A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.


We sleep safely at night because rough men and women stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm.


“Chaos is the law of nature, and order is the dream of man”


“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”


Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty



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The Obama Administration’s M855 Ammo Ban Is Blatantly Lawless


Fascist Kingpin Obama Busy Banning Bullets


More Than 50 Senators Condemn ATF Proposal to Ban AR-15 "Green Tip" Ammunition


GOP lawmaker reissues legislation to dissolve the ATF


ATF Temporarily Pulls Proposal to Ban AR-15 "Green Tip" Ammunition


Congress Feels Obama’s Proposed M855 Ammo Ban Puts 2nd Amendment “At Risk”


Katie Pavlich: What’s really behind the ban on AR-15 green-tip ammo?


TIME TO POUR IT ON: ATF Signals Retreat in Bullet Ban Caper


ATF waves white flag, kills AR-15 bullet ban in big win for NRA


You Made the Difference and Your Voices Counted! The Obama Administration Has Retreated From its AR-15 Ammo Ban


3/9/2015 Senators’ Letter to ATF on banning M855


ATF Chief Suggests All 5.56 Ammo Is A Threat To Law Enforcement


"Jonesing" for a Showdown: BATFE Director’s Comments Show Fight Isn’t Over


ATF director resigns, out in 11 days


After Scrapping AR-15 Ammo Ban, ATF Director B. Todd Jones Resigning




Democrats Attempt Ban Of ALL Rifle Ammunition


Democrats Take Up ATF Bullet Ban As 23 State Attorney Generals Call on ATF to Abandon It


Congress Proposes Gun Control Legislation Broadening Meaning of Armor Piercing


Man Convicted in “Joe Biden Defense” Trial


McHenry Acts To Thwart Obama Admin Attempts To Ban Common Rifle Ammo


Supreme Court Administrative Law Ruling has Far-Reaching Implications for Gun Owners


The ATF’s Ammo Ban Is Back…in the Form of a New Bill From Democrats


Dem Lawmaker: Hunters Don’t Need M855 Round, Deer Don’t ‘Wear Kevlar’


Why Is The Obama Administration Forcing Police To Practice Shooting Less, And Face Deadlier Bullets In The Streets?


Crime map shows how safety in each state changes over time; Arizona's rate decreasing


Why Open Carry is Great for Women    


Little Rock Man Shoots Burglar Who Targeted Elderly Neighbor


Good Judgment Must Accompany A Gun In Home Security


Show highlights fashionable ways to safely conceal guns


How women can look good while packing heat


California Farmworker Shot Multiple Times By Irresponsible Target Shooter


Obama: ‘Important’ Second Amendment Responsible for High Homicide Rates


Al Sharpton: NRA’s Fight Against Gun Control an Attack on Gabby Giffords


Judge Denies Stay in Handgun Transfer Ban Case


Glenn Beck Makes Big Announcement About the NRA and Grover Norquist


Larry Pratt: Gun Owners of America is a Muslim-Free Zone

White House claims populist support of ammo ban as critics warn of intensifying assault on the 2nd Amendment


D.C. gets second chance to get 2nd Amendment right; fails, gets sued


Teen Arrested In Murder Of Iraqi Refugee Watching His First Snowfall In Dallas, Not Facing ‘Hate Crime’ Charge…




Man Reportedly Told Victim, ‘I’m Going to Kill You White Boy’ Before Slitting His Throat on NYC Street


Gun rights groups flex muscle in new GOP-controlled Congress


2 States Pass Bills that Block Federal Gun Control Following Obama’s Unconstitutional Threats of Executive Orders


Paraplegic Fires on 3 Home Intruders – Kills 2


Rape Survivor Asks Moms Demand Action: Why are You Turning Women into Powerless Victims?


Ruger 9E Pistol Review


Common Sense – Reload Your Own Ammunition


Why Slug Barrels Are Horrible Choice For Home Defense Shotguns.


Top 5 Awesome Bullpups


Anti-Gun Oregon Filmmaker Arrested After Attacking Gun Rights Supporter


When They Duct Taped Her Hands I Thought ‘No Way She Gets Out.’ With a Quick Move…


After Having Her Home Broken into 3 Times, This Teacher Decides It’s Not Going to Happen Again


After California's Gun Sales Shot Through The Roof, An Interesting Thing Happened...


