A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.


We sleep safely at night because rough men and women stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm.


“Chaos is the law of nature, and order is the dream of man”


“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”


Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty




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Health partners unite to build stronger health systems in Ebola-affected countries


Ebola in Britain: Heathrow testing facility had too few staff, Chief Medical Officer admits


Turns Out Sugar Isn’t So Sweet


Dr. Fauci: Flu Vaccine Only About 30 Percent Effective


5 natural ways to shrink your prostate


STUDY: Extra antioxidants make little difference in lifespan...


Officials: 9 People Contract Measles After Visiting DISNEYLAND...

STUDY: Sun may determine lifespan at birth...


Bavarian Nordic begins clinical trials for Ebola vaccine MVA-BN Filo and AdVac technology


SICK: Health Officials Warn of Legionnaire's Disease Outbreak in NYC...

Unraveling Key to Cold Virus's Effectiveness...

Harsh Respiratory Virus Slams Colorado...

26 children dead as flu outbreak widens...

UPDATE: 5 New Measles Cases Reported With Ties to DISNEYLAND...


'Spiritual warfare' as interest in occult rises...


Voodoo priests, doctors on frontline of Haiti's mental healthcare...


Why you are more likely to get a cold now 


Vitamin D, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease


Newly Discovered Antibiotic Kills Pathogens Without Resistance


Brains, veins and bones: Scanner reveals high-def images of human body...


Closing your eyes boosts memory recall, new study finds


Ebola centers built by USA in Africa nearly empty...


Progress being made in infection control in U.S. hospitals; continued improvements needed


Ebola exposure in hospitals can be tracked


'Death test' could predict chance of dying within 30 days






On the week that Islamists murder over ‘offensive’ cartoon, Obama’s DOJ intervenes against Redskins’ logo


Congressman Chaffetz in His New Role, Goes Straight for Eric Holder’s Throat


Open letter to Atty Gen Eric Holder from former FBI SA K. Dee McCown


Gun Dealers Targeted by Operation Choke Point


Fox News Guest Slams the Feds for Strangling the Gun Industry…One Mom-and-Pop Store at a Time


AG Holder moves against civil forfeitures






Does ‘the Right’ Suffer from ‘Race Deafness’?


The ADL Continues Super Left-Wing Advocacy


It's Always A Shock


Boston Cop Assaults Uber Driver And Tries to Drive Away With His Car


2 arrested in shootout that wounded 2 NYPD officers


Arrests plummet 66 percent with NYPD in virtual work stoppage


Black protesters get mocked for interrupting ‘whitey’ brunches this weekend


Empowered thug gets questioned by cops, returns with huge posse to attack officers


Protesters Stormed the St. Louis Police Headquarters. But the Real Story Is Who Stood Across the Street.


Email Shows Gov. Nixon Ordered National Guard OUT OF FERGUSON Before Riots & Destruction


North Carolina Parents Do the Brave Thing When They See Their Children Caught on Film Committing a Robbery


No, murdering police officers is not a “hate crime”


When “arrested without incident” becomes “white privilege”


Black Louisiana State Senator ‘I would never use Sharpton and King in the Same Sentence'


Man Fatally Shot After Pulling Fake Gun on Calif. Cops Left Behind Note for Them: ‘Dear Officer(s)’


Video reveals unarmed Mont. man told to raise hands before officer fired


UPDATE: Arrests plummet amid low morale...

STUDY: Police more hesitant to shoot black suspects...

L.A. police to get Tasers that activate body cameras when used...


FBI Investigating Explosion Near Colorado Springs NAACP...


