A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.


We sleep safely at night because rough men and women stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm.


“Chaos is the law of nature, and order is the dream of man”


“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”


Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty




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UPDATE: Rate of Ebola infections in Liberia drops sharply...


Google Updates Flu Trends to Improve Accuracy


Ebola’s orphans: Survivors care for children left behind by disease


Doctors Warn Sitting Leads To Deadliest Diseases...


Falling asleep at wheel causes 21% of fatal car crashes...


Irregular work hours linked to decline in brain function, health problems...


BioShield: Obama Diverted Funds From Its Fight Against Ebola, Other Threats


Caring For African Ebola Patients Now Justifies Exposing Non-Consenting Americans


As Ebola declines in Liberia, health officials reassess response plans


WHO updates personal protective equipment guidelines for Ebola response


Dr. Rand Paul: You Can Get Ebola on a Bus


Health officials unveil plan to test multiple Ebola drugs at once

Obama seeks $6.2B to prevent spread of Ebola


What happens when you sneeze on an airplane


Number of People Under 'Active Monitoring' for Ebola in NYC Triples...


Students, staff at South Boston elementary school sickened by possible norovirus


High School Teacher Discloses Contact with Sierra Leone Individual


Fast-Pass can track exposure to Ebola in hospitals


CDC stockpiling Ebola protective gear...

Military Designates 5 Bases for Troop Quarantine...


Conflicting Information about How to Contract Ebola; Reason for Worry?


New Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone raises fears of new infection chain


State, federal quarantines, isolations likely be subject to constitutional challenges


DHS expands screening for international travelers who don't need a visa to enter US


Ebola quarantine nurse says she'll leave Maine town


If There Aren’t Any Ebola Cases in the US, Why is the CDC Doing THIS?


Virus that 'makes humans more stupid' discovered...


Alters genes in brain including memory and emotion...


Doctors warn 'kissing bug disease' is 'new AIDS'...

Over 300,000 Americans already infected...


New technology aims to make Ebola virus breath test possible


Latest Ebola fear: Safety of lab equipment


NYC doctor treated for Ebola set to be released

Monitoring period ending for Maine Ebola nurse



What can I do to avoid getting the enterovirus D68?


Governments, health workers aim to keep pace with Ebola brush fires...

CBSNEWS Lara Logan quarantined...





Holder Sends Election Monitors to Polls...

Will look for 'race-based discrimination'...

Inadequate resources for non-english speaking voters...


Justice Dept. turns over more than 64,000 pages related to Fast and Furious


Election eve surprise: DOJ belatedly releases Fast & Furious documents


Mexico ranks 5th worldwide in arms trafficking


Newly Released Emails Show Holder Blasting 'Fast and Furious' Critics on Hill


Does Impeachment Loom For Obama Over Fast & Furious?


NYC prosecutor emerges as contender to be first black woman US attorney general


Is GOP Ready for Obama's Attorney General Fight?


Emails show Holder said of critics: 'Kiss my a**'


Issa: Document dump shows Holder ‘at the heart’ of Fast and Furious debate


Eric Holder’s Unfiltered Comments About Rep. Darrell Issa and His ‘Fast and Furious’ Investigation Revealed in New Email


Obama nominates foreign policy aide to top State Department post


Potential Attorney General Nominee Criticized by Conservatives on Immigration


Obama AG pick to do 'even more' than Holder


Obama’s Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch Represented Clintons During Whitewater


AG? OR NOT TO BE: 4 Issues That Could Complicate Loretta Lynch's Confirmation...






Ferguson, Missouri. Is Your Town Next?


Ferguson protest leaders seek heads-up on decision...

5 agencies meet Michael Brown's parents...




Rumors swirl about grand jury announcement...

Workers board up windows... - Police re-stock tear gas...

MAYOR: 'Prepare for worst'...

Power Outage Caused by Vandal...

Man beaten at protest strategy meeting...


Not-So-Peaceful Ferguson Protest Meeting Turns Violent: Man Brutally Beaten & Girl in Wheelchair Verbally Assaulted

Decision Not For Another Week?

St. Louis on pins and needles...

Michael Brown’s mother named as attacker in brawl now described as ‘armed robbery’


Black Revolutionary Group Puts Bounty Out on Officer Darren Wilson’s Head #Ferguson


INSANE: Ferguson “Activists” Deliver Pre-Riot Demands To Police


Meanwhile on the Streets of Ferguson...