Stop A Home Invasion: Criminals Go On Video Telling How To Target And Break Into A Home


Former Commander of MD Gun Licensing Explains Why He Was Wrong About Gun Owners


Chicago’s Weekend Violence Tally: 22 Shot, 3 Dead


I Am Forever | Ep. 2 “Mental Focus”


Disturbing Video: 5-Year-Old Boy Clobbered Trying to Defend His Viciously Beaten Teen Sister


They Invaded His Home and Tried to Rob Him. He Opened Fire. Now He’s Been Arrested With Them.


Open Carry Passed By Texas Senate


Bad-Guy Body Count Continues To Grow In Tulsa As Wheelchair-bound Man Kills Two Attackers




Pro-SAFE Act Group Accused of Violating SAFE Act In Their Anti-Gun Video


Remington Defense Begins Selling To The Public


AKs are Inaccurate! (Please Ignore These 600 Yard Head Shots)


Gun Control Group Lies To Gun Buyers In An Attempt To Sell Fear


"Gun-Free Zone" New York City Experiences 22% Increase in Shootings


A gunman shot six people, killing at least one then stole Car Wednesday morning in Mesa AZ.


Initial Thoughts On The Glock 43, Single Stack 9mm


Bullet from Range Where DHS Was Training Hit Home Half a Mile Away


Gabby Giffords Visits Chris Christie to Push Firearm Confiscation Laws


Lehigh Defense - The Best .380 Carry Round?


Access, Denied: More Gun Sellers Blocked From Financial Sector


Seriously, No One Wants to Take Your Guns - The Truth About Guns


‘She Cut Me in My Stomach’: Police Release Chilling 911 Call From Attacked Pregnant Woman


Robber Assaults 84-Year-Old Man, Heads Towards His Wife — Video Shows the Next Moments – Listen to what he says at the end.


“Anybody That Doesn’t Arm Themselves Is Asking For Trouble”




WV Governor VETOES Constitutional Carry Bill


[VIDEO] Rape Survivor Confronts Maryland Lawmakers On Concealed Carry, Leaves Them Speechless


Cops: Two Philly 15 Yr Olds Murdered A Married Father, As He Begged For His Life


Rule Change May Devastate International Travel for Hunters and Shooters


Inside the FBI’s massive gun vault


SCCY Industries Factory Tour


The Best AR-15s for All Budgets


How to Train with Lasers Video Series


Top 8 Best Shotgun Ammo Guides


Moms Demand Action: Concealed Carry Is Wrong for Women


Yikes! Terrifying “Man Downrange” Incident During Competition


Mom blames son's drug use for attack on her, his subsequent death


Passerby With Concealed Carry Permit Stops Slaughter In Philly


Montana utility lobbies to stop a referendum expanding gun rights


Congress launching hearings on complaints businesses targeted by 'Operation Choke Point'


Children whipped after gun they handled discharges


FBI figures tweaked to show phony increase in mass shootings, report says


The Luxury of Self-Defense


Rubio, Jordan File “Second Amendment Enforcement Act” To Strip D.C. Of Gun Control Powers


Firing The Armalite AR-180


FBI Shaped Report To Suggest Increase In Mass Shootings, When They’d Actually Been HALVED


WHITE MALE Viciously Assaulted by Unprovoked Blacks on Metrolink Over #MikeBrown


FBI Director Testifies He’s Never Had Problems With Concealed Carriers


Gun debate heats up in Senate budget battle


The Real “Gun Nuts” are Anti-Gun Liberals


World’s Fastest Shooter Vs Bump Fire – Fun video


Kroger refuses to capitulate; Moms Demand Action anti-gun bullies meet their match


Woman slices mother open and removes unborn baby


8 Great Home Security Measures to Implement Today

Smith & Wesson’s Budget AR-15, the M&P Sport


Correcting Common AR-15 Problems


‘How Does Rendering Me Defenseless’ Protect You? (With Video)


NBC News Sued For Libel & Slander After Describing Rifle Target Company As Bomb Maker


Brady Campaign Case Targeting Online Ammo Dismissed By Judge






Illegal Alien Police Officers?


Slain Philly cop a hero in 'fierce' gun battle with 2


Madison Police Officer Saves His Own Life From Vicious Criminal Attack


Analyzing Wisconsin police shooting of unarmed Black teen


Georgia Bill Legalizes Police No-Knock Raids


The Ferguson Case Set A Precedent Most Police Aren’t Soon To Forget


Lies about Ferguson are exposed


Can the AG just shut down a local police department?


