A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.


We sleep safely at night because rough men and women stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm.


“Chaos is the law of nature, and order is the dream of man”


“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”


Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty




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White House, Congress Raided Hundreds of Millions from Anti-Bioterrorism Fund


Technical Brief on Use, Testing of Personal Protective Gear for Ebola


Notable Absence of New Ebola Quarantines at NYC-Area Airports...

Feds Stockpiling Survivors' Blood...


'Black Death' Spreads in Madagascar...


War against Ebola in West Africa remains a tough fight


Interaction with 'Ebola czar' varies, but largely beneficial, says government panel


Ebola: Rethinking Security


More Than Ebola, Other Tropical Diseases Pose Growing Threat to U.S.


Pentagon working on battlefield 'hibernation' treatment for wounded troops...

Rewires body's natural response to trauma...


Ebola still 'raging' in Sierra Leone... 


Why you really don’t want to sit in the aisle seat


1,000 New Ebola Deaths Reported -- in Last 2 Days!


Aircraft-equipped containment system used to fly Ebola patients out of Africa


Technical Brief on Use, Testing of Personal Protective Gear for Ebola


Obama: Ebola still priority as public focus shifts





Newly Uncovered Memo Shows How Holder Got Prepped to Mislead the American People on Fast & Furious


Judicial Watch Victory: Obama Gives Up Fast and Furious Documents


Was Loretta Lynch picked to be a gate keeper and cover up criminal investigation of Eric Holder, who is married to Lynch’s friend, Sharon Malone?








Grand jury in Ferguson case does not indict officer in Michael Brown shooting


Police make dozens of arrests as protesters turn violent in Ferguson


Key players in case


Timeline of events


Closer look at the community


VIDEO: Shots reportedly fired in Ferguson


Obama pleads for calm in Ferguson


VIDEO: Obama joins Brown Family in urging peaceful protests


VIDEOS: Fires burn in Ferguson as protests continue


Nationwide protests take place after Ferguson decision


FAA issues restrictions on flights near Ferguson


JUAN WILLIAMS: Brown's death should be call to action, not violence


VIDEO: Grand jury does not indict officer


DR. MANNY: Authorities step up security in Ferguson


Michael Brown shooting: A look at the key players in Ferguson case


Photos reveal Officer Wilson's injuries


Michael Brown's cousin reacts to grand jury decision


Fires burn in Ferguson as protests continue


Looters caught vandalizing businesses in Ferguson, Missouri


Tactical police attempt to disperse protesters


Brown Family attorney: The judicial system failed


Report: Shots fired in Ferguson


No indictment for Ferguson officer


Obama begs for calm as rioters set fires in Ferguson...

No indictments... Details...

'Duty of grand jury to separate fact from fiction'...

Eyewitness told police Brown charged cop 'like football player head down'...

Prosecutor: Democrat...

Michael Brown's mother collapses outside station...

Cars vandalized, gunshots... STATE SENATOR: THIS IS RACE WAR...

Suburb Enlists Private Security Contractors...

Store Robbed by Brown Looted...

NYPD Commissioner Sprayed With Fake Blood...

FOXNEWS Reporter In Ferguson Attacked...


MSNBC Anchor Chased Off Air By Gunfire...

Photos Show Officer Darren Wilson After...

Brown: 'You're too much of a pussy to shoot me'...


Ferguson witness accounts of Brown shooting differ from story on street


Gunshots, looting after grand jury does not indict officer in Michael Brown shooting


PHOTOS: Businesses burned, looted as police move in to contain chaos


VIDEO: Man throws fake blood on NYPD Chief Bratton during protest


FOX NEWS FIRST: Split screen frames Obama’s struggle on race


VIDEOS: Pics show Officer Wilson's injuries


Mo. officials brief press


DR. MANNY: What we stand to lose in riots


Officer Wilson's friend reacts to grand jury decision


Judge Ferrer: Unlikely federal prosecutors bring charges



Stepfather changes his tune: 'BURN THIS BITCH DOWN'...


Missouri lt. governor calls for arrest of Michael Brown’s stepfather for inciting to riot


Family attorney joins Sharpton to explain why it’s OK for Brown’s stepfather to shout ‘burn this bit*h down!’



PHOTOS: Smoldering wreckage...

Most Businesses Destroyed Minority Owned...


Governor sends in more troops...


Photos Show Officer Darren Wilson After...

FOXNEWS Reporter In Ferguson Attacked...

Protestor has phone stolen -- while live-streaming...

IN FERGUSON: Businesses burn, police cars torched as violence 'much worse' than August

Obama begs for calm as rioters set fires...

MAG: Split screen image may endure long after he leaves office...

REPORT: President Didn't Watch Prosecutor's Announcement...

JUAN WILLIAMS: Where is black leadership now?



Protesters shut down CA freeway...

Three NYC bridges closed...

NYPD Commissioner Sprayed With Fake Blood...