Two More NYPD Officers Shot In The Line Of Duty, and They Weren’t Even Wearing Their Uniforms


Al Sharpton forced to explain why a Viagra prescription in his name was found in friend accused of rape’s home


Rushing To Judgment And Scapegoating Synonymous


‘Black People’s Grand Jury’ Indicts Darren Wilson For First Degree Murder


A Party at War with Itself


To All Those Protesting: You Are Responsible For The Chaos


The Cop Killer as Left-wing Folk Hero


White House Tars GOP As Anti-Black


Rangel: I Never Felt ‘Moved’ For Dead Soldiers… Unless They Were Black


Al Sharpton's Magical Mystery Tour


Sharpton’s bizarre retort to the newspaper that accused him of race-shaming shakedowns


How Liberals Use Black People


Liberals' Use of Black People, Part II


Black Americans Are Allowing Themselves to be Exploited by Liberals


The Planned Parenthood Racism Project


Abortion Killed 19 Times as Many Blacks as Murder


LIBERAL CHICK: ‘White Devils Invented Brunch to Jam Their Racistic Supremacy In Black’s Faces’


ARMED GANGS OF BLACK PANTHERS: Are Openly Patrolling Neighborhoods


That’s it Obama: Go Wrap Yourself in a Dead Cop


Who Gets to Talk About Killing Cops?


Judge Shuts Down Lawyer’s Attempt To Bring Race Protest Mentality Into His Courtroom


LA Senator Elbert Guillory: I Would Never Use Sharpton and MLK Jr. In The Same Paragraph


Five Easy Steps To Eliminate Racism In The New Year – Very good reading


Sowell: Inequality is Driven By Failed Government Policies, Not the "Legacy of Slavery"


Demicans and Republicrats, nothing in DC will change


Nation’s Largest Teachers Union Massively Funds Wisconsin COP-HATING PROTESTS


‘Young, Gifted and Black Coalition’ Issues Demands in Open Letter to Police Chief. They Got This Blunt Reply.


Fired Cop with Violent Past Is about to Get His Job Back


JESSE JACKSON AND INTEL: More Racial Blackmail


The great media conspiracy about race


Arizona State University Offers "Problem" of Whiteness Class


Exposing the Race Grievance Industry's Theory of Exploitivity: Black Victim + White Culprit = Racism


Andrew Klavan: Which Black Lives Matter?


Milwaukee Sheriff Serves Al Sharpton & Eric Holder Some Cold Reality After Feds Clear Darren Wilson


Sheriff David Clarke SCHOOLS CNN host on anti-cop rhetoric from Obama, Holder, De Blasio


NYPD stopped writing tickets for low-level crimes


Dying For a Cigarette in New York


RESTORING ORDER: Reminders From Ferguson, Etc.


Police release insane Ferguson looting video, are criticized for transparency


Soros: The Key Financial Player Behind Ferguson Protests


Albuquerque officers charged with murder in homeless man's death


Eerie Memo Sent to NYPD Precincts Warns Officers That Their Patrol Cars Are Being Sabotaged


Study Finds Cops More Likely To Delay Shooting Blacks Than Whites


Albuquerque police officer shot nearly week after another wounded


Building a rapport with the witness and having him close his eyes may boost memory recall, new study finds


‘ANY COP THAT KILLS AGAIN WILL BE HANGED': Color of Change’s ‘Lynching Map’ Incites More Hatred


We must support our local police


PINCH ME! Pro NYPD Rallies in NYC!


Justice Department Will Not File Charges In Self-Defense Shooting of Michael Brown


Former Top FBI Official: Police Live In Fear Due To Obama Administration’s Ferguson Response


National Union Representing Milwaukee Police Embraces Wisconsin Anti-Cop Organizer


‘Black Lives Matter’ Protester is Given Gun & Asked to Make Decisions Like a Cop Would. Surprise! It’s Not That Easy.


Unarmed Assailant


Random Police Stop


I Was a Police Officer


Idiot Teens Refuse Listen to Officer, Almost Pull a TripleTamir Rice” In Texas – Nightmare material for cops


Cop Shoots Man During Stop, But It’s What He Was Seen on Video Doing After That’s Getting Attention






Overcoming The Myths Of Using A Shotgun for Personal Defense




Marine Raiders Engaged by Taliban, Sniper Returns Fire with Barrett .50 Caliber [VIDEO]


Jihadist Guide for Moms: Encourage Kids to Use Toy Guns


Second Amendment Warriors


South Carolina Considers Mandatory Gun Education At School


Jeff Foxworthy and Alan Jackson Targeted by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense


