citizens


70% of Charlotte Riot Arrests were from Out-of-State, so why Aren’t the Feds Prosecuting the Interstate Crime?


Where Did Keith Lamont Scott Get His Gun?


This one legal document DESTROYS the #KeithLamontScott narrative


Is Charlotte Our Future?


Globalism, Soros, and Charlotte: Now I Get It


Violent outsiders leading Black Lives Matter riots


When Charlotte became Ferguson


New Information In Charlotte Police Shooting Undercuts Prevailing Narrative


Trucker to 911 as looters close in: ‘They are coming this way … hundreds of them’


Police release BOMBSHELL in Charlotte shooting case


Charlotte Protesters Present Ludicrous List of 'Demands'


Black Dem Turned Republican Has Choice Words For Charlotte's Riots


The Charlotte Shooting Looks to be Cut and Dried – the Cops Were Right Again


Real Racism Exposed in Charlotte


Were Charlotte Officers Right to Confront Keith Lamont Scott? A Law Professor Weighs In






Also see Since Last Border News Watch - ILLEGAL DRUG AND RELATED MATTERS



Zika: More than two billion people at risk of catching virus around the world, study shows


Honey Bees: Collateral Damage in Fight Against Zika


There Were No Cases Of Zika At The Olympics


Huge study: Of 12,000 pregnant women with Zika, none had a baby with microcephaly


Newly Discovered Flatworm Is Named After Obama


Scientists name new species of flatworm after President Obama


Third Time's Not a Charm: Dems Still Stonewall Zika Funding to Defend Planned Parenthood


Is the “five second rule” reliable?


The EpiPen Scandal Is Pharma's Vision for America


Lawmakers slam EpiPen maker for rising prices, as CEO downplays profits


Zika zone triples in Miami Beach after more cases found


Change! Once vanquished diseases emerge across America


The Health Insurance Companies Are Scamming America


A mysterious polio-like illness that paralyzes people may be surging this year


Police Officer Saves Man From Suicide By Talking About Football



"I notice that everybody who is Pro-Abortion has already been born."---- Ronald Reagan


Planned Parenthood – This is What Evil Looks Like!


Planned Parenthood and StemExpress Partners in Shipping Babies’ Heads


Guide to Shipping Aborted Baby Parts


This Friday (9/9) National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Babies


At canonization, Pope Francis praises Mother Teresa’s strong defense of the unborn


Planned Parenthood-backed bill faces ACLU, media backlash in California


How SCOTUS abortion case will play a big role in 2016 race


Latest 'Stunt' From Obama Admin Would Protect State Funding of Planned Parenthood - If only the Obama administration would defend the nation as boldly as it defends Planned Parenthood.

California Liberals “Compromise” to End Free Speech and Defend Abortion


How Mother Teresa Challenged Hillary Clinton on Abortion


100,000 Christians Pour Out Onto the Streets to Protest Against Abortion!


The New Pro-Life Movement: Neither New nor Pro-Life


Omaha School Board Caters to Planned Parenthood Over Parents’ Objections


Watch: Live Action Fact Checks Planned Parenthood’s Claim That Abortion Is Only 3 Percent of Its Services


Trump: I Would Ban Taxpayer Funding of Abortion


Planned Parenthood LYING about abortions


Video: Pro-Life Ad Targets Democrats' Extremism on Abortion


Liberal says Eliminating Funding for Abortion is SLAVERY!


It’s Secular Liberals who Don’t Value Human Life – Not Conservative Americans


When the Politics of Abortion Means Mainstream Consensus






SCOTUS May Decide if the Administration Can Re-Write Federal Law


How Liberal Judges Took Control of 70 Percent of US Appeals Courts


Obama Nominates First Muslim American to Be a Federal Judge


Surge in Federal Judges Retiring, Next POTUS will remake the courts


Report: Trump Wants to Tap Peter Thiel for Supreme Court


Oh My: Is Hillary Planning to Put Loretta Lynch on The Supreme Court?






Also see HILLARY CLINTON MATTERS news category on alleged National Security violations



Report: IRS Failed to Notify Nearly 1.1 Million Identity Theft Victims


Email providers suppress conservative news


YouTube Declares War on Politically Incorrect Opinions


“Hillary Clinton hacker” Guccifer sentenced to 52 months for other crimes


Fantom ransomware pretends to be a Windows critical update


40% of Facebook users click on phishy links. Do you?


Email providers suppress conservative news


How Google’s search engines use faked results to manipulate people’s views of jihad


 Google’s search engines use faked results to pervert true meaning of jihad


Google To Go After American Far-Right


Cyberspace: Obama Coming for the Internet!


On October 1st the USA Will Hand Over Control of the Internet, Endangering Free Speech – Call Congress Now!


Obama Moves to Transfer Effective Control of the Internet to the United Nations


Congress Can and MUST Save the Internet from Obama


Senator Cruz Leading the Charge to Stop Obama’s ‘Internet Giveaway’


Last Ditch Effort? House GOP Being Pushed to Block Internet Transition


Is this the last month of Uncensored Internet?


Would you hand over your social media account details for a new job?


Cyber attacks raise questions about blockchain security


Thieves stole taxpayer data from IRS ‘Get Transcript’ service


Cyber threat grows for bitcoin exchanges


New York issues cyber regulations for banks, insurers


How Google Play tracks you even if your other apps don’t


FBI director: Cover up your webcam


Congress defending right to be nasty online


Trump opposes plan for U.S. to cede internet oversight


John Bolton on Obama’s Internet Handover: ‘Within Ten Years, the Internet as We Know It Will End’


Yahoo: Hackers Stole Personal Information From 500 Million User Accounts


Change your password! Yahoo confirms data breach of 500 million accounts


Cyberwar Foreign spies launch largest EVER attack


YouTube is cleaning up and it wants your help!


Twitter says government requests for data still climbing


Hack Of 500 Million Yahoo Accounts Should Derail Obama's Internet Giveaway Plans


Meet the New Authoritarian Masters of the Internet


FCC Commissioner on Internet Oversight Switch: ‘If You Cherish Free Expression,’ ‘You Should Be Worried,’ This Is ‘Irreversible’


State AGs sue to stop Obama's internet transition


HP software now self-destructs in printers - Update halts machines if alternative brand-name cartridges installed


What a real cyber war would look like


Why a massive DDoS attack on a blogger has internet experts worried


Major bank attacks thwarted by SWIFT thinking


US hands internet control to ICANN - The long-planned turnover takes place, but not before triggering an outcry from critics.






Gender insanity rules as colleges begin a new academic year


Mizzou Enrollment Declines as Other MO Universities Report Spike


Toothless Tigers: Mizzou Head Coach Forbids Players From Owning Guns


George Washington University hires former Al Qaeda terrorist as homeland security expert


'Former' Islamic terrorist hired by George Washington University


Auburn Professor Mocks ‘Silly’ Trigger Warnings with a Dose of Reality - CAUTION: Real life ahead.


Schools Scrap Valedictorian Honor Over Claims It Creates 'Unhealthy Competition'


K-12 and the Other RINO - Reading In Name Only.


Georgetown U. to Give Admissions Preference to Slave Descendants


Back to School: Here are the Nation’s Top 20 Party Colleges and Universities


Back to School: Here Are the Top 20 Colleges Where America’s Most Liberal Students Attend


Back to School: Here Are The Top 20 Colleges Where Students are the Most Politically Active


Back to School: Here are the Top 20 Colleges Where Students Are the “Most Religious”


Back to School: Here are the Top 20 Colleges Where Students are the “Least Religious”


Corrupt Academics and the Media - Colluding forces of the left and how they do irrevocable damage to minority children.


The American Inquisition - The cancer of Jew hatred has taken over the body of US academia.


For-Profit Colleges in Rapid Decline


Obama administration kills ITT Tech, stranding 40,000 students and destroying 8,000 jobs


Hillary’s “Debt-Free” College Plan is More Than Impossible – It’s Insane!


Cal State University Brings Back Segregation


California State University Offers Housing 'For Blacks Only' - Restoring segregation in the name of "social justice."


Why School Choice Is Important (and Protecting Kids from Drugs)


#BlackChildrensLivesMatter so why is #BlackLivesMatter attacking charter schools?


FYI – ALL White College Students are Racist (at Least That’s What They’re Told)


George Washington banished by P.C. police - Want Founders' names stripped from schools -- board chief cites slave ownership


Cal State University Brings Back Segregation


No, Eliminating the Department of Education Would Not ‘Devastate’ U.S.


SCIENCE: America's College Students Are Getting Stoned Out Of Their Gourds


Undercover Recording at Teachers' Conference Proves Radical Agenda -


Teachers' unions tremble as Trump declares war


Academic Giants and Dwarfs - A bright spot in the dark world of American higher education.


Liberal University Outlaws Saying “You Guys” because it’s a “MicroAggression”!


