A well-regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.


We sleep safely at night because rough men and women stand ready to visit violence on those who would do us harm.


“Chaos is the law of nature, and order is the dream of man”


“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”



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Short Story: Refusal To Secure Our Borders Invites Ebola . . . And Worse


WHO Head: Ebola 'Greatest Peacetime Challenge' in U.N. History


Ebola warning: CDC tells airlines to 'treat all body fluids as infectious'


UN boosts effort to combat Ebola in West Africa, says $1B needed over next 6 months


DHS’s Lax Internal Pandemic Preparedness Gets Stern Rebuke


200,000 from Ebola countries have visas to enter U.S.


More than 700 infants exposed to tuberculosis 


Ebola almost contained in Senegal, Nigeria


NYT TUESDAY: Outbreak Far Worse Than Authorities Acknowledge...

WASH POST TUESDAY: Liberia, WHO launch controversial program to halt spread...

DESIGN: Treatment center...

Germany asks soldiers to volunteer in virus fight...

Man bitten by Ebola patient flown to Switzerland...


Venezuela Seeks to Quell Fears of Disease Outbreak...


Fresh Graves Point to Undercount of Ebola Toll


Immigration News: A New Wave Of Central American Kids Will Reach The US Soon According To Experts


New effort to fight Ebola in Liberia would move infected patients out of their homes


CDC predicts up to 1.4 million cases of Ebola by Jan.

VIDEO: WHO warns outbreak could get a lot worse



CDC: Ebola could infect 1.4 million in Liberia and Sierra Leone by end of January


Ebola victims infecting family members, neighbors and others...

Only 18% in Liberia being cared for in hospitals...

RED CROSS Team Attacked While Burying Dead...

'I've never seen this many bodies before'...

Hospitals unprepared to handle waste......

FDA cracks down on 'cures'...


Obama urges world to do more to tackle Ebola

Third American Ebola patient released from hospital

VIDEO: Uganda a model on how to combat Ebola?


Outbreak of a Respiratory Illness Mystifies Scientists...


The 5 Biggest Mistakes in the Ebola Outbreak


Liberia's Largest Newspaper Accuses USA of Manufacturing Ebola Virus...


Victims infecting family members, neighbors and others...

Only 18% in Liberia being cared for in hospitals...

GRAPHIC: Rise in Deaths...

Italy stages evacuation drill...

Dead Ebola Patients Resurrect?


Nurse's union sues over flu shot mandate...


In Liberia, Home Deaths Spread Circle of Ebola Contagion


Obama on Ebola Response: 'We Are Not Doing Enough'


Enterovirus 68 confirmed in Wisconsin


The facts about enterovirus D68


Enterovirus 68 probed in paralysis cases of 9 Colorado kids



EBOLA AMNESTY: Feds won't deport Liberian immigrants....


Outbreak of Respiratory Illness Mystifies Scientists...

New Tropical Virus Spread by Mosquitoes Arriving from Latin America...


WHO: Deaths linked to Ebola pass 3,000...


Elderly couple to die together by assisted suicide even though they are not ill


NIH is admitting US doctor for Ebola treatment

Top doctor in quarantine after assistant dies...

Ebola clinics fill up as death toll hits 3,000


American Troops Battling Ebola Get Off to Slow Start in Africa...






No Reporters, Non-Residents Allowed Inside Justice Department’s Ferguson Town Hall Meetings


Ferguson, Six Weeks Later: The Picture Darkens


Obama Brings Ferguson to World Stage: 'We Have Our Own Racial and Ethnic Tensions'


Arrests made in new Ferguson protests

OPINION: Obama’s Ferguson remarks were mistake


All hell broke loose in Ferguson last night in response to chief’s apology


Eric Holder Tells Ferguson Police To Stop Wearing Bracelets Showing Support For White Officer…


Feds tell Ferguson chief to ban 'I am Darren Wilson' bracelets


Michael Brown shooting: Ferguson unrest continues despite chief's gesture


Muslim Arrested in Ferguson Threatened to Behead Critics...