In Other News: Huffington Post Calls Self Defense "Laughable" Reason for Owning Guns


HuffPo: Self-Defense A ‘Laughable’ Way to Defend Gun Rights


A Year After Implementation, Illinois Concealed Carry Declared “Non-Event” By Cops


Maryland Continues to Lead Anti-Second Amendment Jihad


Senior “Stands His Ground” After Being Attacked By Unarmed Man In Texas


Shannon Watts Claims NRA is Losing and Cites 90% Poll… Again


GUN MYTHS: Cutting the Hangman’s Rope with a Bullet


Owner Dies, Three Wounded After Botched Robbery at Kansas Gun Shop




WashPost Asks, With Straight Face: Why Didn't Strict Gun Laws Stop Charlie Hebdo Massacre?


4 men killed in San Francisco, no arrests made


REJECTED: Beretta M9A3 Will Not Be U.S. Army’s New Pistol, MHS Competition Goes Forward


A “French Second Amendment” Wouldn’t Save Lives, Because The French Are Cowards’ – Sometimes YOU PERSONALLY have to FIGHT FOR YOUR OWN LIFE.  So gear-up, ammo-up and get to the range!  Not inexpensive, but what is life worth?


Three Marines Respond In Force To Elderly Woman Being Attacked By Two Thugs


Fourth graders at NY school plotted to kill teacher with hand sanitizer, report says


Three Dead After Multiple Shootings in Idaho, Suspect Captured


Owner dies after shootings at suburban Kansas City gun shop


Palestinian Viral Video Teaches Jihadists ‘How To Stab A Jew’


Re-Thinking the 21-Foot Rule


8 tactical tips to prevent an ambush attack on police


Is a Picture of a Gun a Threat?


Gun control activists: we can be as successful as the pro-gay marriage folks


It Can Happen Here, And We’re Not Ready [VIDEO]


Pregnant Woman Opens Fire on Her Boyfriend and His Friend Who Kicked Down Her Door


Security Video: Police Officer Shoots Himself In Elevator


FBI: December Gun Sales Skyrocket, 2.3 Million Background Checks Conducted


The VA Sees Guns as a Health Care Issue, and Here’s What VA Officials are Doing About It


What will you do when tyranny and terrorism work hand in hand?


How your purse can keep you safe from an attacker


An Open Letter To Anti-Gun Politicians, Activists, and Citizens


Vuurwapen: An open letter to anti-gunners on “compromise”


Ruger Introduces Two New Handguns Ahead of SHOT Show


Second Amendment Foundation Launches Firearms Training Division


POLL: Would a Concealed Carrier Have Made a Difference in Paris Terror Attacks?


Robbery Crew Target “She’s A Pistol” Gun Store, Gets Shot to Pieces


Army Wife Shoots Her Husband When He Unexpectedly Returns Home With Breakfast


“French Second Amendment”


DOJ Now Pressuring Banks to Refuse Service to Gun Stores – Operation Choke Point to take away your ability to defend yourself and family from jihad, government and other criminal element threats


SCUM BAGS: Anti-gun Group Targets Eastwood’s ‘American Sniper’


2 dead, including gunman, after shots fired in Fla. mall




Missouri Looks To Infringe on 2nd Amendment via Taxation


Guntry Club” Insurgency Threatens To Destroy The Urban Roots Of Gun Control


Restaurant Customer Stops Armed Robber in Houston, Inspires Others To Get CHL


The LIBERAL Second Amendment


CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1 Pistol


Pizza Delivery Driver’s Job In Jeopardy After Act Of Self-Defense – Watch video

Liam Neeson Complains Of Too Many Guns In America–While Starring In A Film With Guns


Emily Miller: "France is Easy Prey for Terrorists"


Gun Dealers Targeted by Operation Choke Point


Family of teen who shot classmate seeks $5.5M from district


Guntry Clubs; Your Local Gun Range Has Evolved


Time to Repeal the Gun-Free School Zone Act


France Needs a Second Amendment—And so do We!