Ferguson Police Adopts “Less Lethal” Device That Could Lead To Accidental Shootings


Dear Black America


Sheriff Clarke Has A Message For Obama And Holder From America’s Cops (They Won't Like It)


Sheriff David Clarke: Race-Baiters are Fueling War on Police with Anti-Cop Rhetoric


Arrest Made in Ferguson Cop-Shooter Case — but Suspected Shooter Makes a Strange Claim


The War Against Good Cop


6 Things About the Shooter of Two Ferguson Police Officers


TWO POLICE OFFICERS SHOT-INJURED in Los Angeles – Gunmen at Large


Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke: Mike Brown, Eric Garner Co-conspirators in Their Own Demise


Why I Wouldn’t Want To Be A Police Officer In America Today


White Police Officer Shoots Unarmed NAKED Black Man Who Charged Him

President Obama’s Subtle Support for Anti-Police Street Demonstrations


Cop Harasses Elderly Couple for Having Tinted Windows

Armed Black Panthers Call for Murder of Cops at Open Carry March – DOJ Silent


Glenn Beck and John Cardillo expose the money and coordination behind the civil unrest in Ferguson, MO


Six Cities Chosen to Have Nationalized Police Forces


Can sheriffs save America?


Sheriff Joe plea: Rein in Obama 'power grab'


The DEA Is Seizing Cash Without Warrants In Its Version Of Stop-and-Frisk


Police departments hiring immigrants as officers


Andrew Klavan: Which Black Lives Matter?


Madison Board Member Caught on Tape Unlocking Police Building Doors to Protest Mob


You Don’t Say! WaPo: ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Was A Lie


Police body camera bill passes Florida Appropriations Committee


Suspects ID'd in Cottonwood, AZ Walmart brawl


Has The Relationship Between The NAACP, FBI, & DOJ Grown Too Close For Comfort?


Sentence in shootings of Phoenix policeman, MCSO posseman


Four (Black) Cops Killed in Seven Days -- Where's the Outrage?


You Know What’s Pretty Racist? Standards.


New York City Police Officer and Customs and Border Protection Officer Sentenced to Three Years for International Arms Trafficking


Boston Cop Remains in Coma After Fatal Traffic Stop Shooting; Protesters Caught on Video Taunting Police


Boston Marathon hero cop shot in face; Sheriff David Clarke calls out the real culprits






Last Ebola Patient Leaves Hospital in Liberia


Ebola’s Not Over For Health Care’s Volunteers


CDC: Other Americans possibly exposed to Ebola


11 People with “Potential Exposure” to Ebola Being Brought to American…ummm…Hotels???


How One Hospital Prepared to Treat Patients with Ebola


U.S. bird experts mystified by Midwest avian flu spread


Rejecting Medicaid expansion is basically condemning Americans to death


People’s health at the center of new global blueprint to reduce disaster risks


Vaccination must be scaled up in Ebola-affected countries


Court Upholds Texas Pro-life Law, Clinics Brace for Closures


War on women gets hot with radioactive maxi-pads


STUNNING REVELATION - Doomed jet's co-pilot treated for 'suicidal tendencies'


VIDEO: Co-pilot was treated for suicidal tendencies


DR. ABLOW: Could 'psychotic depression' have downed plane?


Pilot Accused of Deliberately Crashing Germanwings Plane 'Hid an Illness from his Employers'


Newly Discovered Antibiotic Kills Pathogens Without Resistance


Planned Parenthood Received Vast Amounts of Taxpayers’ Money to Fund Murder


Killing babies no different from abortion, experts say


Prosecutor Who Won’t Charge Woman for Killing Unborn Baby Had Planned Parenthood Backing


No Murder Charges in Death of Baby After Pregnant Woman Had Infant Cut Out of Her Stomach






‘Real journalist’ Sharyl Attkisson puts Holder in hot seat about his personal emails


Defiant Ferguson mayor won’t resign; says DOJ officials not like rabid Eric Holder


Team McConnell Struggles To Defend Decision To Bring Loretta Lynch Up For A Vote


McConnell: No Lynch confirmation until human-trafficking bill passes


Tide turns against Obama's Loretta Lynch


Dem: GOP puts attorney general nominee at ‘back of the bus’


Is the Loretta Lynch nomination unraveling?


