A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.


We sleep safely at night because rough men and women stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm.


“Chaos is the law of nature, and order is the dream of man”


“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”


Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty



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For reasons of national defense, some news articles will not appear in this News Watch.






Nut Job Fr. Pfleger & RaceBaiter Jessie Jackson Threaten to ‘Snuff Out’ Gun Owners


Kalashnikov USA Launches New Website


Obama's Anti-Second Amendment Nominee For Surgeon General: Guns Are a Healthcare Issue


Cancer Survivor With Concealed Carry Permit Drives Off FIVE Home Invaders In Detroit


U.N. Confuses Gun Ownership with Arms Trafficking


FBI Admits Their Report Released Before 2014 Election Showing Mass Shootings Had Jumped Sharply Was Fabricated


FBI: Actually, When We Said Mass Shootings Were Up, We Were Just Talkin

Obama’s Gun Speech Gag Order Is Retaliation Against Group That Sued The Gov’t Last Month


Female and Armed: A Woman’s Guide to Situational Awareness & Concealed Carry


Federal Premium Ammunition Launches Mobile Ballistics App – Very nice.


KY Man Faces Capital Murder Charge For Killing Fleeing Burglar


Alleged Gang Members Steal 55 Guns For Possible Revenge Killing Plot


Guntry Clubs: Ranges Go Upscale (Video)


Senate Bill Gives $60 Million to CDC to Study "Epidemic of Gun Violence"


GOP lawmakers move to limit federal gun and ammo rule changes


Barber-slash-slasher gets ten years in jail


Lawful Purpose & Self Defense Act, HR2710 Would Modernize the Gun Control Act of 1968


The Gathering Storm of Anti-Gun Money


Obama’s 1st Gun-Related Action Under Loretta Lynch: 12 Anti-gun Regulatory Proposals


STANDOFF IN DALLAS: Gunmen open fire on police near headquarters


Americans Prefer to Live Around Armed People


Americans: We Like Living In Neighborhoods With Guns, Thank You


Americans: Uh, we definitely feel safer in neighborhoods that allow guns. Is that even up for discussion?


Radical Democrats Push Restrictive Federal Handgun Licensing - The bill would require lawful residents of the United States nationwide to be 21 years old, submit to a background check and criminal history check, and submit fingerprints and photographs  to even hold a handgun.


Florida Gun Rights (FLGR) is a Fraud, Don’t Get Conned


Record Gator Taken in Black Belt Makes Debut


National Task Force Advisory Regarding Exploding Targets


NRA Backs Federal Bill to Limit Arbitrary Federal Gun and Ammo Classifications


Representative Rob Bishop Introduces Bill to Curb BATFE Abuse


The 2nd Amendment : For Muskets Only?! – Great viewing.


At Shooting Range, Texas Governor Abbott Signs “Open Carry” And Concealed Carry Bills On State University Campuses…


Man Allegedly Goes After Ex-Girlfriend, Kicks In Trailer Door, Gets Shot, Killed


NRA Warns About Gun-Info Ban


Why I Choose To Carry A Full Size 1911


NFA Weapons Now Legal In Texas


Father Pfleger: Ban ‘High Capacity Magazines’ and ‘Title Guns Like Cars’


Shots Fired, One In Custody After Attempted Unauthorized Access to Little Rock Air Force Base


Bloomberg Debuts New Gun Control Propaganda Site, The Trace


Reagan, The President Who Concealed Carried


3 Armed Men Try to Rob Store. Clerk Shoots & Kills 2 of Them. [VIDEO]


INSTANT JUSTICE: Woman Mercilessly Beats Man Who Tried to Stab Her [VIDEO]


Federal Bill Seeks To Use Your Taxes To Bribe States To Require Gun Licenses


NJ Senator Steve Sweeney Knows He Has a Problem When…


NJ Senator Sweeney Ignores Gun Control Murder Victims Family ~ Video


What If You Could Legally Only Own One Firearm?


Concealed Permit Holder Frees Woman Held Hostage for 20 Hours


Customer who returned fire at murder suspect called 'hero'


Two men shot invading home of 77-year-old


Armed robber targets dialysis patient, who pulls own gun on him


Armed Detroit woman fights off carjackers


'Backyard gunfire' sparks 2nd Amendment battle


Colt Manufacturing Led Charge For Gun Control In 1990s, Now Bankrupt


Colt Seeks August Auction After Bankruptcy Filing


Charleston Shooter Was on Drug Linked to Violent Outbursts


Charleston shooting prompts gun-rights supporters to call for more concealed-carry at churches


I’m Lucky To Be Alive ~ Amber Kunau


Gabby Giffords, A Gun Criminal?


Local Media Stunned That Good Guy Could Legally Shoot Bad Guy


Trick Shots With The Gunny & Kirsten Joy Weiss – Fun viewing.


Knockout Game: Black Man Smashes 80-Year-Old Woman to Ground in SC Grocery Store


“He Could Have Called 911.” Dead Armed Robber’s Mom Wants Good Guy Charged For His Death


Violent Teen Mobs Attack Another Innocent Victim In Memphis


Dear Idiot Gun-Grabbers, Women Need Guns More than You » Louder With Crowder


Pharmacist points gun at woman trying to rob store of pain pills – Good video.


Federal court to rule on restrictive concealed weapons permits


International Traffic in Arms: Definitions of Defense Services, Technical Data, and Public Domain; Definition of Product of Fundamental Research; Electronic Transmission and Storage of Technical Data; and Related Definitions


Obama Politicizes Charleston Shooting: Calls for Gun Control, Slams America


Charleston church massacre: Obama takes advantage of tragedy


Divisive Obama Exploits Charleston Church Murders To Push Gun Control


A National Tragedy and a Partisan Response


South Carolina Gunman Partially a Product of Left-Leaning Culture


Actually, President Obama, Mass Killings Aren’t Uncommon In Other Countries


What Might Have Stopped Charleston Church Shooter Dylann Storm Roof?


Friend: Dylann Storm Roof STOLE THE GUN from His Mom (Video)


CHARLESTON: Roof Would Have Failed A Background Check - According to South Carolina court documents exclusively obtained by Radar, Roof, 21, was arrested in Lexington County on felony charges of possession of cocaine, methamphetamine and LSD on February 28, 2015.


None of Obama’s Gun Control Initiatives Would Have Prevented Charleston Shooting


Dem Strategist: ‘I Cannot Imagine the Horror That Could’ve Occurred’ if Churchgoers Were Armed During Charleston Massacre | Video


Security Expert: My Fear Is That More Churches Will Be Targeted


Study: Self-Defense Gun Use Is a Myth


Washington Arms Expo: We Won’t Comply With Unconstitutional Background Check Law


The President Gets It Wrong Once Again – Guns Are Actually Saving Lives


Hillary Joins Call For Gun Control: ‘How Many People Do We Need To See Cut Down?’