We Are All Counterterrorists


Ballistics Slow Motion


HEY, ANTI-MILITARY NUTS: ‘American Sniper’ Nabs Major Academy Award Nominations


LIAM NEESON IS A HYPOCRITICAL DOUCHE: Actor Says Our Private Gun Ownership is a “Disgrace”


The Fairer Sex Hardens Up: Female CCP Applicants on the Rise


Right To Bear Arms Breaks Out In Newark, Two Bad Guys Killed


Homeowner Uses Sword and Antique Gun to Stop Home Invader


[CAUGHT ON CAMERA] Machete Wielding Intruder Shot By Homeowner


Self Defense Still Reigns as Number One Reason Women Purchase Their First Firearm


Asp Expands Line Of Concealable Batons For 2015


New From Olight: S30R Baton Light


PA Lawmaker Seeks Sponsors For Bill To Ban Silhouette Targets


SIG Responds to ATF Brace Ruling, Will Take Action


Outnumbered National Guardsman takes down 4 armed robbers at Sonic with the ultimate equalizer – his own gun

OANN 911 Promo


‘LIAM NEESON SHOULD SHUT HIS BLATHERING PIE-HOLE AND ACT':’s, Doug Giles, Shreds Anti-gun Loon, Liam Neeson


Arizona bill would restrict gun sales to licensed dealers


Sheriff's advice: 'Toss gun-registration letters in trash'

Obama's New Psychiatric Diagnosis Targets “Internet Users" and "Internet Conspiracy Theorists” for Gun Ineligibility


Federal Interstate Transportation of Firearms and Ammunition Bill Introduced


[VIDEO] Concealed Carrier in Texas Shoots and Kills Armed Robber in the Streets of Dallas


Women Continue To Line Up For Concealed Carry Permits


Winning the Universal Background Check War


Man Attacks Concealed Concealed Carrier At Walmart [Video]


NUMBER ONE WITH A BULLET – Honduras number one for murder rate.






Former acting HHS cyber security director sentenced to 25 years for engaging in child pornography enterprise


BAE Systems launches Corporate Social Risk Monitoring and Security Analysis Service


Who’s Next? FBI Warns Sony Hackers Targeting US News Media


Billions of hidden taxes in government Internet takeover, Groquist warns


The Net Neutrality Trojan Horse and a Taxed Internet


FBI director reveals new evidence linking N. Korea to Sony hack, answers skeptics


Rise of connected homes raise security concerns...


HuffingtonPost Serving Malware via AOL Ad-Network


New research reveals more than three quarters of organizations have suffered a DNS attack


OpenSSL Patches Eight Vulnerabilities


Cyber attack on German plant just a step below Stuxnet, says cyber expert


Scary: Watch How ISIS Could Be Behind The Latest Cyberattack In The U.S.


When it comes to cyber attacks, 'Who did it?' is a complex and nuanced question


Military tightens password security after CENTCOM Twitter hack

Obama says US must up its game on cyberthreats

Centcom hack shows US fails to get ahead of hackers




Privacy advocates sound alarm...

Unnecessarily 'broad legal immunity'...

Economist: World Leaders Will Exploit 'Charlie Hebdo' to Eliminate Encryption...


This USB wall charger secretly logs keystrokes from Microsoft wireless keyboards nearby


Alabama school plans to ward off unwelcome guests with food — and not just the stuff in the cafeteria

NSA preps for future wars in which Internet plays critical role...  - Net used to paralyze computer networks, infrastructure, flow of money...