‘Are you kidding me?’ Obama invokes Ferguson, Mo. in speech to UN about ‘violent extremism’


Missouri burning: Looting after cop cleared


Read Darren Wilson’s grand jury testimony: ‘He was looking straight through me, like I wasn’t even there’


Read Officer Wilson’s response to grand jury decision


Holder to Ferguson: Hey, we’re still working on the case


Obama: “not just an issue for Ferguson. This is an issue for America”


Shock Video: Democrat Lawmaker Repeatedly Declares ‘Race War’ In Wake Of No Wilson Indictment


33 Photos of the Chaotic Streets of Ferguson


Mike Brown Attorney: Cops Aren’t Charged When They Kill Black Kids


Missouri State Senator says St. Louis is in a "Race War"


Stop Using Michael Brown's Corpse As Your Racial Mascot


Ferguson just the latest example of the dangerous Frances Fox Piven philosophy


ISIS Supporters on Twitter Call to Use Ferguson Protests as Cover for Lone-Wolf Attacks


Brown family attorney decries process as cleanup begins in Ferguson


Darren Wilson, recalling shooting, said Michael Brown looked like a 'demon'


Congressional Black Caucus members react to decision in Ferguson


Holder: We’re Not Done Investigating Ferguson Police Officer


Barack Obama hypocritically stirs Ferguson’s Racial Tensions


BREAKING>>> #Ferguson Mayor Called For National Guard – REQUESTS WERE IGNORED! (Video)


ARMED GUARDS WITH AR-15s Save North St. Louis Strip Mall From Looters


Ferguson, A.K.A. ‘Benghazi West’


Obama Tells Protesters Not to Riot - Protesters Riot


Former Obama Aide: Ferguson Gives Whites Permission to Shoot Black People


In Other News: Mother of the Year Teaches Ferguson Child How to Loot


Ferguson decision sparks second night of protests across the country


Wilson says there was 'no way' Brown had his hands up


Witness accounts differ from story on street


Where was the National Guard? Critics question Missouri authorities' handling of Ferguson riots


Police make 44 arrests after another round of protests


Police probe death of man found dead in car in Ferguson




Darren Wilson breaks silence


Rioters destroy businesses


Ferguson protesters overturn barricades, swarm courthouse...

Block traffic on Interstate...


MAG: In Defense of Rioting...

Most Businesses Destroyed Minority Owned...


Body Found Shot to Death, Set Fire...

PAPA JOHN'S Manager Defends Store From Looters -- With Bare Hands...


Mayor: Delayed deployment 'deeply disturbing'...

Legal scholars praise grand jury for fairness beyond the norm...

Rioting as 'planned event'...

Car Hits Protester In Minneapolis..

Lincoln Tunnel Blocked in NYC; FDR Drive Shut Down...

Stephanopoulos Interviews Officer Darren Wilson... Says has 'clean conscience'... 'Did what was trained to do'...

Times reckless for printing Ferguson officer’s address


Opinion: How a false media narrative made Ferguson worse


More violence across US in wake of Ferguson decision


VIDEO: Rioters torch cop car


Cleveland to release video of 12-year-old boy shot by officer


2 FBI agents shot, injured in St. Louis area


Wilson: 'no way' Brown had his hands up


Guard reinforcements contain damage in Ferguson...

Before and after photos show extent of damage...

Black protester punches white bystander; Cop called gay slurs in Portland...

PAPA JOHN'S Manager Defends Store From Looters -- With Bare Hands...

Rioting as 'planned event'...

180 Arrested In LA Protests...

45 in Boston...

Trooper bitten...

Brown's Mother: 'I Don't Believe A Word Of It'...

'He would never do anything to anybody'...

Family church burned during riots...

Pastor blames white supremacists...

Pharrell Williams: Why Aren't We Talking About Michael Brown's 'Bullyish' Behavior?


Sola Civitas: The Left Favors the State Over the People in Ferguson


Ezra Klein’s House of White Privilege Explains the News


Megyn Kelly sums up Ferguson with one question for protesters, and she’s not afraid to ask!


It’s not over: Holder continues investigation, implies Wilson could still be charged


What Obama's Ferguson Sermon Left Out


Moral Befuddlement in Ferguson


Feelingstown, Missouri


Armed Business Owners Thwart Mobs In Ferguson Riots


‘HANDS UP, DON’T SHOOT’ WAS A LIE: Testimony, Evidence Suggests Textbook Self-Defense Shooting


Hot Air Quotes of the day for Ferguson 11/25/2014


Open thread: Darren Wilson speaks


Brown family lawyer: Why did the prosecutor change the rules for Wilson and not try hard to get him indicted?


Missouri Lt. Gov, Ferguson mayor: Where was the National Guard last night?


It’s a conspiracy: The left blaming everyone for Ferguson violence but the violent


Video of the Man Robbed by Michael Brown Standing in His Now-Looted Store Shows Other Side of Tragedy


Heartfelt Written Letter from Officer Darren Wilson to Supporters Who Believed That He Was Innocent


As Smoke in Ferguson Begins to Clear, Police Make Startling Discovery Close to Where Brown Was Shot


1000 Pages of Grand Jury Testimony Reveal What Really Happened In Darren Wilson's Car That Night


CNN Couldn't Hide This Startling Moment Caught On Live TV That Explains All the Violence in Ferguson


'Heartbroken' St. Louis County Police Chief Responds To Riots and Unrest In Ferguson


Famous lawyer races to help Ferguson looting victims


PHOTOS: Ferguson Rioters Burn American Flags, Turn Over Cop Cars During Second Night of Violence


“ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS LIVE:” ABC Interviews Darren Wilson About The Shooting Of Michael Brown | Bob Owens


Wow: These 17 Jaw-Dropping Ferguson Images Show Just How Chaotic The Situation Has Become


Shock Revelation: ISIS Terrorists Are Using Ferguson Protests To Reach Out And Recruit


Ted Nugent’s unfiltered response, ‘lessons from Ferguson,’ as real as it gets: ‘Well, well, well!’