Omaha School Board Caters to Planned Parenthood Over Parents’ Objections


Anti-Semite in the Classroom - The disturbing case of a Jew-hating professor at Oberlin College.


Obama Admin. Wipes Out Educational Alternatives and Increases Tuition Costs


K-12: Parent X Takes On Principal Zero


Reforming Higher Education


Insane: 'Make America Great' Hat is Hate Speech on Campus


Schools Crack down on "USA, USA" Chant, Ban Flags


Hillary Clinton wants power to shape our children’s minds


Porcine fashion's threat to liberty's tree


Trump’s Marshall Plan for Inner-City Kids - School choice is the most important civil rights cause since Martin Luther King.


Don't Cry, Snowflakes! James O'Keefe Has 'Emotional First Aid Kits' Just for You


New Liberal Rallying Whine: Mispronouncing Student Names is a MICROAGGRESSION!


Milo Shuts Down University of Houston Protester: 'F**k Your Feelings'


Islamist Views in Ontario Schools


Anti-Israel activism course reinstated at UC Berkeley


Cruelty to Black Students


One Florida School Board Makes History and Opts Out of Common Core!


Inside the Myth That School Choice Increases Segregation


Did Anthony Weiner Homeschool a 15-Year-Old?


Texas School Posts Sign Warning of Armed Staff


Infiltrating Islamists and Palestinian Extremism in U.S. Universities


Healing The Black, White Education Gap


Marine Corps Dad Banned from Daughter’s High School Graduation had Complained when School Taught her how to Convert to Islam!


Transgender Indoctrination Forced on Military Personnel and Public Schools


Another Legal Insurrection victory: Ct orders video released of anti-Israel 3rd Grade event


Coming to an Elementary School Near You, Courtesy of Common Core: Doll Beheadings [video]


Tucson Unified School District Arabic program offered at three more schools


K-12: Teaching Knowledge vs. Teaching Ideology


University of Michigan professors instructed to stick to 'preferred pronouns'


Really, Hofstra? Trigger Warnings Placed At Presidential Debate Site


College students who openly support Trump censored, threatened, bullied by professors, peers


Terrorists on Campus: The New Face of Anti-Semitism


Crossing the Line 2 – The New Face of Anti-Semitism on Campus


St. Louis U. Requires Prof to Give Trigger Warning Remarks Before Allen West Speech


In My Safe Space






Wikileaks' Assange Slams Media For Defending “Demon” Clinton, Who Will ‘Put Nooses Around Everyone’s Necks’


The Media’s Dirty Clinton Ties, Buys and Lies - The media is scalping its own for Hillary Clinton.


Media go berserk over Trump immigration speech - Reviews: 'Angry rant, snarling, inflammatory, nativist, wild, dystopian. He’s getting worse'


We Citizens Have to Guard the Media 'Guardians' - Mainstream media journalists rationalize their war on Trump.


First Media Ignores Hillary’s Crimes, then they Distract America from them!


Will They Ever Learn? Liberal Media Bias Rings Out This Campaign Season


Media Silent as Trump Campaign Aides Storm-Ravaged Floridians


'Shut it down!': Cameraman ordered to kill positive Trump footage


CNN Complains That Objectivity is Hard


NYT Sunday Review Pushes Dem Takeover of Congress, Overthrow of 'Far-Right Conservatives'


Matt Drudge: Hillary's press corps in new cover-up - 'Soldiering on despite hazardous work conditions'


CNN Anchor Shocked when Fact Check PROVES that Hillary Clinton Aide Destroyed her Mobile Devices with a Hammer!


CNN: The Censoring News Network


Coulter: Every Word, Including 'And' and 'The'


CNN and ENEMEDIA go after Matt Lauer - America is now on par with the Soviet Union. Its media sees the democratic process, elections and campaigns as obstacles to leftist utopia


The Media Is Giving Hillary Clinton a Free Pass


Media Puts Debate Moderators On Notice: Protect Hillary


Hillary health 'conspiracy' goes 'mainstream' - Exclusive: Joseph Farah declares, 'Something is wrong here. Something is very, very wrong'


Absolute Disgrace: 9/11 Memorial At Occidental College Destroyed By Vandals


Hillary’s Health Is a Media Scandal


Media Misunderstands Who the “Deplorables” Are [VIDEO]


How the 9/11 Attacks Would Have Been Reported Today - "Series of completely unrelated incidents involving airplanes in America. Many Muslims among victims."


Williams: Academics, Media Wrong to Blame Crime on Poverty, Discrimination - “No one bothers to ask why crime was falling in the 1930s, ’40s, and ’50s, when blacks faced far greater poverty and discrimination.”  - Williams concludes: “Some are puzzled by the dishonesty, lack of character, and sheer stupidity of many people in the media. But seeing as most of them are college graduates, they don’t bear the full blame. They are taught by dishonest and irresponsible academics.”


Captive media talking heads push Hillary’s spin on her health


CBS Appears to Edit Out Bill Clinton’s Gaffe During Interview on Wife’s Health | Video


Washington Post Pushes Conspiracy Theory That Trump And Putin Poisoned Hillary


Up To 20 People Had Access To Clinton Servers


Clinton Email Tech Assistant Had No Security Clearance


Hannity Is Considering Suing CNN ‘For Slander’


Hillary Insider Admits to Starting Birther Conspiracy, MSM Still Blames Trump


Media Campaigns for Hillary on Deplorables Remark


Media Complains about Trump’s Proposed Muslim Refugee Ban, Say Nothing of Obama’s ACTUAL Christian Refugee Ban


PBS Indoctrinates Kids to Love Open Borders and Hate Donald Trump


The Real 2016 Election: Trump vs. The Media


CNN: Trump Mocking The Media Undermines American Democracy, It's Like Saddam Hussein's Iraq


Trust in Media Falls to All-Time LOW!


The New York Times Had A Total Meltdown Over Missouri Constitutional Carry Law


CNN Edits Out Key Word From Clinton Comments on NYC, NJ Explosions


Sally Kohn: Intimidating and Suppressing Conservative Speech is Good


Media Dodges Terrorism to Avoid Hurting Clinton Campaign [VIDEO]


MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Thankful Terrorists Used Bombs, Not Guns


Washington Post: Israel ‘a nation not known for religious tolerance’


Trump Will Have to Win 2 Against 1 in the Debates


The Dallas Morning News Is Paying Dearly For Endorsing Hillary Clinton


Dallas Paper Offers Discount In Scramble To End Hillary Endorsement Fallout


We’re Laughing at the Self-Destruction of the Media Gatekeepers - We don’t need you.  We don’t want you.  And we’re laughing at you.


Media PC Police are Helping Trump win on New York Bombing


Report: MSM Desperately Trying to Hide Muslim Faith of NYC Bombers


MSNBC Ignores Looters, Complains of Violent Arrests


Poll: Media Hated More Than Trump, Less Than Putin


Trump Triumphs Because the Public Doesn’t Trust the Press


Media Malpractice: Washington Post Makes September “Trump is Hitler” Month!


Call Them Propagandists


Busted! This evidence PROVES the media is biased


What’s Up With Fox and Trump? - Retailing the unfair slanders of the Left.


Corrupt Lester Holt shows why Americans are sick of media


Mainstream Media Tunes Out Concealed-Carry Movement






YouTube Declares War on Politically Incorrect Opinions


George Washington banished by P.C. police - Want Founders' names stripped from schools -- board chief cites slave ownership


Walmart Forced to Take Down 9/11 Display Because Everything is Offensive


WikiLeaks chief warns Hillary a threat to 1st Amendment - Her election 'will lead to a very harsh climate where' press freedom 'will be very significantly eroded'


UN Human Rights Office Wonders if Freedom is an “Urgent Threat” to Mankind!


Political Correctness Doesn't Only Threaten Speech


The Clinton Agenda of Global Government and 'Progressive Internationalism' - How the Democratic presidential candidate would use the UN to crush individual liberties.


Sally Kohn: Intimidating and Suppressing Conservative Speech is Good


21st century censorship has come to America


Congress defending right to be nasty online


Obama Speech to UN General Assembly: Americans Must Give Up their Freedom!






Hillary bad mouths Christians


Hillary Should Have a 'Catholic Problem'


Will Christians Allow Hillary To Win Election?


Is the $91 million Obama refugee grant to the USCCB tied to bishops’ silence on Hillary?


The Money Trail: Why Catholic Bishops Are Silent on Hillary


A Money Changers Moment for Catholics


How billionaire George Soros is trying to hijack the Catholic Church for his progressive agenda


Mother Teresa declared a saint by Catholic Church

VIDEO: Mother Teresa declared a saint by Pope Francis

Mother Teresa and me: Visa for a saint


Mother Teresa: The Saint of Mercy for our time


Muslim Terrorists and Jewish Anti-Semites Against Trump - Moderate Saudi businessmen who fund terror warn of Trump’s "extremism."


