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A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.


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Hold fast to your weapons, ammo and rights to defend yourself, your family, your community, your country and your hard-earned freedom:


CCL Reciprocity: Warning to those who travel and carry


Penn & Teller: Gun control is bull


Students in California Being Asked About Parent’s and Friend’s Gun Ownership During Sports Physicals


[Video] Homeowner Opens Fire on Two Robbery Suspects, Saves Roommate


Roanoke, VA armed robber collects cash, condoms, and a bullet.


They Saw Three Teens Trying to Break Into Their Neighbor’s House — Then They Armed Themselves and Confronted the Crooks


Let’s Call a Penalty on the NFL’s Anti-Gun Bias


“…the Winchester Rifle was a potent rhetorical tool.”


Diane Sawyer ripped for ridiculous ABC special that gives kids guns to prove point


More criticism of ABC’s “Young Guns” anti-gun propaganda


Gun Violence and Control in America


A justified school shooting in Florida


Obama's Weaponization of Government


DOJ Report: Firearm-Related Murders Down 39% Since 1993


Sheriff Clarke: Zielinski’s smear campaign more ‘politics of personal destruction’


Billy Johnson: You Say Want, I Say Need


Hypocrisy on drugs and guns follows Philip Seymour Hoffman to the grave


Colorado heats up on gun control again as 2nd Amendment supporters seek repeal


Connecticut State Police refuse to work with gun companies to ensure new models are ban-compliant


San Antonio man victim of ‘knockout,’ media silent on race of attackers


HORRIBLE: 86-year-old Alabama man beaten, stabbed nearly to death by 3 black teens…


Good Samaritan Shot While Helping Save a Family ‘on Their Knees Execution-Style’ From Four Attackers


What Happened to an Army Veteran Who Was Just Trying to Help His Fellow Man Will Absolutely Infuriate You


Bloody Sunday: Black Teens Arrested in Horrific Attacks in Alabama & Maryland (Video)


Colorado man draws gun, kills vicious dog attacking his children


Armed Dad Did What He Had to Do to Protect His Teen Daughter From Thugs – Now He’s In Trouble With the Law


Scenes from a militarized America: Iowa family ‘terrorized’


Another “No Knock” Police Raid In Iowa Raises SERIOUS Issues – Police Justify Force Of Raid Because Resident Was “legally registered gun owner”…


Alleged drug dealer no-billed by grand jury after killing deputy in self-defense during no-knock raid


South Carolina Woman Shoots and Kills Violent, Abusive Boyfriend


Georgia: Four White Families Go Sledding – Pack of 30 Black Thugs Attack While Shouting Racial Slurs…


SC Homeowner kills armed robber armed with stun gun


Would-be victim delivering pizza thwarts would-be robbery with her concealed weapon


WILD, WILD EAST: Rocky Mount, NC store owner puts armed robber in intensive care after gun battle


Shotgun Wielding Woman Foils Attempted Burglary


'Knock That White Boy Out!' Teen Mob Attacks Disabled Veteran in Cleveland


18 Year Old Gets Just 10 Years For Killing Man In “Knockout Game” Attack


A Robber Pointed a Gun at His Gut. He Was Surrounded by Criminals. This Astonishing Video Reveals How the Off-Duty Sergeant Survived.


LEO’s Home Attacked


Dad Picks Up Daughter from Movies. Their Car Gets Rear-Ended. Then Their Evening of Terror Begins.


Elderly Man Beaten and Robbed Dies in Hospital


Associates defend man who had gun in school


Defenders of SAFE Act advocate rush to his defense after he’s caught bringing a gun to school


New York's NRA Membership Nearly Doubled in 2013


Since SAFE Act, NRA Membership Doubles in NY, Becomes Largest State Chapter in Nation


Massachusetts Considers Denying Constitutional Rights to Innocent Arrestees


Why Firearm Microstamping is Dangerous


Live Free….Or In Massachusetts


Some great defensive gun use stories by women from 2013


Moms Demand Range Time


Florida college reverses no-gun policy on campus in wake of school shooting


Is this a triumph, or just an averted tragedy?


College students sign petition to imprison, execute all gun owners


In a bizarre and pointless rant, Moms Demand Action asserts that U.S. Postal Service workers are mentally unstable


Congress Will Not Fund U.N. Arms Treaty Implementation


Gun owners beware: Man pulled over, harassed for having permit but no gun


Armed to sell: Local women real estate agents are taking protection into their own hands


Oregon citizen perfectly mocks proposed knee-jerk gun control ordinances


Anti-gun Illinois Democrat pushes Firearms Registration Act


Arizona bill would allow military concealed carry permits at 19


In deep political trouble in Texas, Wendy Davis goes for her guns.


Armed to sell: Local women real estate agents are taking protection into their own hands


Sun News Network on "Broken Trust: Gun Grab at High River," Royal Canadian Mounted Police break into law-abiding citizens' homes to confiscate guns


The Lessons Of David And Goliath For The Tea Party And The Establishment


The importance of professional shooting instruction


Shooting to stop the threat


De León’s .30-caliber clip found!


Clint Eastwood saves a man’s life at Pebble Beach  -- I just had to include that.


Gun Control: The Real War on Women


Give Her a Gun Valentine


Romance 101: Give your 2nd Amendment-supporting woman the gift of protection – in hot pink, please


Cops disarmed and arrested a man for open carrying and now they’re going to pay.


Gun Control: More Bad Economic Policy from Liberal Democrats


Straight-faced man makes epic mockery of city council over gun ban


Mayors Leave Bloomberg's "Gun Confiscation" Organization in Droves


Former Bloomberg Ally Says ‘Mayors’ Group’s Goal Is Gun Confiscation


Eject! Eject! Eject! Mayors are abandoning MAIG over group’s anti-civil rights focus


AR-15 Cosmetic Redesign Makes Gun Suddenly Legal in New York, Doesn't Change Firing Power


Colorado’s “universal” background check law may be largely ignored


California DOJ continues dumping handguns from “approved” list, attempting to affect a total semi-automatic pistol ban


Ninth Circuit Strikes Down CA Law Restricting Concealed Carry


Another Federal Court Undermines the Second Amendment


TIGER BY THE TAIL: Connecticut columnist is shocked that gun owners refuse to comply with unconstitutional gun law


Molon Labe: Connecticut’s Terrifying Start Of Gun Confiscation


Gun Owners Flout New Law in Connecticut – Only 15% Register “Assault Weapons”


Conn. police refuse to enforce new gun laws


Law Enforcement Against Gun Control


Constitutional Sheriff’s and Peace Officers Assn.


Connecticut Cop: “I Can’t Wait To Get The Order To Kick Your Door In”


IL sheriff seizes, sells guns. But does he have the authority?


New Jersey Concealed Carry Law Under Fire From 19 Other States


Glock 41 .45 vs. The Super Bowl


Obama nominee for Surgeon General says banning guns is part of medicine


ICE silent on release of 2,228 immigrations detainees last year


Felon is arrested at Arizona-California border


NH House votes overwhelmingly to kill universal background checks


Manufacturing Fear of DHS Snipers


Gun-control Activists Make New Push



































"In the beginning of a change, the PATRIOT is a scarce man, and brave and hated and scorned.  When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it cost nothing to be a PATRIOT." -- Mark Twain


Are you prepared to immediately defend your family when the cops are still minutes away?


A pen in the hand of one president is far more dangerous than guns in the hands of 200 million law-abiding citizens.


Truly informed legislators and citizens make informed and intelligent decisions.


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