CNN Reporter Hit In Head With Rock In Ferguson While Other Reporters Struggle To Report Amidst The Chaos


How This UN Official Just Lectured The US About ‘Human Rights’ In Ferguson Will Make You Mad


Cops reportedly foil plot to bomb Gateway Arch after Ferguson decision

Ferguson bakery vandalized in protests receives $200G in donations

Ferguson 'BLACK MALE CRISIS' Documentary in the Works...

Protesters disrupt MACY'S parade... 

AP: 'Hands Up. Don't Shoot' based on lie?


Grand jury witnesses often cited fear in testifying...


AP: Thousands of pages of grand jury docs reveal inconsistent, fabricated or provably wrong statements by witnesses...

Brown's Mother: 'I Don't Believe A Word Of It'...

'He would never do anything to anybody'...

Pharrell Williams: Why Aren't We Talking About Michael Brown's 'Bullyish' Behavior? 

Two men indicted in plan to blow up St. Louis arch... 

Bomb Plot Failed After Maxed Out EBT Card...


Is Ferguson Really About Race?


Enough of The Silly Scapegoating, Here’s The REAL Cause Of The Ferguson Violence


57 Raw Images of the Ferguson Protests Across the Nation


Obama on 'Gang-Bangers,' Hoodies, and Illegals Emptying Bedpans


The Criminals Of Ferguson


Ferguson protests move to TARGET, WALMART...

Close mall in St. Louis... 

Flood NYC streets... 

Trains shut down in Bay Area; massive delays... 

AP: 'Hands Up. Don't Shoot' based on lie?

LAWYER: Darren Wilson will NEVER return to police force... 

Come spring, 'For Sale' signs expected in riot-hit town...


Ferguson protesters rally across US for second day


Moral Befuddlement In Ferguson Not Going Away Anytime Soon


New York Times Reporters who put out Darren Wilson’s Address have their Addresses made Public


Ferguson Conspiracy Exposed – Good and important viewing


Did They Want More Violence In Ferguson? 10 ‘Coincidences’ Too Glaring To Ignore


Ferguson – Choosing Chaos over Common Sense


Violent Rioting Now a Right of Minorities


There is No Quick Fix for the Ferguson Fiasco


Ferguson thugs beat, carjack elderly white man on oxygen


Liberals Willing To Fight To The Last Drop of Black Blood


Ferguson Obscures Much Bigger Problems in the 'Black Community'


Ferguson Too Complicated for Easy Allegory


Mark Levin's Facebook Post Saying Michael Brown Was Responsible for His Own Death Goes Viral


Hot take from Time magazine columnist: In defense of rioting


Chris Rock - How not to get your ass kicked by the police!


A Black to Giuliani: 'Right on brother. Way to go Rudy!


Black Mob Violence Now a Sickness


Sick Political Theater


New Black Panthers Plotted To Bomb Gateway Arch, Assassinate St. Louis Prosecutor, Ferguson Police Chief… Foiled By EBT Card…


CNN's Don Lemon Confronts Jesse Jackson: 'Why Burn Down A Place Where You Could Possibly Work?'


Two Looters Smash Police Car & Take Cops on a High Speed Chase. Where They Came from is Ridiculous.


Good Luck to Parents in St. Louis Trying to Explain Why Their Kids Can't See This Holiday Tradition


Watch: CNN Reporter Blasts Jesse Jackson Over How Little Sense His Ferguson Rhetoric Makes


ISIS Fighters Reach out to Ferguson Protesters, Offer Help In Exchange for Oath of Allegiance to Baghdadi


Ferguson, the 'Local Crime Story'


Don’t Mess with Texas! Protesters of Ferguson Decision in Dallas Get Shut Down


We Are the Enemy: Is This the Lesson of Ferguson?


Tea Party Leader Reveals Who is Really Behind the Ferguson Unrest


Republican takes on CNN Hosts over Race Baiters in Ferguson


Are Blacks Demanding Total Immunity From Being Arrested?


Islamic State to Ferguson protesters: “We love you, and we will help you”


Ferguson's forgotten victims


There's a bigger problem that Ferguson protesters aren't addressing


Marijuana figures big in Ferguson meltdown


NFL star’s Christian take on Ferguson goes viral: ‘Not a SKIN problem, it is a SIN problem’


CNN investigates autopsy assistant hired by Michael Brown family: A ‘fraud’ and ‘a con artist’


Family secret: What the left won’t tell you about black crime


Ferguson and the sad state of American protesting


Eric Holder Not Done With Officer Darren Wilson, Regardless of Grand Jury Decision


Look At The New Focus For The Anger Of Ferguson Protestors As The Movement Morphs


Call Ferguson Demonstrations What They Are: ‘Obama Riots’


Ferguson protesters arrested at Macy’s Thanksgiving parade


Irony: Ferguson Protest Leaders’ Car Stolen & House Looted


The Modern Day Racists and Provocateurs


ISIS seeks converts among Ferguson rioters


Lessons from the Ferguson verdict — from a middle-class white guy


Media stars reveal what's really going on in Ferguson


7 Lessons To Be Learned From The Trayvon Martin And Michael Brown Cases


Conservative Reforms To Prevent Future Fergusons


Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson resigns, cites fears for cops' safety


Ferguson protests continue leading to mall closures, arrests


VIDEO: 15 arrests at latest protest


Shocking rules for ‘whites’ at Mike Brown vigil: Support blacks, shut up and ‘refrain from taking up space’


‘Hands up, don’t shoot!’ Rallying cry finally called a BIG LIE, where’s apology from media, Juan Williams?