DOJ defends Clinton from email subpoena


The DOJ goes to bat for Hillary, contends email FOIA request based on ‘speculation’


NRA Opposes Confirmation of President Obama's U.S. Attorney General Nominee, Loretta Lynch






GOP bill would kill net neutrality, strip FCC of power over Internet


Three defendants charged with one of the largest reported data breaches in U.S. history


Microsoft warns Windows PCs also vulnerable to 'Freak' attacks


Apple Addresses FREAK and Releases Security Updates for OS X, iOS, and Apple TV


FBI Investigates Possible ISIS Supporters' Hack of Western Sites


Wikipedia to Sue the NSA


FCC Commissioners Warn ‘Net Neutrality’ Sets Stage for New Internet Taxes


Has the FCC Reversed its Policy on Internet Regulation?


GOP Congressman Points to Two Words Contained in a 2014 Email That Could Suggest White House Involvement in Net Neutrality Vote


Why Stopping Net Neutrality Starts with Protecting Freedom and Capitalism


Comrades for Net Neutrality: Soros, Obama and All the Usual Suspects


The Jester Speaks


CIA Chief: Terrorism Morphing Into Different Threats


Which Apps Expose Your Data to the NSA’s Spying?


The NSA's plan: improve cybersecurity by hacking everyone else


US prevented Germany from granting asylum to Snowden - The US government threatened to cease sharing intelligence with Germany if Berlin offered asylum to American whistleblower Edward Snowden, according to a new report.






COMMON CORE KIDNAPPING: Parent Calls 911 After Public School Won’t Release Kid From Test


Libs Ashamed of Video Where Mom Shows Huge Problem with Common Core


Black Students Claim using Proper English means “Talking White”


No whites allowed: Blacks-only HS assembly outrages white parents, so how did principal defend it?


Farewell to University Free Speech


Clarence Thomas Was Just Called Something Shocking By This Popular High School Study Guide


Sen. Lamar Alexander and Rep. Kline Selling Out Your Children


More Black Americans are Abandoning State-Run Schools and Opting for Homeschool


Principal in Hot Seat for Reciting Bible. A Letter From His Boss Shows Why He’s Not Backing Down


Well-Compensated Teachers Union President Condemns Hedge Fund Managers For Paying Governor Cuomo To Advocate For Charter Schools


Top colleges, ranked by their graduates’ income


Orwellian nightmare unleashed on schoolkids


NYC schools to improve safety by replacing suspensions with “talking circles”


Local Teachers Uncover Left-Wing Conspiracy to Indoctrinate Children


University of Wisconsin asks applicants where and when their parents voted last


The Walking Dead: Common Core Standards in SC Just Won’t Die


The Nazi Model for Outcome-Based Education


NRA to US school administrators: Better remove ALL Obama portraits from walls!


VIDEO: Obama Says He'll Fight GOP Over Education


Teacher reports girl's sex abuse, gets fired


Governor Walker’s Budget Protects Children, Taxpayers, and Educational Systems


Common Core-Aligned Test Publisher Pearson Using Personal Data to Spy on Students Online


School Board Official Slams Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy


Why Is Scholastic Lying To Kids About North Korea?

Iran’s Supremo: Introduce youth of US, Europe to “Islam of jihad”


The dark side of iPads coming to light


Why Did Steve Jobs Limit His Children’s Exposure to Technology?


Virginia Schools Want to Ban Zeroes, Focus More on "Classroom Effort"


Conformity and Collectivist Core


Wisconsin Teachers Union Defy State Law & Fail


School Named After War Hero Forces Child to Shave Off Military-style Haircut


Common Core Opt-Out Included in Senate Budget


Cornell dean says ISIS welcome on campus in undercover video


When a 4th Grader Shames School Board on Testing, the Only Reaction People Have is Standing Ovation.






NY Times leaves Bush out of Selma photo; Conservatives take care of it!


The most trusted name in news is … Fox?


Rob O’Neill, The Man Who Killed Osama Bin Laden, Joins Fox News

Megyn Kelly Slams the Media for Misleading the Country After Two Cops are Shot in Ferguson


Former NBC News Reporter: Media No Longer Holds White House Or Government Accountable


‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Was ‘Wrong, Built on a Lie’ and Officer Darren Wilson Was ‘Justified’…Says Liberal Columnist?