Exclusive – Ferguson Insider: Jury Decision Expected to Bring “Riots Worse than the LA Riots”


What Hackers Just Leaked on Twitter Will Have the Entire Town of Ferguson, Missouri, on Edge


Ferguson Protesters Demand Police Be ‘Tolerant’ Of ‘Minor Lawbreaking’

Decision Not For Another Week?

Workers board up windows...

Police re-stock tear gas...

MAYOR: 'Prepare for worst'...

St. Louis on pins and needles...


Ferguson protesters put a $5000 bounty on Darren Wilson; donated by an investor


Racially-charged tweet on Ferguson to get teacher fired


Five Ways To Get Killed As A Ferguson “Protester”


Ferguson Cops Expect Riots Whether Grand Jury Indicts or Not: “Preparing For All Worst-Case Scenarios”


Gun sales spike as Ferguson area braces for grand jury decision...






TSA grabs dozens of guns in October at U.S. airports


GUNVOTE 2014: U.S. Senate Races Could Determine Whether Anti-Gun Laws Are in Our Future


GUNVOTE: A Governor Out of Touch with Colorado?


Senior With Shotgun Blasts Two FEMALE Home Invaders In Texas


A Gun Ownership Primer: Is Killing Morally Justified? Part 1


A Gun Ownership Primer, Part 2: Does Evil Exist?


81-Year-Old Blind Man Beaten, Robbed After ATM Withdrawal...


Support for Gun Control has Fallen 11% Since 2012


Judge blames ‘society’ in light sentence for shooter


More Guns Plus Less War Equals Real Security


Colorado Springs Woman Survives Home Invasion Thanks To Her Gun


Thieves Steal 50 Guns From PA Gun Owner in Seemingly Targeted Burglary


Good Video - Couple Who Shot, Killed Burglar Last Year Discuss the Toll the Incident Has Taken on Them


Not guns, but fun watching: Navy SEAL and his dog rappel from rafters – Just too cool!

Gun Control Candidates Crushed...


Billionaire gun grabbers get their way


Washington State Passes Universal Background Checks via Ballot Measure


Pro-Gun Journalist Dana Loesch Cancels Book Signing at Gun Free Campus Due to Safety Concerns


WHY I CARRY: Chilling Video Shows 22 Year Old Woman Being Abducted in Philadelphia


TN Homeowner, Armed With .45, Shoots and Kills Armed, Masked Home Invader in Broad Daylight


Second Amendment Crushes Gun Control Candidates in Midterm Elections


Huffington Post: Joni Ernst's Pro-Second Amendment Stance Is an Appeal to 'Extremists'


[Video] Moms Demand Action Claim Midterm Results Show They Have Gun Control Momentum


Texas Governor Elect Greg Abbott Will Sign Open Carry Bill!


California Just Banned Arrests For Gun Theft, Date Rape Drug Possession


[Video] Two Women Angry They Missed Breakfast Cutoff Attack Customers, Trash McDonalds – Savages


“Go Ask Those People Over There If They Would Be Willing To Be A Victim” – Good article, and quick reading


Where Guns Won And Lost In The 2014 Midterm Elections – BE SURE TO SEE “WHERE WE GO FROM HERE.”


More .22LR about to hit the shelves?


hickok45: 1903 A3 – Fun viewing


Poll: Political Parties Coming Together On Value of Gun Ownership


 “I’ll Kill You, Old Man!” Yeah… Not So Much


WHY I CARRY: 17 Year Old High Schooler Allegedly Slashes the Throat of 73 Year Old Man on Walk


[Video] Local ABC News Station Says to Fake a Heart Attack During Home Invasion


[Video] New Ammunition Made Specifically for 3D Printed Guns to Increase Durability


[Video] WV Homeowner Shoots, Kills Home Invader Who Was Suspected in Other Crimes


Surveillance Is Not Enough To Prevent Shootings


Concealed Carrying Employee Saves Two Lives At Missouri Market


“Our Founding Fathers Weren’t Stupid”


Concealed Carrying Grocery Store Worker Shoots a Man Armed With a Gun Making Threats


Indiana Man Who Shot Intruder is Sentenced to Jail


Armed Thugs Invade Family’s Home, Force Them to Strip Naked — Suddenly, There Was a Sound Everyone Was Elated to Hear… Except the Bad Guys