Driver On His Way to Work Takes Bull by the Horns & Gives Ferguson Protesters Off I-5 a Piece of His Mind


'Take Some Damn Personal Responsibility': One Man's Urgent Message to the Black Community


Viral Video: Black Man To Blacks: "Put Blame Where It Belongs. Sometimes, It’s Just Us"


The Shocking Thing Mike Brown Protesters Just Said About White People Proves How Racist They Are


White Mugging Victim Claims He Deserved To Be Attacked Because Of His ‘Privilege’


Allen West Slams Obama’s Racial Cherry Picking For Political Benefit


Watch: See How Mayhem In Ferguson Cost This Pregnant Woman Her Left Eye


Watch: Ferguson Rioters Ruin Amazing Holiday Tradition For The Families Of St. Louis


UN panel dings U.S. on torture, police brutality


Race Baiter Charlie Rangel Angry that Darren Wilson has a Clean Conscience


UN Continues to Put its Nose Where it doesn't belong: Claims they are concerned about Police in US


Affirmative Morality


Brown family attorney keeps possibility of civil suit open


No severance package for Darren Wilson, Ferguson mayor says


Obama to hold meetings in wake of Ferguson


Viral Video: Black Man To Blacks: "Put Blame Where It Belongs. Sometimes, It’s Just Us"


Race and Media Bias


Sheriff Clarke ~ Irresponsible Groups Descended on Ferguson MO Like Vultures on a Roadside Carcass


Rich Lowry Infuriates Panel of Democrats with Advice on Police Encounters


Miller's model: A solution for Ferguson – Nice story from Chuck Norris


CNN lying when they say Ferguson protests were 'peaceful'...


The Plight of the American Negro - Is That Oppression I See?


Ferguson and Obama’s Legacy on Race Relations #RSWB


Obama’s War on Blacks


“Heavy Automatic Gunfire” As Ferguson Burns


Lawyers on Both Sides of Ferguson Case Answer the Question You've Been Asking


[Video] Superhuman Guy Gets Tasered Multiple Times and Keeps Fighting With Two Cops


What the Ferguson protesters accomplished


White House pushes local cops to use body cameras

School's Ferguson 'grief' sessions blasted

Charles Barkley: Ferguson grand jury right




Five St. Louis Rams enter game with “hands up don’t shoot” gesture


NFL Members Protesting Darren Wilson Decision Have Records of Arrests, Substance Abuse, Suspensions and More…


NFL: No discipline for Rams players over protest...

NYC Mayor visits White House to discuss 'centuries of racism'...

Rangel Talks Reparations on House Floor...

Protesters snarl traffic in DC...

Farrakhan threatens to 'tear this God damned country apart'...

'Let's Die For Something'...


St. Louis Rams players take field with ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ pose; ‘This is embarrassing’


Black and Hispanic thugs beating victims with hammers in St. Louis; one dead


Man's Heartwrenching Response to News His Brother Was Beaten to Death by Hammer-Wielding Teens in St. Louis


Watch: Missouri Thugs Reach New Level Of Violence So Atrocious It’ll Make You Sick


Conservative editor makes fools of liberal pundits with one undeniable statement on Ferguson


More than a ‘Beer Summit’ to fix Ferguson: Obama to meet with Cabinet, civil rights leaders, law enforcement


The Story Behind the Woman Who Raised Over $500,000 for Officer Darren Wilson Makes Perfect Sense


CNN Commentator Sally Kohn Believes White People are Automatically Born Guilty of ‘Privilege’


College Student 'Can Hardly Blame' Those Who Robbed Him At Gunpoint Because of His White 'Privilege'


Michael Brown's Pastor Experiences the Wrath of Ferguson When His Own Church is Burnt Down


Darren Wilson Publishes Letter Explaining Why He Chose to Resign from the Ferguson Police Force


N. Korea Seizes on Ferguson Tensions in Accusing U.S. of Human Rights Abuses


Calls for 'Michael Brown Law' Follow Grand Jury Decision


GUARDIANS: When Police Failed In Ferguson, Two Very Different Militias Kept the Peace


The Reason Four Armed Black Ferguson Men Showed Up At A White-Owned Business May Surprise You


Government Threatens Police Academy Instructor, Other Volunteers With Arrest For Protecting Ferguson Businesses


Called “domestic terrorists” by the feds, Oath Keepers help stop Ferguson from burning


Feds Enable Arsonists, Target Oath Keepers Protecting Ferguson Businesses


MSNBC host calls 'B.S.' on Ferguson media coverage


Progressive Mythography  - Officer Wilson should never even have been brought before the grand jury.


Rudy Giuliani says Darren Wilson Case should have Never Gone to Grand Jury!


