A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.


We sleep safely at night because rough men and women stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm.


“Chaos is the law of nature, and order is the dream of man”


“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”


Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty



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Bill to shield permit holders from police heads to governor


WH: No 'Credible Threat' Against Mall of America


Is The Sig SB15 Brace Legal Or Illegal?


“If They Were Breaking In, They Deserved What They Got.”


How To Beat The ATF’s M855 Ammunition Ban


CONFIRMED: NRA and Lawmakers Will Fight ATF’s M855 Rifle Ammunition Ban


Why Is The ATF Moving To Ban Common Rifle Ammo?


ATF pushes bullet ban, threatens top-selling AR-15 rifle


Obama to ban bullets by executive action, threatens top-selling AR-15 rifle...


Rush Limbaugh: Obama Couldn’t Ban Guns, So He’s Trying To Ban Bullets


ATF’s ammo ban a slippery slope to useless guns


Lawmakers won't be silenced over Obama administration's proposed ammo ban


Proposed bullet ban under attack from lawmakers

VIDEO: Goodlatte on plan to ban bullets by executive order


AR-15 BULLET SALES SURGE AFTER BAN ANNOUNCEMENT...Gun stores selling 20 times usual amount...


Stop ATF's Ammo Ban: Urge Your U.S. Representative to Sign Congressional Letter to ATF on Proposed Ammo Ban


Devilish details behind Obama's bullet ban


Georgia Gun Rights Group Tears Apart ATF’s Proposed M855 Ban With Their Comments


Obama to ban bullets via executive action; lawmakers, NRA scurry to stop it


New bill aims to stop ammo grab in its tracks


Zero cops killed by Obama's 'bad' ammo


HuffPo’s “Gun Guy” Lies About AR-15 Ammunition Obama Is Trying To Ban


ROGUE AGENCY: ATF’s Absurd AR-15 “Armor-Piercing” Ammo Ban Can Be Abused To Ban Common Rifle, Pistol Ammo


ATF’s “Armor-Piercing” Ammo Ban May Spectacularly Backfire, Renew Interest In Military-Style Rifles


The ATF Has No Constitutional Authority to Ban Any Ammunition


Congressman Introduces Bill That Would Strip the ATF’s Power to Regulate Ammo


NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre on Obama’s planned executive action to ban AR-15 bullets.


WH: Ammo ban proposal is 'common-sense' step


238 House Reps Just Stood Up And Sent Obama A Massive Message For You


Firing back: Shootout over ammo ban gets serious

Despite ATF and White House Claims, AR-15 Ammo Doesn't Pose a Special Risk to Law Enforcement


Police say Obama bullet ban isn't needed, AR-15 round isn't a threat


Fraternal Order Of Police: Obama’s AR-15 Ammo Ban Not Necessary


Common AR-15 Green Tip Ammunition Already Banned in New ATF Regulation Guide




Head of Executive Rule-Reviewing Agency 'Not Familiar' With ATF's Proposed Ammo Ban


CA Sheriff Slams Obama’s ‘Green-Tip’ Ammo Ban


Ammo ban is about gun control, not gun safety


Sensenbrenner Bill Would Abolish ATF Over Bullet Ban


A Navy SEAL Responds To Proposed Ammo Ban


The Obama Administration’s M855 Ammo Ban Is Blatantly Lawless


Obama’s Cop-Killer Bullets Have Killed…Zero Cops


Facsist Kingpin Obama Busy Banning Bullets


Obama Administration Already Banned M855 Ammo, Illegally


The NY Times Editorial Board Lied About M855 Ammunition


ATF MISFIRE? Guide indicates bullets at center of firestorm already banned


VIDEO: Rand Paul launches campaign against proposed ATF bullet ban


VIDEO: Rep. Goodlatte on plan to ban bullets by executive order






NJ drops gun charge against retired teacher over centuries-old flintlock gun


8 dead, including gunman, at multiple homes in Missouri, police say


Is A 1,010 Yard Shot Fair Chase Hunting? – Good video


Hero Dog Survives Being Shot Twice After Defending His Owner During Home Invasion


"White-Collar Gun Shaming" With Chris Cheng


New Bill Gives the Attorney General the Power to Block Gun Sales to ‘Suspected’ Terrorists