Arm Responsible Teachers with Guns to Save Lives


Kel-Tec CMR-30 Field Report


Election ‘Victory’ Means Work for Gun Owners Just Beginning


Improving Your AR-15 Marksmanship Skills


At the Range: Ruger SR-556VT Varmint Rifle


The .380 ACP Isn’t Slowing Down—New Gun Announcements


Seven New Products for Shooters and Sportsmen


Inside the AR-15 Barrel: Twists and Chambers


How to Hold an AR-15 for Consistent, Accurate Shooting with Jerry Miculek


Top 10 AR-15 Posts


The Fifth Amendment for Innocent People


[Video] Homemade .410 Quad Barrel Handgun Made From a Staple Gun


GUN CONTROL MESSAGING FAILURE: 63% Of American Feels Safer With Guns In The Home


I’LL RIP YOUR HEAD OFF: NY Cop Slaps, Threatens Legal Gun Owner for Refusing Vehicle Search


Elderly Man Kills One Of Two Home Invaders in West Virginia


LA Homeowner Shoots Early Morning Home Invader in the Chest


[Video] Texas Gun Store Owner Stops Possible Mass Shooting


How to Create a Safe Room in Your House or Apartment


“ARREST ME! I WILL NOT COMPLY!” Washington’s I-594 To Be Protested By Mass Felony Civil Disobedience


Here’s How a ‘Coalition’ of Local Police Departments and Municipalities Are Pushing for ‘Gun Control Without Legislation’






Moscow Suspected in Hack of U.S. Industrial Control Systems


Navy Department's year-long, 100-person task force seeks to better understand, improve cyber posture


Poll: Americans more upset with Google than NSA spying on their personal digital data


UK's New Intel Director Says US Tech Firms Aid Terrorism


Cybersecurity Industry Experts Weigh in on Alleged Russian Breach of White House


Cybersecurity Set to be Fastest Growing Homeland Security Market, Report Says




Home Depot: 53 million more email addresses compromised in data breach


NIST outlines steps for coordinated cyber incident response


Federal interagency body says level of cybersecurity readiness varies among banks


Federal panel holds hearing on rule change that expands FBI electronic surveillance powers


DOJ seeks rule change to let federal investigators hack computers to collect evidence with one warrant


Cyber threats, malware escalating for Android mobile device users, says joint Kapersky-Interpol report


VIDEO: Russian hackers penetrate US power grid, report says


Well-trained Cybersecurity Workforce Key to Mitigating Insider Threat


NSA shares most of the vulnerabilities it finds


Researchers Identify Sophisticated Chinese Cyber Espionage Group


Facebook Users: A Psychological Warfare "Echo Chamber" Experiment is Being Conducted on you Without Your Consent


Obama issues credit card industry bailout by executive order


ATTKISSON: I Was Spied On Through SKYPE...


Dozens of ‘dark market’ websites seized as part of Silk Road 2.0 investigation


BlackEnergy threatens U.S. infrastructure


Tripwire to host threat intelligence university virtual event


'Inevitable' Data Breaches Require Changes to Cybersecurity Measures, Survey Finds


Chertoff Reminds Enterprises There is Hope in Security


For Guccifer, Hacking Was Easy. Prison Is Hard.


Postal Service Hacked...


Obama Wants to Reclassify the Internet as a Utility

Obama pushes more regulation for Internet providers

CRUZ: Net Neutrality Is 'Obamacare for the Internet'...

MAG: No one to root for...


Internet Tax Increase...

White House Adds Fake Buffering To Pitch...  






Climate Activists Tout Effectiveness Of School Brainwashing


Allah in U.S. public-school classrooms


Hundreds of “Schools, Leadership Teams, and Teachers” Converge on DUBAI for Common Core Curriculum Planning and Implementation


Satanic coloring book under review in Florida school district


Teachers Unions Devote Dues to Democratic Political Advertising


Poll shows teachers and parents give Common Core low marks


Artificial Intelligence Outperforms Average High School Senior...


Is it Sex Education or Authorized Pornography for School Kids?


Time to Fight Back Parents – The Mosqueing of the Public Schools in America


Teachers unions spend, lose big on midterm elections


Mental health of children and young people ‘at risk in digital age’


Maryland Mother Fighting Common Core’s Standardized Testing


Do the 2014 Midterm Elections Spell DOOM for the Common Core?


School Choice Wins, Common Core Loses in Election 2014


Groups Ask School Districts to Reconsider Transgender Restroom Policies


Williamson County, TN Schools Ban Christianity and TEACH Islam (video proof)


Common Core Co-Author Admits He Wrote Curriculum to End “White Privilege”


Students Must School the Teachers


Election Results Set Up Year Of Common Core Clashes


Arne Duncan: Gov't-Funded Preschool a 'Social Movement' Like Civil Rights, Gay Marriage – “Free” childcare.  Such a deal.