Heartbreaking Interview with Brother of Zemir Begic


Rudy Giuliani Wants to Prosecute Ferguson Witnesses who Lied for Perjury


Race-Baiting Charlie Rangel Mad that Cop Doesn't Feel Bad for Defending His Own Life


Ferguson Miracle: Rule of Law Trumps Mob Rule


Sharpton: ‘The Fight Ain’t Over’ in Ferguson


Obama Tries To Focus Public On Racist Cops


Meet the rich white male behind the #Ferguson-driven black boycott of capitalism


JESUS & RIOTERS: I Dare Black Ministers To Read This To Their Church


Busted: Paramilitary Police Caught on Film Starting Fire in Ferguson


10 Signs That Communists Are Infiltrating The Ferguson Protests


Communists cash in on Ferguson protests


Obama And The Media Are Stirring The Pot In Ferguson, But Real Leaders Are Trying To Bring Us Together


Black in America? You got it made.


A Feel-Good Story from Ferguson (assuming you’re not Michael Bloomberg)


Eric Holder: We Must 'Seize' The 'Unique Opportunity' Ferguson Presents


Holder gets shouted out by his own posse while announcing new racial profiling guidelines


Having solved all other problems, Eric Holder to tackle racial profiling


Holder Reveals Plan To Stop Racial Profiling


Opinions Versus Facts


How To Not Get Shot By The Police


It Takes A Village To Raise A Looter


Will Body Cameras Solve the Ferguson Problem?


Administration Exploits Ferguson to Undermine Race Relations and Rule of Law


Response to Ferguson Rioters: Restitution and Shaming


Who Are the Cowards Now?


Black America and American Exceptionalism


In Ferguson, Terrence Williams Is Cleaning Up and Spreading a Message You'll Want to Hear


Video: Ferguson protesters pick a fight with snipers protecting businesses


How A New York Police Officer Lost His Life Demonstrates Why Darren Wilson Shot at Michael Brown


St. Louis Police Are 'Profoundly Disappointed' in the Rams, and They Explain Why in this Powerful Letter


Niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Has a Powerful Message for Supporters of Ferguson Riots


Obama: 'Simmering Distrust' Between Police, Minorities Is a 'National Problem'


Kevin Jackson: ‘Everybody Knows Race Relations Have Gone in the Toilet Since Obama Took Over’


People Are Supporting Darren Wilson In An Incredible Way That Will Drive Race Baiters Crazy


The Furor Intensifies Over The Publication Of ‘Targeted’ Darren Wilson’s Personal Information


Watch: Missouri Thugs Reach New Level Of Violence So Atrocious It’ll Make You Sick


WATCH: We Went to Ferguson and Found What the Media Isn't Portraying


ISIS Supporters on Twitter Call to Use Ferguson Protests as Cover for Lone-Wolf Attacks


Dr. Ben Carson: Race Relations Better Before Obama


Defiant GOP official won’t be bullied into stepping down for calling Ferguson rioters ‘thugs’


Ferguson Proves Punching a Police Officer in the Face and Reaching for His Gun Could Get You Killed


Ferguson Activists Terrorize a Woman and Her Daughter at Local Target Store


Milwaukee Sheriff: DOJ Profiling Guidelines Don't Mean Anything To Me

Ferguson Police Chief: 'Lot of Discussion' On Charging Brown's Stepdad...

VIDEO: Black Minister Sounds Off on ObamaHolderSharpton...








Obama Takes Aim at Alleged “Racist” Police Officers




NYPD Gun Training Incompetence Claims Another Victim


74 Year Old Man Shoots a Man Who Was Stalking His Female Neighbor After Attack


Man Tries to Run His Family Down With His Truck, His Wife Shoots and Kills Him


FBI: 76 Law Enforcement Officers Killed in Line of Duty Last Year; 49,851 Assaulted


Obama: 'Minority Communities Typically Are Subject to More Crime'


Giuliani: White Cops 'Wouldn't Be There' If Blacks Weren't 'Killing Each Other'


Police say video of officer shooting boy is 'clear'


Police hunt killer of mom stabbed near jogging trail


For Modern Societies To Survive, Lawful Citizens Must Be Armed


So, You Think You Can Shoot?


A Gun Ownership Primer: The Philosophy Of Gun Ownership 


A Gun Ownership Primer, Part 2: Does Evil Exist?


A Gun Ownership Primer: Is Killing Morally Justified? Part 1 


A Gun Ownership Primer: Is Killing Morally Justified? 


A Gun Ownership Primer: Political Realities, Part 1 


A Gun Ownership Primer: Political Realities, Part 2


A Gun Ownership Primer: Life-Changing Realities, Part 1


Attorneys Argue That FSU Library Attack Shows Need For Statewide Campus Carry


Lehigh Defense 300gr Controlled Fracturing! Machined Brass Devastation


He Hates 1911s


Grandfather Takes Out THREE Would-be Rapists


Extreme Long Range: The 2,000 Meter Shot – Way cool!