Trump's Catholic Outreach


The New Pro-Life Movement: Neither New nor Pro-Life


Churches Could be Forced to Comply with Transgender Law


‘Devout’ Roman Catholic Tim Kaine Butchers the Bible and Embraces Gay Radicalism


How Is the Godless West Working Out?


Sweden: Who Do Christian Leaders Serve?


So it Begins: This State Forces LGBT “Accommodation” Rules on its Churches


Civil Rights Commission: ‘Religious Liberty,’ ‘Religious Freedom’ Code Words for Intolerance, Homophobia, and ‘Christian Supremacy’


Kaine's Bishop: Catholic Church Won't 'Evolve' on Same-Sex Marriage


Fed report: Amend laws so 'gay' rights trump faith - Seeks to limit First Amendment's Free Exercise Clause, Religious Freedom Restoration Act


The Triumph of the Sexual Left


In perilous times like ours, Christians must band together


Lt. Col. Allen West has A Warning for All Christians


After-school Satan club officially begins


Government Refuses to Allow Christian Students to Pray Over Loudspeaker Before Championship Football Game


The Fruits of Silence






How Pope Francis Betrayed His Name - When it comes to confronting Islam and standing up for the faith and persecuted Christians, Pope Francis woefully fails to live up to the brave monk whose name he appropriated.


Confronting Islam: Pope Francis vs. Saint Francis - How the pope fails to live up to the brave monk whose name he appropriated.


Pope: welcoming refugees helps keeps us safe from terrorism


Pope: Refugees Will Help Us Stop Terrorism






LGBTQQIAAP – The Absurd Alphabet of Gender Identity


Child, 4, world's youngest-ever 'sex change' patient - Activists push agenda to lower transgender age despite dangers


Keep it Up! Boycotting Works. Target’s Earnings Fell, Plans to Install $20 Million “Family Friendly” Bathrooms


High court getting pulled into transgender bathroom wars


Dems Launch Anti-Gay Attack Ad




Brown University to Provide Tampons in Men’s Bathrooms


Another state issues transgender rules for churches - Open restrooms, censoring members' comments, massive liabilities all on the table


Thank the LGBTQI Community for What Comes Next: Legalization of Incest, Necrophilia, Pedophilia, Polyamory, Polygamy, Zoophilia, and More


Churches Could be Forced to Comply with Transgender Law


Hillary Clinton and the 'Homophobes'


Michigan Board Of Ed To Public Schools: Let Students Pick Name, Gender And Bathroom


Answering a Troubling Question: Man, Woman, or Whatever?


You paid for it! Army buying Chelsea Manning a sex change


What Follows the Bathroom Boycott?


Liberals, You Can’t Pretend to Be ‘Pro-Science’ While You Claim That Men Can Have Babies


Texas AG Tells Target They Need to Change Their Unsafe Bathroom and Changing Room Policies


Transgenderism and the New Anthropology


Liberal Mother Pushes Her Little Son into Masquerading as a Girl


Sexual Perversion in One Generation is Normal in the Next


Transgender Indoctrination Forced on Military Personnel and Public Schools


Transgender Accommodations Required at Religious Institutions?


Corporate, Cultural and Political Elite Combine to Steamroller the North Carolina Bathroom Controversy


Target Corporation’s transgender bathroom pander costing its shareholders billions - Will corporate America learn that political correctness can be a disaster?


Here’s Absolute Proof that Transgenderism is a Complete Farce


LGBT Activists Are Coming for Your Children


Traditional-marriage 'hero' Roy Moore removed from office - Alabama judicial officials 'chose to ignore the law and the rules'






A liberal is a conservative who hasn't been mugged yet


Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth. – Mike Tyson


Inside every liberal is a totalitarian screaming to get out.


The Democrats’ Moral Math


Lessons Liberals Never Learned from WW II – How the Left is Rewriting History and Destroying our Future


Liberals Are The Sort Of People Who….


How to Be a Liberal


Conservative Values Lead to Happiness


Mouthpiece of the Hate-America Left - A look at the politics of Democracy: A Journal of Ideas.


The Left Tweets Glee Over Schlafly's Death




Which is the Party of Hate?


So it Begins: This State Forces LGBT “Accommodation” Rules on its Churches


Liberals and their “Fuzzy” and Forgetful Memories


The Sordid History of Liberals Calling Republicans Racists


Are Liberals “Born that Way”?


The Greediest People in America Are Liberal Democrats


The Imploding Leftist Establishment


New Liberal Outrage: Angry that Trump’s Sons Killed a Triceratops on a Hunting Trip! – A now-extinct dinosaur.


Meet the Alt-Left


The Alt-Left


The Alt Right Explained - Almost everything you read about the alt-right is wrong.


Bill Clinton Gets One Right: “We have One Remaining Bigotry…”


Leftist Political Agenda & Learned Helplessness


Liberals Rewriting History to make Americans Forget that We Are Exceptional


Liberal Hypocrites: Low-Income, Hispanic Residents of Silicon Valley Apartment Evicted to Make Room for Facebook Staff


The Useless Left


The Democrat Party is America’s Most Powerful Hate Group


A Sporting Event Where Only One Team Obeys the Rules - At present, the Democratic Party is the most successful example of a criminal enterprise that we have in this country.


The Left is Quietly Losing the Culture Wars


Nonie Darwish Moment: Why Leftists Fear 'Law And Order' Talk More Than They Fear Terror


Liberals Have Nothing But Contempt for Women


Liberals say numbers 1, 2, 12, 13, and 18 are racist


The Liberal Hypocrisy on Freedom of Speech


Only the Right Can Exploit Children






Supreme Court Refuses to Restore North Carolina Voter ID Law


Anti-Gun, Pro-‘Pathway to Citizenship’ Johnson Wants Control of U.S. Elections


Who Will Vote in November?


The Looking-glass World of Feminist Politics


Michele Bachmann: This Will Be the ‘Last Election’ if Hillary Clinton Wins the Presidency


Debate Moderator Elaine Quijano is Advocate for Illegal Aliens


Presidential Debate Moderators Announced


Chris Wallace on Moderating Debate: 'Not My Job to Be the Truth Squad'


Debate Mods: 4 Liberals and 1 Conservative


Hey #NeverTrumps: This Could Be Your Last Relevant Election


DHS election takeover? Agency itself was hacked - Former officer recalls major cyber breach as secretary pushes plan


What if DHS Grants Themselves Access to Voter Registration Records? The Risk…


DHS on election security: 'When have we ever had a clean electoral process?'


Foreign hackers BREACHED state election systems [Video]


U.S. investigating potential covert Russian plan to disrupt November elections


Could California’s illegal voter registration drive torpedo Hillary’s carefully laid plans for victory?


Paperless voting could fuel 'rigged' election claims


U.S. Spends Another $10 Million to Register New Immigrant Voters


Trump v. Clinton (2016): How Would the Roberts Court Rule?


Voter IDs: Bank on them


Racial Issues Hurt by Minimum Wage & Teachers Unions


George Soros Lauds Efforts to Let Illegals Vote


Last Chance for the 'Deplorables'


Michael Savage: Democrats will try to fix election - 'It's an evil, evil, evil, brilliant gang with unlimited resources'


Clinton Foundation Adviser With No Security Clearance Grilled on Access to Classified Info


FEC to Make Ruling Over ‘politicking’ on the Internet


RIGGED! Clinton donors running presidential debates


Manipulating U.S. Elections: 10 Ways Voting Is Being Hacked by the Left


Facebook Pushing Voter Registration Drives


Investigation in Colorado Finds Dead People Are Casting Ballots


19 dead Virginians just registered to vote; gosh, that’s peculiar


More Zombie Voters Discovered, This Time in VA


Rigged Election?


Tech Giants Scrambling they ‘Really want to fix this election’


Clinton Team already whining ‘unfair’ before debate even begins [Video]


Moderator Bias Undermines First Presidential Debate


The Media: Clinton Won the Debate; American Voters (And Some Democrats): Disagree...Trump Did Better


The debate was rigged -- and these numbers prove it


Lester Holt joins Brian Williams’ team of honest jouralists


Trump vs. Clinton, Round One - The modern political debate format and its disservice to voters.


Watch the full first 2016 Presidential Debate


The Most Glaring Unasked Debate Question


Debate Check: Hillary’s Disingenuous Class Attack - Clinton has plenty of personal wealth and is clearly the favored candidate of Wall Street, big business


Hillary, Interrupted – Democrats & Corrupt Media Cry ‘Boo Hoo


Trump Is Better Positioned for the Next Two Debates Than the Pundits Dare Realize


Gov. Brown Allows Felons in County Jail to Vote in California Elections


Does the Present Culture of Uncertainty Favor Trump?