Hillary Clinton Denounces White Privilege, Calls for Taking Guns From ‘Those Whose Hearts Are Filled With Hate’


Las Vegas Police Department will destroy 1.4 million "Blue Card" handgun registrations


Rep. Massie: ‘Obama’s Swan Song Is Gun Control by Executive Order


Black America” Is A Bloody Mess – Stats - Black Americans are far more likely to be homicide victims than white Americans.


Dana Loesch’s Fiery Rebuttal After Guest Claims ‘Very Serious Data’ Show Gun Control Prevents Murders | Video


NBC to South Carolina Governor: Time to Rethink the 2nd Amendment?


Charleston church massacre: The violence white America must answer for - Is something wrong with the white family? Why are their sons and men so violent? Are Fox News and the right-wing media encouraging violence?


Blood in Gun-Free Zones Falls on the Hands of Anti-Gun Politicians


Charleston Killer Chose Church As Target Because It Was A “Gun Free Zone?”


Only Difference Between Dylann Roof and Bill Ayers Is Legitimacy Among the Left – Interesting comparison


Black 12-Year-Old Takes Obama to Task for Pushing Anti-Gun Agenda in Wake of Charleston Tragedy


Keys to a Strong ‘Upper Triangle’ – Good points.


Why Armed Citizens Must Be First Responders


Preventing more church shootings - 'Faith is not an excuse to bypass self-defense'


Guns: The Liberal Soapbox vs. Reality


Obama intent to toughen gun laws, with or without Congress’ help


So now we have to worry about knife control laws?


An Uber Driver Stopped A Potential Mass Shooting With A Concealed Weapon. Naturally, Uber Bans Guns.


Restaurant Cook Shoots Armed Robber, Protecting 20+ Lives In Detroit


At Least One Dead, Nine Injured in Shooting Reportedly at Kids’ Birthday Party on Detroit Basketball Court (UPDATE: One Suspect Reportedly in Custody)


VIDEO: In San Francisco Speech to Mayors, Hillary Clinton Calls For Gun Reform


Larry Vickers: No Self-Neutering In My Classes, Guys


Pope Francis Questions Whether Weapons Manufacturers Can Call Themselves Christian


Pope’s New Inquisition: You Can’t Make Guns & Call Yourself a Christian – Who made this guy God???


Federal Court: Second Amendment Right Is Reason for Cops to Detain You


Judge's ruling threatens upheaval of Puerto Rico gun laws


Brady Center Ordered to Pay FFLs’ $200,000+ Attorney’s Fees


Operation Choke Point Bill Gets Hearing Attention


EMPIRE STATE REBELLION: New Yorkers REFUSED To Register More than 95-Percent Of “Assault Weapons”


UN Human Rights Experts Demand 'Urgent Measures' for Gun Control in US


NJ Court: Husband Loses Gun Rights Because Wife Is a Felon


Obama backs Australia's gun laws while condemning latest mass shootings in US




LAW ENFORCEMENT MATTERS – Also see the Protest Matters news groups


'WHISTLE' BLOWN ON HARASSMENT - Gov't workers bullied for speaking out


TSA whistleblowers describe security concerns, culture of 'fear and distrust'


VIDEO: Whistleblower describes being 'held hostage' by agency


Police: Doggy Door Intruder Shot Several Times by Homeowner


DHS Agent Says She Was Stripped Of Gun, Nearly Lost Daughter After Blowing Whistle On Immigration Visa Program


Just Shut Up Already


The War On Cops Is Part Of A War On You


Houston Police Officer Shot In Back During Traffic Stop, May Have Been Targeted For Being Cop


Video of Santa Ana Police Pot-Shop Raid Shows Officers Eating ‘Edibles,’ Attorney Says


Black vs. Blue in America


Police Racism at a Pool Party, or Something Else?


Judge Finds Probable Cause To Charge Cleveland Police Officers In Tamir Rice Shooting


NYPD Ramping Up Recruitment Of Muslims


Man Goes on Crazy Spree Outside Dallas Police HQ, Shooting Up the Building, Ramming Cop Car and Planting Multiple Bombs; ‘Likely He Is Deceased’


GUNMAN KILLED - Dallas police attack suspect dead after shot from sniper


“Automatic Weapons” Were Not Used in Dallas Police Shooting


VIDEO: Standoff in Dallas after attack on police headquarters


VIDEO: Gunman opens fire on Dallas Police HQ


Judge Who Tried Family Court Case Involving Alleged Dallas Shooting Suspect: ‘I Always Thought His Target Would Have Been Me’


CNN anchor calls Dallas PD officers’ attacker ‘courageous and brave’ [video]


CNN's Whitfield: Attacking Dallas Police HQ 'Courageous and Brave'


Dallas Police Association to CNN: Your 'Flippant Non-Apology' Is Not Accepted


Armed suspect shot at Little Rock Air Force Base gate


Has the federal government ever had sex?


Blue Lives Matter


The Left Disbars Another Conservative Prosecutor


Surveillance Video Shows Man Fatally Shot After Charging, Swinging Flagpole at Cop | Video


THE WAGES OF ANTI-COP ACTIVISM: Reluctance To Fire On Attacker Nearly Costs Officer His Life – Speculation, but interesting reading.


Starnes: Sheriff under fire for preaching at church in uniform


Cop HATER & RAPPER Trepierre Hummons Posts Good-Bye Message on Facebook Then Shoots Cincy Cop Dead


Family of man who murdered police officer Sonny Kim disrupts prayer vigil [video]


NYC police officer shoots knife-wielding man who slashed him in the neck


FBI director: This is a "difficult time" in law enforcement


Sleep loss impedes decision making in crisis, research shows


How sleep deprivation affects officer safety and performance


Black family vs. cops in 'crazy' pool clash

Police Officer Shoots Hostage-Taking Criminal In The Face


Suspect sought in killing of New Orleans police officer...