New York Moves to Ban Machetes


Medical Coalition: High Capacity Magazines a Public Health Threat


Women with CPLs surge in Michigan


NRA CEO & EVP Wayne LaPierre: CPAC 2015


DID I DO THAT?: Top Negligent Discharge Videos


Expanded Background Check Bill in Vermont Officially DEAD


7 Celebrities Who Pack Heat and Aren't Afraid to Talk About It


Watch What Happens When You Put 1 Man Armed With 2nd Amendment Against 3 Thugs


Out-Going Attorney General Complains Law Prevents Racial Justice Prosecutions Of Gun Owners


Fulton County Burglar Gets Cut Down In Hail Of Bullets During Home Invasion


Gabrielle Giffords returns to Washington to fight for gun bill


Gabby Giffords: Everyone Should Have to Pass Background Check My Attacker Passed


Media Can’t Handle The Truth: Gabby Giffords’ Attacker Passed Background Check


Crowbar-Wielding Felon Killed During Home Invasion. Wife Has Worse Alibi Ever.


Iowa Class Teaches Parents How To Carry Guns And Babies.


Prosecutor Charges Teen With Murder For Shooting Abusive 6’4 250+ lbs Father Too Many Times


“Some Guy Broke Into My House, And I Shot Him.”


Watch As Expert Takes Aim At A Target Over 2 Miles Away!


3600 Yard Shot HCR 375 CheyTac


Michelle Obama Pushes for Mental Health Evaluations as Backdoor Gun Control


Seven dead, including shooter at Santa Monica College – Killer was wearing a ballistic jacket


California Had A Record Year In Handgun Sales


Woman Shoot, Kills Domestic Violence Attacker in Indiana


Gun-free zones put innocent in danger


West Virginia Overrides Governor's Veto On Abortion Law


LaPierre: 'Next 700 days are the most dangerous' for 2nd Amendment


Couple Denied Foster Kids Because They Carry Guns for Self-Defense


Elderly Woman Body Slammed, Hospitalized over Handicapped Parking Space (VIDEO)


Obama: In Some Neighborhoods It’s Easier To Buy A Handgun Than A Fresh Vegetable – He essentially encourages illegals to come to America and kill Americans, and wants Americans to be defenseless.  Go figure.


Obama Praises Australia’s Gun Confiscation


Obama Comes Out Against Handguns With A Whopper Of A Lie


New Lawmakers Inform President of their Opposition to the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty


Would You Shoot A Glock Carbine?


Comparing Inexpensive Red Dot Sights


Beretta Unveils APX Full-Size Striker-Fired Pistol


Do You Need a GLOCK 19 Pistol?


Al Sharpton: NRA’s Fight Against Gun Control an Attack on Gabby Giffords






EFF: The 4th Amendment covers DNA collection


Forced Blood Draws, DNA Collection and Biometric Scans: What Country Is This?


For Death by ISIS You Have to Go Out; Illegal Aliens Deliver!


New Jersey police officer hospitalized after being struck, dragged by car


DHS Law Enforcement Officers Or Presidential Edict Enforcement Officers?


Zero cops killed by Obama's 'bad' ammo


Myth of Racist Cops: False Narrative of Fact-Averse Liberals


Private Police

Obama Looks to Unconstitutionally Takeover Local and State Police


Stabbed Tempe police officer is martial arts, self-defense expert


FBI Statistics on Police Homicides Are Way Off


Retired Police Officer Violently Attacked By Alleged Tip Jar Thief At OC Starbucks – Had his Glock along to stop further injury.


Analyzing Wisconsin police shooting of unarmed Black teen


Experts: Not A Single Police Officer Has Been Shot by AR-15 Ammo

Obama Unveils National ObamaLaw Plan - Takeover of state and local policing.


Georgia police officer killed in 'ambush,' another one saved by radio


Police Officer Gunned Down During Attempted Robbery Inside North Philly GameStop


Shocking News On The LAPD Shooting


Watters' World: Cop edition






How much vitamin D do you need?


Abortion Ban for Gender & Disability. What about the Rest?


Hospital Lobby Blocking Efforts To Curb Medicare Fraud


Decreasing the Surplus Population


WHO calls for worldwide use of "smart" syringes


The WHO would like to regulate what American kids can see on TV


Nurse who survived Ebola says hospital failed her


Ebola nurse to sue Dallas hospital over training, privacy...