FEC Dems lay groundwork to ban Fox, WSJ political coverage


Of Course Lester Holt Rigged the Debate for Hillary Clinton. Here's How.






Gary Johnson on Abortion Restrictions, Religious Liberty and SCOTUS


Gary Johnson Calls Taxes a 'Plague,' Backs Obamacare Repeal and Entitlement Reform


Gary Johnson is in Favor Of Armed Teachers in Classrooms


Gary Johnson Addresses His ‘Aleppo’ Gaffe: ‘I Have to Get Smarter’


Paul Joseph Watson: 'Gary Johnson is a Complete Idiot'


Gary Johnson and the Libertarian myth


Gary Johnson has 'Aleppo moment' when asked about his favorite foreign leader

FLASHBACK VIDEO: Gary Johnson explains blanking on 'Aleppo'


Gary Johnson has another ‘Aleppo moment’ during town hall on MSNBC






Trump Calls for an Oath to America


Two Steps Toward a GOP Victory in November


Another reason to vote for Donald Trump


"Softening?" Trump Offers Details About the Wall in Highly Anticipated Immigration Speech


American Stamina: Trump Visits Mexico and Speaks in Two Different States, All in 16 Hours


A Lonely Pro-Trump Psychiatrist Speaks


In the Event of a Trump Victory…


Maybe President Pena-Nieto senses a Trump victory coming


Daily Mail Retracts Melania Trump Escort Story After She Files Suit


Conquistador Trump


'Make America Great Again': It's Been Done Before


Could Trumpocrats Be an Election Game Changer?


Trump Austin Rally 8-23-2016 - The Remembrance Project Stolen Lives Quilt


Full Speech: Donald Trump Speaks to African American Church in Detroit 9/3/16


Exclusive — Behind The Scenes With Trump In Detroit: How The Donald Has Become ‘The Hope Candidate


Trump to parishioners at black Detroit church: 'I'm here to listen'


Jesse Jackson Praised Trump in 1999 for LIFETIME of helping African American Community


Trump's finest hour


Maybe Hillary Should Have Studied Jiu-Jitsu instead of Yoga


How Donald Trump Fixes Chicago


Media Silent as Trump Campaign Aides Storm-Ravaged Floridians


Trump Continues Appeal to Blacks, Race Baiters Continue to Wallow in Hate


Trumping The Establishment - The Washington Establishment hates Trump, because he promises to put them out of business


NeverTrumps and the End of America as We Know It


Trump and Putting America First - The real significance of Trump’s immigration speech and his meeting with President Peña Nieto.


Open Letter from Retired Military Officers Supporting Donald Trump


Goldman Sachs Bars Senior Employees from Donating to Trump, But Allows Clinton Contributions


VIDEO: Goldman Sachs bans donations to Donald Trump


MEDIA BUZZ: Are Trump or Clinton 'choking' in this election?


Republicans On Capitol Hill Gain Confidence In Trump


Trump Leads Clinton Among Military and Veteran Voters


The Un-Armed Forces Medley (Trump for Prez!)


The commander we need! Military brass endorse Trump


Open Letter from Retired Military Officers Supporting Donald Trump


Trump Endorsement by Generals Organized by Holocaust Survivor


Trump: I’ll Release My Tax Returns Once Hillary Hands Over the 33,000 Deleted Emails


9/7/2016 Commander-In-Chief Forum


Trump Stays Presidential at Forum - Clinton and the TV host attacked -- but didn’t inflict much damage on Trump.


Trump, the Black Vote and the Truth about Hillary


Forum Between Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Produces Solid Ratings


NeverTrumpers and the Future of the Republic - A matter of integrity….or hubris?


Education of a Quick Study Presidential Candidate


Teachers' unions tremble as Trump declares war


Trump Breaks Silence on Clinton Health Problems: ‘I Hope She Gets Well’


Trump Ad Hits Hillary Clinton For "Basket of Deplorables" Comment


Trump: Hillary's Contempt for Americans Disqualifies Her From Presidency - Trump on Clinton: "You can't lead this nation if you have such low opinion for its citizens"


Bill Clinton's CIA Director To Advise Trump Campaign, Email Fiasco Shows Hillary 'Lacks Ability To Lead'


Never-Trumpers vs. Reluctant Trumpers


Ten Tips for Getting NeverTrumpers on the Trump Train


The 'Deplorables'


Alien Retreat: The Rise of the Deplorables


Hillary’s ‘Deplorable’ Ain’t the Half of It


I’m Deplorable and I’m Proud


Trump Invites "Basket of Deplorables" to Join Him Onstage


New Trump Ad Swats Back at Hillary’s “Basket of Deplorables” Claim


5 things I learned at a Trump rally


State AG Launching Trump Foundation Probe Is A Clinton Adviser


The Dirty Attorney General Going After Trump - “The Attorney General is doing everything possible to make sure Hillary Clinton is elected our next President.”


Attorney General Investigating Trump: "Doing Everything... to Make Sure Hillary Clinton is Elected”


Huge Contrast


Donald Trump Is Slightly Overweight, Dr. Oz Says


9/13/2016 Medical Report for Donald Trump


David Limbaugh and Extolling the Never-Trumpers - What exactly are the high “conservative” principles of Romney and McCain that Trump has failed to express?


Trump makes urgent plea in 'biggest' face-off with 'Crooked Hillary' - 'I'm turning to the very people who have humbled me and gotten me to where I am today'


Fiorina: 'We Must Have President Trump'


Trump Targets “regulatory industry” in Economic Address


Trump economic plan STUNS critics


Secret plot to ruin Trump EXPOSED


Trump campaign: Of course Obama was born in US


Impressive! Trump Bests Media; then Tells America Hillary’s to Blame for ‘Birther’ Movement


Donald Trump Trolls the Media and Tells America that Obama’s Birth Certificate is REAL


1991 Barack Obama Bio: “Born in Kenya and Raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”


Update: 1991, 1998, 2007: Barack Obama Bio States He was “Born in Kenya and Raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”


Who was the first 'birther'? - Joseph Farah names first man to introduce doubts about Obama's birthplace


Emails Show That Clinton Ally Urged Reporter To Investigate Obama's Activities In Kenya


Nothing in Common


We Deplorables may have an anthem


Bill Clinton’s CIA Director says Trump is the Safer Bet

Nation's largest police union endorses Trump


Ford Moving Jobs to Mexico Is ‘Globalism vs. Nationalism’ — They’re ‘Proving Trump’s Point’


Trump's Economic Fraud


Trump's BRILLIANT master plan


Immigration and the Art of "Trumpology"


They’re ‘Proving Trump’s Point’


Trump Negotiates a New Deal with American Voters


Trump Issues Warning [Video] - “cancer from within.”


The Debate Tactic Trump Should Use


Les Déplorables: Make America Fun Again


The New York – New Jersey Bombings illustrate Why Donald Trump will Win


Donald Trump Readies His Biggest Hammer to Drive the Last Nail in Hillary’s Coffin


Obama Brings His Anti-Trump Message to Final UN Speech


 Debating Hillary


The Debate Tactic Trump Should Use


Trump Does The Unthinkable




Questions For The First Debate


How Trump can knock out Hillary in the first debate - ‘We tried it your way’


Trump Issues Warning [Video]


Donald Trump and the Politics of Righteous Anger


Trump Reveals Why He Reversed Birther Stance


Donald Trump: Tough on Terrorism, Friend to Law Enforcement


Why people love Trump


WATCH: R.W. Bray of MLK Society Gives Powerful Message in Favor of TRUMP [video]


Months After Nasty Primary Fight, Ted Cruz Endorses Donald Trump


Trump Tombstone to be Displayed in Brooklyn Art Gallery




Why I will vote for Donald Trump


Judge Jeanine to Trump: 'Be Yourself' at Debate, 'Your Opponent Can't Handle Truth'


Cruz’s Courageous Right Move - A Ted Cruz media adviser explains his endorsement of Trump.


Trump Takes on Holt and Hillary - …and the whole system.


Trump scorches Hillary on 'stamina' - 'Fight night' of epic proportions in fiery race for White House

Donald Trump aims to carry on presidents’ tradition of proud gun ownership


Trump’s Director of African-American Outreach Says Detractors ‘Will Have to Bow Down to President Trump’ – WATCH THE 2011 HUMILIATION OF TRUMP BY OBAMA


The Next Debate Cannot Come Soon Enough - Trump missed numerous opportunities to prove Clinton unqualified for the office she seeks


Trump Promises to Go After Clinton in Second Debate




Trump at the debate: Too much on the defensive - Trump needed to take the fight to Hillary.


Debate: Trump did well, despite a big obstacle - This one hurdle made it tough going for The Donald last night.


Debate Night Gives Trump His Big Shot to Look Presidential… But did it Work?