New Orleans police arrest man suspected of shooting, killing officer


Armed Pizzeria Robbery in Brazil


New Orleans Police Officer SHOT DEAD While Transporting Suspect


Newspaper leaks Freddie Gray autopsy; Death ruled an accident enabled by police ‘acts of omission’








Federal Court Effectively Shuts Down 13 Texas Abortion Clinics


Wisconsin Moves to Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks


American Millennials Rethink Abortion, for Good Reasons


Planned Parenthood Laments Republican "War on Women"


Using Down Syndrome to promote abortions


Senate Majority Leader Announces a Guaranteed Vote Against Abortions After 20 Weeks


Obama says He Doesn’t Care What America Wants – He’ll Veto a Ban on Late-Term Abortions


Black Lives Matter (Even in the Womb)


SCOTUS Rejects North Carolina Ultrasound Law as Too Ideological


Pro-Life Truth vs. Pro-Abortion Lies


Services to Be 'Discontinued' at DC Abortion Clinic


McConnell: ‘We’re Failing as a Country’ When We Refer Young Moms to Planned Parenthood


Life isn't perfect? Get an abortion! - unbelievable ad


Deadly Dangers Of Drinking Too Much Water


Why Poor People Stay Poor


Hospitals Are Blatantly Ripping Us Off


Charleston Shooter Was on Drug Linked to Violent Outbursts


Dr. Manny: How prescription drug abuse is helping to fuel violence in America


FDA Outlaws Trans Fats, Gives Food Industry 3 Years to Comply


Doctors urged to amputate healthy limbs


Study of Ebola survivors opens in Liberia






Obama’s 1st Gun-Related Action Under Loretta Lynch: 12 Anti-gun Regulatory Proposals


DOJ Announces Hate Crime Probe into SC Church Shooting






CAPITOL ATTITUDE: Lawmakers on collision course over cybersecurity bill after massive hack


Expert: Stolen gov't records for sale on 'darknet'

VIDEO: Government records being sold online

VIDEO: China behind massive US cyber breach?


OPM Hack Far Deeper Than Publicly Acknowledged, Went Undetected For More Than A Year, Sources Say




Sex, lies and debt potentially exposed by U.S. data hack


Officials: Second hack exposed military and intel data

Far More Than Publicly Acknowledged...

Military records, veterans' data stolen...


Ex-NSA official: Cybersecurity breach gave China intelligence ‘crown jewels’


NSA expert: ‘China’s hack just wrecked American espionage’ – Duh!


China's Big Hack Attack


OPM hack started over a year ago, encompasses all federal employees


The OPM Hack Isn't Bad.  It's Catastrophic.


Video: OPM hack may be four times larger than previously disclosed


Hackers have reportedly stolen Social Security numbers of every single federal worker


The federal agency that was mega-hacked by China apparently outsourced some of its data management to China


Feds had Chinese on contract to work on compromised personnel database



Obama to host China’s Xi Jinping despite cyberattacks - The administration hasn’t publicly blamed China for the attack on the Office of Personnel Management computer network, which officials call one of the biggest security breaches in U.S. history, but lawmakers and anonymous administration officials say there is no doubt China is responsible.  (Probably going to thank him.)


Glenn Reynolds: What if Pearl Harbor happened and nobody noticed?


The encrypted files held by Edward Snowden have been hacked by Russian and Chinese…


Unsecure Obamacare Database Keeps Personal Information Forever


After OPM hack, dump idea of centralized electronic medical records


Encryption “would not have helped” at OPM, says DHS official | Ars Technica


Explaining the Govt. Personnel Cyberattack (Video)


Number affected by hack soars to 18M, agency head says nobody ‘personally responsible’


VIDEO: Hacking of employee info worse than gov't let on


Why are we Ignoring a Cyber Pearl Harbor?


ISIS could get hacked info on millions of Americans


Google Docs tool can show every edit a person has ever made


Relax, Your Technology Dependency Is Healthy


Bipartisan House Votes for Further Restrictions on Surveillance on Americans!


Senate Democrats Block Cybersecurity Amendment To Defense Bill…


Hack the vote: Cyber experts say ballot machines easy targets


You Don’t Really Like What You “Like” … We’re All Just Virtual Serfs on a Click Farm of Dead Souls




Google Accused of “Abusive” Conduct in Privacy App Case


Google eavesdropping tool installed on computers without permission


Group warns against president's 'great Internet giveaway'...


You’re being secretly tracked with facial recognition, even in church


Spies are cracking into antivirus software, Snowden files reveal






Obama Hearts Private School -- For Himself and Family


Chicago’s high school graduation rate was apparently calculated using “new math”


What's Wrong With Academia?


U.S. schoolteachers bow to Allah, celebrate Islam


Forbidden at the University of California: “America Is the Land of Opportunity”


U. California faculty told calling America ‘land of opportunity’ is a ‘microaggression


Warning: This May Be Interpreted By Some As Extremely Microaggressive




How Liberals Distort American History


How Islam Got Its American Privileges


The Upside-Down World of University Human Rights


Common Core and Progressive Domination of Math Instruction Equals Mathematic Illiteracy


Transgender student sues school, citing restroom policy


No, High Schools Shouldn’t Have 72 Valedictorians. Here’s Why That’s Awful.


Awesome: Inner-City All Boys School Sends Every Graduate to College


HS teacher: I no longer assign Shakespeare to my students because he’s white


First Amendment Centers


The Postcolonial Rot Spreads Beyond Middle East Studies


Bill Maher and Don Lemon join the anti-PC crusade to save speech – Esp. on university campuses


Houston district opens ‘Arabic Immersion School’ to create ‘global citizens’


School installs microphone network to detect gunfire: ‘Next wave of student safety’


The Common Core-ing of Society


Public School Teacher Stands Up for Her Religion Against Teachers Union


Liberal Media Wonders if Competency Tests are Always Racist


Superintendent Cheatham Upset Legislators Want To Fix Madison's Achievement Gap?


Liberals Bemoan Cheating Scandals in Education – But They Are The Culprits


Inside Every Liberal Is a Totalitarian Screaming to Get Out: The UC’s Assault on Academic Free Speech


The University of California’s Insane Speech Police


Gulen Muslim Charter Schools: “60 Minutes” Does Mostly a Whitewash (VIDEO)

Milwaukee charter schools tied to Turkish Islamic cleric?


Teacher questions Muslim practices at charter school


Some parents question GREEN Charter School's curriculum


Infiltrating the U.S. Through Charter Schools?


Islamic Indoctrination in American Schools


Nevada's Common Core Turns into Huge Money Pit!






Liberal Media: We've Got Nothing On The GOP Field


Media’s Strategy on Immigration: Don’t Talk About It


CNN anchor calls Dallas PD officers’ attacker ‘courageous and brave’ [video]


CNN's Whitfield: Attacking Dallas Police HQ 'Courageous and Brave'


A Candid Michelle Malkin Blasts Old School Media


It’s Open Season on Christians


Are Journalists Afraid to Challenge Liberal Black Leaders?