Obama decries 'gulf of mistrust' between minorities, police


Police searching for only one suspect in Ferguson police shooting


Chaos reigns after police officer is shot in Ferguson


SECOND ST. LOUIS POLICE OFFICER SHOT in Drive-By Shooting Near Ferguson






Eric Holder To Step Down As Attorney General


Contempt of Congress case against Holder will proceed


Obama Bestows Title Of “The People’s Lawyer” On His Race Baiting AG…


NBC’s Chuck Todd: Self-Professed Activist Eric Holder A “Very Non-Political Person”…


The injustice of Eric Holder - Average Americans aren’t blind to the Justice Department’s politicization


Goodbye, Eric, and Good Riddance - Cashing in on lawlessness.


Holder heading out, but contempt lives on - Opponent says timing of resignation no coincidence


The next ‘top cop’? Race to replace Holder begins


Obama Mulls Replacements for Holder


VIDEO: Holder's controversial legacy


Holder resigning as attorney general after tumultuous term


Gohmert: Holder enabled Boston Marathon bombings


Holder's most memorable moments, clashes


Holder's contentious past with Congress could complicate bid to replace him


Latino groups say many Hispanics qualified to take over for Holder


OPINION: Holder one of worst ever to lead DOJ


Scramble to Replace...

Had lowest approval rating of any political figure...

'Nation of cowards'...

Judge denies DOJ delay request on release of 'Fast and Furious' docs...


Judge gives Holder 'Fast & Furious' ultimatum


Congressman: Holder quitting to avoid scandal heat

MAG: The Lonely President...

Just two Obama originals remain...


A look back at Eric Holder's most controversial moments


America to Eric Holder: What Took You so Long?


An Unfortunate Legacy


“Activist” Attorney General Calls it Quits


Obama: "Eric Has Done a Superb Job"


Issa: Holder Has 'Simply Not Done His Job Well'


Eric Holder's 7 Worst Actions as Attorney General


Eric Holder's 9 Most Notable Controversies


Multiple Controversies Plagued Eric Holder Prior to Resignation


Rush Limbaugh: Obama nominating Holder for Supreme Court a possible reason for resignation


Al Sharpton claims he is advising White House in search for new Attorney General


It Looks Like the End of the Road for America's 'Activist' Attorney General Eric Holder


Eric Holder Scandal Montage


Judicial Watch Court Victories Lead to Holder Resignation


Judicial Watch Victory: Court Brooks No More Delay for Obama's Fast and Furious Reckoning


Five candidates to replace Holder


Defending Holder's legacy no easy task for successor: Justice Department now pit of politics


Holder Fled DOJ Over Fast & Furious Gun Smuggling Plot


Eric Holder Resigned To Protect Obama


WILLIAMS: DOJ now 'absolute pit' of modern politics


Remarks by Attorney General Eric Holder at the Congressional Black Caucus Panel Discussion on Voting Rights


Ding Dong Holder is Gone!


Holder: Try, Convict and Jail Him


Top Senate Republican Barrasso warns against lame duck Holder replacement


VIDEO: Dr. Ben Carson reacts to Eric Holder's resignation, talks 2016


Eric Holder’s greatest hits






Number one cause of death in the world in the past 100 years


Caliber Comparisons For Fighting Rifles


Natalie Foster: Why I Carry Concealed


Build a More Accurate AR-15


10 Tactical Lights and Lasers for Self-Defense Long Guns


Studies Show Lead Ammo Ban Causes Shortages and Price Spikes


Missouri Senate Protects Open Carry & Guns in Schools From Governor


HPR Black Ops Ammunition


St. Louis thieves allegedly rob six victims in name of Michael Brown


[Video] Manager of Meat Market Shoots Armed Robber in the Back of the Head, Saves Teenage Clerk


Man Shot in Target Parking Lot in GA Just Weeks After Target Requests “No Guns” in Their Stores


Working backwards: Arizona studying violent deaths to help save lives


Venezuela’s Socialist President Plans To Disarm Civilians…


Community activist spared jail for mistakenly bringing loaded gun to school


Our Westgate Is Coming. Where Will You Stand?