Anatomy Of A Failed Media Matters Smear


Sanctimony and Grandstanding Are More Fun Than Free Speech


How Americans Rate News Networks





Supreme Court Says Obama Admin Can’t Make Notre Dame Obey Pro-Abortion HHS Mandate






No whites allowed: Blacks-only HS assembly outrages white parents, so how did principal defend it?


Black Students Claim using Proper English means “Talking White”


Lies about Ferguson are exposed


Ferguson DOJ Report That Claims African-Americans Targeted Almost As Misleading As “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” Lie


The 'Disparate Impact' Racket


Selma Plus 50


Former Martin Luther King Jr. Associate Refused to March at Selma because President George W. Bush was There


Two Ferguson Police Officers Shot in Wake of DOJ Report


Obama: ‘There is No Excuse’ for Shooting of Cops in Ferguson


Sheriff Clarke Has A Message For Obama And Holder From America’s Cops (They Won't Like It)


Sheriff David Clarke: Race-Baiters are Fueling War on Police with Anti-Cop Rhetoric


Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke: Mike Brown, Eric Garner Co-conspirators in Their Own Demise


Obama’s Shocking Comparison Has Black Pastors Calling Him A ‘Disgrace’


Black Pastors Protest Gay Speaker at Historically Black College


6 Things About the Shooter of Two Ferguson Police Officers


Armed Black Panthers Call for Murder of Cops at Open Carry March – DOJ Silent


The Ferguson Race Shell Game Continues


Starbucks is frothing a racial latte with 'Race Together'


Starbucks: Here's Your Grande Red Eye. Also, Let's Talk About Racism


With Race Together, Starbucks Is Using Worst Of Evangelical Practices


Starbucks Can’t Stop With The Race Lectures


Stop Making Everything Political, Please (cc: Starbucks)


Starbucks, So You Really Want To Talk Race?


Race Together No Longer On Starbucks Cups, But Campaign Will Continue


Why America Cannot have an Honest Dialogue on Poverty and Race


Obama Administration’s ‘Race-Based’ Discipline Policies Increase School Violence


Remembering a Racist, Black Muslim Murder Spree


Sanctimony and Grandstanding Are More Fun Than Free Speech


Andrew Klavan: Which Black Lives Matter?


John Cardillo explains how activist groups were organized in #Ferguson


Straight Talk for Race Hustlers and Racial Bigots Alike


Has The Relationship Between The NAACP, FBI, & DOJ Grown Too Close For Comfort?


Four (Black) Cops Killed in Seven Days -- Where's the Outrage?


WHITE MALE Viciously Assaulted by Unprovoked Blacks on Metrolink Over #MikeBrown


“Aren’t you Afraid of Being Called a Racist?”

You Know What’s Pretty Racist? Standards.


Straight Talk for Race Hustlers and Racial Bigots Alike


Can Blacks Be Racist?


Lawmakers gasp when black Dem Rep accuses colleague’s 18-month-old of being racist






2016: Hillary Is Eminently Beatable


VIDEO: Gov. Scott Walker Visits New Hampshire


White House At War With Clintons: “Obama Does Not Want To See Hillary Become President Of The United States”


Wanted: A Candidate Who Will Wage War on Government Spending, Budget Deficits, and a Crushing $18 Trillion Debt


Average voter ignorance is causing a crisis


Obama calls for mandatory voting in U.S.


Michelle Malkin: Scott Walker Deserves To Be Vetted, ‘Problems’ Much Bigger Than Ousted Pro-Amnesty Aide


There Is No Difference Between Bush And Walker On Immigration


Obama Urges Soviet-Style Voting Laws


CNN/ORC Poll: Hillary Clinton Maintains Double-Digit Lead Over All Republican Hopefuls Surveyed


Ted Cruz deploys Ronald Reagan secret to victory


Yes, Ted Cruz is Constitutionally Eligible to Be President


Cruz to the Front


Cruzing Toward the Resurrection of Mainstream Conservatism


Why Ted Cruz Is More Electable Than You Think


Making Sense


Glen Beck Abandons Republican Party: Should We All Follow?


Liz Warren: The next Obama






Exposed: Top 7 Hillary Clinton Lies That The Liberal Media Is Trying To Hide


What Is Hillary Clinton Hiding? And How Long Can She Keep It Hidden?