Crazy Emo-Prog Dylann Roof Doesn't Fit the Left's 'Right-Wing Racist White Supremacist' Narrative


New Pentagon manual declares journalists can be enemy combatants


The Ayers-Weatherman Terrorist Attack as It Might Have Happened


'AP is lying' about gun pointed at Cruz's head


Republicans Must Stop Letting the Media Manipulate Them






Reddit bans groups over harassment, raising questions of censorship


How the Left Is Killing Free Speech


Death by Lashing: Saudi Arabia – Coming to America, in a generation or three?  Sure seems assured.


CNN anchor says left too dangerously P.C.


NY Times Best Selling Author Brad Thor’s message for Pamela Geller’s critics: You are pansies


CNN Anchor Hates Political Correctness thinks Liberals are “Least Tolerant”!


The Most Inexcusable Crime in the Muslim World


Bill Maher and Don Lemon join the anti-PC crusade to save speech – Very good discussion.


First Amendment Centers


First Amendment Sensitivity Training


Prisons without Walls: We’re All Inmates in the American Police State


The Trans Fat Ban Is Worse Than You Think


Half-Baked: Obama Executive Overreach Makes Its Way to Your Dinner Table


AFL-CIO & Catholic University Co-Sponsored Anti-Libertarianism /Anti-Free Market Conference (Videos)


Ugandan 'gays' charge speech is 'crime against humanity' - International case puts bull's-eye on Americans' First Amendment rights


New Pentagon manual declares journalists can be enemy combatants


Where Rights Come from Matters


Where Rights Come From Matters 2


SCOTUS Strikes Down Order for USDA Seizure of California Raisins


Let's Remove Spineless Elected Officials in SC Rather than the Confederate Flag


Letting no tragedy go to waste


Judge slams brakes on Geller's Islam bus ads





The ‘Takedown’ of Family & Marriage: Q&A with Dr. Paul Kengor


The ‘Takedown’ of Family and Marriage Part Two: Q&A with Dr. Paul Kengor


Obama to regulate 'diversity' in white suburbs


Pastors say 'We Don't have to Obey the Supreme Court on Gay Marriage'


No More Green and White


High court's homosexual prejudice threatens our rights


Religious freedom 1, 'gay' agenda 0


The “What’s Next” of Homosexuality and Transsexuality is here, and it is Worse than You Thought


The Soft Brainwashing: 53% of Americans believe one in five are gay


Homofascists, the Professed Church & City Leaders Join Hands Against God & Country Event


Dobson, Graham to Supremes: We'll choose Bible


Southern Baptists: Supreme Court Is Not Final Authority on Gay Marriage


Tracing the Marxist Roots of the Assault on the Family


The Magna Carta’s message to the Supreme Court


You Will Be Assimilated - The same-sex marriage bait-and-switch


For Leftists, It's Open Season on Christians


Culture and Social Pathology


It’s Open Season on Christians


'Heterosexual Privilege' Bulletin Board in University of Wisconsin Dorm Creates Controversy


DRAMA: Turmoil is only sure thing if Supreme Court rejects gay marriage...

Obama takes another swipe at justices...


Huckabee whacks 'modern myth' of Supreme Court - Calls on GOP to fight 'judicial tyranny' ahead of same-sex marriage ruling


Is the ACLU trying to Destroy Christianity or Just America?


If Western Culture Is Dying, Are We All Doomed?


Huckabee: Gay Marriage Could Criminalize Christianity


From Moral Relativism to Reality Relativism


A Moral Moment


Will The US Supreme Court Endorse Immorality?


'Comfortable' Christianity over, conference told


Supreme Court caught messing with marriage case - Suspicious events described as 'troubling turn' found by key legal team

LGBT Studies Course At San Francisco High School May Be 1st In Nation


It is Time to Shun Both “Catelyn” Jenner and Rachel Dolezal – We Need to Embrace Nature’s Children.


300,000 Christians Gather Together To Combat The Antichrist Attack Against Christianity








Teach for America’s Professional Agitators


Michelle Obama Talks About Race and Success, and Makes It Personal


Obama to regulate 'diversity' in white suburbs


Obama making bid to diversify wealthy neighborhoods by Law


GOP Critical of New Obama Rules To Create 'Utopian' Neighborhoods


Megyn Kelly Takes On Obama Plan To ‘Diversify’ Neighborhoods, Especially Wealthy Ones


FORCED DIVERSITY? GOP fighting rule allowing feds to remake neighborhoods


Feds accused of pushing ‘utopias’ in wealthy neighborhoods with diversity regs


VIDEOS: WH eyes plan to diversify rich neighborhoods | How Obama plans to diversify areas


Inside Every Liberal Is a Totalitarian Screaming to Get Out: The Death of the Neighborhood


Calling America 'Land of Opportunity' offensive, University of California warns professors


Vast ObamaCare data warehouse raises privacy concerns


Ridiculous Study Claims Rooms Filled With White People Causes Aggression For Black People


White family beaten, shot with Taser by black mob - Hate-crime charges eyed in 'unprovoked attack by group of thugs'

Family says NAACP leader is -- white!


Hot-take heaven: Spokane NAACP president allegedly faked being black

Pretending to be black for years?


“Call Me Trans-Racial Rachel”: The Odd Story of Rachel Dolezal


RACIAL ID FUROR - 'White' NAACP leader quits over false portrayal


Former student says Dolezal dismissed her as 'not Hispanic enough'


Rachel Dolezal sued Howard University for race discrimination in 2002


VIDEO: Dr. Ablow on identity and racial fraud


VIDEO: NAACP official cuts off interview


VIDEO: Starnes: NAACP leader: Black trapped in white body?


Rachel Dolezal Resigns As NAACP Leader Amid Racial Identity Controversy


Circle The Wagons: NAACP Stands By Rachel Dolezal


Investigation Finds Rachel Dolezal Has ZERO Black Relatives Dating Back To 1671


Summer Riots Are Coming…Unless!


Civil Rights Activist Who Marched With Martin Luther King Posts Blunt Billboard About ‘Black Lives Matter’


Jim Hoft and Sean Hannity Discuss the Ferguson Riots & Prof BlackLivesMatter Activist Movement


Charleston, Dylann Roof and the racism of millennials


The Internalized Racism of White Leftists


Alveda King: GOP Helps Minorities, Democrats Give Only Talk


Are Journalists Afraid to Challenge Liberal Black Leaders?


Condoning Black Racism at Boston University: America’s Double Standard


What Is Race, Anyway?