Black-crime explosion: 'America's worst city' revealed


Very Nice Beretta video


Everytown For Gun Safety Urges Members to Push Gun Control at Their Family Thanksgiving Dinner


Homeowner Shoots Home Invader Armed With a Knife to Protect His Brother and Elderly Mother


[Video] Tennessee Pawn Shop Owner Wants to Ship Guns to Ferguson to Arm Citizens


Video From Ferguson Shows Protestors Leaving Business Alone Where Owner Was Open Carrying


“Gentle Ben” Carson Strikes Out On Guns and Self-Defense, Again


The Nanny Who Got Caught Going Beyond Child Abuse Will Get A Big Helping of Old-Fashioned Justice


Students Disarmed By Campus Carry Laws Had Clear Shot At FSU Library Attacker


VIRAL Milwaukee police chief talks about black on black crime on Fox and Friends


Mexico asks kids to turn in toy guns in peace push


The Eight Dumbest Anti-Gun Political Statements of All Time


Marines Step it Up – Training Blindfolded on M4s


Sick: Family Of Armed Robber Criticizes Good Samaritan Who Stopped Him


Watch your 'six'


Springfield Armory XD Mod 2


Lots of Black Friday Gun Sales: FBI Performed 3 Background Checks per Second


Black Friday Gun Sales Likely Set New Record


Washington Post/ AP Misrepresent Black Friday Background Checks


145,000 Firearms Sold on Black Friday


On Black Friday, gun sales stress background check system

FBI data show thousands of gun sales beat checks


RECALL: Remington Issues Recall Due to Possible Slamfires on Shotgun


Magpul Finalizes Move Out of Colorado Due to Gun Control Laws


10 Lessons Taught by the Concealed Carry Gun


Top 10 Best Selling Concealed Carry Handguns


EOTech 512: The Gold Standard of Reflex Sights


Women’s Concealed Carry: Five Holsters that Work


Loaded for Bear – READ THE COMMENTS.


Noted psychiatrist seeks tool to quantify wickedness


Trijicon ACOG What’s the Big Deal?


Why Professionals Don’t “Shoot To Wound”


‘HANDS UP, DON’T SHOOT’ WAS A LIE: Testimony, Evidence Suggests Textbook Self-Defense Shooting


This Police Department Seems to Think Law Enforcement Is a 'Get Rich' Scheme


WHY I CARRY: Man is Beaten to Death by Teenagers With Hammers in St. Louis


Florida woman found dead with arrows in head; son charged with murder


[Video] Superhuman Guy Gets Tasered Multiple Times and Keeps Fighting With Two Cops


Dueling digital images: Cop stops man for walking with his hands in his pockets; both whip out cameras


Steak Knives Taken From JFK Restaurants Inside Security Checkpoint as Loaded Guns in Handbags Breaks New Record


Black Friday and the Ferguson Riots: This is Why We Are Armed


[Video] The Latest AR/AK Hybrid – The CMMG MK47 Mutant


WHY I CARRY: Retail Worker Shot & Killed by Ex-Boyfriend on Black Friday After Being Denied Restraining Order


The $99 AR-15 Bump Stock – Actually Works!! – Video Review




The Colorado Recall that Worked


Armed Mother Protects Four Kids From Thanksgiving Day Intruder


What Was Just Revealed About The Oklahoma Beheading Victim Is Buried Beneath Ferguson Furor


Arm Yourself, The Police Can't Protect You (all the time, at a moment’s notice) – Stupid libtard reporter question, “Are their firearms registered?”  Lots of concern for the defenders’ weapons, but no mentioned regard for their safety from thugs.


New Radiation Detector ‘Shines’ in Urban Emergency Response Exercise – Cool tool!


Is ISIS the Second Coming of the Umayyad Caliphate? – Coming to the Americas.  It’s just a matter of time.






'STEALTHY' SPYING - Mystery malware may be work of foreign nation


Tool detects gov't spyware


VIDEO: Is your child's smartphone turning into an online casino?


Retailers anticipating holiday season surge in cyber attacks? 


CLAIM: Wi-Fi signals causing headaches, nausea and crippling pain...

Is your technology killing you?

Researchers Warn Of 'Email Apnea'...




Denmark world's most connected country...


TA14-329A: Regin Malware


Detekt: A New Malware Detection Tool That Can Expose Illegitimate State Surveillance


EFF Backs Detekt: Malware Detection Tool For State Surveillance


Complex, sophisticated malware 'Regin' used for espionage since at least 2008, Symantec says


Launching in 2015: A Certificate Authority to Encrypt the Entire Web


The Internet Doesn't Need More Regulation, Mr. President


Expert: Why the North Korean cyber threat is real

Sony hires Mandiant after cyber attack

'Fury,' other films leaked after hack attack


FBI warns US businesses of 'destructive' malware


FBI Issues Terrifying Warning About ISIS That Will Have US Military Members On Edge


ISIS Threat at Home: FBI Warns US Military About Social Media Vulnerabilities


What Happens When Spies Can Eavesdrop on Any Conversation?


'RETRO-CHIC': Fearing hackers, celebs ditch smartphones for decade-old flips...


Members of international cybercrime organization's New York cell sentenced in $45 million cyberattack


Bitdefender launches BRAIN-powered total security multi-device 2015


SCE warns customers to be aware of utility bill scam during the holiday season


The Team That Revealed Fake Cell Towers in DC Launches Campaign to Find More Around the Country


The Internet Doesn't Need More Regulation, Mr. President


TrustPipe launches TrustXP to make Windows XP devices virtually hack-proof, extending life for 300 million computers


Hack attack on Sony has earmarks of North Koreans

292 counterfeit domains seized by law enforcement






Principal Suspended, Officer Reassigned After “Active Shooter” Drill Using Live Weapons


Ohio Schoolboard is Considering Arming Teachers


The ‘Truly Frightening’ Thing a Texas Teacher Allegedly Told One Mother


HOME-SCHOOL SPIKE - Common Core opposition has more parents teaching


Tenn. lawmakers, governor move closer to Common Core repeal


Poll shows teachers, parents give Common Core low marks


VIDEO: Support for Common Core dropping among educators


Teachers union boss loses 40,000 members, gets a raise


School has hissy fit over Creation invitation


More schools look to armed teachers as first line of defense against shooters


Sex Ed Conference for Students Goes Way Too Far


School Expels Child Over Vaccine That Even the Doctor Refuses to Give


 ‘Kelly File’ special ‘Who is Teaching Our Kids’ absolutely frightening!