Midterms Great For School Choice, Bad For Common Core


Obama orders 'mental-health' testing for schoolkids


California Parent Who Withdrew His Child From Islamic Classes in Public School Tells His Story


School tells kids to stop praying to Jesus






Voter-ID backer catches Dems in the act


New Mexico University President Emails Students: “Vote As Often as Possible”


Mail carrier investigated over allegations of dumping GOP political mailers


2014 Midterms: Here Comes ALL the Voter Fraud…


8 founders advise how to vote


Midterm election rides wave of anger at incumbents...

Most ads on ObamaCare...


Rogue pastors endorse candidates, but IRS looks away


NC poll workers offer ballots to impostor -- TWENTY TIMES!

VIDEO: O'Keefe strikes again...


POLL: 78% Say Politicians Play 'Race Card' to Get Reelected...

Flyer in AL warns of 'klansman' rule if GOP wins...

Civil Rights Leaders Call For Probe Into 'Poverty Pimp' Posters Against Congresswoman Waters...

House Republicans could see first black, gay members in years...


The Republicans Have a Huge Mandate -- Whether They Know It or Not


Dems face possible 'House' of Horrors


Vote Like Your Constitution Depends On It . . . Because It Does


What Are the Chances Your Vote Won’t Count Because of Voter Fraud?


Charlie Rangel: Republicans Believe “Slavery Isn’t Over”


Why Obamacare Is the Defining Issue of 2014 Elections


Midterm Elections: ‘Last Chance’ For Americans To Judge President Obama


Democrats Panic as 2014 Proves A Woman Cares About More than Just Her Uterus


Guns, Bears and Pot: A Sampling of Election Day's 147 State Ballot Measures


Will Obama Be More Harmful to Democrats Than Nixon Was to Republicans?


License, ID card policies stir concerns over illegal immigrants voting


The Democrats Get Their Butts Kicked


You Don't Need A Poll To Understand How Americans Feel About Obama - This Campaign Stop Says It All


Election-Eve Bombshell Memo Embroils Jeanne Shaheen in IRS Targeting Scandal


Can Non-citizen Votes Decide U.S. Elections?


1.8 Million Voters Are Dead (and Other Facts You Didn't Know About Voter Fraud)


Obama 'intentionally delays' health-insurance rates – until after the election


Teachers unions spend, lose big on midterm elections


Dow, S&P 500 hit fresh highs after GOP wins

VIDEO: What message did election send for 2016?

VIDEO: What's on agenda for a GOP-led Senate?

VIDEO: Winners, losers and big election surprise

Lessons From the Night




GOP Wave: Republicans Take the Senate


Walker Wins Re-Election in Wisconsin


How a Conservative Congress Could Make a Huge Difference in Next Two Years


Megyn Kelly, Dana Perino Analyze Why Democrat 'War on Women' Rhetoric Failed This Cycle



MAP: What Republican Takeover Looks Like...

'100-year majority'...

KRAUTHAMMER: 'Worst Wall-To-Wall Shellacking You Will Ever See'...

House Dems deep in abyss...



WHAT LANDSLIDE? Obama threatens vetoes and executive orders – including immigration reform THIS YEAR – after Americans reject him by giving Republicans historic gains in Congress


LIMBAUGH: Republicans Elected to STOP Obama... 


Voters' verdict explodes Dem myths...


Republican election gains send dollar to seven-year high versus yen...



McConnell Makes Passing References to Coal, Health Insurance, Border Security


Family Gap: Democrats Lose Big Among Married Voters With Kids


Poll: Only 20% of Tuesday's voters supported an Obama executive amnesty


How Do Hispanics Really View Immigration Reform?


Why Democrats Lost, Explained in Less Than Three Minutes ...