Black Lives Matter (Even in the Womb)


The race hustlers rush in to exploit the evil that devastated Charleston


A great plan: liberals refusing to breed so they don’t biologically spread white privilege


African-American? The Solution To The Race Problem - Don’t ever say African-American, just say American. Now that puts us all in the same boat.






Bombshell: Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby Directed Police to Target Area Where Freddie Gray was Arrested


Baltimore Cops: “Public Asked for Softer, Less Aggressive Police Dept. & We’ve Given Them That” (VIDEO)


Baltimore Sees Massive Spike in Violence


Baltimore: 16 Year-Old Black Girl Raped, Strangled, Set on Fire by Black Gang Members


Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby Attempts to Prevent Release of Freddie Gray Autopsy, Evidence


Newspaper leaks Freddie Gray autopsy; Death ruled an accident enabled by police ‘acts of omission’






Police Officer in Pool Party Video Resigns


McKinney Overreactions Hinder Quest to Fight Real Racism


Texans On HIGH ALERT As Nation Of Islam & New Black Panthers Arrive To Start RIOTS...


“Indefensible”: McKinney cop in pool-party incident slammed by police chief after resignation


Texas cop’s lawyer: His emotions got the better of him at the pool party after responding to two suicide calls






The Democrats Have the Worst Presidential Candidates in America


Election Experts: There Are Only Three Serious GOP Contenders


Brutal Carly Fiorina ad: What’s Hillary’s biggest accomplishment as Secretary of State?


Hillary Clinton Battered by Awesome Republican Attacks - How will She Make it Through the Campaign?


Carly Fiorina and the RNC Release Dueling Ads Demolishing the Hillary Clinton Campaign!


Iowa Straw Poll Cancelled


Hack the vote: Cyber experts say ballot machines easy targets


Carly Fiorina is open to legal status for adult illegal immigrants, citizenship for their kids


Donald Trump’s eminent-domain empire


Trump Campaign Responds to Hillary Linking Him to South Carolina Shooting: ‘She Must be Nervous’


The Most Memorable Lines From Donald Trump’s Announcement


Ben Carson a Disappointment on the Second Amendment


Tammy Bruce says If You Want Amnesty or Common Core, Vote for Hillary or Jeb


Eight reasons for halting early voting


Why Jeb Bush Will Never Be President


Court documents: Ohio Democratic Party is caught up in major bribery scandal


Why Voters Vote


Scott Walker, Names Radical Islam as World’s Biggest Threat, Rips Iran Nuclear Deal


CHAFEE: 'Secretary Clinton is NOT Going to Be the Nominee'...



The Democrats Have the Worst Presidential Candidates in America


How Climate Change Has Helped the Democrats Get Millions of Votes


Being Authentic In A World of Fantasy






Unhappy with Hillary


Politico's Clinton-Scandal Dismissals


Hillary Clinton Needs a Do-over


Turning Against Hillary


Judicial Watch Files Lawsuit against Secretary of State John Kerry to Force Action on Clinton Emails


Bill Clinton contradicts Hillary's email claim

Fiorina group releases TV ad attacking Hillary's record

VIDEO: Wall Street titans clash over Clinton campaign

MEDIA BUZZ: Media say Hillary giving up on swing voters


Unlikable, Untrustworthy, Unappealing to the Center


Hillary Clinton's Phantom Menace


Hillary's New Constituency


CNN Notices that Libya is a HUGE Problem for Hillary Clinton


Democrat says Hillary is Too Similar to Republicans, Republican says Hillary is Not Authentic


Clinton Deploys 'They Hate You' Strategy


Hillary's Scary Ghost Tales




The Insecurity of Hillary


Hillary Clinton's New York campaign rally resets anti-cop sentiment


Hillary Clinton Goes to Welfare Island


Christie on Hillary: 'How Would She Know' What Real Americans Need?


Hillary Campaign Fights to Keep Her Health Records Secret


20 Hillary Clinton Quotes You Should Read Before Voting For Her


Labor Department To Investigate Clinton Allies For Abuse of Visa System


The Decline and Fall Of Hillary Clinton's Class Warfare Campaign


Hillary vs. Hillary


Hillary: You're So Yesterday


No Classified Information? Hillary Clinton Planned Libya No-Fly Zone Through Personal Email


Clinton: No US Troops to Fight ISIS if I'm President


The Hillary Clinton economic plan: “Revenue enhancements” and massive ObamaCare spending increases


Probe of Hillary Clinton pal Huma Abedin ordered by federal judge


Whoops! Nobody verified Clinton Foundation a legal charity


Ex-charity exec who helped expose $500G Clinton Foundation donation faces legal threats


New Emails Offer Window Into Blumenthal Role in Hillary Clinton’s Life


Two faces of Hillary: Harassment reports tripled at Clinton, Kerry State Dept.


The Ayers-Weatherman Terrorist Attack as It Might Have Happened


Hillary’s Secondary Goal Is To Be President, Her Primary Goal Is To Be Mother of the New World Order


Hillary Clinton Not Talking About ’92 Clinton-Gore Confederate Campaign Button


Hillary and History






United We Stand


Flag Day—Show Your Allegiance, Wave Old Glory!


American flag next target to come down






The Benghazi Bonanza: A Bi-Partisan Scandal


House panel approves bill punishing State over Benghazi response


Gowdy to Obama: No Hillary Clinton Benghazi documents, then no 2016 funding


Some of Clinton's Libya emails said to be withheld from Benghazi Committee


Trey Gowdy Reveals Info Lawmakers Learned After Nearly Nine Hours of Benghazi Testimony From Clinton Confidant


Trey Gowdy: Hillary Clinton henchman's emails expand Benghazi probe


US says ISIS operative linked to Benghazi attack killed in Iraq airstrike


VIDEO: Benghazi committee makes more Hillary emails public


Gowdy's Benghazi panel releases newest Clinton-Blumenthal emails






IRS can’t verify qualifications of every Obamacare subsidy recipient, watchdog says


Obamacare’s loss would be Americans’ gain


HHS to Congress on ObamaCare court ruling: It’s your problem

VIDEO: HHS Secretary defends ObamaCare before House committee


Cynical Not To Have A Plan


Covered California Uncovered


Obama Resorts to Fearmongering to Save Unconstitutional Obamacare


How Obamacare Is Constricting the Economy


Obama Annoyed with Supreme Court on ObamaCare Case


The President can’t shift blame for disruptions to his healthcare law


New State Data Shows the Real Story Behind King v. Burwell


Obama Admin Accused of Illegally Using Tax Refund Money to Fund ObamaCare Program (Video)


