A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.


We sleep safely at night because rough men and women stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm.


News links for 7/16/2014 through 7/24/2014


Wausau Man Unlawfully Terminated for Gun in Vehicle. WCI funds lawsuit


TX Concealed Carrier Shoots and Kills Man in 4 Star Hotel Who Was “Looking for Someone to Kill”


70 Year Old Texas Homeowner Shoots Home Invader 3 Times in the Leg


Kentucky: Comprehensive Pro-Gun Reform Legislation Takes Effect Today


Our Unwillingness to Defend Ourselves


Eric Holder Fears Foreign Fighter Pipeline, Indicates Flawed Counter-Terrorism Strategy - In an interview last week, Holder said “…That’s deadly combination, where you have people who have the technical knowhow along with the people who have this kind of fervor to give their lives in support of a cause that is directed at the United States and directed at its allies.” This training will serve the cause of extremists abroad and be brought back to Europe and the United States to further the mission at home, he said.


Jihadists Plan Terror Attack on US Open; Cops Say Al Qaeda Magazine Instructs Islamic Terrorists On Where To Set Bombs Off


Is Arizona a gun-nut state?


Illegal Immigrant Smuggler Gunned Down After Pointing BB Gun At U.S. Marshal


NRA Media Lab: Raso on Rambo


Detroit’s Chief Craig: Armed Citizens Share Responsibility For Our Drop In Crime


Hoax "FBI Gun Violence Map" Goes Viral on Facebook


WHY I CARRY: Home Invaders Rape Wife, Mercilessly Beat Husband – Now Victims Are Proud Gun Owners


Bad Business 101: No-Carry Gun Shop Insults Customer in Email About Carry Policy


Two Men Who Mercilessly Beat Victim With a Bat Called Police Themselves When Victim Grabbed a Shotgun


House of Representatives Votes to Block Virtually ALL of Washington DC’s Gun Laws


Texas Jury Refuses To Indict Man Who Shot and Killed Officer During ‘No Knock’ Raid


Let’s see Harry Reid do that!


Pentagon hints at Russian link to downed jet – Personal defense note: You may want to avoid taking flights that may pass that area.


Bank Robbers Were Members of One of Stockton's Most Violent Gangs, Cops Say


Florida dad beats man he allegedly found raping son, report says


Philadelphia mosque imams try to cut off man’s hand


CHICAGOLAND: Man Viciously Attacked By 3 Teens As 'Raucous' Crowd Watches, Films Assault...


Philadelphia mother whose legal gun got her arrested in NJ hopes for leniency


'Honest mistake' leads to Philly mother facing three years on gun charge


Dad beats man he found allegedly raping his son


Muslim Cleric: In Islam, ‘Killing [Infidel] Women And Children Is Permitted’; ‘The Prophet Muhammad Said That It Is A Duty To Fight And Target America’ – So infidels, prepare to defend yourselves.  An infidel is (in Muslim use) a person who does not accept the Islamic faith; kaffir.


Transition With a Handheld Light


Fed-Up Protesters Open Carry Firearms In Michigan March Against Criminal Aliens


Obama Executive Order Halts Import Of Izmash/Saiga Firearms


White Kids Died. We Oughta Pass A Law.


Homeowner Doesn’t Have to Fire a Shot – Home Invader Accidentally Shoots His Accomplice


Suspected Home Invader Shows Up at ER With Gunshot Wound and Claims He Has Amnesia


WHY I CARRY: Shocking Surveillance Video Shows Armed Men Beating 78 Year Old Man During Robbery


Concealed Carrier Stops Armed Robber In The Act Of Stabbing Victim In Florida


Why Mine Is A Nine


How Obama is Turning Liberalism Into an Instrument of Coercion – This most definitely applies to self-defense rights


Coming to America:  The Greatest Possible Problem for Europe


No Gun Needed Self Defense Story – Father Beats Man Who Sexually Assaulted His Son


13 Year Old Armed With Ruger 10/22 Saves His Mother From Trespasser Thought to be on Drugs


California Gov. Jerry Brown Signs New Handgun Ban AB 1964


Lawmakers Throw Light on Secretive ‘Operation Choke Point’


The Moral Difference Between Israel and Hamas


Hamas Global War Effort: London PHOTOS Thousands of Muslims and Leftists Demonstrate Against the Jews


Violent Muslim protesters in Paris defy ban, pro-terrorists throw rocks and bottles at police


Muslim Cleric: In Islam, ‘Killing [Infidel] Women And Children Is Permitted’; ‘The Prophet Muhammad Said That It Is A Duty To Fight And Target America’