Sierra Leone registers rise in new Ebola cases


Decision on Ebola mass vaccination in August at earliest, WHO says


Rapid Ebola Diagnostic Test Kit Approved By WHO


Emergency responders investigating possible Ebola case in Virginia...


2nd commuter with measles prompts California transit warning...


UPDATE: Human head transplant 'only two years away'...


Chris Kyle’s Murderer & Psychotropic Drugs


State mulls 'baby boxes' for surrendering newborns...


Study highlights burden of pneumonia hospitalizations on U.S. children


MERS-CoV Cases Surge Amidst Concern of International Spread


FDA Implicated In New Super-Bug Outbreak


Treadmill performance predicts risk of death, researchers say


Mystery paralysis in children is perplexing parents — and researchers...


Some antibiotics shown to have negative long-term health effects


Global hypertension treatment will save millions of lives


World Health Organization calls on countries to reduce sugar intake among adults and children


Deforestation May Be Helping to Spread the Plague in Africa


Houston Abortion Clinic Injures Five Women in Just One Month


'Frankenscience' – Harvest organs from aborted babies.  Donor card?


Frankenscience: US Turning Organs of Aborted Babies into Commodities - Grows Them Inside Animals


Superbugs Are Outstripping Antibiotics






Justice Department Offers Little Protection for FBI Whistleblowers, GAO Finds


Senate panel approves Obama's pick of Loretta Lynch for attorney general


Senate Judiciary Committee votes to confirm Loretta Lynch as AG — thanks to three Republicans


Loretta's Secret Prosecutions...


EXIT: Holder blames race for criticisms...


Urges young people to read Malcolm X...



WATCH Sheriff Clarke Slam Holder Into Jail Cell, Sums Up AG With These 5 Words


WATCH Megyn Kelly, Dana Loesch Team Up And Tear Apart Eric Holder Bit By Bit


Holder Admits ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Claim Was Bogus






Don’t let AT&T mislead you about its $29 “privacy fee”


Watch Mark Cuban’s Surgical Takedown of Net Neutrality — And Why He Says Everyone Should ‘Hack Themselves


Senator Obama argues with President Obama on FCC transparency as the era of government Internet looms


Obama power grab triggers 1st Amendment nightmare


Telecommunications Act's Title II Will Kill Internet Investment


FCC approves sweeping Internet regulation plan, Obama accused of meddling

VIDEO: FCC approves 'net neutrality' rules

Telecom industry slams FCC move


BORN: Department of Internet...


'Read my lips. More taxes coming'...


'Worst example of government intervention... ever'...


VERIZON Mocks '1930's Rules' With Statement -- In Morse Code...

Ron Paul: Internet, RIP?


The truth of 'net neutrality' and Obama's Internet takeover


GOP House Chairmen Blast FCC Chairman's Refusal to Testify


Net Neutrality: Silicon Valley’s Whiz Kids Are Stumped


Ben Crystal: The truth of ‘net neutrality’ and Obama’s Internet takeover



Commissioner: 'When you see this document, worse than you imagine'...

Republicans may defund agency...

MAG: Comrades for Net Neutrality...

China censorship sweep deletes more than 60,000 Internet accounts...


NSA Spying Wins Another Rubber Stamp...


'Vandalism' in Arizona Shut Down Internet, Cellphone, Telephone Service Across State...


UBER security breach may have affected up to 50,000 drivers...


President launches Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center


Republicans Fear Net Neutrality Plan Could Lead to UN Internet Powers


8 Reasons Net Neutrality Is a Grave Threat to Your Freedom


Dear Foolish and Gullible Americans, Net Neutrality is Not Your Friend


Government Takeover of the Internet Begins


FCC Approves Socialism for Broadband – And expansion of the FCC kingdom – Empire building at it’s wildest.


Report: Gov’t Policies Bigger Threat To The Electrical Grid Than Terrorist Attacks


FCC Commissioner: Order Undermines Free Market, Constitution


Net Neutrality Will Become the Internet’s ObamaCare


According to two FCC commissioners, those new regulations are bad all around


GOOGLE wants to rank websites based on 'facts' not links...


Facebook suspends black middle schooler’s account after slamming Obama


Privacy, Civil Liberties Take Center Stage at Cybersecurity Info Sharing Hearing


Google overhaul would radically alter search results






Paying for College: Are Scholarships Taxable?


