"ICE and Ignorance" - 10/6/2018


Each year we make the journey from Arizona to our lake cabin in the north woods of Wisconsin.  During the last trip I was shaken from my boredom by flashing red lights in my rear view mirror. The look on my wife’s face was a reminder this wasn’t a new experience. As the officer approached, I kept my hands on the steering wheel until he asked for my license and insurance card.  Before he went to his car, I motioned toward my handgun mounted partly hidden but within reach. He smiled, nodded his head, returned to his car and soon returned with my documents but no speeding ticket.  While thanking him for his service as a law officer I was stunned by him thanking me for “carrying.” His words were spoken as he walked away.  As close as I recall he said, “We’re going to need you as much as you’ll need us.”  Additional words weren’t needed; I’d heard them before. Our nation is rapidly approaching the precipice of a monumental conflict between two factions of its citizens.  The balance of this column is one of many reasons the Sheriff and I agreed a symbolic match has been lit by the leftist.


In my last column, “Can we survive the divide” I wrote about the rise of Progressive politics from raw Communism as promoted by Saul Alinsky’s and his book “Rules for Radicals.”  Progressivism / Socialism is the genesis of today’s Leftist activities. The failing of Hillary Clinton’s guaranteed presidency destroyed the leftist plans and threw them into an uncontrollable rage against anything pro President Trump. There is even a name for this, “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, Childlike they could not accept defeat and began attacking the President and anything Conservative.


ICE is a powerful protector and defender of our nation, however, it not as well known as other branches of government.  It was carefully assembled after the 911 tragedy to better protect us from expected terrorist attacks. Their activities have been expanded greatly where needed.  With a decade of involvement in the Nogales Border Patrol Station as a member of the Citizen’s Advisory Board, I know the incredible importance of the ICE agency. Following is a very recent update of various types of duties and successes ICE performs to protect our nation.


If ICE had not been active, 981,000 pounds of the deadliest drugs would still be on our streets.  If ICE had not been charged with checking visas, over 800,000 individuals would not have been refused entry and stopped at our border. The protection of our citizens and country must come first.  900 children would still be in the hands of sex traffickers if ICE hadn’t searched and found them. 2,000 sex predators would be on our streets. More than 10,000 children would still be in the hands of foreign criminal organizations or still locked in semi-trailers or automobile trunks desperately trying to survive. Without ICE and DNA technology, 900 of 2,500 children would still be with an adult, possibly an unknown adult, posing as a parent. There are many other ICE challenges such as apprehending illegal aliens who have somehow made it past the limits of the Border Patrol Agents.


If those wishing to come to our country, why would they not go directly to a port of entry?  Many are U.S. Citizens who have gone to Mexico, where they committed crimes, and are trying to return back to the USA, their homeland,


In a year’s tally it is not unusual for more than seventy different countries to be represented by ICE apprehensions of their citizens crossing illegally. Russians, Chinese, Iranians and Syrians are just a few.


The MS-13 criminal gang members from El Salvador cross our borders to start deadly gangs. These bloodthirsty criminals literally butcher innocent citizens, especially young children for no apparent reason. Select ICE agents are assigned to these killers.


Criminals regularly attempt to cross with children posing as family members.  Later it’s found that the children have been forced to swallow balloons containing drugs, and will often turn them into child prostitutes.


One of the most common reasons for crossing our border are pregnant women who are near the time for birth so their children will become American citizens under the 14th amendment to the Constitution. Of course that permits them to claim benefits from our country. Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the deadliest drug lord in history is now in our maximum security prison. No more than a few years earlier his wife flew to California, gave birth to twins and returned to her home in Mexico.  We must attempt to understand why two of El Chapo’s children were born and became citizens because of our misinterpretation of an amendment to our Constitution.  The added amendment was primarily included for freed slaves to be included as U.S. Citizens.


Those who are uninformed are certain President Trump created the separation of children from their parents by himself.  Actually the President followed the law.  President Clinton happily signed the law sent to him from Congress in 1996. That law separates children from parents who had entered the country illegally.  President Bush used the law as well. President Obama followed suit enforcing the same law throughout his terms in office.  Of course thousands of illegal aliens came across during those years.


 I had the opportunity to visit one of the centers when a great number of children from numerous countries reunited with parents. ICE and the Border Patrol worked as expeditiously as possible to aid and attend to everyone’s needs.  Contrary to the leftist’s propaganda, “cages” is a terrible stretch of the imagination. Large areas were divided by link fences very much like those used around tennis courts. They were separated from other groups for obvious reasons. In one particular case TV’s were brought in and wired so everyone could watch with some enjoyment.  I was told the TV’s in most cases were brought from the agents homes.  


Looking back to the previous terms of Clinton, Bush and Obama where was the gnashing of teeth, where were the hateful chants and more specific, where were the moronic threats from leftist politicians who would threaten to abolish ICE?  Of course none of that occurred until President Trump came to office. 


When I see children and childlike adults carrying ABOLISH ICE placards during a protest it causes me to wonder if the ability to read or think somehow avoided them. Personally I can’t imagine anyone waving a placard that displays so clearly one’s ignorance.


President Reagan had a similar opinion of childish liberals. “The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”


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