Christian beliefs put student in danger of expulsion


'Womb-to-workforce' data-mining scheme sparks revolt


Obama Admin Plots New Teacher Training Regulations


IndoctriNation Movie – Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America


Common Core opposition has more parents teaching


Common Core Fallout: Homeschooling Rates Are Rising


In Photos: Kids Go to School in Islamic State-Held Territory in Iraq


Communism survivor: Common Core looks scary familiar


The Death of Western Christianity


Proposed Bill Would Mandate North Dakota High School Seniors Pass Citizenship Test to Graduate


College Student asks +Schnurr to Drop Common Core


“Communist Core”: Immigrant Mom Sees Shocking Parallels Between Chinese And U.S. Education


High School Rule-makers Endanger Female Athletes


Common Core includes collecting psych data on kids, critics say


Opposition to Common Core spurs jump in homeschooling


Oklahoma fights back after feds pull education funding over Common Core


Tennessee lawmakers, governor move closer to Common Core repeal






Will the Republicans have the guts to play hardball?


The Path to a Permanent GOP Majority


Schumer: In Retrospect, We Should Have Focused on the Economy, Not Obamacare


Claim that “Racism” cost Democrats the Mid-Term Elections is Nonsense


Louisiana Dem: Make Sure To Vote Multiple Times, You Won’t Be Prosecuted…






Family Gets Relief From Obamacare’s Mandatory 'Abortion Fee'


Planned Parenthood becomes a religion


Watchdog Group Sues IRS Over Monitoring US Churches


What Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation Tells Us About Separation of Church and State


Many Faiths, Common View on Marriage: Men and Women Are Created for Each Other


Christian beliefs put student in danger of expulsion


IndoctriNation Movie – Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America


The Death of Western Christianity


Disney goes goofy over mention of 'God'

Atheists Launch Controversial Anti-Christian Christmas Ad Campaign


After Har Nof: House (of worship) Insurance






America, You’ve Been Grubered!


Rep. Smith: Most Obamacare Plans Violate Hyde Amendment


MORE Obamacare deception: Gruber privately warned of spiking premiums...


ObamaCare architect will appear at House hearing


VIDEO: ObamaCare architect to testify before Congress


VIDEO: Gruber fired again, this time by North Carolina


SCHUMER: Passing Obamacare in 2010 Was Mistake...


Chuck Schumer quietly starts distancing Democrats from Obama for 2016.


Bad News Continues to Roll In for Obamacare Nightmare


Obamacare Twice as Likely to Hurt Americans than Help

Obama HHS Secretary encourages Illegals to Sign up for Obamacare


Obamacare offers firms $3,000 incentive to hire illegals over native-born workers


HHS admits Obamacare optimism based on smoke and mirrors 


Schumer sparks intraparty fury after Obamacare comments...


Democrats Failed Middle Class in Passing Obamacare, Top Senator Says


Majority of Americans Say It's Not Federal Government’s Role to Provide Health Care Coverage


Gruber And Our So-Called “Betters”


GALLUP: Record Number Americans Foregoing Medical Care Over Costs...


Unintended consequence: Obamacare spurs more to postpone medical treatment


Factories under siege under ObamaCare


Obamacare premium costs to soar higher in 2015


CEOs Ready To Revolt Against Obamacare...


PAPER: Dark days ahead for ObamaCare


Report: Little interest in Obamacare’s small business site


Emanuel, Drooling Over Death


Gruber: If Obama doesn’t work, then we’ll have to go ‘SINGLE PAYER’


This State Is Facing Fight Over Obamacare Medicaid Expansion


Gallup: ObamaCare not shielding consumers from economic choices


ObamaCare Architect Explains How to Kill ObamaCare






Obama Just Got Punked by the Chinese: They Won't Honor New Climate Change Deal

UPDATE: Great Lakes ice cover develops; Earliest in over 40 years...


Quiet Atlantic hurricane season spares U.S. for ninth year running...


Bill Passed: EPA Must Take Advice from Industry Shills, NOT from Independent Scientists


Wind Production Tax Credit (PTC)


The end of wind welfare approaches


POWER: President to Introduce Sweeping New Controls on Ozone Emissions...


'Most extensive regulation ever'...


Backers of Alaska mine win court battle with EPA


EPA Proposes Extreme Air Quality Standards


EPA staffers linked to 'alleged serious misconduct,' agency reveals


VIDEO: EPA sets 2015 agenda


Obama administration sets stricter smog standard


EPA chief defends ozone rule


EPA climate rule draws more than 1.6 million comments as deadline passes »


Congress Moves to Block Runaway EPA


Backers of Alaska gold mine win court battle with EPA


VIDEO: Obama flexing more regulatory muscle


This New Report On Hurricanes Is Sure To Get A Stormy Reception By Climate Change Alarmists


Lawmakers, Lobbyists Eye 'Green' Energy Subsidies in Lame-Duck Congress






Obama Flips Blacks on Backs


How Travis Crockett Leaned on God and Helping Hands to Lift Himself From Poverty and Mean Streets


Getting fired is Mission: Impossible for fed bureaucrats


Sessions: Congress Has ‘Duty’ to Oppose Spending on Things They Don’t Believe In


The Federal Reserve Is At The Heart Of The Debt Enslavement System That Dominates Our Lives


Taxpayers May Be on the Hook for Another Massive Bailout. This Time, It's Unions That Might Benefit.