House Republicans Pull NCLB Reauthorization From House Floor


Eighth-Grader Informs Classmates of State Standardize Test ‘Opt-Out’ — Her Mom Is ‘Very Upset’ by School’s Reaction


Frustrated students walk out over new Common Core testing


So It Begins: Hundreds of High School Students Walk Out in Stunning Protest of Common Core


Common Core Tests Infected with Glitches - Students Boycott across the Country


Obama Supporters Endorse Karl Marx for President in 2016


Stealing Children for Profit


Healing The Racial Divide Through Education


Common Core Hits Major Roadblock In West Virginia


NYC Mayor Adds Muslim Holidays To Public School Calendar


Angry Mom Asks School Board One Question. Minutes Later Common Core Is In Shambles.


Special School For Immigrants in Maryland to Learn English Faces Opposition from NAACP


To level playing field, SATs spot blacks 230-point ‘bonus,’ penalize Asians 50 points


For Asian Americans, a changing landscape on college admissions


Angry Mom Asks School Board One Question. Minutes Later Common Core Is In Shambles.


Parent calls 911 when school refuses to release child from Common Core-type testing


Egyptian student reportedly beaten to death by teacher for not doing homework






Obama's lapdog media is a pack of cowards


Obama power grab triggers 1st Amendment nightmare


CNN, DHS and SPLC's Blame-Righty Hit Job


Jaw-dropping headline from CNN leaves conservatives stunned; Dems feel faint


CNN report on right-wing terror threat turns out to be greatly exaggerated


The left made Scott Walker a candidate, the press is turning him into a force


The audacity of the media’s Obama worship


Obama Criticism Should Be Banned?


Did Brian Williams do Conservatives a Favor?


“Fact Checkers” and Other Artifacts of Utter Uselessness


A Tale of Two Vetoes: For Rick Perry, A Mugshot. For Obama, A Media Pass


The Media's Slimy Assault on Gov. Walker


DAILY BEAST retracts story on Scott Walker...


MSNBC Notices Media Double Standard – Nobody Minds When Democrats Question Republican Patriotism, but Media Freaks Out When the Situation Reverses


Scott Walker talks over the heads of the media to denounce them


Questions the Press Doesn't Ask Democrats


Going Bananas: A Case Study in Media-Manufactured Racism





Christian florist: Why I can’t agree to provide service to gay weddings


Christian Florist Barronelle Stutzman: They Can Get Rid of Me, But They Can’t Get Rid of God


The Current War We Are Engaged in IS a War About Religion


Florida city spies on churches, demands licenses


The Challenge: Understanding Repentance


Gallup: Only 23% of D.C. Residents Go to Church Weekly


Florida Town Threatens To Shut Down Churches Who Violate Strict New Code


Update: Mets Tell Christian Player To Keep Quiet About His Faith






The Real Crimes By Obama: Against Blacks


Bad news, guys: ‘Research shows’ white privilege is real and it’s really irritating


Legendary black media exec unloads on president...


'Uses' Sharpton to 'control the negroes'...


Activist warns: Return of warm weather to St. Louis could mean violence


Holder: It’s not about race, but it is


The Black Family in 1965 and Today


Bishop Jackson: ‘Racism At Its Worst’ to Label Ben Carson an Extremist


Obama Supporter Louis Farrakhan calls Rudy Giuliani a “Privileged Cracker” and “Devil” for Speaking Out against Obama!


Dem Rep: You tea partiers want to bring back segregation and roll back women’s rights


Obama Taking His Family to Selma; Remembers Trayvon Martin at WH Event


Going Bananas: A Case Study in Media-Manufactured Racism


New Justice Department Report Reveals Racial Discrimination In Ferguson


WATCH Sheriff Clarke Slam Holder Into Jail Cell, Sums Up AG With These 5 Words


Myth of Racist Cops: False Narrative of Fact-Averse Liberals


Healing The Racial Divide Through Education


Biggest Danger to Black Americans Today: White Liberals

Special School For Immigrants in Maryland to Learn English Faces Opposition from NAACP


Bloody Sunday anniversary: Thousands crowd Selma bridge

Transcript of President Obama's remarks

Obama honors civil rights heroes in Selma

VIDEO: Thousands march for 50th anniversary of ‘Bloody Sunday’


Special School For Immigrants in Maryland to Learn English Faces Opposition from NAACP