A GOP plan for life after Obamacare


Redefining What’s Conservative


Liberals Mocking Obamacare Case Have a Big Problem


Keep Working America: The Government Not Exactly Sure Where $3 Billion in Obamacare Subsidies Went


End Game: Majority of Americans Want Their Healthcare Paid For By Taxpayers


Republicans Move to Save Obamacare Subsidies if Supreme Court Eliminates Them


Obamacare users drifting away from Democrats - Poll also shows consumers want option of returning to previous coverage


The Stupid Party On Health Care Acts Stupidly


GOP - A Bold Response to the Supreme Court


House GOP has a post-SCOTUS Obamacare plan


Fail: Another Terrible Week for Obamacare


New Emails Again Confirm Jonathan Gruber Wasn't "Just Some Advisor" on Obamacare






Camera caught VA officials admitting they are creating drug addicts


Veterans ripped off by fake research project

Pentagon Approves 20 Percent Cut To Veteran Pensions, And Vets Speak Out


One magical Bronx VA hospital made $54M disappear


Bureaucracy at Work: Veteran Wait Times 50 Percent Longer After VA Scandal






Climate hysterics eye drastic measures to ‘curb warming’


Below-average hurricane season forecasted, but it still could cause catastrophic damages 


Western Leaders Show Arrogance on Climate


Obama Cracks Down on Airplane Emissions, Buys Massive New Air Force One


Climate ‘Skeptics’ Gather in D.C. & That Is Good


To The Horror Of Global Warming Alarmists, Global Cooling Is Here


Democrat Senators Use Conservative Think Tank To Promote A Carbon Tax


FLASHBACK: ABCNEWS '08 Prediction:

NYC Under Water From 'Climate Change' By June 2015!


Replace Climate Change Scare Tactics with Free-Market Solutions


Twin Peaks – Twin Lies


Prediction: NYC underwater by June 2015


In 2008, ABC News Predicted New York City Would be Submerged in Water by Now Because of Global Warming




The Scientific Pantheist Who Advises Pope Francis


Skeptical scientist was excluded from Vatican summit on climate policy


Church forming coalition of religion and science...

Vatican Speaker Thinks Earth Overpopulated -- by 6 Billion People...


Pope's climate agenda could bring genocide


The Two Popes and Climate Change


EPA launching regulatory blitz: ‘Unprecedented attack on industry’


World Bank Climate Policies Cause Mass Starvation


Pope Francis’ Climate Change Encyclical Leaked Four Days Early by Italian Magazine


Pope’s Leaked Encyclical on Climate Change Has a Message for Deniers


Conservatives Warn Pope That Climate Policies Will Kill Seniors, Poor - 'Ask yourself, what is the right number of the most vulnerable to kill for no impact on our climate?'


Pope Wants Global Political Body (So does Obama IE Pacific Trade Pact)


RED FRANCIS Calls for New Global Authority to Redistribute Wealth in Name of Global Warming


Pope slammed as 'scary,' 'out there' on genuine faith


Someone Tell the Pope: Environmentalism Crushes the Poor


Pope Encyclical on Climate Change Ignores Science on Carbon Dioxide


America’s Most Advanced Climate Station Data Shows US In A 10-Year Cooling Trend


Global Warming – Not About the E-Word (Environment)


EPA proposes tougher mileage standards for trucks


Meteorologists Dismantle Bill Nye’s Alarmist Hype of Global Warming


Obama Prepares More ‘Executive Actions’ On Global Warming


Rush lowers the boom on doomsayers


How Climate Change Has Helped the Democrats Get Millions of Votes


Global Warming Skeptics Create Organization to Combat Church of Climatology


EPA to Monitor Colorado Residents’ Water Usage


Bipartisan distrust of Obama climate agenda threatens trade deal






VIDEO: Eight Million Americans Have Defaulted on Student Loan Payments


Phony "Jobs Boom"


Restaurant Industry May be Hardest Hit By Increasing the Minimum Wage


1,037,900 Jobs Deficit: U.S. Created 16x as Many Jobs in Mexico as Mexico in U.S.


Default dangerously closer after Greece debt talks collapse...


EU preparing for 'state of emergency'...

Greeks demand end to creditor 'looting'...

Banks see deposit outflow of $449 million...

Contagion sweeps markets...



The Next Great European Financial Crisis Has Begun


Penchant for discreet luxury fueled by debate about income inequality...

Big spenders 'not wanting to show wealth so conspicuously'...


Los Angeles mayor signs $15/hour minimum wage hike into law


90 Days: Treasury Says Debt Has Been Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000


BUCHANAN: Is Third World America Inevitable?


Perhaps the best reason we should leave the United States


America Is Addicted To Debt


Government debt threatens to send U.S. economy into death spiral, CBO warns


'It's time to put cash under the mattress'...


Signs Of Financial Turmoil In Europe, China And The United States


France's Reckoning: Rich, Young Flee Welfare State – Where Obama’s and liberal America is headed.


Tired of high taxes? Maybe it's time to move


Amtrak Employees Claimed to Work 40 Hours Per Day






TPA shouldn’t reward human rights violators


Revealed: The Secret Immigration Chapter in Obama’s Trade Agreement


Fast talk from the fast-track salesmen


U.S. Shifts Stance on Drug Pricing in Pacific Trade Pact Talks, Document Reveals


Medicines to cost more and healthcare will suffer, according to Wikileaks documents


TTIP vote in European Parliament descends into chaos after Ukip MEPs spark protest


OBAMA: Trade Bill Will Advance One of My Highest Priorities “Climate Change” (VIDEO)


Paul Ryan Cooks Up Elaborate Ruse To Save Immigration Components Of Obamatrade


Sessions Warns TPA Would Create ‘Pacific Union’ Akin to European Union


TTIP vote postponed as European Parliament descends into panic over trade deal


Trade agreements like TiSA, TPP and TTIP will sideline national laws, Wikileaks says


Wikileaks posts 'largest leak of trade negotiations in history'


What is TTIP and why does Cameron want to sign?


TTIP: David Cameron attempts to rally support


House GOP plans two days of debate, Friday showdown vote on Obama trade agenda

Bipartisan Agreement: Foreign Governments Pay Former Senate Leaders to Sell TPP


Paul Ryan’s Pelosi-Esque Obamatrade Moment: ‘It’s Declassified And Made Public Once It’s Agreed To’


Paul Ryan Unchained: Lashes Out At Breitbart, Drudge, ‘Don’t Believe Everything You Read On the Internet’ - House Ways and Means Committee chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)

is now attacking the Web, proving he shouldn’t be trusted by Republican members of Congress to tell the truth about controversial trade legislation.