50 Former Bush Administration Alums – Including Donald Rumsfeld – Endorse Trump


Giuliani shares the issue that proved to him Clinton is ‘too stupid to be president’


How to Avoid Immigration, Terrorism and Health Care for 90 Minutes - What Trump needs to do to trounce Clinton in the next presidential debate.


Operation TacoBowl is Going Strong! Latinos for Trump Explain Why No One Should Vote for Democrats [videos]


Trump Wins Online Debate Polls, Intellectual Yet Idiot Class Gets It Wrong (Again!)


Donald Trump Jr. Talks Second Amendment


Trump Vows To Protect The Second Amendment


Trump: The Official NRA Q&A






Note that duplicate HRC Matters have been removed for 9/1 to 9/30




“I Don’t Recall”


Another Poll has BAD NEWS for Hillary Clinton!


At least 5 felons among Clinton Foundation donors - Another list emerges from family-charity scandal




Clinton Answers 'Could Not Recall' To FBI 40 Times


Clinton couldn't recall info on private email servers dozens of times during questioning


Clinton Couldn't Remember State Dept. Briefings After Her Concussion


Clinton says could not recall all briefings due to concussion: FBI report


Clinton to FBI: Didn't know parenthetical 'C' stood for classified


Clinton Told FBI She Couldn’t Recall Key Details 26 Times


Clinton told FBI she thought classified markings were alphabetical paragraphs


Crooked Clinton says could not recall all briefings due to concussion: FBI report


Donald Trump: “I Really Don’t Understand How She Was Able to Get Away from Prosecution”


Efforts To Keep Clinton’s Email Account Safe From Public Records Laws Were ‘Systemic And Intentional’


EMAIL FAIL: Hillary sent classified info after leaving State Dept.


Evidence Clinton Was Speared In Phishing Attack


FBI found extensive evidence Hillary emails violated federal records laws


FBI Releases Documents in Hillary Clinton E-Mail Investigation


FBI releases Hillary Clinton email investigation documents


FBI releases Hillary Clinton email report


FBI: Clinton withheld 17,500 emails


FBI: Hillary Clinton Lost Cell Phones with Classified Emails


FBI: We Can't Locate More Than A Dozen Of Hillary's Devices


Hacking fears over Clinton server: FBI reveal Hillary was sent 'phishing' email with porn links and 'dark web browser' was used to access another account


Helpless Hillary


Hillary Clinton: Muslims ‘have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism’ – Video


Hillary First Broached Saudi Visa Deal During Visit to Huma Abedin's Mom's Saudi Madrassa


Hillary Signed She Received Briefing on Classified Info, But Told FBI She Hadn't


Hillary Told FBI She Didn't Know What "Classified" Meant, Blamed Concussion


Historic: Dems nominate most evil person to run for President


Huma for Acting President in 2017


Judicial Watch: New Abedin Emails Reveal Top Clinton Foundation Executive Doug Band Sought Diplomatic Passport from Clinton State Department


Kaepernick Says Hillary Should be in Prison (Video)


More Blurred Lines: Emails Show Clinton Foundation Executive Asking Huma Abedin For Diplomatic Passports


New Emails Show Clinton Foundation Donors Lobbied Huma For Diplomatic Passports


New Poll Shows Clinton Disliked by Record Number of Americans


Newly Released FBI Interview Notes Shows Hillary Didn't Know 'C' Meant Classified


Obama’s former doctor recommends neurological testing for Hillary Clinton


Politico: Team Hillary Confident They Can Run Out The Clock On Clinton Foundation Trip Up...(Big Mistake)


Report indicates Clinton clicked on porn link in email


Report: Bill Clinton Was Using Your Tax Payer Dollars To Subsidize The Clinton Foundation


Report: CBS reporter says Clinton staff resigning over worries Hillary dropping out, deletes tweet – “More and more, it looks as though Hillary Clinton, perhaps the most evil person ever nominated to the White House by a major political party, is not fit to serve as President of the United States.”


Report: FBI Found Ample Evidence That Clinton Violated Federal Records Act


Scores Of Emails Wiped Clean After NYT Story Revealed Clinton Used Private Email Server For Official Business


Someone using Tor breached email account on Clinton server


The Looking-glass World of Feminist Politics


The New York Times Rips Hillary Clinton’s “Outrageous” Decision to Accept Foreign Donations!


They Can Pick Up The Tab: Taxpayer Funds Were Used To Subsidize Hillary's Private Email Server


Tinfoil Hillary floats vast global alt-right conspiracy against her campaign


VIDEO: FBI could release new developments in Clinton email scandal


What Hillary Clinton Said About Email in 2000


What Women Voters Need to Know About Hillary and Huma Abedin


What’s up with that ‘hole’ in Hillary’s tongue?


Why Joe Biden refuses to say that Clinton Foundation has been ‘100% ethical’


Wikileaks' Assange Slams Media For Defending “Demon” Clinton, Who Will ‘Put Nooses Around Everyone’s Necks’







23 Shocking Revelations From The FBI's Clinton Email Report


ABC Anchor Absolutely Grills Clinton’s VP on New Email Scandal Revelations


Americans Disgusted by Hillary’s Constant Lies, Vote Trump More Trustworthy ~ VIDEO


Analysis: Seven Email Scandal Revelations in the FBI's Holiday Weekend Document Dump


Bill Clinton Compares The Clinton Foundation To Robin Hood




Cheryl Mills, Hillary’s Top Criminal — Executed CLINTON Cover-UP


Clinton Admits Mental Health Problem, ‘Lost’ 11 Classified Devices


Clinton Aides Told FBI They Didn't Know About Server, But Emails Suggest Otherwise


Clinton answers reporters' questions on emails, cyber hacking, in rare exchange


Clinton Supporters Know NOTHING About Her [Video]


Clinton: Classification Markings Are 'Too Arcane For Most People' To Understand [VIDEO]


Clinton’s Christian faith, once a political weapon, all but absent from campaign


Communist Party Endorses Hillary, Media Crickets Ensue


Did Hillary Threaten Russia with War?


Doesn’t Anyone Remember Hillary Voting to Build a Wall? Or Making Racist Comments About Mexicans? [video]


DOJ Official Who Led 'Independent' Clinton Email Probe Is An Obama Donor


'Dumbfounded' Joe Scarborough Tears Into 'Shoddy' FBI Investigation [VIDEO]


FBI Data Dump Shows Clinton is Dishonest, Dumb OR All of the Above


FBI Docs: Aide Destroyed Hillary’s Old Phones With A HAMMER


FBI holiday weekend document drop is devastating to Hillary


FBI's 302 Report Proves Complicity in Clinton Email Scandal


From FBI fragments, a question: Did Team Clinton destroy evidence under subpoena?


Here are a bunch of ways Hillary Clinton has avoided talking to journalists




Hillary Clinton Interrupts First Press Conference in 274 Days With Coughing Fit


Hillary Clinton Says Husband Bill Should Not Have to Resign From Foundation Until After Election


Hillary Clinton will Limit Religious Freedom through Her Supreme Court Picks!


Hillary Clinton, rarely seen, rarely heard - The Democrat lets reporters trail her but tucks them away to keep them out of sight and herself out of reach.


Hillary Clinton’s Health and the Media Cover-Up


Hillary Clinton’s Mind-Boggling FBI Interview – What Was Cheryl Mills Doing There?

The Curious Case of Cheryl Mills - Why did the DOJ coddle a witness in the Clinton email investigation?


Hillary Clinton’s Student Loan “Forgiveness” Plan is IMPOSSIBLE


Hillary didn’t know ‘C’ meant ‘classified’: FBI interview notes


Hillary emailed classified information AFTER leaving State Dept


Hillary health MELTDOWN caught on camera


Hillary lets children ask her questions — for $2,700 apiece!




Hillary: "No Decision I Ever Made was Influenced by Anybody"


Hillary: Clinton Foundation Conflict Of Interest Questions Will Be Answered AFTER The Election


Hillary: I Totally Take Classification Seriously, I Was a Senator


Hillary: Trump 'Clearly Has Something To Hide' [VIDEO]


Hillary’s Lies Just Keep On Growing


Hillary’s Press Sec’y: If Elected, Hillary Will Hold Press Conferences


Hillary's claims of ignorance just don't wash


Hillary's Email Scandal Takes Down the FBI


Hillary's Rope-a-Dope


Hillary's Untrustworthy Temperament


House Oversight Committee: Did Hillary Clinton or Staff Destroy Email Evidence Under Subpoena?


House Sets New Clinton Email Hearings [AUDIO]


How can anyone still be 'with her'?


If Trump Loses is the Country “Over”?


Inside Bill Clinton’s nearly $18 million job as ‘honorary chancellor’ of a for-profit college


Is Hillary Clinton Living in a Land of Forgetfulness?