To level playing field, SATs spot blacks 230-point ‘bonus,’ penalize Asians 50 points

For Asian Americans, a changing landscape on college admissions


Mother Jones Explains Why Eating 3 Square Meals A Day Is Actually Racist


The Controversial Sign a Deli Owner Put Up to Celebrate White Heritage Is Causing Public Outcry


Megyn Kelly Takes On Dem Strategist Who Denies 'Hands Up, Don't Shoot' Stoked Racial Fires


Analyzing Wisconsin police shooting of unarmed Black teen


Obama Backs DOJ Decision Not To Indict Ferguson Officer


Native Americans Call on Buffalo, New York to Change Its Racist, Insensitive Name


Obama in Selma: "We Know the March Is Not Yet Over"


Michelle Malkin’s flashback: Remember Obama’s big lie in Selma?


Shocking News On The LAPD Shooting


Obama: “We’re The Slaves Who Built The White House”


Outrage after New York Times, White House omit Bushes from lead Selma march photos

Civil rights leaders to reenact historic Selma to Montgomery march

VIDEO: Uproar over NYT Selma photo

VIDEO: Thousands march in Selma






Hillary Clinton's Identity Crisis


A perfect fit


Cruz on Clinton Foundation: “Hillary Clinton embodies the bipartisan corruption in Washington”


Clinton Foundation Did Not Disclose Donation While Hillary Was Secretary Of State


Hillary’s War


KURTZ: Why media aren't buying Trump's tantalizing 2016 talk


Carson headlines CPAC 2015 with tough talk


DOJ ramps up scrutiny of candidates and independent groups...


Mark Levin Takes on GOP Estab: ‘In Order to Defeat Democrats, We Have to Defeat Republicans’ 


Walker delivers the goods to adoring CPAC crowd

VIDEO: Walker rallies CPAC crowd against heckler

Walker Thrills a Packed House at CPAC


Scott Walker Is Trying to Woo CPAC. And It's Working.


Gov. Walker on CPAC, record in Wisconsin


Why Won’t Scott Walker Believe in Obama?


Walker v. Congress (on Act 10 Reforms)


‘No TelePrompTer?’ Scott Walker wows CPAC crowd: ‘We celebrate our independence’


5 Things Ted Cruz Would Do The Minute He Took Office as President of the United States


SC Dems give standing ovation to O'Malley...

WASH POST PAGE ONE MONDAY: Will Hillary's experience be liability?

It's Prime Time for Scott Walker, Whether He's Ready or Not


Likely 2016 GOP hopefuls recast immigration views






The Clinton Foundation's dirty donors


NYT MONDAY: Bright days for Clinton are darkened... - 'Family foundation accepted millions of dollars in donations from Middle Eastern countries known for violence against women and for denying them many basic freedoms'...


Emails May Be a Key to Addressing 'Pay-to-Play' Whispers at Clinton Foundation


ISSA: Clinton could face criminal charges...

'Huge gaps' in email record...

WASH POST PAGE ONE MONDAY: Will Hillary's experience be liability?

Hillary’s Weird Attempt To End Email Scandal Was Just Exposed…Judge Nap Lowers The Boom


White House scrambles to answer when they learned of Clinton email habits


Emails show Clinton aides running interference during Benghazi attack


IT crowd questions if Hillary email could have been targeted


Clinton’s personal email use raises questions about double standards


Gowdy Pounces On Hillary In A Way That Could Doom Her


Clinton's email system built for privacy but not security, experts say


Could Hillary Clinton Face Jail Time in Email Scandal?! – Obama would pardon her (and himself along the way).


Cable From Clinton State Department Barred Personal Email Use - The cable recommended disciplinary action for those in the State Department who did not comply with the rules.

Hillary’s State Department Was Cited NINE TIMES For Improper Email Use


'STEP UP': Top Senate Dem presses Hillary to address private emails


VIDEO: Democratic reaction to Hillary's private email scandal


KURTZ: The media's latest frenzy: What if Hillary doesn't run?


Obama says he learned of Clinton's private email from news reports


Hillary Clinton’s e-mails at State Department were entirely private #2016


The Hillary Cover-Up and the End of Democracy


Hillary’s Public Records Deception


Reports: Clinton email practices violated clear State Dept. rules, Clinton’s own directives


Experts tell Gawker: Hillary’s shoddy private e-mail security is a potential national security disaster


Oh my: State Department forced out ambassador in 2012 partly for … using private e-mail for official business


White House Works Hard to Cover for Hillary's Crimes


Revealed: Hillary Clinton's Email Was Hacked. And That's Not Even The Worst Part.