Second Amendment Crushes Gun Control Candidates in Midterm Elections


Ben Carson officially switches political parties


Dem-Congresswoman-Embarrassing-Screeching-Anti-Walker-Song-Dance – “Cute” – 2012


Rush: Voters unleashed 'smackdown' to stop Obama


Word of the Day: Repudiation


Obama’s One-Word Response To Republican Domination Sums Up The Feelings Of Dems Everywhere – “IRRITATION”


Liberal Civil War Begins: Harry Reid Slams Obama, HuffPo Headline Destroys


So It Was About Obama After All


The polls were skewed… towards Democrats and by a lot


Dems blame losses on Obama


Defiant White House: Obama will Seek Executive Amnesty “no matter how big a shellacking Democrats get”


Dear Republicans: No One Elected You to Work with Democrats


The Press’s Confirmation Bias and the End of Objectivity


Some Gutless Republicans Owe some Apologies to Ted Cruz


Walker Win Should Offer Blueprint for GOP


Beyond Congress: GOP tsunami rips through states - “This was a wave election victory for Republicans in state legislatures across the country, leaving Democrats at their lowest point in state legislatures in nearly a century.”


Fox News News Obliterates The Competition With Election Night Coverage


Voters on Obama’s Immigration Plans: Drop Dead


OBAMA FLASHBACK: 'If you don't like my policies, go out there and win an election'...


What Happened In The White House After Tuesday’s Elections? - Obama and Harry Reid aren't the only losers...


GOP Will Control 70 Percent of All State Legislative Chambers


Lessons for the GOP for 2016


Scott on ‘F’ Grade from NAACP: ‘It’s Because I Believe That Progress Has to be Made’


Liberal Slams Obama for Surrounding Himself with "Sycophants"


Personhood Amendment Defeated by Colorado Voters


Liberals Scramble To Praise Obama After Mid-Term Disaster, Part 1


Election Results: “What’s Going To Change Is Only Who Is Going To Screw You — Not Whether You’ll Get Screwed”


The Republican wave debunked big myths about the Obama era


11 to Watch: Meet the New Crop of Tea Party Conservatives in Congress


Election Day looking like a referendum on competence


Tea party declares victory in defeat of Scott Brown


The Democratic Party’s Civil War Is Here


GOP Leaders Shouldn't Forget That They Won Because Obama Sucks, Not Because They're Great


For 2016, Hillary Had the Worst Night


Obama's Attempt to Get Out the Nazi Vote Failed


Vote-fraud undercover videos 'made a difference'


7 Things Wisconsin Voters Rejected this Week


Voters say ‘yes’ to Walker, ‘no’ to John Doe, law expert says


Election 2014: Judge Jeanine Pirro Spikes the Ball !


The Unbelievable Front Page Of This Newspaper Will Have Obama’s White House Up in Arms


Fox host Bolling vents six years of rage: ‘Now is NOT the time for compromise. Don’t waste this majority!’


A Massive, Humiliating And Awesome Rejection Of The Liberals


VIDEO: Why the Democrats Lost, Explained in Less Than Three Minutes


What The Mid-Term Elections Really Mean For Peace and Liberty


So You Think You’re Safe With the 2014 Republican Win?


What The Mid-Term Elections Really Mean For Peace and Liberty


NRA Received '95 Percent Return Rate' on Election Contributions


NRA-Political Victory Fund Achieves Historic 2014 Midterm Election Victories


In Other News: Hillary Rodham Obama for 2016


In Other News: “Oh the Humanity!” Media Meltdown as Dems Struggle in Midterms




Religion Defense Matters


4 Institutions Claim Obama Using Federal Law to Wage War on Christians


Pastors Stand Against the IRS - Endorse and Oppose Candidates!\


Houston Pastors to Mayor Annise Parker: Don't mess with the Pulpits of America


Federal Court Says Secular Humanism is a Religion


Scientist: “Religion Will Go Away In A Generation” If This Happens - "What we need to do is..."


Bakery Is Being Forced To Pay For Not Making A Pro-Gay Marriage Bert And Ernie Cake, Or Risk Going To Court


Navy chaplain who fought for prayer elected in Colorado


Gov't fines couple for declining to host gay marriage on farm...


Applying Pressure to the Pulpit


School tells kids to stop praying to Jesus


Obama 'using federal law to target Christians'






215,000 Doctors (1 in 4 Nationally, 70% in California) Refuse Obamacare Patients Over Payment Issues


Congressional Budget Office Lowers Obamacare Expectations Once Again


Foreign Diplomats Getting Benefits Under Obamacare


Obama sued for changing Obamacare


Supreme Court to again decide fate of health care law...