The Ethanol Mandate Proves the Government Is a Poor Central Planner


On The 100th Anniversary Of The Federal Reserve Here Are 100 Reasons To Shut It Down Forever


10 Facts About The Growing Unemployment Crisis In America That Will Blow Your Mind


Obama's Economic Agenda: Higher Health Care Costs, No XL Pipeline, and More


Sen. Hatch: IRS planning bonuses for staff who owe taxes


Prisoners get millions from IRS in bogus refund claims, watchdog finds


This Is Why You Should NEVER Trust a Bank: Wells Fargo Refuses To Pay Woman What She’s Owed: “Practically Laughed At Me”


Taxpayers Funding Terrorism Through Benefits Fraud


Obama Wrecks Tax Cut Compromise


Union, Prosecutor Team to Push Papa John’s to Pay More


White House plans to force business to pay more OT



Feds Take Record $341,591,000,000.00 in Tax Revenue...


SHOCK STUDY: Kids in Baltimore Worse Off Than Nigeria, India...


National Debt Hits $18,000,000,000,000


National debt exceeds $18T, sparking renewed criticism of spending under Obama


Report: State budgets fudge numbers to hide massive debt


OPINION: What GOP Congress should (and shouldn't) do in 2015


Nearly 1 in 5 Households Will Celebrate Thanksgiving on Food Stamps


Black Friday lays an egg


This Chart Shows Why Social Security Will Be Broke in 10 Years


Even If OPEC Had Decided to Cut Oil Production, It Wouldn't Be a Huge Deal. Here's Why.


Falling Oil Prices Could Cripple ‘Vulnerable’ Russia, Trigger World War III






Congress Must Check the Power of a President Who Thinks He's a King


Vatican: Attacks on Marriage a ‘Suicide of Humanity Itself’


Reagan Flashback: 'Checks and Balances, Limited Government -The Genius of Our Constitutional System'


'Democrats Must Embrace Government'...


Obama: Future Presidents Can 'Absolutely Not' Replicate My Power Grab on Other Issues


FEMA’s Failure to Track $66 Billion in Funds Puts Long-Term Disaster Recovery Efforts at Risk


Obama Puts The Republic Out Of Its Misery


Democrats Warning: Obama could go to Prison


Beware of Our Betters


Free Pass for One Percenter Al Sharpton on \$4.5 Million Owed in Taxes


Al Sharpton and the next AG


With Everyone Focused on Ferguson, Obama Quietly Passing 3,400 New Regulations


It is NOT About Ferguson


GQ magazine ranks Obama among 'least influential' people of 2014

BEN CARSON: Race Relations Were Better Off BEFORE Obama...

He Manipulates Minority Communities...


Obama unleashed: Defies GOP election wins, moves in opposite direction

BEN CARSON: Race Relations Were Better Off BEFORE Obama...

He Manipulates Minority Communities...


America is on the edge of a second revolutionary war


Bombshell: New Documents Expose Obama Admin’s Involvement In A Huge Scandal He Denied


SHOCK VIDEO: What Obama Just Admitted, In His Own 9 Words, Proves He’s A Lawless Dictator


New Docs Involve White House in IRS Scandal


Kerry Misleads on Extent of Iran’s Cooperation With IAEA


2-Minute Thanksgiving NFL Ad Warns of Rogue President




Here’s How Obama Plans On Destroying America As We Know It


Barack Obama: A Companion of Fools


Obama – Enemy of the State – IN HIS OWN WORDS


Barack Hussein Obama Must Now Be Declared An Enemy Of The State


Obama's Executive Amnesty is Only the Beginning


An Open Letter To Our New Congress


IRS Scandals Update


Is Obama Finally Going To Jail? Even Democrats Admit This Is Inevitable…


Just How Radical Were The People Who Influenced Barack Hussein Obama?


Scores of Russian Gays Seeking Asylum in USA...


North Dakota Names Landfill After Obama


900 Documented Examples of Obama’s Lawbreaking, Lying, Corruption, Cronyism, Hypocrisy & Waste


Barack Obama became President With Illegal Votes, Claims Study


Obama Shafts Hillary With Amnesty and Ferguson


America’s Choice: Emperor Obama or the Constitutional Rule of Law


Evidence Shows White House Involved in IRS Targeting Scandal from Beginning


U.S. Chamber will fight Obama regulations


Planned Parenthood: A Marketing Plan from Hell


Congress' Sneaky Tactic to Grab More Land for the Government



How the U.S. Is Being Set Up to Lose World War III


Barack Obama: Idiot, Sociopath, Traitor or Does He have Antisocial Personality Disorder?


Boehner: Obama's Action 'a Serious Threat to Our System of Government'


Exploiting the Presidential Veto


White House: Obama will shut down the government with a veto if the GOP tries to stop amnesty


Can Racial Discrimination Explain Much?


Kevin Jackson: ‘Everybody Knows Race Relations Have Gone in the Toilet Since Obama Took Over’


House Conservatives Are the Forest Gumps of Congress


Obama: Fund My Amnesty Or I’ll Shut Down The Government