Elon Musk's Plan to Build a Space Internet


Follow the Money: Coalition to Stop Gun Violence


The Real “DarkNet”: Law Enforcement Information Sharing and Fusion Centers






Denver: Schoolgirls Forced to Wear Headcarves, “Ankles Must Be Covered” on School Trip to Denver Mosque


Islamic Infiltration in American Schools — on The Glazov Gang


Sharia Law Forced On American Students At Public School


EEOC: School wrong to fire teacher who gave Bible to student


South Carolina Considers Mandatory Gun Education At School


Shocking New Report Proves Corruption in Chicago Schools


Parents Say Bible-Banning Teacher Violated Son's Freedom of Speech, Religion


Common Core, a Big Loser, Changes Should Be Made in 2015


Common Core Text Portrays White Voters as Obama-Hating Racists


Calif. College Students Demand Sex-Consent Ed--for Kindergarteners


FL Teacher’s Union Vows to Continue Fight Against School Choice Despite Defeat


How Much Is Too Much? President Obama Pledges To Further Subsidize Community College


Obama Announces "Free" Community College For Those Who "Work For It"


REPORT: Average College Freshman Read at 7th Grade Level...


Nation’s Largest Teachers Union Massively Funds Wisconsin COP-HATING PROTESTS


SCHOOL: 6 reasons math on Obama's college plan doesn't add up...


64 Dartmouth students cheated -- in ETHICS class...


Republican Congressman Introduces Bill To Repeal Gun-Free School Zones


Common Core: Republican Minefield?


The college education bubble is coming to its logical end


DC Attempting to Unconstitutionally Force Christian Schools to Embrace LGBT Student Groups


TODD STARNES: School district to stop interrogating Christian homeschool kids


School board requires home schoolers to justify religious beliefs


Look What One Of The World’s Biggest Schoolbook Publishers Just ‘Banned’ To Avoid Offense


Preaching Allah in Our Schools — on The Glazov Gang


Arizona will require civics exam as condition for high school graduation


The Problem With Obama's Community College Plan


Teacher Tearfully Opts Out of Common Core Testing, Calls It ‘Cruel and Harmful’






House Conservatives Revolt


Dear Freshman Republicans – “Remember that there is a God and one day you will stand before Him. Long after the voters ceased assessing you, you will stand in judgment. This world will pass away, but what you do here will be measured on that last day. Eternal things matter most and selling your soul to Washington at the expense of God or your family will eventually catch up to you.”


DEAR FRESHMAN REPUBLICANS: Don’t Wear Butt-Smacker Lip Balm And Start Kissin’ Big Gov’t Backside


Rep. Steve King: Can't Honor Oath to Uphold Constitution by Voting for Boehner


25 GOP House Members Vote Against Speaker Boehner


Here are the Republicans who voted against John Boehner for speaker


After Securing Third Term As Speaker, Boehner Takes Revenge on Those Who Crossed Him


What Boehner Just Did After Winning Third Speakership Shows Why Conservatives Fear The Future


Today’s Speaker Vote A Losing Situation For America


Dump Boehner movement? Just getting started


Rep Steve King: Republicans Need to Start Challenging Boehner


Trey Gowdy Is Not A Conservative Leader


New Lawsuit Alleges Underage Sex Slave Ring and Bill Clinton Might Be One of the First to Testify


GOP Has Dual Legislative Strategy For The Next Two Years


John Boehner Claims he's 'the Most Anti-Establishment Speaker' Ever


Demicans and Republicrats, nothing in DC will change


PAGE SIX: Hillary 'furious' over Bill's involvement in pedophile sex scandal...

UPDATE: Clinton Foundation CEO stepping down...


Boehner Defends Criticisms


Boehner's embrace of GOP rebels nudges House caucus to right...


How the GOP wrings decency out of lawmakers


The financially stressed favor Democrats, don't vote much, study finds


The GOP Embraces its Suck


Under Obama Jews Flee Democrat Party for the GOP!


Diminished in Congress and many states, Dems weigh future...


Representing the little man: On average, lawmakers 18 times wealthier than regular Americans


Voters ignored the facts


Could Romney 2016 Really Survive His Past Praise for Gruber?






Army disciplines chaplain for mentioning God


EEOC: School wrong to fire teacher who gave Bible to student


Parents Say Bible-Banning Teacher Violated Son's Freedom of Speech, Religion


Judge slams Christian florist with personal liability


Guru orders 400 followers to be castrated 'to bring them closer to God'...


Scientists seek religious experience -- in their subjects' brains...