Ben Carson: Obamacare Will 'Collapse Under Its Own Weight'


Affordable Health Care: 30,000 Indianans Lose Their Health Insurance


Survey Says over 50% of Obamacare Enrollees May Bail Out for 2015


Most of Last Year’s Obamacare Customers Aren’t Coming Back Next Year


Boehner: We Will ‘Move to Repeal Obamacare’


McConnell, Boehner's Priorities Include 'Renewing Our Commitment to Repeal Obamacare'


100% of Newly Elected GOP Senators Campaigned on Repealing Obamacare


Joni Ernst Coming to Washington to Find 'Replacement for Obamacare'


GOP Senator on Funding Obamacare: ‘We’ll Wait and See’


Obamacare Architect: Yeah, We Lied to The "Stupid" American People to Get It Passed


Obamacare Architect: “The Stupidity of the American Voter” Helped us Pass the Law


SCOTUS To Hear New Challenge To Obamacare


Surprise Supreme Court Action Could Be A Death Blow To Obamacare


Supreme Court To Rule On Affordable Care Act: “Would Utterly Devastate Obamacare”






Weather Channel founder blows lid off ‘global warming’ industry; It’s ‘bought and paid for!’


National Academy of Sciences Panel: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Have to Drop to Zero


Kerry: Even Carpooling, Biking, Tree-Planting Americans Wouldn’t Offset China’s Emissions


Senate GOP ready to take on the EPA






America Needs Bravehearts to bring Justice on the Obama Administration


BEN STEIN: Obama 'Most Racist President There's Ever Been'...


Court: Not so fast on red light camera tickets


FLASHBACK VIDEO: Backlash over red light cameras


How a New York Times Story Upset the 'Bush Lied, People Died' Narrative


For Sheriff Joe, the clock is ticking


The Government Should Stop Waging War on Those Against Same-Sex Marriage


No Offense: The New Threats to Free Speech


The U.N. and Obama: Creators of a One-World Frankenstein


Emails show White House “requested” IG to change VA scandal report


New Evidence Links Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid To IRS Scandal


“I Want My Big Government”


Objective: To Classify People as the Enemy


Thinning the Herd? New Study Says One-Child Policy Not Enough


Kevin McCarthy: Republicans Will Repeal Obamacare When Replacement Policy Ready


IRS Admits: We Haven't Bothered to Search For Lois Lerner's "Missing" Emails


How Ted Cruz Exposed the Free-Speech Haters


Black GOP Senator Blasts Democratic 'Race-Baiting'


Rice: Dem racial attacks 'appalling'


Russian Lawmaker Proposes Mailing Putin Sperm to Impregnate Russian Women – Then make him pay child support (Just kidding, Putin.)


Economist: Financial Collapse Will Cause Civil Unrest to Erupt in America by 2016 - Rampant corruption combined with economic woes to spark "revolution"


Promoting "British Values" by Curbing Free Speech


Sarah Palin: Bring on the investigations


Krauthammer: 'Seething' Obama would welcome impeachment


Republican Senators Warn Harry Reid To Not Let President Obama Take Executive Action On Amnesty


USA adds 214,000 jobs in October...

Unemployment 5.8%...

114,000 African Americans Dropped Out of Workforce...


American poor pay the price for increased immigration


The Economy Of The Largest Superpower On The Planet Is Collapsing Right Now


Obama celebrates repudiation with release of another Al Qaeda suspect from Gitmo


Obama Admin Releases Another Gitmo Detainee Originally Deemed 'Too Dangerous to Release'


No Constitutional Right to Same-Sex Marriage, Circuit Court Rules


How the GOP Should Deal With Obama's Incorrigibility


Silent Voices


Some College Students Approve of ‘After-Birth Abortion’… Up to Age 5


Reid plots final days in power


Washington will work better if Obama ‘has his way’


Obama: Irrelevant, Incompetent, or Intentional?


Two More Years of Permissive Destruction


Morgan Freeman Destroys the Idea that Race has Anything to do with Wealth Distribution


President Obama’s Cool Facade Peeled Away by ‘Anger Translator’ Who Tells Us What He Really Thinks


Sometimes Freedom Needs A Friend


If We Justify Amnesty, What Other Laws Can Be Broken?


Is The Man In the White House Mentally Ill?


Obama’s 1.6 Billion Dollar Ivanpah Solar Plant Can’t Pay Its Bills – Needs Bailout


HOSPITAL HORROR: VA patients treated with bogus medical equipment, supplies


Sharyl Attkisson’s damning charge: CBS helped Obama lie about Benghazi


BOOM! This Popular Actor & Author Just Dared Accuse Obama Of Being What So Many Believe He Is


The Incompetent Socialist: Barack Obama


Fmr. Obama Official Explains Why The Obama Economy Stinks


Bush’s Blunt Words: 'When You Say Something as President, You Better Mean It'