Is Hillary’s Mind Gone? Here’s a Frightening List of What She “Can’t Recall”


Maybe Hillary Should Have Studied Jiu-Jitsu instead of Yoga


Meet the mastermind behind Clinton’s massive email coverup - “The FBI saw massive document destruction and clear intent to withhold material evidence,” he added, “and they just ignored that obstruction,

and even let her sit in on the interview.”


NYT: Hillary gave Donor Access in Return for Free Ride on Private Jet for Bill, FBI: Hillary Doesn’t Know what “Classified” Means


State Department Plans to Release Hillary Clinton’s FULL Calendar in October Surprise!


Team Clinton Destroyed Evidence Under Subpoena?


The Clinton Conspiracy Against America - Their plot against America is a threat to the republic.


The Clinton Revelations That Must Not Disappear


The FBI Found Clinton’s Smoking Gun, Threw It Away, and Told Us on Labor Day Weekend


The Smoking Gun: Hillary Clinton’s Tech Guy Asked Reddit How to Delete Emails!


CAUGHT RED HANDED! Hillary’s Server Technician Is Discovered Asking Reddit How to Wipe Evidence From Emails


Security vet: 'Smoking gun' email should put Hillary in prison - Clearly marked classified info sent through nonsecure system


Wow: Apparent 'Smoking Gun' Evidence Uncovered on Hillary's Email Deletion Scheme


'Smoking gun' found in Hillary's email - Clinton aide suspected of asking online community about stripping out IDs


The Hysterical Left and the Rest of Us - An emerging alliance between neocons and Hillary?


The Sordid Truth of a Hillary Presidency


The State Department has NO IDEA if Hillary Clinton Completed Security Training!


Top Clinton Foundation Exec Tried to Get Diplomatic Passport from Clinton State Dept.


Trump’s election surprise


What Kathleen Willey Overheard White House Staff Teaching Hillary


Where Has Hillary Clinton Been? Ask the Ultrarich


Why Did the Clinton’s Use Bleachbit?


Why Hillary Will Kill Us All


Why is Obama insulated from the disaster that was his State Department under Hillary Clinton?


Young Blacks Voice Skepticism on Hillary Clinton, Worrying Democrats







Trump says latest FBI document dump 'disqualifying' for Clinton




LEAKS COMING? Assange says Clinton doc dump might come next week


DOC DROP FALLOUT: Republicans push to re-open Clinton email case


Hillary’s Faulty Recall


Even More Clinton Classified Devices Lost


The Decrepit Candidate


Hillary: The Joe Isuzu of American Politics


The Left’s Hillary Problem


For Hillary, Laws Are like Cobwebs


Hillary Clinton said no to going to Mexico


Hillary is Wall Street's girl


The American Military and the Specter of an Untrustworthy Commander-In-Chief - A track record of failure and fabrication puts military voters on edge.


Clinton Is Either ‘Dumb as a Rock … or She’s Lying. Take Your Pick.’


Hillary’s “Debt-Free” College Plan is More Than Impossible – It’s Insane!


25 Questions for Hillary Clinton


Oversight Committee: Why is State Failing to Comply With FOIA Requests For Clinton's Emails?


The Money Trail: Why Catholic Bishops Are Silent on Hillary


Hillary Bought Used BlackBerries On Ebay [VIDEO]


Assange Points Out A HUGE Lie In Hillary's Email Defense - 'We Have Thousands...' [VIDEO]


Trump: Hillary 'Trying to Cover Up Massive Crimes'


Calls for Obstruction of Justice Investigation in Clinton Emails [Video]


Blumenthal Had ABOVE Top Secret Docs Hours After They Appeared


Starbucks CEO endorses Hillary Clinton


‘We Don’t Play Games’: FBI’s Comey Defends Decision to Release Clinton Notes Ahead of Holiday Weekend


‘Why Wasn’t It Disqualifying?’: Matt Lauer Intensely Questions Clinton on Email Scandal


Lying Hillary Claims No One Died in Libya, Tell that to Ambassador Chris Stevens


9/7/2016 Commander-In-Chief Forum


Clinton Foundation Deceived IRS On Tax Exemption From The Start


Clinton Acknowledges It's 'Possible' Her Emails Were Hacked [VIDEO]


Hillary Clinton and the FBI


Clinton Goes Round-n-Round On Live TV, Confuses Audience Explaining Her Email Scandal


Corporate Tax Evaders for Hillary: Why Big Business Supports the Tax-Hiking Candidate


Even at her most scripted, Hillary comes off unprepared for the White House


Busted! Hillary being coached through earpiece?


NYPD: Hillary Clinton Wears “Invisible” Earpiece To Receive Answers During Live NBC TV Town Hall


Mutiny! FBI turning on James Comey?


Major arrest coming in 2016 campaign


House Democrats Release Colin Powell’s Advice to Clinton About Private Email Use


New York Democrat Attorney General Letting the Clinton Foundation Break the Law on Foreign Donors!


Trump, the Black Vote and the Truth about Hillary


Hillary Clinton: No Criticism of the Federal Reserve Allowed (VIDEO)


Assange: Clinton Lied To The FBI, Knew That "C" Meant Classified


Disgrace: Hillary Clinton Shamelessly Lies While Lecturing a Navy Vet About Handling Classified Information


Hillary in NC: Voter ID Law Is 'Blast from Jim Crow Past'


Andy McCarthy: Impeach Hillary Clinton


Flashback: Hillary's Own Words Blow Up Her New 'Classification Headings' Excuse


Navy Vet Tells Hillary: I Would Be Imprisoned if I Handled Classified Material Like You Did


James Comey Should Resign Now for the Good of the Country


Oversight Panel Hammers State Department's Clinton Email Release Delay


Forum Between Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Produces Solid Ratings


Hillary's Classified Info Defense Has Evolved - AGAIN


GOP Congressman Asks State Dept. Official About Clinton's Team 'Cutting and Pasting' Classified Info


Hillary's 'mystery man' spotted during blood-clot hospitalization - 'He's very physical with her. He touches her. He has his arm around her'


Is the $91 million Obama refugee grant to the USCCB tied to bishops’ silence on Hillary?







You won’t BELIEVE what Hillary just said about the press


Busted! Clinton tied to secret Wall Street millions


Hillary’s latest little lie


WikiLeaks Julian Assange Just PROVED that Hillary Clinton LIED to the FBI!


The real reason why Hillary claims no headers, no emails marked ‘classified’ on her private server


We're in trouble when the FBI director is this controversial


Disgrace: Clearly the FBI Intended to Let Hillary Get Away With Breaking National Security Laws


The Party of Compassion runs a sick woman


Gowdy: ‘Stunning’ to Grant Immunity to ‘Triggerman’ Who Deleted Clinton Emails


‘Stunned’ Trey Gowdy: FBI Gave Immunity to the “Trigger Man” – the Guy Who Used BleachBit on Hillary’s E-mails


Trey Gowdy Gets Standing Ovation on the House Floor [Video]


“People who have Nothing to Hide Don’t Smash Phones with Hammers”


Judge Pirro Proves Hillary's Intent by Smashing BlackBerrys


A Cat and Mouse Game with State Over Clinton-Deleted Emails


Top Clinton Foundation Executive Sought Diplomatic Passport




Why Hillary Clinton will need a pardon if she wins or loses the election


How the FBI went easy on Hillary  


The skinny on the FBI


Hillary not fit to run FBI according to standard set by Bill Clinton


WikiLeaks chief warns Hillary a threat to 1st Amendment - Her election 'will lead to a very harsh climate where' press freedom 'will be very significantly eroded'


Emails show Huma Abedin in charge of Hillary Clinton’s earpiece


It Takes A Village Idiot To Vote For Hillary


Trump: The U.S. Will Become ‘Another Venezuela’ if Clinton Wins in November




Does Hillary Clinton have Parkinson’s Disease?


Hillary Clinton Calls Trump Supporters a “Basket of Deplorables”!


Look what Hillary thinks of other half of voters - She takes to attacking, not Trump, but his supporters


Pence, after Trump, denounces Clinton calling supporters ‘deplorables,’ says disrespectful


Judge Jeanine: Your apology isn't going to work, Hillary


Media Puts Debate Moderators On Notice: Protect Hillary


If Trump Supporters Are A “Basket of Deplorables”, Then Hillary’s A ‘Basket Case’


Read Hillary Clinton’s ‘Basket of Deplorables’ Remarks About Donald Trump Supporters


Clinton says she regrets calling Trump supporters 'deplorables'


Clinton: Yeah, I’m Sorry I Said That Half Of Trump Supporters Were Deplorable...Sort Of  


Hillary ‘regrets’ misestimating the fraction of Trump supporters that are ‘deplorables


Is Hillary Clinton using the devil's dictionary?