Bobby Jindal Tells Iowa Crowd America Must Return To Judeo-Christian Roots

Catholic League: 'Pornographers Disguised As Satirists' Have No Moral Right to Insult Religion


Ten Reasons Why the Church Should Not Abandon Politics


North Carolina city removes sculpture of soldier kneeling before cross


Judge slams Christian florist with personal liability


Here Are the 10 Most Dangerous Places to Be a Christian


Krauthammer: “Unleashed” Obama Is Acting “The Way He Believes”


Tony Perkins: America Faces ‘New Cultural Revolution--Gone Mad’


Rev. Graham:‘This Country Was Built on Christian Principles' Not Islam






Feds Plan for 35 Agencies to Help Collect, Share, Use Electronic Health Info


MELTDOWN: UK health system critical as waiting times worst in decade...


Expect A 242% Hike In Obamacare Fines For 2015


Insurers gird for new fight


House bill: Firms could skirt health law by hiring vets


Supreme Court Shouldn't Ignore Constitution to Save Obamacare


21 pages of Obamacare tax instructions, IRS demands 'shared responsibility payment'


Democrats join rebuke of White House, back 40-hour workweek for Obamacare


Amazing: Obama Just Managed To Infuriate Republicans AND Labor Unions With One Promise


One Good Result and One Bad Result of Obamacare


British expats flee USA healthcare system...

Fly home for treatment...

High costs, bureaucracy 'pain in arse'...


Eligible Americans Turn Down Obamacare Tax Credits


Need help filing out your tax return? Don't call the IRS


IRS Watchdog: Elderly and Disabled Taxpayers Not Allowed to Leave Messages


“Like Your Doctor, Keep Your Doctor” Wasn’t the Only Obamacare Lie


Chicago Tribune: Higher Costs, Fewer Benefits for Workers Under Obamacare


Sen. Mike Lee: Repeal Obamacare With 51-Vote Senate Majority


Obamacare Website Sharing Personal Data


Liberal Harvard Faculty Learns a Hard Lesson About Obamacare


IRS Breaks Law, Refuses to Produce Tax Complexity Reports






House bill: Firms could skirt health law by hiring vets


The VA Sees Guns as a Health Care Issue, and Here’s What VA Officials are Doing About It


Is nervous Obama White House holding Bergdahl report hostage? - A decision to clear Bergdahl may well open the door for him to be designated a former prisoner of war, ensuring him substantial monthly pay, medical and educational benefits for the rest of his life.


Army Lieutenant Clint Lorance Gets 19 Years at Ft. Levenworth because He defended his Troops against Islamic Jihadists


Uncle Sam Wants You To Join the Teamsters






Pope Francis, the Climate and Leftism


The Pontiff and 'Climate Change'


Scientists Say Massive Wildfires Raging Across Australia Are a Symptom of Climate Change


UPDATE: 11 Texas Earthquakes Reported In 24 Hours...


Seismologists investigating increased activity...


4.0 Mag Rattles Oklahoma...


NOAA warns of strong geomagnetic storm hitting northern hemisphere...



Record Snowfall Florida...

Indian Science Conference: 'Fears of man-made 'global warming' were greatly exaggerated'...


4.0 Mag Rattles Oklahoma...


Thunderous booms rattle homes, scare livestock in Oklahoma...


Jet stream blasts passenger plane across Atlantic in record time...

Speeds up to 745mph...


The EPA Is Not Above the Law


The Pontiff and 'Climate Change'


White House reportedly plans new rules aimed at curbing methane emissions


Senate to vote on whether 'climate change' is happening...


STUDY: Volcanoes cooling Earth...


Louisiana residents fear EPA’s plan to burn explosives near their land


New York City Nanny Government Now Banning These Common Polystyrene Products



BUT Scientists balk at 'hottest year' claims...

'14 was only 34th warmest for USA?

Human activity has pushed beyond 'planetary boundaries'...

Ocean Life Faces 'Mass Extinction Event'...


NASA climate scientists: We said warmest year on record...

But we're only 38% sure...