How Judge Jeanine Just Blasted ‘Con Game’ Hillary For Protecting Her ‘Own Butt’


Gowdy: 'There Are Gaps of Months and Months' in Emails Turned Over by Clinton


Really Hillary? One Of Her Secret, Illegal E-Mail Addresses Was

Seven Wealthy Men Keeping Their Money at the Scandal-Plagued HSBC Have Donated/Bribed $81 Million to Hillary Clinton's Bribery Storefront


Will the Department of Justice investigate Hillary Clinton's State Department emails?


Hillary’s Missing Emails


Hillary's Private Email Scandal Goes Deeper


WH Press Sec. Admits Obama and Hillary Corresponded on Her Personal Email


WH Press Secretary Makes Startling Admission About the President’s Knowledge of Clinton Email


BREAKING The Law?! Just Who's Funding The Clinton Foundation...


Hard Drives


It’s false! State Dept contradicts Clinton’s claim that emails were ‘automatically saved’


Former SEAL to Hillary: Your lie is inexcusable – it’s ‘arrogant, ignorant, disrespectful’ to fake military heroism


Did Hillary Clinton Commit A Felony?


If Hillary Clinton signed Form OF-109, then she is guilty of a felony *UPDATE: Video*


Hillary Clinton’s State Department keeps just 61,156 emails of more than 1 billion sent


Valerie Jarrett Leaked Hillary’s Private Email Use to Press


Judge Jeanine sums up — and demolishes — Hillary’s WH dream in one sentence


Prelude to next Hillary scandal? Judge orders State Dept to release Clinton passenger manifests


Hillary Will be President Of Nothing


James Carville Inadvertently Admits Hillary Clinton Used Private Email to Avoid Accountabilty and Oversight


CBS: Chinese company with “close ties” to Beijing gave $2M to Clinton Foundation in 2013


Oops: James Carville admits Hillary wanted to avoid congressional oversight


Hillary Clinton Confidante and Defender Admits She Used Private Email to Avoid Congressional Oversight!


IG takes issue with State Department email records management


Document theft and destruction nothing new for Hillary Clinton


State Dept has no record of a Form OF-109 signed by Hillary Clinton


Chinese Company Donated $2 MILLION to Clinton Foundation in 2013


Hillary Clinton: Inspired by Saul Alinsky


Ben Shapiro: Hillary Clinton Lies... A Lot


Bill Whittle: The Criminal Arrogance of Hillary Clinton


Corruption and Lies as a Matter of Policy


Defense Intelligence Analyst: 'No Doubt' Hillary's Emails Hacked by Foreign Governments


Was Hillary Clinton running her own rogue intel operation?


DOJ defends Clinton from email subpoena


The DOJ goes to bat for Hillary, contends email FOIA request based on ‘speculation’


Hillary's use of insecure cell phone disturbing news to intel experts


Astonishing Contrast: U.S. Youth Vs. Israeli Youth


Nothing Inevitable About Clinton Nomination


The Re-Education of Hillary Clinton? – Not Really


Clintons Refused to Return Money from Iranian Government Front Group


Hillary's Iranian money problem


House Furious: Hillary 'Wiped Clean' Server, Emails Permanently Deleted





California University Bans American Flag


Not Waived, Our Banner Yet Waves






New Study Finds that there are MANY Alternatives to Obamacare!


Could Obamacare Subsidies Crush Socialist Healthcare in America?


King v. Burwell's Very Existence Says a Lot About Obamacare


Rejecting Medicaid expansion is basically condemning Americans to death


OBAMACARE 'DESIGNED' TO CLOSE RURAL HOSPITALS - Top doctor: 'I think it's an intended consequence'






4 Vets Lost Limbs in War. But They Didn’t Let That Stop Them From Returning To Combat Like Badasses.


Why I’m Fat






Sgt. Bergdahl


Lawsuit filed against Obama's Pentagon over prisoner swap for deserter Bergdahl


Front Page of the Boston Herald Delivers Fiery Message to President Obama Over Bergdahl Controversy


Retired General Has Harsh One-Word Description For Obama’s Press Conference With Bergdahl’s Parents


Bowe Bergdahl Gives His Reason for Abandoning His Post – It Was The Military’s Fault


‘Senior Defense Officials’ Are Undermining Army’s Prosecution of Bergdahl






Obama Energy Secretary: 20% Increase in Energy Prices is No Big Deal!