It’s Debatable


Watch Hillary Clinton Faint On 9/11


REPORT: Hillary Clinton suffers ‘medical episode’ after 9/11 ceremony; Updated


Hillary Clinton's doctor now admits she's sick - Physician gives diagnosis following 'fainting' episode caught on video


BREAKING: Hillary Reportedly Rushed Out Of 9/11 Memorial After Suffering 'Medical Episode' [VIDEO]


Video Shows Hillary Going Limp, Being Carried Into Van [VIDEO]


Hillary Campaign Confirms Her 'Medical Episode' At 9/11 Memorial


Hillary Clinton has pneumonia, doctor says, after early 9/11 event exit


Hillary Clinton Suffers Medical “Episode” at 9/11 Memorial; Watch the Stunning Video Here


WikiLeaks Tweeted This Video of Hillary Clinton from Today - A close up of Hillary Clinton’s collapse shows her foot dragging and unresponsive suggesting lack of consciousness.


VIDEO: Upon LEAVING EARLY, Hillary Buckles, Faints, Loses Shoe at 9/11 Memorial


Sarah Silverman: People Who Question Hillary Clinton's Health Are 'A**holes'


Navy Veteran Takes On Hillary Clinton: “You Corrupted Our National Security”!


Poor Chelsea – She Just Can’t Understand How Anyone Finds Her Mom Untrustworthy


Bill and Hillary Are Evidently Above ‘The Coal People’ Now


60 Percent Of Voters Think Clinton Is Corrupt


Tim Kaine's Dangerous Liaisons


The Wages of Kaine


Clinton’s VP pick Kaine: Promoting jihadis in America in exchange for cash


Bill Clinton: White Southerners “Know” Make America Great Again is… RACIST!


Judge Jeanine Pirro - New Questions About The Clinton Foundation


Clinton Diagnosed With Pneumonia Days Before Attending 9/11 Ceremony, Doctor Says


Watch: The Many Flip-Flops Of Hillary Rodham Clinton


Analysis: Early Thoughts on Hillary's Health Incident


EXCLUSIVE: 9/11 Moment Of Silence Moved Up Because Obama Was Impatient


Hillary Didn’t Stumble -- She Could Not Stand


Journalists, Liberals Rush To Downplay Hillary's Health Concerns After Fainting Spell


I’m Deplorable and I’m Proud


Hillary’s Health no Longer just a Conspiracy Theory


Will the Real Vulgarian Please Stand Up?


Should Comey resign? Will he?


Now that we know Hillary campaign concealed pneumonia diagnosis, it is fair to ask what else they are concealing


Hillary’s Health Is a Media Scandal


Pneumonia diagnosed by telepathy


Hillary’s health – what the media won’t say


De Plorable Unum


The Clinton campaign made it worse


Hillary’s ‘Deplorables’ Comment: Alienating Critical Independents


Hillary makes "biggest mistake of campaign" - Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says that rival Hillary Clinton’s comment painting half of his supporters as a “basket of deplorables” is the “biggest mistake of the political season.”  He may be right.


Following The Clinton Playbook On Hillary's Health Secrecy - The Democratic candidate's brazen contempt for the public.


Is Comey Batting Cleanup for Clinton? - No other explanation for failure to indict, former judge says.


The Two Clinton Nuclear Bombs - Two Clintons, two world threats.


What Happens if Hillary Really Has a Severe Medical Condition


What Would Happen if Clinton Dropped Out of the Race for President?


Clinton Calls Off California Campaign Events After Pneumonia Diagnosis


WATCH: Unhealthy President Is An Unsafe President: Hillary’s Security Problem - Sunday, we saw how an unhealthy President who tried to hide it might compromise his or her own security.


Clinton's 'deplorables' gaffe touches off merch, meme frenzy


Hillary Clinton Disrespects ¼ of Americans, Will the Media Care?


What Comey Did! - For months we heard that FBI Director James Comey was an honorable man.  A man above the pettiness of politics.  One who would uphold the law at all cost.


The BEST No Spin Summary of the FBI Report on Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal


Who’s Deplorable?


Hillary’s Health Conspiracy


Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert says Hillary Clinton is “Mentally Impaired”!


Warning to Conservatives: You May be a ‘Deplorable’ if …


The CiC and the Optics of Rust


Clinton's Campaign Needs To Hire Better Liars


Stronger Together: Basically The Entire Clinton Campaign is Sick and It Isn't Allergies


Hillary Heeds CNN Medical Advice, Cancels Campaign Trips


Cokie Roberts: Dems 'Nervously Beginning to Whisper' About Hillary Stepping Aside


Report: Dem Operatives Expect 'Emergency Meeting' to 'CONSIDER' Replacing Hillary


Hillary VP Pick Kaine's Radical Roots


Most Blatant Pro-Hillary Lies Yet as MSM Cites Oppressive Weather, Pantsuit for Collapse


8 top Democrats fear Hillary collapse in debate - Power brokers scrambling to avoid 'nightmare' scenario


You Better Know THIS About Democrat VP Nominee Tim Kaine! [Video]


Lying enablers and a White House Campaign


BOOM! WikiLeaks Tweeted This Video of Hillary Clinton from Today


Chaffetz Issues Subpoena In Middle of Hearing for FBI Investigation Notes


Clinton Cancels West Coast Fundraisers


Deplorable me and disgusting Hillary


Last Chance for the ‘Deplorables’ this Election


Democratic VP Candidate Tim Kaine on Gun Control


2 doctors speculate Hillary has Parkinson's disease - 'Raises profoundly troubling implications for her possible election'







Clinton team avoided ER to conceal details of her medical treatment


Clinton Ally On Pneumonia Secrecy: A 'Self-Inflicted F**king Nightmare'


Reminder: If Hillary Clinton Gets an Executive Pen, She WILL Use it | Jenn Jacques


Who Would Replace Hillary on Dem Ticket? (Reader Poll)


Chaffetz: FBI Tried To Recover 27 Clinton Emails From Congress


Hillary's IT Guru Says GOP Is Trying To Harass And Humiliate Him


Hillary: I Didn't Tell The Truth Because 'I Just Didn't Think It Was Going To Be That Big A Deal' [VIDEO]


Emails Show Tension Between Firms Handling Hillary's Private Server


Lawmaker Subpoenas FBI Official For ALL Hillary Case Records During House Hearing [VIDEO]


The Democrats have one very sick candidate


American horror story


Just how often does Hillary faint?


‘Stronger together’ with shared lung infections!


History repeats itself with Hillary losing consciousness and staff claiming the same ailment


On the run! Clinton email chief goes AWOL!


IT Specialist Who Set Up Clinton’s Server Ignored Congressional Subpoena


Solved! Clinton's health issues


Ex-Secret Service Agent Who Protected Clinton Shares ‘Nonpartisan’ Rundown of Why Her Fainting Video ‘Really Scares’ Him


New York Times Columnist Says Clinton Health Scare Is ‘Perfect Microcosm’ of Candidate’s Bigger Problem


Bill Accidentally Confirms Hillary Has Spells: “Frequently…Well…On More Than One Occasion”


Comey Forced to Do Damage Control: Defends His Hillary Decision in Staff Memo


What Hillary Said on Israeli TV Will Make Your Blood Boil – What the Hell?


WOAH! Judge Jeanine Delivered Hillary a MUST WATCH Smack Down!


Blacks Chant: “Don’t Vote for Hillary, She’s Killing Black People!”


Media Responds To Clinton’s Collapse by Assuring America that Everything is All Right


Guess Which Presidential Candidate is BOUGHT and PAID FOR by Corporations?


The Great Swindle: Will Voters Supporting a Possibly-Parkinsonian Clinton End Up with Kaine Instead?


Was the “Russian Reset” All about Earning Big Bucks for the Clinton Foundation?


Hillary's Former IT Aide Defies Congressional Subpoena To Show At Clinton Hearing


Employee Who Used BleachBit to Wipe Clinton's Server Pleads the Fifth


Chelsea Clinton, Your Elderly Mother Needs Help


Guccifer 2.0 Releases More DNC Documents


Friends of Hillary say she has Parkinson's - Stage 3' of neuro-degenerative disease


Yes, the Fix Was In - Why else were Mrs. Clinton and her aides so willing to submit to FBI questioning?

Guess Who’s Being Featured in the Next Issue of Women’s Health?

CNN: The Clintons 'Just Refuse to be Human'


Bill Clinton Said Hillary ‘Frequently’ Faints, CBS Edits That Out


Cokie Roberts Slips, Says Democrats Considering Replacing Hillary


Clinton Foundation Adviser With No Security Clearance Grilled on Access to Classified Info


Emails Shed New Light On Clinton Tech Firm's Internal Deliberations


Colin Powell Believed 'Hillary's Mafia' Was Trying To Suck Him Into Email Scandal


EXCLUSIVE: Colin Powell's Personal Email Hacked, Under Pressure To Endorse Hillary Clinton


State AG Launching Trump Foundation Probe Is A Clinton Adviser


Email Leaks: Dem Megadonor Tells Colin Powell The Clintons 'Hate' Obama For 2008 Loss


Election shocker! Email leak STUNS Hillary


Hillary's Friday Night Murder of Crows


From Hillary’s Cold, Dead Hands


Pulling the Plug on America


Hillary's Health Hypocrisy


Also In Hillary's 'Basket': Working Americans, Religious People, Stay-at-Home Moms - The long history of Clinton's invective against ordinary citizens.