EPA proposal aims to strengthen nation’s preparedness level and response to oil spills


INHOFE: Climate Agenda Is 'Wealth Redistribution Scheme'...

Gore Plans Concerts...


Obama: Climate Change is the Greatest Threat


50,000 gallons of oil spilled into the Yellowstone River


New Technical Brief on Explosion, Fireball and Pool Fire Threats from Ignited Crude Oil


Scientists urge stop to logging in the Tongass Rainforest






The 'Equality' Racket


Does Income Inequality Even Matter?


Obama Admin Requires Companies to Disclose “Paycheck Inequality”


Obama As Economic Svengali: The Master Magician and His Media Allies Strike Again


DEBT UP $7,500,000,000,000 SINCE OBAMA...


Youth Misery Index Supersizes Under Obama Administration


Under Obama: Federal Debt Up $84,266 Per Full-Time Private-Sector Worker




Dispelling the Myth of Haves and Have-Nots in America


The ‘Equality’ Racket


Congress Should Do Heavy Lifting on Taxes, Trade and More


Obama's, Saudi Arabia's beheading of U.S. oil will exact a heavy toll


America's tax system is a 'kludge'


US trade deficit shrinks to lowest level since December 2013


3 in 5 Americans Don't Have Savings To Cover Unexpected Bills...


How Much Is Too Much? President Obama Pledges To Further Subsidize Community College


Obama Announces "Free" Community College For Those Who "Work For It"


California Implements Tax on Gas to Help Avert Global Warming


Labor Force Participation Matches 36-Year Low; 92,898,000 Neither Had Job Nor Sought One


Record 55,807,000 Women Not In Labor Force; Participation Rate Matches 26-Year Low


All Over America, Government Officials Are Cracking Down On Preppers


What Happens When Progressives Tax (and Spend)


Oil Projects Cancelled, ‘Rippling’ Layoffs and Defaults: “Money to Fund the Drilling Boom is Drying Up”


Republicans already gunning for major tax hike


Unemployment drops to 5.6%...

BUT Wages fall...

AND Record 92,898,000 Americans Out of Workforce...

WITH Record Number Of Women...


NYT PAGE ONE SATURDAY: Economy Up, Republicans Want a Little Credit...


STRESS: Japan force workers to go on holiday...


Wait Till You Hear What Barack Obama’s Labor Secretary Just Said About Whose Side God Is On


House Votes To Approve Keystone XL Pipeline


On Heels of Reelection Boehner Promises 'No New Gas Taxes'


Boom, Bust, Bailout: Obama, GOP Fight over the Mortgage


Washington wants more taxes on gas in response to price drops


GAO: TARP Bailouts Are Going To Cost Taxpayers Billions


$15 Now Protests Subway By Invoking St. Swisher And Teaming Up With Don’t Shoot Portland


Obama Will Veto Legislation Restoring The 40-Hour Work Week


The Left Is Salivating for a New Energy Tax on American Consumers


Vetoing Bipartisan Energy, Job and Economic Growth


Two Views of Capitalism


The Unsustainability of Federal Spending


The Missing are Found



Beneficiaries Exceed 46,000,000 for 38 Straight Months...


It's going to be a nasty tax season


Gallup CEO: Numbers show American entrepreneurship is dying


Nation's second-largest school district plans to expand dinner program


Richest 1% to own half of world’s wealth by 2016, says Oxfam


Americans feel better about personal finances in 2015


Obama's Tax on Stay-At-Home Moms


Obama Is The Main Obstacle To Economic Growth


The Problem With Obama's Tax Plan


Obama Is The Main Obstacle To Economic Growth


The Problem With Obama's Tax Plan


SOTU Fact Check: College Is Less Affordable And Students Are Billions In Debt


Right To Bear Arms Breaks Out In Newark, Two Bad Guys Killed


Obama Takes Credit for Lower Jobless Rate, But Ignores Underlying Problems


Private Sector, Not Obama, Created Lower Gas Prices


Obama's Tax on Stay-At-Home Moms


Moving data shows population shift favors right-to-work states






The House Just Made A Major Move That Means Trey Gowdy Will Be Unleashed In 2015


Federal Agencies Stonewall House Committee’s Benghazi Investigation






WH silent on 53 dissidents Castro agreed to release


The missing Cuban dissidents– or Barack Obama drives one hard bargain


Obama seeks help of Mexico's Pena Nieto on Cuba

Hollywood has eyes on Havana

Group: Cuba's crackdown on dissidents reached record in '14


DR. MANNY: Obama may lose support from the Latino community


Strangely, the Castro Brothers Don't Want to Play Nice


Wait… Castro Used to Be the Bad Guy?