These Startling Similarities Between Watergate And Hillary's Emailgate Shouldn't Be Ignored


While Clinton Hid Emails, $6 Billion Went Missing in Her State Dept.


Hillary’s Multiple Private Emails With Her Muslim Assistant Huma Abedin Are Being Investigated For Muslim Brotherhood Connections


The Unbearable Lightness Of Being…A Clinton Supporter


"Hillary has already IMPLODED"


‘SNL’ mocks how Hillary’s handling email scandal: ‘This is NOT how Hillary Clinton goes down’


Judge Jeanine shreds Hillary over emails and her history: ‘The con game has to end’


Hillary skips Selma ceremony for Clinton Foundation gig; she doesn’t need the black vote?


Trey Gowdy Is Now Hot On Hillary’s Email Trail As Latest Clinton Scandal Widens


Was location of Clinton's server a national security risk?


VIDEO: Did Hillary Clinton jeopardize national security?


Clinton email drama stokes tensions among Dems, WH


BUZZFEED: FACEBOOK data grows more negative for Hillary...





President Obama: Do you really love America?


The Cancer of Multiculturalism


Why Rudy and Walker Were Right


Is Rudy Right?


Obama’s Communist Mentor


Obama and the Koran — on The Glazov Gang


Edward Snowden Wins Oscar, Loses Country


Tyrants Have Often Wrapped Themselves in the Cloak of Patriotism or Religion to Deceive the People


Homeland Security Secretary: My Job is to “Give Voice to the Plight of Muslims”


Giuliani Was Right, Of Course President Obama Doesn't Love America


America, Love It Or Leave It


Poll: Less than half of Americans think Obama loves America


Hillary and the Obama does not love America and is not Christian kerfuffles


All the President’s Boot Lickers Still Pretend Obama is a Christian


“A Tree and Its Fruit”, Gov. Scott Walker and Barack Obama’s Faith


Watch and see how much the Obamas must love America


Fox News Poll: Fewer Americans Believe President Obama is Patriotic


The Necessary Personal Qualities of a U.S. President


An Arab-backed imposter






Repeal All of Obamacare? Nah, Just Kidding


Treasury used unauthorized $3 billion for Obamacare...


Treasury won't explain decision to make $3 billion in Obamacare payments


Republicans confront health chief on secret fallback plan...


Fate of Obamacare hinges on six words - Does the phrase “an exchange established by the state” make it impossible for the federal government to help pay for individual health insurance in the 34 states that didn’t set up their own healthcare exchanges?


No, Obamacare Isn't Proving Its Critics Wrong

Obamacare could end John Roberts's nonpartisan dream for court...


Jindal: GOP Leaders in Congress Fear Repealing Health Law


Jindal: Why are Republicans planning to rescue ObamaCare subsidies?


Two conservative justices will be key in challenge to healthcare law


The Case Which Could End Obamacare Subsidies For Millions


Justices sharply divided over health law subsidies...


Roberts stays silent...


Doctors brace for ruling...


Justice Kennedy warns 'death spiral'...


Ginsburg attacks anti-Obamacare plaintiffs...


Cruz Offers ObamaCare Replacement Law


Could Obamacare Subsidies Crush Socialist Healthcare in America?


CBO: Obamacare premiums set to spike...






Use this when you are considering donating to causes like veteran organizations


Whistleblowers: VA Cheated Veterans, Widows Out of Benefits


Video: New VA scandal shows vets cheated out of benefits


VA Secretary: Sorry about that whole “I was in Special Ops” thing, y’all


Palin: "This Bureaucracy Is Killing Our Vets"


Veterans, active duty military, tap social media network for support


Democrats Supporting Unions While Stiffing Veterans


Record time for VA delay: 69 years






Climate Change Scientists Are Unqualified for Their Positions



Snow for all 50 states forecast in next week...


Climate Scientist Targeted By Democrats For Global-Warming Apostasy


NOAA: 2,185 cold records broken or tied in last 7 days...


Congressional Republicans Preparing to Investigate NASA Temperature Tampering


March brings more snow as Boston inches near record


VIDEO: Winter storm hits Midwest, Northeast


Fish freezing to death in superchilled water...