Hillary Clinton: Basket Case - Who really belongs in the basket of deplorables?


Could Hillary Tell Us What Percentage of Muslims Are Deplorable?  - Why the media will never ask Clinton to "disavow" her supporters.


How Google Is Steering Users Away From Clinton Health Woes - The corrupting influence of big business in marketing Hillary Clinton.


Guccifer DNC Doc Dump 2: Pay to Play, Staged Protests?


Email to DNC Staff Actually Used the Term 'Pay to Play'


DNC Leak Exposes Pay to Play Politics, How the Clinton’s REALLY Feel About Obama


Hillary’s Chief Email Destroyers Make Startling News About Her Lack of Security


Email Reveals Truth About Hillary’s Health Problems


Which One is Hillary? Left or Right?


Democrats Talking about a “Plan B” in Case Hillary Clinton has to Step Down!


Oops: DNC Continued to Email Passwords After They Knew They’d Been Hacked


Chaffetz: Probable Clinton's Emails Get Leaked By Hackers


Clinton’s Problem: ‘It’s Not About Health, It’s About Stealth’


Guess who's not coming to dinner with Dems - Christians, whites leaving Obama-Hillary party in droves


Clinton Foundation President: ‘No Question’ Donors Received ‘Courtesy Appointments’ [VIDEO]


HSBC case blows lid off Clintons' offshore empire - Panama Papers suggest ties to massive money-laundering scheme


Pollack: Hillary ‘Health Conspiracy’ Turns Out to Be Real


Congenital Liar


Huge Contrast




CNN's Hillary health defense will leave you SPEECHLESS


Major Clinton Foundation Donor Ensnared In Chinese Vote-Buying Scandal


Here’s Why Hillary’s ‘Fainting’ Video Really Scares Me [Video]


Hillary: I'm the 'Most Transparent' Presidential Candidate Ever


2 more docs charge coverup in Hillary health scandal - 3 things 'for sure': It's neurological, pneumonia not cause of collapse, she and staff have been 'lying'


What Is the FBI Hiding?


Trey Gowdy Slams FBI Handling of Clinton Email Case!


Hillary’s Chief Email Destroyers Make Startling Admission About Her Lack of Security







Was That Hillary’s ‘Get Me Out of Here’ Look at Press Event?


The Deplorables vs. The Deportables


$216 Million From Clinton Foundation Donors Bought 205 Invitations to White House State Dinners


How Much Does Hillary Clinton Weigh?


Criminal! Hillary sold ambassador jobs!?


Hillary Insider Admits to Starting Birther Conspiracy, MSM Still Blames Trump


Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager Admits 2008 Birther Link


The Body Double Plot


Stunning accusation: Hillary campaign ripping off small donors with unauthorized charges


Report: Hillary Campaign Stealing from Poorest Donors With Repeated Overcharges


Just 5.7 Percent Of Clinton Foundation Budget Actually Went To Charitable Grants


Report: Justice Dept. Killed FBI Attempts to Investigate Clinton Foundation


No Justice: FBI Wanted Investigation into the Clinton Foundation but DOJ Said “NO”


We Deplorables may have an anthem


Why would anyone Vote for Hillary?


Colin Powell says Everything Hillary “Touches she Kind of Screws Up”!


FLASHBACK: Michelle O Slams Hillary as Unfit for Presidency


Trump: Clinton's bodyguards should drop guns and 'see what happens to her'


For Democrats, Clinging to Guns and Religion Puts You in This Basket | Jenn Jacques


What You May Not Know about Hillary’s ‘Experience’


Hillary Clinton wants power to shape our children’s minds


If Hillary withdraws from the race


The girl who cried 'racist' and 'sexist' and...


The power of name recognition


Hillary Blames Campaign Staff for “Pneumonia” Incident


Sources: Tens of Thousands of Files from Clinton, Blumenthal Computers Available on Deep Web


Clinton doubles down on secrecy as race tightens


Bill Clinton’s birthday bash proves the Clintons just can’t stop influence-peddling


Hillary Clinton has collapsed her credibility


Lies, Lies and More Lies


Hillary’s Fall: Specs, Lies and Videotape


Obama eight years ago-Trump's Best Ad


Michelle Obama Says Bill Clinton’s Infidelity Proves Hillary Clinton Shouldn’t be President!


Does America Have an ‘Official’ Morality?


Sheriff David Clarke’s most recent description of Hillary Clinton


Hillary falls into Trump’s birther trap


World fears Hillary Clinton, the warmonger


Crowd chants ‘four more years’ for Obamas at Clinton campaign rally


Obama DOJ Killed FBI Investigation into Clinton Foundation


The Liberal Media Tries To Bury The 'Basket Of Deplorables' Story


Clinton Foundation Spent Millions More On Travel Than Charitable Grants, IRS Filings Show


Who was the first 'birther'? - Joseph Farah names first man to introduce doubts about Obama's birthplace


Bill Clinton's longtime pal: Hillary 'losing her mental capabilities' - 'I wouldn't trust her with matches in the kitchen'


Major signs Hillary is in big trouble


Inside the cover up of Hillary’s email server


Hillary Clinton Ramps Up the Secrecy


Even MORE Clinton Influence Peddling


How Hillary collapsed her credibility


Clintons made $10.6 million in 2015, paid federal rate of 34%


Hillary’s Islamization of America







69 eye-opening facts about Hillary's VP pick - Clinton's fragile health prompts close scrutiny of Tim Kaine's far-left record


Hillary Hates You


Hillary Clinton's Enthusiasm Chams


Hillary's Dreckvolk


Democrats declare war on seniors - Obama and the Democrats want to use illegal immigration to transform America into a high-tax, socialist hellhole like Venezuela.  And they want seniors to pay the price.


Robert Gates’ Stealth Endorsement of Hillary - Gates' intriguing vision of who can and cannot be redeemed.


The Clinton Agenda of Global Government and 'Progressive Internationalism' - How the Democratic presidential candidate would use the UN to crush individual liberties.


Hillary DOES have a disease… “pseudologia fantastica


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Why Hillary Lost: A Premature Obit - The blame game has already begun. Here’s where Democrats will point the finger if she loses.


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Doctors: Hillary suffering serious neurological disease - 'Almost certainly renders her incapable of performing the duties of the president'


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Questions Lester Holt should ask


Trump: Hillary Treats My Supporters Worse Than Terrorists

In Case You Needed Another Reason to Not Vote For Hillary… 


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Who the Narcissist Is and Why It Is Important


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Trump gives ‘aid and comfort’ to terrorists. So says HRC. - She just failed her mental status exam. Again.


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Bill Whittle's Firewall: The Clinton Lie Ratchet - It's useful to recognize and understand the pattern that Hillary and Bill revert to when confronted with unflattering evidence.


Hillary Debilitating Disease Finally has a Name: “Pseudologia Fantastica


Hillary Clinton, the queen of mistakes




Obama claims sexism is the reason Hillary Clinton isn't doing well


Agent Who Protected Hillary: “There Is Something Seriously Wrong With Mrs. Clinton”


Leaked email: Hillary to name Huma Abedin Secretary of State


Charity? What Charity? Clinton Foundation Donates Less than 6% of Proceeds to Charity!


Clinton Foundation AIDS Program Distributed 'Watered-Down' Drugs To Third World Countries


Mystery: Now Hillary's eyes 'go crazy' - 'My mom is 87 years old and looks so much better than this creature does’


Why are Hillary’s eyes moving out of sync with each other?


Judge gives State Dept a tongue lashing over Clinton


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Clinton Haiti Scandal Explodes: Former Senate President makes Bribery Accusation and Leaked Emails Show Corruption!


Questions For The First Debate


Fail: Hillary Spent $33 Million on Ads in August, As Her Lead Collapsed


Rush on New Hillary Email Revelations: 'This Isn't Gonna Go Away,' House Panel Investigating


 Judge Orders Release of Clinton Security Training Docs To Begin In Five Days


America Cannot, Must Not, Elect a Criminal


Trouble in HillaryLand: Top Pervert Turns Pedophile


Weiner is the Worst: Knowingly Sent Graphic ‘Sexts’ to 15-Year-Old Girl


Hillary bad mouths Christians


Parliament members: Hillary is 'Butcher of Libya' - Allege Clinton behind terror groups ruling country







Obama used a pseudonym in emails with Clinton, FBI documents reveal


FBI documents reveal Obama used a pseudonym in emails with Clinton


Obama weighs in on Hillary Clinton's private emails