 In This State, Public School Students Are Learning How to Handle Guns Safely


Gunman in deadly Alabama UPS facility shooting was fired day before, cops say


Florida mall shooting leaves 2 wounded


Judge KOs Hawaii rule keeping guns from immigrants

DC Council votes to allow concealed handguns


No Jail Time For Single Mom Who Brought Handgun Into NJ By Mistake


BREAKING: PA Mom Who Was Arrested in NJ For Her Legal Gun Will Be Allowed to Do Pretrial Diversion


Fun video - TrackingPoint at the Alamo


Truck Stop Employee Shoots One Armed Robber While Another Employee Tackles a Second


New Jersey Newspaper Calls For Australian Style Gun Confiscations in America


Armed Robbers in St. Louis Rob 3 Elderly Couples Saying “This is For Michael Brown!”


Time Comes Out for Banning Private Sales…Again


Washington DC City Council Votes to Legalize Concealed Carry… Kind Of… Not Really…


Extreme Long Range: The 2,000 Meter Shot


NY Daily News Shocked To Discover That Unarmed Teachers Can’t Protect Students


Domestic violence in US: Data tells complex story


ATF wants gun buyers to disclose race, ethnicity


FBI report shows marked increase in 'active shooter' incidents since 2007


Video shows trooper shooting unarmed man, South Carolina police say


Wealthy group pushes Wash. background checks

VIDEO: NRA battle in Wash.

Changes to firearm purchase forms draw reaction


Bloomberg can't find enough anti-gun candidates to support!


Billy Johnson – “Paranoia”


Shouldn’t Gun Training Be Mandatory In Schools?


11 Year Old Girl Shoots Man Who Attacked and Stabbed Her Mother, Saves Her Life


Moms Demand Action Activist Allegedly Says Nazi Leaders’ Words are “Words to Live By”


Credit Card Reader Blocks Payments for Guns, Ammunition


Meet Four Business Owners Squeezed by Operation Choke Point


Ohio Gas Station Clerk Shot During Robbery, Returns Fire, Tax Payer Relief Shots Take Out Two Of Three Suspects


Here Are The States With The Most Federal Firearm Licenses (Hint: Not Texas)


Second Attacker Threatened Woman with Rape as She Pleaded for Help: Prosecutors


Man Admits to Manslaughter in Beating Death of 79-Year-Old Woman


Black thugs allegedly kill Indiana gun store owner


California woman's terrifying rooftop escape


It Wasn’t the Police Who Neutralized Alleged Muslim Convert With Bullets After Beheading of Woman in Oklahoma


Oklahoma Beheading: Have Our Prisons Become Jihad Factories?


Department of Justice Set to Ban Profiling by Federal Law Enforcement


Woman Shoots Elusive Stalker Who Tormented Her For Six Months, Then Bares Her Soul Online


Mad Gabby: Former Congresswoman Unleashes Nasty Ads Against Pro-Second Amendment Candidates


Senior Citizen Pulls A ‘Gran Torino’ On Two Hapless Home Invaders


Woman Who Shot Stalker in the Chest Posts Chilling Account Online – “I Shot My Stalker”


California Woman Had Gun Held to Her Head by Armed Robber, but She Has a Surprise…


Video: Deputy fires Taser twice to stun pit bull attacking family


"He terrorized me. He traumatized me": Victim speaks at home invasion suspect's sentencing

Man shot by USFS officer ID'd, early details released


If We Had the Same Laws as Other Nations, More Than 1 American May Have Been Beheaded This Week


DC Police Dept 'Loses' Gun Owners’ Fingerprints, Forces Them to Pay Fee to Re-Register


NYT, AP Cite Study with Incidents of No Fatalities to Claim Increase in 'Mass Shootings'


Random Thoughts About Carrying Illegally At Work


Self-Defense Tip: Don’t Carry Your Gun Illegally


“Chicago commuters can’t run, can’t hide, and can’t carry. I think that’s called fish in a barrel.”