VIDEO: Obama and Paul Ryan, GOP strange bedfellows in trade bill


GOP moves to block Obama on climate, immigration in trade talks


Economist: 'Obamatrade' sells out American workers


Sen Sessions, Rep Hunter: Fast-Track Would Gut Congressional Powers


Union-backed Dems make final push to kill Obama's trade bill


Fast-track holdouts in House play ‘let’s make a deal’


Friday Vote: Congress Rushing the TPP Through Even Though They Know Americans Will Lose Jobs


Boehner Going to Staff Aides for TPA


Obamatrade a 100th-birthday gift for David Rockefeller


White House launches frantic campaign to save trade deal


Trade bill survives scare


Jeff Sessions Issues Final ‘Critical Alert’: Obamatrade Just Like Amnesty, Obamacare


Silicon Valley heavyweights make last-minute push for Obama’s trade deal


#ObamaTrade Relaxes Visa Process for Pakistan


What Chicago Democrats tell us about President Obama’s problems on trade


Alabama delegation could decide whether ‘ObamaTrade’ passes or not, here’s why




The Communist Takeover of America - 45 Declared Goals


Sessions to House GOP: TPA a Trojan horse for executive action on immigration, climate change; Update: Dem opposition “growing”


'FAST TRACK' STOPPED - Obama suffers dramatic defeat on trade legislation


VIDEO: House Democrats help defeat Trade Adjustment Assistance bill


Jason Riley: Trade bill a 'failure of presidential leadership'








SESSIONS WARNED: 'Elites Who Dream Of Writing Rules In Foreign Capitals'...

Silicon Valley oligarchs made last minute push...

Gave Immigration Powers To 'Unelected Corporations And Foreign Governments'...

Labor boss thanks Pelosi...

Fight gets personal...






Pact could limit access to generic drugs...

Why America Hates the GOP-Obamatrade Deal


Obama trade push runs aground as House Democrats derail key bill

Jason Riley: Trade bill a 'failure of presidential leadership'


Congress stops Obamatrade - And presidential candidate Mike Huckabee told WND on Monday, “President Obama can’t be trusted to negotiate a deal on a secondhand Subaru, let alone a trillion-dollar trade deal like TPP.”

Mark Levin: Fast Track trade bill massively expands Obama’s executive authority over immigration!


Rep. Salmon Statement on House Consideration of Trade Promotion Authority


TAA Shot Down - TPA Passes: America Loses and Constitution Undermined


Trans-Abled: The Next “Trans” is Here & It’s Worse Than You Can Imagine


White House spins trade defeat as ‘good sign’


Obama’s personal lobbying can’t save day on trade


Democrats kill Obama’s trade push


Senator warns of another attempt to pass Obamatrade


Unions Hate Fast-Track So Much, Even Worker Protections Are Worth Sacrificing


Congress Engages in WWE with TPA


Obama's failed trade agenda leaves wake of winners, losers set for rematch


Obama trade push runs aground as House Democrats derail key bill




Pact could limit access to generic drugs...

Pelosi 'screwed this president'...


DOWD: Must wonder if moment of greatness is flickering...


Obama urges House to vote again on trade bill: ‘This is the right thing to do’


Obama trade push runs aground as House Democrats derail key bill


A bipartisan betrayal of trust




GOP Leadership's Latest Obamatrade Ploy Revealed: Small Business Tax Hike That Violates GOP’s Anti-Tax Pledge


Obama fights for Asia trade deal with relevance hanging in the balance


TPP Enters USA into a 'New Trans-National Union'


President Obama Attacks His Own Party, Demands they “Stand Up for American Workers” and Pass TAA


America’s Openly Gay Ambassadors Boast: ObamaTrade ‘Will Export’ LGBT Agenda


Obama Finds Unlikely Ally in GOP Leadership After Democrats Hand Down Stunning Defeat


Sen Rand Paul: Obamatrade Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) to revive Obamatrade via a tax increase


Obama’s trade plan in critical condition


House punts on trade – Vote may take place end of July.


U.S. allies rethink Obama trade agenda in wake of defeat


Grover Norquist Tax Group Okays Key Obama Trade Measure Raising Taxes


Obamatrade resurrected by Republicans...

Could encompass up to 90% of world GDP...

SESSIONS: 'Members did not know that when they voted'...

SCHLAFLY: Creates 'global governance superstructure'...

HANNITY: 'Selling Out American Sovereignty'...

House Conservatives Put Boehner on Notice...

Ryan talking point debunked -- by Australian Trade Minister...


The Rising of the Beast: TPP is the planned Communist Utopian dream


Obama Looks to Mayors to Bypass Congress on Economic Agenda


Jim Jordan Puts GOP Leadership on Notice

House GOP Trade Fight -- Conservatives in the House Spurn Boehner on Trade


The Trans-Pacific Partnership is Really a Trans-Pacific Ponzi Scheme


XPERTS: ObamaTrade Likely to Devastate American Workers' Employment Prospects if Congress Passes It


WI Rep. Ryan’s ‘Misperceptions’ on Trade Deal Unveiled, Reports Suggest - “We are literally one week of negotiation away from completing this extraordinary deal across 12 countries and 40 per cent of the world’s GDP,” said Andrew Robb, Australia’s trade minister.


Hannity On Trade: GOP Leadership ‘Selling Out American Sovereignty’ [AUDIO]


To Save Obamatrade, Paul Ryan Hijacks Bill That Helps Firefighters


TPA Reloaded: House Narrowly Passes Fast-Track On TPP, Heads To The Senate


House Approves Obamatrade’s TPA, Bill Must Go to Senate Next


Boehner hands Obama trade deal - House votes to give president unchecked power on negotiations

Republican Support for Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty Shows Their True Colors


While Your Attention Was Diverted to Charleston, House Passed Unconstitutional TPA


Boehner Denies Conservative Amendments to Obamatrade Deal – But Allows Democrats to Amend the Bill


Jim Jordan Puts GOP Leadership on Notice

Sessions tells GOP to shoot down Obama's trade bill

FINAL WARNING: Sessions Pens Obamatrade Letter To All Senate Republicans...


Sessions TPA


Sessions: TPP ‘Nascent European Union,’ TPA ‘Surrender’ of Congressional Power


Mitch McConnell Aims To Ram Obamatrade Through Senate With No Amendments, Closed Debate



McConnell eyes victory...

Would put 'international tribunal' in charge of foreign worker visas...

More conservative groups come out against...


Bipartisan distrust of Obama climate agenda threatens trade deal


Obamatrade would subordinate U.S. immigration, visa policies to international tribunal


Vast Ramifications in Senate Obamatrade Vote Tuesday 


Boehner Whips Them bloody...