And That’s the Way It Was: In 1972, Cronkite Warned of ‘New Ice Age’






EPA Chief Slammed For Not Knowing Her Own Climate Models


Judge slams EPA for foot dragging on conservatives' FOIA requests


McConnell suggests states ignore forthcoming EPA rules


Sessions dismantles EPA chief for 'stunning' ignorance


BANG! See How This Tough, No-Nonsense Senator Just Tested Obama’s EPA Boss…She Flunked


Subsidized Green Industry Overrun With Fraud and Abuse


Climate Alarmists Seek to Silence Dissenting Scientists through Legislation


Silencing Climate Chaos Skeptics


New Temperature Model Deals Blow To Global Warming Alarmists






Use this when you are considering contributing


Is America's Destiny Now Rental Housing?


Many Americans Still Struggling In Dismal Obama Economy


The "Less Rosy" Side of the Unemployment Rate


Paying for College: Are Scholarships Taxable?


The Joy of Welfare-Funded Holiday Trips to Bali and Dubai


A Crash Course in Free Markets and Income Inequality


Mikulski: Fund DHS 'To Put Money in the Federal Checkbook'


Yellen: Unemployment Rate 'Less Rosy' When You Count Part-Time, Discouraged Workers


GOP Senator Agrees with Yellen: ‘Audit the Fed Effort Would Not Be a Good Idea’


GAO: Union Pension Insurance Fund ‘Likely To Be Insolvent’ Within Decade


US economy slows, grew at moderate 2.2 percent rate in fourth quarter


Chicago nears fiscal free fall with latest downgrade...


Price of Ground Beef Climbs to Another Record..


Another Record: $4.235 Per Pound for Ground Beef


Vermont to lose 3.4% of manufacturing jobs to EPA regs


Amnesty Beneficiaries Could Claim More Than $35K In Tax Benefits In First Year


VIDEO: House Republicans Accuse Fed Chairwoman of 'Partisan Politics'


Why I’m Signing Wisconsin’s Freedom to Work Legislation


Right to Work Sweeps Through Mid West




More Americans on Welfare Than Working Full Time


92,898,000 Americans Not Working...


Record 56,023,000 Women Not in Labor Force...


Black unemployment rate nearly twice national average...


Net Employment Gains Since Recession Went To Foreign-Born...


WH Plans to Develop a “Country Within a Country” of 15 Million “New Americans”


The Final Price of War in the Middle East … $6 Trillion!


Shock Report: White House Immigration Details Leaked: Obama Policies Will Create A “Country Within A Country”


China Has Announced Plans For A ‘World Currency’


The World Really is Full of Oil


Government’s Choke Hold on Law-Abiding Businesses


The Government Praises Economic Recovery that America Doesn’t See


Advice for College Grads: 16 Tips For Those Who Land a Job, 8 Tips for Those Who Don't






'WE'VE BEEN LIED TO': Thousands of emails recovered in IRS targeting probe


VIDEO: IRS watchdog recovers 800K 'lost' Lois Lerner e-mails


Huge trove of 'destroyed' Lois Lerner communications discovered...


32,744 emails...


Criminal probe launched...


Ex-IRS official Lois Lerner received $129,000 in bonuses, records show


Sen. Ted Cruz: Top Priority to ‘Abolish the IRS’


Treasury IG: New Lerner e-mails shows “potential criminal activity”


IRS defends paying refunds to illegals who never filed taxes


Rubio, Lee unveil tax code overhaul, welcome critics


Florida Rep Vern Buchanan Gives Constitutional Law Professor Obama A Constitutional Lesson: ‘Only Congress has Power to Tax’…


GOP Won’t Fight Obama’s Executive Amnesty – Now He’ll Try Executive Taxation


Time to Feel Sorry for the IRS and Give it More Money?






Emails prove Hillary 'terror' lie in Benghazi


Judicial Watch FOIA: State knew Ansar al-Sharia claimed Benghazi attack in first hours


New Benghazi Info Discovered About Hillary's Top Aid, And It Doesn't Bode Well For Hillary


Trey Gowdy slaps Hillary with subpoenas for ‘private’ emails in Benghazi investigation


BENGHAZI BLUNDER - Emails show Clinton aides caused attack confusion


Sen. Lindsey Graham, potential GOP presidential candidate, says he's never sent an email






Obama Praises Qatar, No. 1 Sponsor of Hamas, for Partnership Against Terror


Obama’s Communist Mentor


Great Betrayal on the Way


Obama Criticism Should Be Banned?