Shockingly, the Castro Brothers Don’t Want to Play Nice


Obama Cuba Initiative Prompts New Fears of Gitmo Naval Base Giveaway


Rumors heat up as full year passes without public appearance by Fidel Castro






Putin recruiting foreigners for Russian military...


Data shows drop in US nuke arsenal, growth in Russia's...


The Root of The Problem: Russia – Part 1


The Root of The Problem: Russia – Part 2


Prominent Russian Banker: “The Entire Economy Will Be Under Control Of The State”


Putin Refuses to Back Down on Ukraine






The Vine


Family Fragmentation: Can Anything Be Done?


Report: ‘The Entire South is Hostile to Abortion’


Planned Parenthood: Abortion by Any Other Name, Still Raking in Huge Profits at Taxpayer’s Expense


On Their First Day Back Congress Introduces Something That Could Save Millions Of Lives


Martin Luther King’s Niece Says ‘Black Lives Matter,’ Protesters Should Be Outraged Over Abortion


Kansas Church Invites Community To Come Celebrate 42 Years Of Abortion In America


New Congress Wastes No Time Introducing Pro-life Legislation


2015's Most Pressing Social Justice Issue: The Unborn


The Planned Parenthood Racism Project


Legalized Abortion Is Leading America Into Tyranny


Obama's Tax on Stay-At-Home Moms


Young Lives Matter


Late-term abortion ban bill dropped in House after GOP women object


CBO: Murdering Unborn Babies is Fiscally Conservative


Rep. Smith: ‘Pain Capable’ Bill Coming ‘Soon'; But Today, It’s Taxpayer Funding of Abortion


42: Abortion Moves Past Epidemic to Catastrophic


Republicans Surrender to Infanticide


Watch: Lila Rose Explains Why the Pro-Life Movement is for Everyone


Courts Rule That Ministry Has to Accommodate for Contraception in Violation of Conscience


Abortion Killed 19 Times as Many Blacks as Murder






The way we were; the way I hope we’re gonna be


Obama's identity fraud and Mickey Mouse media


What a Homeland Security Shutdown Would Look Like


NOAA warns of strong geomagnetic storm hitting northern hemisphere...


Push Continues To Declassify Censored 9/11 Document. What’s Obama Hiding?


FBI and Justice Department prosecutors recommend felony charges against Petraeus


VIDEO: Why is FBI Petraeus investigation still ongoing?


Data shows drop in US nuke arsenal, growth in Russia's...


Two More Female Marines Dropped from Infantry Course...


A Time to Act on Energy Security


Congress Must Pass Terrorism Policy Reform


The Disturbing Coburn Report


Obama Refuses to Call Charlie Hebro Terror Attack 'Islamic': What Are His Allegiances?


How Did We “Fundamentally Change” So Fast?


CIA bides its time


U.S. Welcoming Islamic Immigrants France Now Regrets Welcoming




Weak Leaders Pushing West to Destruction




We are Charlie, indeed! 22 Islamic terror camps in U.S.


White House: Obama Will Fight Media To Stop Anti-Jihad Articles – Free Speech Activists to Protest Islamic Event


Is nervous Obama White House holding Bergdahl report hostage?


America’s Muslim in chief


Is Obama Waging Jihad?


The House of Representatives Dropped Its First Bombshell On Obama's Executive Amnesty


Conservative leaders light fire under Congress


Trey Gowdy Votes To Stop Executive Overreach And Hits Out At Obama In The Process


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