'I don't think I've ever seen this intensity'...


Senate advances fast-track trade bill for Obama

Marco Rubio Casts Deciding Vote For Obamatrade Without Even Reading It


Sessions: They Won the Vote, But Lost the 'Trust of the American People'


Sen Cruz Changes Vote to NO: Obamatrade Enmeshed in Corrupt, Backroom Dealings






Federal Court Issues Ruling Compelling IRS to Provide Answers on Lerner IRS Emails


Federal Judge Gives IRS Until Friday To Explain Itself On Lerner Emails


IRS Has Found 6400 New Lerner Emails, But Isn’t Releasing Them To Investigators


Whoops! Nobody verified Clinton Foundation a legal charity






Incompetence or treason, the results are deadly for thousands.


The Consequences of Obama’s Jerusalem Passport Supreme Court Win


The Obama Presidency – A Cacophony of Corruption


Congress Somehow Magically Didn’t Notice the FBI Created a ‘Small Air Force’ to Spy on Us?




Immigration Reform: Behind the Bumper Sticker Slogans


Clueless Planless


No Strategy. No Clue


Republicans Used As Psychopolitical Dupes


Obama’s legal rationale for war against Islamic State secret and ‘very thin’


Existential Threats to America


The Decline and Fall of the American Empire


Obama Administration to Empower Hezbollah, Iran with Arms Sales


Extortion 17 Parent: "The Greatest Security Threat the US faces Resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue"


Extortion 17 Parents Still Getting the Word Out About the Scandal that’s Bigger than Benghazi


Obama family busted in Shariah scheme


Obama says He Doesn’t Care What America Wants – He’ll Veto a Ban on Late-Term Abortions


Most Pro-Abortion President Ever Proclaims “Every Human Being, Made in the Image of God, Deserves to Live in Dignity”


Declassified CIA memo shows Bill Clinton crippled anti-terrorism efforts in lead-up to 9/11


121 murders attributed to illegals released by Obama administration


MO Dem Governor Gets $50K from UAW Days After Veto of Right to Work


Congressman slams Obama's Syrian refugee program


Syrian refugee program called 'back door for jihadists'


Clapper’s Report Excludes Iran as a Threat Reflecting Obama’s Attitude toward Terror States


The Obama Administration Declares That Muslim Jihadists Can Join American Military Forces To Be Trained By US Soldiers


How did federal agency get $500M from stimulus? ‘We misled Congress,’ ex-official says


Senate passes $612B defense policy bill despite veto threat


Time for Huma Abedin to Come Out of the Shadows


Obama is letting Iran get away with nuclear bombs


The Truth about the Vietnam War


The Ayers-Weatherman Terrorist Attack as It Might Have Happened


Hillary’s Secondary Goal Is To Be President, Her Primary Goal Is To Be Mother of the New World Order


Obama: Other Advanced Nations Don't Have Mass Violence – Obama, do you live in a vacuum?


The Impending Collision of Obama’s Failures


Brad Hoff: DIA Report Shows that U.S. Knew an Islamic State Would Arise and Fuel Insurgency in Syria


GOP civil war: Intense crackdown on conservatives

They’re Waiting For A Provocative Incident: “Obama Is Trying To Force A Confrontation So That He Has A Pretext To Declare Martial Law”






Russia defines Arctic intentions with supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles


TSA reeling again after report links employees to terror groups


Former TSA agent admits agency workers laugh at naked body scans of flyers


Documents detail horrifying alleged sexual assaults by TSA agents at airports across the country


Thousands of TSA uniforms and airport security badges are missing


TSA failed to prevent potential terror attacks, detect explosives and other weapons during 96 percent of undercover tests


TSA failed to screen dozens of airport workers with ties to terrorism


What Is Congress Doing About TSA's Screw Ups?


How Liberals Distort American History


When government bursts its restraints


“Social justice” Liberals Don’t Want Justice – They want your Money


Is Third World America Inevitable?


Navy Civilian Engineer Pleads Guilty to Attempted Espionage


The New World Map


CIA Report Reveals Alarming Flaws In US intelligence


Putin: We’re ramping up our ICBMs to defeat missile-defense systems


Ten Years of Eminent Domain Abuse is Enough


The Socialist Left Wants to Make Things Right


George Soros Warns Of World War III: “Not An Exaggeration”


Pentagon confirms ISIS 'dirty bomb' claims


While Obama Seeks to Disarm America, Left Wingers Have Engaged in More Terrorism in America than Anyone Else


Why Progressive Governments Can’t Work


Obama says supporter writes him: ‘You’re an idiot’


Obama is letting Iran get away with nuclear bombs


US Under Highest Level of Threat...Ever


USA nuke commander says Putin actions echo Nazi Germany...

'Unite against Moscow aggression'...


The UN Is Conquering America through the Control of All Water


Earth Systems Global Governance, the Earth Charter, and Sustainable Development


The Culling of Humanity


300,000 Christians Gather Together To Combat The Antichrist Attack Against Christianity


New Pentagon manual declares journalists can be enemy combatants


DoD renames “unlawful combatants” in detainee manual to 'Unprivileged Beligerants


They’re Waiting For A Provocative Incident: “Obama Is Trying To Force A Confrontation So That He Has A Pretext To Declare Martial Law”




JADE HELM MATTERS – “Master the Human Domain”


Did ISIS give a clue about Jade Helm 15?






DHS secretly videotaping citizens to 'predict crime'


Data Collection for the Centralized Hostile Intent Project


Putin’s New Russia Reeks of the Old Soviet Union


Is Patent Reform a "Direct Assault" on Property Rights?


I am Thinking Sheepdog…


Once Upon a Time in America


Who owns America? (Hint: Not "We the People")


How Islam Got Its American Privileges


The Dangers Of External Validation


Occupy Wall Street Mainstreams Communism


Human Rights? No. Bodily Liberty? Yes.


The Left Rejects Painful Truths: Left-Right Differences, Part IV


Can We Stop With the 'I Can't Judge Because I'm Not (Insert Race, Gender, or Other)' Line?


In the Real World, Not Hollywood, the Left Is Close-Minded, and the Right Allows Dissent


Does Harvard Teach Law Anymore?


Treasury to Go All Aaron Burr on the $10 Bill, Bump Off Hamilton


The father of our nation on fatherhood


The Last Rebels: 25 Things We Did as Kids That Would Get Someone Arrested Today


“The System is Broken”: Americans No Longer Believe in Its Institutions


Losing America


Someday, Your Car Might Kill You to Save Others


The Left Is Eating Itself






































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