Tyrants Have Often Wrapped Themselves in the Cloak of Patriotism or Religion to Deceive the People


Homeland Security Secretary: My Job is to “Give Voice to the Plight of Muslims”


Dear Mitch


Obama’s Amateur-Hour Foreign Policy Endangers America and Our Allies


Religious Cleansing, Obama-Style


Zuckerman: Obama ‘Lost Touch’ With Foreign Affairs


McConnell Flashes His Yellow Belly


Mitch McConnell goes into fetal position. Harry Reid is the new leader of the Senate.


Eunuch Mitch McConnell Squeals Like a Pig


Cuccinelli scorches GOP: 'They don't have any backbone!'


Can We Impeach Now?


Thanks to Obama, Iran will be getting the Bomb


Obama’s Plot to Use Amnesty to Create a “Country Within a Country” - Obama's Plot to Transform America by Driving Citizens Into the Shadows


John Kerry: disingenuous blowhard


With Friends Like These


Cruz: "The Next 20 Months Are Going to Be Very Dangerous"


Gov. Bobby Jindal: ‘President Obama Is Incapable of Being Commander-in-Chief’


Oliver North: U.S. Military Needs ‘Commander-in-Chief Who Knows Our Enemy’


Bobby Jindal Slams Washington Republicans At CPAC For Not Upholding Campaign Promises

Perry Shames Washington on Immigration: They Talk and People Die




Schlafly's had it: 'We're tired of GOP's losers!'


The 75 Republicans who voted to fund Obama’s amnesty: Remember these names


President Obama Considering Executive Orders That Defy the Reason America is a Free Nation


Defense Secretary: Our ISIS Attacks Plans Should Never Have Been Disclosed by Press


Levin: Netanyahu 'Is a Leader...Obama Is A Community Activist'


Why John Boehner needs to go


Surprise! Look Who’s Stepping Up To Help Protect John Boehner From A Conservative Revolt


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The Reason Obama Has It Out For Netanyahu May Be More Terrifying Than You Thought Possible – “Did Mr. Obama’s Muslim father or Indonesian Muslim step-father teach him the Islamic religious doctrines of al-Taqiyya, idtirar, kitman, or hiyal – all of which hold that lying is moral if done to protect Muslims or advance Islam? Surely he recognizes, therefore, that no treaty with Iran’s doomsday Islamists can be trusted.  Or perhaps, given all his deceptions, President Obama secretly embraces al-Taqiyya far more than we know.”


George Soros and Barack Hussein Obama - Nazis & Marxists Together Again






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Obama Dares GOP: Go Ahead, ‘Have a Vote on Whether What I’m Doing Is Legal…I Will Veto’


What 'net neutrality' reveals about U.S. government - Further evidence that Congress is a feckless, vapid and odious collection of soulless fascists whose sole purpose is to suck off the public teat for as long as possible before riding off to a further appointment in government or as a lobbyist. It does not in any way represent the people that elect it.


Congressman ignores justice - “Veteran falsely convicted by a lying judge.”


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IG Roth's testimony before the House Homeland Security Committee--Oversight and Management Efficiency Subcommittee hearing entitled, " Assessing DHS’s Performance: Watchdog Recommendations to Improve Homeland Security."


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What’s America’s #1 National Security Threat?


'Successful' terrorist attacks shifted from air to rail over 30-year period, study shows


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Ayatollah Tells Air Force: We Enriched Uranium 20%; Commanders: ‘Death to America, ‘Death to England,’ ‘Death to Israel’


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These 'privacy glasses' make you invisible to facial recognition


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Whose Fault Will It Be America? A Commentary by David Risselada


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New Mexico High School Seniors Vote for Communism-Themed Prom Dubbed ‘Prom-Munism


 Must See: “The America You Believe You Live In… Is Not A Reality”


AUDIT: 6.5 million people with active SSNs are 112-years-old or older...


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Despite President’s Veto, Keystone Pipeline Not Dead Yet As Big Obama Supporter Sounds Off – ‘This powerful Obama supporter says the president is "thumbing his nose"’


Judge Jeanine: Why Is Obama On The Wrong Side Of History?
































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