Is There an Elephant in the Living Room? Or Did Manmade Climate Change Cause Syria’s Civil War and the Rise of ISIS?


Kerry: Manmade Global Warming is an Elementary Truth Like Gravity


Al Gore: We Need to "Punish Climate Change Deniers"


EPA Wants to Monitor How Long Hotel Guests Spend in the Shower


Obama’s Law School Professor: EPA Is ‘Burning The Constitution’


Will Obama force U.S. to submit to ‘climate justice tribunal’?


Obama Signs Green Executive Order That the White House Says Is Like Taking 5.5 Million Cars Off the Road


Radical Environmentalism’s Death Campaigns


Report: FEMA to Dole Out Disaster Preparation Cash Only to States That Buy Into Global Warming Hoax


The Tip of the Climate Spending Iceberg






February job growth at odds with persistent workforce dropout


Nearly At ‘Full Employment’? 10 Reasons Why The Unemployment Numbers Are A Massive Lie


Seattle’s Minimum Wage Law: A Slow-Motion Accident Right Before Our Eyes


Seattle restaurants going dark as $15 an hour minimum wage goes into effect


The President: I’ll Take the Credit…and Charge You $100 Million


College Students Informed About Their Share of the National Debt… And Their Reactions are Priceless


Great: More Americans on Welfare Than Working Full Time


Government Waste Warning! New Report shows Obama Administration Gave BILLIONS to Foreign Green Energy Companies!


GOP Lawmakers Give Obama Warning on Raising Taxes Through Executive Action


10 Charts Which Show We Are Much Worse Off Than Just Before The Last Economic Crisis


Pink Slips - 100,000 Jobs Wiped Out Amid Oil Price Collapse: “Spreading Like Cancer”


The “Greatest Invisible Depression”






The IRS and the propaganda that perpetuates it


Obama Admin Kills Program That Helped Poor File Taxes, Sends Funding To Liberal Groups


Obama-linked Non-Profit Filed for New IRS Status After Accusation of Meddling in Israeli Election






Benghazi Survivor: Those Who Attacked the Annex Were There to “Kidnap Somebody.”






Why Obama Boycotted Netanyahu’s Speech — on The Glazov Gang


The Evil Party versus the Stupid Party


The Deception Runs Deep


Is President Obama Really as Clueless as He Claims?


Egyptian President Provides Damning Indictment of Obama’s Treachery & Betrayal


Fearing for America


Americans Reveal What They See As the Biggest Problem Facing the Country & Number One Says It All


Obama’s Top Ten Moments of Politically Correct Insanity


Americans Disapprove of Obama’s Clueless Handling of Terrorism


Irony In Our Government


Obama’s Private Armies (But Who Pays The Bill?)


Some Republicans in Washington Can’t Take the Heat – So They Need to Get Out of the Kitchen


Iran, Obama, and the UN – Good article.  Bad “precedent.”


Gallup: Public’s favorability toward both parties in historically low territory


Obama’s Treason Is the New Patriotism


White House Trying to Delete FOIA Regulations


Sheriff Joe plea: Rein in Obama 'power grab'


Keystone Kops Government


Two Legislators Indicted for Voter ID Bribes in Case Attorney General Refused to Prosecute


Obama’s Unraveling Foreign Policy


“Mr. President, whose side are you on anyway?” - Judge Jeanine Pirro


Obama: ‘By Hook Or Crook,’ I’ll Expand Government


The New Assertive Germany - Obama's non-leadership forces German second-thoughts.


The High Cost of Treason


The High Cost of Treason Part Two


OBAMA'S 'JIHAD AGAINST JEWS' SPILLS ISRAEL'S NUKE SECRETS - White House declassifies details of Middle East democracy's defenses


Obama Leaks Israeli Nuke Secrets


Houthi Rebels Obtain Yemeni-US Intelligence On Counter-Terrorism Operations, Some Files Handed Over To Iran


Death to America


Cornell dean says ISIS welcome on campus in undercover video


NBC’s Engel: US allies fear Obama admin leaking information to Iran


The American People Are MIA As Obama Continues Unabated


Shock claim: Why Obama refused to help fight Boko Haram - Allegations are mounting that the Obama administration withheld weapons and intelligence support from Nigeria’s fight against Boko Haram in an effort to boost the chances of the Muslim candidate for president, who is a client of the political firm founded by key Obama strategist David Axelrod.