The Doctrine of Proportionality


Campaign: 1950s nuke-survival skills needed now


Hand Guns are the New Segregation


5 Things To Remember Before You Say, 'Screw It, I'm Done With America'


The Truth About Violence in Chicago


Tennessee Restaurant Sees Rise In Business After Posting Pro-Carry Signs


Guess It Does Work – Armed Felon Flees Store After Clerk Racks Pump Shotgun


Big Win for Gun Owners Against Bloomberg Group in Missouri Supreme Court


Tennessee Restaurant Sees Business Surge After Posting Pro-Carry Sign


Dire warning from Obama ex-Secret Service agent - “The president has abdicated his duty to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, especially where illegal immigration is concerned,” Dan Bongino told WND in an interview.  A 12-year veteran of the Secret Service and candidate for Congress in Maryland’s Sixth District, he called the current state of the U.S. border “the most unsecure situation you could possibly imagine.”  “We’re not escorting these people out, we’re escorting them into the country,” he said.


Governments are Racing to Make the Internet a Gun-Free Zone


15 Year Old Florida Boy Fires Shotgun to Stop Attempted Home Invasion


After a Brutal Home Invasion, An Anti-Gun Couple Changed Their Minds On Firearm Ownership


This Home Alone Florida Teen Used A Shotgun To Stop A Burglary


Obama Signs Executive Order Banning AK-47s


Is it Time to Eliminate the ATF? Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner Says Yes


The AR Platform is More Than a Military Firearm


Leaflets threaten Chicago Jews in Pulaski Park neighborhood targeted


French Muslims go on rampage in Paris suburb, attacking two synagogues, setting fire to cars, pillaging stores in Jewish suburb


Iraq Catholic leader says Islamic State worse than Genghis Khan


The Terrorists' Reality Show - Who Has the "More Romantic Story"?


Delusional Supporters Still Insist Trayvon Martin Was A Victim.


[Video] Paraplegic Man Shoots and Kills His Abusive Brother Who Attacked Their Sister


Meanwhile, in the Gun Control Capital of Chicago, At Least 40 People Shot, 4 Killed This Weekend


Jet Wreckage Bears Signs of Impact by Supersonic Missile, Analysis Shows


Single Mother Arrested for Carrying Gun to Protect Her Children


GONE: Beretta Sending Entire Manufacturing Operation Out Of Maryland Due To Anti-Liberty “Assault Weapon” Ban


Maryland Attorney General’s Office Lies in Support Of Assault Weapon Ban


4 tactics that can save your life in a plainclothes gunfight


19 Year Old Uses Shotgun to Shoot 2 Armed Home Invaders, Killing 1, to Save His Girlfriend


[Video] Arizona Couple Both Grab Guns to Fight Off Home Invader


[Video] Grandmother Uses 9mm Pistol to Shoot Intruder as Granddaughter Hides in Closet


Ben Carson on 2nd Amendment: People Can 'Protect Themselves From an Overly Aggressive Gov't’


COURT RULING: Philadelphia Must Pay $1.4 Million for Violating Gun Owners’ Privacy


Psychology Today: You’re Safer Without a Gun


[Video] Armed Home Invader Breaks Down in Tears When Combat Vet Draws Gun on Him


Anti-Gunner Michael Bloomberg is 100% Pro-Self Defense… For Israel That Is


[Video] NRA’s New “Trigger the Vote” Campaign Video Has Surprise Twist Ending


Self-Defense Business Booming In Detroit


Obama talks tough about gun control, but prosecutions plummet on his watch


Father and Son


The Chicago Way: Gun Prosecutions Down, Push For Gun Control Up Under Obama


Why Aren’t We Teaching Firearm Safety In School?


“She Best Be Dead.” Plausible Self-Defense, Or Cold-Blooded Murder?


Massachusetts police chiefs rally for right to control long-gun permits


Russian Sanctions Spark AK-47 Buying Frenzy In U.S.


Doctor Seemingly Defies Hospital’s Policy Barring Him From Carrying a Gun. Police Say That Decision ‘Saved Lives.’


‘Everyone Turned Into Animals’: USPS Worker Goes ‘Postal’ in Beauty Salon After Ironic Inconvenience Set Her Off










































"In the beginning of a change, the PATRIOT is a scarce man, and brave and hated and scorned.  When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it cost nothing to be a PATRIOT."


Are you prepared to immediately defend your family when the cops are still minutes away?


A pen in the hand of one president is far more dangerous than guns in the hands of 200 million law-abiding citizens.


Truly informed legislators and citizens make informed and intelligent decisions.


End of SELF-DEFENSE/SECOND AMENDMENT NEWS 7/16/2014 through 7/24/2014