Question of the Day: Should Umbrella Owners Open Carry?


CAIR Trains Minnesota Law Enforcement Despite FBI Ban


Forest Service to WI Hunters: Beware of Armed Marijuana Growers


Ignorance Of The Law is No Excuse*


Will Georgia Go Easy On Accidental Airport Carry?


Gun Crime: Seattle Sees the Light


FNS-9 Contest Entry: The Day I Brought My Semi-Auto Rifle to School


Concealed Carry: Strap It On


While Americans Remain Asleep at the Wheel Government Comes for Our Guns






Pranksters Take Advantage of Gullible iPhone Fans With Microwave Hoax. The Results are Scorching.

School Secretly Monitors Students' FACEBOOK Pages After Receiving Call from NSA...


Checking work email at home can cause health problems...


Your medical record is worth more to hackers than your credit card


FBI blasts Apple, Google for locking police out of phones


Inventor of World Wide Web warns of threat to internet...Danger from govts and corporations..


Unions, Internet giants plan to revolutionize voting


US threat to British online privacy






Confirmed: Most Americans Need Remedial Civics Lessons


D.C. Gets an ‘F’ in Academic Achievement for Low-Income & Minority Students


Group outlines 7 layers of government education bureaucracy


How Bobby Jindal's 7-Year-Old Son Outsmarted Common Core


Common Core Architect Reveals Agenda Behind Curriculum


Liberty Beats "Common Core, Uncommon Conformity"


Exam erases U.S. exceptionalism


Sandy Hook commission blames homeschooling


Two local educators are accused of having sex with a student






How Many Straws?


In Depth: Why Americans Should Be Concerned About the IRS and Political Bias


U.S. Ramping Up Major Renewal in Nuclear Arms


6 Reasons Barack Obama Is A Failed President


Mr. President, CO2 is not Pollution, it’s the Elixir of Life


Who Killed the American Family?


US Census Data: Uninsured Rate…Increased in 2014?


Why You Can't Keep Your Plan Under Obamacare, Explained in 3 Minutes


Lawmakers React to Mismanagement of New DHS Headquarters to Tune of $1 Billion


Gov't Scientists: Higher West Coast Temps Due to Natural Causes, not 'Climate Change'


Why Climate Change Is Not a Top Priority for Many World Leaders


The New Face of Poverty in America: Service Members and Veterans


Two Anti-Choice Parties


Do Statistical Disparities Mean Injustice?


Family of 6 Will Go Uninsured Before Paying Obamacare's 'Abortion Fee'


Death panels with a friendly face


IRS Is 'Political Weapon in the Hands of the Democratic Party,' Conservative Attorney Says


The 'Most Transparent Administration in History' Is Censoring Journalists


The un-American term "the homeland" is taking over America.


1 in 4 Americans 25-54 Not Working


Fire halting flights across Midwest called inside job


Fire at Chicago air traffic center disrupts flights


Poll: 42% Expressing Buyer's Remorse


Only 25 Percent Think Hillary Would Be Better President Than Obama


City Officials, Developers Recommend “Coffin Apartments” For Middle Class


Fired Fed Reserve Employee Secretly Recorded Hours of Meetings — Now She’s Unveiling the So-Called ‘Ray Rice Video for the Financial Sector’


Wikipedia Is Now Trying To Eliminate The Federalist’s Online Entry


Obama’s Goal is to Build a Permanent One Party System


85% of hospital bills for gunshot victims passed on


State lawmaker: Secession an option


Let’s Trade Obama for Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott


Cruz: Our Values Are ’Life,’ ‘Marriage,’ and No IRS


Obama, the real JV Captain


Venezuela’s Socialist Government Seizes Control Of U.S. Firm Clorox, Calls It “Temporary Occupation”…


DNC’s Donna Brazile Calls For Scrapping Constitution To “Save America” From Conservatives….


Obama Race Baiting: Too Many White Police Officers Is Corroding American Society…


Obama decries 'gulf of mistrust' between minorities, police


From Scott Walker Opponents, Still More Nastiness