Obama’s revenge: US declassifies report on Israel’s nuclear program


Attempts to Undermine Democracies by Present Day Fifth Columnists




Obama’s Two State Temper Tantrum


Fortune’s List of 50 Greatest Leaders Leaves Out Someone ‘Significant’ – & It Gives a Damning Reason


How Boehner, Pelosi surprised everyone with a $200 billion deal


Harry Reid is Retiring – It’s a Shame He Isn't Being Charged With Treason, Corruption or Bad Behavior


Shock Report! Military says Allies Don't Trust Us, Fear We're Leaking Intel to Iran


Obama's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Foreign Policy


Obama's One Fine Mess of Potage


Reporter says John Kerry answered ‘Allah willing’ – in Arabic- when asked if nuke deal would happen


Andrew Klavan: 50 Shades of Barack Obama






Sources: bin Laden docs conflict with Obama's talk of Al Qaeda demise


Obama allowing thousands of unvetted Muslim 'refugees' into U.S.


Intel Chief Clapper ADMITS Obama admin arming terrorists but calling them ‘moderates’


Iranian generals and U.S. Democrats on same page against Americans


A New Breed of Global Communism on Steroids


The Threat Is Real: Billion Dollar NASA Mission To Study Blackout Risks to Power Grid


Orwellian nightmare unleashed on schoolkids


Exposed: Blueprint of How Islamic Caliphate Will Be Implemented by 2020


Could this man could be more dangerous than Woodrow Wilson?


President is not Commander in Chief of Foreign Policy


The ACLU is No Defender of Freedom or Liberty


How and Why ISIS Will Use Texas to Enter the US If They Choose to Cross the Border


Putting the Brakes on Armageddon


Obama’s True Intentions — on The Glazov Gang


DEA agents attended cartel-funded 'sex parties


DEA agents had 'sex parties' with prostitutes, watchdog says


Report calls for improvements at FBI to combat terror


FBI Director Begs Congress: Please Give Us Unlawful Backdoor Access to Americans’ Cellphones


Special forces set to swarm Southwest and operate undetected among civilians in massive military exercise

Jettison the Empire to Save the Republic 2015


Obama Snubs NATO Chief As Russia Grows More Aggressive


Obama Was Hand-Picked & NOT a Natural Born Citizen - Congress Knew It & Protected Him


National Investigation Reveals Alarming Number of Attacks on U.S. Power Grid






Prosecutors protect themselves first


Nation of Drivel


Bank 'breaks into man's home,' won't say why

Nostalgia for a Pre-Obama America


Oregon Becomes First State to Impose Per-Mile Road Tax


The Poo Generation


Have You Heard About the ‘Creepy’ New Barbie Doll That Can Record Your Conversations? – on a cloud server.


Farewell to University Free Speech


Priorities: Dems Reject Bill to Stop Human Trafficking to Protect Abortion


Liberals Got All the Answers


Inside the Leftist Mind: The Primacy of Narrative Over Facts


Dorothy Zellner: When Leftism Becomes Your Religion


Multiculturalism seeks the Destruction of Christianity and American Values


Andrew Klavan: The Magic Box of Leftism


Extreme: Dems' Filibuster of Anti-Human Trafficking Bill Exposes Abortion Fanaticism


Bolivia, Venezuela demand apologies from Obama during OAS summit


White House office exempts itself from FOIA regs


Democrats Pretend to be Anti-Corporation but Hypocritically Support the Export-Import Bank!


Why Democrats Hate the Internet


After at least 84 killings are linked to Craigslist transactions, SafeTrade program launched to make online transactions safer


House GOP budget: Repeal ObamaCare, boost Defense, cut $5.5 trillion over 10 years


Huxley vs. Orwell: Whose Dystopian Prophecy was Closer to the Truth?


To become UN Sec General Obama must 'Solve' the Existence of Israel


Intelligence: Broken Arrow


New push to free Army lieutenant convicted of Afghans' murder


America is Screwed Unless ‘We The People’ Get Baptized Afresh In Our Founders' Rebel Spirit


Liberal Policies vs. Affordable Housing


The ACLU is No Defender of Freedom or Liberty


Can Family Breakdown in Low-Education America Be Reversed? Maybe


Christians in America Need To Stop Being Such Wussies


The Data Proves Marriage Matters


































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